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Monday, July 05, 2010

Shameless Kenyans Peeing on Graves

Readers of this blog have over the years seen/met commentators waxing lyrical and knowledgeable only to fall on their own sword. Not that we have do not admire them for exposing their post molars in self-importance pose.

The PM Raila's hospitalization last week was an apt assessment of how out-of-tough the so-called Diaspora (most comments) are with reality in terms of Kenyan national culture and politics. Most commentators here were so insensitive and sarcastic so much so that you would imagine Raila booked himself in Nairobi Hospital, opened his own skull for the press to broadcast.

Contrast that will the mature and sensitive manner all shades of politicians and his hitherto political opponents commiserated with the indisposed PM. Leading the queue was VP Kalonzo followed shortly by William Ruto. But twisting their long tongues in their won mouth we saw vitriol flow implying Raila was seeking cheap publicity and sympathy.

Any normal human being is prone to sickness and Raila is no exception. We only need to be mature and outgrow the village antics and bigotry. It is the height of obtuse irony and paradox so see readers here shout about intellectual debates while the same fingers type debased comments that are not only primitive but inhumanely insensitive too. Theirs must be classic cases of exported 'villagery'.

We have been admonishing our politicians for lagging behind the average voter but low and behold the bloggers is at the tail of the queue peddling cheap hatred spiced in exclusive insensitivity. And these few really know how to muddy the waters as will be evident in their mutating under several anonymous posting the garbage and hate they are genetically programmed to.

Please grow up and do Kenya proud even if only once by shunning bigotry and trivia. There is no need of demanding the bar be raised if you have made a silent vow with yourself to permanently stay underneath. Over to those with what it takes to stomach the unpleasant truth. No derivatives.


Anonymous said...

Taabu, that is a real RIOT ACT. Somebody has surely rattled the Kumekucha snake to leave us at the mercy of his poisonous fangs.

But all said and done you are SPOT ON. We must be civilized in our comments and remain sensitive to the sick.

Kudos for banging heads.

Anonymous said...

Ati peeing on graves. Hiyo kali, LOL

Anonymous said...

I did not know Raila was soon approaching the grave.
Maybe mzee Taabu who will soon be retired from Kumekucha knows something.
Typical with this rumour mongers aka Taabu mingi who gives market gossipers in his Mogotio township a run for their money.

When will this old rag realize that the days when he was the voice of Kumekucha is long gone??
While the majority of Kumekucha are contributing to Mwarangethe's intelligent posts, this buffoon spoils it with his whins, rumours or catching headlines like this one without any content worth a mature debate.

There is nothing as annoying as an old know it all moronic teacher.

Anonymous said...

Jukwaa must be a lonely place. Taabu whose aging trunk is fully anchored there seems to be fighting to remain relevant in Kumekucha.

You want Kenyans to sympathise with the sick? Well visit Kenyatta where the real suffering is and the doctors are scarse. Otherwise, expecting Kumekucha leaders to give raila sickness a deity mention like its being done in Jukwaa will bring alot of misery to you mzee Taabu and you might die before seeing that day.

Anonymous said...

Raila’s illness none of my business. It’s a personal issue of himself and his family and his Luo fanatics. Not a national issue as he wants to make it look. He should have cut off some of those dramas, which he hoped to use to revive his falling popularity. Instead of recovering privately in hospital and at home, he kept his press service in his room to film him receiving visitors. On being discharged, he went planting trees and addressing media at his home. Kenya didn’t stop breathing for the 6 days Raila was in hospital. Raila’s health is of no or little consequence. Unlike the health of the president which could trigger a snap General Election in case the holder is incapacitated, we would only hold a by-election to fill the Lang’ata parliamentary seat. That’s the plain reality Raila’s bootlickers out to sink in their heads.

Anonymous said...

Is Raila the 1st Kenyan to ever fall sick? Didn’t he find other patients in hospital? Kenya has more important issues to worry about or discuss than his health. Give us more serious news, please.

Kipsang said...

Anonymous said...

Thank you kipsang for exposing the selective hatred and amnesia of Chris and Kumekucha.

He proudly told us how sick Ruto was albeit after consulting his kitui witches.
Last year, he spent a better part of it with his aging buddy Taabu telling us how incapacitated Kibaki was. God does not eat ugali or muthokoi and Raila was down with a stroke when no one least expected it. We all know that 100% recovery is impossible but we hope Raila will be ok.

Lets those gloat about how sick others are be very afraid. I hope Chris is listening.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Bwana Taabu,

It is true that comments that we have read here about Raila are in bad taste and uncalled for. It is very inhuman to joke about such serious issues. It is very sad that we can sink this low.

Having said this, has it occured to thee that, you are also engaged in the same behaviour you are condemning?

Sample this brother. On 1st July, 2009, you wrote an article:

Muthaura Flown to SA,Still Working from ICU.

You went further to write this:

"Hitherto energetic and never-tiring Head of Public Service Francis Muthaura has been flown to South Africa for further treatment. His doctors could not take chances after confirming that arteries in and out of his heart are THINNING. Such calcification is sure recipe for massive stroke. In fact the government has gambled with PS of all PSs, he should have been flown to London."

"Kenya cannot do without the veteran PS Muthaura. His work rate is phenomenon and above all unrivalled. What is more, even in the face of calamity, the good old man can at least afford a half grin, nay smile, for the first time even if on a stretcher. The old man can take just so much pressure after more than 10 years no leave."

"Muthaura’s energy is incredible. With no deputy, he was still working from his HDU bed. Kenyan media must also learn to respect the office of government spokesman. Our penchant to distrust official channels only succeeds in feeding destructive rumours. "

"In the meantime we must collectively wish the good ambassador well as he confronts his own mortality."

"Hopefully the NDE and scent from ICU next door will transform him into a better man. God bless the unofficial emperor."

What do you make of the tone of this article with the benefit of highsight?

And, by the way, villagers are the most decent people. If you look around you will see that all corruption and violence is started and perpetuated by the urbanites and not villagers.

As a matter of fact, it is impossible to see a villager laugh at people who are sick. Villagers are too civilised for such behaviour. Only urbanites can say/write such inhuman stuff. So, massive respect to decent and hard working villagers.

Mwarang'ethe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mwarang'ethe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thank you Mwarangethe.

Once again with a masters stroke of a pen, you have cut open exposed the hypocrite and left him naked in his own party. Thats what we call 10:0 lol..

And you can bet he will have no balls to engage you using his handle.
He will as always result to anon.

What a moron this mzee Taabu has become!!!

Anonymous said...

Well put @Mwarangethe,

Taabu is either a clear case of an aging man suffering from selective amnesia or most likely senility bordering dementia has struck early.

Quoting his earlier snides at Muthaura health while today he stands at the pedestal to condemn his peers must be very embarrasing.

Anonymous said...


You are right, even messiahs fall sick, and should be given their space to recover. But what if the messiah invites you via photos into their ICU, are you supposed to shut your eyes and not see the shower cap they are wearing to hid the hole drilled into their cranium? When the messiah turns his hospital quarters into a drama studio, aren't you supposed to see his huggard look when VP Kalonzo comes healthily calling?

Please, Taabu, we did not invite ourselves into Raila's sickly life. It is this attention-seeking old man who invited us to see him wrap his withering hands around Ms Chaka Chaka while poor Ida stood by grinning like a forgotten discarded statue. And you have the guts to tell us, poor spectators, not to enjoy the spectacle?

Next time begin by advising your messiah on how to behave while in a hospital, and he might even reward you with some shillings for it. But for us, just leave us alone to enjoy the free show patented in Bondo.

Anonymous said...

For the first time I felt sorry for Agwambo seeing him being helped up a few wooden step to go plant a tree. Kumbe hata yeye ananyolewa na wembe ule ule unanyoa IDPs!!!!!!!

And who brought him the kofia he was ill-fittingly wearing? Someone suggested it was to allow the air circulate around the head. Anyway, he needs a good rest and his worsippers should respect that.

Anonymous said...

May Raila live long enough to witness President Kalonzo lead Kenya into peace and prosperity.

M. Pesa said...

Raila is a true Kenyan politician who can't miss such a perfect opportunity to exploit the publicity and public sympathy. Oh boy, the nearly 70 years old hair-dyeing grandpa milked it for all it's worth! He even posed smiling kissing babies for that perfect photo op to show a caring, fatherly and gentle leader. Wow! Kenyan's looked in awe mesmerised at the caring Rt Hon Prime Minister even somehow forgetting his famous Kabila Adui speech that incited his disciples to go on a looting and murderous spree. Only in a banana republic like Kenya!

Taabu said...

You may be right if only you read outside what you have quoted. Seeing the comments here it may be partially true that Raila called attention to himself.


Anonymous said...

quote of the week:

"Oh boy, the nearly 70 years old hair-dyeing grandpa milked it for all it's worth!"

Thanks m-pesa

Anonymous said...

Kweli nyani haoni kundule. Here we are speaking of RAO's stroke while we have been led by a ZOMBIE and demented guys since 2003 and we turn a blind eye. And what about 65 and almost 80 years old ama you must have right DNA?

Anonymous said...

All those making negative comments on Raila's sickness are purely intellectual twits. Only if you could have realised how weak the human body is. It doesn't matter what someone else had said/wrote earlier but what comes forth from your brains thats who you are. If you want to be fair to your little brains, wake up from where you are, look for a mirror and slap thoroughly at your knowledgeable head so that it can gain a little wisdom in dealing with real life issues. Knowledge might be power and that is what you want to display here in KK but I believe with some wisdom you could have been much better being quiet.

Anonymous said...

Referendum in doubt?
The electoral commission has sound an alarm it has no money to mount the August 4 referendum where Kenyans are to vote whether to take on a newly written Constitution.

The Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC) told the Parliamentary committee on constitutional review that the Treasury gave only Sh2.6 billion when the referendum budget is Sh4.6 billion.

Furthermore, the Sh2.6bn has now been used up in responding to unforeseen needs such the Matuga parliamentary by-election due on July 12 in addition to 26 civic by-elections scattered across the country.

Finance minister is alive

More details soon.

Anonymous said...

Those who are not so young will surely remember that in the 90's,a leading opposition figure of that time begged Arap Moi to be allowed to have a taste of the presidency if only for a day before his demise.Is history promising to repeat itself...??

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:15AM

If a son doesn't learn from his father's mistakes, then history has no otherwise but repeat itself; only that this time it will be more melodramatic than ever before.

Anonymous said...

BTW those born when YK2 batallion were busy raping Kenya are now voters (1992-2010). So Jirongo and Ruto have the numbers they help sire and these dotcom voters will not be cheated with scaremongering.

Anonymous said...

Whoever advised the sick PM to plant a mugumo tree in the hospital grounds mis-advised him. That tree requires that it be watered regularly by the one who planted it for it to grow strong. Thus, Raila will have to be "visiting" the hospital regularly to water it. And it is not funny!

Anonymous said...

I now understand what Chrir means when he says that Kenyatta's handlers kept his failing health away from the public by carrying on as if he was ok.I have heard two ocassions to listen to the PM speak since leaving hospital and I can say there's a lot we are not being told,a lot of spin is at play here.The mans voice is weak and croaky not the full throttled one we are used to.Something isnt being told as it is!

Anonymous said...

Atleast some patient can afford a press conference with a weak/croacky voice unlike the ZOMBIE who cannot face even the Kenya press. Only flying to China where language barrier suits him, NO MEDIA. Just ask Gikonyo who the walking corpse is. We suffer sinful selective amnesia. Mad mama in the house too.

Anonymous said...

Did som1 pee on rao? Is he the grave?-latest opinion poll: no-57%,yes-43%

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Taabu,
You have declared Raila to be a grave? Certainly, you can call him a zombie whose messianic image has been drilled holes. You can even call him a walking shadow of his former self. But to call him a grave is to go too far.

Afadhali those who are peeing on him than you who has already buried him alive!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kiengereza ilikuja na meli. Looking at how functionally illiterate comments here are, well you can comment in swahili to make sense.

Anonymous said...

The funny about sickness, death, dying and burial, is that they are equal opportunity life shading events.

As a matter of fact, there so many of us here at Kumekucha - July 6th, 2010 - , God forbid, who will not live to see the next World Cup, nor even celebrate their 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th, 50th, 55th, 60th or 65th birthdays.

Good health is another commdity whose future stock value is unknown issue to many.

Life can take unexpected twists and turns, throwing us a loop or spiral into the worst of times.

One day an individual may be in the best of health, and the next moment, day, week or month, deadly health related issues may come knocking at their doorsteps with dark notices.

Some of the many things that are never to be done while at a FUNERAL.

Never celebrate other people's funeral processions. Not even that of your so called dreaded enemies.

Never laugh at a funeral, make jokes or try and become the pool of attention.

Never disrespect the dead and their families. Always attend or go to the funerals to honour the departed and the family in moaning.

Never use the occasion as an opportunity for reunions, hunting grounds, evaluations of past acquaintances or dreaded relatives, or use it as a platform to for vain self-glorification, as in "look at me now".

And by all means never ever ever have a picnic or pee or spit or vomit on another person's grave.

We all closed the door on Birth (being bron) and the only door remaining for all of us is Death, is the final exit.

Anonymous said...

enough!!! There are some real racist kenyans who are so anti-raila, they make themselves look lkike childish kids. Face it..he is the PM and whether you like it or not, he commands over 50% of nations respect and vote. Reminds me of Obama haters..If you dont like it, emigrate or shut up

Anonymous said...

Anon above- infact rao commands >101% respect so guys stop peeing on him

deroo said...

I hope this post is innoccent and true to its wordings.

On this blog, we have read about Kibaki sickness, even quoting senior private medics of the president. We have read about all kind of ailments connected to a certain section of the polity.

Not more than two months ago, we were treated to a frenzy of the 'ailments' that Willam Samoei Ruto was suffering from.

I have in the three cases mentioned above argued that sickness, life and (GOD FORBID), the equaliser, death are not matters that one wishes to have.

Behold, sickness inhabits any living thing, including trees. Only a nerve triggers a serious ailment.

On this one, please lets be sober arguments and give snide remarks a wide berth. Simple maturity costs nothing.

Anonymous said...

Do cooks and watchmen ever get sick? You should know, please inform us, will u?

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