Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Murder Most Foul?

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka in our picture was the very first senior government official to arrive at the scene of the Ngong disaster. He was clearly extremely shaken and his voice broke several times as he talked to the press moments after this picture was taken. Was he shaken by more than what he saw? Possibly by what he knew about those who may have caused this tragedy? The body nearest the camera is that of the late Orwa Ojode. If you look carefully you will be able to make out the shape of his head. His legs are missing. Further away from the camera is the body of Prof George Saitoti which is partly hidden by the tree. Eyewitnesses say he was still wearing his bullet proof vest which he almost never left behind. Other rumours claim that some people saw the professor attempt to jump out of the burning chopper. This is highly unlikely when you consider how fast the whole horror unfolded. 

Even when it was very obvious that the Moi avenue explosion last month was a bomb, professor George Saitoti still insisted on reaching for his favourite refuge. “It would be wrong and premature for anybody to start speculating before proper investigations have been carried out to establish the cause etc.” 

Those who knew the late professor well will tell you that this was indeed his favourite method of putting out political fires associated with the many controversies he was involved with during his eventful political career. His was always to plead for time for investigations knowing full well that with time people forget and move on and it becomes very easy to then diffuse any situation that would otherwise have badly exploded in his face. 

One wonders what Saitoti would have said and done was he given an opportunity to comment and make decisions on this latest tragedy that involved him. Just goes to show you how life has a strange way of causing things that you perpetuate wrongly to end up coming back to haunt you and affect you in one way or another. 

Pending the investigations still going on, it has become obvious to many observers and insiders that the helicopter accident that killed the Internal security minister and others is unlikely to have been an accident. Mounting evidence continues to point to foul play. 

Helicopters are very different from other aircraft in that they can land anywhere and so any emergencies can easily be taken care of in good time. In the Ngong crash there was no time to react which strongly suggests that either a bomb on board or ground to air missile may have been used. Even the injuries of the late Ojode whose remains appear most clearly on our photograph in this post suggest an explosion of sorts because his legs are missing. 

Admittedly there are other scenarios that would cause a fire and explosion in a helicopter but in all cases there would have been ample time to quickly land the chopper and get the occupants to safety long before the explosion. 

The fact that the bodies of Saitoti and Ojode were thrown so far away from the others would suggest that that the explosion happened closest to them and away from the engine (the usual source of a fuel fire and explosion). All the others bodies were found close to the engine. And so the question that Kumekuchans must busy themselves asking is a simple one; who would have wanted Saitoti dead? Clearly he was the target and the unfortunate Orwa Ojode was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. According to the information I am in possession of, the truth is extremely sensitive but there are plenty of clues to point us in the right direction. To me the most telling was the attempt to suggest that drug barons assassinated Saitoti. Such a suggestion is laughable and can only be accepted by the extremely na├»ve. Instead you need to look where your attention is being diverted from for the truth. 

Saitoti was no saint and indeed this blog has done a lot to expose him for who he really was. It is also true that Kenyans need to recover the Goldenberg loot that changed the man’s life so much so that he abandoned the VW he used to drive as a penniless university lecturer and replaced it with a fleet of Mercedes Benz vehicles. Still, can all this justify possible murder?

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Anonymous said...

The police commissioner and several of his deputies should have been the first ones to arrive on the scene rather than mileage seeking politicians like Klonzo and company?

Why was Kalonzo allowed to trample on the scene of the murder most foul?

Was he trying to pass or find a middle path (njia ya katikati) through the gruesome scene?

Or was he just making sure the victims were who they said they were, since one prominent government official had not been on the fateful as expected earlier on?

Wonder why Kenyan politicians always in the habit of wasting time, resources and rescue space on rushing every major accident scene around the country?

When will our well trained regular police force and other security agencies learn to secure scene of the accident or crime?

Anonymous said...

Probable cause may never be determined nor the exact sequence of events which led to the helicopter crash in the Ngong area moments just before the aircraft had settled on its flight path.

Ya dunia ni mengi, but time will tell whether the weight of any future evidence supports the current three schools of thought - among some experts on the groound (NBI) - on what might have been the main cause of the catastrophic crash:

a) pilot error due to weather related complications, poor communication and lack of coordination.

b) detonations or explosive device of undetermined origin.

c) mechanical failure may be attributive to improper repairs, as well as poor maintenance inspection being a contributive factor.

Anonymous said...

With time people forget and move on...

How true! And how many of us including Chris can recall the name, place, time of day, when the first Kenyan (nyeusi) died in a plane crash on Kenyan soil?

Here is some little help, one of his grandsons is retired KAF pilot, another grandson is a monk in Tigoni and the other one is vetran of Desert Storm.

Anonymous said...

WTF! Only authorized personnel are allowed to cross or go beyond the yellow police tape.

Anonymous said...

There is more to the aircraft accident than they are letting out or want the public to know. I bet you there are individuals and politicians who know what they are doing and want to do therefater that is not in the interest of the deceased and the general public. Where is Jicho Pevu when they are needed to smoke out details that may otherwise never get the light of day?

Anonymous said...

Was it murder most foul? We may never know. Although there are several eye-witness accounts that have yet to be verified and corroborated. For instance, it has been noted that "several people on the ground heard a brief sharp squeak, followed by an unusual rattling and sporadic sputtering sound, then saw the helicopter yaw to the right, with smoke starting to bellow out from beneath as it started to tailspin ('kuyumba kuyumba') moments just before it fell from sky like a stone while flying at a very low altitude."

M. Pesa said...

Chris I doubt that this was a bomb as many online bloggers claim, my hunch points to some foul play. If it was a bomb, various parts of the chopper would have been blown miles apart. But we find that the chopper came down intact in one heap. About the drug barons, this could be closer to the truth though I don't have any evidence or facts about that. The question should be are they capable? Did they have the resources and motive? If in the end it becomes apparent that the barons were involved then I wouldn't be shocked. We know them and they can be quite ruthless as per Jicho Pevu investigations. I wonder why Saitoti didn't destroy them when he had all the resources under his disposal? You wine and dine with them only for them to consume you! Same case applies to Mungiki and how they were courted by politicians only for Ocampo to used that evidence to nail them. Destroy the drug barons and Mungiki types before they destroy you, no excuses and no bidding for time. It's that simple!

Anonymous said...

A tale of murder most gruesome or most gruesome helicopter crash photos?

Anonymous said...

What would Saitoti have said and done about the tragegy?

Would he have cut through the chase and released a fact finding statement to the public, and gone ahead to do what was needed at the time with the help of avition accident experts?

Or would he as predicated 'pleaded for more time for investigation' as any easy way out to the dodge the bullet?

All things taken into account, there are those of us would be in full agreement with the following -

While the initial field phase of an accident ivestigation can be concluded within weeks or even days, the investifations'final report and recommendations often take years to complete. The final report consist of factual information about the accident, an analysis, conclusions (probable cause) and also includes safety recommendations.

Anonymous said...

There is no writing on the wall nor is there any evidence of a drug barron's hand in what transpired, it's not their MO unless there have been recent drastic changes and a leadership vacuum within the underground industry.

First all, the drug barrons seem to have had no motive to get rid of him, and they had nothing to gain from whacking a single individual, when there are certain rogue elements within the internal security ministry and other ministries as well, who are known to be no strangers to getting compromised, afforded to long the other way when the profts are high, or at times during emergency transit shipments.

Secondly, why was the helicopter heading back to Nairobi after developing what was first reported to have been a technical gilch at a moment when the pilot had amble time to forceland?

Thirdly, the man in question was known to be a creature of habit, very predictable at times, haboured great fears of the unknown whenever he was in public and wore a bulletproof vest as a lucky charm.

It could have been an accident like other helicopter crashes that unfortunately occur around the world.

Or anyone among scorned business associates from the past found the rare opportunity to get even for whatever million dollar reasons out there, although such a scenario seems very improbable.

Where do we go from here? Back to square one, the accident ('crime') scene where some vital clues may have been overlooked.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlmen, enough with the conspiracy theories. The accident is an open and close case because the man's time was up, his due date had arrived on time in the same way it will happen for everyone of us but in different death format.

Anonymous said...

With the benefit of precedent, we're afraid we already know what the investigations are going to reveal....Nothing!We could go back to tragedies that happened decades ago that did not have investigations carried out comprehensively and completed.Its just our way of doing things, our "M.O".We are left in the dark, to speculate, and to await possibly another tragedy which will claim more innocent lives.One thing remains clear, we did not heed the warnings given to us when other Ministers perished in somewhat similar circumstances.Are we going to change our ways now? Or are we going to push it to the back of our minds, move on, and watch it happen again?Only time will tell

Anonymous said...

'About 1.17 million people die annually due to road accidents across the globe, and Kenya is rated fifth in road carnage. Kenya has the highest road accidents in Africa,' where hundreds of innocent lives are lost annully. @9:36 AM, my sentiments exactly, but how many ordinary Kenyans have died in road accidents since the day "the other ministers perished" in a plane crash? Has time raught us any valuable lessons?

Anonymous said...

Where are the rest of the pictures? Are there any aerial photographs of the crash site available?

Anonymous said...

On a side note, MPigs, the masters of deadly political deceit continue to show their true ugly colours in broad daylight as if there is no tomorrow and they are all guaranteed seats in the next parliament.

The MPigs' greed, deceit, scams, scoundrels and scandals galore.

We, the people, are to blame for the ongoing mess. We were warned by voices of reason in our midst but we refused to pay any attention nor listen to the warnings, yet in the end, come general election time, majority of us will induldge in constant tribal bickering, name-calling, hating, looting, maiming, fighting and killing fellow Kenyans.

Why? Just because they happen to belong to the other ethnicity kabila adui, and we will all carry out the heinous activities in the name and cordinated support of our tribal chiefs, tribal warlords and their henchmen who have already conspired to undermine the very spirit of the Constitution.

The Legislature and the Executive are now conspired to subvert the very Constitution they swore to uphold; a Constitution that Kenyans voted for overwhelmingly at the August 27, 2010 referendum.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Why? Just because they happen to belong to the other ethnicity kabila adui, and we will all carry out the heinous activities in the name and cordinated support of our tribal chiefs, tribal warlords and their henchmen who have already conspired to undermine the very spirit of the Constitution.


No, no, no, no.

There is nothing like undermining anything. They are acting in accordance with the HUMAN NATURE.

That is why, an understanding of the HUMAN NATURE is a MUST if you are to come up with a good law.

However, since our IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS teach foolishness, we end up in such CHILDISH QUAGMIRE. So, enjoy it!

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

They keep on building LAW SCHOOLS to teach rubbish so as to GRADUATE:

- thieves and

- murderers

DM-Nairobi said...

Your post is too speculative Kumekucha and its full of guesswork.

Why can't it be simply that God Almighty unleashed an immediate and judicial termination of Saitoti and co?

As Jesus explained after some disaster news in Luke 13:1-5: "......But unless you repent, you too will all perish."

Anonymous said...

What is a political party? Wonder how many millions or even billions of shillings were in play over the passing of the party hopping exemption law? Seasonal politicians can now hop over party fences at will. So, why not just do away or get rid of the party facades altogether?

Anonymous said...

Luckily presidential candidates like Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Ruto, Wamalwa, Odinga, Karua, Mutava, Ole Kiyapo, Kenneth, Kiraitu M'mbasi, Kalembe Ndile, Chirau Sipapa wala Mkizi, et al will remain in the cold if they fail to capture or claim the State House, unless their fellow 40 ... agree to nominate them to parliament.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
What is a political party?


A political party is to a SHEEPLE what a RED FLAG is to the Spanish bull on way to SLAUGHTER.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha hi hi wewe wu wu wu fu fu fu gu gu gi ge ge ge

Meanwhile, should you not like what the NOT SMILING WAKO put into OFFICE in accordance with the NEW CONSTITUTION, (smiling Wako is on HEFTY pension courtesy of your POCKET), is doing as the LEGAL ADVISER, this is the way forward:

“These are constitutional differences. They do not represent any crisis. Sometime people can express their differences with a violent language but that should not mean any crisis,” the AG said Friday.

Source: Move to court over amendments, urges AG:

And, by the way, before we leave to enjoy some music, HOW IS THE EGYPTIAN, Tunisian, Libyan etc etc DEMOCRATIC PROGRESS?

If it is failing, do not worry, the MASTERS are there to MENTOR the TWO LEGGED CATTLE for we are forced to read that:

"France ready to 'mentor' Kenya on polls."

NB: May be the MENTORS like the French should start by REPAYING the blood money they took from Haiti and crippled it with the ASSISTANCE of the MULATTOES like another one we see around these days with a new African policy!

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Retired slave drivers are looking with a scorn and telling us about mentoring us,

African herbs man, IGNORE them fools!

Anonymous said...

If it is what it seems to be, murder most foul, then imagine what they will do next or what they are capable of doing to an individual lesser or no protection at all. Rumours aside, there is more to the helicopter crash than meets the eye. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Are there bound to be more mishaps happening this weekend or in th coming months now that the reloaded political campaigns are back in top gear and full swing? How many of the politicians will be flown around in helicopters without wondering, fearing or guessing whether their turn is next? Saitoti (RIP) didn't have the slightest clue that his number was up, days numbered, and exit marked without a chance for a reload.

Anonymous said...

That's one of the most horific way to die. I hope they all died instantly on impact instead of being finished off by the dreadful flames before help could arrive. RIP.

Anonymous said...

Who would have wanted Saitoti dead?

The actual footage of the crash site is very little to go by in determining the cause of the accident, but it will take the work of two or three seasoned and assiduous experts to uncover and find out in days to come and it will take time. Every aviation accident investigation begins from inside out when trying to uncover a nightmare that originated from the skies. Now who would have wanted Saitoti's life grisly demolished in the manner as seen in the wreckage above? Hard to tell at this point in time.

Anonymous said...

Excuse the digression. By the way did we know that Until now, Facebook users (addicts) were unware when and how they were exploited for advertising, and they may not have realized that a click on something as vague as like button could be used to enrich Facebook, the company? [Re: To Settle Lawsuit, Facebook Alters Policy for Its Like Button] - AP

Anonymous said...

Humour is an essential element in human confrontation with death, but sometimes there is no humour that can downplay the nature of death as seen in the charred remains of what were once long serving parliamentarians and two public officials. Will skip humour in this instance and out of respect.

Anonymous said...

The helicopter crashed due to a malfunction and a fatal pilot error.the aircraft crashed due to ignorance on the part of one or both of the pilots.the co-pilots duty is mainly to work with maintenance personnel to maintain aircraft in an airworthy condition.Oyugi should have done a check which is routine before the helicopter takes off.Regardless of malfunction the Pilot Technique was also a cause of this crash.People have come up with useless theories to waste time and make money.but this is the sad fact.before flying u must know the terrain and take steps to avoid any mishaps.perhaps it was overconfidence..things were overlooked.also whoever took those photos should not have posted them on the internet.God Bless Kenya

KPaul said...

murder plain and simple.

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