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Monday, August 27, 2012

Can extra-judicial killings be justified?

"Muslims must take the matter into their own hands, stand united against the Kuffar [non-Muslims] and take all necessary measures to protect their religion, their honour, their property and their lives from the enemies of Islam," ...........Al-Shabaab statement 

There was a time in this life that I was pretty naïve. These days I am little less foolish in the ways of the world. Over the years experience and especially the perils of running this political blog have taught me plenty.

The truth of the matter is that the world is not a simple black and white affair like so many seem to think. Most issues are pretty complex and some of the decisions that the chief executive of any nation has to take can be agonizing and very difficult. That is why things get worse when you have a man or woman who hates to make a decision leading a nation. A bad decision is quite often better than a good one that takes too long to make.
A terrible thing for a child to see (her father getting killed). 5 year old daughter of Aboud Rogo is consoled by her grand father Rogo's father in-law moments after the shooting.

This photo of controversial cleric Aboud Rogo was taken minutes after the shooting. His killing sparked off riots in Mombasa's Majengo and Kingorani areas and beyond. Even this morning the situation is still tense in Kenya's coastal city.

Yesterday a controversial Muslim cleric linked to Somalia's Al-Qaeda-allied Al-Shebab militants was assassinated. Aboud Rogo died in a most horrible way as his wife, child and father in law watched. A car overtook them on the Mombasa/Malindi Road near the famous Pirates night club and the gunman using what must have been an automatic weapon sprayed enough bullets to kill 10 men all directed at the driver’s seat. It is obvious that the job was executed by a trained marksman because there were no other fatalities in the car, only small easily treatable injuries amongst the other occupants of the car.

How many people in the country can execute that kind of shooting? Not many I can assure you and only those who have handled a firearm will understand what I am talking about. Don’t forget that the car was speeding past and slowed only momentarily for the shooting. So you have two moving vehicles and a target.

To cut a long story short the whole thing has extra-judicial assassination executed by the government written all over it.

It would be wrong for us to pass judgment over the Aboud Rogo case without all the facts before us, and especially the kind of details which are never made public for security reasons. And so let us leave Mombasa for now and imagine another typical scenario for a minute shall we.

Our local intelligence services gets wind of a terrorist who has crossed our usually porous borders from Somalia and is headed for Nairobi. It quickly becomes clear that this man is not visiting relatives in Eastliegh but is on a bombing mission to harm Kenyans. What should be done in such a case? If the man is arrested there will be no evidence to convict him successfully and revealing some of the information our security agents have in a court of law would compromise our intelligence gathering and monitoring methods and enable terrorists to evade detection much more easily in future. And so the kind of solution that would save Kenyan lives in such a case would be to execute the terror suspect before he gets to Nairobi. The press and Kumekucha informants witnessing police dragging the man out of a bus and pumping bullets into him on the side of the road would be aghast. But they would not have all the facts would they.

The terrible truth is that extra-judicial killings happen all over the world all the time and not just in Kenya. The nation of Israel for instant is a small nation with a few million Jews surrounded by hundreds of millions of hostile Arab enemies. In such a situation there is very little room for errors and numerous extra-judicial killings over the years have kept Israel safe.

Indeed these kind of killings have been recorded from as early as Biblical times.

But even more interesting is the current plan by the Obama administration to use technology in the form of Drones to execute “lawful” extra-judicial killings internationally and at home. Read about that controversial plan and the legal implications HERE.

All that brings us back to the big question. Are there times when extra-judicial killings can be justified?


M. Pesa said...


This Sheikh has been linked to many terror activities but never successfully prosecuted. We don't know what the NSIS have on their huge file about this man. Worse of all, he was linked to blowing up Kikambala Hotel at the Coast where dozens of people including many Israeli nationals were killed. Now we all know what happens when you kill Israelis. With ample evidence, their dreaded Mossad will track and eliminate you regardless of how long it takes. Now this takes us back to the question what did Mossad have on this man who was blacklisted by the Americans? And by the way what did the Americans know to blacklist him that we, mere mortals, didn't? It looks like so many people would have loved to see this man taken out. I highly doubt any local investigations will be conclusive. will be I leave it there for you to join the dots!

Anonymous said...

Right now Kibaki people are desperate to please America and Israel (2 powerful allies in helping make the Hague go away for Obako). This assassination no doubt greatly pleased those two powerful nations.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Today morning, a curious guy heard a short conversation between an Ivy League of Fool Graduate(ILFG) and an African Teacher (AT):

ILFG: By the way AT, have you heard of the recent murder of a Muslim Cleric in Mombasa Kenya?

AT: Yes, I have read such reports from the press.

ILFG: I am hearing that, there is a lot of TENSION in that town now. At the same time, I am like, if this guy was a terrorist, he deserves to die, or, what do you think AT?

AT: My friend ILFG, you speak too quick about these things.

ILFG: What do you mean AT?

AT: My friend ILFG, you must be able to know whether you KNOW or you BELIEVE.

ILFG: I still do not get you AT.

AT: I mean to say this my friend ILFG. If a man is ignorant of the FIRST PRINCIPLE and his intermediate stages are confounded by what he does not know, it must follow that, his final conclusion must equally be faulty.

ILFG: You confuse me now AT.

AT: I am short of time, but, my counsel is this. If you want to KNOW, you must do one thing.

ILFG: What is that one thing?

AT: After you have been taught/brainwashed many subjects randomly by the ILF professors, you must be able on your own to bring together these randomly taught subjects so as to have an understanding.

ILFG: What do you mean by understanding?

AT: By this, I mean that, you must acquire the power of seeing things as a WHOLE.

ILFG: So, what does this WHOLE thing has to do with such an assassination?

AT: To be precise. To understand the WHOLE, you must appreciate this for the last 60 years at least. Immediately after the WW2, the so called Cold War was used as TENSION CREATING strategy.

ILFG: Why create tension?

AT: So as to keep the nations that were gaining independence in their servitude position and confusion. More importantly, in this "WAR" extra judicial murder was the norm.

ILFG: So, what does this has to do with a Muslim Cleric who is a terrorist in 2012?

AT: Once again, if you KNEW, you would start from this FACT. With the "end" of the Cold War, the MILITARY STRATEGISTS, did put it that, they would turn their war on 3rd World essentially, to achieve the same objective as that of the Cold War (create tensions).

ILFG: Now, AT, are you out of your mind?

AT: To know is to be SANE. To be ignorant and believe things because they are said by the OLIGARCHY is INSANITY. Since time is running out, see you later.

With that, the AT left to enjoy: WAR:

Anonymous said...

Go to Russia, assasinations are order of the day over there. Even those Russians in Diaspora especially the wealthy ones are always on guard. It's called contract killing.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"The terrible truth is that extra-judicial killings happen all over the world all the time and not just in Kenya. The nation of Israel for instant is a small nation with a few million Jews surrounded by hundreds of millions of hostile Arab enemies. In such a situation there is very little room for errors and numerous extra-judicial killings over the years have kept Israel safe."


After sometime, the conversation continued as follows:

ILFG: AT, do you seek to tell me that, such a statement made by Chris as above is incorrect?

AT: It is not only incorrect, but, CHILDISH.

ILFG: AT, why are you so abusive?

AT: Nothing of the sort. You see, those who profess to write about these things, ought to study a bit of history.

ILFG: Study history? History is a waste of time. History is for those who do not understand the reality.

AT: Not so first. It is by study of history you come to know the REALITY of things.

ILFG: Focusing on the above statement of Israel, what would you say is the REALITY OF THINGS?

AT: The reality of things is this:

(i) the Arab States (most) which are said to be Israel's enemies, are just so in APPEARANCES only.

(ii) the terrorists that Israel has been killing, are its OWN CHILDREN.

ILFG: AT you amaze me with your theories.

AT: As a matter of fact, ATS do not deal with theories, they deal with FACTS such as this:

"Surveying the wreckage of a neighbor's bungalow hit by a Palestinian rocket, retired Israeli official Avner Cohen traces the missile's trajectory back to an "enormous, stupid mistake" made 30 years ago.

"Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel's creation," says Mr. Cohen, a Tunisian-born Jew who worked in Gaza for more than two decades.

Instead of trying to curb Gaza's Islamists from the outset, says Mr. Cohen, Israel for years tolerated and, in some cases, ENCOURAGED them as a counterweight to the SECULAR nationalists of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its dominant faction, Yasser Arafat's Fatah.

Israel COOPERATED with a crippled, half-blind cleric named Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, even as he was laying the foundations for what would become Hamas."

NB: If you recall, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was EXTRA JUDICIALLY KILLED by Israel having SERVED HIS ROLE. In other words, his work as DUPE and a FANATIC was accomplished.


AT: Anyway,since repeating what has been said is what people honor these days, it is time to enjoy:

Time Will Tell:

Anonymous said...

Muslims and jaluos do not belong in Kenya. Violent thugs should be thrown out of our beautiful country.

Luke said...

Ati dawa ya VIGILANTES ni....?hio ni bure kabisa

Where do TEACHERS GRADUATE from?just curious bro

Anonymous said...

Frankly why wate tax payers money prosecuting ad feeding such vermin in our jails.Shoot the bastards!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Where do TEACHERS GRADUATE from?just curious bro

8/28/12 7:02 AM."


The conversation went on like this. After a few minutes, an IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS professor (ILFP), joined his ILFG. Immediately, the ILFP started asking the AT questions:

ILFP: AT, you call yourself a teacher, where did you graduate?

AT: Thy question betrays naivety as concerns the meaning of education to say the least.

ILFP: What? Why do you think you know more than everybody else?

AT: If you want to KNOW, you must distinguish two things.

ILFP: What these things you are talking about?

AT: To be precise ILFP, you guys confuse literacy to mean education.

ILFP: And, so?

AT: Simply, when you acquire a BA/BS/MA/BA and even PhD's, in your ILF, that is what is called to be LITERATE. In other words, that is to merely know:

(a) how to read, and

(b)count and which helps you fill your stomach.

ILFP: You mean.... (his murmurings not clear as he leaves in anger and confusion)

AT: You see! These ILF think that, to be LITERATE, i.e. to have BA/BS/MA/BA/PhD's which enables you to READ and COUNT is the same as to be EDUCATED. Bure kabisa!

With that, the AT left to enjoy:

You are running away:

Taabu said...


Sorry but you appear to have watched alot of DELUSIONAL movies till your ears only ring 'TAKE HIM OUT'.

Please stop what you are smoking. Drones don't drive cars along Mombasa-Malindi road.

Better still Kikambala is not Kikamaba but JEWISH. And don't menstion that word MOSSAD.


1)Teachers graduate when their heads evaporate and their mouths overheat.

2)A true teacher must be BLACK, all others are RACISTS.

3)While WALKING ALONE (Carlos??), please can you confirm or deny that you have been contracted to STOP MM when he visist your home town next? You have been EXPOSED, shame!!!

Anonymous said...

No difference between these riotous muslims in Mombasa and jaluos. They both belong to archaic age and NOT in any civilised society.
Kenya would be a better place without these mentally emotionally disturbed hooligans.

Anonymous said...


Lest we forget how thousands and thousands of immigrants manage to get 'green cards' granted to them every year in the land where allegedly streets still flow with rivers of milk and honey, so they say inspite of the down economy and disastrous housing market.

Anyway, the point is, it does not take a professional hitman or hitwomen to carry out such heinous murders, crimes, and drive-by-shootings (DBSs) that are a very occurrences in many cities in the United States of America.

All it takes to hit a moving target while the assailant is also in parallel motion is practice, practice, practice, practice, until it is perfected.

Any punk or low level street thug with some experience is able to execute a drive-by-shooting at close quarters without missing the intended target.

Back to the yearly issuage of 'green cards' and take a minimum of three to five deadly drive-by-shootings on a nightly basis multiple by thirty-five or fourty states, then by 365 days.

Not counting the number of daily suicides that happen every hour, other homicides that not relating to drive-by-shootings, drug overdose, road accidents, natural deaths among the young and not-so-young and countless of other deaths among the elederly, and what gets created?

Extra large rooms get created for a bonanza or demand for legal replacements that cannot be filled by the newly born.

Anonymous said...

The shooting that took place in Mombasa does not have the hallmarks, signatures, calling card, or executive approval of any foreign intelligence services, let that of the local governmental authorities.

Extra-judicial killing does not hold water neither is it the modus operandi in this case, nor responsible for the utterly odious broad daylight cold blooded murder of Aboud Rogo.

Whoever did it, wanted to shock and awe bystanders and the local community, given the victim's prominence within the local religious circles.
All things taken into account, and for the record, the whole hideous incident reeks of extreme desperation by the very people who issued the above mentioned statement that is clearly intended to add more fuel to the already chaotic mob activities that have been rocked the coastal port city of Mombasa.

The late Aboud Rogo (RIP) may have out lived his usefulness to the Al-Kebaab senior operatives and their local agents given the beating and heavy losses they have incured.

There may also have been some regional internal power struggles, heated disputes over finances - that seem to have become very scarce after the death of their main man (OBL) in Abbottabad - and over the type of strategy intended to halt Al-Khabaab's slow march into the gates of oblivion.
So, the only limited options that was availbale for them on Kenyan soil was to hit two most wanted soft targets with one stone in order to try and get back at the Kenya government whose troops have gained inroads deeper into their former stronghold and cut off vital supply routes in Somalia.

While at the same time the other intention or agenda was to try and stir the hornet's nest with an calculated evil twist attached to it, one of not only eleminating a prominent religious figure within the community.

But also desperately attempting to turn the whole incident in a convulated pseudo-religious crusade in the hopes of gaining some much needed political mileage, donations and maybe fresh recruits from the local population and else where.
The odious cold blooded murder of Aboud Rogo was an inside job, by people known to him.

Further, the killing was nothing new because so many of his religious counterparts have already been condemned to the same fate in Somalia, before, during and after the gangs desecrated the tombs of famous clerics and other Somalia's sufi saints.

God forbid that sectarian violence among the Mulims of Mombasa becomes another issue for the local people and government to deal with in the long-run.
The regional authorities have their hands full and should do everything they can to track down those responsible for Aboud Rogo's murder as well as those who are inciting and financing the chaotic mob and riots in Mombasa.

The current situation must be nipped in the bud before it escalates any further, or grows legs of its own.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"...A true teacher must be BLACK, all others are RACISTS."


Today morning, the conversation between the African Teacher (AT) and his IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS GRADUATE (ILFG), continued as follows:

ILFG: Morning AT?

AT: Good morning ILFG.

ILFG: Forgive me for delving immediately into some serious questions.

AT: That is fine.

ILFG: Yesterday, I met my ILFP who observed that, the AT is a RACIST. Is that so AT?

AT: Bwa ha ha ha ha hi hu hu ra ra ra ra ru ru ru ri ri ta ta. That is a CHILDISH accusation.

ILFG: Can you elaborate please?

AT: You see my friend ILFG, an AT is someone who can distinguish between REALITY and ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES which make the ILFG/P DUPES, FANATICS and FOOLS.

ILFG: These are just abuses. What is your point?

AT: Let us take an example and DEMONSTRATE how DUPES and FANATICS work.


AT: A few days ago, there was a lot of HOWLING like that of MAD DOGS when the FOOLS running the OPIUM SESSION BULLSHIT cancelled some electronic gadgets.

ILFG: Ehe!

AT: In fact, if you search at Kumekucha, you will find one search article published by such a DUPE. In fact, he may be the one calling the AT a RACIST.

ILFG: Go on please.

AT: You see, when the FOOLISH and DUPES were HOWLING, the AT could see the REALITY.

ILFG: What is the REALITY in this saga then?

AT: My friend, the world economy is in DEPRESSION. And, for the WHITES to get out of it, they want to climb on the BACKS of STARVING AFRICANS KIDS.

ILFG: A serious accusation. Elaborate please.

AT: Simply, there is a company/s in the West which need to EXPORT its/their useless gadgets and thereby, CREATE and RETAIN JOBS there. Looking around, they see that, the best way of doing this is by ROBBING the AFRICANS KIDS. In other words, they ROB the AFRICAN KIDS so that, they can EDUCATE their OWN KIDS.

ILFG: Elaborate please.

AT: Okay, if you check in our newspapers, there is a story which is like this TODAY:

"Canadian firm hunts Kenya voter kits supplier.

A Canadian parastatal [ONE WOULD EXPECT THEM TO HAVE PRIVATIZED SUCH] is leading the search for a credible technology company that will supply 16,000 Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) kits to the electoral commission.

Finance Permanent Secretary Joseph Kinyua [COMMISSION AGENT] on Tuesday said the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) is in the final stages of searching for a qualified firm that can deliver the kits to the specifications of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) before the contract on a Sh4.6 billion concessionary LOAN can be signed.

Mr Kinyua said that the LOAN, an export agreement previously negotiated at Sh4.6 billion, may SURPASS Sh5 billion after the IEBC demanded additional kits for more BVR stations due to time constraints."


ILFG: mmmmmmmm

AT: Before I go, note this. You see, the ILFG/P cannot cope with REALITY. As such, when the AT exposes their BULLSHIT, they retort to slogans to demonize him. Bure kabisa nyang'au wao!

With that, the AT was seen enjoying:

Equal Rights:

Anonymous said...

'The nation of Israel for instant is a small nation with a few million Jews surrounded by hundreds of millions of hostile Arab enemies.'

A rather simplified view point dont you think? You say you want the rules of common decency to apply and you dont want any comments that are racist or tribalistic yet you make a sweeping statement in your post that is exactly that. I think you need to study history a bit more as your whole blog loses credibility when you make statements like that and insinuate that Israel is justified in their use of extra-judicial killings against the 'hostile' Arabs...

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt in many people's mind that had the former Kenyan drug lord Ibrahim Akasha been killed in a drive by shooting on the streets of Mombasa, similar or worse mob riots would have taken place in the coastal port city of Mombasa.

As they say, now is the time to invest in human intelligence and depend on well situated assets in the coastal community in order to weed out and prosecute people whose only agenda is to create mayhem for their own demented objectives.

While those who have outlived their welcome and guest status should be shown door or asked to go somewhere else where their kind behaviour is welcome.

An immediate halt on decades of freeloading and straining of local resources meant for Kenyan from all walks would be the next best alternative by the immigration authorities.

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