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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Introducing some very unlikely front runners for the presidency in 2012

Gacoka legislator Mutava Musyimi believes that his life is in danger mainly because of his intention to run for the presidency in 2012.

Well to be honest he did not really put it as directly as that. He clothed it all nicely in political-speak. Read the story for yourself HERE.

Like many before him Hon Musyimi has made a number of very basic political mistakes in this his maiden appearance in the August house. Like tabling bills without doing the necessary groundwork first (too elementary for a person of his standing surely and the excuse of wanting to play to “his gallery” just doesn’t wash). In my view the former leader of the NCCK also lost a golden chance to show true leadership during the referendum for the new constitution. In my book a true leader will resist the flow of the river (no matter how strong it is) if it is going in the wrong direction and as a matter of principal back an unpopular horse and use their influence to gather support in their constituency. I still cringe when memories of dignified Musyimi standing right next to William Ruto float back to my mind. I mean the guy was brushing shoulders and actually consulting with the Kalenjin war lord. Over what??? What can the two men honestly discuss in the next 200 years?

Anyway my point is that despite his mistakes, Hon Musyimi is a man with a very solid background and reputation that nobody can take away from him. He is not the kind of parliamentarian to call a press conference to peddle lies or to spin stuff to his advantage. And so I honestly believe that his life is in danger and that the people who want him dead are not interested in land issues. They are disturbed about the Reverend’s chances of making a decent stab at the highest office in the land.

Now that is a strange thing for Kumekucha to say when everybody knows that according to the polls the front runners for the office are names we have always heard, the usual suspects really. Big names like Raila "Kitendawili" Odinga, Uhuru “The Hague” Kenyatta, Kalonzo “YES-NO-NO-YES-YES Musyoka etc. But I insist that these are NOT the names you will be seeing on the leader board in 2012. Indeed I put it to you good folks that the names in those elections will be a riddle of sorts. Very strange names of people you would hardly expect. Aliens from Mars… almost. It will be a reflection of just how fed up we Kenyans have become of being cheated as very selfish and self-serving political games are being played behind the scenes.

The thugs who broke into Hon Musyimi’s house at Karen armed to the teeth with the kind of weapons that send people to the next world with absolute certainty like the Russian made automatic weapon called an AK47 (Did you know that this popular death merchant was invented by a guy who never got rich called Mikhail Kalashnikov. It is officially known as Avtomat Kalashnikova and the “47” comes from the year it was first introduced into the Soviet military?) were sent by people who have already figured out the information you are reading here but still refusing to believe. And these people who want the precious presidency of the banana republic called Kenya for themselves want to use the age-old political weapon of assassination to make sure that the likes of Musyimi and “other wrong presidents for Kenya” do not see the inside of State house. Folks you will already be aware that some people are saying that the very constitutionally nominated Chief Justice is the wrong Chief Justice for Kenya. These people if you really pushed them for their honest views will tell you that the unconstitutionally appointed Chief Justice that the President tried to force down our throats a few months ago and any other appointees he might want to pull out of his magic hat is “the right chief justice for Kenya.”

And so my dear brothers and sisters, please get prepared for “the wrong kind of president for Kenya” to get elected in 2012 and to carry us all to the Promised Land that we have always yearned for but never gotten to.

I can hear you impatiently wondering who the other unlikely front runners for the presidency are. Sadly I cannot drop names at this point because I will upset the apple cart and some very sensitive negotiations going on behind the scenes. But I will tell you this. Beware of people who are too eager to lead. That is a valuable gem of a lesson I learnt that you can use anywhere, even in the appointment of your next CEO for that small business you are running somewhere. People who are too eager to lead are proud folks who assume plenty of things and are quick to rubbish the achievements of their predecessors. And they usually end up falling flat on their faces. I will mention three names. Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania and Mwai Kibaki of Kenya and Kalonzo “YES-NO-NO-YES-YES Musyoka of Kenya.

Hopefully the next president of Kenya is a man who is at this time agonizing over the huge responsibility Kenyans want to place on their inexperienced shoulders. They would be much more comfortable staying in the shadows and supporting somebody else. Integrity is going to be the key qualification here folks and not experience and you can take that to your bank. This man or woman is wondering whether they are really up to it. They have plenty of doubts and yet cannot resist the opportunity to once again sacrifice all for the motherland like they have already done before. I am talking about two possible candidates. Stay tuned for more in the coming months.

P.S. I was talking to this old wise man the other day and he dropped a riddle that fits the current Kenyan landscape perfectly. I will tell it and then leave you to figure it out.

One day these rats had a meeting to discuss the cat. They all knew that if they joined hands and got rid of the cat they would live happily ever after and feed to their fill. But they also knew that it would require sacrifice and selflessness because in felling the cat a few of them would have to die and become “cat meal”. Now we all know that rats by nature are very greedy and selfish and that is where their plan hit a snag. There was nobody willing to sacrifice their lives for a better tomorrow for all rats. And so to this day the Cat continues to reign supreme (despite what the very popular Tom and Jerry cartoon would want you to believe).

Work that one out for yourself and I will tell you more tomorrow peeps.


Anonymous said...

I have really missed these posts from Chris the way a crack addict misses their daily fix. Pls stop these dissapearing acts bwana.

Anonymous said...

Even a dog can be a presidential candidate

Anonymous said...

Chris, glad to see you back.

We, however, want to ask you for a VERY BIG favour: Please STOP the disappearing acts! We happen to be your very big fans of you articles.

So, bwana Chris, can you please toss your "disappearing acts" into the TRASH CAN.

Anonymous said...

Alas, some comments getting moderated or what?
Welcome Chris, I will say it again and you can delete if you want. Before you do MIA again, just give Mwarangethe the priviledge of posting articles on this board by himself instead of having to go through Phil whose allegience is Jukwaa blog or Taabu who has issues. I don't want to go into.

I believe that is not asking too much considering the fact that Mwarangethe has brought some insights and good debates on this board.


kumekucha said...

Anon @2:08AM,

Nobody is moderating or deleting comments as far as I can tell.

Would you kindly paste the comment exactly as it was and post it again?

Your sentiments have been noted and I have already sent an invitation to the man.

Chris Kumekucha

Mwarang'ethe said...

And so I honestly believe that his life is in danger and that the people who want him dead are not interested in land issues. They are disturbed about the Reverend’s chances of making a decent stab at the highest office in the land.


Well, leaving the issue of the big seat, it is impossible to ignore Mwea land issues on this matter.

The first thing to note is that, this land was first called Mwea TRUST Land. The question is, TRUST for who?

Then, this was changed into Mwea SETTLEMENT Scheme. What was a trust land, became a settlement scheme/land. The question is, to settle who?

In the fullness of time, the people of Mbeere will demand their land back. The problem is that, this may not be done using legal means given the land mess the Kenyan so called Govt.

You may see:

"Legal Battle Looms Over 'Grabbed' Mwea Trust Land."

"The controversial 45,000 acre Mwea trust land in Mbeere district has been allocated to individuals."

Do you think 45, 000 acres of land is not something to kill for?


You also see some debates in Parliament as concerns this land here:


And so my dear brothers and sisters, please get prepared for “the wrong kind of president for Kenya” to get elected in 2012 and to carry us all to the Promised Land that we have always yearned for but never gotten to.


ahahha, ehehe, what have you been smoking Chris? We can tell you for free. Nothing will change after 2012 OPIUM drinking session.

As a matter of fact, things will get worse. And, in 2013, God willing, we shall be reminding you of this here at KK.


Anyway, this is a Rat Race:

Don't involve Rasta in your say say;
Rasta don't work for no C.I.A.

When you think is peace and safety:
A sudden destruction.

Don't forget your HISTORY;
Know your destiny:
In the abundance of water,
The fool is thirsty.

Oh, it's a disgrace
To see the human-race
In a rat race, rat race!
You got the horse race;
You got the dog race;
You got the human-race;
But this is a rat race, rat race.

Anonymous said...

If hard work is the formula for prosperity, then everyone who works hard should be prosperous. But this is certainly not the case. Many people who work very hard are still poor!

I am not advocating laziness. What I am saying is that working hard by the sweat of your brow is not how God’s prosperity comes. In fact, if you have to work overtime all the time and are stressed out, you are probably operating under the curse.

What curse is that? It is this curse: "In the sweat of your face, you shall eat bread…" (Genesis 3:19). And it refers to the stress, struggle and anxieties that come with working hard and yet producing little. Now, work itself is not a curse since God gave Adam work before the fall — Adam was to tend the garden of Eden. It was only after he sinned that the land was cursed and it brought forth thorns, and man had to toil to eat of it. (Genesis 3:17–18)

But praise God, Jesus wore the thorns on His head to show you that He has borne this curse for you and redeemed you from it. He wore the crown of thorns so that you can work stress-free and yet have the results. You don’t have to be worried and stressed out day and night like the people of the world just to get ahead in life. Your heavenly Father can get you there without the worries and stress. (Matthew 6:31–33)

Beloved, every curse that was supposed to fall on your head fell on Jesus' head, typified by the crown of thorns. He wore the crown of thorns for you so that you can have peace of mind. He wore the crown of thorns for you and took your curse so that you can wear the crown of glory and take His righteousness, and all the benefits of that righteousness!

Today, don't labor and toil like the people of the world. Instead, expect to see the blessings of God come into your life without blood, sweat and tears because Jesus wore the crown of thorns for you

Phil said...

Ati front runner? Kwani you've also been smoking whatever Kibaki is smoking?

Chris, we have been through this before. This man was supposedly a compromise candidate in 2002 and also 2007. What happened?

We all know who the front runner is. We do not even need to mention his name, do we.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris for your inviting Mwarangethe to be one of the priviledged few.
You have done the right thing and we are happy that you are back with sizzling stories and as usual your knife cutting suspense.

How I also miss the nyatiti series man!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol...Phil has come to Kumekucha to defecate before returning to that Raila worshipping blog aka jukwaa owned and manned by Luo's.

Kwenda huko jukwaa phil and praise the senile opinion poll president.

Tiskie of Jukwaa

Anonymous said...

Chris said...

Sadly I cannot drop names at this point because I will upset the apple cart and some very sensitive negotiations going on behind the scenes.

Well its no secret that Martha Karua wants to run and also Prof Kiyiapi has declared his intention,so I dont know whats so secret here.
Secondly,Musyimi himself stated that from his time in parliament,he has come to know Kenyan politics ina wenyewe,so you shouldnt be too sure about writing off the usual suspects.
Thirdly,why would anyone want to kill Musyimi,a lightweight,instead of the potentially more challenging Karua who has already hit the campaign trail?

Anonymous said...


word on ground is that ODM is winning with a landslide

Why is NATION not giving a live coverage for this election?

Anonymous said...


Were you really MIA or had you gone AWOL or rather taken liberal leave given Kumekucha's open door policy?

Whatever the case was, welcome back anyway.

First things first, Are by-elections in Kenya always worth risking the involvement of political bigwigs, their deputies, and the usual bunch of pseudo-party MPs?

The question many asking is, "what was he and his political men thinking" when they decided to throw around their weight and resources during the Ikolomani's by-elections at the wrong time, for all the wrong political reasons and for a candidate who doesn't stand a chance of benefiting their party at the national level as well as in the coming 2012 general elections?

Are Kenyans elsewhere going to be treated to the same entertaining political scenarios where the preferred party candidates, who are heavily supported by the political bigwigs, state machinery [including 50 GK vehicles and three platoons of security personnel], and local party MPs, are defeated at the ballot by the majority of very concerned and discerning constituents?

How will some of the 'very unlikely front runners for the presidency in 2012' dare to emerge from the misty shadows and huge wings of some political candidates like Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, George Saitoti and others?

And, will the concerned and discerning electotrate turn tables on the two main parties by choosing to elect candidates of their choice rather than "paty tickets", and making sure that their wishes are not distorted as was the case with the previous voting system?

Anonymous said...

Will the unlikely front runners for the presidency in 2012 bring any vision, leadership style or modus operandi to the national table if at all they get lucky enough to voted to the state house by the majority?

Or will "Kazi Endelea Hivyo Hivyo" as it is been the order of the day with the three previous governments?

So far, Mr. Kitendawili wa Kutendakuwili failed to pull his proverbial finger to the point of helping the ODM's candidate to win more votes.

Anonymous said...

"The by-election in Ikolomani is a pratice match for ODM because it will define how 2012 will go". - Mr. Orego.

I couldn't agree more with Mr. Orengo, the Ikolomani by-election has just defined the way forward for many politicians, especially the independents types, and the field is now wide open for the real matches that will be played out in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Chris, in what ways has President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, "JMK", rubbished the political record, and accumulative body of works that were estabilished by his predecessor, President Benjamin William Mkapa?

He is not responsible for the public outcry against Mzee Mkapa's lavish spending of 15 million Sterling pounds on a presidential jet (Mzee Moi's style) while millions of Tanzanians had no adequate medical facilities, colleges, schools, standard housing, rural roads et al.

Were you aware that Mzee Mkapa grabbed the Kiwira Coal Mines, Kenyan style, through which he continues to enrich himself, family, friends, henchmen and foreign partners.

Should President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete be blamed for trying to straighten out the blatant corruption practices of former leaders and politicians like Mzee Benjamin Mkapa and company?

You seem to still have a soft spot for CHADEMA, however placing President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete in the same league with other political leaders who have fallen flat on their faces is doing him a great injustice.

President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete's leadership record since the 1970s speaks volumes unlike that of other flat faced people like Kalonzo "YES-NO-NO-YES-YES" Musyoka aka "Certified Coattail Rider" aka "Mpita Katikati".

Anonymous said...

Ayise, kwani maoni ya kuhusu Rais Jakaya Kikwete yali kwetakweta au yame pigua kwato na wanidhamu wa Kumekucha?

Anonymous said...

NOBODY ELSE CAN DO! Only you can beat your own record of foolish comments with more foolish comments. You sound to me that you convinced yourself tat you are very smart.

Anonymous said...

5/25/11 4:21 AM
A Nigerian would say "My broda, what of yours and your family's has the broda eaten that you have the audacity to abuse another broda like that? If it's the naira that you want from him, just ask for it and he will give it to you at a very profitable excange rate. You know my broda, there is no need to shoot your mouth at other people in the market place. Life too short to waste on such very little things, my broda, you know!"

mark said...

Like many before him Hon Musyimi has made a number of very basic political mistakes in this his maiden appearance in the August house. Like tabling bills without doing the necessary groundwork first (too elementary for a person of his standing surely and the excuse of wanting to play to “his gallery” just doesn’t wash).;..would you like to explain to me Chris what these bills are? the ones that he did not do neccesary? also i think the guy is a back bencher, and they dont table bills..i have to admit thought that your articles are very balanced

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Hon. Musyimi and his diehard suppoters, the man is not presidential material and he will never cut it. Kalonzo Musyoka has better chances of being elected president than Musyimi. Need I say more other than let him try it our in 2012 or in 2017?

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