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Friday, August 17, 2012

Raila May Well do a Moi During 2013 Elections

By Joseph Lister Nyaringo
Should Raila overcome the present court hurdle by proving the authenticity of his degree from German, he may as well be heading to greater things come the next elections.

In the coming election, the 1992 and 1997 history is likely to repeat itself when a fragmented opposition would not beat former President Moi. This time round, Moi, will be none rather than Prime Minister Raila Odinga. And here is why.

The two leaders in the grand coalition government President Kibaki should hold with esteem are Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, because of their positive role to his 10 years Presidency.

That’s why I think that Raila and Kalonzo are the most betrayed by Kibaki. As he strides towards the end of his political career, he does not appear to favour any of the two to succeed him.

This has sent tongues wagging especially in the Vice President’s camp, which have been holding their breath for payback time from Kibaki. They feel that the President should return the favour which Kalonzo extended to him in 2007 during the disputed Presidential election results.

What shall we conclude about President Kibaki who has been in politics since age 28 and who unsuccessfully vied for the Presidency twice before clinching the seat in 2002?
Shall we conclude that he is a principled leader and not a rewarder of political cronies or an unthankful person who dumps those who helps him to ride to his glory?

The Vice President had every right to turn Kibaki down when he offered him the Vice presidency and join Raila’s protesting camp over the disputed presidential election results. Perhaps we would not have the current coalition government, since it would have changed the political equation in the Country.
It’s also remembered that President Kibaki's victory in 2002 is largely attributed to the role played by Raila. The deputy Premier, just like the Vice President, even if both leaders don’t speak openly, must be feeling that Kibaki owes so much.

I'm 100% sure that the Vice President’s heart bleeds more than Raila’s especially when he sees the succession debate from the President’s community shaping up negatively to his presidential ambitions.
Its true Kalonzo saved Kibaki during the inevitable hour in 2007; a period viewed by many as the most desperate in the President’s political career. It can’t even be compared with 2002 when Raila Odinga, used the phrase “Kibaki tosha” at Uhuru Park.

Several political events have kept the Vice President extremely sceptical. First of all, a party formed by State House insiders- UDF, is spearheading Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi to succeed Kibaki.
It remains to be seen if Kibaki will eventually support Mudavadi and if he does, will he succeed in convincing Uhuru Kenyatta to forego his ambitions to support his fellow deputy PM?

If he doesn’t, Mudavadi should not expect any support from the President’s backyard and his exit from ODM will be seen as the most miscalculated political move in recent history.

Secondly, the pact this week which brought together Uhuru’s (TNA), Kiraitu’s (APK), Kimunya’s (PNU) and Kiunjuri’s (GNU),all from Mount Kenya, has left Kalonzo in tenterhooks.

Kalonzo may look passive and sound calm on State House’s silence over his Presidential quest but he bitterly feels betrayed by a community whose man he stood with and accepted to take the number two slot when the Country was smouldering.

When the campaign hits a crescendo soon, Kenyans will hear alot from the Akamba community who have continued holding their breath; hoping that since their man helped to legitimize Kibaki’s grip on power, Kalonzo would have been his preferred successor.

Watching the vigour with which Uhuru Kenyatta, Peter Kenneth, and Martha Karua are campaigning for the top seat, Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi should not bank on Kikuyu votes. Even if Kibaki will rally behind one of the two, it’s unlikely that the community will deny their own and vote for an outsider.
The formation of the G7 alliance gave a new lease of life to the Vice president where he thought that the group will automatically endorse him. However, key figures in the alliance are expanding their energy and resources to advance their campaign on the national radar. This is a clear demonstraton that the success of the alliance to rally behind one presidential candidate is elusive.

It’s ironical that UDF, URP and TNA parties led by Mudavadi, Ruto and Uhuru respectively were all born almost at the same time except the Wiper party of Kalonzo and New Ford Kenya of Eugene Wamalwa. If these party leaders believed in a similar ideology and unity of purpose, why can’t they rally behind one candidate?


Anonymous said...

The author of this article has many facts wrong.
1. The elections under the new katiba requires a 50+1 majority for one to be declared president. A simple majority will not wash.
2. Raila did not make Kibaki win 2012 elections. Ngilu and Wamalwa did. Raila wanted endorsement from Moi and he just joined the winning team. Harping the same lie many time over will not change history.
3. Raila's mask has been peeled back at the worst time possible. His nepotism, tribalism, indecision, corruption, hypocricy and under table dealings have all been exposed. Even his most ardent supporters acknowledge the betrayal by this turn coat hiding under a reformer.

Anonymous said...

Poor Raila no accidental presidency for you. The top 5 presidential candidates will all be disqualified.

In the next round

1) Martha will be enjoined to explain what she knew about the midnight swearing in and her relationship with Father .......

2) Peter Kenneth will have to ask Obama how to answer birthers because we need his ethnic name

3) Kiyapi to explain loss of FPE funds under his watch

4) Mutava to account for NCCK funds during his tenure as boss and the salvos at baba Moi

5)Eugene to justify what it atkes to be a puppet and promise to minimize the width of his mouth

6)Wakholi to account for his closeness to school girls during his classroom times and resemblence to some present young adults.

Any new contenders please come out and make sure you didn't break the leg of anybody's daughter in your previous life.

New Kenya new ways of doing thing and no bussiness-as-usual.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Is this what our so called political analysts can tell us?

Surely, what does it matter whether Raila becomes this or that?

Why this obsession with feeding us with IRRELEVANT knowledge?

For instance, why is it that, with your vaunted Opium Sessions, the Chinese who do not waste TIME and RESOURCES on Opium Session are defeating us?

Aren't Kenyans (HYSTERICAL democrats) running in the streets demonstrating against the Chinese (communists) traders as we see here?

Oh! Do you remember this:

"The African's Tastes and Desires: Their Economic, Social, Political and Military Implications.

Having been inspired by Chris’ essay, we now detail how our tastes and desires are the means by which the imperialists enslave us. Or, how, we enslave ourselves."


That WAS THEN! Now, the bitter fruits are to be swallowed.


Just today, we were told this:

"UK company buys Kenya gold rights for Sh2.7bn.

The ongoing transformation of Kenya’s nascent mining sector into a multi-billion- shilling industry has been boosted by the entry of a foreign company into the search for gold.

Africa Barrick Gold (ABG) has announced that it is acquiring rights to prospect for gold in western Kenya at a cost of Sh2.67 billion.

The company, which is listed on the LONDON Stock Exchange... The announcement came five months after GoldPlat made the initial shipment of products from Trans Mara, catching the attention of international rivals."

So, why is Raila's presidency more important than this LOOTING which HE IS PART OF?

Why is a nation that goes into FOREIGN DEBTS to build TOILETS IN KIBERA where Raila is the MP, be so damn, foolish to throw away its gold while discussing Raila's presidency??????



And, before we stop IRRITATING the modern political analysts (SYCOPHANTS/TALKING HEADS), we must mention that today, is a VERY DARK day for blood of WORKERS has been shed in SA by the so called ANC government:

"Police in South Africa have opened fire during clashes with striking workers at the Marikana platinum mine, leaving at least 12 people dead, witnesses say.

The recent violence was initially thought to have been triggered by a turf war between the long-established National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and the newly-formed Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU), which is more militant.

However, the AMCU has since demanded a pay rise of 12,000 rand ($1,500; £930) per month.

Lonmin said in a statement on Thursday that the strike was illegal and that any striking workers who did not return to work by Friday would be sacked.

The company said it had missed six days of production as a result of the unrest, and estimated it would lose around 2% of its normal yearly output of saleable platinum. The company's share price dropped by more than 6% on Thursday on the LONDON Stock Exchange."



These MAGGOTS in SA, just like their friends all over Africa while engaged in OPIUM SESSIONS, are shedding the blood of the poor so as to protect the LOOTING RIGHTS of those WHO CLAIM the AFRICAN SOIL/WEALTH/LABOR/BLOOD via the LSE.

Anyway, since whoever becomes the BLOOD SELLING CHIEF is what matters to the TALKING HEADS, we leave to enjoy:

Cry Blood Africans:

Anonymous said...

Kipepeo Kigeugeu Kiruka-Njia ya Katikati should never expect any endorsement, backup or payback from Kibaki since he has already been rewarded and fully compensated by virtue of having been appointed the vice-president. It was done deal the moment he consented to it, and mambo kwisha!

As for Raila the son of Oginga Odinga, he will not be able to pull a political hat-rick on the majority of electorate who don't share his vision nor appreciate his past political mischief. Times have changed and the political dynamics are a lot different from the type that existed during the 1990s.

Luckily, the time has come for Raila to start thinking about getting ready to do himself a favour by retiring alongside Kibaki and some politicians who will never see the inside of refurbished parliament ever again.

The former president was able to get away with a lot of conduct unbecoming a statesman because Kenya was a police state, and the social media had not yet been born.

Withe regard to political betrayal, it is Kipepeo Kigeugeu Kiruka-Njia ya Katikati's second nature. He betrayed majority of Kenyans and the country during 2007, and many people have not forgotten his antics and claims of a miraculous out come that was nothing more than political prostitution.

While the likes of Mudavadi, Ruto and Uhuru, they should consider themselves toast in one way or another. 2013 will be their final end of the political road and a real blessing for the country as a whole.

The political trio have nothing new nor different to offer the country, regardless of how many times they change political vehicles as well as reinvents others for the sake of wanting to remain relevant during and after the general elections.

On the other hand, the politicians are not to blame in any way, shape or form, but it's we, the electorate, who keeping doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results to better themselves and their beloved.

We, the electorate, have always deserved what we get after every general election, and it'd high time we learned to live with our deadly political mistakes, sins and secrets until such a time we are ready to embrace authentic change in all aspects of our collective lives.

Anonymous said...

This article is intended to paint Raila as a sure winner come 2013!This is actually laughable as the writing is on the wall...unknown to many,youths are spoiling to vote for a youthful charismatic leader like...Eugene.Come 2013,there will be a huge surprise for some of you old frogs!

Anonymous said...


Why have the Chinese immigrants been given a carte blache to operate small businesses in the main urban areas, yet African immigrants countinue to be hunted down like wild animals by the Chinese authorities?

A keg of fireworks is waiting to be exploded if things don't change any time soon.

The government should only allow the Chinese business people who are ready and willing to invest millions in industries and other corporations rather as opposed to those setting up little kiosks all over the city and towns as they trade in substandard products that are easily smuggled into the country.

Saved by Grace said...

Like the children of Israel in the bible, Kenyans should cry out to God to give you leaders. Raila is not a leader and neither is the majority of those you look unto.

"Who has the mind of God to instruct Him?" 1 Cor 2:16

In other words who has the heart of God to tell Him what Kenyans need?

Anonymous said...

400% yes to a youthful charistmatic leader who is in his or her early-mid-late twenties.

But not someone like you know who, that is still busy trying to milk as much political mileage as he can from over riding his late brother's or cousin's tailcoat.

By the way, what is so charismatic about the newly minted politician in question anyway? Please educate some of us for a change.

Well, if it is just a question of speaking the Queen's vernacular with one of the seven types of urban accents forged in Kenya since the days the greater East African region was a British protectorate.

Then why don't the so-called Kenya's version (wannabe little Europeans) of English experts, British language professionals, fabulous English speaking socialites, keepers (guardians/protectors) of the Queen's language, and above all the highly certified specialists ("doctors") of English pronounciation(s) up the ante by dethroning the queen, J.K. Rowling, of British novelists and ruler of the "Harry Potter Empire"?

And then leave the rest to the publishing industry, world-wide book markets, and millions and millions of readers to be the judges.


Anonymous said...

@10:45 PM
Kudos! Yesterday's young frogs are today's old frogs, while today's young frogs will be tomorrow's old frogs, and the cyclical frogy shifts and surprises never cease to amaze the general public with its open door invitations of new and young faces onto the daily podium of life.

Anonymous said...


Excuse the digression for a minute or so.

Still trying to figure out as to why a pilot or several pilots flying four heavily armed aircrafts from Entebe, Uganda enroute to their final destination by way of Garissa, Wajir, Mandera and beyond, would opt to take the trencherous route through the area around Mt. Kenya?

When they could have flown directly to Embakasi or Garissa and then headed straight on to their final destination with adequate air and ground support from local Kenyan authorities, courtesy of KAF escort squadrons of two to three fighter jets?

Why did they try to indulge in extra curricualr aviation activities by scouting in and around Mt. Kenya, given that one Kenya's main airforce bases is located in area?

Someone should have care enough to warn them inadvance about Mt. Kenya being infamous aviation blue triangle since the 1930s.

Kenya's civilian pilots as well as military pilots are known to avoid the area as if it were the bubonic plague of the regional aviation industry.

Even the US Navy fighter jets are known to keep their safe distance while flying around Mt. Kenya area during their normal training sessions and then heading back to dock (nest) on their mother ships in the Indian Ocean.

What went wrong?

Anonymous said...

kumekucha dream on wank ...presidency ongeee

Anonymous said...

@Saved by Grace

Do you need grace to get saved? And hope your god is not the European/Jewish god brought by missionaries. Our fore fathers never knew the bible nor the jew JC so who was their god?

And who is that sadist who only listens to cries? Be read and please don't foam at the mouth preaching in response to this.

Saved by Grace said...

@8/17/12 7:52 AM,

Yes, you need the grace of God to be saved. Grace is "unmeritted favour" given freely by our loving and gracious God.

My God came from heaven, became flesh (man), dwelt among us, died and rose again to redeem mankind of ALL nations and whosoever believe in Him will have eternal life.

Your forefathers in the past worshipped what they did not know, but now the light has come, and Jesus is the light: - The way, The truth and The life.

As for your last question, God looks at the sinecrity of the heart not the literal cries. You can cry until all your tears dries up but if your heart is not right, your cries means nothing.

PS: Africans were the first people on the face of the earth to receive our Lord and Saviour Jesus--Ethiopia and those who were living in the land of Cush modern day Sudan were among the first.
Infact Ethiopia under King Lalibela became the first state to declare Christianty as the official religion. Ethiopia and Sudan were Christianized way before the Roman Empire aka Europeans.

Anonymous said...

@7:52 AM

S/he only identified herself or himself by "Saved by Garce" but not saved by grace through a particular religious faith. Who knows, s/he may have been saved by one of Grace Machua's or Grace Makabila's adult children through marriage, employment, friendship, a timely glass of water, refuge or just plain old good neighbourliness that is still common in so many African villages. Don't forget to give her/him a break for the overzealousness.

Anonymous said...

Miguna Miguna is back! So, what are his virulent opponents or those who are still very mad and angry at him going to do with him now that he has returned home on his own free will. After all Miguna Miguna is still one of us and has the freedom to express his personal or political views like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans can be very humorous at times when they decide to hit others with a surprising rib cracking ... any new contenders please come out and make sure you didn't break a leg of anybody's daughter in your previous life.

Anonymous said...

Pardon the interuption laced with unsolicited and uncordinated goose stepping on the main post J.L. Nyaringo

The question is what became of Come to me, all you that are weary and are carying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest - Jesus Christ.

So far, it seems as though the dangers of seeking cheap graces and instant miraculous healings are leading many clergy and who would church goers astray and into grave danger.

One can imagine the different people who will hear their pastors' messages and begin to craft concrete ways and means to follow through with the latest ill-advised healing methods.

Sadly, religious copycat healing sessions similar to that of a retired Lutheren pastor-turned-magical healer, Pastor Ambilikile Mwasapile of Loliondo in Tanzania, have started to emerge in some remote region of Kenya but with a very sickening twist to say the least.

Instead of two Kenyan clergy instructing their followers to drink a healing concoction whose secret recipe is only known by them, like the in Pastor Ambikile Mwasapile's Loliondo case.

The self-proclaimed healers, Padre Basilio Njagi and his counterpart Padre Limo Liwa are exhorting their followers to drink a daily liquid dosage of their own carbamide or urea (CO(NH2)2) under the wrongful assumption that the waste matter (urine) is a cure-all-liquid potion for many health related maladies.

The two self-proclaimed spiritual healers of their immediate communities, may wish to consult the respective medical community, especially Kenyan urologists and general practitioners (GP), to clarify how good theology mixed with very unfounded medical advise might cause more serious damage to the health of members in their faith communities.

Surprisingly, the two clergy men have gone public (as seen on several TV stations) with their very unappealing and warped spiritual-cum-medicinal theory, which many within the puiblic community find to be overly gross.

A while ago, it was easier to accept that miti ni dawa, but the notion of mukojo (urine) ni dawa is very hard to swallow in this day and age.

And it will be very difficult for the well informed faithful members of the community in question to sing with relief and profound gratitude, I surrender all.

Anonymous said...

Any clear vision of the future starts with hope. For instance, sweeping away with an iron broom those who have clung onto power long beyond their usefulness to the people, their respective constituencies and rest of the country will have to be a move engineered by hope and the majority of Kenyans.

Now some years after 2002 general election, to think and imagine new possibilities beyond our present circumstances remains a challenge to most people in Kenya and the diaspora.

Often the excitment and desire for real political house cleaning and consequent radical change is always defused when we, the people, are faced with the complexity of life circumstances.

All things taken in acount, the need for real surgical political house cleaning in April of 2013 will have to be more than a mountaintop experience of December 2002, and it must be grounded in the concrete realities of both urban and rural Kenyans.

The choice is ours, the moment is April 2013 and we, the people, the majority who are desperately in need of overdue political change across the board and all over the country can do it.

We have the power to initiate surgical change at all levels of the Kenyan society if we stand firm against the usual political hurdles and vices generated by a few well known individuals and interest groups.

When all is said and done in a collective patriotic moment after April 2013, only then will we have no one to thank but our united selves, Kenyans from all walks of life.

The choice for a better future for all Kenyans and better nation beyond April of 2013 is ours.

Anonymous said...

Guys are on steroids in here. What with the digressing and jumping from topic to topic while chris has a very visible warning(or is it request) for this not to take place. Bure kabisa.

Anonymous said...

Do you have anything to write on Uhuru. Kenyatta. About his smoking herbs in the moring or something like that

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