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Monday, May 17, 2010

Why Kalonzo Musyoka is NOT a Real Politician

It is extremely annoying that at a time when Kenyan minds should be sharply focused on the new constitution the side show provoked by one Kalonzo Musyoka has shifted all the attention to the wrong place. My firm belief is that Kenyans have not put this petty incident in its’ right perspective and yet it is important that we do.

The most important point to note is that it proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Kalonzo Musyoka is NOT presidential material and seems to lack the very basics of politics. Here’s why. Picture Kalonzo Musyoka as president after 2012 and then imagine a situation where wananchi get impatient with him and his presidential speech as they often have with president Kibaki. What will he do? Call a presidential press conference to say that Raila is finishing him politically? Or that he has instructed his followers to embarrass the president? Or maybe ask the presidential escort to arrest the rowdy youths immediately? Come on!!!

If Kalonzo Musyoka doesn’t have the very basic political skills to handle a small section of the crowd at Uhuru Park how the hell is he going to be president? And to make it worse with a new constitution that will require smart folks who can think quickly on their feet?

Admittedly the fact that Kalonzo does not have the very basic “kindergarten political skills” of dealing with a hostile crowd is hardly surprising. The man cut his teeth as a Kanu politician where the most important credentials were how loud you could shout mama na baba while waving the one finger salute. And of course the ability to kneel before one Mulu Mutisya. Hardly the kind of skills that require much mental strain.

When you add the style of politics in Ukambani during the Kanu era into the mix, Kalonzo Musyoka’s behaviour after a few rowdy youths asked him to wind up his speech is not surprising at all. Many younger Kumekucha readers may NOT be aware of the kind of terror that Kalonzo Musyoka and his Godfather Mulu Mutisya used to visit on anybody in Ukambani who did not acknowledge their power. This is definitely not the kind of environment that would promote any skills for competitive politics.

Now you understand why the VP goes ballistic every time some rowdy schoolboy jeers at him from the crowd. How dare they?!!!! Remember the incident in Mombasa in 2007 when the VP reacted by trying to grab a hammer from a rowdy Raila Odinga supporter during a ODM rally? Remember how William Ruto at the same meeting quickly gauged the mood of the crowd and changed tact to his advantage?

Politicians are booed all the time. Jomo Kenyatta faced a very hostile crowd in Nyeri in 1952 but soldiered on with his speech (details are in Dark secrets of the Kenyan presidency). At another incident a rowdy crowd threw rotten eggs in the face of Jomo Kenyatta. President Barack Obama faced rowdy hostile booing crowds a few times during his recent successful presidential campaign. Mostly from radical African Americans who felt his campaign was a betrayal to the black race. Tom Mboya had a very difficult time when he arrived at the Limuru Conference centre in 1960 and was loudly booed by a section of the crowd while another section cheered him on. It was obvious which of his many political enemies had organized the booing and the whole scheme was to exclude him from the formation of a new national political party that came to be known as Kanu, but Mboya did not call a press conference to castigate his enemies. How the hell do you expose yourself in that manner? Interestingly Mboya always did his homework and knew in advance that he would face a hostile reception and so he prepared his counter strategy (the section of the crowd that wildly cheered him so that everybody would know that he was not unpopular and that only a section of the crowd was hostile. Now that is how a politician plays his cards. And I can go on and on.

You see politics is about thinking quickly on your feet and turning a bad situation to your advantage. As well as lots of damage control behind the scenes. That is the very nature of competitive politics anywhere in the world. Sadly all this must be Greek to the VP, as well read as he is.

I have just been reviewing tapes of the booing incident and I must say that Musyoka looks ridiculous waving back the time out signs that the youth were flashing in his direction. Every presidential candidate needs to look "presidential" all the time. The VP amazingly played right into their hands. Burly Fred Gumo gave him a perfect exit strategy when stood up and pointed out that the youth were complaining that it was about to rain and that is why they wanted him to hurry his speech. A smarter politician would have grabbed the que and quickly just laughed off the whole situation and sat down, apologizing about the rain. If the VP was stung, there are numerous other ways he would have dealt with the rowdy youths and those he is sure sent them.

Let us for a moment assume that the whole thing was a smear campaign organized by his political rival Raila Odinga with 2012 in mind (I still don’t see what Raila would gain from organizing such a childish charade, somebody please make me see it). What would be the right response if you were Kalonzo Musyoka? I would certainly not handle it the way the VP has. Assuming that I did not think fast enough on my feet at Uhuru park when it happened and I was taken completely by surprise (terrible for a seasoned politician) instead of calling a press conference to whine and attract attention to my own embarrassment I would have completely ignored the incident and worked hard to show that the youths had achieved nothing and my feelings were not hurt in any way. Instead I would have concentrated all my energies into repositioning myself as a more firm and resolute member of the YES campaign camp. Voters hate indecisive politicians especially after the Mwai Kibaki presidency in Kenya.

Instead, by behaving the way he did Kalonzo has portrayed himself as a whining coward who is easily cowed by a few heckling youths. And in the minds of many kenyans his stand on the new constitution is still Yes, No, No, Yes. It seems his stand would be firmer if Raila odinga was in the the "NO" camp. Kalonzo seems to be obsessed with the fellow. And if I was a heckler I would now have a field day at every opportunity in future knowing how sensitive the VP is to some little heckling. If I was his political opponent I would organize a heckling campaign through the 2012 presidential campaign just to unsettle him. You don’t show people your weakness in politics like that. You just don’t. It is suicidal.

P.S. I laugh heartily when I read all these tribal theories being peddled in the comments section here in Kumekucha on how the new constitution will be defeated in the referendum because of Raila this and Raila that. Or because of this tribe supporting it and that other tribe opposing it. Every Kenyan has a right to an opinion even if it is grossly ignorant and outdated (I dare say this right is better covered in the draft constitution). I will say no more. Let’s just wait for the results after August 4th and we’ll see just how tribal Kenyans really are. And how ignorant the people of Kenya are on the ground. And who told you Raila will win the presidency in 2012?

Poor ignorant armchair analysts they won’t know what hit them.


Guest post by Daniel Waweru

In 2005 referendum campaigns, one of the biggest complaint of the politicians behind the then NO group now ODM was the fact that the YES campaigns were bankrolled by the government. Raila and other politicians in the then NO campaigns called this ABUSE OF POWER and FRAUD. Their argument was that the taxpayers monies should not be used to support a cause that was was not yet constitutional and which in addition was not supported by a majority of Kenyans.

Fast forward to 2010, the ODM party which is now in government has joined hands with the then government and has CLONED AND ACTIVELY PROPAGATED THE SAME SINS they preached against 5 years ago. State funds are now being used to bankroll the 2010 YES campaigns which are being led by Kibaki and Raila. This is a clear case of HYPOCRICY and it should be called out and condemned. Unfortunately, the public kitty is not just being used for the referendum. It is an open secret that these campaigns are being used as a platform to market the 2012 presidential candidates. Most speakers in these rallies are spending more time glorifying their presidential candidates of choise and very little on the constitution. The sad reality is that accountability of these campaign funds is almost impossible and knowing our politicians, it means that most of the monies are being siphoned to private accounts. If Kenyans were shocked by Goldenberg and Anglo leasing, they should then be very afraid since the YES group is a congregation of WHO IS WHO in the CORRUPTION HISTORY OF KENYA.

Kenyans need to demand more of civic educators and less of political rallies since the former are the ones mandated with teaching about the contents of the draft constitution. Its sad that even the money for hiring, training and commissioning these civic educators have been diverted by the government to bankroll their YES campaigns. The time to demand fairness and sanity in this constitutional process is yesterday. But will Kenyans listen or are they already intoxicated by their favourite politicians?

Have you noticed the same politicians enjoying unlimited access to the public Kitty to fund the YES campaigns are the same ones accusing the church of using DONOR funding in their NO campaigns?
As they say, Nyani haoni Kundule.


Taabu said...

Kwani Kalonzo amekula nini yako? Would you please leave the VP alone. We know Kenyans including you are WEANED on abrassive politics packaged in bravado. Not for Steve.

We need POLITICAL HYGIENE and please no pollutants. As you wait to be sweet by saintly NO Tsunami, you better look for the best pastor for redemption.

Your tin god can call others takataka while abusing the church as liars but the holy flock have Steve to thank. Wiper is only walking the talk of siasa ya KATIKATI.



Ati if you were a heckler you would now have a field day heckling the saintly VP?

Well, ushindwe kabisa. And while at it please upgrade you grey matter so that stimulate our commatose minds. We need mind stimulating posts to stir/stimulate our SLEEPING minds. Will you please?


You couldn't have been more right. Yes camp is collectively defrauding Kenyans. Please pass the verdict to Amb. Muthaura.

You are right the 2005 NO team cried foul. But you know what chema chajiuza and the present NO team will wi if they have the moral wind behind their sail. Good luck in convincing UK not to misuse (sorry TYPO) our cash.

Anonymous said...

The heckling of KALONZO in Uhuru Park by Luos has re-awakened the dark clouds of 2007 elections campaigns, and undoubtedly the loser is Raila. The heckling plus what has become ODM anthem of "Ruto Must Go," has removed two communities (Akamba and Kalenjins) from Raila's columns. Now, it is very easy for Raila's opponents to make the case that if Raila becomes president there will be mob-rule where opposition will be heckled and stoned by hired goons from Kibera and Luo-Nyanza.

Anonymous said...

The politics of victimhood being played now by Kalonzo sometimes works miracles in Kenya. Remember Raila used to cry that some people are after his life, or when some junior MPs would call him names he would claim they have been paid and sent by some masters. Remember those claims would work up Raila's supporters. This is exactly what Kalonzo is doing. Akamba are already seething with anger as we talk. Kikuyus are watching on the sidelines wondering for how long these Luo nonsense of heckling/stone throwing can continue. Already, Kalenjins can not believe their ears that Luos are singing "Ruto must go" - the same Ruto who made Raila a PM.

Kaonzo has just played very smart Kenyan politics and that is why Raila is working on damage control like crazy, saying the episode was unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Word circulating in ODM circles is that since the heckling backfired, those who organized it must be reprimanded.

Anonymous said...

Chris you must be preaching to the converted. Just look at the pathetic comments here with people still stuck in gear 1 as pundits of TRIBAL politics.

Well, the Diaspora is lagging far behind the average Kenyan. Their cheap obsession with Raila this, Raila that is so last millennium and pre-2007/8.

Tungoje debe Aug 4. You will all be so bitterly disappointed. Kenyans are far ahead of tribal bloggers here. Katiba is bigger than RAO or Kalonzo.

And while at it Kenyans know a pretender when they see one masquarading as a leader.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Kaluza Kalunza is only good at playing lawn tennis and ... volleys in his backyards while still hoping to make it to the grand slam in 2013.

Wengi husema kwamba kalunza ana tabia sawa na ile ya "Red Light District" huko Holansi.

Promotion of destructive ethnic based politics. Galore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Why is it luos are ready to kill anyone who says anything against raila but they (luos) think it is ok to insult leaders from other commuinities and dont expect those communities to react? All the embarrassments that raila has subjected kalonzo since the rally at Khadija in Mombasa can never be forgotten by kalonzo's people. Kambas were always wary about the idea of a luo president. Now not many kambas can vote for a luo. Luos have also gone about insulting ruto, not knowing the insults are taken as being directed at the kalenjin. If you say kambas and kalenjins are being tribal, again I ask why are luos ready to kill anyone who says anything against raila?

Philip said...

Chris, this is not meant for you but for bloggers here.

I still insist on my stand that "Only few Kenyans have become wiser". That's the reason we are still having many Kenyans cheering and jeering the elitist organisation whose members are our current politicians.

We are heading towards referendum but unfortunately the closer we get the more we discard civic education and embrace decisive politics that will not help us at all.

It's time we need to look closely at clauses in constitution and debate on them instead of debating on Kalonzo and Raila, and succession politics.

Yes, there is tribalism in Kenya, which isn't going to end soon, and when a leader from a tribe gets power normally few people in that tribe gain from it however majority, and can be nearly all bloggers here, don't gain from their tribal leader getting power.

I wish those who are for "No" will tell us their reasons, citing clauses in the constitution, same to those who support the constitution, instead of starting mentioning Raila and Kalonzo who don't care about us at all.

Chris, you have been very right about political games that Kalonzo used to play during Moi days, that mostly intimidated anybody who wanted to stand against him, in the same way we all know nepotism that Raila brought when he became Prime Minister - talk to some Luos and they'll tell you they don't like it, and also in the same way Kalenjins knows Ruto's involvement in maize scandal. In all the cases majority of tribesmen didn't benefit.

We have a chance as Kenyans to either pass or reject constitution, but I hope that it should be based on our stand after reading it, instead of love or hatred towards either Raila, Kalonzo or Ruto. Unfortunately it seems majority of Kenyans are going to pass either Raila, Kalonzo or Ruto, and not constitution. If this is what will happen then I don't see any improvement in Kenya in the near future since there will nobody to rally for the implementation of the clauses in the constitution. It will just be another paper with blank ink.

Philip said...

I repeat the last paragraph again as an emphasis:

We have a chance as Kenyans to either pass or reject constitution, but I hope that it should be based on our stand after reading it, instead of love or hatred towards either Raila, Kalonzo or Ruto.

Unfortunately it seems majority of Kenyans are going to pass either Raila, Kalonzo or Ruto, and not constitution. If this is what will happen then I don't see any improvement in Kenya in the near future since there will be nobody to rally for the implementation of the clauses in the constitution. It will just be another paper with blank ink.

Anonymous said...


I agreewith you that Kalonzo is NOT a real politician because he doesn't know how to organize tribal gons to heckle and intimidate his opponents as Raila does. He needs to shed off his christian and gentlemanly mien if he is going to deal successfully with Thug Raila.

JEFF said...


I am shocked that the Kalonzo incident has been misinterpreted in terms of tribe and 2012 politics.

The way i see it is that Kalonzo's kati-kati stand on the constitution is what did him in and he should not have been surprised by the response he got.

He needs to demonstrate that he is no longer dilly-dallying, he is firmly in the YES camp.

I will give him free advise. When he jets back from Iran, he needs to make a comprehensive statement to articulate his stand, and especially on the abortion, Kadhi's court and land issues being raised by the NO camp.

As long as he will not do this, he will continue to get the kind of reception he got at Uhuru Park. He risks being heckled even in Tseikuru (or is it Yatta?)

M. Pesa said...

Any senior politician who wants to occupy the highest office on land should be brave enough to take a bold and decisive political stand instead of fence sitting like one Kaloser Musyoka.

But as he found out the hard way, Kenyans have wised up and will expose any hypocrisy, deception and fraud they see and rightly so. And just like a little girl, Kaloser blew his top when heckled instead of maintaining his cool thus exposing his lack of political shock absorbers. He even had the guts to lie that NSIS had warned him of the looming heckling so one wonders what actions he took to counter the embarrassment.

This Kaloser guy spends most of his time in beauty parlours having manicure, facial treatment, pedicure and having his moustache and hair being lined up thoroughly in the name of good grooming while his constituents in Mwingi starve to death.

It's true that Kaloser can win lots of beauty contests but he will never win the votes to take him to the big house on the hill that he so much craves for.

Main JT said...

Kenyans have spilled enough blood in the quest for this constitution. It is a journey that has taken more than 20 years and cost countless lives. Do not let the nay sayers drag us back to the dark days.

It is time to plant a tree for posterity, a time for a fresh start, a time to rebuild, a time for peace, a time to say YES to what so many have sacrificed their lives for.

Plant a tree for posterity by voting YES on August 4, 2010!

Anonymous said...


Why dont you just say kalonzo is good looking. In the West it has a lot of political advantages.

On a serious note I think raila and kalonzo will entertain us at political rallies wanting to be close to kibs but uhuru will pita katikati yao. The house of mumbi does not sleep. Kalenjins and kambas cannot now vote for raila, and in a contest between him and uhuru in a second round uhuru will prevail. For the avoidance of doubt am not a kikuyu but I can see the game plan. And did I hear kenyans are no longer tribal? Wont happen for another 100 years.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki was HECKLED and he faced the councillors head with sharp tongue lashing. In th end he showed who the boss is. Kalonzo gets heckled by youths and sees RAILA in the crowd conducting them.

Compare and contrast the two heckling scenarios and see the leader and the pretender. All else is hogwash.

Anonymous said...

Have heard kaleos thanking god for not allowing "that one" to go to stato. If kalonzo contributed in bringing about god's plan then he is a hero. Kavirondos talk of people hating "that one", but your hatred of kalonzo (which is seen as hatred of kambas) is too much. How do you expect ngilu to get you votes from ukambani? Where will "that one" get votes from, after you have antagonised most of the tribes which matter during elections? This talk of "that one" having national support and not needing the blessings of the tribal kings is laughable.

Anonymous said...

I fear we are not leaving gear 1 and soon will safely engage the REVERSE. At this rate, God help Kenyan Diaspora with their BIGOTED minds. Katiba is bigger than RAO, Kalonzo or Ruto. Who will help these midget bloggers?

Anonymous said...

let me for ONCE come to the rescue of VeeP because this Kalonzo bashing is uncalled for and needs to stop once and for all

Chris,who else in Ukambani currently can compare with KM?

i rest my case and please, move on to another political figure you have touched a raw nerve with me on this one bro

Anonymous said...

I think Hon Charity Ngilu can give KM a run for his money hands down - this on the basis of there being no other king pin in Kaoland to beat KM.
As to matters relating to KM being heckled, really, in this democratic age, wananchi have been known to heckle at politicians, the precedent being set when one Daniel Moi was handing over to NARC govt in 2002.
KM should have risen beyond pettiness of blaming Raila for his woes.
Me thinks Raila has bigger fish to fry than to organise hooligans to heckle one non-starter like KM.
KM, up your game if u truly intend to vie for Kenya's CEO's position come 2012.
KM, break ranks and join Ruto & Co rather than having Pogisho do your work for you.

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