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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kibaki: The Man Who Will Steal Your Wallet…Then Help You Look For It.

Anyone surprised at the muses of Kriegler must be an alien visiting Kenya from planet Pluto on a tourist visa and for the very first time. To display overwhelming astonishment at his commissions’ report is in itself not Kenyan. I thought we had all known and accepted that Kriegler was here to simply play his role as pacifier. Sasa nini?

Was it not obvious that after such a mischievous election, the entire nation needed time to cool down tempers? As with Kenyan tradition, enter Kriegler and his commission of respectable professionals turned investigators. And I must say they have done a wonderful job. Kenyans are largely back to business, Lucy is out of hiding, children are back to school, Dagoretii slaughter houses have reopened……even his Excellency Kibaki is meeting Condoleezza Rice in a NY hotel bedroom. Life is back to normal and we should all be happy and move on with the current GNU…so say’s Raila.

The way I see it, anyone castigating Kriegler for leaving out some obvious truths does not appreciate the responsibility on the shoulders of truth. In fact, it could be that they cannot handle the truth…..and I’m not talking about the consequent anxiety that would accompany the truth. Other than earning a fat paycheck and sipping afternoon tea in a cramped musty room for the better part of 2008, Kriegler’s job was to make sure that he drafts a report that ensures the continuity of the prevailing peace. While disappointing to some, the media reports on the report suggest that the commission has succeeded in doing just that.

So let us not ask for the truth. It is not forthcoming. In fact, it has reached my ear that the Right Honorable Prime Minister Raila Odinga was on the ready to dismiss, reject and disassociate himself from any commission findings that would have suggested that he indeed won the election by garnering 70% of the vote.


Anonymous said...

The man who won the elections fair and square is sitting tight in the State House. The sour losers should move on otherwise they will choke on the "election-was-stolen" vomit.

These losers should find a more productive way of spending their time on earth - such as cultivatig their shambas or starting small businesses. No govt will ever come to power to feed them. Not even a Molasses govt. They will have to work, wapende wasipende!!!!

Anonymous said...

they will have to work yes, and the thieves should stop stealing whatever little the poor folks, and making. Should a bank robber feel goood about having worked hard? Tamaa iliua fisi - no wonder many of you are killed while trying to rob others. What percentage of you can stand up and honestly say you have made 'your' money fairly?

Anonymous said...

Good point. How many Mungikis have worked for what they have without stealing? It is in your blood. Crime and more crime. Nowonder crime rates have increased in areas you have settled in overseas!Even a dead one can wake up when you drop a coin!!! Stealing, crime and more crime!! 2007 election was stolen...period. Keep living in your dreams and denials that the person in state house won the elections.. that is your wishfull thinking..

Anonymous said...

The truth of the matter is that for the first time, Kenyans have heard from a body which is non-partisan and based its findings on evidence. And the verdict is that the elections were not rigged. It is now clear why ODM won't go to court...they knew the elections were not rigged!

It is time for ODM to apologize to Kenyans and perhaps have their assets seized and wages garnished to compensate those who lost lives and properties.

Vikii said...

All this relentless noise about the elections is stupid, straight up. we went for elections and we elected Mwai Kibaki. He is still the President and those who ran against him recognize that fact and respect it. Why dont we accept that the world is round and stop living in denial?

P.S; Since you guys told us that Raila Odinga's MINISTERIAL visit to London was indeed a STATE visit, what is Kibaki's to New York? Assistant ministerial visit?

Anonymous said...

You like him or you hate him...Agwambo is the Prime Minister and next President of Kenya. If you can't swallow this..take a rope and hung yourself! or jump into river Chania.

Anonymous said...

Kreigler verdict is that the election was not rigged. the delusional world that ODMorons live in demands then that this reality must be factored in by claiming that Kreigler's verdict was some sort of charitable act to save the nation.

We all know raila's lust for statehouse. There is no way he would have let it slide if indeed kreigler had found out that the election was rigged. thats why the US is moving to patch relations with Kibaki.

The only thing raila has achieved is probably to ensure that Obama will lose the US election by giving him the tag of the us senator who backed a mass murderer.

Anonymous said...

Nyanza men rush to hospital for circumcision

seems the molasses call is working and the odmorons are rushing for the CUT!!!!! thats the legacy that the molasses will be remembered for...
He who helped his losers of kinsmen loose their rotting, smelly foreskins. Sam Okello was also seen waiting for the 'cut' in Nyanza general hospital. I will post a picture later.
read full story in KK msema kweli press house of morons

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Those still moaning that Kriegler presented the wrong report should see a psychiatrist before they burst a gut as they are clearly unable to move on. Kibaki has finally been accepted as President and this is manifested in not only the State visit to the US complete with being hosted for a state dinner by Bush, but addressing the UN General Assembly. What more proof do you need that life has moved on?

Anonymous said...

1.Kibaki given a State Guest reception in New York USA.

2. Tomorrow he addresses the UN General Assembly on challenges Kenya and the East African region face as a result of the high global food and oil prices as well as worries over financial instability in the world market due to his impressive Economy resume in the region.
3. He was a guest of honour in a reception hosted by President George Bush at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Odmorons are salivating in more from the Standard msema kweli...remember molasses visit in britain where he was hosted in a downtown 1 star hotel in ..bwa ha ha ha...

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Kalamari; it is telling that you don't know that Pluto was demoted from planetary status not too long ago. I'm not surprised, then, that you don't 'get it' that RAO and in deed all of ODM recognize that ESMK is the duly elected president of the Republic of Kenya,elected (or do you prefer erected?) not too long ago, either. With a coalition government to boot. Get over it, dude! Or like Martha Wamugunda, start strategizing on how to win it in '12 because '07 was happens to have been last year.

Anonymous said...

How many of you have actually read the report? Vikii, where in the report does it say Kibaki won the elections? Its just like you ass holes to clutch at every straw to legitimize fraud. You are nothing but a bunch of thieves.

Phil said...

KIBAKI: The Man Who Will Steal Your Wallet....Then Help You Look For It.

Kalamari, you could not have said it better, but that is not all. Kibaki will, after chapa-ing you ngeta, also quote for you the apt old English proverb: "Finders keepers, losers weepers"

And to those forcing our attention to some not-so-newsworthy Kibaki visit to New York, kindly spare us blogging space with a little more relevant information.

This is in reality a UN Summit that is being attended by tens of despots from various third world countries. FYI, even Mugabe - with countless bans and sanctions on his head - is in attendance and there is nothing the US can do about it..

While PANUAist are proud that Kibaki is in New York (his first visit to a Western country after rigging elections) we should not forget that while Presidents Kikwete, Kuffuor, etc are chairing high-level round table meetings within the summit, Kibaki has been reduced to a mere backbencher brushing shoulders with junior foreign affairs ministers who are representing their heads of state at the summit.

Even more embarrassing for this country, the country continues to rank poorly in the fight against high-level corruption, and thus directly frustrating efforts towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 which is the theme of this particular summit.

FYI, Raila Odinga is due for his first official visit to neighbouring Tanzania, and the country is preparing red-carpet welcome to someone they consider a comrade, freedom fighter, brother and panafricanist....but more on this latter.

Anonymous said...

Those clueless commentators can read the full report here.

Anonymous said...


Not every news in Kenya is hopeless.

At least Mr Molasses has done a wonderful thing by engineering an earth-shaking cultural shift in Luoland - men are lining up to part with their beloved foreskins.

Only in Luo Nyanza can a person sway fellow human beings at will like wind sways reed. It is truly a messianic phenomenon. Social scientists will study the phenomenon for generations to come.

My only worry is that Molasses is not explaining to the poor fellows that circumcision is not expected to bullet-proof them against HIV-AIDS, but only reduces (by about 60%) chances of getting the virus.

Soon Kenya will enter record books as a foreskin-free country, and for the better, hygienically. I will never again doubt Molasses' mind-control power over Luos. However, Kalonzo is still remains my favorite to lead Kenya after Kibaki because presidenttial leadership is more than driving/ordering tribesmen to be circumcised.

Ajwang' said...

Headline: Nyanza men rush for the cut.
Facts: The numbers of men saeeking circumcision in Kisumu has increased by 60%. From Zero %??. Russia Hospital is now handling between 6 to 10 cases a day!

God help Kenyan journalists!

Anonymous said...


Let me deviate from the topic and ask you how the "allegation" that rao is making loads of money from this circumcission thing is being received at pentagon house.

Ivy said...

You guys i am bila words, wherever Raila/Kibaki sleeps is upto them...Why are people getting petty...Si mchukue 5th ammendment...Raila/Kibs might be sleeping in a 5* hotel but what value does it add in your life?

Si we move on. Yes Kibaki will help you look for your wallet. Just what makes you think that even if he finds it he will give you?

A typical african man will remove all the documents that looks valuable and gives you an empty wallet and mark you he will even have the audacity to call and tell you that he found an empty wallet hapo kwa kichochoro. (And that one according to him...He has done you a gr8 favor

Rose said...

I'm deeply concerned with the comments i have read. It's disheartening to read online arguments over who won the Kenyan Elections. The elections are over! Our sons and daughters have died and many lives have been altered. What more does one want when they complain or insult each other's party? Nothing.

I'm also concerned if the writer of the blog is truly practising ethical writing skills in terms of journalism. Are your topics meant to incite or unite people? Are you targetting to fuel hatred,anger or joy? What is it your looking to deliver to your audience?

Please review your articles because it seems like the intended meaning is not met.

As a writer you have a responsibilty to follow.You are not just writing for Pete's sake but to convey a message.
This is no means a hate comment,i think you are talented. It's constructive criticism.

M-Pesa said...

Have you guys seen the new corruption ratings from T.I? Kenya is ranked as one of the most corrupt nations on planet earth in the same league with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh! Wait for this, we are more corrupt than....hold your breath... NIGERIA!!!!

The name Kibaki has become a byword for CORRUPTION. And to think I voted for this old git to act! I bow my head in utter shame. Kibaki is now officially an OBSTACLE to clean and efficient government. He would rather be hob nobbling with the rich and famous in Washington or playing a round of golf at Muthaiga than being seen dead in the many IDP camps dotted around the country.

Another report castigating Kibaki's govt is that from KNHC that puts blame squarely (AGAIN) on our corrupt police force for killing SUSPECTED Mungiki youths. They provide ample evidence to state their case including statements from killer cops, time of deaths, phone numbers of killer cops, locations, number plates of vehicles used et all. KIBAKI SHOULD BE TAKEN TO THE HAGUE FOR PRESIDING OVER CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

Ivy said...

M-pesa....If we are worse than Nigeria then someone's head must be examined...Ati Nigeria i just can't believe this...TI should close shop ASAP.

I knew we were bad..but Ei worse than my broda?

E-cop said...

people let us not be jealous of Kibaki or hateful towards Raila-has any of you ever been a president before or fought tirelessly for democracy in kenya?who here thinks they can do a better job politicking uwanja ni wazi kimbilia uchaguzi upate kiti bunge

Kriegler told us its bad voters stupid-RO, MK and KM are blameless, who told you to go vote for them?i didn't hear any of them say kill anyone, shutup wewe

Kriegler said think with your mind and brain not with your heart-are you more man than him now that he's flown out of the country?

Lets stop reasoning like grandmothers and bar-talkers

Anonymous said...

Did you people read the Kriegler report? It says no election took place. So If the case went to a fair judge not a mt Kenya Gicheru, the verdict would have been - no contest - repeat the elections! of course we all now who would have won had the elections been repeated. for now it is only martha wamugunda who is talking sense - she is focussing forward. all of us are looking backwards - go mrs wamugunda - go!

Kwale said...

Kalamari is a cock!

Blimey! When will these Kenyans move on? This moaning and whining just confirm the worst held fear on Africans! Do you want me to spell it out for you?!

Instead of concentrating or campaigning for the things that really matter, here we are 9 months after election and we are still at it. Why not channel that energy and enthusiasm to campaign for better living conditions?
What is more important, having a president from your tribe or social reforms?
Sadly the people who make a lot of noise the election were stolen lives in squalid conditions where chronic unemployment, poverty, disease and hunger are rampart.
Their demi-god, molasses lives extravagantly from the money he stole from molasses plant only a mile away from his worshipping lunatics in Kibera slum-city; yet he cannot afford to inject some cash for re-generation programme of Kibera. It's only the foreigners who pity these people by donating some well needed cash to have basic commodities like water.
I don't understand these people, all they like to sing is how their man was cheated and they blindly follow him:!

Kwale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kwale said...

Kalamari, the other day you said our president doesn't make you feel proud. How about now, yesterday he attended dinner/reception hosted by George Bush, prior to that he was visited by US SECRETARY OF STATE at his hotel and today he will address the United Nations' General Assembly. Does that not make you proud?!

Anonymous said...

This is a very sick country..Good people General elections were held 9 months ago,Why cant we channel our energies to more constructive matters!Kibaki whether he rigged elections or not,he is in state house and its for his kids n relatives,whether Railas vote was stolen or not,he is the PM.Raving here and ranting wont change that,And by the way,participants in this forums sound like people are Learned,men theres so much you can do with that intellect than just whine and propagate tribal hate?
Issues of cicumcsion or born criminals doesnt arise,after all dont we have people who are circumscised but they are just that?Its just the shedding of foreskin,..So?
The same with the born criminals,Kisumu must be the safest city in the world because there are no criminals?Are there no jails all over Kenya or they are just in central?
Whats this?
Go to hell all of you!!!
If u are the people the future generations are looking up to shape the destiny of this nation,We are doomed and God help us?

ajwang' said...


We should be proud our President addressed the UN for 15 minutes and said Kenya is open for business and that peace is returning to Great Lakes and that Africa needs a seat at the UN Security Council. Oooh yes! Oooooooooh Yes! Very proud.

Ivy said...


What do you mean, i am not only proud i am elated that the "Duly" Elected president met Condi

Anonymous said...

One Isaac Ruto declares he doesnt recognize the serial party wrecker as his party leader and goes on to say Raila makes promises he never intends to keep.ODM thickheads isnt this line about broken promises what you've been using to justify your hatred for MK.I guess some people are finally opening their eyes and seeing the party wrecker for what he is...A FRAUD.If he was the one in Mbeki's shoes,do you think he would have allowed ODM to recall him?NEVER!He would have simply formed another party and all those brainless fanatics of his would scream themselves hoarse singing the new party slogans and hold high the new party symbols (maybe a fish) to illustrate the popularity and might of the new party.Guys!!!

M-Pesa said...

Hi since most of you seem to be abroad (being exploited by whites) I find most guys being completely out of touch in this forum. What happened to Kumekucha setting the national agenda?

The talk of the town here is the mass circumcision of our brothers from the lake to MINIMIZE risk of HIV infections. Oburu Odinga has already declared he's facing the knife next week. Anyang' Nyong'o has already stated he got 'cut' ages ago...but the funniest moment (to Me)--so far-- was comedian Nyambane saying on the radio that Luos should not fear the knife ("kauchungu kadogo tu!") and hopefully one day they when circumcised "they will stop throwing stones about from their briefcases!" Hehe he...If that's not funny.....

ajwang' said...


So Isaac Ruto is now a hero. His candidate will lose elections tomorrow. He will not be appointed a minister and he will not be refunded for any land lost in Mau...and come 2012, there will be a new ODM MP in Chepalungu willing to to party line.

Mbeki attempted to extend his term. The party NEC (Pentagon) said NO. He didn't learn from it. Now see. It is all about parties. ODM is one of the most organised and serious the same league as ANC and TZ's CCM.

@Ivy, I am also elated at the success of the state visit to the UN

b-carotene said...

anon@3:18 am. I hear you. But you know--even the dull and the ignorant have their stories. KK is serving that lot too.

Kwale said...

M-pesa I understand now why some people don't like you that much here. (Not they like me either)

"…the talk of the town here is the mass circumcision..."

Why does it matter who 'face the knife' and when? This like I said before is a private and personal matter that should not be brought to public. Your obsession with foreskin stinks!
There are more important things to talk about than the male sexual anatomy.

I for one, I would like to see people educated about circumcision and the practice stopped unless is done during infancy. Have you guys heard of 'foreskin restoration'? It's a big booming business for plastic surgeons in the west for men seeking to restore their foreskin back.

According to sex therapists foreskin performs several important functions; most of these functions center on making sex more enjoyable, not only for just one, but for both partners. Since this is a family blog, I will go no further.

E-cop said...

kwale and m-pesa,
drop the hypocrisy! my brothers come clean in the open air-an uncut piece of foreskin is a private matter concerns none of you but a stolen election is a national matter be afraid

you're aiming to strike a blow where it hurts most? then work your way through the deception and admit if it was Kosgey your concern would be FGM or if it was Ngilu you would lie about knowing how to dance the jig better.

Taabu said...

Emilio meets Condi and attends dinner. So now all can smile from ear to ear for the legitimized fraud. BTW UN assembly is attended by all and sundry including Ahmeddijan and Bob Mugabe, CLAP CLAP to our DULY elected na bi Lucy in her COLOURFUL dress.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again imature Kenyan arguing over spilt milk, the rest of the country has moved on exept so few lunatic with access to the net. Do ur selves a favour and spare me my time to respond to such a childish post.

Anonymous said...

Top politicians from Kenya's Luo community have publicly admitted to getting circumcised as part of a campaign to tackle HIV/Aids.

Unlike the Luhya, circumcision is not a rite of passage for the Luo

Standing before an audience of 500 in the western city of Kisumu, including Prime Minister Raila Odinga, three government ministers and an MP said they had secretly undergone the operation.

A further five MPs pledged their intention to have a circumcision - after seeking medical advice - as part of a push to promote the culturally taboo practice.

Researchers say it reduces the risk of HIV infection among men, although they stress that using condoms is far more effective.

A high prevalence of HIV has been recorded among the Luo community and the government has recently introduced a programme to promote the practice to curb the spread of Aids.

Unlike the nearby Luhya community, who last month turned out in large numbers to undergo circumcision in an annual festival, removing the foreskin is not performed as rite of passage amongst the Luo.

The politicians said they had never publicly spoken about being circumcised in case it cost them their political careers.

Since I got circumcised, even my wife can tell you that she is very comfortable

Youth councillor Robert Ogol

Luo elders at Monday's meeting looked on with disapproval, evidently finding the lack of respect to cultural values distasteful.

As far as they are concerned, the health ministry has ridden roughshod over their objections by offering free circumcisions in Nyanza Province.

The backing of the politicians - including Mr Odinga's brother, an assistant minster who agreed to undergo the procedure - is a boost to campaigners who want Luo elders to endorse the plan.


Some Luo men have decided to ignore the elders' warning that it is against the community's traditions.

Luo elders fear the practice erodes cultural traditions

Hundreds of young men have begun to turn up for circumcision at public and private hospitals.

Robert Ogol, a youth counsellor, is one who has snubbed the advice.

He accuses the community's elders of being afraid of change and says young men should be allowed to make their own decision about the practice.

"I got circumcised while I was already married. Since I got circumcised, even my wife can tell you that she is very comfortable," he says.

The government hopes that at least two million men will eventually be circumcised in the province.

At the Lumumba Health Centre in Kisumu, more than 80 medical practitioners have already received training.

"We are teaching young men and older people about circumcision. They usually come for circumcision of their own free will," says Wycliffe Omondi, one of the doctors providing training at the centre.


Nearly 1,000 men have been circumcised since March and medical workers receive two days of training, he says.

All there is to circumcision is availing your male organ for the foreskin to be removed, like 'ting' [snip] and it is all over

Prime Minister Raila Odinga

However, the Luo Council of Elders is not convinced that circumcision lowers the risk of infection.

"I don't think it will be a solution to fight the spread of Aids," said Joe Asila, a pastor and Luo elder.

"Other communities practise circumcision, but there is still a high prevalence of HIV/Aids," he said.

Other opponents say that once young men are circumcised, they will stop using preventive measures during sexual intercourse.

Doctors have warned that circumcision only offers 60% protection and that the use of condoms and other measures is still necessary.

At the six-hour circumcision meeting, Mr Odinga did not reveal his circumcision status, but he attempted to calm community fears.

"All there is to circumcision is availing your male organ for the foreskin to be removed, like 'ting' [snip] and it is all over," he said.

Elders have said free circumcisions should not be compulsory or included in the government's policy on HIV/Aids.

The politicians were unusually candid at the six-hour circumcision meeting

Despite the politicians' candour, it was still not clear whether the elders would endorse it.

But Riaga Ogalo, chairman of the Luo Council of Elders, appeared to have softened his position.

"People must be assured that this is purely a medical cut and does not in any way mean that Luos have changed their cultural values," he said.

If the council does give its full backing, Mr Odinga will go down in history not only as Kenya's first prime minister but as the politician who overturned centuries of Luo tradition.

M-Pesa said...

@ Kwale,

I'm like West Ham Football Club. No one likes them, but they don't care. Pssst, I think our oldie prezzy is also be in this category... Sod Kumekucha for a pint of cold tusker at K'Osewes.


Anonymous said...

10.15, you are indeed a pathetic human being, you should be ashamed of yourself. Wonder what you will teach your children if you happen to have or get any.

Any wonder why Kenyans turned on their neighbors in Jan/Feb 08? Stupid A**hole.

Your low self esteem is self evident.

I NEVER HEAR OF WOMEN TALK ABOUT FGM,and other women's clits, and shouldn't it be women that discuss men's private parts? If you do not engage with it why should another man's penis be not the least but the most of your worries?


1. GAY

These STUPID, IMBECILE men are the reason why Africa is retrogressing.


Where is Europe in terms of development both socially, economically and politically compared to the CUT Africans? One sits and wonders whether we think with the "little" head or "big" head above the shoulder, from the discussions here, most engage the former.

Bure ghabisa.....grow up men.

Taabu said...

Please leave the Hammers alone. Zola would wring your neck were he to hear you degrade West Ham.

Anonymous said...

Those who are saying that we should move on quickly from our recent past are UNFAIR to the losers. Ask yourself how you would feel if you were asked by the alleged thieves to lick your "elections-were-stolen" wounds in a hurry. Then before those wounds have healed you are ordered by your messiah to lose your god-given foreskin to the knife. And in Nairobi you are required to pay rent to the landlord (from which tribe again?).

I mean, let us be a little patient with the brothers from the lake while they lick these multiple wounds. Lately, life hasn't been fair to them at all.

To the lakeside brothers I say: "Don't lose heart. Even the darkest night has an end. But you need to hurry, the lest of Kenya can't afford to wait for you for ever!!"

Anonymous said...

What happened to the song: Election violence was caused by historical injustices? Hey! Our ears have been abused with lunatic songs from the idlers!!!

Anonymous said...

I assume most of the bloggers on Kumekucha live abroad, have not been to Kenya recently.

Reality check guys from the comforts of your abodes abroad:

1. Raila is the PM
2. Kibaki is the President
3. People have moved on
4. People are busy worrying about the high inflation rates, high gas and commodity prices.
5. Kenya will overcome, it is back to business as usual, as people concentrate on feeding their families and making a living. Politicking 24/7 has been left to the politicians.

If the elections were stolen or not, people have moved on.

Anonymous said...

Stolen Elections + Lost Foreskins + High Inflation = ???

Somebody out there in America do the addition for Ajwang' please!

Anonymous said...

I always surprises me that a community that boasts to have the best brains in the land in varied fields as medicine,aviation,engineering and excelling in many such scientific areas can allow themselves to be misused all in reverence to the name ODINGA.After being derided for most of his political career that he can never become president as lon as he's uncurcumcised and even challenging his detractors to 'let the women be the one's to complain' seems to have finally found a masterstroke....!Get all eligibe males to be cut in the pretex of a scientific study on HIV and come 2012 he will have a ready answer to those talking about Luo's being uncut.People unless you start reading the signs,you will as someone put it here 'always be dancing like reeds in the wind!'You're all losing your foreskins(after all those arguments) so that the NAME ODINGA CAN FINALLY ACHIEVE ITS POLITICAL AGENDA!

AJWANG' said...

On this foreskin thing: we will never win. We are damned if we do, and damned if we don't.

It is like any other argument with PNU. If you win they steal. If you lose they steal.

Only solution: mass impregnations to dilute the DNA.

Anonymous said...

Ajwang, then they will come up with relics like wife inheritance, tero buru and the like.

Love 'em or hate 'em, Jangos are here to stay. There must be something in the Jang DNA that scares many a people, especially from Central Kenya. Yet their women love us lake boys. It might be the indefinable charm, but we'll leave that for the ladies.

One soon to be the president of the US of A and the other of the Republic of Kenya once that rug is pulled from the GNU.

Likes of Vikii, Kimi et al, please indulge in more meaningful conversations that can clear steer this great nation of ours.

I wonder how many sufurias of ugali will be added to those downtrodden that have been usurped by the political elite to castigate others not their own? Their plight in life stays the same, now, what need word can we coin since K*hii will be almost archaic, BUT DO WE SAY, enjoy yourselves FOLKS !!!!

Ivy said...

Ei yawa Anon 10:28....Need i say more.

Any jeng bachelor around?.....LOL

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:03 AM, ati moved on? PUMBAFF!!
Only the panua mongrels have "moved on" (sic). And now they want to CON us (typical of the Kyuk's) to "move on" so that we can forget about the STOLEN ELECTION. It will not work. They can CON themselves but they will not CON the rest of the Kenyans.

What is happening now is just an interlude (a political lie) before the POLITICAL TRUTH is installed.

The HATRED, and MISPLACED AND FICTITIOUS superiority complex will then come back to haunt you to your core. Malipo ni hapa hapa duniani - right now you Mt Kenya mongrels are just living a lie, but then this should not be a surprise - FRAUD and DECEPTION (this includes SELF DECEPTION) are your middle names, they are the "values" that drive you.

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