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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mutahi Ngunyi: Saitoti Eliminated by Drug Barons

Political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi has sensationally claimed on K24 that the late Prof Saitoti was most likely assassinated, by drug barons fearing he would exposed them.

After dismissing Saitoti's presidential bid as weightless, the Consulting House commentator lists numerous enemies lined against Saitoti including Al-Shabaab and the fear he would be a prosecution witness at the Hague in his capacity at the chair of parliamentary ICC committee. Hypothesising three fronts as cause for Saitoti's death, Ngunyi concludes that Ojode was just a collateral damge, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The target according to him was the Internal Security Minister and Police Commissioner Iteere.

Artur brothers

Well, true to our national tradition no politician dies accidentally or naturally. But linking Saitoti's death to the drug lord can only be wished away by those who are only comfortable with the easy/cheap explantions after seeing the Jicho pevu investigations.

The imagination of Saitoti tabling his report about the Artur brothers must have sent a chill down the spine of the untouchables. Add that to the fact that they couldn't afford Saitoti's price then elimination remains the sure guarantee. You see Saitoti is no Chris Murungaru.

We must be ready to pay the ultimate prize of being a NARCO STATE. Na bado.

Saitoti: Why it was murder most foul


Anonymous said...

This is Kenya and you cannot rule anything out. If wenyeinchi felt Saitoti was a hurdle they had to bump him out.

The careful Prof is rumoured to have attempted to jump out of the burning chopper but never succeeeded.

Bottomline THIS IS KENYA with owners.

kumekucha said...

There is no doubt on my mind that Saitoti was assassinated. However I don't buy Ngunyi's theories. In fact it seems to be an attempt to deliberately lead Kenyans in the wrong direction and away from the real killers.

Now why would he want to do that?

Why is it so important that Kenyans do not cast their eyes in the right direction where the killers ran?

Chris Kumekucha

kumekucha said...

Fellow pensioner, You did not tell the good people the source of this information.

Apparently Ngunyi made these explosive comments about Saitoti's murder on Jeff Koinange's infamous bench (K24).

Chris Kumekucha

Luke said...

Is Ngunyi your AGEMATE like Chris or....? just curious bro

Anonymous said...

We shd also not take Saitoti's presidential bid for granted considering the hague issue cd have opened up central kenya for grabs.Rumor has it that there was trumendous pressure on him to drop his bid in favour of a new comer into the race who seems to be enjoying considerable state support n patronage.That Saitoti totally refused to withdraw from the race n was infact planning to relaunch his campaign in a major way is another angle to check out this conspiracy, ..n lets not forget that the barons are connected to the highest political offices in the land,.

Anonymous said...

Chris, why are some valid comments getting moderated?

I wrote yesterday here at KK that Kibaki has appointed Yusuf Haji in an acting capacity to Saitoti's portfolio shaming the tribalists in Kumekucha who preached here day and night that Kibaki will look for the right DNA as a replacement. The tribalists know themselves! Shidwe!!

About Ngunyi's line of thought, unlike Chris of Kumekucha whose predictations in the past have been all wrong, Ngunyi has a grade A+ for accurately reading the cause & effects of Kenya's turbulent political sea.
Simply, Kenyan's have 100 fold more confident in Ngunyi than Chris of KK.


Anonymous said...

To make a very short story into a very long one, let's ask ourselves why would The Black Hand eliminate a senior government official, like the late George Saitoti, when there are many ways in which any individual in Kenya can be easily greased or compromised for the greater good (evil in drug deals) and lucrative profits?

There were - and still are - many ways of eliminating a business obstacle, personal rival or a threat to the flow of one's (drug incorporated) income rather than sanction a high profile hit that will only give rise conflict and dispute by attracting more concentrated heat from the police force and the rest of the government security agencies.

Drug barrons are not as ignorant, dump or reckless as Mutahi Ngunyi and some of us would like the public to believe.

There is no way in the world, let alone under the Kenyan skies where any drug kigpin would dare pull such a move in daylight by bringing down a police chopper carrying a Minister of Internal Security in the criminal efforts to keep their drug enterprise up and running.

Even the one time most ruthless, feared mighty drug dealer and prominent member of the Cali caterl, Juan Carlos Escobar, would never have pulled such reckless stunt or wasted resources on putting out a contract on an African Minister of Internal Security.

Simply because drugs are currency, dirty money talks quick, louder and can be used to corrupt anyone. We all have a price tag, let's not fool ourselves.

Drug proceeds are known to pave ways when it comes to creating an environment where the deadly merchandise can be brought into the country like Kenya, stored for several days, weeks or months in a safe house (or plain site at times), then rebranded and rerouted to its final destination - Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia.

In the meantime, our political scientists like Ngunyi and others are free to jump onto any bandwagon being driven by conspiracy theorists or theoreticians, while it makes its usual around for the time being.

The late George Saitoti was not without blemish nor was he a saint, however the fact remains that the police chopper was lost in an accident due to one cause or another, but not at the hands of any drug cartel, perceived enemies, business rivals or powerful political opponents of the late George Saitoti.

Anonymous said...

For the record, let's not add Saitoti's name to the list of Pio Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya, Mwangi Kariuki, Robert Ouko and many other ordinary Kenyans who have mysteriously disappeared without a trace since the early 1960s, for he was not and is not a victim of any kind of assassination plot from within or without the country.

On the hand, the ministry of internal security, the people of Kajiado North, the police force and next August House will survive the loss of George Saitoti, but the country as a whole will never survive the introduction of senior government officials being party to any dealings with any drug cartels.

Anonymous said...

If Mutahi Ngunyi really believes that he knows someting the rest of us are not aware of in connection with the crush of the police chopper, then let him have the courage to call a spade a spade without hiding behind K24.

kenyaone said...

Both Nicaragua and Colombia in the past and now mexico are Narco states. This is where there is 'state capture' by and for drug barons. The jicho pevu demonstrated quite openly that drug dealers were operating from state house! These forces are quite capable of assasinations, they can even get parties from outside the country to do it for them. kenya is undoubtedly a NARCO state. As Mwau who has a price on his head from none other than the United states Drug Enforcement Agency and was publicaly listed with like of columbian drug lords by Obama. lets see if the report from saitoti on Arturs sees light of day...!!!

Anonymous said...

Mutahi Ngunyi is one of the great seasoned political scientists and prime social voices in our midst, an expert who is good at his craft, and someone who is worth paying more attention to with regard to what always goes on above, within and beneath the cracked sociopolitical surfaces of our resilient nation of Kenya.

However, there are times when one hopes that our dear political scientists like Mutahi Ngunyi would be more ecomical with their political speculations and social predications when it comes to researching, analzying and at times devulging very delicate matters of state, government, and politics.

Including all operations that pertain to the ancient art of eleminating opponents that dates back to the echoing last words that continue to be uttered by many victims - comrades, associates, friends, spouses, siblings, extended family members, clergy, et al - Et tu, Brute? ("Even you, Brutus?")

With all due respect to Mutahi Ngunyi and for his great body of work that is always appreciated by many of us, I beg to hold a different view on what may have or may not have caused the sudden demise of the former minister of internal security.

All things taken into account, let the evidence from external aviation experts speak volume for itself in due time.

Anonymous said...

The last word should be, "They too, our politicians, will have a taste of power."

Anonymous said...

An unknown external force may have exerted influence on Saitoti's travel plans and personal security habits, days before he met his fate on that early Sunday morning. There is no way he would have had the slightest opportunity to utter "Thous too, Brutus?" due to the fact that a modern day version or evil twin of Marcus Brutus would never have risked placing himself in harms way. So the only action or option left for Saitoti would have been to seek divine assistance to counteract the inevitable end result of motion that awaited the chopper within the powerful gravitational field around Ngong forest.

Anonymous said...

One most interest in relation to Jicho Pevu is the investigative reporters may have undertaken a deadly practice-oriented journalism by undertaking a cluster of intentional activities concerned with relating to the endemic underworld drug empires that use the East African nations as one of their many continental conduits.

Rather than occasional or random engagement with the drug related activities in Kenya, the production of such episodes as released by Jicho Pevu required a significant amount of time and effort.

The results did not disappoint nor was the final product that went on air, a narrow interiority. Instead the whole episode gave unsuspecting Kenyans a double over-exposure into the underworld practices of drug barrons, their collaborators, and its deadly ripple effects on the nation and public.

On the other hand, it is not an issue of seeking "easy/cheap answers" nor is it enough to qualify it as an all out war against government officials who are opposed or have refused to collaborate with powerful drug barrons.

The jury will remain out until such a time it is able to be convinced beyond shadow of doubt that connects Saitoti's death to any one of the masterminds behind the drug trafficking along the East African coast as well as South-Western Africa coast.

Anonymous said...

I have never forgotten my place in life and that's why I always tread carefully whenever I am beyond my comfort zone. But why threaten my future with an exotic rattle snake instead of an idigeneous type like the black mamba or gaboon viber, whose antidote is well known and readily available from the hinterlands near my father's former village? Are you trying to send a coded message to the next victims before May 10, 2013?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Why look that far when the "animal" is just behind thee?


Anyway, we shall be back when Kenyans wake up and find that, their already empty pockets shall have to be raided to get over KES 100B in 2012 - 13.

For now, as you enjoy the CIRCUSES, we leave to enjoy:

See em fighting for power:

Anonymous said...

This is very absurd,,,,, from the time i saw the breaking news i had a suspicion,,,,,, Kenyans we hv to face the reality,,,,, why continue electing leaders who will just continue with this assasination saga,,,,, lets rise above selfishness and greed for power to elect leaders who will lead us into realising our individual goals not only vision 2030,,,,, m realy annoyed by this,,,, i assure u guys Raila is truly going to wipe out this ugly politicians,,,,,, thatz y all forces of dark are after him,,,,,

Sayra said...

Taabu, kwani u have a fascination with snakes?

Anonymous said...


Kenya walking a tightrope, says WB
Monday, 18 June 2012 23:44 BY SOLOMON KIRIMI

Kenya's current account deficit is approaching dangerous levels, according to the latest World Bank report on the county's economy. The report titled “Walking a tightrope; re-balancing Kenya's economy with a special focus on regional integration states that Kenya is living beyond its means, with imports far outweighing exports at an alarming level.......

Anonymous said...

Odinga is still part and parcel of the ... policians and forces of political darkness in the country, thanks for bringing it up. The question is, how will the so called vision 2030 be realised under the same leadership style dating back to 1980s?

Anonymous said...

6/20/12@12:58 AM
Are some of us willing to face a reality where Kenya may or will be under the presidential leadership of an elected leader (by the majority)other than our current candidate of choice?

As long as 'an egalitarian form of government in which all citizens [of Kenya] together are willing, able and allowed to determine public policy, the laws and actions of their country, counties and wards'.

Would some of us still accept any other candidate elected by the majority of Kenyans from all wlaks of life so long 'a government by the Kenyan people, in which the majority is upheld, a government in which the supreme power is vested in the Kenyan people and exercised by them' is put in place and allowed to flourish unhindered by a select few?

What sort of government would we rather have after May 10, 2013?

Taabu said...


No fascination with REPTILES. The message is in the symbolism - LETHAL STING. You see I didn't go for the voluminous python. Real sting is often housed by the small genre.
(wacha kuonea PENSIONER wewe!!!)

Anonymous said...

ngunyi is ablatant liar! we are not that stupid to be swayed az he thinks! ngunyi is gud at diverting the truth in aclever manner, we know that!

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