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Monday, November 15, 2010

Rattled William (Ratko) Ruto Reigns on ROW

Ruto is not going down to The Hague without a bruising fight. The battle-ready, warrior and messiah has his eyes and jabs singularly trained on the trio ROW - Raila (as standard), Omar and Waki.

The drama has been unparallelled the whole week. The coincidence in HEROIC homecoming from The Hague and guns blazing with bullets aimed at the head of one Hassan Omar was textbook Kanu parading evidence to advance a mission. Add that to both Rono and Wekesa disowning KNHRC and spitting in the face of perjury charges and you get an original script from an incompetent spin doctor willfully leading her client to the slaughter by the leash.

Ratko Ruto did a splendid job and saved ICC plenty of resources by presenting himself to be ICC officials for a close and candid study, dissecting his personal demeanour, credibility, language and guilt. The TRIBAL siege mentality Ratko is working overdrive to craft with a hope of making his indictment politically untenable is no brainier for ICC. Hon Ratko is better advised to stick to Raila and forget blaming small fish like Omar

The phrase dancing yourself lame before the real music starts must have been coined with Hon William Ruto in mind. Thanks to Ruto, Kenyans are reliving the Kanu theatrics of yore. And just how much ground of deceit can one cover in a week of political polemics? Well, we haven't seen the last act from the MP for Eldoret North.

Kenyans are better advised to brace themselves for more Ronos and Wekesas who have come out to disown dream lives of luxury without telling us the BUYING PRICE. You just don't trash freebies of KES 60,00 a month and a fully furnished three bed roomed accommodation in leafy suburbs for press headlines, or do you? Only in Kenya do we fall for such gimmicks.

Ruto did not need the trip to The Hague to reinvent himself. His spin doctors must be working overdrive to keep the cheques coming and remain relevant before the owl is unmasked revealing the feathers that he is presently disguising as horns. A lie repeated in total brinkmanship and bravado never mutates into truth, or does it?

Porous shield
For starters, ICC will do their own investigations and all the present heat on KNHRC is a charade at beast and a decoy meant to divert at attention at worst. Rono and Wekesa appear to be blinded with the present money taps so much so that they have become oblivious if the legal chopping block they are inadvertently placing their dead necks on. The cause of the present fallout has been reduced to typical Kenyan unmet promise of land, money and scholarships. Well, ICC is not our local courts and that is why many Kenyans preferred it from the word go.

Behind Ruto's hyperactivity lies the big nasty political plot that will hit Kenyans like a thunderbolt. The real owners of Kenya have had a glimpse of ICC fangs and claws and tehy are running really scared. Ruto is not alone and is merely testing waters for the real shakers who don't have the guts to face their demons. Make no mistake, 2012 is only 13 months away and the suspects are ganging behind their tribal walls to scare and frustrate justice. Well, they are swimming in uncharted waters and time is not on their side.

The tribal warlords are all out to sabotage ICC but tough luck. We are in a new Kenya and their expertise of trying to fit old wine in new wine skins will backfire big time. Individuals committed crimes and not communities and ICC knows it better. The later may only provide porous shields until Ocampo's spear comes for the hearts of the former.


Anonymous said...

I thought Ruto was smart but of late he’s behaving like a headless chicken. It is difficult to tell why he considered it wise to hire the two goons, but one thing I know for sure is that his strategy will backfire badly. I hold no belief for KNCHR but I doubt they can sink that low. The question I ask is why should the commission target Ruto? Their report had implicated a number of people,yet Ruto appears to have panicked excessively.

Anonymous said...

Well, quite Frankly, Ruto is scewed from all ends.
Good times are here!

Lorot Son of the Hills said...

That is Ruto for you. Methinks behind all the charade, facade and political manoeuvrings lies truth which Kenyans will discern as the stunts peter out...and it will be ghastly, unprecedented, shocking...

Mwarang'ethe said...

Well, ICC is not our local courts and that is why many Kenyans preferred it from the word go.


Totally misplaced faith in the so called international "justice."

Sample this:

"Carla Del Ponte investigated over illegal evidence.2

"Former war crimes prosecutor accused of allowing bullying and BRIBING of witnesses in trial of alleged Serbian warlord Vojislav Seselj."

Among other stuff, we are reading this:

"Judges at the UN war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague today ordered an independent inquiry into the practices of Del Ponte and two prominent serving prosecutors, Hildegard √úrtz-Retzlaff and Daniel Saxon, after complaints from witnesses that they had been harassed, PAID, mistreated and their evidence TAMPERED with."



And, what about this HOAX?


Anyway, bwana Oracle Has Spoken, do you have some mursik?

M. Pesa said...

For his troubles and sleepless nights, General Ruto is blaming everyone, anyone and everything but himself. From Ocampo, Justice Waki, ICC, Omar Hassan, KHCHR, fake witnesses, Raila, Kibaki, political enemies..blah blah blah. For crying out loud he has not even been indicted by The Hague! Hahaha..what happens when the fearless Ocampo issues an arrest warrant and demands his head on a platter? My free and unsolicited advice to Gen Ruto is simple. If you think you are innocent as you claim, then don't panic or worry yourself sick to a point of losing weight as it has happened to him. Then again, the good old adage which is centuries old tells us that the guilty are always afraid. Another wise saying from my ushago says that a bully when cornered will always play the victim's card! And by the way what happened to over Sh 10 million bob donated to resettle Mau forest IDPs? Now Kenyans please do tell me, whom would you rather believe. Ruto the politician and YK92 architect who has a million and one fraud cases in court or Hassan Omar who has a clean history and an impeccable record as a crusader of human rights? No prizes for the correct answer please.

Anonymous said...

wewe Taabu wacha kuleta tabu hapa,

ati "You just don't trash freebies of KES 60,00 a month and a fully furnished three bed roomed accommodation in leafy suburbs for press headlines"

wapi, if you can believe those 2ordinary looking wanaNICHI have seen even 6,000 bob this whole year you have to hand it to the mainstream kenyan media for wholesale buying of stories with eyes wide shut

well,we have been here before. From fake general mathenge's to husbands of assistant housing ministers to 2 wives of sitting heads of state.remember the arturs bros?

when will kenyans learn to take authority over those in authority?anyway, let the games continue please

i note that Ruto failed to reinvent himself 2 times:Mau, and voteNO, how about now ICC. they say 3 is the charm but once bitten twice shy?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Luke wrote

wapi, if you can believe those 2ordinary looking wanaNICHI have seen even 6,000 bob this whole year you have to hand it to the mainstream kenyan media for wholesale buying of stories with eyes wide shut


You are behind new bwana Luke!

"The State human rights watchdog has confirmed it had placed potential post election violence witnesses in its safe houses in Nairobi.

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, however, denied coaching and bribing Ken Braziz Wekesa and William Kipkemboi Rono men to implicate Eldoret North MP William Ruto’s in their submissions on the 2008 post-election violence."


More popcorn please

Anonymous said...

Individuals committed crimes - against humnaity - and not communities and the ICC knows it better.

I will be the first to admit that those individuals are well known, and luckly the ICC is out of their league.

They will not be able to afford to bring gifts, or even ship bags of money in order to try and influence their fate.

I just can't wait for the hour, day, week, month or year, when the dreaded tribal chiefs aka tribal warlords - loads of mayhem and princes of anarchy - will be shelled out of their cocoons in broad daylight and carted off to face the music, call it delayed justice if you will.

On a brighter side, Kenyans - future lords of a more just and verdant Kenya - from all walks of life, who will dedicate themselves to be agents of change in the country will require superhuman doses of courage, kindness, creativity, collaboration, and perseverance after 2012.

Fortunately, they already have more resources for the mission than they realize.

BTW, has Ruto used up all of his nine lives? And, when is he going to perform his last theatrical dance along Africa's longest river called "Denial"?

Whoever pays the piper calls the tune.

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

He he Mwarang'ethe,

Are you trying to get to me? Don't try and start a war with me that you obviously can't win, I know you hate my guts.

So I will just ignore you, because I wouldn't want to digress from the main topic of discussion.

Furthermore, I aint Idle like you to sit and hang around the computer the whole day, Its friday man go out and relax.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Charge sheet.
Put a name as necessary...

xxxxxxxxxxx allegedly jointly committed through other persons, within the meaning of article 25(3)(a) of the Statute:

War crimes:

1. directing an attack against a civilian population as such or against individual civilians not taking direct part in hostilities under article 8(2)(b)(i) of the Statute;
2. wilful killings under article 8(2)(a)(i) of the Statute;
3. destruction of property under article 8(2)(b)(xiii) of the Statute;
4. pillaging under article 8(2)(b)(xvi) of the Statute;
5. sexual slavery under article 8(2)(b)(xxii) of the Statute.
6. rape under article 8(2)(b)(xxii) of the Statute

Crimes against Humanity:

1. murder under article 7(1)(a) of the Statute;
2. rape under article 7(1)(g) of the Statute.
3. sexual slavery under article 7(1)(g) of the Statute.

Anonymous said...

is 2008 same as 2010 bwana ruto?

Hassan said the KNCHR conducts the witness protection interventions according to international best practices and thus the Commission’s move to take good care of the two.

"Any expenditure on witness protection interventions, like other activities of the Commission, are subject to auditing by the auditor-general as required by the law," Hassan said.

The Commission also said Ruto’s attempt to link the two witnesses with the KNCHR report on post-election violence was "tenuous at best" arguing that Wekesa and Rono approached the Commission in January 2010 while the report was published in 2008.

"The remarks by the Eldoret North MP, William Ruto, represent not only an act of impunity, but also scorched earth politics that seeks to destroy the reputation of individuals and institution," Hassan said.

seems these two 2witnesses" were planted by Ruto!

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:57 am
when did real 'guts' and peering into a crystal ball go hand in hand?

the two are not synonymous but an oxymoron.

"i aint idle like you to sit and hang around the computer the whole day."

how would anyone know that mwarangethe sits idle around a coumputer the whole day unless s/he monitors his activity, engages in shadow boxing and barks at mwarangethe for the same period of time?

@anon 3:57 am
the only battle you really need to win in life is none other than that of "knowing thyself" before trying to know "thy enemy."

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:03 aka Oracle,

You sound like a sad empty soul.

Man, your ego suck really bad!

Try Jesus my friend. He will give you that inner peace and appreciation you are after.

Anonymous said...

Sumerian High Priest will try all manner of schemes and shenanigans, we know you in any form.

We thank the Oracle for Unmasking the Owl. We were being bombarded with plagiarised material and copy and paste actions displayed as intellect LOL!

Anonymous said...

The turn of events not as expected. How about blaming all these on Raila? Kutuny & Isaac Ruto, please hold a press conference, urgently.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't some dude (Mwara"N"gethe)told to enjoy their Friday? Seems they are still effing from being thoroughly post -mortemed by the likes of Oracle. Life is full of deceivers posing as intellectuals. He tried shadow boxing the Oracle but seems like he gets a TKO everytime. Some people simply don't know when to shut it.

We only read with glee when such try to swallow what they cannot chew. I also advice them to enjoy their friday.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6.03 AM Mwarangethe you have not stopped this bad habit of posting as Anon when you are cornered?

Your ilk deserve the saying "Chura hawezi kumzia Ng'ombe kunywa maji"

Jesus loves you too Mwarang'ethe, stick to the folklores that you can't disembark from.

Anonymous said...

Now that Rono and Wekesa appear not to be CREDIBLE witnesses, as Wekesa was dropped by the ICC in April and Wekesa in October 2010.

Only approached KNHRC on Jan 2010 long after the KNHRC report was completed in 2008.

A sure case of purjury, what are the police waiting for.

Anonymous said...

And the beat from impending doom - the thought of prosecution by the ICC - goes on and on and on and on for worried individuals and politicians like William Ruto and company.

Be as it may, they will not manage to avoid the inevitablity that's looming on the horizon like a seasonal whirlwind.

Ati that sounds good - delayed justice is justice denied and it may never take place in a very long time -, but although justice from The Hague may seem a long way from where we are and who we are, there is one thing that can be counted on, namely, the ICC never fails in its efforts to issue arrest warrants when all is said and done.

So, around what one grand endeaver will the soon to be indicted individuals try to rally their immediate political base and the usual die hard ethnic supporters?

In the meantime, as the theatrics continue to take center stage, we must also acknowlegde that their so called political bases and die hard ethnic supporters are divided, immature, confused about their purpose and political identity, in danger of fragmenting their way into nonexitence and straddling political fences once the county governments are set in place.

All the people - from all walks of life - can hope for is that the last politicians left standing after the ICC's indictments have been issued, those individuals found to be untainted by filth of post election violence, corruption, and negative ethnicity, will be able to vy for the nation's top leadership positions in 2012 and 2017.

Enjoy a happy Saturday morning and a relaxing Saturday evening.

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

i do know that the Head of Finance at KNCHr has taken a bribe recently of 30k on a 1m deal so it would not be beyond Hassan to bribe people..

Anonymous said...

I understand Ruto was once a chicken seller at Maili Tisa in Eldoret. Seems that makes him ready for a cock fight but at the momemnt he is running around like a headless chicken.

Synovate latest is Raila 32 Ruto 28 in Rift Valley.

chola said...

you wish Ruto 60 Rial 0.If wish were horses nyanis would rid

Anonymous said...

The man continues to find himself embroiled in various corruption scandals and several court cases, and like many before him he keeps insisting that he knew nothing about them, he is innocent and his political opponents are being used by his political enemies to detrail his future political plans for his region and strategic bid for the state house. Yet the dark clouds continue to gather and hang over him as the ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo zeroes in on his kind. Is the public being treated to the theatrics of the absurd, or are they beginning to witness the first round kickings and clawing of a mule trapped in quick political sand or what? There were days when issues could be kept out of the Kenyan media and hidden from the public. The Daily Nation and the East African Standard still play by those rules from an archaic era, but there is little that can done given other media alternatives that were not available two decades ago. "Well quite frankly, Ruto is screwed from all ends. Next? Good times are here!"

Bobby6Killer said...

At least chicken selling was a legitimate way of earning a living. Easy money from YK92 & pushing the envelope while upping the stakes with each subsequent deal made him overreach himself.

The powers that be may want to make an example of him by hanging him out to dry, but once it is seen that one from the den of thieves can be prosecuted, the clamour for more heads will gather its own momentum.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo for Presidency!

can't wait for 2013!

Kenya will be more prosperous under Kalonzo than any other time in hisotry.

Anonymous said...

Where are our Kenyan women version of Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi? Where are they?

Kenyan women who have been and continue to be the real power of the powerless in the urban slums and rural areas?

Kenyan women who have been and continue to be the voice of the voiceless living in the urban slums, rural areas, IDP camps and Kakuma and Daadab refugee camps?

Kenyan women who have never been compromised by the powers that be, nor ever had the luxury to hide behind well connected groups like Maendeleo ya Wanawakeo.

Or to be protected by umbrella organizations like FIDA, Churches and countless of 1000s of NGOs that have made career of minting money for bloated adminstration purposes and skimming money off the top?

Women are strong characters who have the power to alter the course of history.

Many struggling neighbourhoods, communities, and nations have an affinity for strong female leaders who have fought tyrants, corporations, and continue to serve as powerful models for women and children fighting the abuse of patriachical powers within political circles, offer resistance to present day cultural imperialism, and against injustices of all kinds.

Where are Kenya's, Uganda's, Tanzania's, Ethiopia's, Eritrea's and Somalia's versions of Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi? Where are they?

"This woman* did go through hell to remain silent at this particular point" and time.

*Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma's [Mynamar's] pro-democracy leader and leader for the N.L.D (National League for Democracy.

NB: Over 2,700 Kenyan soldiers died in Burma while serving under the British army.

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion KK needs a TOTAL make over / re-packaging. Discussion boards like Jukwaa are now attracting Traffic like crazy.

KK needs to be "open" i.e allow other bloggers to post their own Topics that allow for rational debate. There is no doubt KK possesses great minds that can arouse enviable intellectual discourse, but without the "make - over"

KK will just be another of those that bites the dust. Chris are you listening?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing up Aung San Suu Kyi. We celebrate her!! She continues to inspire many in all their diverse stripes and methodologies of activism and resistance. So yes, we do have our own everyday Suu Kyi's--in our villages, schools, slums etc, places were CNN, Aljazeera, BBC etc do not tread. Places where the global political mileage (and rhetoric) of fighting militarisme
hardly gains traction.

Anonymous said...

@5:32 AM
Point well taken. Oh yes, what was I thinking?

That is embarrassingly obvious and simple to understand, but also embrarrassingly to admit that we have our own everyday Suu Kyis in our homesteads, villages, slums and IDP camps.

The selective and biased coverage by international media houses, including our very own local media are to blame for my jumping the gun, or the fence so to speak.

I am very sure that the whole country and even the African continent would come to stand still if our own everyday Suu Kyis went on strike for a week or a month.

The world around us would be brought down to its bended knees.

Thanks for highlighting an obvious issue, and pointing out our own everyday Suu Kyis that are always pushed under the rugs and conveniently forgotten.

Anonymous said...

This place is pure, sacred worshipping ground for Raila, and we must keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

"Just a suggestion KK needs a TOTAL make over / re-packaging. Discussion boards like Jukwaa are now attracting Traffic like crazy.

KK needs to be "open" i.e allow other bloggers to post their own Topics that allow for rational debate. There is no doubt KK possesses great minds that can arouse enviable intellectual discourse, but without the "make - over"

KK will just be another of those that bites the dust. Chris are you listening?"

Please visit the following and post anything:

Anonymous said...


Akik Yo

Anonymous said...

Anon 11/13/10 6:18 AM, Let me guess, you are a Kamba?

There you have the problem with Kenya. We will NEVER develope as a nation.

Anonymous said...

The first three levels of these thread have been completed engulfed within the fourth.

How about we flip it over and let's move on with a new thread, new week, new day and whatever it is that Kumekucha has in store.

The world is in deed a better place, some people are still deep asleep, while others, on this side of the devide had getting ready to head out for their lunch break, or call it a day on the farms and in rural areas.

Ahaa! I had forgotten the Kenya-Aussies and Kenyan-Kiwis ("Newzis")who are a different matter, and way past our time zones combined.

BTW, does any Kumekucha know whether Kenya has a 'Track & Field Hall of Fame'?

Anonymous said...

anon 3.24

this blog has gone to the dogs. look at the posters who were there in 2007 and compare with the current clueless "experts" who poullute this forum after their six course meals. unfortunately, chris will never listen because he's an "expert" and no one can advice him on anything. reminds me of that story he told us about a man who opened a fast food joint for pensioners since he hated the youths. it didn't take long to fold since the elderly folks prefer njahi and mukimo not chips and suasages. the "expert" learnt a hard lesson, auctioneers were swarming the joint in weeks! luckily, although i don't celebrate the death of kumekucha, we always have other alternatives. long live the world wide web.

Ex kumekuchan.

Anonymous said...

ex-kumekuchan, wtf are you still doing at kumekucha? haven't found yourself a membership on better blog? what's going on? do others a favour and find several ways to enjoy the "other alternatives." and oh yes! long live the world wide web.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I bet you the posters who were @Kumekucha in 2007 will surely be back in 2012.

The ususal wannabe political scientists and self-acclaimed pundits with fake media credentials in every thing but inside information, critical analysis, common knowledge and what have you on all things Kenyan and its people - past, present and future.

Let the experts take a guess on 'who will be who' in the political landscape of Kenya after 2012 elections?

Do the "posters of 2007" know anything that the rest of Kenyans do not know?

Mmmmmm! 2007 at the height of ..... politics and tribal arithmetics for change?

Anonymous said...

Raila is still playing the game he did in 2007 that is, isolate one big tribe and consolidate support of all other tribes. last time it was Kikuyus, this time its Kalenjins. I hope it doesnt work cos life was difficult for many people after post election violence.

Do we all have to die for Raila to become president, honestly?

Meerkat said...

Chris is an old man and clueless in anything.
He is the same man who cheered the murder of Kikuyu people and now he call Kamba people crabs.

Chris, Bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

I think many people here ae naive about the threshold required for evidence to be used to nail someone for a serious crime like what people think ruto made. Basicaly if the ICC does not have photographic, voice, DNA, or bank transfers evidence...they will struggle to nail the man. Ruto has already started pocking holes on the only evidence the ICC has.."eye witness accounts" so long as a cloud of mist surrounds such evidence then what ruto needs is a good lawyer, perhaps the gentleman currently reprensting taylor. I suspect under the current cloud of suspicion ocambo will struggle to convince the judges beyound reasonable doubt of the said crime!!!!He need real evidence!!!

Anonymous said...

2012 is around the corner.the trip to the Hague has created unnecessary NEGATIVE ATTENTION....FACT:people are only interested in Ruto because they want to see how this will all play out!The two witnesses who now claim to be telling the truth about the lies they told are going into better accomodation at a maximum prison somewhere.Ruto has thrown every spanner into the works.he sympathy he seeks..only time will tell..Ruto as lost even before the real battle least he'll say he got some Mursik at the airport..but thats about it!

Anonymous said...

Try consoling the under listed with the same kind of reasoning as did 6:15 AM.

Laurent Nkunda,
Felicien Kabuga,
Emmanuel Rukundo,
Athanase Seromba,
Wenceslas Munyeshyaka,
Elizaphan Ntakiritimana,
Tharasse Muvunyi,
Emmanuel Ndindabahizi,
Dominique Ntawukulilyayo,
Ignace Bagilishema,
Aflred Musema,
Vincent Rutagarira,

Joseph Kony,
Raska Lukwiya,
Okot Odhiambo, et al

They all did the screaming, yelling and squealing about the lagalities, perceived conflict, presence or lack of critical evidence at one time before the ICC curtain of justice down them.

Felicien Kabuga, the multimillionaire is believed to have hired one of the best legal team and spent $3,000,000 in legal fees, but to no avail.

Ruto is not the only fish that is going to be fried by the ICC, there are many others (12 to 13 persons) who are going to face trial.

It hard to understand why an intelligent person like Ruto would continue to hamster dance himself in the arena of market place opinion.

He is not the only one, he will soon have company from western , Nyanza, eastern, coast, central and nairobi.

Anonymous said...

I repeat that ruto is a pawn for kifaki,michuki,uhuru axis.hes cornered in this one.The Cic and thhe heir axis is scared stiff

Anonymous said...


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