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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

America Must Let Kenya Bleed Herself Dead

So US foreign secretary Hilary Clinton has arrived and even before opening her mouth Kenya is the recipient of all barbs. Already Johnnie Carson is breathing fire and brimstone. The good ex-envoy to Nairobi is wielding the proverbial big stick singling our Wako and Aaron Ringera for thrashing.

Clinton will come, kick all the dust, generate all the heat and leave us with no light. And the bogeyman Carson must not belittle the world-renown lawyer Wako whose unique and sharp intellect Kenya has been lucky to enjoy for close to two decades. Johnnie needs to ask East Timorese what a brilliant legal mind Wako is before he suffers the wrath of permanent smile.

By attacking Ringera, America is becoming a global activist serving the interest of our numerous selfish NGOs. The dragon slayer is one smart lawyer whose Shakespearean pedigree is unrivalled. Show me any more qualified Judge speaking the right language to replace Ringera and I will show you a dreaming Waki.

Our own PORK
For goodness sake the K in KACC is for Kenya and not Kansas. And the ex-junior senator of New York must not act as Obama’s catapult to vomit on our lawns. We are a sovereign country and we can butcher ourselves all the much we care and only us can stop that not POTUS nor Hilary. We have our won intellectual PORK.

The West's obsession with so-called Agenda Four is nauseating. Four comes after three and we have no Agenda Five, so why the hullaballoo? We will tackle REFORMS at our own pace and we won't allow ourselves to be pushed nor please anybody. Kenya has its owners and the tenants including the enveoys must know their legal limitations.

TJRC is originally ours and we won’t modify to please global bullies, NEVER. The Friday cabinet meeting will be used to drive the point home and leave pretenders to power holding the political bathtub without the baby. NA BADO.


JIMMY said...

TAABU, A GOAT IS WISER THAN YOU. YOUR THINKING IS WAY BELOW A GOAT BEING LED TO THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE. Let Cason and them fight for the common you unless you are in the pockets of the criminals

Anonymous said...

The "know-all" Americans are in town and their local awe-stricken cheerleaders are out of their woodworks. The best strategy is to allow them to listen to their own lectures and echos.

For the lest of us, it is time to look for any business openings by interacting with the non-american delegates.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how some of these foreigners find their lecturing voices when they come to Africa. And what is even more amazing is how some Africans de-wax their ears in advance in readiness to listen to the vomit.

papa plus said...

If am not wrong, Taabu is being facetious. Don't compare him to a goat.

Anonymous said...

Taabu "albeit" Taboo
Raila is wrong in asserting that Africans do not need lectures on governance. Ati they may do with lectures on how to trade. Nonsense. How can you trade well when you have no governance structures to make your trade work? Infact the converse is true: just put in good governance and trade will take care of itself. Kenyans living out of Kenya are doing very well and are remitting 3 billion shillings to Kenya monthly. Because they live in environments with good governance. I will ask the proverbial question; which came first, the egg or the chicken: governance or trade?

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, this is meant to be a sattiristic or a mockery of our system. Don't take it at face value. Think deeper man, it might help you decipher the knwoledge in here and be more appreciative, unless you are the he-GOAT!

Anonymous said...

In today's nation. Tom Vilsack, the Ruto of US, was asked how the US could assist Kenya to improve food production. He said "it is upon Kenya to tell us but from my observation the country has all it requires"

Why complain about foreigners lecturing you while it is you asking for it. You are even asking the world to tell you what you need. Others should do everything for you. Is this what is called the baby moses syndrome, psychologists?

Anonymous said...

Mary Odinga,pyramid architect then a consular to somewhere in the US.Why do you find it surprising when the brother tells off those calling for good governance?In Kenya,corruption is always rewarded.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, try 'JUST JIK IT' to fix stubborn stains in your brains that are responsible for your warped thinking. The only 50 sth moron who was awarded government scholarship by MOI and ended up brainwashed by the 'Mzungu self righteousness' The Americans you tend to worship are worse killers and more corrupt than 100 Railas or Kibakis of today. Its like a pot calling charcoal black. But for Taabu, he seems to think with his head stuck between the legs of a Mzungu or his god Raila.

Poor mzee.

Anonymous said...

Kweli Kenyan leaders have no shame! It was just the other day our two useless principles were pleading with the international community to donate food aid for our starving citizens. How come I never heard them yapping of sovereignty then during their begging missions?

We are in the land of plenty but we still cannot even feed ourselves! alafu Raila opens his big mouth about sovereignty.....

Anonymous said...

Listen to the former chairman of the ECK Samuel Kivuitu

"I recall in 2007 just before polls two ministers approached me separately. They asked me a question that puzzled me! ‘What if Raila Odinga was to win the presidency and lose his Lang’ata seat?’" he says. "I told him the law has to be applied."

I never took the ministers’ inquiry seriously until the second asked the same question. That got me puzzled. What could be in store?"

He thought of meeting Raila to give him the information but decided not to for fear of being seen as partisan. Kivuitu then sent a top Western Diplomat.

He also sent the same diplomat to the Government "to warn them that any attempt to do anything fishy in Lang’ata constituency could lead to chaos."

One of the ministers wanted Raila’s name removed from the voters roll.......

Was he sidelined by some of his commissioners at the KICC to tamper with the election results? "It’s possible. Maybe they never wanted me to know what was happening... " he says.

He is working on his memoirs but says the the most difficult part would be putting down his relationship with the rest of the ECK commissioners.

And panua mongrels still have the pumbavu audacity to tell us that the elections were not STOLEN; that Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki won the elections fair and square - NONSENSE! He and his pumbavu cohorts STOLE the elections.

Anonymous said...

Listen to Daniel "Kleptocrat" arap Moi:

Retired President Moi has warned that the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission could divide the country.

The former president doubted the ability of the political leadership to handle sensitive matters that could arise in the commission sittings.

He said historical injustices and last year’s post-election violence could only be handled through reconciliation efforts.

The spectre of the TRUTH about the horrible past and present of Kenya coming out in public is a source of great terror and enormous fear to the likes of Daniel "Kleptocrat" arap Moi and his soulmates such as Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki - as they played a big part in "creating" most of the shit.

It scares Mr Kleptocrat and Mr pumbavu shitless and peeless. I guess this is what they mean when they say that THE GUILTY ARE ALWAYS AFRAID. Next thing you will hear from this pathetic group is something silly like this:

"It wasn't me"


Anonymous said...

Aahhh, America.
The land where they take Dr. Orly Taitz seriously.

Anonymous said...

you argue like a kiambu mafia who has never travelled past uthiru t ounderstand what problems bedevil kenyans.stop spreading bullshit on kumekucha!!!please

Mwarang'ethe said...

Stepping aside from the topic, we ask, now that we are in a position to have communication superhighways:

(a) can we practice participatory democracy?

We know that the MPs in our parliament are no more informed than those outside. Some will say that, many do not vote in our interest.

If this is accepted, can we have a system whereby, any law or lets say, major laws in Parliament are voted by Kenyans via communication highway? We mean, can't we use our mobiles and lap tops to vote for or against laws in Parliament?

We are not suggesting that we have a well thought out formula for this idea. All we ask, is this an idea worthy pursuing in effort to take power to the people?

Ideas and suggestions welcomed please.

Anonymous said...

Hey you chaps penning obscenities towards Taabu, I wish you read the post twice before engaging your pens. Next time then, if you are busy now thinking of another tough demeaning superlative which in real sense describes you.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, if they are commiting funds to Kenya, then they will have an active interest in how things work.

We want ICC but we dont want the developed countries to criticize our governance, which is the very reason we are in such a mess.

How hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

I agree

SHOCKED said...


Whenever the super powers come to Kenya, their favorable topics for discussion happen to be HIV/AIDS and the distribution of life prolonging PEPFAR drug cocktails manufactured and distributed by the international pharmaceutical companies.

HIV/AIDS is now considered untreatable chronic disease, generating good profits for these western companies manufacturing and distributing PEPFAR to Africans people trying to hang on to dear life. For those HIV/AIDS positive Africans, the life prolonging PEPFAR drug cocktails offer a hope for seeing another day which is a normal human reaction.
However, for a deadly disease that is spread through human contacts and has no cure, the danger of HIV/AIDS spreading exponentially among the population of Kenya and other Sub-Saharan African countries must not be treated as a joke, particularly, when the companies manufacturing, promoting and distributing these life prolonging drugs are motivated by profits and not the welfare of the masses of Africans not infected by HIV/AIDS.
There is a taboo associated with the identification of people living with HIV/AIDS. Nobody wants to say, “I am attracted to you, however, I have HIV/AIDS”. Since the people infected are as sexually active as those not infected, the probability that that almost all Africans will be chronically ill with HIV/AIDS and in need of PEPFAR drug cocktails on a daily basis is very, very high.
Due to corruption, many Africans states have failed to build new healthcare facilities like hospitals or dispensaries since gaining independence. This fact has left the distribution of PEPFAR drugs in the hands of freelancing characters trying to take advantage of people’s desires to stay alive. These ruthless characters do not care whether or not Africans are wiped off face of Sub-Saharan Africa because their bottom lines are huge profits! Additionally, Sub-Saharan Africa has vast natural resources, so, PEPFAR drugs can now be exchanged for the African natural resources! What a conveniently cheap arrangement!

African natural resources are now attached to PEPFAR drugs, foreign aids, second hand military equipments with which to slaughter one another and paid foreign “experts/advisers” running the projects paid for by the natural resources. There are also a multitude of foreign NGOs setting shop in every neighborhood to distribute some HIV/AIDS, Malaria or tuberculosis drugs whether fake or not! And there are also local collaborators cashing in these human miseries.

It was shocking to learn that the while Sub-Saharan Africans are being overwhelm with the spread of incurable HIV/AIDS the foreign tobacco companies are now targeting Africans with addictive cigarettes smoking known to cause cancer of the lungs, esophagus, ovary and other un-name organs. African children are being targeted!

The spread was pretty fast from Mexico to Kisumu! Who benefits? Why are Africans silent?,8599,1914880,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily


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