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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Come Baby Democracy, Come

"...if hypocrisy were a commodity that we could export and earn money from, then Kenya would today be richer than China and the Arab world put together."

The return into the country of the man whose second name is also his first is akin to a bad dream  that has come back to haunt the Raila camp. Yep Miguna Miguna is back.

But let us be brutally honest, something the vast majority of Kenyans just don't like.

Democrat Miguna Miguna whose democratic eyes were opened by a sacking from the most democratic political party in democratic Kenya.
The truth is that if hypocrisy were a commodity that we could export and earn money from, then Kenya would today be richer than China and the Arab world put together.

Take this democracy thing as an example. Raila is known to be the leading democrat in the country. In fact he and his supporters are so democratic that they have openly told Miguna Miguna that he is no longer welcome to Luo Nyanza. And those who know the passionately democratic supporters of the PM will know that they are serious, so serious that Miguna would not be safe in Kibera today, let alone far off Luo Nyanza.

Miguna Miguna himself is a leading democrat. He is so democratic that he did not get the idea for Peeling Back The Mask until he was fired by the PM. That firing opened his democratic eyes.

Indeed Kenya is full of die hard democrats starting with the president himself who is so democratic that for the good of the country he could not bear to hand over the presidency to Raila and chose instead to democratically steal the election. President Kibaki's democratic credentials are further confirmed by the fact that no other president in the history of Kenya has introduced so many bills in parliament seeking to control the press. And no other president has raided a daily newspaper and disabled their presses. And don't forget the name of the party that Kibaki founded with the late Njenga Karume is DP (Democratic party of Kenya). In fact if it was up to some of the diehard Kikuyu supremacy democrats within the party the name of the party would have actually been Democratic party of Kenya Democracy.

Kenyans are so lucky because we have had a long string of democratic presidents right from Jomo Kenyatta who was so democratic that he never changed the law about having competing political parties but instead murdered those who even tried to think of doing such an undemocratic thing as starting an opposition party.

Did you know that the "T" in former President Daniel T arap Moi's name stands for tolerance of a true democrat. So tolerant was Baba Moi to those who had opposing views to his that all he did was to have their private parts squeezed by a pair of pliers in the infamous Nyayo torture chambers. He was a true tolerant democrat because unlike Kenyatta before him, he did not murder his opponents (take careful note of the fact that Robert Ouko was not Moi's political opponent).

The vast majority of Kenyan voters are so democratic that they will democratically vote for the most democratic tribe (the one they belong to) before they can begin to vote for any issues or even a member of the other undemocratic tribes.

Have a most democratic weekend will you.


Mwarang'ethe said...

Let the African Teacher summarize the whole thing in a few words.

Kenyans/Africans led by Railas, Kibaki's, Mandela's, Zuma's, Miguna's, Githongo's, Kia's etc, are living in the world of ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS & CHILDISH FANTASIES.

Simply, ALL African States are PROGRAMMED TO FAIL! This being the case, to yap about democracy is INSANITY.

And, when they do (fail), Africans in their FOOLISHNESS, turn against each other because, they do not understand who is the REAL ENEMY. Just watch this MASSACRE in the DEMOCRATIC (UPUMBAVU) in SA:


On other news, as the African Teacher warned, the BLUE BOY of Rwanda is being thrown under the bus by his SPONSORS.

In other words, they want to us the KANGAROO COURT called the ICC is now on his neck.

As usual, the POLITICAL ANALYSTS/TALKING HEADS will be giving us a lot of their bullshit soon.


Anyway, since at 00.09:


We leave to enjoy:

When will pay day be you SLAVE DRIVER?


Anonymous said...

Miguna is coming back to finish "Engineer" Raila once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Miguna had better watch his back. desperate times call for desperate measures.

Anonymous said...

We miss you Chris Kumekucha, please post more often.

Taabu said...


In the spirit of a democratic weekend allow me to disabuse you of your ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES.

Stop being FOOLISH. One you are not AFRICAN and so not racist. Two you are no teacher so don't pretend. You must be a ILF graduate. Until you get converted to be true Afriacn you will remain foolish.

I beg you to be authentic and instead of discussing such alien matters as democracy point to us real African problems (though you yap from without).

Anonymous said...

I am concerned about my security, but that doesn't mean... as you can see I am speaking with you and I will deal with adversity as it comes.

Come baby, come baby, I say come!!!

These fake and hyporictical reformists use empty rhetoric to woo voters but do not care about the true state of our country. (Or it's future).

I say, come baby, come baby, come!!!

On the illusive but yet incomplete liberation struggle for our country.

Liberation from totalitarianism, intolerance, exploitation, inequality, inequities, corruption, tribalism, nepotism, sycophancy, ethnic cleansing, forceful removal of Kenyans from their homelands and systemic grabbing of public and private land.

I say, come baby, come baby, come!!!

Let us work together to bring probity, transparency and accountability to all aspects of public life.

I say, come baby, come baby, come!!!

We must carefully, consistantly and thoroughly vet everyone who seeks elective position, especially at the apex of the political spectrum.

Nobody - absolutely nobody - should get a free pass. No one is entitled to be president. There is no free ticket to the Presidency of the Republic of Kenya.

I say, come baby, come baby, come!!!

Our national political initiative should be to sweep away those who have clung onto power long beyond their use.

I say, they should be peeled away from all positions of power and influence.

Let all patriotic Kenyans stand up for a change and be counted when their country needs their unwavering democratic support and important vote that is not based on race, ethnicity, creed, gender, colour, accent, region, or station in life, but on demorcatic values and principles.

Anonymous said...

@Taabu and Chris,

Talking of ILF graduate with honourary degrees.

Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University have yet to withdraw the honorary degrees that conferred to one journalist who violated the equivalent of the honor code or honor system or academic honor codes.

Case in point, Time Magazine and CNN said on Thursday they were reinstating journalist Fareed Zakaria after suspending him last week for plagiarism review. He was caught red-handed (inked), call it "found out" for copying or stealing another writer's work, according to the AP.

Can't wait find out whether the two Ivy league institutions will stand by their tradition of upholding the academic honor code or honor code with regard to those involved in acts of plagiarism.

Taabu said...

@Anon 8/18/12 10:01 AM,

True ILF alumni Fareed Zakaria has been reinstated at both TIME and CNN. It depends on how you look at it whether as he is previlaged IVY status or just pardoned for unintentional error and an isolated incident. Better stil Fareed may be just too valuable to his employers.

Hi apology also softened his critics

......It is a serious lapse and one that is entirely my fault. I apologize unreservedly to [Lepore], to my editors at TIME and CNN, and to my readers and viewers everywhere.”

Take your pick.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Case in point, Time Magazine and CNN said on Thursday they were reinstating journalist Fareed Zakaria after suspending him last week for plagiarism review. He was caught red-handed (inked), call it "found out" for copying or stealing another writer's work, according to the AP.


This man Zakaria work for the EMPIRE/Babylon.

Babylon spill too much of human blood. However, one cannot be surprised because, as a graduate of ILF, he is a specialist in SHEDDING INNOCENT HUMAN BLOOD.


"I beg you to be authentic and instead of discussing such alien matters as democracy point to us real African problems (though you yap from without)."

PERFIDIOUS ALBION has never known democracy. Him, only know OLIGARCHY which he has EXPORTED to the Africans who in their ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS & CHILDISH FANTASIES cannot distinguish reality from FICTION.

With that, we leave to enjoy

Babylon/Empire System which is a FALLING EMPIRE and so, is SHEDDING TOO MUCH BLOOD to try and survive!

Anonymous said...

Our people from my father's former village can no longer afford to have a democratic weekend, let alone a peaceful existence at all.

Due to the seasonal brutal attacks and forceful removal from their ancestral homelands within the Tana Delta by marauding gangs of raiders, looters, plunderers, rifle-totting evil eyed nomads who do not have the common sense of distinguisng the basic difference between cultivated land that is under seasonal crops and grazing lands for domesticated animals.

In the olden days, our great-great grandfathers, uncles, clans and neighbours, had the knowledge or tactics for manufacturing a popular home made biological deterrent that kept their ancient nemisis like the Arab slave traders ("body-snatchers" - batumbula), Galla and Oromo, away from their villages and farm fields.

The deterrent herbs were made from the roots of a local homestead tree and then scattered in the area or a long the path of an advancing enemy or foreign intruders, who would immediately develop symptoms and temporary infections that resembled small-pox, rinderpest, and other water borne diseases, then moment they or their animals got intouch with the sprinkled drops.

The suspected outbreaks would always work by keeping the unwanted intruders and their animals far away from my great-grandfathers's, grandfather's, and father's former village anf farmlands.

Unfortunately, the art of making the biological deterrent has been lost, while at the same time, the government of the Republic of Kenya has failed - every year - to halt all violent and unjust actions perpetrated by the marauding nomads against our own people, the Pokomo and Malakote of the Tana Delta.

The concept of democracy is very alien our people in the midst of yearly attacks, killings, destruction of property, and forceful removal from their homes.

Anonymous said...

Ahaah! I understand that there were rumours that I had ran away. Ahaah! These were propaganda. But I say bring it on. Some of these delusional people will not get anywhere with their delusions. They wil fail again and again.

The return of Miguna Miguna from his successful Toronto family vacation was a homecoming, but not to the old region of Nyando, to a home, an urban home, a city as a true home where the celebrative activity and appreciation of Peeling Back The Mask started several weeks ago with cheers, singing, clapping of hands and recitation of relevant details from his book by many on the social media as well as in various gatherings.

On the other hand, huge flood gates of virulent cyber attacks, rebuttals, burning effigies, and name calling continues to flow wide open through the concerted efforts of many others who still feel slighted and had their political egoees traumatically bruised by Miguna Miguna's tell-it-all narrative, disloyalty and ultimate betrayal of the secrets from within their king's royal court.

Time is the only referee that will be able tell which group among the two is going to end being successful in either peeling back the mask, or peeling off the scalp of the peeler of masks.

Anonymous said...


Why the double standards when it involves people like Fareed Zakaria?

After all, Jayson Blair, a young reporter with the New York Times was forced out or resigned due to plagiarism.

And The New Yorker magazine staff Jonah Lehrer also resigned after being outed for fabricating quotes and passing them off as Bob Dylon's own.

Was the public not made to believe that any type of fraudulence or plagiarism was an anathema as well as a deadly mortal sin in the world of journalism?

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Why the double standards when it involves people like Fareed Zakaria?"


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha hi hi hi hu hu yu yu yu yi yi ta ta ta ta ta ti tit it ri ri rir ra ra ra

DOUBLE STANDARD is the CORNERSTONE of the Babylonian system with ILF as the PROPAGANDA outlets!

Anyway, you think you are heaven (democracy where TRUTH prevails), but, you are living in hell (where lies are the cornerstone):

Anonymous said...


Believe it or not, but it's always better for the country, the citizenry and future generations when former senior insiders like Miguna Miguna, Yohana Githongo and others yet to come, get to the point in their lives or careers where they are able to see the light that leads them out of cozy political caves that are ussually filled with darkness - business as usual where the well connected are deeply accustomed to eating together at the expense of the whole nation.

All one needs is to find the nearly perfect mango or mugumo (mukumu) seedling, partially buried in the dirt underneath the shrubs or bushes, with a small bud beginning to burst from its shell.

And easily use it to illustrate that books such as It's Our Turn To Eat and Peeling Back The Masks never leave the readers' minds empty, that the purpose of the authors is always fulfilled, even through the worst of times or circumstances.

All it takes is a seed (book) for an author to use to creator an awareness by opening people's eyes to new and different ways of looking at their so-called political leaders, issues of governance, the dreaded elite, and how dirty political mechanisms (Animal Farm type of modus operandi) have continued to be used by a select few in order to divide, conquer and rule the rest of the country's population since December 12, 1963, under the guise of democracy.

Luke said...

Ati Miguna PLAGARISED Zakaria hio ni Bure Kabisa peel back the PUNDOM won't you?

What is COME BABY COME in Ki-LUO? just curious bro

Taabu said...


Your are CLUELESS!!!

Anonymous said...

Quntification of Kenya's brand of hypocrisy, corruption, see-no-evil mentality, and cronic ukabila mambo leo will lead us in the right direction and at the same time assist us in avoiding more pitfalls by 2018.

Anonymous said...

Miguna Miguna has had better days since the time he decided to take the risk of returning home and become part of the solution to Kenya's myriad of problems. He still has the chance for more better days ahead of him. While the rest of the people who don't like him, don't like what he has written or says in one way or another, are at liberty to do so until after the general election.

Anonymous said...

Miguna has replaced one of his favourite slogan, Come Baby, Come Baby, Come with

Anonymous said...

Re: Typo @11:53 AM

Miguna Miguna has already replaced one of his favourite slogans - Come Baby, Come Baby, Come! with Bring It On!

Miguna Miguna means what he says. He did promise the public a book and he delivered it.

He has also threatened to spill the constipated beans cooked or baked during the 2007/2008 PEV, and he may just do it.

Who knows what he will do next given the fact that he is a man who is known to make promises and deliver under pressure.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Bi bi kurikuri bi Jaber bi kuri atot.

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