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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fare Thee Well Queen Jane

The death of local music maestro Queen Jane from menengitis has robbed Kenya of yet another national icon. You need not understand the language she sang in to appreciate the authenticity and energy QJ radiated.

Those not-too young will reminisce with her vocal prowess during her stint at Mbiri stars with Musaimo. Her landmark number Mwendwa (my dear) KK remains an household tune defining her unique melody. Fare thee well Nyambura and may your music live on.


Anonymous said...

Queen Jane is a flyweight,give us the hard news.Tell us about PM's health or is analysing that a no go zone for KK?

Anonymous said...

RIP Queen Jane. You good work will be a testimony of a worthwhile life that you led.

Taabu on the other hand will be remembered for cheering on as Kikuyu were slaughtered and for his news recycling at Kumekucha.

Even this story is recycled lol.

Anonymous said...

rest in peace queen jane.!/pages/RIP-Queen-Jane/131599613538519?ref=ts

Anonymous said...

all great icons leave a giant mark...her music lives on! RIP Jane Nyambura.

Anonymous said...

How low can Diaspora get? Here is a farewell post on a dead MUSICIAN and look at the tribal tag in the comments. Taabu did not even mention her ethnicity.

Grow up bloggers and stop the hate it makes you look REALLY stupid. Ati intellectuals! LOL

Fare thee well QJ.

Anonymous said...

You can continue propagating the myth that Kikuyus were slaughted until cows come home. Just like you tried in vain to petition GB ati genocide.

Well, live the lie. You are your worst enemy in believing in some superiority simplex. Kenya will never be the same again and you will never hand PEACE unless you accept the truth.

Meanwhile just gloat as the next phase of slaughter is lurking. Just fatten Arap Ruto before he starts doing you guys justice again.

Anonymous said...

whats the point of listening to radio nowadays?no real musicians or DJs left anymore RIP Queen

Ai, Taabu, what happened to ENG?kweli hii maisha ina mengi kuona

Anonymous said...

Kitandawili? Ati a whole nation invests all hopes on you and after 4 matches NOT EVEN A SINGLE GOAL. (Clue: 24/RW).

The perils of hype and press squad.
Afadhali acting prefect SG hata kama he will play lower divison after RB defected to ......POLENI and no hand of god but LM.

Anonymous said...


Now you can rest easy Queen Jane is gone for ever; that is one more Kikuyu who will never aspire to be a councillor in Mogotio.

By the way I love the new katiba with Rift Valley dismembered like your favorite food, matumbo.

Anonymous said...

How is Raila faring after his brains were adjusted by the surgeons. He needs to make peace with the communities that he has betrayed and those he has labeled as "adui." Life is freaking short to keep making enemies right and left.

Anonymous said...

Luos are a bore cos they are plain stupid when it comes to politics.

They are not seeing that Kalenjins or even Kikuyus as for Central province are happy to dismember Rift valley if it means getting more counties and therefore more money amongst themselves and more say in who becomes president.A kale is a kale (or a kyuk) it doesnt matter where they live. Do kikuyus in rift valley become kales cos they are not in central province? do luhyas in trans nzoia become kales cos they are not in western province? do maasai in tanzania become chagga cos they are not in kenya?

Luos wake up we are being duped by this draft constitution. Its not for us but for Kales and Kikuyus. Read it again.

Anonymous said...

Poor Taabu, your haters read malice in everything you post. Here we are mouring QJ and they are peeing on her grave ati one more kikuyu gone.

BTW don't cheat yourself about those counties. Katiba ni paper, you will never clonize RV again, NEVER. Wembe ni ule ule, MTADO?

Anonymous said...

Taabu and/or Chris,
On RAO would you please confirm or deny:

1) Njue went to NBO hospital to cast a spell (read curse) since we all know CARDINAL has never liked the PM and never hidden it

2) True or false that Ida chased Yvonne Chakachaka from the hospital room after that photo with RAO's hands on her shoulders.

3) The YES folks made RAO sick so that they could go to Nyeri without alphamale stealing the show or conversely occassioning a riot.

Over to you Taabu/Chris and please respond.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 4.05 am

How old are you? let me guess 50 year plus! seem trapped in the past ie Kikuyu versus luo politics of the 60's and 70's!!!!

The fundamental question I would ask if i were you is "what is there for my children and what can be done for them to lead a prosporous life?" what can be done to read future generations of kenyans the kind of poverty that affect more than 90% of the population? What can we do do build a great nation, which grows in might and leaves a lasting legacy within the region and perhaps in Africa!

The good news for us kenyans is that your lot is quickly becoming an extint species. I doubt if the 60's and 70's generation will against all odds still call short in 10 - 20 years time....

never to experience the kind of poverty majority of kenyan live (let me remind you that poverty is rampant across tribes)

Anonymous said...

The Nairobi Hospitals should properly plug the hole the drrilled in Raila's head before releasing him; we don't want our PM attending international meetings will a gaping hole in his skull.

Anonymous said...

My worry is not foreigners seeing the gaping hole in Raila's head, but Kalonzo being able to have a peek at Agwambo's thoughts, tacticts and strategies before they are well cooked.

Anonymous said...

Very intellectual comments indeed. Wapi Prof Mwarang'ethe to reward the scholars?

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha, ha.
Nonetheless, we look forward to seeing the chap up and about. Kenya's politics is all the more interesting for him!

Anonymous said...

Why doesnt whoever runs this blog shut it down for lack of ideas?With so much happening all around from the referendum,PMs health,EAC protocal,greedy MPs at it yet again,Uhuru and treasury blocking the move,isnt it strange that these fellows who run KK are in the wild?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4.45,
Administrators @ KK are still looking for orginal and INTELLECTUAL ideas. All that happening as you list them are MEDIA stuff and if Taabu were to post anything on them he will be shot down as a 95-year old recyling media news.

You must be Kenyan to understand the empty mindset of readers here. Pole for Chris letting you down. But you can ask Prof Mwarang'ethe to come to the rescure with his insights.

Anonymous said...

I am tired of seeing Raila in a female green shower cap. His macho image has been drilled a big hole.



Anonymous said...

First Things First:

May Queen Jane Nyambura rest in eternal peace, and may the choirs of angels and the bands of celestial muscians welcome a new member into their rank and file.

Nyambura's life was well lived. I will always remember her energetic stage presence and great performance during an inauguration celebration at Lotus hotel in Kizingo.

"Queen Jane, Queen Soldier, Sister Soldier", soldier on until we listen to your music when our time in is ddue.

In the meantime, Rest In Eternal Peace.
Anon: 7/1/10 4:05 AM.

Your point is welcome taken, however the analogy of Maasai becoming Chagganized in former Greater Maasai land does not hold water at all. It is warped to the core, to say the least.

The Chagga people and their sympathizers can rant and rave all they want, but the reality of the matter is that the ancient people of the land around what is now known as "the region around Moshi" (formerly Ngara Njaro), were the Maasai and Mbulu (Iraki-spl).

Anyhow, let's stick to what we know best and what's so familiar to our mindset in terms of "the never ending tribal confflicts and wanton ethnic greed among our Kenyan people" aka 'outsiders/latecomers' (immigrants from Central Africa, North-Eastern Africa and the Arab Peninusula) to the East African region.

I dare some of you to take an ancsetral DNA test, and you will be shocked to find out what part of Africa your so called collective genepool(ethnicity originated from) is still dominated.

LOL! Central Africa! West Africa!

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace qj I loved u plus the music but God loved u most.fare thee well nyambu

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