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Monday, November 15, 2010

Why some voters in Kenya are more equal than others

What is the boundaries commission controversy all about?

Let us imagine for a minute that you come from one of the really moneyed families of Kenya (who have mostly made their money from graft) and you were at the dinner table as a family deciding where you would go for your Christmas holidays this year. The way it is done in most families is that the older and bigger folks usually have a bigger say than the younger and less experienced. There really is no democracy because if mum decides that it has to be London to impress her friends, then that vote carries much more weight than Junior’s vote to see Brazil where all the soccer magicians are born. Of course mzee wa nyumba can over-rule everybody and use his veto power to ensure that the family goes to Dubai because he has some personal business there he would like to tie up while the family is on holiday.
The most powerful voter in Kenya today.
In other words there is no true democracy in most Kenyan homes and with good reason because experience counts for a lot. But what about our electoral system and the nagging question that continues to hound us about constituencies and especially how many we should have and where they should be? Currently there is a controversy surrounding the new constituencies created by the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission. Granted, boundaries and commissions to review them can be pretty boring stuff and that is why most of the ordinary folks I interviewed for this article had no idea what is going on and are not really interested in knowing. Most of the folks I talked to didn’t have a clue what all the hullabaloo about new constituencies was about and were not interested. Mostly they wanted to talk about Ruto and his woes. But trust me, this thing is very important.

At the centre of all the arguments and threats to go to court is a simple question. Should a constituency be based on the number of people in it or the geographical size? At independence it was mostly based on population. However when Daniel arap Moi came along as Kenya’s second president, his advisors came up with a brilliant way of diluting and limiting the influence of the populous Kikuyu tribe. It is interesting how Moi is very quick these days to deny any historical suggestions that he was scared and yet that is the naked truth. For younger generation Kenyans it is hard to believe but Moi really had to be coaxed into being president. “Hawa kikuyu watamaliza mimi,” (These Kikuyus will finish me) are words that came out of Moi’s lips quite often, shortly after Kenyatta’s death. Read excerpts from my revealing book, Dark secrets of the Kenyan presidency. Now Moi’s idea of dealing with his perceived enemies was to increase the number of constituencies in areas where he had support and then limit the number of constituencies in Kikuyuland. It worked like a charm because even when the opposition got huge number of votes from central province, when the sums were done in parliament, the Rift valley had more MPs and would therefore always have an advantage in parliament. They still do. It also made rigging presidential elections very easy for Moi. Now that the Moi era is over the Kikuyu community are eager that this injustice is corrected, however Kalenjin MPs are determined that we continue with the evil that Moi put in place by basing constituencies on geographical area covered. If these fellows are to be taken seriously then we shall end up with constituencies in the North Eastern province with 500 registered voters or less. Meaning a legislator elected to the house by his extended family and clan will sit right next to a colleague who landed in parliament with 500,000 votes. Is this fair?

Now in concluding this post, I need somebody to explain something to me. The Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission based the new constituencies on the requirements of the new constitution. They also say that they came up with a number, 133,000 which they consider to be the ideal number for any constituency. How come then Mandera in the sparsely populated North Eastern province got 2 new constituencies?

In my view balancing things will not work. We need to bite the bullet and do this thing democratically. In my view democracy means one man one vote having the maximum impact in our politics. As it is now those who come from low populated areas have a clear advantage when
it comes to voting. It is really as simple as that.

Are you in the diaspora and planning to come to Kenya on holiday?

Boundaries commission defends itself

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JEFF said...


Ultimately, the mistake we made was to have a politician, and not an outside professional, to head this commission. Compared to IIEC and COE in which Kenyans have seen professionalism, the IIBRC will always be viewed through political lens, however perfect their report would be.

The other question is how come they do not seem to have involved any one else in their work, well, apart from a certain "principal"?

Anonymous said...

Now this is classic Kumekucha and what made this blog famous. A complex controversial issue is simplified so that people can understand grasping the real issues and thus what the hell is going on. Kudos Chris, we the silent non-tribal majority are reading.

Mwarang'ethe said...

All additional offices to be created under the "new constitution" must be FUNDED by Kenyans who are already dirty poor.

From this, two things will follow:

(a) high taxes, and

(b) accelerated currency devaluation as the GOK "borrows" more to cover deficits.

This will lead to:

(a) further loss of purchasing power of the already poor Kenyans, and

(b) added to cost to business when purchasing power is falling.

This will lead to accelerated closing of industries in Kenya and the attendant consequences such poverty and violent conflict.


Chris wrote:

"In my view balancing things will not work. We need to bite the bullet and do this thing democratically. In my view democracy means one man one vote having the maximum impact in our politics."


"Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide." John Adam.

John Adams was right for we know this. From democracy, a society evolves into communism.

What about this idea? What if residents of each constituency are asked to be TAXED to pay their mps? Once this is agreed, they can send as many mps they want.

Or, even better, why not let have each tribe be TAXED to pay for all its mps?

Once each tribe agrees to pay direct taxes for their own mps, then, each can can send as many mps as they may want to the so called August houses.

Anonymous said...

NEP is not sparsly populated. The average household is ten children wuth high rate of polygamy even more childrens. Whatch out for 2022 as they will be the most populus tribe in kenya. Now that they have seen the importanfe of censors they will not refuse to be counted as they nomaly do.

Anonymous said...

Boundaries commission and how somebody got bribed to skew things. Same old... same old...

Now why don't we discuss something a little more interesting. I think Chris Kumekucha is really cool from his pic on Facebook and all. A real rugby playing macho hunk who also has brains.

The guy simplifies such a complex boring subject so that it is chewable for those of us who don't read Kumekucha while drowning in ancient law and economic books. (Mwarangethe umesikia?)

I'm really getting w** just thinking about him. Would you blame me.

-Secret admirer wa Chris Kumekucha-

P.S. This is a democratic blog and I have a right to my opinions. No gatekeeper should delete my comment.

M. Pesa said...

Just have a look at the boss of this boundary commission one Andrew Ligale. He tried in vain to win in Vihiga as an MP in 2007 but lost. He's a sore loser. Fast forward 2010 and he has the audacity to split Vihiga into two so that he can vie there once again in 2012 and hopefully win this round. That sums up the hypocrisy of this old man and his highly divided commissioners!

Anonymous said...

The IIBRC is illegaly in office. The new constitution stipulates that commisioners of the IIBRC should not have stood for elections at any time within five years preceding their appointment. Three of the nine members including the chaimam of the commision contested in 2007

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I don't understand what this controversy is all about. Can someone explain it to me?
From my understanding, we mandated the IIBRC (one of the I's stand for independent) to review and come up with the proposal. For crying out loud, why can't we let them do thier work and debate and argue about the report once it's published?
I'm informed (by the media) that they based their formular on the census whose result was not valid (NEP results were cancelled). For those advancing this argument, what population or better still formula were they to use? Didn't I hear that this formula was agreed upon in Naivasha and they simply amended it? Just for the record, going by what I saw in the EA standard yesterday, I have no issues with the proposal.
As for Jeff, wasn't the chairman of IIEC and CoE villified for some of the action they took?

Anonymous said...

Chris said...

"How come then Mandera in the sparsely populated North Eastern province got 2 new constituencies?"

Chris remember one Population census report presented by Hon. Oparanya that brought about lot of Hullabaloo - Mandera as per the report has a population of 1,025,756.

So it will not come us a suprise that Five counties will get the lions share of constituencies as per Ligale; Nairobi 8, Nakuru 5, Kakamega, Bungoma & Mandera will each get 4 new constituencies.

As per the census report all the constituencies that are poised to get the lions share - all rank in the top ten of highly populated constituencies, so no beef there.

Its a pity though that when IIBRC was being constituted, the powers that be "annointed" Ligale knowing very well that they were contravening the constitution - now the "circus" begins with the usual troop of "acrobats" positioning themselves, to perform for us the Kenyan viewers.

The Oracle has Spoken

Meerkat said...

Never underestimate Kenya!

Kenya not only produced the first 'American president' but now it will always be known 'The future King of England was engaged while on holiday in Kenya'
Just like it's known his grandmother learnt of her ascension to the throne while she was on holiday in Kenya.

In case you don't know what i am talking about: Prince William annouced today he got engaged to his long-term GF last month while holidaying in Kenya.

Anonymous said...


LOL! Seems like Mr. John Kimanthi has put on his costumes, as the "Circus" is now at the High Court.

Is it by coincidence that Kimanthi is being fronted as a pawn on behalf of CENTRAL?, anway let the drama unfold.

JEFF said...

Breaking news...

High court halts gazettment of the new constituencies.....

Phil said...

@Jeff & Chris

what happened to the one man one vote mantra you guys were promoting sometime back? Did the census results bring back results nobody expected? After being defeated in the ballot box, PNU now wants to manipulate power in its favour by forcing more constituencies than its deserves in its favour.

Blaming a chairman who was appointed after passing all the necessary constitutional requirements wont wash either.

Jeff would rather have unqualified and very misguided PNU puppets kama akina Beth Mugo and Ferdinand Waititu (people who are not even fit to serve in an estate chama let alone as MPs) leading this commission when in actual fact, Andrew Ligale possesses solid credentials to lead this commission, or do want to question the qualifications of commissioners too, Jeff?

Marginalised Kenyans have suffered for a long time. Kenyatta and Moi only thought about rewarding their zones. And this they did to the best of the ability of the imperial presidency. Kibaki took over and he was not better either. Infact, Kibaki bahaved as though he was suffering from a virus that causes one to create new districts without control. Has the IIBRC automatically converted Kibaki's districts into Constituencies as Jeff had hoped? Of course not.

We know the NARA and specifically Agenda 4 put an end to this madness and favouratism.

Chris and Jeff, I suggest that you please familiarise yourselves with the law that created the IIBRC before politicizing what could easily lead us to bloodshed that we very much want to avoid in future. Equity in sharing of resources in Kenya must prevail. You cannot afford to have others under represented. Times have changed bwana.

Even the court that purported to stop the gazettement of these new constituencies earlier today is misguided and acting illegally. Neither the judiciary nor the executive has any role to play in this process. It is akin to what happened in August when the same forces tried to first tried to subvert the new constitution by inserting strange words in the document and when that failed they rushed to Justice Gicheru's courts to try and stop promulgation of the new constitution. The same Justice Gicheru's courts which are themselves inline for total reform. Did they succeed? Bure kabisa hawa watu.

Watch this space, those same constituencies will be published sooner or later. The IIBRC cannot be stopped from discharging its mandate.

Phil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phil said...

Listen to Speaker Marende in Parliament earlier today:

"The commission delivered its mandate according to the law.

"They (Ligale team) complied with the law. If you comply with the law we respect what you do."

Marende suggested that Ligale should gazette the new constituencies because the law requires him to do so. The Speaker said any grievances and remedies can be addressed after publication of IIBRC’s report of findings.

So you see, what the court is doing is outright illegal/unconstitutional. It may as well disband the commission rather than purport to stop it to do what it was formed to do. Yet another case to highlight the rotten institution Kenyans call their judiciary.

JEFF said...


The fact that you are defending this outfit is enough evidence that ODM has vested interests in the matter of the number and distribution of constituencies. Why shouldn't PNU or any other parties, political or otherwise, have an interest?.

Remember that this is about representation of the people and distribution of resources. The next boundaries review may not happen in another 10-15 years. This issue is as important as the constitution. Everyone has to feel that they have been consulted and/or involved in the process. If we make a mistake in under-representing some people, this will take a decade or more to correct.

On the other hand, IIBRC has clearly failed to achieve its mandates and is trying to rush things to appear to have achieved something. Apart from allocating the 80 constituencies, they were supposed to propose the new civic and parliamentary boundaries. In its report, it has passed on this role to its successor. This is incompetence of the highest level.

I also thought that they were only meant to propose the allocations and boundaries to be discussed and approved by parliament. What happened to this step? Why rush to gazette without parliamentary approval? This is impunity of the highest order!

My worry is that as long as some scheme is geared towards 'helping' ODM you will never see anything wrong with it.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Phil, Jeff and Chris:

If you dare remember, long time ago, some would say, ancient times, we wrote this:

"... the objective of a new constitutional order was and should be the re-introduction and affirmation of the first principle of constituting a just and peaceful society.

Unfortunately, what should have been about recovering the natural relations between labour and rewards, has been turned into matters of PRESERVATION OF POWER by the law makers in the name of executive and so called people’s representation."

Good luck guys in your fights to plunder each other.

Meanwhile, some popcorn will be appreciated.

Phil said...


You are dancing around the real issues. So its not about the qualification or credentials of the Chairman anymore? What will you jump to next?

Whether I defend ‘this outfit’ is neither here or there. Am simply stating what the law says, while you are more focused on political issues.

Do you or don’t you agree the court has overstepped its mandate in today’s ruling?

Just like the CoE during the constitution making process, the IIBRC is not totally and legally obligated to follow the desire of MPs in creating new electoral units. In this case, it is only Central Kenya MPs who are complaining the loudest, with a few pockets of PNU coast MPs. While the fact remain that the constitutional mandate of the IIBRC does not represent the end of the process, but rather the beginning. Parliament and the successor to IIBRC can still create new or amend existing electoral units, cant they? So where do you get this 10-15 years theory from, which was never an issue when Kibaki was on a districts creation spree?

The IIBRC implemented its proposal using scientific methods plus input received from its countrywide public seatings for the better part of this year. Remember even before its commenced its work, the finance minister was reluctant to release funds to enable the commission effectively discharge its mandate. It was an intentional sabotage on the part of the minister when the Gicheru’s courts declared Kibaki’s districts which the finance minister was banking on illegal. Then here you are literally suggesting that the Kenyan should throw the baby with the birth water! Gosh.

You ignorance of the law is very loud when you allege that the IIBRC is rushing to gazette without parliamentary approval. Honestly Jeff, it’s not my wish to publish the constitution of Kenya in these columns. I implore you to familiarise yourself with the law before you come to comment.

If you are going to suggest that this is a mission of helping ODM, and it is on the constitution, then you are suggesting that the recently promulgated constitution is the handiwork of ODM and by extension AGENDA4 was strictly for the benefit of ODM. Please spare Kumekucha such empty thinking.

JEFF said...


That the issue is political and not legal has just been confirmed by the ODM MPs, where they are introducing side issues to the debate. If one side is aggrieved why don't we sit down and agree? Why the brinkmanship? What is the point that ODM is trying to prove?

This is what they have said:

If Ligale report is challenged....

'we will censure Muthaura'
'we will paralyse parliament and no business shall be carried out'
'we will end the coalition government'
etc, etc
This kind of chest-thumbing is an indicator of some agenda.

Surely there are civilised ways of resolving issues other than throwing stones every time there is a dispute.

Anonymous said...

Phil said....

"Remember even before its commenced its work, the finance minister was reluctant to release funds to enable the commission effectively discharge its mandate"

This is the time tasted strategy for "non - reformers" and all who know Kenyan politics will aver with that, as its agenda at first was to choke it with "pro - establishment" members.

From the beginning one strategy was to deny IIBRC funds effectively to deny it operational space either to make it a lame duck or eventually moribund. Strategy two, allow for the appointment of members who do not "comply" with the constitution and then strike at the opportune time.

Phil if I'm wrong do correct me..

The Constitution states that a person is NOT be eligible for appointment as a member of the commission if the person - has at any time within the preceding five years, held office, or stood for election as - a member of parliament.... etc.

Wasn't Andrew Ligale MP between 2002 - 2007? Me thinks the Ligale team played right into the hands of PNU.

Nevertheless, The Courts ought to wait for the gazettement, or is it a ploy to create a crisis as the IIBRC mandate ends on November 27.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Hawa watu wa PNU got jokes! reality that PORK will not come from GEMA has begun to sink in.

Kenyan Accounting Jobs said...

We the silent tribal majority are also reading too.

Anonymous said...

We the NON-TRIBAL MINORITY are also listening!!! And keenly indeed. The TRIBAL MAJORITY should learn tolerance and humility.

The constitution is for all so Ephraim Maina from the TRIBAL MAJORITY should shut it!!

IIBRC - we support you!!!

Anonymous said...

If we are to look at the whole issue soberly,Ligale was not too far off the mark.Why? The most aggrieved seem to be people from central Kenya,but the public always seems to forget that though people from central Kenya are the most populous group in the country,they are geographically spread all over the country.Therefore,they may actually be rightly represented in these regions eg the former rift valley and elsewhere.Still on population,other groups are less spread out in the country and may be concentrated in their historical backgrounds unlike the former.So if they were using population as their key for distribution,then they may not have been too far off.It is also important to remember to distinguish from the general population in an area as opposed to the registered voters in an area,this could cause unnecessary misunderstanding.

Thriller said...

I do not get how a Westlands with lesser population than Dagoretti got an extra constituency while Dagoretti got none. And on what basis was Lang'ata getting two extra if Dagoretti was getting none? If some "Counties" were getting extra 5 constituencies, how comes the whole of former "Central" was getting only extra 5 or 6? Siasa mbovu? Yet we know of the huge populations in Juja, Kiharu, Kiambaa etc. Was this not one of the causes of the post election violence due to some constituencies in Central and Eastern having huge margins, as recognized by Krigler?

Anonymous said...

I would be remiss if I didn't extend my warm wishes to our Mulism brothers and sisters @Kumekucha, in Kenya and around the world who are celebrating Eid al-Adha.

Now you - some of you - may be asking yourself "What is 'Eid al-Adha'?" that I have mentioned above.

Eid al-Adhaa is the "Festival of Sacrifice" or "Greater Eid" (Idd Kubwa) is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Abraham (Ibraham) to sacrfice his son Ishmael (Isma'il) as an act of obedience to God, before God intervened to provide him with a ram (uncastrated male sheep) to sacrfice instead.

Eid Mubaraq.

May you be well every year.

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

@ Muru wa Gacii

As per the ORIGINAL and ONLY TRUE teachings, Abraham offered to God his son Isaac as a sacrifice and not the fake remix tale that was "cooked" by a rapist of a man.

Anonymous said...

Why are some voters in Kenya more equal than others?

Well, there are numerous reasons that have been given by some tribal politicians and stalwarts of tribal arithmetic.

But if one understands the purpose of such reasoning the answer becomes more unendurable in light of what has happened in the disunited republic of Kenya since it gained independence on Dec. 12, 1963.

One of the many reasons why some ethnicities - Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Kalenjin, Kamba, Kisii, Meru - that have dominated politics and the civil service are deeply distrusted by the rest of the other 33 Kenyan ethnicities.

Such inequalities should not be tolerated in Kenya of 2010 and especially after the passing of the 'Constitution 2010.'

Muru wa Gacii

kumekucha said...

Warm Eid Mubaraq to all our brothers and sisters here in Kumekucha.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

this blog has gone to the dogs. look at the posters who were there in 2007 and compare with the current clueless "experts" who poullute this forum after their six course meals. unfortunately, chris will never listen because he's an "expert" and no one can advice him on anything. reminds me of that story he told us about a man who opened a fast food joint for pensioners since he hated the youths. it didn't take long to fold since the elderly folks prefer njahi and mukimo not chips and suasages. the "expert" learnt a hard lesson, auctioneers were swarming the joint in weeks! luckily, although i don't celebrate the death of kumekucha, we always have other alternatives. long live the world wide web.

Ex kumekuchan.

Anonymous said...

The Interim Independent Boundary Review Commission (IIBRC) tried to manipulate population statistics as per the 2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census released by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) on August 31, 2010, to fit into a political matrix.

A close scrutiny of the proposed additional 80 constituencies reveals some bias, some of which look too obvious and deliberate. Indeed, blatant.

In Western Province, the most observable one is with regard to creating three additional constituencies in Vihiga County where small constituencies such as Vihiga and Sabatia are proposed for split.

Vihiga constituency, where Andrew Ligale the Chairman of IIBRC lost in ODM primaries in the 2007 General Election, has only a population of 91,616 which deviate from the population quota of 133,139 by 66 percent. Secondly, in the same county of Vihiga, why split Sabatia constituency with a total population of 129,678 into two and yet it fall short the population quota? The two constituencies are also not so big geographically as Vihiga is only 90 square kilometres while Sabatia is only 110 square kilometres.

In the same province, populous constituencies such as Lugari with 292,151, and area of 568 square kilometres, Webuye (230,253) and area of 404 square kilometres and Kanduyi (229,701) and 318.5 square kilometres were left out. The chairman, Mr Ligale should explain to Kenyans why part of his team made such a decision.

In Eastern Province, particularly Kitui County, why the IIBRC has proposed to split Kitui Central constituency with a population of 175,633 and an area in square kilometres of 1,028.3 is any body's guess. In this county, the constituency that should have been given first priority is Mwingi North which has a population of 204,932 and covers a land mass of 5,777.8 square kilometres.

Still in lower Eastern, nobody knows why populous constituencies such as Kangundo with a population of 219,103 and Makueni (243,219) were not considered for curving out new constituencies and in particular Makueni with a land mass of 2,010.1 square kilometres.

Anonymous said...


In Central Eastern region particularly in Meru Country, nobody knows why the IIBRC did not consider for split a constituency like Ntonyiri with a population of 229,871 and a land mass of 1,313.8 square kilometres and yet constituencies with less than 200,000 population such as Alego (187,243), Kisumu Town West (139,933), Rangwe (194,408), Emuhaya (185,069), Migori (191,248), Tinderet (199,514) have been proposed for creation of new constituencies. Moreover, none of the aforementioned constituencies has bigger land mass than Ntonyiri.

Kaloleni constituency of Kilifi County in Coast Province seems to have suffered the same fate as Ntonyiri. The constituency has a total population of 252,924 and an area of 892.1 square kilometres. In fact, Kaloleni constituency is the largest rural constituency in terms of population that is not proposed for split.

While in Kwale County, Kinango constituency with a population of 209,560, and an area 4,011.7 square kilometres has not been proposed for a split.
In Central Province at least, Ol Kalou constituency in Nyandarua County should have been proposed for split as it has a total of 215,925 people and covering an area of 1,108.1 square kilometres. According to the Ligale team, only Kiambu County deserves additional constituencies.

It is not clear why the IIBRC did not consider caving new constituencies in Kericho and Bomet counties. At least Bomet with a population of 233,271, Belgut (202,591), and Kipkelion (206,590) should have been considered for split.

Other notable cases are for example why should IIBRC create two more constituencies in Langata, and Kasarani whereby the latter's population is more than the former by 170,436. Langata has a population of 355,188 while Kasarani has 525,624.

Still in the City of Nairobi, Dagoretti constituency has a population of 329,577 and it not among the constituencies earmarked for split and yet Westlands, with a population of 247,102 has been proposed for a split into two. Another question... why create two additional constituencies in Langata which has almost the same population size with Dagoretti and leave the latter intact?

Furthermore, Eldoret North Constituency has 391,655 people, more than that of Prime Minister Right Hon Raila Odinga's Langata, only one constituency is being curved out of it and same applies to Kisauni constituency in Mombasa Country has a population of 405,930

Anonymous said...


One thing is clear; any constituency in parts of Nyanza and parts of Western with over 200,000 people has been proposed for split which is not the case for other regions particularly in Eastern, Central, Coast, Kipsigis, and Bukusuland.

While some constituencies such as Emuhaya, Vihiga, Sabatia, Alego, Kisumu Town West, Rangwe and Migori have less than 200,000 yet they are proposed for split. In essence, any constituency in parts of Nyanza with over 185,000 has been proposed for a split. If Bomachoge, which is in Kisii County with a population of 200,729, was in those other parts for Nyanza, it would have been considered for a split.

In terms of counties, Vihiga is the county with the largest number of constituencies compared to its population as it has seven and a total population of 554,622 while Bomet has three with slightly more population of 585,072. Machakos County with over one million people has seven constituencies compared with Kisumu with less a million people but with eight constituencies.

Although the IIBRC can vainly claim that it used population quota to delimitate the proposed 80 constituencies, it seems there was an invisible hand which influenced creation of additional constituencies in some regions which do not deserve given their population sizes and land mass. Since the IIBRC is an independent body, it should not be seen to leaning towards any political divide. Already, its proposal has sparked emotive reactions from Members of Parliament from Coast, Central and Eastern provinces and this tended to divide the country right in the middle.

Another critical issue emerging from the above analysis is that since there is no fairness in the distribution of the proposed new 80 constituencies across all the counties, this should not be viewed as partisan or ethnic affair. All regions, particularly Eastern, Coast, Bukusuland, Nairobi, Gusiiland and some parts of Rift Valley were treated unfairly by the Ligale team.

Gone are the days of gerrymandering. Gone are the days when the despotic split-and-control Kanu regime would create electoral units for its charlatans and sycophants.

If we make a mistake at this stage in delimitation of electoral areas, this will haunt us for the next eight-12 years as Section 89 (2) of the New Constitutions stipulates that names and boundaries of constituencies and wards shall be reviewed at an interval of not less than eight years but not more than twelve years.

Anonymous said...


Andrew Ligale and his cahoots are in breach of the constitution. Specifically, Ligale has violated Chapter 6 (73) of Katiba. By claiming he "consulted" the Prime Minister for approval to execute his mandate, he had not demonstrated respect for the people of Kenya, has not brought honour to the nation or to his office. He has openly failed to promote confidence in the integrity of the office. Therefore, he is posturing to "rule" the people of Kenya!

Chapter 7 (88) of Katiba bars a member of a Governing body of a political party from being appointed to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission. In retrospect, Parliament made a huge mistake to allow Ligale as Chairman of the ODM Council of Elders to chair such a historic task.

We should have perhaps picked young non-old regime-braided professional. Isn't it a shame that Ligale's work can't measure to that of his sons - Issack Hassan and Mohammed Abdikadir who have executed their responsibilities with unique, shining exemplary dignity and diligence, in the Electoral Commission and the Constitutional Select Committee respectively. Viva young professionals!

The IIBRC should be surcharged for waste of public resources, and for subverting the letter and spirit of the Katiba. Now we know why Ligale has been defiant to the instructions of Constitutional and Justice Affairs Minister. Ligale's actions undermine national cohesion. The Impunity of yesteryears must be fought, crashed, trashed. Boldly, we must terminate the old ways.

(The writer is the MP for Mukurweini. He co-authored this article with Kinango MP Gonzi Rai.)

Anonymous said...

Ex kumekuchan

You should have posted your nonsense in the other blogs. What are you still doing here? We love this blog because not everybody can be an expert in everything and that is why people at times people deviate to using wrong language when they lack the right information to convey. But this blog is still far much ahead in terms of the quality of contents compared to other blogs. Keep it up Chris, Phill, Jeff, Mwarengethe and all the other pretenders.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.20 a.m

Quality of content as compared to other blogs? Are you serious? Look @ the last few months posts and consequently the comments, absolutely no iota of quality, but i do give up to Phil, kudos.

The others are full of fake vibe, like Mwarangethe who always posts recycled material and has become predictable and bland.

Anonymous said...

This blog is dying and very fast for a matter of fact! When was the last time we saw 100 hits posted here, its what our Prezzo would call BURE KABISA MAFI YA KUKU.

Another ex - Kumekuchan

Anonymous said...

This blog is dying because there is not enough raila worshipping.

May I wish to remind everyone this blog is pure and sacred worshipping ground for Raila Tinga arap Mbei Nyamba Amollo Odinga!

Kisumu Mafia

Anonymous said...

Wa Mukurueini and Bin Gonzi Rai,

Before we allege or even accuse the IIBRC of violating the 'Constitution 2010', shall we find out who stands to gain advantage - benefit - or be disadvantaged if Vihiga, Sabatia, Kitui Central, Mwingi North, Kangundo, Makueni, Ntonyi, Alego, Kisumu Town West, Tinderet, Kaloleni, Kinago, Ol Kalou, Kiambu, Kasarani, Lang'ata, Dagoretti, Eldoret North, Kisauni, Bomachoge, "Gusiiland" (???!) and "Bukusuland" (???!) are split or not split?

Who are the real insecure incumbents - feeling threatened -, major players and contenders in the above mentioned constituencies?

Who among them stand the chance to ride the oncoming political wave of 2012?

And, who will be swept underneath the torrent of voter displeasure in 2012?

There is no question about Mr. Ligale not being the right fit for job lead the IIBRC due to obvious matters of personal conflict, with regard to his own home turf - Vihaga.

Then there is the invisible hand - a real mischievous old black hand from the dark past - trying so hard to influence the creation of additional constituencies in some regions so that a select few may benefit in 2012.

A dark underhanded political move that will continue to make some voters in Kenya more equal than others.

The question is, who or what parties colluded with Mr. Ligale and some individuals within the IIBRC?

Lastly, why has the IIBRC or those concerned failed to provide the Kenya public with a transparent digital map of the soon to be newly created constituencies before the publication of the same?

Muru wa Gacii

Mwarang'ethe said...

Muru wa Gacii wrote

"Who among them stand the chance to ride the oncoming political wave of 2012?

And, who will be swept underneath the torrent of voter displeasure in 2012?


ehe ehe ehehe ati torrent of voter displeasure in 2012? What animal is that?

It will be just another OPIUM taking session whereby, things will only get worse as you wait for another OPIUM taking session in 2017.

It is better to be informed by EXPERIENCE and not emotionalism and wishful thinking.

Sample this from more "informed" OPIUM takers.

On 29th Sept. 2008, the Republican Leader or whoever was, said that:

MEN were voting for BAILOUT while the BOYS were against the GREATEST GIVE AWAY in human History.

See him here in their Bunge:



The same guy was voted to "change" the "man of change" in Washington in the recent mid - term elections by the American cattle.

Listen to what he had to say about BAILOUTS after being re - elected:


If American sheep are this stupid, what do you expect of Kenyans?

Meanwhile, who has the popcorn bag?

Philip said...

I think there is no doubt that this was ODM's project.

Anonymous said...

The failure and success of the boundary review will be seen when campaigns for the 2012 general elections begin to take shape.

Despite all the "political interpretation" we are getting, this was a timely project, unless we wish to be branded with numerous "successful failures" as our usual way of talking about our politics and now the limits of constituency boundaries in this country is to discuss the variety of indigenous circumstances, as is expected - ethnic & tribal traditions.

MPigs agreed somewhere in Naivasha that Central was to get an additional 7, instead they got 4. Eastern got 7 instead of 9, Nairobi, Western, Riftvalley and North Eastern got as "A-greed".

The Real Beef is that Nyanza and Central will now each have 33 Constituencies whereas Western will have 41, but nobody seems to notice that Eastern has 43 constituencies.

So Central Mpigs will shout and use all means possible as expected to scuttle the review team coz they got 3 less, when Emilio was dishing out constituencies in his favour we were watching and now when the tide changes, we here of terms like "against rules of natural justice" renting the air.

Let the Acrobats put in their best show and performance, we are watching.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Well for those of us who are saying that Ligale, Buyu and Masit are not qualified by virtue of Chapter 7 of the Constitution, I wish to inform you that Chapter 7 of the Constitution is among the suspended chapters of the Constitution. Please read section 2 of Sixth Schedule.

Anonymous said...

@8.05 AM

IIBRC was formed as per the provisions of the NEW CONSTITUTION hence the composition of ALL it's members must ABIDE and COMPLY with the provisions as stipulated in the new constitution.

Aren't they working within the provisions of the New constitution? Why call themselves IIBRC? Why Gazette? Why does the NEW CONSTITUTION Provide for a remedy after gazettement?

If we go with the 6th schedule section 2 route then my friend Ligale's work was all but a WASTE of TIME, then we shall wait for a properly reconstituted IEBC in 2012 AFTER ELECTIONS!! to clean up Ligales Mess!!!

The FACT remains Ligale did NOT comply with this new provisions, mambo kwisha!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.05 am, If you look at it without selective interpretation Anon 9.00 am does have a valid point.

If Section 7 is "suspended" what is the Ligale team doing? we can only term their work illegal, as it is not within the provisions ( as you have stated, section 7 is suspended isn't it? )

Then only IEBC can do that work Legally after 2012 when the law will apply after un-suspension, or what do you think? Ligale was in office illegally under the PM's patronage tafuta ingine

Philip said...


How many bags of popcorns have you eaten so far? Don't you fearthat you might take too many and forget to publish your book?

Anonymous said...

What a smart way to playing 1 vs 41? The roaches are now crawling out of the woodwork after realising that the ORGRE is winding up and Kenyans cannot afford another fraud for PORK. Game set and they are busy segragating themselves now that even the BITTER Kales are not buying their crap. Game on.

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