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Monday, May 10, 2010

Kalonzo Musyoka’s Yes-No-No-Yes-stance on the draft constitution

As Kumekucha celebrates 5th brithday
On Saturday 8th May 2010, Kumekucha quietly celebrated its’ 5th birthday.

It was a day for quiet reflection but I got the time to do a post based on an intensive survey I have been doing over the last two weeks or so.

I never started this blog for any accolades or recognition. I was just very focused on the mission to help bring about change in my beloved Kenya. It was not important to me if any credit was ever going to be given to Kumekucha. I am happy to report that if I were to shut down this blog now, it will have helped accomplished much more than I ever thought it would. Kenya has changed forever and is also on the threshold of enormous changes. The job is almost done and it is not important how small or big a role Kumekucha played. What is terribly important is that change has come and more change is coming.

The best way to illustrate how these sudden people-driven changes have caught politicians with their pants down is to carefully consider two individuals and their stance on the new constitution. Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka has been dubbed the Yes-No-No-Yes man. Uhuru Kenyatta’s stance on the draft constitution is No, Yes, No, Yes. Very funny but also very true. The indecision in both is very selfish.

Mr Musyoka hates the fact that a victory for yes would result in PM Raila Odinga upstaging him politically. And so he had to attract attention to himself with his Yes but… stance. The motives are even more selfish for Uhuru Kenyatta. His electorate is itching to crucify anybody who dares oppose a new constitution but on the other hand is his vast family wealth mainly based on massive tracts of land grabbed by his late father Jomo Kenyatta. If the draft constitution were to be enacted, it will almost certainly mean that the family fortune will be wiped out literally overnight.

Kalonzo Musyoka is also shrewd enough to realize that the new political order brought about by a new constitution will mean that the highest political office he will ever hold will be that of Vice President. His dreams of being mtukufu rais will fade into the sunset with the old constitution. Fascinatingly and eeringly too, the old constitution seemed to have greatly favoured cowards for the presidency (read my book Dark secrets of the Kenyan presidency and you will be amazed) and that is why Jomo Kenyatta became president rather than General Dedan Kimathi and Daniel Moi rather than J.M. Kariuki or Tom Mboya. And Kibaki rather than Ken Matiba or Charles Rubia. And therefore chances were that Kalonzo Musyoka or Uhuru Kenyatta would have ended up as president rather than Raila Odinga or William Ruto. I have used those names just as examples and nobody should interpret it as my preference for any of those individuals to be president.

My point is that now with a new constitution, Kenya will have a truly new dawn where I see the new political faces being totally unrecognizable for those used to the old order of things.


Phil said...


Happy 5th Birthday.

Indeed, it has been a long and quite journey. I remember at one time you had to fight with a porn-poster. Another time with 'Kioko of BC Canada' and at other times with a drunk Vikii.So many varied characters, PKW, Kwale and the so called F1 driver.....!!! How can I forget JEFF wa Kivaki.

Let's hope you can get your act together and put back this blog where it used to be.

Many happy returns, Chris.


having said all that, Chris, there is no chance in hell that William Ruto will ever be P.O.R.K. All factors work against him. Even now, we all know that his latest political posturing is meant to get back at RAO who has refused to succumb to his idiotic Nyayo era blackmail.I do not see a presidential material in any of the current MPs from Kaleo-land. Zakayo Chruiyot? Isaac Ruto? Joshua Kuntuny? My understanding is that the voter is actually ploting to overhaul the August House and that you will see a complete new set of MPs. It is a grand coalition and the fall out was always bound to happen in a mixed grill government which Kivuitu was forced to impose on us.

BTW - Did you see the maize story in the Sunday Nation? This scandal is growing by the day. Tax payers reportedly lost an estimated Kshs. 23B! (no typo)...and then you have someone saying he was the best Agricultural Minister in Kenya since independence????? Rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to the entire Kumekucha team, from blog owner, to writers, haters, admireres, by standers, curious onlookers like NSIS and journalists, etc.

may kumekucha live to blow 1001candles.

M Pesa


Mike Pesa.

JEFF said...


My assertions that Kalonzo, my MP for 25 odd years, only loves himself have been previously dismissed as mere every one can see!


I did not imagine that you and i could be on the same team in this lifetime....but then the rains, good weather, bumber harvest (even in Kalonzoland) is a sign of good things to come....

Anonymous said...

I sense church leaders are beginning to have an impact on the flock.

Phil should just cut his long story short and say that save for one rao, no one is presidential material in kenya. But even our short history shows that people who are dismissed and mocked tend to get elected. Most political parties around the world have atleast two opposing wings. Normally the person endorsed to carry the party's flag does not have strong views on anything.

Taabu said...

Yes it has been 60-odd months and counting. Man, how time flies? And in that duration we have seen them all coming in different shapes and shades. Evangelists, pseudo philosophers, psychologists, F1 drivers, fake dirge singers, apologists, obsessed political pundits, name them.

Well, we have been there and back and still around, WATA DO? Expect simple minds to get obsesssed with discussing people and giving ideas wide berth.

Anyways navigating the Kenyans political landscape in an adventure filled with plenty of emotions. It is both thrilling and nuseating. The mines lurk everywhere. But thanks to KK we have trailed the blaize.

Newbies arrive here waxing lyrical and patriotic but before they shout hate, they have fallen on the same sword. The spicing is even more hilarious when KK bloggers invent and re-invent themselves only to fall back on the tried and tested.

Airheads will come cheerleading and with brains in commatose demand thought-provocking posts. Well, there is no profession that messages idle minds. I know it sounds and reads very divisive but even Jesus was the most divisive figure of his time. Blasphemy? Well, bring it on.

The unpleasant truth is that tickling people's fancy is never KK's forte. If you cannot stand the heat, the kitchen's door is wide open and please remember to close the door behind you. Nothing personal na sio kwa ubaya.

Long live KK. Aluta continua, NA BADO.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Happy Birthday! May Kumekucha have many more blogy birthdays to come.

Yes indeed, time goes by when fun is on your side, or as they say "when you are having such a jolly good time."

Happy Birthday to Kumekucha for it has lived to survive the odds because I don't need to expose the number of other blogs connected with nyumbani affairs and have suffered from gradual starvation due to lack of ... abc and died slow but agonizing deaths.

Credit may never be given to Kumekucha when it counts but readers will always know when some news ideas, issues and events are brought to their attention, and where some writers, bloggers, pundits, politicians, and pedestrians get their material and certain ideas from.

Some wise people always forget the fact that they first read 'it' @ Kumekucha before the onset of embellishment, memory lapses and the usual selective memory.

FYI, Kenyans has woken up thanks to self sustaining blogs like Kumekucha and others out there.

Kenyans have awakened, kumekucha nchini Kenya and things will be the same again because of their constant vigilance through other avenues of communication that extend 1000 of miles beyond the traditional media house in Kenya.


The clergy men were also caught off guard, with their pants down if I may state so, for they never expected to encounter the ongoing reaction from their one time "faithful followers" and the general public.

I guess, some people failed to see the writing on the walls of their churches as well as gauge the situations (signs of the times).

As for the flip floppers, let them continue to dig themselves into a deeper hole of indecisiveness and early political graves.

Kalonzo Musyoka and Uhuru Kenyatta are exactly what so many Kenyans have thought them to be: spineless political leaders.

'Cowards for the Presidency'? Now that's a title of your next book to be released by 2012.

Happy Birthday Kumekucha as Kenyans continue to usher in a truly new dawn.

Thanks for hosting us and being very patient with some of us @ Kumekuca.

Anonymous said...

Let the 'Yes' people have their referendum and the 'No' people have theirs. We can then meet afterward and 'Harmonise'

Anonymous said...

I congratulate KK on it's 5th birthday. Aleast I have been around for almost 2 years on this blog, formerly as Sereast and now as annon. I prefer to remain annon.

Having said that I have also seen Chris grow greedy and try to use this blog to make some quick cash. Am sure that kills the spirit of the blog. The best way to monetize here is thru adsense, so things like subscring to raw notes or paying for links just don't wash. If not then start hard print gazetti (Kumekucha weekly) and include a classifieds section.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday bro,
why didn't you want us to bake a cake with a picture of your EAR on it(not your face si kwa ubaya lakini your identity has to remain secret bwana)

5 years on this blog is one of the most famous in sub-saharan africa and giving credit where its due umetenda makubwa hapa bwana-kudos and please have an ALVARO on me at Mama Akinyi's there in......

Now if only i could congratulate you on your choice of LINGALA but for a man who likes Samba Mapangala there is little i can say

Anonymous said...

Taabu said...
Yes it has been 60-odd months and counting. Man, how time flies?
Why the question mark?
Why not, How time flies!

Taabu said...
But thanks to KK we have trailed the blaize.
The saying goes, we have blazed the trail. Meaning we have led the way.
Kumekucha Proof-reader

Taabu said...

Thanks for the CORRECTION. Pole, Kiengereza ilikuja na meli.

Anonymous said...

From those who study body language, take a look at the Daily Nation front page photo. Things are indeed elephant. Notice how the AG's demeanor has changed. The ever present smile is no more. Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Minister is humbled with his hands behind his back while Ocampo's folded arms convey a sneaky confidence akin to " I Got This Gentlement"

Anonymous said...

There is panic in the "YES" corner. NISS reports from the provinces are in and the picture is not pretty. Kibaki and Raila are asking for help from every hand on the deck before the ship sinks. Now they want Kalonzo and Uhuru, Kombo and Karua to come to the rescue. Hata Mama Ngilu anatakikana to lend her shrill voice. And they had told us the "NO" people are small frogs.

Kibaki and Raila better deliver this time. For me it is Yes to the presidential system, Yes to the County devolution unit, and Yes to the One person one vote - it is YES all the way through.

I am happy that Raila saw the light and abandoned the Majimbo Ya Ukabila ODM had proposed. SASA LETA NDEBE.

Anonymous said...

Jameni, where is Vikii to lend support to kalonzo and uhuru. trust him to go awol when the rest of the pretenders to the throne: kalonzo uhuru, eugene etc all watch as agwambo plays chess. mambo ya draughts iliisha.
by the way happy b'day kumekucha, have been 'popping' in and realized that the perennial haters all seem to have given up....just like the rest, they are watching from the sidelines in awe as agwambo BLAZES THE TRAIL (KK proofreader are you listening?) Boy, am enjoying this na BADO!!

kenyaonly said...

...Happy Birthday Kumekucha,

UrXlnc said...

Happy 5th Anniversary well deserved and earned

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