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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Referendum: Draft Choking in Shameful Errors

It may sound trivial or even an exercise in hair-splitting. But going through the draft leaves you wondering what a shoddy job of editing it was. Even cutting and pasting in any MS word document would highlight these shameful errors.

Sample this:

24 (2) (b) ...fundmental freedom....

92 (i) ....politcal parties.......

95 (4) (c)...expediture.

115 (3)......emendeds the bill.......

173 (4) .....judicary.......

216 (4).....comission shall determine.....

250 (8) indepenedent.....

254 (3)...a commisssion....

260 county legistlation 'under under'- repeated word ppg 182- oath or Solemn Affirmation of Due Execution of office for a cabinet secretary.....Presidentfor.....


Anonymous said...

Yeah,very trivial indeed!But I guess thats all you can see.While others are intellectually poring over the document discussing the pros and cons of this clause or that,you choose to just highlight the typos and ignore the content.But again thats why you're Taabu...!!

Anonymous said...

Point on anon 8:15pm.
Always trivial, a rumour monger and the fellow is 55 years old.

Jeez, thats an old fool!!!!

kumekucha said...

I am getting sick of seeing these boring repetitive anti-Taabu comments that add no value to a very important issue.

Taabu is NOT anywhere near 55 years old. But so what if he is? And why two different comments from the same IP address to create the impression that it is two different people?

Typos in a document this important, even after "editorial" input from one Amos Wako (who runs the most efficient government unit in Kenya) is a real mystery and very worrying. At least to me. It implies many things I don't want to think or speculate about. For instance it seems easier to sneak in changes rather than run a Microsoft word spell checker through the entire document. Worse still, some typos can devastatingly impact on the entire meaning of a sentence.

This is the kind of post that would sound off alarm bells in the minds of people who think a little deeper about some of these things.


UrXlnc said...

chris, taabu

agreed this is an important document, the window to our country, written for only the second time in fifty years, intended to last another 50 to 100 years, a little more diligence should be expected, a little more attention to detail. meanwhile its time to weigh its contents and decide YES or NO.

katiba sasa, YES

Phil said...


I first saw a similar posting at the Nation website (today's paper) and the first thing I did was to take time to cross-check some of the errors highlighted herein:
ON THE FINAL PROPOSED DRAFT published by the Attorney General on 6th May 2010:

24(2) (b) yes, typo on draft

92 (i) yes, typo on draft

95 (4) (c) yes, typo on draft

115 (3) yes, typo on draft, but mispelt 'amendeds' not 'emendeds' as you indicate on your post (Which draft is that you have!?)

173 (4) yes typo on draft

214 (4) yes, typo on draft

250 (8) yes, typo on draft

254 (3)yes, typo on draft

I delved deeper and cross checked with older drafts.

DRAFT by PSC to CoE on 23rd Feb 2010. (The draft says 23th!) This is the same unamended draft that went through and was adopted by parliament without any alterations.

24(2) (b) yes, typo on draft

92 (i) yes, typo on draft

95 (4) (c) yes, typo on draft

115 (3) yes, grammatical typo on draft; ....amended the bill to fully accommodating.... instead of ....amends the Bill to fully accommodate....

173 (4) yes typo on draft

214 (4) yes, typo on draft

250 (8) NO, typo NOT on draft

254 (3) yes, typo on draft


As you can see above, most of the errors emanated from the CoE/PSC, and the State Law Office failed in its basic task of proof reading.

The attempted correction on article 115 (3) made the spelling worse.


My view is that these typos carry no significance in the face of the law. They also do not change the meaning of any sentence. All of those chapters/clauses are subject to further legislation by parliament.

The Constitution contains the fundamental principles of governance while the Laws to be enacted by the national assembly will establish the specific rules of guidance by which the country is to function.
I saw a post a Jukwaa where by the Katiba Sasa group purported to edit the draft and even went as far superimposing the two draft and this was their findings:

"....We superimposed the two documents and realised the following:

* There were 18841 revisions
* Out of these 5866 were insertions, 3570 were deletions and 9405 were cases of formatting
* There were no comments or movement of clauses

All these were editorial, correction of references, enhancing and clarification of meanings (e.g the word "mentioned" has severally been changed to "specified" or "referred to"), pagination, addition for clarification (e.g. article 230 (1) and article 264) and changes to ensure consistency (e.g Art 1, 2 and 3 - "authority" changed to "sovereign power". Others were prepositional, auxiliary verbs (none distorting meaning or creating ambiguity) capitalisation and punctuation.

We noted two typological errors in Article 170 (5) it is written Kadhi's instead of Kadhis', and the repetition of the word "under" in one of the articles . These, in our view, are insignificant.

In our preliminary view, the AG's office did professional work and adhered to the law as set out in the CKR Act 2008....."

Jabali Mkongwe said...

bure kabisa.... hakuna vile makosa ya kitahajia, au sarufi utaudhuru maana wowote wa sentensi tata kwenya rasimu. tafadhali jaribu kutoangazia mambo yasio na utakua kama tu yule mmoja Moses Kuria, jamaa anaye jipashuguli yakumkosoa Waziri mkuu wakati wowote ule hata pasivyokua na sababu madhubuti.

Taabu, rasimu iliyo mbele yetu wanakenya ni rasimu tuliyoipigania na kudhulumiwa miaka nyingi sana, tafadhali jaribu kuita mjadala kwa mambo ya kimsingi na kimaana pekee..ama tuta potea njia nakuaanza kupiga kelele bure baina yetu wazalendo.


Anonymous said...

Looks like these Africans can't get anything right!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Taabu for catching the typos!

Even the super reader Raila (who reads for all Luos) didn't catch the typos.

You deserve worship for doing better than Agwambo.

Anonymous said...

Not just the typos. I dont agree one gender should get so many legislative seats for free. And they will just go to akina Njoki and atsango: the nairobi based women elites.

Again the executive should reflect our experience, which is that kenyans do not want power to be with only one person. The 2007/2008war was about executive power. The posts of pm and dpms are now part of the current constitution, no matter what happens to the accord (many people dont realise this). Sharing these posts in addition to president and vp posts among the major tribes (that word again!) is essential for peace and stability. This is our experience and a constitution should reflect our (not american) experience. I will vote NO primarily to ensure that our not vey sophisticated tribes do not go to war again after the next presidential election.

But what did raila mean by saying this is a gava project which must succeed? Does it mean if NO is winning, something will be done to fix a YES win? It needs to be clarified because you only participate in elections because there is a possibility your side may win. If you are told in advance that the other side will win, would you participate?

Anonymous said...

nthose a jaz eraz mbro,engrish iz arien ande it came apon tha sheep so njaz rerax and soma nkatiba vire vire irivyo

you still haven't answered my question nani kama KM in Ukambani leo?

Anonymous said...

I saw miguna has made an attack on the media for allegedly inciting the people against his favorite piece of paper: the draft constitution. Will he (and his boss) win that war? I knew the Standard used to pander to raila's supporters just for the bucks. Media all over the world do this: identify a certain group and give them what they want (think Fox). If it is true that the rich are against the draft constitution, as Fr Dolan has alleged, then miguna should know that the owners of the kenyan media are very rich.

Anonymous said...

Typical deceptive Kenyan mindset makes him belittle typo just like UK added zeroes. And who pays for it? When are we to stop living this destructive national lie?

You meet a certified fool when he mouths points out that others are intellectually poring over the document and no input from him. So Mr Fake prof wapi yako, ama you were the dabbist in class and you owe you job/post to that act of deceipt?

Fools never learn. They don't get it neither get ashamed when ignored. Chris just leave them alone. Peddling lies on Taabu won't stick. Obsession with his age (which you always do and its wrong) means you don't know who you are attacking. You just hate his guts to wind/piss you up/off.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the campaigns are turning as Kales Vs others.
Look at the Women group on nation headlines.And they are telling so much raw lies.

Typical of Moi's days where money was used for propaganda.

God help Kenya

Anonymous said...

It was sad watching Raila's presidential hopes go up in flames at Uhuru Park as his goons heckled Kalonzo. The intolerant thuggery exhibited by Raila's supporters has scared off those who were leaning toward Raila and were ready to give him the benefit of their doubt.

What Raila has failed to grasp is that the thuggery that worked so well in the past for him and Moi is no longer acceptable. It is increasingly appearing that a Raila govt would be a govt of thugs by thugs and for thugs. It isn't a preaty picture and a change of tact would be good political hygene.

eric said...

couldn't this guyz apply a simple spell check which is free with most publishing software ? Africans! ati experts this was a committee of quacks like ngunyi says

kumekucha said...

Luka my broda,

Hope you are doing great!!

Actualy you are right. There is none like KM in the whole of Ukambani. Not after the death of Mulu Mutisya.


Anonymous said...

:the new draft constitution is full of 101 errors n ommissions article on Labours relations has an error...Clause 41 sub section 3
3) Every employer has the right—

(e) to form and join an employers organisation; and

(f) to participate in the activities and programmes of an employers organisation
Clause 41 sub section 3 a) b) c) d) have been ommited

Anonymous said...

Shame, but what did you expect. Kenyans are known to be careless and do not care for details. From the politician leaving senior dignitaries waiting to the watchman thinking he is paid to sleep, it's the same story. Which is why mzungus write on their websites that a Kenyan will nod when being given intructions and then goes to do something else. We will never develop until we become årpfessionals from the very top to the very bottom in whatever we do. How can a draft constitution have typos really?!?! You mean they can't even use spell check if they are too lazy to go through it? Or hire someone with all the billions they are getting? 5 students at Ksh1000 each would have saved us this embarassment using only ksh5000.
This might be trivial but it reflects our sick society where even life is trivial. Don't we see people laughing because they are on TV at the scenes of grisly accidents or murders?

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