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Monday, August 03, 2009

Kiplagat: River of Deceptive Stream of Tears

So the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation commission has been sworn in and lucrative jobs created for its members. Well, the words spelling TJRC is what we lack in abundance and the commissioners will dutifully help expand dearth of the same.

We are a country whose citizens collective live beautiful lies. Here we are shamelessly talking of truth while telling destructive lies in denying that nothing happened. I guess in our blind pursuit to expand egos we have to self-destruct completely so that a new Kenya can sprout from the fertile rivers of blood.

We know the cause of the present problems but dare not delve into them. Instead we are busy with platitudes discussing the effects of the same monster we created in silence. Add that to the deceptive nature of choosing the commissioners and you complete a picture created exclusively to buy time and whitewash.

We are a country allergic to facing the truth itself. What is more, we opt for numerous commissions to buy time and wish away challenges. We shamelessly form commissions to investigate domestic matters of the president at taxpayer’s expense. We are so creative at serving selfish interests so much so that we cleverly scheme to fix political opponents using smartly packaged state apparatus.

Hawking peace, diplomatic CV
The present South Africa may have been defined by its TJRC. While we shamelessly cut-and-paste any foreign concept to create a pretence of motion with no intention to move, we have formed a TJRC with no clear cut structure or objective. The Kiplagat commission is just another opportunity to draw handsome remuneration at the expense of suffering Kenyans.

SA had Tutu as a symbol of unadulterated integrity. In Kenya we have already seen crocodile tears from a person charged with the mandate to steer a kleenex commission already leading by example with streams of plastic tears.

Kenyans are so good at hawking deceptive diplomatic and peace-making CVs. Just ask Sudan and Somali delegates of the hollowness and arm twisting these diplomats visited upon them.

Bethwel Kiplagat was Ouko’s PS when he was butchered and his loud silence spoke volumes as a passive accomplice in the heinous crime. Add that to Justice Minister’s glittering CV as a personal lawyer to a kleptocrat and you get a pair that aptly epitomizes the collective lie Kenyans love to live.


Anonymous said...

You are right about the high remunerations of the commissioners - they amount to out-right high-noon theft of the public treasury. And there seems to be a coordinated theft even by yesterday's so called liberators. Case in point: With Betty Murungi, the vice-chair of TJRC, being a recipient of such remuneration, James Orengo's household has crossed the valley of poverty for ever.

Anonymous said...

People should not be against or make fun of Kiplagat's crying. Let the man cry. Only him knows the burden he carries in his heart for the sins he may have committed to protect and advance Nyayoism. He needs to lighten his heart before he leads other co-conspirators in exorcising their nyayo demons.

The sins of many caught up with them before they had a chance to cry in repentance. The following two examples are scaring enough.

There was this Kikuyu who was a loyal nyayo man. He used to make up stories about his fellow Kikuyus and report them to Moi. As a result many people lost their businesses and marriages. In return he was handsomely rewarded including an allocation of a house in Lavington. The time came when he started losing his health. He would wake up in the middle of the night screeming at imaginary ghosts; he would order his wife to beat an empty tin to scare the ghosts away. Finally, he left all his wealth in Nairobi and opted to go die in his village of birth in the hope that he would die as pure as when he was born.

If that is not enough, go to Buru Buru shopping center and see one of the three notorious Luos who used to flatten men's balls in the Nyayo torture chambers under the direction of PS Hezekiah Oyugi. On a good day the former balls-crusher drinks alone in a bar corner. After a few drinks he begins to groan and then in a low deep voice howls much as his victims used to do.

Therefore, Taabu, let those who can retain their sanity by crying cry. We need every sane mind. It reminds us that even the darkest night breaks into a new day. If Kiplagat can help us break into a new day by crying, pass him more Kleenex!!!

Anonymous said...

Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Lord Jesus you are watching your Word to fulfill it. Please comfort those who mourn for peace in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Whenever my mum would wake up every morning to attend prayer meetings concerning Kenya, I would scoff at her and beg her to be more rational because I believed what we needed more in this country was more reasonable people. My perspective has changed. I'm not against reason but what we need more in this country is prayer, for it is only God who can bring a change of heart and attitude. We need more changed hearts for a New Kenya to emerge

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.41pm,

Assuming your God is the judeo-christian-islamic god who is omni-present, omnipotent, omniscient, omni-good, omni-benevolent etc, why does he need to be prayed to (begged) to do what is right? The people of scandinavia have the highest standards of morality. Did they pray for this? You cant be a christian and be rational. You are only lying to yourself. BTW we already have more than our share of praying in Kenya and look what good it has done to us!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous wrote that:

The people of scandinavia have the highest standards of morality.

Our views:

Thats very true. In fact, most of them go to church to light candles. You will never hear them pray yet they have done well than many "praying" nations.

We believe that, Prayer is the contemplation of the facts of life from the highest point of view.
It is the soliloquy of a beholding and jubilant soul. It is the spirit of God pronouncing his
works good.

But prayer as a means to effect a private end is meanness and theft. It supposes dualism and not unity in nature and consciousness. As soon as the man is at one with God, he will not beg. He will then see prayer in all action.

More so, we believe that,if you would serve God and be truly religious, do not kneel before God, but learn to walk with God.

Anonymous said...


You are absolutely right! Our - Kenyan - penchant for being blatantly DISHONEST in everything that we do is the reason why Kenya is the way it is, slowly regressing to failed state status (and I am being very lenient in my assessment. I, personally, already consider it a failed state. A state that had so much potential to be an economic powerouse not just in Africa but the world)

Taabu, I quote you:

"We are a country whose citizens love living collective "beautiful" lies.

We are a country allergic to facing the truth itself. What is more, we opt for numerous commissions to buy time and wish away challenges. We shamelessly form commissions to investigate domestic matters of the president at taxpayer’s expense. We are so creative at serving selfish interests so much so that we can cleverly scheme to fix political opponents using smartly packaged state apparatus ." - the most recent example being Mutula Kilonzo's mischivieous attempts to "delete" Raila and Kibaki from the "political picture" so that Kalonzo Msaliti can "pita kati kati"

SHAKA said...

Kiplagat has shown the way.Our version of TJRC will be different from the south african one.All people who have committed crimes of human rights nature should just appear at the commission,say what they have to say and sum it up with a prolonged cry.
No one will ask them any more questions.We will then move a public motion to rename the commission as"THE KIPLAGAT CRYING COMMISSION"

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.38am, I thought mutula's bills were for an STK and the two principals had accepted them? You are a typical kenyan: petty to the extreme.

Kalya David said...

Taabu, you either work for the standard group or are as gloomy like them when it comes to matters of this country... Patriotism doesn't mean bashing every effort anyone makes to try make a difference...
I’m not asking you to be a patriot or purporting to question your patriotism, but for heaven's sake...

The TJRC was constituted by members of parliament and announced by the president. Cabinet endorsed its mandate and we have to let them work. We cannot always be quick to re-judge the outcome f events before they occur even if past patterns have led to indications of repetition.

What I’m trying to argue here is that whatever we do, we need to understand that the cabinet or politicians we have, however ignorant this sounds, have a mandate to act on behalf of the people and we need to support well intended initiatives and watch it before we become a bunch of whiners.
If Kiplagat’s team wastes tax cash and do nothing to reconcile, seek truth and recommend justice for the Kenyan people then we could then put them on the firing squad…

Trying to stoke public opinion and anger at the expense of those who really need the healing is not only insensitive, but insincere…
Let’s also accept that Kibaki is president for now and he has the mandate to run the show till someone else takes over, and we need to support peaceful initiatives if we are to grow as a country...
Republicans smeared Obama and trashed all his initiatives way before he became president…Sonia Sotomayor has had to walk through fire baptismal to be Supreme Court judge. So scrutiny happens, yes, but our level of skepticism on anything the government proposes to do in good faith just smacks of citizens going loco. Kenya shouldn’t employ quick fix solutions; we are an African state with tribal chiefs and warlords. Just cos urbanites feel safe and can debate politics within the comforts of their internet, the real Kenyans going through homelessness due to political violence need to be treated with more sensitivity. This country blowing up again is easy…The NSIS know something many don’t, contrary to what many might want to believe, its because of what they know that the cabinet unanimously accepted the TJRC …even the previous critics like Esther Mirugi and company have had to change tune… the calm in the country should not be misconstrued to mean folks have forgiven one another,…….So, let the commission work, and lets judge them thereafter.

abu said...

Rivers, Tears, could be the beginning of a confession?. It is just a matter time before the Kiplagat team meets with the victims of all the atrocities carried out in this country, if personnally he participated in any of them the thruth shall come out in the public glare. Rependence and forgivenss shall be upon the evil doers if the victims shall so wish, other Ocampo shall come for there necks if the are adamant and still believe impunity shall never cease. The remuniration paid is an additional burden but there comes a time when all shall come to pass.

Anonymous said...

What do the people here want? I thought we were all for Hague. If so that is what the cabinet has decided, which is what parliament said last time.

M-Pesa said...

Reluctantly, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I'm hoping the TJRC will unearth the whole truth and make some sound recommendations. For once, I can't wait to see what will happen to thousands of acres of land stolen by Mois and Kenyattas.

I can understand why so many are skeptic about this commission, but guys, Uncle Kiplagat and co may just end up surprising everyone just like Justice Waki did with his magic envelope. I don't see how Kiplagat can manipulate the commission when other decent and iconic members sit and watch.

Kiplagat who is in his sunset years should now try and redeem his tarnished image through splendid work and prove most Kenyans wrong about him. Can he do it and earn some respectful place in Kenya's history? That's his burden.

I hope Betty Murungi and others in the commission not haunted by their past will be our guards and if attempts are made to conceal the truth they will blow the whistle immediately and give us the truth. But Kenyans need to be cautioned that truth can be divisive and hurtful. Can we handle the truth we so much crave for?

But still, Kiplagat deserves an Oscar for his weepy performance on a national TV. Then again, the old dude made most of us laugh on a dull chilly day.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:57 AM,

You said:

"Anon 1.38am, I thought mutula's bills were for an STK and the two principals had accepted them? You are a typical kenyan: petty to the extreme."

You did not think hard enough. You did not even start thinking.

We have been around for quite some time and we know the characters of such scum bags like Mutula Kilonzo the former, or is it still, lawyer of former president Daniel "Kleptocrat" arap Moi. He defended Moi's Kleptocratic misdeeds to the hilt. His mindset has not changed, it is still the same. And just as a hyena never changes the spots on its fur, so has Mutula Kilonzo not changed his "ways." He is still the same fraudulent character.

Mutula is a staunch believer in the status quo. It is what enabled him to "make" his wealth corruptly, avoid paying taxes for many years and then, when caught out owing millions of shillings to the tax man, "allowed" to be paying the tax arrears using his parliamentary salary.

He is one of the Hyenas who have messed up Kenya and still wants to make sure that the status quo remains via making Kalonzo "msaliti" - another staunch believer in the status quo - the next president of Kenya.

You are the kind of people who fall in the same group as John "the rattleshake" Michuki, Amos "the stock market is not a fish market" Kimunya, Lucy "Many, many SLAPPINGS" Kibaki and last but not least, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki and fraudster extraordinaire Daniel "Kleptocrat" arap Moi, the creator of the Mau forest mess and so many other messes that have crippled Kenya's awesome potential.

In Kenya if you speak the truth you are called all manner of names by liars, fraudsters and thieves.

Liars, fraudsters and thieves are celebrated by your kind, Anon 2:57 AM. I am not surprised you called me "petty." I would have been very surprised if I had not been called names after I have said what I have said in my comment. All of you liars and fraudsters who want to call me names, you are most welcome. Bring them on. Although I will not bother to respond since I Know the type of characters hurling them.

Anonymous said...

Kalya David @ 3:27 AM,

You said:

"our level of skepticism on anything the government proposes to do in good faith just smacks of citizens going loco."

This skepticism is well founded as it has been a consistent trait of the Kenyan government to be crassly dishonest and contemptuous.

Why, the top guy, Kibaki, regards us Kenyans to be wapumbavu - and this includes the IDP's still languishing in the IDP camps who voted for him to a man and woman. These IDP's are leading a horrendous life. A large number have been forced to "make" a living thru theft (the males) and prostitution (the women)

Kalya David, it would be futile for one to think that any goodwill and good faith can come out of this government as presently constituted. This government is not what Kenyans voted for. It is a result of the unfortunate THEFT of the elections of December 2007. It is not what the majority of Kenyans chose, and as a consequence it does not express our real aspirations but the aspirations of the people who STOLE the election - they are the main drivers, remember.

And just to remind you, Kalya, the main drivers of this government are the STAUNCH PRO STATU QUO people led by Mwai himself.

Try and convince me that good will and good faith can come from Mwai "the serial promise breaker" Kibaki. NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but CONTEMPT - which he splashes around very generously.

Taabu said...

Kalya David,
I hear you loud and clear. Now that you know so much about NSIS that we ordinary mortals don't why not tell us? And no need for answers please because your type reminds me of the street preachers who will wax optimistic to a starving audience with eyes singularly trained on sadaka.

Your comparison with Obama/Sotomayor and our rotten institutions and leadership is akin to comparing oranges and apples. Well, they are both fruits so go on indulge.

Here you re waxing patriotic sanitizing the stinking rot that has maggots crawling from it for the last 46 years. Where have you been living in that optimistic paradise? Well optimism is cheap merchandise peddled by scoundrels, INDULGE.

Kalya David said...

I understand where you come from Taabu, my only question to you what choice should i have against being patriotic?
We are in 2009. Kiplagat's judgment or lack of in 1990 means nothing today if the cabinet, which is as diverse as the people's of KENYA, have faith in him to leasd the efforts to reconciliation.
Do you honestly think, as many have assuaged, that if Ruto, Uhuru and any other suspect is hanged by the world for being culpable in 2007, that the country will then be a better place? That if scores are settled, by kyuks against Kales, kales against kyuks, luos against kisii and citizens against the government, that then Kenya will be better?
On the contrary, we'll turn Kenya into revenge country, and like a domino effect, we'll finish each other off.

Do you honestly think Uhuru's people will be objective enough to agree he was guilty? do you think Kalenjins will accept a guilty verdict on any of their leaders?

As long as information reaches the villages in the format it does, as long as villagers throng homecoming parties, line up in continental house fro their mps or are too needy to be satisfied by any CDF budget, kenya is owned by tribal heads, and that a fact.How do you get around it? by reconciling and healing.
Back to kiplagat: his accusers are mainly grumpy,insatiable victims of the past regimes,like Koigi, who feel Kiplagat's diplomatic satttuire made him culpable during Ouko's killing.
Question: Isnt Raila a victim of torture and detention? Nine years? He went through the whole package, exiles and all, and whatever anyone thinks of him, he has done great by making sure the past is behind him.he never whines about it, he never uses it for mileage, he just ignores it.That's why he is premier today.
Bottom line is, it is crazy to imagine that waxing patriotic is a sin.. this country isn't perfect, it has kleptomaniacs in power and a shaky government.But its ours nevertheless and we have to preach reconciliation and healing, through Kiplagat's commission or any other that will help the situation.
The vibe about healing isn't as meaty and 'cool' enough to debate about, that's why many quack political analysts are quick to bash the proponents of the TJRC, but truth be told, if you really love your country, think deep about the consequences of any other route.

Anonymous said...

Does raila know something we dont? Why has he gone out of his way to ditch the kalenjin? Can kikuyus vote for him? Once kikuyus sense that the odm tribal coalition is over, they will definitely present a candidate in the next election. In fact currently uhuru is the leading candidate for president. I have heard kaleos saying they will vote for him. In fact one kaleo told me he would vote for a dog but not raila. With all that was said here about kikuyus in the recent past, I cant believe odm will in fact pave the way for a kikuyu president. Na kweli kenya inawenyewe.

Anonymous said...

In your dreams 6:54

M-Pesa said...

Well no one will ever satisfy Kenyans, maybe a SAINT as chairman of TJRC can shut up Kenyans. Kiplagat may be somehow tainted for working with Nyayo, but who is not? Kibaki, Raila, Kalonzo et all have all bootlicked Moi's shoes. Where's Mr perfect? Even the next president will also have skeletons in his cupboard before or after he's elected.

It's time to move on........

UrXlnc said...

the problem with TJRC is not the TJRC or kiplagat per se,

its the manner in which it has been presented by the cabinet i.e in place of (replacing) ICC and/or STK

the TJRC working outside of, or at least running alongside one or both of the other two vehicles of justice can be an acceptable method to bring about reconciliation and healing in the country as well as provide insight to and bring into the open, the unspoken but often whispered origins of the messes we have visited upon ourselves from independence.

Anonymous said...

Kalya David @ 6:43 AM,

You said:

"this country isn't perfect, it has kleptomaniacs in power and a shaky government. But it is ours nevertheless and we have to preach reconciliation and healing, through Kiplagat's commission or any other that will help the situation."

Kalya, your HOPE may be genuine but I am afraid that the the INTENTIONS of the power brokers (these include Dinosaurs like John "the rattlesnake" Michuki, Daniel "Kleptocrat" arap Moi and the rest of the Mt Kenya political "elites") of the current status quo - the fellows who had decided even before the elections of December 2007 that Raila will never be "allowed" to win; therefore must "lose" and Kibaki will and must "win" come what may will fight tooth and nail to make sure that change thru REAL reconciliation and healing does not happen.

They are very comfortable with the current pumbavu status quo. It is what has made them who they are. They see any REAL change as something that will "kill" and "finish" them

Remember that they are the true drivers of this government. They will make sure that REAL reconciliation and healing DOES NOT OCCUR. At best to fool us Kenyans and to save their asses, they will push thru a FAKE reconciliation and healing process that will achieve nothing but maintain the present pumbavu status quo.

I wish I could agree with you Kalya but this is Kenya where, and I shall quote Taabu, FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT are our defining values as a country. Sad but true.

Taabu said...

You are very persuasive albeit with facts laced with cyanide. Now you are smartly FEAR MONGERING with very choice words ati tribes will explode if their lords are punished. Then what separates us from other primates if not the rule of life and holliness of human life?

Your thesis is that we lance ignore the boil and soon it will disappear. Methink we better lance and drain it of all purse and let the skin regenetate, i.e. we have self-destruct so much we better complete te cycle and start a fresh. Let the red river flow.

Bw Kalya you may be very honest in your take but I sympathyze with your wasted emotions. If only you let the past 46 years be your guide. Well, you are living the national lie albeit honestly.

Anonymous said...


Ambassador Kiplagat had a chance of resigning his PS post the way Professor Philip Mbithi did, when he being a Chritian, he obviously saw President Moi's corruption, atrocities and heartness slaughter of Dr. John Robert Ouko Seda. But he did not!! What is he trying to tell us now with his crocvodile tears? Kenyans are not so naive.

Mutula Kilonzo should not be be too happy that some Kenyan political leaders will definitely face international justice at The Hague since Luis Moreno-Ocampo at the ICC will not be seen to have delivered any form of justice if they are not indicted together with the top criminals behind the 27th December 2007 presidential post elections violence.

The same demand for justice goes for Jenga Karume, John Chris Kirubi, Kabando wa Kabando, George Kinuthia Wamuthengi ole Saitoti and most importantly Uhuru Mungiki Kenyatta, the butcher of Naivasha and Nakuru.

Luis Moreno-Ocampo must put Uhuru Mungiki Kenyatta and George Kinuthia Wamuthengi ole Saitoti to their defense on their role in both Naivasha and Nakuru, if not at all the slums in both Nairobi and Nakuru.

Martha Karua and Mutula Kilonzo must be put on their defense by Luis Moreno-Ocampo on their role on the 30th December 2007 presidential elections rigging that lead to the mayhem in which more than 1,500 innocent democrats lost their lives.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem with the choice of Kiplagat as the chairman of TJRC. 1. He is a Kalenjin. Every opinion he will give will be seen as the Kalenjin opinion (that is the real Kenya we have now). If he says anything that does not seem to favour Kalenjins, he will be disowned and threatened by the Kalenjins. Perception will be VERY IMPORTANT in this exercise. 2.He is too emotional. TJRC matters will need person who can hold his tears and still empathize. Tears on a man's face is a sign of weakness, especially in Africa. If he has already began crying before the real issues begin, how will he survive the 2 years? He said he could not sleep when he heard of the Kiambaa church burning. Even me. But then how will he sleep or eat after hearing all those rapes, extra judicial shootings, beheadings, arsons? What will he do when he sees people with amputated arms, panga cuts on the face, ugly burns, deformations giving their stories in the first person singular? Why do we want to sentence this wise old man to an early grave?
I suggest that we get a foreigner (preferably an African) to chair the TJRC. Keeping Kiplagat there is unethical, just like asking a doctor to do a Caesarian Section on his wife. Sorry if I sound hard and harsh....but it is the truth.

Guka wa Obama said...

In our country, no one, not even Betty Murungi will pass public scrutiny, so we might as well ask Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr or Mahatma Gandhi to come chair our TJRC.

Our lack of faith in our people is appalling. I remember at one time Reinhardt Fabisch once said that in Kenya, even football coach needs to be Jesus Christ to satisfy our skeptism. Since Taabu, you are the epitome of good, the fountain of fairness and the SI unit for justice why dont you get nominated for TJRC?

I dont suppose there would anything wrong with that but then again who though Justice Waki would deliver. My point is we can decide the agenda of the TJRC the same way we have been keeping the hague flame burning but we dont need to start looking for saints like Koigi and Co are doing.

If you wish to live in a perfect world subscribe to the National Geographic!

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, there is no perfect diplomat or civil servant.

For goodness sake, if you are going to complain about Kiplagat then suggest someone, isnt kumekucha supposedly the trend setter on political issues?

Anonymous said...

"Kiplagat: River of Deceptive Stream of Tears"

I wonder who will turn up to the TJRC with no witness protection and trigger happy police suspects still armed and working if not promoted since the genocide/coup in 2007.

This was a COUP matter of fact and will make a Hollywood bestseller someday. Can any of you count how many other governments have copied this coup style since it happened?... Iran being the latest....

the only thing that can save kenyans is their Masses and the moment they decide to topple all the crap leaders and civil servants. anything else that goes to paper like what this commision might unearth is not new and will be shelved from public eye forever like the others.

I was even thinking other than waste billions trying the impossible, why could KIplangat just ask for the findings of the numerous reports withheld by the president and leave the public alone. He will get all the answers from there what more do they need other than to identify witnesses who they cannot protect just for them to die in car crashes etc...

another thing I know is that police na Aps will also pretend to be witnesses just to distort the findings coz this is Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Time to blog about Kibaki cutting a deal with Rift Valley MPs regarding Mau and more - as Raila tried to enter the meeting placed but was turned away. He looked very desperate on todays news.

UrXlnc said...

here is where Mzee kiplagat can start

Anonymous said...

UrXlnc @ 2:40 PM,

I agree with you 100%

Listen to the former chairman of the ECK Samuel Kivuitu

"I recall in 2007 just before polls two ministers approached me separately. They asked me a question that puzzled me! ‘What if Raila Odinga was to win the presidency and lose his Lang’ata seat?’" he says. "I told him the law has to be applied."

I never took the ministers’ inquiry seriously until the second asked the same question. That got me puzzled. What could be in store?"

He thought of meeting Raila to give him the information but decided not to for fear of being seen as partisan. Kivuitu then sent a top Western Diplomat.

He also sent the same diplomat to the Government "to warn them that any attempt to do anything fishy in Lang’ata constituency could lead to chaos."

One of the ministers wanted Raila’s name removed from the voters roll.......

And panua mongrels still have the pumbavu audacity to tell us that the elections were not STOLEN; that Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki won the elections fair and square - NONSENSE! He and his pumbavu cohorts STOLE the elections.

shaka said...

What Koigi and company are doing to stopt Kiplagat from chairing the TJRC is nonsence.You do not need a saint to chair the TJRC.
If Kiplagat was involved in atrocities against Kenyans in the past all we would like to hear and watch is his confession.
He has given a hint by crying on TV.
If he does that then that is the best starting point of healing-which is the primary role of TJRC.
Other credible members on the TJRC like Murungi are there to make sure that no manipulation takes place.

I would have been much happier if this commission was led by Ndingi Mwana Nzeki.He is more credible than Kiplgat

Anonymous said...


I have a inquiry for the webmaster/admin here at

Can I use some of the information from this post above if I give a link back to this site?


kumekucha said...


You can go ahead and anybody else AS LONG AS YOU LINK BACK to the content here.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


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