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Monday, May 17, 2010

Referendum: Green-eyed YES Faces Red Card

Kivuitu and his defunct ECK made us beat two fruits, oranges and bananas, to pull. And now the interim independent electoral commission (IIEC) has gone a notch higher by giving us GREEN and RED as the colours to hug or kick. And the choices couldn't have been more telling

Green is the universal colour of acceptance. But red is love and danger depending on your take. So is IIEC playing games or they are already irreparably partisan by inadvertently stroking the tension of 2005 back? Either the IIEC is a genius or suffering acute intellectual laziness depending on which side you support.

The colour RED is universally associated with danger. Either the IIEC is giving YES camp the green light or wants NO supporters to see red. Better still IIEC is simply painting Kenyan streets red. IIEC had all the time to come with authentic symbols and their superlative wisdom directed them to the two primary colours.

One only hopes and pray that the busybodies will not take IIEC to court in regard to colour blindness. Wikipedia will tell you most men are colour blind to the two colours.

And oh! MELLOW YELLOW is the intermediate colour separating green from red. Any takers out there?


Anonymous said...

Word on the ground is centro is going NO. Ukambani is now firmly in NO after what happened to kalonzo at uhuru park and what ruto said in machakos about kambas in coast being kicked out. Kikuyus are generally wary of anything associated with raila. Of course add the kalenjins who are the drivers of NO. There are no numbers to pass this thing.

Anonymous said...

Sweet dreams bro/sis. Just one month between me and new constitution. By the way you must be very old> 50 or too young< 12 to think this Katiba is about Raila vs Central. Think bro/sis about you and your kindred and not some funny outdated idea of centrovs r/v or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

raila's core followers believe that saying YES means supporting raila and saying NO is rejecting raila. Therefore those who do not support raila know exactly what to do on voting day. It is NOOOOOOOOOOO! Unless the gava somehow knows how to fix a YES win, this thing will not pass.

Anonymous said...

Wow, and the so-called Diaspora claim the moral ground of being above board? Well, the Kenyan terminal disease of deceipt is exported abroad. Now katiba has been reduced to RAILA. Amazing this man, he must be so POWERFUL all shake in their boots at his face.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5/17/10 7:06 AM

I agree with you. The man is so POWERFUL anything good or bad that happens in the county he must bless!! Thats the president we need. Not yellow yellow fellows. And Yes the constitution will pass for those who will vote No coz of Raila. Tumesema!

Anonymous said...

I am shocked the propaganda by church and Ruto is beginning to bear fruits.In an SMS opinion by Citizen TV last night, No was ahead by a slight majority(51%or there about).Surely I cannot understand why Kenyan can reject a good constitution because of a non-issue like abortion.
In any way abortion is not legislation material. My reasoning is that even if abortion was legalized, I doubt it will encourage any sane woman to get pregnant so that she can abort.Also, if you think legislating abortion makes sense, ask the police how many 'arborters' they arrested and charged for the last one year;under the current law whose penal code reads more or less like in the proposed constitution.I can assure you the cases were few and negligible.

Anonymous said...

What Raila and his handlers should have no doubt about is that if the NO camp latches onto this tribal thing,then this draft is as good as defeated.Central this time will provide the swing vote and Kibaki's influence there is at its lowest,not after the way he has continously treated IDP's who were ejected from their farms for voting in his favour.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing the way Kenyans never seem to rise above parochial viewpoints. As a matter of fact the question is-what really changes for you whether the draft passes or fails? As long as we do not change our culture of impunity, new law or old law cannot create a substantive difference in our lives. The rich will grow richer, the middle class will replace them but the poor remain poorer. Nothing to be emotive about-we are draining ourselves for nothing. The vote will come and pass and trust me you will wake up the next day and continue with your hustle. Lets deal with the small issue of the constitution with sobriety and let our conscience guide us. The bitter truth is the world really doesn't care about your skewed passions.

Anonymous said...

Central will narrowly vote "Yes," but the turn out will be poor. They are voting "Yes" because the katiba is dismembering the RV into counties. They understand the dynamics of the RV lands perhaps better than anybody else. They are going to vote "yes" to accept Nakuru as their own county. They will be voting "Yes" to continue the presidential system.

The people from Central are as emotionless as rational people can be. You can see how quiet they are now while other communities are all worked up about the katiba.

After the vote, then they will start interviewing the presidential candidate and making MOUs. My guess is Kalonzo will emerge the favorite candidate in Central deputized by Uhuru (if Uhuru is not indicted by ICC).

Anonymous said...

The heckling of KALONZO in Uhuru Park by Luos has re-awakened the dark clouds of 2007 elections campaigns, and undoubtedly the loser is Raila. The heckling plus what has become ODM anthem of "Ruto Must Go," has removed two communities (Akamba and Kalenjins) from Raila's columns. Now, it is very easy for Raila's opponents to make the case that if Raila becomes president there will be mob-rule where opposition will be heckled and stoned by hired goons from Kibera and Luo-Nyanza.

Anonymous said...

If I were Kalonzo I would head to Nyanza with TV camera in tow and hope and pray that I get heckled. I would do covertly whatever it takes to get heckled. Then I would have the tapes played over and over in Eastern, RV and Central provinces to prove how intolerant of leaders from other communities Raila and his supports are.

Kalonzo should try the following:

Go to Kisumu and say that while we vote yes on the katiba we should tolerate and respect Ruto.
Go to Kakamega and say that it is the turn for Luos to support Mudavadi for president since Luhyas supported Raila in 2007

Anonymous said...

Guys, you wasting alot of precious time on idle talk. Anyway, see you in 2013 when reality has woken some of you from your usual self induced deep ethnic slumber 24/7.

Main JT said...

Kenyans have spilled enough blood in the quest for this constitution. It is a journey that has taken more than 20 years and cost countless lives. Do not let the nay sayers drag us back to the dark days.

It is time to plant a tree for posterity, a time for a fresh start, a time to rebuild, a time for peace, a time to say YES to what so many have sacrificed their lives for.

Plant a tree for posterity by voting YES on August 4, 2010!

Anonymous said...

:the new draft constitution is full of 101 errors n ommissions article on Labours relations has an error...Clause 41 sub section 3
3) Every employer has the right—
(e) to form and join an employers organisation; and

(f) to participate in the activities and programmes of an employers organisation

Clause 41 sub section 3 a) b) c) d) have been ommited

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