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Monday, May 10, 2010

Grim Reaper: CID Boss Gatiba Karanja's Dead

Kenya has lost her top sleuth. CID boss Simon Gatiba Karanja reportedly died at Thika Nursing Home where he was rushed by family members. And what a great loss to the country for a man who headed such a sensitive position during the dark 2007/8 PEV period?

Already speculation galore of how a top policeman would just collapse and die like that. Spice it with the speculation that Gatiba and Iteere were to have a date with ICC's Ocampo later in the day and the mix becomes so lethal. While that is typical Kenyans' cynicism about such high profile deaths, one cannot fail to recall the mysterious death of former police commissioner Philip Kilonzo.

Kilonzo reigned during the late Ouko's murder investigation just like Karanja did over the PEV. Granted, he must have been privy to very sensitive information. The suspicion is even compounded more with Karanja's death coming hot in the heels of former AP deputy boss leaving the country for Germany fearing for his life.

For now Karanja's family needs all the comforting words with the hope that his death was a natural one. At 56, such sudden calamities are rare but who knows? Maybe a policeman's physical fitness exponentially deteriorates as he climbs the ladder in the force hence the ill health.


Anonymous said...

A CID boss just dropping dead like that? Well, Philip Kilonzo knew too much after selling the lie of suicide and had to go. Karanja and his NSIS boss warned of consequences if 2007 elections were rigged and they were ignored. Add the fact that Ocampo is in town and what a valuable witness Moreno has lost.

But no worries, after Kamau came Karanja. So CID will have an ABLE and genetically correct boss just like treasury and KPA. There are SACRED depts, you know!

Anonymous said...

ICC we come. The c-I-chief must be protected at all costs.where is Ali? We beat Troon in his game.Ocampo nani?

Anonymous said...

Kenya's top sleuth is dead


1.Police probe deputy PC death threats - Saved by the bell, he is out of the country now, evidence secure.

2. Kenya's Attorney-General Amos Wako has published the proposed constitution as the country edges towards a new dispensation - Control slipping away & no more cosmetic reforms.

3. Clergy take off cloak for political garb - Political noise distraction & opportunity

4.ODM divided - KKK plot to floor Raila in South Mugirango - distraction & opportunity

5. Desparate Plot to stop Ocampo failed - "PNU members of the Cabinet sub-committee skipped a scheduled meeting at Harambee House and instead went to State House where they allegedly deliberated on ways to block Mr Moreno-Ocampo’s visit"

6. I’ll nail suspects in 6 months - “It’s my duty. The Rome Statute says I have to take into considerations the views and concerns of the victims and the communities affected and that’s why I’m here. I came to Kenya to listen to people,” Ocampo. - Deadline issued and it has been answered back by sacificing thier own.

Look what the players were doing this weekend and check who were FAR AWAY in the "hostile teritory" - he was given a 24 hour poison and people in the know had to get themselves rock solid alibi within those 24 hours, expect his sons to get undue promotion so as not to rock the boat - see who will issue the quite promotions. Its the Dr OUKA playbook.

Chickens coming home to roost or divine intervention or exploiting the opportunity to achieve the motive as in Number 5.

Anonymous said...

Next in line is Ali. He knows too much. He must be NUETURED before he spill the beans to Ocampo.

It is Ouko's playbook. There will plenty of missing bosies and mysterious fatal collapses between now and 2012.

Anonymous said...

The ghosts of PEV are out for revenge. Who is next?

Anonymous said...

Poor Taabu,

As usual like village women he revels on rumours and bar talk. To him this is a big one and the speed with which he has rushed to publish it here tells it all.
Let me see, if you are a top politician, civil servant etc, your cannot die...only the nobodies are allowed to drop like flies.
No big people live like stones.
Those who die must have been killed...

What a load of crap from an old guy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Haiya,you mean to tell us between now till Ocampo concludes his cases,nobody will die a natural death?You are becoming worse than Mwarangethe,reading conspiracies everywhere..!

Anonymous said...

TAABU, as ur name suggests, u r a problem-stricken Luo. It's only Luos who coin conspiracy theories when it suits them. Didnt God create people to die? What evidence do you have to show Gatiba's death was not natural? Cheap rumour-mongering that is typical of Luos.

Family has already said he had ailment history. If it was a Luo family, they would shouting all over there was foul play. Kikuyus are not as primitive like Luos who bootlick Raila's ass hata aki hala.

Even if the 2007 truth was 2 be pursued by ICC, ur god Raila shud be a potential candindate for Hague. Kibaki and Raila filed suspect results in their strongholds, including voting by dead voters.

There4 rigging took place both sides and neither Kibaki n Raila cam claim high moral ground. That means both had a POLITICAL RESPONIBILTY in the 2007 mess and PEV. But Ocampo has repeatedly said he is persuing CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY. That lets Kibaki off the hook.

Raila called mass action (mass murder) and his overzealous tribal goons and supporters turned Kenya into a slaughter house, including uprooting railway, displacing Kenyans resulting in IDPs etc. He forced his way 2 power knowing he, too, had rigged. If he knew he was winner, which did he accept lesser post of PM?

Orengo, Balala, William Ruto and other ODM gangs took up Raila's mass action call. Uhuru and his tribal gangs mobilised Mungki and Kikuyu killings stopped after Naivasha reprisal attacks.

Raila and his ODM gang and Uhuru shud be Hague material is ICC was 2 do justice 2 Kenya's PEV. There4, TAABU aka MISERY, it would be in Raila's interest for security chiefs in office then dead. How would Kibaki benefit from Gatiba's death?

Will all Luos die when ur god Raila die one day or he will never die? Or you'll coin your usual conspiracy theories that he has been killed?

Grow up and use your brains to think not your silly ass.

Joe said...


They are crawling out of the woods again!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5/9/10 10:05 PM

Hakia Ngai ..... the best advice for you is to see a shrink .....tribalism is turning you into a mental case. Utageuka cabbage quite soon at this rate.

See a shrink pronto for your own good, na tafadhali wacha kutukana a whole tribe its meaningless.

Anonymous said...


You have to stop this; Taabu uses Anon to abuse other bloggers he does not agree with. Chris if you are a man enough you have to stop Taabu once and for all.
Check his IP address.
We cannot watch and ignore Taabu as he continue a reign of terror in this blog just because he a contributor. I thought this blog value comments from all walks of life?
Taabu is a disturbed mad man!

Anonymous said...

Poor Taabu! Now he is being accused of INSULTING himself. That is a first one. So he is being branded a disturbed man and that ends up being himself AUTO-ABUSING?

Anonymous said...

Which Karanja did you have in mind?

Simon Gatiba Karanja ("Sigaka") did not resign after the PEV, but it's the other former senior police officer Karanja ('the very angry one') who did not resign but was forced out due to well known reasons among rank and file.

The other Karanja, the former senior police officer, had a lot of baggage dating back to the 1980s and 1990s, and it was just a matter of time before he was shown the door.

His daily rants, raves, throwing of tantrums, blatant insubordination, ignoring to return Hon. Saitoti's official telephone calls, and myopic locking of horns with Maj Gen (Rtd) Ali, were some of the issues among others that forced Kibaki's hand into letting him go.

It goes without saying that some senior police officers still blindly believe that they are entitled to rising to the rank of police commissioner for whatever reasons known to them. "

Who is it that once said "many are promoted to the rank of assistant commissioner of police but only few will ever live to serve the country as police commissioner?

Everyone knows that it's a political appointment and the president has the final word over who gets picked for the police commissioner's job.

I couldn't agree more, ... a police officer's physical health (fitness) exponentially deteriorates (like many Kenyan males in the civil service) as he climbs the (madaraka) ladder in the force hence the suddden death syndrome that has become so common in all branches of the Kenya armed forces.

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