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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Breaking News: Great Odinga photo shoot at State House

This seems to confirm what was published in Kumekucha's raw notes just a few hours ago. This photograph came up in the KTN website about an hour ago and was taken at State house after the CORD luminaries met with their JUBILEE counterparts for the first time since the just concluded presidential elections.

The Raw notes piece read; "There is another shocking possibility in the works. About two days ago visiting Rev Jesse Jackson from the United States met with Raila Odinga in a top secret meeting. The agenda was to discuss the possibility of him joining the Uhuru government in a bid to patch up the bitter differences that have emerged between the two after the elections. Impeccable sources have told me that Jackson said that he was aware that there was some fiddling with the elections but felt that Odinga and Uhuru should bury their differences for the good of the country. Jackson later went to see President Uhuru at State house. At the time I was writing this post Odinga had not made a decision yet on whether he was ready to work in Uhuru's government."

Read another recent Kumekucha article;
Drama at State House na bado


Anonymous said...

And we say the fear of ICC is not defining politics in Kenya?
Time for deals to tame the animal
Rao has to be roped in

Mwarang'ethe said...


"A Prominet Kenyan businessman, Donbosco Gichana, (34), who was the key sponsor of Kenya’s defeated presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, in the March 4 election was yesterday charged with conspiracy and money laundering of more than USD4.9m (6bn/-).

He appeared yesterday at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam where it was alleged that he conspired to commit the two offences knowingly and with ill intent."


With that, the African Teacher leaves to enjoy in PEACE:

Jah Alone a Christian:

Anonymous said...

There is only one man in Kenya who has always been ready to forgive. He is a real Christian. I wish the others would emulate this.

Anonymous said...


Mbona watutania hivyo ingawaje kulikucha hapo kitambo. Niweye radhi kwa kuhisi kwamba hiyo picha ya hawo wanasiasa walioshinda na wengine walioshindwa kwenye uchaguzi mkuu wa kugombea urais pamoja na kung'ang'ania makazi ikuluni, imepigwa msasi kabambe kwenye mkondo wa fotoshopi kama kwaida. Kwani mbona walioshindwa wanaonekana wakinyosha mikono yao hewani mbure wakati wenzao walioshinda wanaendelea kutamba bila kipomo? Isitoshe, umbile la fulani yule na makamu wake si sawa kulingana na toleo za picha mbalimabli zilivyokuwa hapo awali.

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