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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Uhuru's cabinet and the brand new power brokers in town

It has still not dawned on many people but Uhuru Kenyatta is now the most powerful man in the land. That fact also means that two more people whom Kenyans do not know too well have also become extremely influential in our politics and the decisions that will be made for the next 5 years. Namely Deputy President William Ruto and the president's mother Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

During Jomo Kenyatta's administration Mama Ngina's power was demonstrated rather dramatically when she engineered a change in the constitution just to rescue a close friend in the cabinet who was in serious trouble and could only be saved if the law was changed. Indeed it is said President Kenyatta left State house and rode with his motorcade to the presincts of parliament and instead of entering the August house summoned then leader of government business Daniel arap Moi and AG Charles Njonjo outside just to make sure that the constitutional amendment was on course to be passed by parliament later that day. See more details in my latest raw notes.

Most Kenyans think that they know William Ruto fairly well. A chapter in my latest book; Mystery Monday; Unlocking the 2013 Kenyan presidential polls secrets reveals a lot that is not known. For instance government officials who deal with the deputy president will have to be careful because he is a very emotional man and has a temper to match. The chapter details an incident on the very grounds of State house Nairobi where the Deputy president attacked and punched a Rift Valley politician who was also a close ally to retired president Moi. But this impatience in Ruto also has a good side to it in that he gets things done in half the time that others get round to doing anything. Prepare for a major transformation in the way the government works.

For starters the cabinet that is expected to be announced today or tomorrow will be a cabinet like no other in Kenyan history. The names of some of its' possible members also revealed in my latest raw notes will just blow the minds of Kenyans. Whatever your political affiliations in the just concluded polls you need to know that good things are coming (even with the inevitable bad because at the end of the day politics is a game of survival).

Admitedly about half the country can only see the negative and expect the worst. For starters the truth about what really happened on March 4th is still unknown to many. At least those who are yet to read my latest book; Mystery Monday; Unlocking the 2013 Kenyan presidential polls secrets.

The truth about the elections is mind boggling
and shocking. But it is also something that many who have read the book say was totally unexpected as far as they were concerned. Sample some of the initial email comments from those who have read the book;

"No other book has opened my eyes more about Kenyan presidential elections than this Kumekucha expose."

"I bought the book expecting a bashing of Uhuru and Jubilee instead what I got was a balanced view of what must be the truth about March 4th..."

"I always wonder where Kumekucha gets his information. A lot of things I read in his raw notes appear far fetched only for me to open the newspapers weeks later and see it in bold headlines. This book answers many questions Kenyans think they know the answers to only that the real answers will totally surprise..."

"Wow, so that's what happened... is this really true?"

"What amazed me most was that the evidence was staring at us all the time even as we were being taken for fools. It was all there in the news media and statements from certain people we ought to have watching closely."

"Vintage Kumekucha"

"It was so gripping that I forgot to proofread and had to do it on my second read... Easily the most informative and entertaining political book I have ever read...okay I have to admit I have never read boring predictable Kenyan politics in book form before."

"Why don't you try and write novels Kumekucha?"

"A book that Kenyans need to read, it may just help us to stop fighting amongst ourselves when we see the real and evil enemy who is against us all."

"Always a pleasure to be one step ahead of the chasing pack who rely more on rumors, innuendos, tribal bigotry and heresay to take an (ill)informed position on matters that they understand little about, thanks to your informative and impartial insights and comments."
- Comment from an avid addict of the Kumekucha brand -

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