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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Strange man behind Westgate attack

Kenyans have mostly been left in the dark over what really happened and has been happening at Westgate. The media self-censored what it was putting out dramatically downplaying just how bloody the Westgate attack really was. Kenyans in social media trying to piece together clues were discouraged. We were all told to shut up and wait for official word.

But when that official word came out it was always long on rhetoric and short on facts. And even the little information coming out was contradictory. Various government officials from the same government were saying very different things.

There are many who strongly believe that what you do not know will NOT harm you. This is certainly NOT true in the dangerous world we live in today where information is what will always protect you. For instance knowing your HIV status will always help you take precautions rather than continuing to live dangerously and assuming that all is well.

The truth of the matter is that the country has just gone through one of the most deadly terrorist attacks anywhere in the world and indications are that the final death toll (when bodies are finally recovered from the rabble at Westgate) will be pretty high.

But what should be even more interesting is the story behind the attack and more so the man responsible for ordering it.

Experts and analysts are more or less certain that the man responsible for organizing the Westgate hit is Ahmed Abdi Godane (pictured) a ruthless and extremely ambitious emir of the al-Shabab determined to make the terror group a major global player. In recent months Godane has been busy executing several leading figures within his own al-Shabab organization (including ordering one of them to be be-headed) in a desperate effort to consolidate his position and power.

What you see above is an artists impression of what Ahmed Abdi Godane looks like. Al Shababa analysts have often said that the man has hardly ever been photographed.

This is a fascinating character whom you will be hearing a lot about in the next few months as the Westgate attack has moved him right to the top of the list of the most wanted terrorists in the world.His detailed and spine chilling bio is in my special report Horror at Westgate. He seems to have put together a highly skilled international group of terrorists for the Westgate operation and that is one of the reasons why it went like clock-work. The ruthless nature of the attackers including the fact that they did not hesitate to kill children is another signature with Godane written all over it.

Meanwhile you need to read my special report Horror at Westgate which reveals great details on Godane and why he was in such a hurry to execute the bloody attack on Westgate so soon after a bloody internal coup within al-Shabab which only happened in June this year. It also explains the close links he has promoted with AL-Quaeda.

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