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Friday, April 12, 2013

High drama in State House... na bado

Plus were the "scientific" opinion polls skewed to fool Raila Odinga into complacency?
The amazing transformation of Ngina Muhoho (Mama Ngina):  From the top; Mama Ngina "the gift" from Kikuyu elders to detained Jomo Kenyatta in Kapenguria, At her husband's swearing in as Prime Minister in 1963, With former Malawian President Kamuzu Banda whom she was so fond of that tongues were constantly wagging (also in the picture is young Uhuru who never left his father's side), with Paul Ngei (the man Mama Ngina brought back from certain political death by getting the president to change the constitution) and powerful Mbiyu Koinange in Mombasa in 1971. Incidentally Koinange was grandfather to today's well known media personality Jeff Koinange.

Nairobi women's representative Rachel Shebesh a staunch insider and supporter of the Jubilee coalition had to watch the garden party proceedings on TV like many other Kenyans after she had earlier (on Monday) been forcefully ejected out of State house and the security personnel given staunch instructions that she was never to be allowed in again... EVER.

The incident clearly illustrated the fact that anybody who takes the president's mother for granted will be stepping on very shaky ground indeed. Eyewitnesses say that all Shebesh did was to raise her voice (as is her nature) while discussing Uhuru's inauguration arrangements on Tuesday. Rule Number One: You don't raise your voice when talking to the president's mother and Kenya's first ever first lady. You just don't.

Incidentally Mama Ngina Kenyatta has an extremely fascinating background little wonder that she is as tough as nails. Given to founding father Mzee Kenyatta as "a gift" she became his third wife and not only met the president's second wife Briton Edna Clarke but was in fact the one who welcomed her into the country during the independence celebration and was her gracious host. Indeed Mama Ngina had to undergo surgery to correct her hanging ears which had already been pierced in the traditional way causing them to dangle the way the Masai women ears usually hang. I tell her full amazing story in my raw notes as well as predict the exact nature of her influence during the Uhuru presidency. Below you will find her story in pictures;

Were the opinion polls skewed to fool Raila Odinga into complacency?
Just to remind you the just concluded elections were probably the most puzzling in Kenyan history. For instance opinion polls consistently showed CORD well ahead and then suddenly without any concrete explanation the gap started closing in. Then analysts (including this blogger) emerged to point out that there was something very wrong with the polls because they contradicted the tribal numbers and Kenyans have always been known to vote according to tribal inclinations. Shortly after this controversy emerged the polls suddenly started showing Jubilee slightly ahead of CORD. What was that all about? The answers to critical questions about the just concluded presidential elections will greatly surprise you and are all in Kumekucha's latest sizzler of a book; Mystery Monday: Unlocking the 2013 Kenyan presidential polls secrets


Anonymous said...

Mutungas ruling precedented cheating and stealing of votes. This will not stop. One same community will always win.

Anonymous said...

Aha Aha Aha. Slobodan Milosevic also thought Serbia would rule (even by force)Yugoslavia for ever.

Today we have them ruling Republic of Serbia. A warning to Kenyans who think Kenya has its owners. Those with brains should start thinking today,

Taabu said...


Now imezidi and soon you will be in for CONTEMPT of the SC.

Anonymous said...

Is Mr.Slobo still engaged in the disparagement of something that has proven unattainable? Which Serbia? Serbia-Occidental or Serbia Oriental? And why now?

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