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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Westgate attack was finalized in July...

...only that the terrorists had not decided between two possible targets 

Below is a twit by Al Shabab as early as July which confirms some of the information in my special report Horror at Westgate.

Read my special report Horror at Westgate which reveals great details on Godane and why he was in such a hurry to execute the bloody attack on Westgate so soon after a bloody internal coup within al-Shabab which only happened in June this year. It also explains the close links he has promoted with AL-Quaeda.

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Anonymous said...

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has accused the National Intelligence Service of culpability in Saturday’s Westgate attack.

Sonko sensationally claimed in the Senate yesterday that he had two months ago warned the NIS of the imminent attacks but he was ignored.

He made the remarks when the House adjourned to debate the attack in which 69 people died.

Sonko told the Senate that he had received information concerning the attacks from three Asian women, who reside in Westlands and Parklands areas.

He said he had then furnished NIS with information detailing the suspected terrorists, who had planned to bomb two private entities and two key national installations.

Sonko said the women had told her that terror attacks were imminent at Westgate and Village Market shopping malls and the two Houses of Parliament.

The terror suspects had rented a house in the women’s homes but soon started harassing them.

The senator did not elaborate the kind of harassment the women were subjected to.

Sonko promised to submit the evidence to the House to prove his claims.
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Mwarang'ethe said...

Well, Godane is a lover of Hollywood and he must have grown watching BIG BUDGET movies like Rambo 3:

Anyway, since ignorance is bliss, we are off to enjoy:

Who The Cap Fit:

Anonymous said...

The next couple of days, weeks and months will definitely be the moment of dealing with the real facts other than the usual speculations that come from unverified second hand sources and street talk.

However, if what Sonko is alleged to have reported - if at all he did file an official report - to the NIS after having been tipped by a concerned citizen then several heads should not only roll but those responsible for not having taken any type of necessary action must be arrested, charged, prosecuted and imprisoned for the absolute failures and debacle that led to the attacks against the republic of Kenya, the consequent injuries, numerous deaths and wanton destruction property at the Westgate Mall.

In the meantime, all the deadwoods (paper-pushers aka tumbo kubwas), the classic lazy culprits, operatives, weak-links and rogue officers within the NIS, CID, KPF and other related security agencies and extended intelligence networks should either be pushed out into the cold, forced into early retirement, disgraced and dismissed without any form of compensation whatsoever.

The Westgate Mall terrorist attacks were carried out during the watch of certain individuals and their crews and as a result of their lack of vigilance and due diligence.

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