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Monday, May 23, 2011

Ikolomani: Why Bloody primitive bull fighting did the trick

"The by-election in Ikolomani is a pratice match for ODM because it will define how 2012 will go".
– Hon James Orengo before ODM was floored at the constituency.

ODM bigwigs will of course be putting up a brave face this morning but if you want to know the truth, they are shaking and shaking really violently in their boots. And with good reason too because Dr Bonny Khalwale took on ODM head on and ended up re-capturing his parliamentary seat.
The bull fighting gynae with his two wives Adelaide (right) and Josephine.

This lady who is a big fun of Kumekucha has posed the question: what are the sleeping arrangements in a polygamous home? Well, I wrote an article about that here in Kumekucha quite some time back. Read it HERE
AND here is a hilarious quote from that article:
You can imagine the man reading the Nation in the sitting room and one of the wives approaching him meekly to ask him which of them it would be for the night. And then the man still behind his newspaper muttering a name: "mama so and so." Really hilarious stuff. But the joke is not funny for the women who have to put up with it. I have absolutely no idea how they do it.

James Orengo of ODM famously said that the Ikolomani by-election will define 2012 and although things did not quite go the way he and his colleagues at Orange house had anticipated his statement still holds very true. What happened in Ikolomani yesterday gives us all a pretty good picture of what we should expect in 2012.

Political party bigwigs in PNU and ODM just don’t get it, do they? Their actions during the numerous by elections we have gone through since last year suggest that they are a tad slow between the ears. Or is it just more comfortable to hang onto mirages and dreams of yesteryears when you reach a certain age? These guys have continued to spend huge sums of money trying to flex their political muscles at the constituency level in a bid to boost or retain their national numbers. But time and again the voters on the ground have resisted what they quite rightly see as an invasion from outsiders. They have enjoyed the cash bribes lavished on them but voted soberly. And that is exactly is what happened at Ikolomani. Out of the 24 constituencies in Western province ODM has no less than 19 seats. The assumption is that the party will retain its’ popularity in Western province come 2012. What rubbish!! It is the same dream some poor Kenyans have over the presidency gauging the popularity of one Raila Odinga on the 2007 General elections (which he won emphatically but was denied giving inspiration to that chap at the Ivory Coast who tried to do a Kibaki with laughable results). The political reality is that a huge percentage of Raila votes in 2007 were actually protest votes against Mwai Kibaki. Remove Mwai Kibaki from the equation and Raila loses a couple of million votes. Just wait and see. And so the 19 ODM seats in Western province mean nothing but then boys will always be boys with their silly games.

The chaps at Orange house in Nairobi who decided that it was a good idea to try and flex their muscles in Ikolomani to prove a political point have not woken up very well this morning. Admittedly the fortune spent by the party gave a respectable 10,702 votes to Bernard Shinali (the man fronted by the party) against Dr Bonny Khalwale’s 13,208. Some analysts reckon that this was a very close race. I don’t share that view, not when this was a by election with the usual low turn out, undue outside interference by idle political party secretariat hangers-on etc.

And it is not just the politicians who never seem to get it. Kenyans in big cities (a vast percentage of Kumekucha voters) and the mainstream press sometimes think that Kenya is the United States or Great Britain. Their sophistication tells them that Dr Bonny Khalwale, a polygamist who spends most of his time getting tickled by bull fights that leave poor cows gored and badly bleeding, is not a serious man. Indeed the guy mostly looks like a typical Ikolomani residence himself in the way he dresses when he is at “ingo.” And so they pass judgment and cheer the challenger forgetting that on the ground Dr Khalwale is extremely popular.

The other important point to take home from the by-election is that Kenyans should prepare for the era of the independent. Chances are that even the next president of Kenya may just be an independent. Khalwale was not an independent but contrary to what the folks at New Ford Kenya want to think, Khalwale’s win had absolutely nothing to do with the alleged popularity of the party. Ikolmani people voted for the Gynaecologist doctor cum bull fighting maestro and NOT a political party. We are bound to see much more of the same all over the country in 2012.

Why the wrong kind of president for Kenya will win in 2012

P.S. Nobody is talking about the Kitendawili I gave in my post yesterday. How come?


M. Pesa said...

I believe Karua also helped tilt the weight kidogo in favour of the Matador Bonny Khalwale. So on that point I can boast that it was Karua "wot" won it for him! Imagine a Karua presidency campaign with Khalwale as her running mate? That would be a dream ticket that would transform this nation into Switzerland of Africa! Two well known fighters of the common man who are seen as outsiders. Well done to the great people of Ikolomani for re-electing Bonny back to help clean that filthy whorehouse called Bunge. (Read Joe Khamisi's book called 'Politics of Betrayal' and you will understand why I call the place such a nasty name or why MPs offices at Continental House are now referred to as the new Koinange St.

Anonymous said...

A Karua Khalwale ticket?? WOW!!!! Now you are talking. Only a common man would understand the power of such a ticket. If it were a reality I would have no doubt as to how I am going to vote.

Anonymous said...

Anyone paid a visit to Jukwaa today?
The Raila worshipping blog adherents from the lakeside are trying to twist the election results that saw Khalwale beat the GoK 4x4 campaign machinery led by molasses and the clueless deputy as marred by irregularities that saw ODM cheated again at the ballot. Where did I hear that again??

Truth be told, the ODM candidate enjoyed state resources where even roads were commissioned by the PM during those bruising campaigns. The voters told the PM he was not dealing with fools and voted for their man.

Congratulations Bonny. You sent ODM-L back to where they belong.

Anonymous said...

Besides not getting it right, most of the politicians are overly delusional. For example, most Central Kenya politicians are already convinced Uhuru will be the next president. Of course this is wishful thinking considering that the man is yet to be cleared by ICC, leave alone the vulnerability of the ‘KKK vehicle’ he’s using.

But I also think time is up for characters like Uhuru, Kalonzo, Ruto (and to some extent, Raila ). You’ll note that some of them have been in leadership for more that two decades yet they’ve nothing to show. Therefore, having around freshers like Karua, Kiyiapi is truly refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Accurate Chris,

Time for political dinosaurs like Raila, Mudavadi and others who are over 60 to pack their stolen wealth and get the hell out of power.

Kenyans armed with the new constitution are going to ride a Tsunami cleaning the public offices off these senile fellows.
Ikolomani constituents have already shown that ODM is a regional party with no significance in 2012 since the pentagon was replaced by relatives and friends of Tinga and its said that during their executive meetings they use their mother tongue.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that you have heard the expression, "When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade!" Well, I want you to know that when the devil throws lemons at you, God Himself will make lemonade for you! After all, the Bible says that God works all things together for your good. (Romans 8:28)

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Consider Job in the Old Testament. When he lost everything, his wife told him to curse God and die. He refused and, instead, responded to God in faith, and "the Lord gave to Job twice as much as he had before". (Job 42:10)

When David lost the child he had with Bathsheba, he stopped pleading and started worshiping God because he trusted in the mercies of God. Later, God blessed David and Bathsheba with another son named Solomon, who became the wisest and richest king the world has ever known.

Today, God promises to restore double for your trouble — "Even today I declare that I will restore double to you." (Zechariah 9:12)If He declared it, He will do it! So you cannot but have hope that things will be even better than before. That is why in the same verse, He calls you "prisoners of hope". My friend, hope in the biblical sense means a confident expectation of good things happening in your life. You are a prisoner of that! You can't help but wake up feeling hopeful. You can't help but expect good things to happen to you!

So when trouble comes from the devil, don’t give up and say, "It is hopeless!" Don’t worry or get angry. Worship God like David did and see that trouble as an opportunity for God to bless you with more than what you originally had. And because God has declared it, be confident that you will get double for your trouble!

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, Kumekucha didn't put it in writing, "bloody primitive bull fighting".

What's primitive about bull contests when compared to horse racing, chariot horse racing, lure coursing, sheep racing (in Britain), dog show competitions, dog sledding, falconry, dolphin water gymnastics, pegion racing or caging exotic wildlife in zoos all over Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia for the express purpose of entertainig the public?

Or even fox hunts, a recreational activity that is cherished by so many civilized as well as very wealth white caucasions ("non primitives")?

How about we try and tone down the rhetoric against some of our our African sports or rather ethnic (tribal) passtime activities if you will.

Anonymous said...

ODM postpones party elections for the third time ......

Anonymous said...

Chris Parable

Chris, actually the cat rat story went like this. The rats were tired of being hunted down one by one by the cat. So one brilliant rat came up with an idea that would help the rats sleep peacefully. They had to tie a bell around the cats neck so that anytime the cat came hunting, the rat clan would be aware of the impending danger. To tie the bell around the neck of the cat required sacrifice of a brave rat that was ready to sacrifice its life for the greater good of the rats race call it a matyr rat.

Chris, where is the prize or do I have to apply this analogy to the Kenyan political situation pre-2012?
I am waiting.

Tiskie of Jukwaa

Bobby6Killer said...

Well, well, well. Two posts in a row in as many days. Chris may be back after all.

Congratulations to Bonny for his comeback! Parliament needs a heavy hitter like him.

Regarding his photo. So it's Adelaide for Nairobi & Josephine managing the farm, eh? Is that the price to pay for politics. I would imagine it's cheaper to hire a farm manager.

deroo said...

What will happen to the road commissioned last week? Kipipiri au la?

By the way, will Nyongo send the medicine (including cancer drugs) to all Ikolomani hospitals?

Quoting Orengo, "Ikolomani ilikuwa warm-up"

Any news about Phil and his type, they have just postponed election

Anonymous said...

"Their SOPHISTICATION tells them that Dr. Bonny Khalwale, a POLYGAMIST, who spends most of his time getting tickled by BULL FIGHTS that leave poor cows gored and badly bleeding, is not a serious man."

I have no problem or any issues with 'Animal Rights Activists Groups', as the long as they learn to double their combined energies, efforts and millions of dollars and euros into helping out with HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISM as well as challenging the conglomerates that continue to sack life and precious resources out of the African continent in order to sustain the profit thirsty shareholders and governments in the western hemisphere, to face up to their corporate responsibilities.

As for those who have become so addicted at mocking the likes of Dr. Bonny Khalwale "the bull fighter" (and not the matador), they would be very surprised to find out that at some of the world's largest rodeos and the richest regular-season rodeos, that take place in their own backyards, local counties, states and adopted countries, contestants (such as 'Bull Riders') earn more than $2 million in prize money.

Many 'sophisticated parents' have no clue about the sanctioned sport of Mutton Bustin.

Where kids 5 and 6 years old weighing less than sixty pounds ride sheep, yes they ride sheep (kondo) in competitions for a cash prizes.

Otherwise, they would not be issuing comments about the well organized bull fights of Western Kenya.

Then there are other professional rodeo competitions that involve Bareback Riding, Bull Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, Steer Wrestling, Tie-Down Roping, Team Roping and Women's Barrel Racing.

Events that attract thousands and thousands of fans and spectators throughout the season, and brings in more revenue for the states and the governments in Canada, America and Northern Mexico.

Some of which goes to fund the very schools their kids attend, the hospitals, fire & rescue departments, and police departments in their immediate areas.

Checkout the payout schedule

Where some of the headers, heelers, ropers, bronc and bull riders and barrel racers compete for a total purse of $200,000.

Surprisingly many of the so called sophisticated Kenyans have yet to see the opportunity, diamond in the rough so to speak, begging for great entrepreneurs and innovative minds to help bring some of the local cultural events around in Kenya into a proper perspective, if not expose in a polished commercial limelight.

It's always sophisticated when done in the western hemisphere but very primitive when seen on the African continent, so goes the saying.

NB: Remember 'Carnivore Restaurant'?

Mzee Mbaluto used to ran a similar outfit since the 1950s, 60s and 70s, but his peers would have nothing to do with it, until along came a mzungu who then opened up Carnivore (Nairobi) as we know it today.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:36 AM.
That's what some brilliant ODM's bigwigs have been busy trying to do since 2002.

Thus using their selected opponents and perceived rivals (enemies) within the ODM party as poitical fodder in order to tie the bell on the collective necks of their most feared arch nemesis.

ODM bigwigs have clearly stated in words and actions, that all that matters to them is having large numbers, more seats in the next parliament.

They don't care about the calibre of the MP who gets elected or how they get elected on ODM's ticket as long as their numbers swell by any means necessary.

And it's for that reason and many others that the majority of the Ikolomani people, over 13208 voters, refused to be used as political guinea pigs or have their constitiency used as a proving ground for ODM during the by-elections.

Anonymous said...

Do you want to know how your brother's visit to the old imperial house is going?

Chris said...

@Tiskie of Jukwaa

Thank you for filling in the detaild of the story. Now please apply it to Kenyan politics.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

Are you listening to me Neo/Kenyans?

Or, you are looking at the woman in the red dress/OPIUM SESSIONS?

Neo: I was...
M: Look again.


Lesson In My Life:

Anonymous said...

Are you listening to me Neo/Kenyans?

Or, you are looking at the woman in the red dress/OPIUM SESSIONS?

Neo: I was...
M: Look again.


Lesson In My Life:


NB: by Mwarang'ethe

Anonymous said...

For those dreaming of a Karua - Khalwale ticket, dream on. We are not playing running mate to anyone and we will be going for the big seat.

Anonymous said...

Kenya ina wenyewe:

Ruto saga says it all

The dude is being sold out.

Why?-UK must be saved!
Ruto is not a pedigree in the necessar equations in Kenya

Anonymous said...

MMXII is coming! MMXII is coming! MMXII is coming!

In other words 1000 + 1000 + 10 + 1 + 1 = MMXII.

The real big question on the minds of many political pundits, strategists, tacticians, godfathers, tribal lords, outsiders, parties, docile incumbents ("ODM's Choir Boys"), potential candidates (waiting in the shadows), bystanders, seasoned observers, and the voters (victims who are usually left hanging dry after every general election) in Western Kenya, is;

Will the ODM political novinces (Choir boys) who were very busy gunning for Dr. Bonny Khalwale survive MMXII or victoriously live through MMXII to see the inside of the next parliament and warm their usual back benches in 2013?

Or will so many of them become one term MPs who were elected under the nationwide euphoria and galvanization of protest votes against Mzee Mwai Kibaki and his PNU legions of MPs?

The ODM political novices (Choir Boys) in question are:
Alfred Odhiambo (2007), Paul Otuoma aka "Otaro Man" (2007), Ababu Namwamba (2007), Wilber Otichilo (2007), Alfred Khag'ati (2007), Evans Akula (2007), Evans Keya (2007), David Were (2007), Fred Kapondi (2007), Benjamin Washiali (2007), Yusuf Chanzu (2007), Justus Kizito (2009), and Alfred Sambu (2007).

Plus their assistance ODM choir master Weakleaf Mudavadi (political inheritance), and two ODM chaprons, Chrysanthus Okemo (lame/seating duck) and George Khaniri (political inheritance).

Most of the above mentioned MPigs were not elected on their own merit or political record, but they all took advantage and rode the coattails of a wave that was sweeping through many regions of Kenya at the time.

It's yet to be seen whether many of them will be lucky enough to retain their seats in 2012, now that ODM continues to be seen for what it is, a political party that is hostage to a select few.

These are arrogant people (politicians) who don't care about ordinary Kenyans nor the constituencies that bloated their roll call votes in 2007.

All they care about is their personal agendas and the greed for power, which they hope will help them capture the State House for the sake of nothing but trivial political/ethnic history making.

Anonymous said...

The election temperature on 2012 general elections has risen dramatically since the Ikolomani by-election, and the refusal of handing over their turf to outsiders is a move that may replicate intself in many constituencies in Western Kenya as well as around the country.

PNU bigwigs are no exception, neither will they be spared the fate that befell their ODM counterparts were trooping to Ikolomani in large sanctions caravans during the by-election campaigns.

The word on the ground is that PNU bigwigs may end up tasting the same bitter bill that was dished out to ODM bigwigs by the majority of Ikolomani voters, when it comes to PNU's turn to contest for elections in their own backyard come 2012.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Bonny Khalwale's victory in a by-election that was heavily over flooded by personalities from who-is-who in the ODM party, with concentrated financial resources, government vehicles, drivers and free fuel, and the dangling of the political carrot christened "Sigalagala-Butere-Sidindi Road" by the party leader, dealt a heavy blow to the Orange Democartic Movement Party in a race that largely turned against the party's well cordinated strategic plan of killing two birds with one stone.

Namely, to capture the Ikolomani seat for one of their own, and at the same time write the former MP's political obituary to the point of burying any dreams and hopes he may have been enternaining or habouring in terms of running for the senate seat.

The ODM's half-baked strategy backfired bigtime and exposed one of their six main political weaknesses that will used by well informed and prepared political opponents in many races by 2012.

Anonymous said...

Weakleaf Mudavadi is the political deadwood that needs to be chopped on the election block in 2012. Fortunately for him, there are no opponents worthy of their political salt in the whole of Maragoli who are fit and willing to challenge and defeat Daneil arap Moi's nephew at the polls.

Anonymous said...

That dude doesn't seem to have any ounce of Tugen blood in him nor does he bear any resembelance of belonging to the Kalenjin gene pool. I may be wrong but looks can be deceiving.

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen once Mwai Kibaki is gone from the state house and exits frontline PNU politics?

in other words, what real excuse if any will ODM employ as its main campaign strategy and "ralling cry" against all of its political opponents, both regional and nationwide in 2012?

So far, given the existing blood in light of the ICC, post referendum politics and anong other deep seated political issues going on around the country, it's easy to forcast that the 85% of Rift Valley vote, 90% of the Eastern vote, 96% of Central vote, 63% of the Coastal vote, 55% of the Western vote, 70% of the North EAstern vote will surely be directed elsewhere with the exception of the 97.9% of the Nyanza vote that's always owed and guaranteed to them due to obvious reasons.

Will the age old blaming come to an end now that one of their own has been in power, at the helm, at the top, since 2007 yet very little has changed for the common man, woman and child in Nyanza?

And are the like of PNU going to reinvent themselves for the better and take advantage or will they also end up circling what remains of their wagons and stick in the same predictable quagmire as their traditional arch rivals and nemesis personified, aka ODM?

Who among PNU and ODM stalwarts are willing to really give and take with regard to dealing with smaller communities, expecially the marginalized ones, as they position themselves for the next general election?

Anonymous said...

I hate to go tribal on some of our Kenyan people but I will anyway, while we are still sifting through the wreckage fall from the Ikolomani by-election.

There is a question that has been bugging me since 2002, which is, has anyone of us out there been left to wonder why there are zero Martha Karua, Charity Ngilu, and Naomi Shaban and other women of political substance among the highly eduacted Maragoli, Bukusu, Busia, rest of Luhya-Western, Teso-Western, Luo-Nyanza, Kisii-Nyanza and Kuria-Nyanza et al political enclaves in 2011?

Majority of the voters have always been women, hence one would assume that they are a core segment of the Kenyan population that is in need of real political, social, economic and human rights changes in those mentioned communities and around the country?

Or should some of us assume that they are still waiting for the affirmative action, quota system and gender equity in politics to pave way for those who would be the Martha Karua, Charity Ngilu and Namoi Shaban et al of their respective commuinities to be awarded a get-into-parliament free card after every general election?

Oh yes, brand or even peg me as a condescending spotted hyena or patronizing striped hyena with a case of very bad breath of grammatical errors plus a load of endemic patriarchal baggage, if you will, but the begging question still remains, where are the women of political substance in most of the communities that continue to pride themselves with having highly educated, adaptive, visionary and professional women of very high calbre in Kenya of 2011?

Must the respective communities and the whole of Kenya wait for another decade or two before its highly eduacted women can dare risk taking direct shots at the regional and national reins of political power?

If I may ask, what's so intimidating or paralyzing when it comes to running for parliamentary office, given the fact that a woman can do anything a man can do, and even do it better than most men will ever be able to do in terms of providing the nation with the much needed solid and competent leadership?

Anonymous said...

Regarding The Selection Process of Kenya's Next Chief Justice.

For ages people have sought to control their behaviours, including the behaviours of other people in their societies, and have suffered myriad troublesome results.

Nature's law of behaviour when obeyed unites people, allowing them to enjoy the benefits that then control and favourably affect their lives.

Why the issue of the selection of Kenya's next Chief Justice?

Well, without further digression, a lot has to do with the ongoing interference from some section of the religious society in Kenya.

Case in point, Kenyan Catholic bishops or Catholic bishops of Kenya, whichever sounds more palatable to those concerned with the appropriate church phraseology.

Why are the bishops so concerned about the current candidate(s) being nominated for the country's Chief Justice docket?

Why the double standards? Why the blatant hypocrisy from the men of the cloth with regard to the selection process of a Chief Justice who will deal with legal matters pertaining to the civil issues of our larger Kenyan society?

Blatant hypocrisy at best is not a harsh term to use when applied in this case?

Due to the fact that the process of selecting any Catholic bishop is not done publicly rather it's a very opaque process that is carried out in absolute secrecy.

The Kenyan public or rather the Kenyan Catholics are not involved, have never been involved, will never be involved nor have they ever be consulted by the powers that be since the late Cardinal Otunga was selected as the first Kenyan Catholic bishop by the powers be within the Vatican circles.

Hence the selection process of the next Catholic bishops for Malindi, Ngong, Kakamega and Nyahururu Catholic dioceses, if my sources are correct, will not involve the Kenyan public nor the Kenyan Catholics at all, but it will involve a lot of church (ecclesiatical) policking, promises, quid pro quo type of dealings behind the scenes among the powers that be within Kenya Catholic church circles (including the ever present European missionary groups based on Kenya soil) and the real owners of the Catholic Church at the Vatican.

The unfortunate, ordinary or local Catholic in Kenya will never have a say in the matter whatsoever, because it's non of their business.

All they have to do is wait for the pronouncement of the name or names of their new bishops and accept them or agree to ti accordingly with no questions asked in any way, form or fashion.

Some will say the selection process of a bishop is not relevant to the public's interest as that of the Chief Justus, given that the bishop is confined to working within the Catholic circles.

So, why are the Catholic bishops trying so hard to interfere with current civil process of selecting the next Chief Justus who will serve the whole Kenya rather than sectarian religious organization?

Anonymous said...

The bishops are church senior officials who enjoy the security of tenure, which is guaranteed to them for life.

Are the bishops, men of "high moral character, unquestionable integrity and impartiality" at all times, given what history has ancient as well as current history has shown since the days the Borgias ruled the church?

Or shall the public turn the other eye knowing very well that the men of cloth are just human and subject to human fraility like majority of ordinary people (mortals) in their midst?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how many "ODM's Choir Novices" will fall flat on their faces or stand their ground and survive after the next general elctions. There are those among them who will definitely not make it through to parliament the second time around after 2012.

Anonymous said...

Chris, did someone touch a raw nerve or what? I kind of understand the immediate yanking of the commentary about "the process of a selecting a Catholic bishop in Kenya vis a vis the selection of a Chief Justice" if your are affiliated with the Catholic Church in any way, shape or form. Kazi endelea hivyo hivyo.

Anonymous said...

Let's forget for moment how the man with two wives won the last by-election and figure out how a man with one wife, from a third world country, slept in a New York hotel for ten days at the cost of $7,000 per night.

Don't foget to add the crew of twelve delegates who accompanied the one man with one wife, and also slept (from 1:00am-9:30am) in the same hotel for ten nights at the cost of $4,500 per night.

Now do the math: $7,000 x 10 = how many scholarships for secondary students in Kenya?

Plus $4,500 x 10 nights x twelve delegates = how new modern classrooms built in Kibera, Mathare, Kasarani, Kangemi, Dandora, Lunga Lunga, or in other poverty stricken rural areas of Kenya.

Guess what, we have not even added the amount spent on Kalonzo Musyoka's maiden trips on seeking to convince some individuals known as Mr. & Mrs Deferral de Referral.

Most of these so called delegates and their bosses could have been booked at the Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton or even at the Best Westin for $250 or $350 per day and had similar services offered at the other hotel ('Coming To America') like their counterparts from Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Russia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, normally do when they in the United States for official business.

How does a man from a poor nation justify pouring $7000 down the drain every night he sleeps in the Big Apple (New York)?

Anonymous said...

The Waldorf Astoria in New York was the hotel where Joseph Mobutu loved to stay with his family, his entrourage, and whole security detail whenever he came to the USA during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.

The one time Cold War guerilla fighter Jonas Savimbi of Angola, also loved staying at the Waldorf Astoria while on his frequent trips to raise money, arms and awareness ("the war against communists") during the Angolan civil war.

Many know by now, it's the same hotel depicted in an early 1980s movie "Coming To America" where the fictional character, His Majesty King of Zamunda stayed while searching for his son, Prince Joffrey who had come to America to sow his wild oats.

That goes to show you how accurate the movie was about how little has changed regarding the later day kings from various Zamundas of Africa.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your update. Has the lady (Kumekucha's biggest fan) in a question ever been somebody's mpango wa kando, mistress or "the other woman" at any point of her glorious life?

To answer her question, women in polygamous marriages do not share the same house nor do they live under the same roof unless the husband is one of those dirt poor waizindele (villagers).

In most cases, each wife resides in her own homestead and house on a designated or allocated piece of land.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Khalwale, the very man you are poking fun at, has built very modern houses for his two dear wives, he's proud of them, proud of his children and has nothing to hide or be ashamed of like 1000s and 1000s of other morally upright, morally upstanding and enlightened men in our various societies.

BTW, how many divorce cases were finalised in the course of last week alone?

How many married men and women cheated on their spouses during the same time period?

And how many married couples have been involved in longterm affairs (infidelity) since the day Dr. Khalwale married his second wife?

The answer to her question is very simple, it's none of our business at all.

Anonymous said...

In ODM inner circles, disbelief and bitterness still lingers on over the beating they took at the polls and the large sums of cash that was injected into the concluded by-election.

After all they have no one to blame but themselves and especially their own strategists who touched the bull by the horns and got gored.

As well as the outsiders who taunted the bull for several weeks and tried holding it down by the hooves on its own turf, only to get knocked out of the bullfight by the time the sun went down.

When all is said and done, the last by-election may not have been a litmus test for ODM in general, however the party will definitely need proactive leadership to drive the it's reputation and competitiveness during the coming 2012 elections and beyond.

ODM bigwigs would be naive to think the politicians that have come into their party, even the ones who are there to help them, have no agenda. Every politician has an agenda, and everyone of them is seeking ways and means to survive beyond 2012 with least damage possible.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to find out whether some of the MPigs from western Kenya will survive after 2012.

Talking of the the likes of Ababu Namwamba ("Mchapa Domo"), Odhiambo, Otuoma, Oparanya, Were, Akula, Washiali, and "others who can't be remembered" as Barrack Muluka has put it in Why Mudavadi and ODM will now need to do back the drawing board, if at all there is such a thing as an ODM Drawing Board in cases where competitive nomination has been benched in favour of direct nomination of candidates with godfathers and other inside connections.

The list includes current MPigs who will never be remembered after 2012 and beyond.

For instance, watch a youtube clip where Mudavadi asks the crowd "uliza yeye ni nani alimpatia yeye hiyo kazi? Si mimi! Halafuuu."

When he's talking about someone (Luhya) who is the director of all hospitals in Kenya or wherever it is he directs.

Yet hospitals in western Kenya are not fit for human beings living in any worst areas of the worlds, not even in the civil war torn nation of Somalia.

There are safe places in a country like Somalia where they have several Cat Scan and MRI equipmenst yet none can be found in the whole of western Kenya. None.

Take a look of the online pictures of hospitals in the area that were posted a medical student from Canada. Of course the rest of Kenya is not any different, as some would love counter with their blind defenses.

I've known it about because so many medical providers from the region keep sending so many cases to Nairobi and even to Uganda.

What a shame for the MPigs from the region when it comes to the total failure of uplifting the region and bring forward into the 2011.

"Kazi yao ni kuchapa domo tuu" and the MPigs' habitual tendencies of heading out to Kisumu, Eldoret, Kericho, Nakuru, Nairobi and Mombasa in search of services, recreational, purchase of quality foods, clothing, building materials, medicines etc just because they can't be found in Luhyaland, yet Uganda a land locked region has it all and more.

LOL! Kisumu has always been the "unofficial capital" and destination of choice for Luhya MPigs and their people with some extra money to spend during weekdays, weekends, holidays and when emergencies occur since 1950s.

No wonder thay have to support Raila Odinga and ODM at all cost otherwise, they will not bw alowed to fly out from Kisumu or even drive through Nyanza when the need arises or when the Luhyas withdraw their support for the senior Luo politicians.

Who is to blame?

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