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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rudisha: Poster of Confidence, Maturity, Success

Meanwhile Museveni has rewarded Uganda's first marathon Gold medalist Kiprotich with 6.7m, promoted the prison warder nine ranks higher and undertaken to build his parents a three-bedroomed house
The leadership of Team Kenya did not disappoint. They failed big time and went so low and petty so much so that they hoarded training kits even running shoes. Not to mention NOCK officials shipping their secretaries to London to earn £300 a day per diem.

But thank God we had captain Rudisha to thank for saving Kenya's face. Rudisha's stride and Kemboi's dance to victory and history was a sight to behold. Congratulations to both Rudisha (and Kemboi) for leading from the front and by example.

Heads likes that of Isaiah Kiplagat must roll. The guy has been head of Athletic Kenya since inception. Infact all the athletes competing at London olympics were born when he was the chair of AAK. Keino too may be a polished gentleman but time is up for NOCK to have a real knock on the head.

Athletic Kenya needs fresh blood headed by a new generation of the Tergats. Until that is done we are facing Waterloo in Rio in four years time.


Anonymous said...

First of all pongezi to Rudisha and Kemboi for returning or rather salvaging our traditional national pride at the London 2012 Olympics.

What was the so-called Team K(enya) thinking by making - robbing in broad daylight - money off the backs of the Kenyan athletes?

The cancerous leadership behaviour that was started by some well known politician during the All African Games as it has been reported by many observers since then, will not stop until those responsible are fired, held accountable, prosecuted and sent to jail for embezzlment and fraudulency.

What a shame it was to see the how those charged with taking care of Team K(enya) had been beset with dysfunctionalism, disgrace and greed.

On a brighter note, a million thanks to Captain Rudisha, and "magnetic track dancer" Kemboi (electric avenue) for flying the Kenyan flag high in their respective track events.

And may those of us who still care to remember some of our fallen sports icons in one or another, continue to offer a posthumous congratulations in their memory, especially to Samuel Kamau Wanjiru (RIP) whose presence was greatly missed at the London 2012 Olympics as well as by many of his Chinese fans in Beijing.

By the way, are we, the people of Kenya, going to be ready for the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics?

Or will it end up being the same old shameful business as usual in terms of embezzlment, fraudulency
and flying out mpango wa kando galore disguised as officials of the Kenya Olympic Team in 2016?

Last but not least, where are our Kenya's equivalent of "Mo" Farah of Team GB, the twelve year secret weapon (British Kryptonite project) that was unleashed against the combined mighty forces of Kenyan and Ethiopian runners at the London 2012 Olympics?

And how comes KipUganda was allowed to sneak ahead of Kenyan marathon runners by way of Mt. Elgon?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Relax bwana Taabu!

What is your problem? All our LEADERSHIP & INTEGRITY (stupidity, corruption, utoto, etc) issues are well handled in Chapter 6 of our new constitution.

With that Chapter and our new CJ, who was visited by Mrs Clinton, there is nothing to worry about.


Meanwhile, it seems you missed the Africa versus France/West drama in the same Olympics which was a BIGGER drama:

"Debt closes London's Africa Village for Olympics nations.

"This is the FIRST time the 53 African nations competing have come TOGETHER to host one specially dedicated space."

An African Village (UNITED AFRICA) attracting 80, 000 visitors in UK's Olympic?

Can't be allowed.

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Africa Unite, BUT NEVER TRUST THE ALBION with your CASH:

Luke said...

ati Kiplagat & Keino should be FIRED so that your "dear" COUSIN Kemboi & NEPHEW Rudisha can replace them that is AGEISM&TRIBALISM wapi Kibunja

Anonymous said...

...that is AGEISM & TRIBALISM wapi Kibunja?

Remember the old adage, don't mess with it or try and fix it if it is not broken?

Unfortunately, our national sports system has been broken down for far too long by Taabu's - and our - uncles, sports eleders, politicians, associates and good weather friends, among others.

For the record, the overdue overhauling of the national sports body in Kenya is not just about replacing the old guard from the mid 1960s - based on ageism and tribalism or reginalism - with a new order of a platoon that consists of Taabu's - and our - partenal cousins like Kemboi, maternal nephews such as Rudisha and many other hopefuls who may still have Kenya's best interests.

All things taken into account, it should be all about salvaging and consequent rehabilitation of a national sports program that was world renown for decades, but now finds itself confined on the dirty and damged stadium tracks, and swampy shelves laced with radioactive waste.

The times and events at the Olympics have changed, training facilities in many countries have been advanced to greater heights, the general treatment and care of national athletes has been libralised as well as transformed beyond what it once was four decades ago.

And there is no reason why our Kenyan sports elders should still be doing the same things over and over while expecting different if not better results at the Olympics.

If the 'BKP' (British Kryptonite Project) can manage to come up with a more than perfect lethal weapon of "Mo" Farah's calibre in twelve years, Kenya should be able to double their counter efforts by 2016, 2020 or even in 2024, given some of our natural advantage in that regard.
While at it, have we, the people, asked ourselves why we have not been able to field a single athlete in an Olympic event such as archery, given the fact that over five million homes in Kenya have bows and arrows as their weapons of choice in terms of the first line of homestead defense, hunting and other uses.

What about:

a) Canoeing, Rowing, Sailing, and Swimming talents glaore in places like Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu, Kisumu, Homa Bay (once had the famous rowing regatta competitions), Busia.

b) Road cycling given the number and usage of road-bikes on Kenyan urban and rural roads.

c) Volleyball, what became of our onetime exceptional women volleyball players in the country?

d) Judo, need I say more about how popular judo was in Kenya for decades.

e) Shooting, where do all the talented sharp-shooters from Athi River and eleswhere go?

The national Police, GSU, ASTU (Anti Stock Theft Unit), Adminstration Police (one of the most feared security forces in north-eastern and eastern regions of Kenya), and KDF combined can at least produce two teams to offer stiff competition at the 2016Olympics.

f) Table Tennis, Badiminton and Fencing - these are games that do not need much sophisticated facilities to begin with.

Urban places like Dandora, Kibera, Mathare, Changamwe, Kongowea, Tudor, Makadara, Old Town, Makupa, Likoni, Baxton, Eastleigh, Eastlands, Makongeni, Jericho, Ofafa, Buru-Buru, Shauri Moyo (formerly Nyumba za Tombako - BAT, Dangoreti, Kodianga, Kondole, Langa Langa, Bondeni, Kambi-ya-Somali, etc can be very suitable fertile breeding grounds for future Olympic gold and silver medals.

What are we going to do in the mean time as we look forward to Rio de Jeneiro 2016 Olympics with great expectations and thirst for recapturing the gold and silver medals that we gave away at the London 2012 Olympics?

Mwarang'ethe said...

In unrelated matter, as the African Teacher say AGES AGO, Chapter 6 IS CHILDISHLY DRAFTED and will create a mess. Sample this:

"Bid to bar Raila and Kalonzo from polls.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka and Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi could require a High Court clearance to run for the presidency after a suit was filed questioning their integrity.

A group of activists who had filed a case seeking to block Deputy PM Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP William Ruto from the State House race has filed accusations against three other presidential aspirants in what could turn out to be a high-stakes legal drama.

He is further accused of collecting funds from the public while excluding them in the running of the Kisumu Molasses plant. He allegedly duped the public into contributing millions of shillings on the promise that they were buying shares in the factory.

Mr Odinga is also accused of nepotism by employing his relatives in public offices."

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha hi hu hu hu we we we we wu wi re re re ra ra ra ta ta ta ti ti tu tu tu ta ta qa qa qa,


If them listen to the African Teacher, them have no problems, bwa ha ha ha ha hi, hu hu hu we we we wu

Anyway, we leave to enjoy:

He who diggeth the pit:

Anonymous said...

Leadership and Integrity Question - Raila Odinga.

- Role in the 1982 Attempted Coup
- Integrity Issues
- Planning 2007/2008 PEV
- Maize Scandal
- Silence on NHIF Scandal
- Molasses Plant.

Leadership and Intergrity Questions - Musalia Mudavadi.

- Role in the Goldenberg Scam
- Role in the City Hall Cemetery Saga
- Illegal Allocation for Woodley Estate.

Leadership and Intergrity Questions - Kalonzo Musyoka.

- Role in the 1994 Somali Embassy Sale.
- Illegal Allocation of Radio and TV Frequencies
- Alleged Directorship of Access Insurance Company.

Times have changed and that's why members of the civil society and the general public no longer listen to the old time band of African teachers who once brainwashed students into believing that "the first man to see Mt. Kenya was a European, the first man to discover Lake Nyanza ("Victoria") the source of the Nile River was a European, the first person to discover Lake Turkana ("Rudolf") was a European and the first man to discover Lake Naivasha ("Elizabeth") was a European," etc.

Anonymous said...

Many people have been arrested and prosecuted for violating any banking rules, regulations or laws of their respective nations, as well as lying about it to authorities.

But it now seems as though there are double standards when it comes to dealing with people, parties or entities that end up caught lying to the authorities about their financial dealings in huge volumes.

Case in point, a certain well established international financial institution has agreed to settle what is being termed as 'hidden transactions' charges for $340 million.

As their only legal alternative of retaining their business license, heavyweight corporate clients and very wealthy clientele in a certain international financial capital of the world.

The financial institutions in question was found to be have been inviolation banking regulations due to its secret handling $250 billion of their undisclosed clients from a restricted region of the world.

Just in case some of us didn't know, the new term for the dreaded illegal or criminal business of ' money laudering' is now officaly known as 'hidden transactions'.

A Nigerian, Ghanian or Kenyan financial institution would have been sent into financial oblivion had it been caught doubling in similar 'hidden transaction' in order to generate huge profits.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Times have changed and that's why members of the civil society and the general public no longer listen to the old time band of African teachers who once brainwashed students into believing that "the first man to see Mt. Kenya was a European,


No TRUE African Teacher can teach such rubbish.

However, if they come from IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, expect such rubbish. And, such are not true African Teachers, but, students of Columbus The Liar!


"Case in point, a certain well established international financial institution has agreed to settle what is being termed as 'hidden transactions' charges for $340 million."


Isn't $ 250 b higher than the GDP of many African countries?


For instance, wasn't HSBC founded with OPIUM MONEY?

Unfortunately, the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS professors are yet to write any single TRUE dissertation.

Anyway, too much to do, so, we leave in peace to enjoy:

ILF Teachers, do not teach children your nonsense:

Anonymous said...

Did the Kenyan athletes throw their races by deciding not perform their best during the London 2012 Olympics?

A calculated move of resistance that may have been intended to get back at the Kenyan Olympic officials, Ministry of Youth and Sports, the government, and the general public that have taken them for granted, used them, abused them, wasted them, and continues to call them all sorts names by association?

As a matter of fact, all that the Kenyan public seem to care about during the Olympics games and other international sporting events is to see the Kenya flag or flags raised high up in the air while the athletes mark their victory laps.

Otherwise, it is a very small percent of the Kenyan population that cares about what happens to the athletes once the games have ended, or after they retire from representing Kenya at various international sporting events.

If that's the worst scenario or was the case, then who can really blame the athletes, regardless of how unpatriotic such a rebellious move or acts of resistance may seem?

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