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Saturday, August 25, 2012

How Raila’s Supporters Are Going To Lose Him The Election…

...Miguna Miguna beaten up in Mombasa

On the day of the general elections in 2007 my late dad behaved in a very strange way just before he left to vote. “That’s a Raila man,” he told my younger brother who was driving him to the polling station. His voice and tone were filled with disgust. He made sure that I was out of ear shot. Clearly he was upset because after our long discussions late into the night during those Christmas holidays, he knew which direction I was going to cast my vote. I also knew that he was going to vote Kibaki which he did.

I found this strange because we had had many political discussions and although in most of them we never agreed, he had accommodated my views without any problem. And so that Christmas holiday when I told him the direction the country was headed to in that general election it seems that his anger had been building up.

I found it very strange but 2 years later something else happened that reminded me of that incident. A friend who was doing some serious research on the ground told me how surprised he was that the Kamba people had no time for Raila Odinga the presidential candidate. And it had absolutely nothing to do with Kalonzo Musyoka being his competitor. It had more to do with what appeared to be a deep-seated disdain for the Luo community. Clearly the propaganda campaigns carried out during the Kenyatta administration against the Luo had worked wonders amongst the older generation Kambas and there was no way you were going to change their minds.

Miguna Miguna running for dear life in Mombasa yesterday surrounded by an angry mob. He lost his trademark hat, a shoe and some buttons from his coat and shirt. Reports have insisted that he was attacked by youths. Odd because most of the goons (belonging to the most democratic political party in Kenya) here do not look very young to me. (photo courtesy of the Standard newspaper).

Many patriotic Kenyans (including this blogger) have been working very hard to change the dented image of the Luo community and their politics believing that Raila Odinga is one Kenyan who deserves the presidency. Now all that work has just been flashed down the toilet in the twinkling of an eye. Thanks to the behavior of some hooligans who earlier today roughed up and assaulted Miguna Miguna at the Royal Castle Hotel. According to my sources in Mombasa, Miguna is lucky to be alive because had the police acted a split second later than they did we would now be eulogizing Miguna.

What is this?

Does it mean that if Raila becomes the president of this country and I criticize his policies I will not be able to go round without a police escort? After all the sacrifices made by many Kenyans have we returned our politics to the stone age where we beat up people whom we do not agree with? Are these the supporters of a candidate who claims to be running on a reform agenda? Are these the kind of reforms we spilled Kenyan blood for?

My late dad must be turning in his grave now and chuckling. I can hear him tell me; “I told you so.” And the same is happening with all those Kenyans who were almost convinced that Raila can be president of this country. The primitive view of the Akamba people and many others has been vindicated.

To make matters worse Raila the presidential candidate is silent. His silence is extremely loud and it is speaking to Kenyans in a loud voice. He is telling us that this kind of behavior is okay. And in fact he may be relying on such supporters to help him with his political agenda if and when he becomes president.

Would you vote for such a presidential candidate?


Anonymous said...

Migunas beating will not cost raila any votes be realistic,this is kenya.tribal as always,if you attack someones candidate,u get that treatment,it cud easily have happened in central had someone tried to character assasinate uhuru.ur post is borderline tribalistic fyi,ni hayo tu

Mwarang'ethe said...

"After all the sacrifices made by many Kenyans have we returned our politics to the stone age where we beat up people whom we do not agree with? Are these the supporters of a candidate who claims to be running on a reform agenda? Are these the kind of reforms we spilt Kenyan blood for?"


NB: Chris, why not put a video of that event? Just a suggestion.


What reforms you Chris and others keep yapping about?

Is hiking taxes to pay more mp's what you call reforms?

Is asking for the land rates so as to ROB the earlier ROBBERS because, there is no new land to grab what you call reforms?

You think running in the streets is what reform is all about?

When will you guys get it? There WAS NEVER any reforms. The young guys/TURKS were just fighting to get a chance to eat because, there WAS and IS no other means of getting rich. Simple and f£4%^ing clear!

Anyway, you are in good company. The other day when the CHILDISH REVOLUTION "took place" in Tunisia, many, in their usual DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS, CHILDISH FANTASIES and COLLECTIVE HALLUCINATIONS, told us a lot of rubbish.

So, what is happening there now? Let us hear it!

"Tunisia president launches attack on ruling Islamists [we were told they were democrats].

Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki on Friday attacked his Islamist allies in the ruling coalition, accusing them of seeking to monopolise power,[WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT?] in a letter read at the opening of his party's congress.

Critics [DUPES, FANATICS & FOOLS who welcomed the CHILDISH REVOLUTION] are also furious with the Islamists for seeking to amend an article in the constitution that refers to the "complementarity," rather than equality of women to men, which brought thousands of Tunisians onto the streets in protest last week.

In particular, Ennahda has been denounced for appointing its supporters to prominent positions in the public media and for drafting a law that would jail for up to two years anyone convicted of attacking SACRED VALUES[ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM VALUES/ARABIC CULTURE]?."

It is astonishing to see SHEEPLE cheering the replacement of SECULAR regimes by DUPES, HOOLIGANS and FANATICS in the name of Arab Spring. What f$%%5ing spring?


Anyway, since no one listens to the African Teachers, let us leave to enjoy:

See them fighting for power,

So they bribing with their guns, spare-parts and money,
Trying to belittle our
Integrity now.
They say what we know
Is just what they teach us;
And we're so ignorant

They keep us hungry,
And when you gonna get some food,

Your BROTHER got to be your ENEMY.

Saved by Grace said...


Even after all my comments here since 2005, have you just realised Raila is a dictator?

He is, has always be and will always be a dictator.

And even if u had any doubt, why do you think he named his first son after the world rewoned dictator?

Can a leopard change it's spot?

January 7, 1945 will remain the worst day in Kenya's history.

Anonymous said...


I think you should spend time to educate our jaluo brothers of whom are devoted readers of this blog--- on how to live in a civilised society and do away with archaic violence of stone-throwing.

Can u imagine what they will do when their messiah fails to clinch Presidency in 2013?

We've seen with Raphael Tuju and now with Miguna what these goons are made of.

It's about time Chris Kumekucha you use this blog wisely and educate these masses who are still living in stoneage.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

How does this incident lose raila any votes he would not have got otherwise? Why does raila have to come out and say anything? Should a candidate raila or otherwise have to come out and say something every time a political detractor is attacked (physically or otherwise) if they are not directly responsible? The behavior of hooligans like the ones who attacked miguna is to be condemned but I dont see why raila should have to say anything. He says plenty of matters of concern to kenyans while the pork and his crew rarely say anything that matters. We know who his wives are.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who stand up against Raila must be stoned.


Anonymous said...

Let's not lose focus of the main question here. In my view it is;

How will these Raila hooligans behave when the man is in power if they are doing this now?

I think they will urinate on people's heads and I am not being figurative, I mean this literally.

P.S. This blog is has millions of Raila sympathizers and their silence in this post is deafening.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"P.S. This blog is has millions of Raila sympathizers and their silence in this post is deafening."

8/25/12 10:35 PM


The deafening silence you are witnessing and you SHALL witness in the FUTURE, especially from (well, known bloggers who are USUALLY the FIRST to respond and whose names we leave for now), is a testimony to the WIDE DEMOCRATIC CHOICE in an EXPANDED DEMOCRATIC SPACE in Kenya IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS style!

Bwa ha ha ha ha hi hi hi hu hu hi hi hi wa wa wa wa we we we we ra ra ra ra ra ga ga ga ta ta ta

Anyway, we leave to enjoy:

Political violence fill your cities,

Don't forget your history,
Know your destiny,

In the abundance of water,
The FOOL is thirsty.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, while RAO keeps quiet, his lieutenants are still stealing from us on his behalf, even from the same thugs chasing MM all over the country.

What a farce!

Anonymous said...

ati raila faked his or lack of degree! He is not even an ivy league product! At least baba jimmy went to the prestigious school of economics in london! Mwara, are they necessary?

Andrew I said...

I am correcting the author,stop basing raila odinga's character on his supporters and especially the luo.How sure are you that he was only attacked by luos, Although miguna miguna's book contain the truth,he released the book at the wrong time,the youth took it as a propaganda mechanism to spoil raila's reputation,do you expect a person from the slums to buy a book worth ksh 3000,that goes to maslow's hierachy of needs,blame ignorance and not raila odinga for what happened.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the kind of hooliganism we are starting to witness, and the kind of broad day light attacks, particularly the kind of orchestrated multiple brutal assaults on Miguna Minguna in Mombasa, are just the the tip of the iceberg and a long sickening, dirty and slippery road that the country may soon be taking as we head into the 2013 general election.

That is if Kenya's self-proclaimed Tonton Macoutes (jeshi la mwana siasa fulani na chama chake) are not nibbed in the bud by the authorities around the country.

Lest we forget that what goes round comes with regard to the likes of Tonton Macoutes who were employed in a reign of terror against any opponents including those wwho proposed progressive social systems.

Those who spoke out against 'Papa Doc' would disappear at night, or were sometimes attacked in broad daylight.

Tonton Macoutes often stoned and burned people alive.

Their unrestrained state of terrorism was acompained by corruption, extortion and personal aggradizement among the leadership.

Tonton Macoutes are responsible for the murder of more than 60,000 Haitians

What a very sad day it was for Kenya, its people and especially the residents of Mombasa to have been exposed to such mindless attack and ugliness that is generated by extremists.

And worst of all, there are certain segments of the so-called educated and well informed population who are still cheering and laughing it off while they celebrate the multiple assaults that were directed at Miguna Miguna, as just deserts.

May the anti-Miguna Miguna camp of attackers and haters be reminded that opting for the Tonton Macoutes type of extreme reactionary modus operandi will have very unforseen adverse effects.

Taabu said...


Wewe wacha, those are NOT hooligans, those were nephews and cousins of the PM. They have to earn their jobs.

And since MM exposed the king for being naked the PM has no more jobs to dish to relatives so they have to work extra hard to catch his eyes.

You have been reported to Kibunja by Luka for resemblance of hate speech.

Anonymous said...

How sure are you that he was attacked by... a pack of spotted hyenas, goons, hooligans and juvenile critters from a particular colony?

a) Take a good look at the various footage taken inside and around the Royal Castle Hotel in Mombasa.

b) Listen to the particular accent and terminalogies used by the worked-up crowd.

c) Take another look at the type of clothing worn by the ferocious goons and hooligans in the mob clamouring for Miguna Miguna's blood and head on a platter.

d) Then compare and contrast the same with the accents, terminalogies, clothings, facial features and crowd's general demeanour with that of the Mombasa residents who were calling for secession of the ten mile coastal strip while carrying the following banners Mombao Si Kenya! Pwani Si Bara! Wabara Si Wenyeji! Tujimiliki Sisi Kwa Sisi! Uhuru, Haki, Kazi, na Uzalendo! Umoja Kati Ya Wacoasterian! Maendeleo Kasoro Ufisadi, Uharamia, Hasara Na Giza Kuu Kutoka Bara! Mtaka Unda Haneni!

e) Be the judge!

BTW, while it don't forget to review the local and international footage where crowds were recorded uprooting the railway located in the Nairobi area.

Anonymous said...

History has an ugly way of repeating itself among certain generations that do not care nor have any respect for law and order wherever they are.

As a matter of fact, their parents, neighbours, friends and some of their relatives laughed out loud when they heard and later saw pictures of Rev. Njoya being clobbered in broad daylight by gangs (call them units if you will) of ruthless riot police, plain cloth police, CID officers as well as off-duty police officers.

Unfortunately, majority of their children did not hesitate to laugh, mock, jeer and spit at their fellow Kenyans during the post-election violence of 2007 and 2008.

Most of them did not care nor give about the wanton destruction of human life and property of Kenyans who had been considered to be the resident enemy in their villages, loactions, divisions, districts, provinces and country at the time.

Why? Because the jeering crowds in various parts of Kenya as well as the diaspora strongly felt that the so-called resident enemy (innocent victims) - children, women and men - deserved what their just deserts by virtue of being affiliated to a particular political party and unwanted ethnicity.

First forward to last weekend, the same bunch of people were at it again, they could be heard laughing, celebrating, texting countless times and making fun of Miguna Miguna's ordeal, the moment
news hit the airwaves, local TV stations and throughout the social media, that an angry crowd (hooligans, goons and rabid ruffians) had assaulted Miguna Miguna at the Royal Castle Hotel in Mombasa.

The lingering question is who or what group of our fellow Kenyans will be targeted next, now that the hooligans, goons and rabid ruffians have developed a taste of roughing up and beating up anyone who speaks out, opposes or exposes the darker side of their tribal lord, political guru, his henchmen and political party?

Anonymous said...

Get this into your head, Chris. Those were not Raila supporters. This was Mombasa NOT Kisumu. These gallant guys were patriotic Kenyans disciplining Miguna Miguna. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked that anybody would want to cheer on the goons who beat up Miguna in Mombasa. It doesn't matter what he did... Gosh the guy just wrote a book with his honest views in it.

Anonymous said...

The former ICC's head hunter better known as Moreno Ocampo, the one who rolled into Kenya with a fixed know-it-all attitude as if he knew what he thought he knew all about the '07-'08 post-election violence, but instead ended up indulging in loopsided selective pickings of who was who that he thought were responsible for the mayhem and deserved to be hauled to The Hague.

Moreno Ocampo did a very a big deservice to Kenya, all the survivors, victims regardless of ethnicity, those who perished, their families, and Kenyans from all walks of life who are still eagerly waited to see real justice carried out.

Instead, Moreno Ocampo played his usual ICC selective prosecutorial gimmicks, show-and-tell politics, and dropped the ball in the process by heavily concentrating his intended choice of culprits (ring leaders) on one side of the political aisle, while totally ignored the otherside of the equation, where many other well known masterminds, their henchmen and culprits were known to be hiding.

Hence, there are some people who have become so bold to the point where they have come to believe that can they do any thing they want and get away with it without any consequences because they are "the untouchables" that the ICC's point man at the time, Moreno Ocampo, failed to haul to The Hague.

Anonymous said...

@11:38 PM
Ever heard of 'Kisumu Ndogo' and the other little ethnic enclaves located in and around Mombasa that are still temporarily occupied by upcountry supporters from a particular political pursuation?

'Temporary occupation' means just that, until the day a line will be crossed and the mother of all hooliganism will be extended to the local communities, regional leaders and residential as well as commercial properties.

Let us hope that it will never ever come down to that kind of worst case scenario.

Anonymous said...

I will not vote for such a candidate because I do not wish to see the country put through similar disasterous political chapters, and mediocre type of governance for the next ten years.

Anonymous said...

Energy and ethusiasm abounded among the crowds when Miguna Miguna ventured into Nyeri for the continuum of the presentation of his book.

He may have been slightly shaken but not stirred by the merciless, menacing and intolerant lynch mobs that were out to cause him untold harm in many ways and than one while on his book tour of Mombasa.

So far, he vowed not to be cowered but will continue to withstand any future assaults, negativity and calculated malicious hit and runs, as he tries to overcome any further orchestrated attempts to derail his book tour in various regions of the country.

As we all know by now, it is okay to agree to disgree with people who hold different opinions or views on certain hot-button isssues that affects us, but it is not okay to cause them harm in any way, shape or form, whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

The well coordinated assaults disguised as chaotic mob attacks as well as a rush of Tonton Macoutes slingshots aimed at Miguna Miguna while he was in Mombasa, will only serve to further and enhance his future complete political oeuvre.

The displeased crowd and angry mob of slingshot carriers (Tonton Macoutes) could have chosen other alternative ways, means and venue(s) to protest and express their uttermost collective displeasure and personal disgust without resorting to the barbaric display of emotions and aggressive actions that will now remain on record for years to come.

What transpired in and around the Royal Castle Hotel (MSA) was uncalled, should never have happened, nor allowed to take place by the authorities incharge of the coastal town of Mombasa.

Some heads must roll soon or later, especially those who are based at Makupa Police Station and CPS.

As for the anti-Miguna Miguna political forces and others, let take heed that the more attacks are leveled at Miguna Miguna's book tour, the fodder will be provided for the future complete Political Oeuvre of Miguna Miguna.

Anonymous said...

You can take an individual out of the sub-tropical village, but you can not take the village mentality out of the villager.

One of the reasons that the people's jury has spoken, This is sad and wrong and especially coming from one who has lived decades in a modern and free world, it's despicable to say the least.

In the meantime, Kenyan authors, journalists, news anchors, music producers, bloggers and Kumekuchans have been put on notice: "Don't criticize a leader when you know his followers will beat you".

In other words, you can run but you can not hide, they will find you or come after you the moment you dare utter any sort of criticism against their leader for life.

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