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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Kibaki Drafts Legacy in Historic Interview

Breaking News: Headed to the Hague, the names that will NOT miss Ocampo's list

He faced the scribes with alloyed intellect oozing from both lips. Outlining his singular determination to lead the war on terror to keep Kenya safe, Kibaki has just inked his legacy with golden letters. Kenyans couldn't have asked for more after HE Kibaki promised to do all in his EXECUTIVE powers to secure a new constitution after a 20-years' struggle.

President Kibaki won’t have chosen an opportune time to emphatically answer his critics who have pilloried his presidency as lacking in both charisma and leadership. First he disabused his interviewer with his unequivocal support for the draft constitution. And having stolen the wind from his detractors’ sails Kibaki took centre stage with his best wits ever this millennium.

Never try to belittle an LSE graduate must be the message his interview took home. Straight to the point, Kibaki debunked the street rumour about his EMOTIONAL PLURALITY. And Lucy couldn’t have been happier with his darling hubby. Woe unto Mary Wambui with all her deceptive gimmicks to associate with the first family.

Forget about the fraudulent Synovate poll paid by those who always lead it. You must be numerically illiterate to believe the lie that HE Kibaki trails the loudmouthed PM. What is more, true Kenyans know who exclusively wields power in Kenyan.

The eight-year wait for an exhaustive interview was all worth it. Kibaki was at it best articulating the vision and legacy he wants to bequeath Kenya. He not only talked big, he acted large too. By choosing to talk to foreign press, HE must have borrowed a leaf from Tanzania’s ex-president Mkapa in shunning local parochial journalists. And the difference in focus and depth was all there for all to see.

Kibaki has smartly ushered his twilight presidency by leading by example and from in front. The CEO has shown he is an effective manager of Kenya plc. His candid interview has set the bar so hire so much so that the other pretenders to opinion poll premiership are left scratching the surface. All kudos must go to the intellectually astute president.


Joragem said...

Is this an April fools joke?

ME said...

I think that you posted this a few hours before fools day.

Anonymous said...


Forget about Kibaki's legacy; your immediate concern should be whether your ancestral Mogotio is going to be a jimbo or a county, and whether "foreigners" will be allowed to stand for councillors in the elections. My guess is that those who hold on to the myth of "ancestral lands" will go the way of the dodo pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

To hell with tribal Majimbos. Long live cosmopolitan Nakuru county!!!!

Anonymous said...

Opinion poll by Synovate stirs Daily nation into issuing a surprising "COMMENT" on the draft constitution!

Anonymous said...

The wish for relevance is really strong among us humans. Taabu thinks he was missed.

Anonymous said...

What a joyful day!? The tribal majimbos as proposed by ODMorons through James Orengo have just been defeated in the parliament. Finally, there is hope that our beloved country shall rise from the ashes of the Kiambaa Church.

It is a momentous step forward away from the ethno-barbarism of the RV.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 1.03am.

Do not forget the Naivasha family tragedy!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3/31/10 12:50 AM - “Right ON” - but Very little too late

Since the ERROR of "Watu wa Nyumba" is coming to an end the nation is trying to slyly position itself as pro the people. All of a sudden resource allocation is skewed blah blah blah
What you are not told is BY WHO

Do you remember "Moi should go to herd goats" - We are going to be bombarded by daily demands of how Kenya should be now that power is unquestionably shifting - these demands were incidentally undisclosed during the last seven years - even during the traumatic theft of elections and sinister swearing in, THE NATION shied away from calling A SPADE by its true name, instead it sent readers in a wild goose chase while insinuating through half-truths that the people who had HIJACKED THE STATE were not involved in any wrong doing.

We know the chameleon that is the nation, and we know the interest it represents so no surprises there - This comment just affirms the writing is on the wall, The”HOUSE IS ON FIRE” and power is finally and conclusively moving back to THE PEOPLE.

It’s a cynical attempt to put itself on the side of the people while all along its been defending the regional power elite whose only preoccupation was milking and plundering the state/wanainchi

"What Kenyans are trying to do is to alter the structure of power in order to hold the political class to account” --- If you read this statement from the article you might be forgiven if you think the writer has been living in the moon and just landed in Kenya for the first time. Was that not what Kenyans did in the last election? was that not why the last referendum was defeated ? Was this not why people die in the rift during every election? This has been happening since the days of Kenyatta’s theft - the only time the Nation was has come out fighting and not just calling a Spade a Spade but carrying THE SPADE was during the MOI ERROR and you wonder WHY? The "HOUSE" was waging a fierce proxy battle through to get back resources they considered theirs, after that it went back to sleep and all of a sudden it’s now on the side of citizens.

Just like we are changing the constitution, if this comment signifies that the SYCOPHANTS at the nation are also on the way out and TRUE BELIEVERS are in that is a good sign, otherwise this is just one of the many gimmicks THE NATION employs to avoid scrutiny and confuse pundits.

And lastly shame on you when you write such a loaded comment ANONYMOUSLY - what is it you hiding if the writers are genuine. INVINCIBLE COMMENTATORS are for real bogs not a supposedly mainstream newspaper. This seems a last effort ditch to threaten MPS
Not in your camp with blackmail.


Anonymous said...

ICC authorises Kenya chaos investigation ...

There you have it, Kibakis legacy is now stating to be written.

Anonymous said...

Woooooooooooooooi. Ocampo is coming for the murderers! Where shall they hide? Not Kibake nor Raila will shield them! It may take time but it will be justice to us ahois. look out killers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Woooiiii....Ocampo amefike...Nitajificha wapi jameni...Munisaidie waseee

Anonymous said...

It is a non fact that nation is a mouth of a certain ethnic group . And usually writes in a skewed way , if you happen to support another province of the contry they will alway breject your comments .To hell with the Nation Newspaper ,sychophants and trial paper .

Okammbo said...


Hokambo Yuanja na ujira wake mukonon. Those 20 people better brace themsevels, wakati umewandia!

Anonymous said...

Some Raila supporters may have missed this seeing as its all about constitution and Ocampo: - Raila is nolonger ahead in Rift Valley Opinion Polls and trails Ruto in that Province by 7%

I wonder if the armchair political scientists like Miguna Miguna now understand they are adding NO value to Agwambo's team.

Raila is not tops in 2 most populous provinces in the country (Central & Rift Valley) and Eastern province too. Basically means even if he has 5 provinces, he cannot muster the majority votes

Anonymous said...


1. Ocampo was finally authorized to investigate tribal and genocidal impunity in Kenya.

2. The tribal majimbos as proposed by ODMorons through James Orengo were defeated in the parliament.

NB. That means that ODM & PNU tribal warlords are in the crosshairs of the ICC, and more importantly, ODM must find another campaign platform for 2012 divorced from the "kabila adui" genocidal war cry.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, 3 kids killed by Kenyan Police in Watamu today. What the f*k is wrong with the kenyan police?!?!

Anonymous said...

Man, its all gone wrong for ODM in the last two years. Very wrong that nothing they have advocated for has materialised. There is still a chnace that the constitution might not be supported by all during the referendum. Bad times ahead.

Evne the Synovate Poll puts Raila at the mercy of other provimces. Imagine going to an election without three provinces that control 4 million votes.

Nyanz is not 100%, Western not 100% and Coast and Norrth Estern equally shared.

If KKK materilises and Eugene keeps Ford Kenya awake, then bad times ahead for raila

Anonymous said...

All Raila haters..this is about Kibaki and his legacy. Must you always invoke RAO's name..Does he haunt or something? Or you feel good about yourselves only after bashing his name. You are trully suffering from Raila Phobia

Anonymous said...

Mary Wambui for PLESIDENT!!

Kibaki is a liar and a crook even to her 2nd wife and daughter whom he disowned.

Anonymous said...

OCampo nail them, slap them, kick the asses of these thieves and free Kenya from banditry. Kazi iendelee should not be the order of the day.

Fish starts rotting from the head. Ocampo start from the top and dont forget to put in those who forced ECK to release results prematurely. They triggered violence. Dont forget those who met Mungiki in the house in the hill. Tell us what was discussed there.

Kenya must be freed from these dark faced colonialists!

Anonymous said...

Raila haters should go to Nation Knewspaper , they have their voice there .

Anonymous said...

Government takes over Mau Mau case

"Last week Prime Minister Raila Odinga instructed the Attorney General to follow up the case in the UK and ensure the Mau Mau war veterans get justice.

Previous governments had neglected the Mau freedom fighters and many of them died without enjoying the fruits of their struggle".

The government has taken over a case instituted by freedom fighters against the British Government.

The Mau Mau freedom fighters are suing the British Government for torture committed during Kenyans struggle for independence.

Already, the Attorney General Amos Wako has been in touch with the Solicitors and Barristers acting for the Mau Mau veterans and will identify a suitable Queen’s Council to assist in the case.

The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) has been representing the veterans win the case seeking reparations from Her Majesty’s Government for atrocities committed against the Mau Mau during the state of emergency period (1952–60).

The British moved to strike out the case on the ground of state succession. It said the Kenyan government was legally liable for colonial era tortures.

On Thursday, Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula refuted the claims and said Kenya will not accept any liability as it inherited the sins of the British colony and the British government.

"The Kenyan government disabuses any notion that any responsibility for torture committed during the emergency was inherited by the Kenyan government at independent," Wetangula said in a press conference.

He added that the government would support the veteran’s case in an application hearing set for June in the UK.

Already the British High Commissioner in Nairobi has been briefed on the government’s decision.

"The government is in full support of this case in every aspect. It will not be a bystander, it will be more than partners with the victims groups and the KHRC and lead the way," said Wetangula.

The minister asked the British government to lessen the costs of litigation by admitting liability in order to allow the case to move to the next stage of settling damages.

Last week Prime Minister Raila Odinga instructed the Attorney General to follow up the case in the UK and ensure the Mau Mau war veterans get justice.

Previous governments had neglected the Mau freedom fighters and many of them died without enjoying the fruits of their struggle.

"For over 40 years, Mau Mau remained a banned organisation until the Narc government came in to lift the ban. This has enabled the government start seeking for redress," said Wetangula.

The AG, who was present, asked Kenyans in their own volition to support the Mau Mau Veterans.

Others who were present included Mau Mau Association Spokesman Gitu Wa Kahengeri, a colonial DO who resigned during the emergency John Nottingham, George Morara and Muthoni Wanyeki of the KHRC.

Anonymous said...


1. Now that wachenzi majimboist were defeated in parliament, how are you going to stop "foreigners" from councillors and MPs in Nakuru, Laikipia and Trans Nzoia?

2. Now that land will not be controlled by silly county councils, how are you going to stop the "foreigners" from buying your "ancestral" lands?

3. Now that certain communities especially the Kikuyus, Kisiis and the Luhya are going to go land buying full throttle, how are you going to stop these "foreigners" from naming the land they buy and the villages they create their vernacular names? Eh?

4. And now that the retrogressive forces of ethnic majimbos wameshidwa when are they unleashing the armaggedon?

CAVEMEN MUST COME OUT AND SEEK SUNSHINE AWAY FROM THEIR TRIBAL CACOON, otherwise they will go the way of the dodo. Every Kenyan must be free to buy his acre of land wherever he wants. That is the message of the New Constitution, and I LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...


Is ODM going to endorse the constitution in the referendum and BETRAY THE KALENJINS by endorsing the division of RV into irrelevant counties?

Anonymous said...

I agree, this post is about Emilio's legacy and not about the oily-faced, hair dyeing buffon nor of his shattering ambitions or collapsing party. Let's stick to the topic.

Anonymous said...


Wazungus take credit in the draft constitution

Kenya parliament approves 'historic' draft constitution
"It was only pressure from foreign donors that forced a return to multi-party politics in 1992"

Both the president and prime minister backed the vote on the constitution
The Kenyan parliament has approved a draft constitution, after nearly 20 years of acrimonious debate.
The new constitution goes to the Kenyan people in a national referendum later this year.
The document provides for greater checks on presidential powers and more regional devolution.
As part of a power-sharing deal to end deadly riots following elections in December 2007, it was agreed that a new constitution would be written.
The previous constitution was criticised for concentrating too much power in the hands of the president.

We have gone through a very difficult time and I'm quite sure myself this is the greatest step we have taken so far
President Mwai Kibaki
The draft constitution also recommends:
• power be devolved to a senate and a network of local counties
• the president should no longer be able to appoint judges
• MPs appointed to a cabinet position should be obliged to give up their parliamentary seat
President Mwai Kibaki told Bloomberg news agency: "We have gone through a very difficult time and I'm quite sure myself this is the greatest step we have taken so far."
His power-sharing partner, Prime Minister Raila Odinga, said it was a "historic moment".
An earlier attempt to amend the constitution failed five years ago.
Calls for a new constitution began during the time of President Daniel arap Moi, who stepped down in 2002 after 24 years in power.
Many felt the presidency was too powerful as during the 1980s opposition political parties were outlawed and his regime was accused of human rights abuses.
It was only pressure from foreign donors that forced a return to multi-party politics in 1992.

Anonymous said...

Twilight Presidency while IDPs root in various camps around the country as of April, 2010.

He not only talked big, he acted large too, while 80% of the Kenyan population is still being suffocated by a grinding poverty.

Intellectually astute toad-in-chief who has never published a book, delivered an intellectual address to the nation, parliament, students, working class, diplomatic corps nor to the common mwananchi.

Kibaki's Legacy = nothing but shameful IDP, PEV, Heightened Ethnic Tension, MKM Propaganda.

He's legacy is written in stone on the wall of shame.

Thank's for your April 1 Legacy that will go a long way in stroking the toad's ego.

Anonymous said...

Some concerned Kenyan was heard asking, "when will some of these politicians be taken to the ICU? Why is Ocampo and the ICU people taking such a long time? We want to see these crooked Kenyan politicians put under (arrest) as soon possible. The ICU is waiting for them."

Anonymous said...

ICC: does Kibaki has a date with Ocampo? Does Bashir get a companion?

looking at some of the events in the week in Kenya, one gets the feeling that Kibaki is on the spotlight.

And all this came to light when it was reported that the now released "confidential" report at the ICC calls for Kibaki and Raila to be investigated.

1) KKK mps agree to support Ruto on regional /devolution amendments. Then they make a 360 degrees turn, which makes Ruto mad!
Why?- all geared to ensure the draft does not see the light of day.The arguement is that RV will reject the draft if Ruto's amendments fail.
2) KIKUYU religious leaders have started a campaign against the draft constitution. Forget that Kibaki asked them to support the draft.He was only playing politics.
The position held by these KIKUYU religious leaders supports (1) above-that our Kibaki is safer if the current constitution stays in place!
3)Kibaki is not a man who has been known as self searching. The interview he gave was surprising-"President Mwai Kibaki told Bloomberg news agency: "We have gone through a very difficult time and I'm quite sure myself this is the greatest step we have taken so far."
In his Easter message-On that note, the Head State urged Christians to take time to pray for the nation and seek forgiveness where they had strayed from righteousness as individuals and as a nation".
4) Waki chose to give the sealed envelope to Kofi and not Kibaki.why?
5) Why has ICC kept the names secret? Can it be that by 2012 the current constitution, and pray that the draft goes through, will not shield the current commander in chief of the armed forces against the mayhem that was after the disputed elections?
6) Waki report is very clear that the Naivasha massacres were planed and financed from State House. That is where the commander In chief lives!
7) What does the Rome statutes, re ICC say about commission and or ommission of the commander in chief of the armed forces?

It is all clearer that Ocampo had the greatest influence on what happened as relates to the debate on the draft constitution in the week.
KKK and their religious leaders are out to scuttle the draft constitution and shield their commander.
All must go out and advise RV and proponents of Majimbo that they are being taken for a ride. They should be told to vote the for the new constitution and amendments can always be done later.

Anonymous said...

P A C I F I C O A . A G A B I N
Professor, PHILJA, and Dean
Lyceum of the Philippines University – College of Law


Anonymous said...

While there is some agreement in this jurisdiction that the doctrine of
command responsibility1 is considered part of the customary international law that
1 The doctrine is now embodied in Section 28 of the Treaty of Rome which
(28) In addition to other grounds of criminal responsibility under this
Statute for crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court:
(a) A military commander or person effectively acting as a military
commander shall be criminally responsible for crimes within the
jurisdiction of the Court committed by forces under his or her
effective command and control, or effective authority and
control, as the case may be, as a result of his or her failure to
exercise control properly over such forces, where:
(i) That military commander or person either knew or,
owing to the circumstances at the time, should have
known that the forces were committing or about to
commit such crimes; and
(ii) That military commander or person failed to take all
necessary and reasonable measures within his or her
power to prevent or repress their commission or to
submit the matter to the competent authorities for
investigation and prosecution.
(b) With respect to superior and subordinate relationships not
described in paragraph (a), a superior shall be criminally
responsible for crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court
committed by subordinates under his or her effective authority
and control, as a result of his or her failure to exercise control
properly over such subordinates, where:
(i) The superior either knew, or consciously disregarded
information which clearly indicated, that the
subordinates were committing or about to commit such
should be considered part of the law of the land, the question posed in this paper is:
how high up the chain of command should the doctrine be applied? Does it go all
the way up to the President, who is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces2? It
is the thesis of this piece that the question should be answered in the affirmative.

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