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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

President Kenyatta II Takes Office, Starts Work

See also; Uhuru's cabinet

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta has been sworn in as Kenya's 4th President. Boy, what a journey and odessey for Jomo Junior it has been for the last 10 years.

Pity to those who were waiting for sound bites full of heat but bereft of any trace of light. Kids are already rubbing their hands in glee waiting for Samsung laptops as promised by Jubilee. Add that to free Nyayo milk from Brookside and you have a healthy nation.

Instead of parables, Kenyans are better advised to pray for the poor opinion poll president who must be on a suicide watch.

Uhuru finds himself in very good company. Both his mentor ex-President Moi and his predecessor Kibaki could not hide their joy. Clad in smart dark suit with a fitting RED tie, Uhuru politically arrived after his grueling battles with numerous obstacles.

Forget the political tantrum by his opponents who chose to fly to South African to demand refund from their witchdoctors, Uhuru delivered his inaugural speech with authority that made Jomo Senior proud from yonder. A true four-in-one presidency.

Uthamaki niwacoka

The script was so crisp so much so that even Museveni talking on behalf of other guests took a swipe at ICC while congratulating Kenya for showing imperialists the middle finger. What a fitting putdown from an hitherto West's blue eyed-boy.

Sat in the VIP dias coyly listening to the new sheriff in town were the those NOISY envoys who had threatened fire and brimstone. Well, Kenyans call their bluff with a choice and pleasant consequences.

Uhuru has already ordered the KES 6B ear-marked for runoff to be disbused to Youth and Women enterprise funds. If that is not Kusema na Kutenda then what is.

And who said a Kikuyu cannot succeed another as president. The lethal Uhuruto combination has ensured real power is retained strictly between the two tribes with ruling experience.

You cannot afford nor risk experimenting with Kenya leadership. And this time unlike 2002, the transition was flawless and could as well been done in mother tongue. Mtado.


Anonymous said...


Kwani have you defected or you have arrived at the right price? Please go back to SA.

Either that or your reek of sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

" The lethal Uhuruto combination has ensured real power is retained strictly between the two tribes with ruling experience"

That is why Kenya is where it is economically and South Korea and Malaysia are where they are.

Leadership, especially for the 21st century is not bound in tribes but in extensive knowledge networks. Why is the United States scouring the world for new ideas?

Anonymous said...

how they intend to distribute the 6billion waits to be seen...that money must not go back to repay money spent on campaigns!!!these guys claim to be new school but its the same hyenic breed we know as KANU.we await the 1mb laptops with glee.i wonder what will become of Raila and the sense of hopelessness that has engulfed quite a number of Kenyans who hoped things would change..i want to tell u...truth will reveal..Mungu halali!

Anonymous said...

Saw the dignitaries: Mugabe, Museveni, etc. International boykott. Not even Amherst said congratulations. Kenya will suffer.

The only gain: Dairy cattle farmers. But the man is owning milk factory, Moi also. They have a reason to smile.
This is corruption of the highest standard. Take gov money to buy your own milk for pupils who dont need it.

Ati leadership experience from 2 communities: with threats, Mungiki power, cheats and manipulations everything is possible.

We are watching

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Kibaki is gone. *sob*
The best President Kenya ever had.
I loved Kibaki sooo much, it hurts.
I wish they could have made him PM at least.

Anonymous said...

And how about our own Kumekucha Phil who is apparently on round the clock suicide watch. Those close to him are saying he has refused to eat or drink.
Pray for him.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to the personal comments such as those @11:16 am, the big question remains, who has been involved in the cultivation and management of the huge tentacles of corruption, bad leadership, lack of vision and zero progress, plus the dregs of underdevelopment and abject poverty in our homes, villages, communities, counties and reguions? What has really prevented or deterred dairy farming and animal husbandry in our own immediate backyards at a time when milk imports and other dairy products have been in huge demand across the border in neighbouring Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Comoros Islands. How comes we have not bothered to tap into the regional free markets and maybe have a million reasons to smile on our way to the banks?

Anonymous said...

Amherst has a very simple collegiate motto, namely, let them give light to the world.

Nonetheless, the folks at S. Pleasant St. must be very proud to have one of their own - an alumnus - join the ranks of the next generation of world leaders who were well prepared at Amherst in order to give the much needed shades of various progressive light to their respective communities, institutions and nations.

So, why not join the now well known Amherst alumnus in making the corner of the world around you a better place than it has been in the last ten to twenty years?

If not, for whatever personal or political reasons, then by all means let them give light to the world in the next five to ten years.

Anonymous said...

Kenya has been where it is economically in the last fifty years because it opted to stick its political head, stuff its economic vision and reserve its social identity in Wingereza neocolonialism and Marekani imperialism sands filled with stifling foreign policies. While South Korea and the United on the one hand, and Malaysia and Britain on the other hand, share a long history of friendship and cooperation based on common values and interests, unlike in Kenya's unfortunate situation, where the country has been resevred as an excluisve vast wildlife conservation area and vacation spot for the benefit of Wingereza, as well as a region for intelligence warehousing and military expediency by Marekani.

Anonymous said...

You see what is happening immediately after swearing in?

Thugs attack students, kenyans, businnesmen, professionals mainly from some communities: West Kenyans and Asians.

We predicted. Mungiki will be in charge for the next 5 yrs.

tamtam said...

Lets see what this dynamic duo*cough* do for the next five years.

Anonymous said...

...its the same hyenic breed we know as KANU.

Couldn't agree more with the accurate observation whenever some of us wonder why we should be or not be grateful for the old political fundamentals and foundations that were put in place by mighty KANU.

Only to be shocked and awed by sheer numbers of former diehard KANU - ya jenga nchi - lifetime members who compaigned hyenically and vigorously on various party tickets for the 290 parliamentary seats, 47 senatorial seats, 47 gubernatorial seats, 47 women (county) representative seats, and countless county assembly seats in the 2013 general election.

The "US" (Crocuta crocuta) aginst "Them" (Hyaena hyaena) political and cultural mentality will never ever get us any futher from the usual 'Blaming Fields of Kenya' than we are in 2013 due to a very simple undermentioned fact of our geopolitical life.

Hyenically speaking, the spotted hyena - Crocuta crocuta - cannot change its spots, nor the striped hyena - Hyaena hyaena - cannot its stripes in the course of three or four generations.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Just for the laughs bwa ha ha ha ha ha.

It is wonderful listening/reading/talking to the TUTORED CLASS to hear what they BELIEVE.

NB: To believe is not to know!

Sample this:

"That is why Kenya is where it is economically and South Korea and Malaysia are where they are."


South Korean initial CAPITAL came from the Korean War!

Also, Japan was a big beneficiary of that war!


Hear this:

"Leadership, especially for the 21st century is not bound in tribes but in extensive knowledge networks. Why is the United States scouring the world for new ideas?"


Extensive knowledge networks?

We inquire, knowledge about what?

America scouring the world for new ideas? Get serious!

They are scouring for new targets for their DRONES!


On a more serious note, now that the OPIUM SESSION is over and the CHILDISH EXCITEMENT is over, we welcome all of you to the world of REALITY.

With those few comments, it is time for some music:

Put It On:

Taabu said...


Please confirm or deny that you have been HEAD-HUNTED and HIRED as the new Foreig policy/Economics/Land/Wealth advisor to Kim Jong-Un. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Ruto is the next big thing in Kenya.
His perforce during swearing in indicated so.
Let everybody take note

We might not yet be out of "collisions"

Mwarang'ethe said...

Taabu said...

Please confirm or deny that you have been HEAD-HUNTED and HIRED as the new Foreig policy/Economics/Land/Wealth advisor to Kim Jong-Un. Congratulations.



African Teachers no DUPES or a FOOL. Them WISE like the SERPENT!

Sample this:

You will hear ati N. Korea is a Communist blah blah blah blah. That is BULLSHIT!

When the Communist "Revolution" broke out in Russia in 1917:

(a) Lenin was in that country called Switzerland. Oh that nation again!

(b) Trotsky was in New York.

Let us now follow them:

Lenin, leaves the Alps via Germany in a sealed train. Why via Germany? Because, Lenin was on the PAY of the German intelligence.

Trotsky, who was JOBLESS, leaves New York via Canada carrying 1 MILLION DOLLARS.

As you may guess, that 1 million dollars was from the CAPITALISTIC WALL STREET!

This guy, is arrested in Canada. He is released. Who orders his release so as to proceed to Russia to install the so called COMMUNIST? The UK and USA!

So, much for the BULLSHIT called West versus East and so called Cold Wars!

It is a GAME man and the African Teachers no play such monkey and stupid games. African Teachers no shed innocent blood!

Anyway, since such information has no relevance to the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, i.e. TUTORED CLASS, we take the SMALL AXE:

Anonymous said...

Ruto will never be a plesident of this nation. He is not as intelligent as TJ mboya. If he becomes too tough as TJ was then another Njega will do the job. Coldblooded.

Anonymous said...

Amherst will never associate itself with thuggery

Anonymous said...

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead hits number four in official singles chart as protest against Baroness Thatcher gathers pace. LOL!

Samih said...

Please turn on your Gĩkũyũ spellchecker....subhead should read...
ũthamaki nĩwacoka

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