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Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank You Judge Krigler for Saving Kenyans from Themselves

You don’t choose to live a national lie and expect to be delivered from chronic deceit by a foreigner. That good old Judge Krielger passed a verdict that pleased nobody was no surprise. Since Kofi Annan couldn’t stay here forever to persuade us from hacking each other, he had to find a spare hand to pay in doing the thankless job of saving Kenyans from their murderous selves.

Judge Kriegler came and witnessed first hand our DECEPTION IMMORTALIZED. Being no fool he had to leave us holding onto our skunk of living the eternal lie we have perfected as a nation. Listening to the old Afrikaner wax intellectual by rubbing it in that ours is a lost course of serial sham election, one would be forgiven for labelling him as patronizing and condescending. But who cares provided you don’t upset the political cart, the looters can pat you on the back for reinventing a wheel that is not even round in the first place.

You see in reminding us of the ruinous Moi ERROR, Kriegler has overtaken every average Kenyan in setting the bar to its lowest level. Are we not the same people who elevate tokenism to obscene heights as the ruling class auctions Kenya to the lowest bidders? You don’t need post apartheid electoral experience to dissect dysfunctional and incompetent ECK. Kivuitu may epitomize last year’s bungled polls but concentrating exclusively on his head is akin to blaming the dog for a vicious attack while exonerating the master who order the bitch in the first place.

Living eternal political lie
Last year’s electoral fraud was the culmination of an elaborate plan to maintain status quo at whatever price. It is only that concentration of the outcome while remain oblivious of the process left the perpetrators criminally exposed. Even the equally senile Mugabe had the presence of mind to allow himself to be defeated if only to proceed to the second round of voting where he knew the die was cast and he didn’t disappoint. At least Zimbabwe is re-enacting Kenya in the reverse albeit painfully so. We have set the worst and most shameful political precedent in killing the spirit and body of competitive politics.

True to a lawyer's forte of wordiness bereft of direction while conveniently avoiding the challenge at hand, Judge Kriegler declared NO WINNER. The next basic and logical consequence would have been recommending fresh polls. But Kriegler knew his script inside out and apologists of Kenya’s status quo will promptly raise the red flag of opening old wounds. Well, we better nurse the festering wound till the doctor comes with the saw calling for the limb’s severance before our body collectively succumb to septic shock. Well, let us enjoy the swim till we drown in pus.

Escapists may wish to call it flogging a dead horse. The truth is this baggage will hang on our necks for the rest of our lives. Meanwhile we suffer the absolute perils of living a political lie. Kriegler came, lived and conquered. Thank you Judge Krigler. May you judiciously transfer the Kenyan experience to save your smouldering native South Africa from herself too.


papa plus said...


I think we have beaten this dead horse to a pulp now, don't you? Even just watching the comments here, you'll notice that they have significantly reduced. Why? Because we have been talking about this for close to a year now. Like Obama would say,"ENOUGH"! Lets please move on from the stolen elections.

On to current news in SA where Mbeki resigned last night! CAn you believe this happening in Africa? A sitting president resigns over allegations of political interference in an ongoing court case with less than a year left in office.

Now while I really don't think that Zuma, a rapist and thug, should assume SA leadeship; I have to admire Mbeki. The man understands that the office is bigger than the person and that it's integrity should be upheld at all times. Mbeki is following in Mandela's footsteps. Mandela at a rip old age only served one term and went into retirement. Mbeki is retiring for what seems to be a lack of confidence from his party.

If only we had such maturity in our political arena

Vikii said...

Taabu, you have been living a lie for far too long now. Your bitterness is astonishing. Those cannot be oranges you are eating, those are lemons!

Anonymous said...

The findings of these commissions are predictable - kriegler didn't want to 'rock the GCG boat' and so had to do what he got to do.
Blame no one, but we al know who has egg all over his face. The Waki commission will put the blame on 'certain politicians (read odm) for planning the mayhem'-never mind that the issue of the arms that were imported through Somalia has been swept under the carpet. Kimunya will be exhonerated and will get back 'his job'. Mta do ?
When I saw duckie and his lunatic of a wife waving to 'their subjects' on the way to the US/UN holiday, I couldn't help wondering if the idea of his illegitimacy ever crosses his mind. To imagine that we have to put up with this nonsense of a president for another four years is just too painful to bear.
Folks, let us brace ourselves for more drama - the kind that dominated his first five years. Now, things will be worsened by the fact that the mkm and the million dollar a plate goons have to line their nests before his exit. I think am about to puke...

Anonymous said...

When an injured race-horse refuses to retire/leave the stable the last thing one would want to do is to continue feeding it and expect nothing in return.

papa plus said...

See our culture is all out of wack. Look at Njiru crying and whinning about Kenyatta like Kenyatta was his queen. Not a mention of the fact that the old man was too sick to govern and should have been retired. Even at his death, we were content to have him sitting on ice as we tried to run the country. This is the problem. So I agree with the chap who said that fellows will be very busy lining their pockets in anticipation of loosing their hold on power. It's all for themselves and screw kenya.

So get over the stolen elections already.

Anonymous said...

i concur with you that going to the polls with the same ECK as it is composed will be just another shamand recipe for chaos , we need some minimum reforms so we can put to test an new eck with the referendum for the const, if it is aceptable and deemed fair by majority then we can go to the polls under a new constituion and electoral body , the realistic time frame should be , january 2010 and both Raila and Kibaki should be persuaded to step aside.

Anonymous said...

Papa +
You know darn well that our politicians will never rise to the occasion when it comes to that, if it was possible then Kibaki would have resigned and allowed minimum reforms in the eck then request for a legitimate mandate from the people , now he is happy to be a president without legitimacy , atleast Raila had the majority in parliament and that gives him the legitimacy to be the premeir.
According to Kriegler it is even possible that it is Kalonzo aka wiper who won , i guess we will never know , will we ?

Anonymous said...

Remember lemonade is made from lemons , be positive.

Anonymous said...

Two Assistant ministers to be circumcised

Seems molasses older brother is going for the 'cut'. okello, ukiona cha mwenziwe chanyolewa tia chako maji.
luo's are going for the cut and as oburu told them..'they should not fear'.
this is positive and at least molasses legacy will be 'he assisted his kinsmen by having them lose their smelly unhealthy foreskins'
now that will be something to be proud of..
bwa ha ha ha
full story at KK msema kweli press house..

he he he...orengo and anyang admitted having faced the knife..

Taabu said...

How do you resolve a contest without a winner? Please only ORIGINAL answers and don't a Kriegler on the question. Waiting.

Vikii said...

Taabu, do you want to know the best way to settle contests? Well, the answer is simple; Play as per the rules set BEFORE the contest started and whoever wins wins. If you feel that the other fellow violated those rules and somehow the officials MANDATED by those rules endorsed the violation, then seek redress in the dispute resolution bodies that exist and are empowered by the same rules to arbitratte in those unfortunate circumstances. If you do not have faith in those bodies then boycott the contest until you are convinced that the playing field is even.

When you go to a contest goverened by rules and codes you dont agree with when you can effect changes (when you have been in a position to do just that), then you are a FOOL who should be ignored when he cries foul. Look at it now. The party that claims to have been cheated in the elections is now so comfortable in power it has forgotten last year's were not the last elections. Why are they not calling for mass action to even the field if at all it was uneven? When they lose by elections, they cry again. Come on and get serious.

My take is that Kriegler, Annan and all these little games being played on us are illegitimacies. Let us play by the rules. Our rules not the rules that favour Uncle Sam's interests. The GCG is in itself a fraud. It is a radical departure from democratic politics.

Anonymous said...

What is this obsession with circumcision all about in this forum? Can we address the issue of this post-Judge Krigler? Would you rather loose the foreskin and have smelly jigger infested feet and brown teeth? Mungikis be serious.

Anonymous said...


duly elected left the competition in the playing field waiting to wind up the game and sprinted/gatecrashed the trophy table where he proceeded to pick up first prize (with collusion of chief umpire) and run away with it. initial efforts for extra time, penalty shootouts were scrambled post-haste as were efforts to determine the final score.

Ivy said...


In the previous post....I hear you but you know you still owe me news on Kibs.

E-Cop you got me there ....LOL

Papa plus @ 3:38 i agree. I have moved on from crying over spilt milk, and again Thambo Mbeki has made me a proud african this week...Kweli najivunia kuwa mwafrika, man this guy has just set a standard where despots like Mugabe, Mobutu, Museveni etc will have to be reincarnated to attain that standard in there next life.

Kiraitu Murungi, way to go but i think you can still do more for the consumers.

Anonymous said...

Stultior stulto fuisti, qui tabellis crederes 24/7.

The sick man (Kenyan voter)does himself no favour when he makes the doctor (ECK) his heir in 2012.

Stultior stulto fuisti, qui tabellis crederes 365 days.

There is nothing that would make one to be proud of Thambo Mbeki, the humiliated stultior had no other alternative but to quit oofice, because the ANC had put his political balls in a vice. Mbeki has the golden opportunity of returning his sorry butt back to a self-styled exile in Britain where he once lived before Mandela opened the gates of freedom for all South Africans.

Good rid.....

Ivy said...

Anon 10:24

I said i am a proud african, not proud of Mbeki...Mbeki has done something that no african president has ever done (step down.

Ajwang' said...

'Kenyans got no more and no less than they deserved" - Krigler. I concur. Most of us are simply not bold enough to fight for their rights. Only the gallant Kalenjin Warriors and a few young men in Kisumu, Kibera, Mathare, Kakamega and Mombasa have shown some guts. Untill and unless we are willing to chew teargas and bullets, we are estopped from complaining when our rights are stolen. And we live in a land full of thieves - and full of people for whom robbery is a virtue.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Vikii, you will never convince these boorish ODM characters to see reason. Buffoonery is their true forte. If they want to grow wrinkles from frustration and end up looking like ET, that is their problem.
Even when it is clear that "...rigging took place from Lake Victoria to the Indian ocean.." according to Kriegler, and we did not need Kriegler to know that, they still insist, WITHOUT ANY CREDIBLE EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER, that fraud only took place at KICC. Even that Kirui character who allegedly raised the alarm over rigging at KICC never showed up to testify to the Kriegler commission, obviously because he was himself a fraud and his story would never have stood up to professional scrutiny.
We all know how there was 95% to 106% turnout in Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley ODM strongholds. Yet when Kreigler points out that this is clear evidence of vote fraud, none of these idiotic ODM loudmouths refutes him ON THAT POINT, just childish, endless whining about how Kriegler is wrong and partisan.
Vikii, don't argue with these buffoons, just tell them the facts. As Luhyas like to say, even if one pretends to be as deaf as a stone, he will have heard you.

Anonymous said...

Ajwang' should first face the knife before he urges others to face the teargas.

Mr Molasses amesema nilazima Wajaluo wote watahiliwe mara moja. I suggest he selects some stone throwers (no murderers and rapists this time) to enforce the messianic order!!!!

Ajwang' said...


Been there, done that, got the scar. But my pride lies in the potency of other organs.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

No, Taabu, South Africans don't need Kriegler. They just showed that a political party can actually show a working president the door (imagine ODM saying no to RAO, PNU telling ESMK ciaigana ni ciaigana). We are the ones who need to pay Kriegler and his team millions to tell us what already knew; that no one knows who won the elections.

It's the Kenyan governments that have consistently had an obsession with foreigners when it comes to solving locally manufactured problems-with the exception of the Sunguh committee where emotions ruined an otherwise great inquiry, by the way what came of it?

But I'm sure if Kriegler said that ODM won the elections, we would be mentioning his name with as much enthusiasm as we talk about the Kroll (another one!) report.

Ivy said...

You guy

Damn....I am tired of some lines, i have read them...Do words grow stale...blah....blah...

Some guys dont just get it right...Even in writting...LOL

Anonymous said...

The coaliy=tion government is in office illegally given the verdict of Kregler.
I'm taking them to court to dissolve and hold fresh elections.This is the only way.Forget the violence we have to save democracy or else the future of leadwership in Kenya is at stake.

E-cop said...

Ivy,these things have a way of happening ask Taabu (man biting dog)

Taabu, leave Johann alone-South Africa is more developed than Kenya, uta do?
There are no winners or losers in Africa just bad votes and voters stupid
In Kenya we don't do winner/loser that is bar talk, COME LET US EAT TOGETHER
Kriegler like Annan has flown out of the country-kwani you are more man than them?

Knoppix!® said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

In 2001 President Mbeki had sent his minister of safety and security to accuse three leading members of the party of plotting to oust him.

The accused - former ANC secretary-general, Cyril Ramaphosa and two former provincial premiers, Tokyo Sexwale and Mathews Phosa ­- were among the party's most respected figures.

To this day there is no clear explanation of why these extraordinary charges were made. Nelson Mandela himself emerged from retirement to say that he held all three in "high esteem".

The Mail and Guardian newspaper commented at the time that it was a strategy worth of Joseph Stalin and said: "Many observers have dismissed the plot theories as a strategy to warn off potential competitors with ambitions to challenge Mbeki's leadership."

No evidence was ever led against them, no charges were laid and the matter was swept under the carpet. However, it was certainly not forgotten.

Today Mathew Phosa is the ANC Treasurer General, one of the top party posts. Cyril Ramaphosa and Tokyo Sexwale are members of the National Executive.

Their names, along with those of Zwelinzima Vavi, leader of the trade unions in Cosatu and Blade Nzimande of the Communist Party, have been cited in the South African press as among those who wielded the knife against Thabo Mbeki.

The political and the personal had come together.

...and that is how a party should work.

Knoppix!® said...


Am a very upset person and not about your post but about one united.Whats happening?We dont seem to move and dont tell me we began the same way last season.Its not about wishes here but actual perfomance.whats your take mate?


Mambo,hope all finds you well.The best way to understand life is looking at it backwards!

Have a good afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Taabu for once you hit a point, krigle commission was to found what went wrong, uklweli wa mambo is that ECK was incompetent, the verdict t of his report is that there was no winner, yes using Solomon’s wisdom the old Afrikaans split the baby into half. If you IQ is above that of kivutu and kalozor you will know the sad mother is the true winner and those pleased with krigle report were the real losers + kaloozer

Taabu said...

I hear you and your fears are founded. I will deliver your concern personally to SAF leo at OT and ole wao Middlesbrough. Whether it amounts to complacence or being TOO OLD and FAMILIAR to a taxing job where don't care all we want is ONE UNITED back.

Consolation: We don't know how to tangulia but leading we do because we arrive ahead of the pack. Faith is priceless and can be expensive, just ask Ivy. CR is back and all should be fine, take my word for it.

Don't get distracted by Man City. The honeymoon will soon be over just like Spurs is having the most painful divorce pending.

Kwale said...

Knoppix, pole sana. I don't normally like football but whenever I hear Man U are losing I rejoice. You have made my day! I used to be a gunners supporter back in the days of "Back Four"- Winterburn, Keown, Adams and Seaman and Ian Wright as the front man. Arsenal were so exciting to watching then (not that they are bad now) against Man U. It was more like a heavyweight boxing fight, always drama with bloody noses at the pitch and both managers (Wenger & Ferguson) constantly appearing at FA disciplinary hearings.
To avoid disapointments why don't you support a London team, they are many and some very good. Why Manchester?

Taabu said...

Are shopping for defectors? That is a queer Kenyan mindframe to export to football don't you think so? Long teams you say? I guess Fulham/WH will do you just fine.

Now your slavery to nostalgia is confirmed. Gooners play good footie even now but FYI loyalty is priceless and unswapable. Maybe for you anything goes, enjoy.

JEFF said...


Leave the guy alone. Even in business, an ailing company's managers always know which areas to fix. However, they always enlist 'outside' consultants to come in and tell them what they already know. We Kenyans know where the problem is. It is only us to solve it. This was his verdict. If we decide to go ahead and kill each other some more, one Kriegler cares less.

Man U
It is very difficult for one to learn from their success.

Ivy said...


I agree.


Kutangulia sio kufika.....Recall not mbali sana, just last season, the gooners (Arsenal Is Garbage - AIG) thought that they were on top of things.. To borrow Taabu's comments...Ole wao....Relax

OT said...

Why is Raila suddenly making all this noise about circumcision? does it have some thing to do with the American Pharmaceutical company which manufactures circumcision kits which wants to set up shop in East Africa?

This has nothing to do with Health, it's all about the money.

Anonymous said...

Read this if you can people. It is concerning a documentary that was aired on Sky TV UK. Its about the Kenyan thugs Mungiki.

I watched Mr kemp try very hard to understand Mungiki in weeks! Some of us have been trying to understand them since it began!

Although the well-dressed Mungiki leaders were trying to spin facts and present a face of liberators and not oppressors I don't think they succeeded in this mission! Mungiki is a terror group fulstop. They inflick terror in the souls of Kenyans then fleece them at will.

I mean, Mungiki comes as protectors then they behead several who try to defy them, then Mungiki enslaves its members! I saw all these in Ross Kemp's documentary! Mathare valley. Capture, conture, kill and then exploit! Dandora dump site... indoctrinate, capture kill, creat fears among them and then exploit them. (Remember the history of christianity and colonization of Africa? Gun on the right hand and Bible on the left?) Mungiki style!

This group could easily be studied for a PHD in sociology! I mean it! In sociology, if a people are poor few of them tend to exploit them. My sociology teachers would be very proud of the mungiki group leaders. And I bet that some of these boys are sociology major.

In a run-down economy, majority are poor but if a few are rich then there are 3 possibilities for the rich:
1. The rich worked so hard to get their wealth. Possible but not most probable.
2. The rich were corrupt and achieve their wealth unfairly. Very possible. Most likely.
3. The rich exploited the poor around them to get their wealth. Very possible. Very very likely and probable.

All these scenerios were played on Kemp's documentary. How do you explain the mungiki leaders in suites yet their members are rugged dandora dump site residents hooked to glue and other drugs. See No. 3 above!

How can you explain the wealth of Mungiki founder Njenga? A palatial home in Kitengela yet his members live in adject poverty? No. 3 above.

Kwale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Knoppix!® said...

Kwale,hahahahhaha, i am normally not easily swayable to say the least.Whatever is going on is reminscent of the shenanigans in GOK.many souls are jumping ship but am in MAN-U to stay.

Personally i like and admire SAF because of his business like approach to football.We are talking about someone who has been Knighted no the average bloke of harambee stars.So maybe later but not anytime soon am in MAN-U.As a sidenote,do you notice the difference in the calibre of MAN-U supporters save for one Maina Kageni!!!!!!!MAN-U supporters are always calm and composed unlike other teams i have known save for the Liverfools!

Taabu,we can't dwell on luck,we need results,J.S Park did me proud before Kalou burst open my bubble,it was some awesome perfomance.I have not given up yet and i believe the good Sir will put up a good fight on or before his grandson's birthday.

Ivy as always lets try and employ empiricism as opposed to luck.But as Taabu always says,there is only one United!Man U oyeeeee!!!!!!!

Am not commenting on the current post coz the facts are way too obvious,tell me another.

Kwale said...

Anon 6.03,
I just finished talking to someone who watched that documentary about Mungiki on Sky one and everyone seem to blame the Kenya government for allowing Mungiki to breed so successfully.

We should not have slums in the first place, I know the government from the previous to the current like to say slums are informal and illegal settlements, but why can't they build proper home for slum-dwellers?

Instead of arguing about who won the election we should be campaigning for proper social reforms which includes proper housing.
It's not fair for people to live in cardboard and tin housing while others are living in big houses with well manicured-flower decked gardens.

PS Knoppix, if that's the case, why don't you hire Sir Alex to coach Harrambee Stars. Won't you like to pride in YOUR OWN team?

Anonymous said...

Fellow nyi kwa Ramogi,

Below is an article that has been doing the rounds and eliciting some strong feelings from Luos. I have also copied some responses that I came across in another forum. I am interested in more sober opinions on this. Anybody game? Will parents here decide to circumcise their sons (luckily so far I have only daughters), or should some of us follow Oburu Odinga and go “kichinjoni?”


The Misleading Call for Circumcision
By Otieno Mbare, PhD (Research Fellow)
I would not have ventured into this sensitive debate if it did not have direct consequences for my children, the posterity of the Luo nation and other non-circumcising communities around the world. However, the debate has been fueled following a research that was carried out by some researchers in Kenya and Uganda and; consequently published in January 2008 in the BJU International. Had it not acquired political overtones that sought to authenticate an otherwise a lop-sided research whose methodology, validity, plausibility and veracity are in doubt, I would have not wasted my precious time debating it. Yet, this issue touches on the very nerves of the communities that are not practicing circumcision. It is an old time debate that has been misguidedly used to show cultural superiority and supremacy among different communities. The same argument has sadly been used to stigmatize, lower the image and undermine the culture of the Luo community.

Scientific research as evidenced in the Mexico conference has rejected that line of thinking as a dead-end research. It will further give a false hope that a cure has finally arrived albeit with devastating consequences to our society. It is therefore surprising that none other than my friend Hon. Raila Odinga (no disrespect intended!), who has suffered the wrath of these cultural purists, was the one who went out prescribing the new medicine for the “uncut”. This happened a few days after receiving with his in-laws from central Kenya. I will not question Hon. Odinga’s wisdom but this is a very sensitive cultural issue that a person of his standing in Luoland and Kenya in particular, cannot afford to discuss it casually they way he did. I understand people have started saying derogatively that “Luoland sasa ni kichinjoni” because the PM has said so! The endorsement for circumcision in the Luo nation is totally unacceptable!

I don’t intend to argue here that our culture is pure and superior. But, let me make it clear that there are certain cultural practices that need to be eradicated without legislation. Practices such as inheriting someone’s wife whose husband, probably died of aids and, other promiscuous habits. These are issues that have to be addressed and develop a common position not only for one community, but for the entire society. Abstention and regular use of the condom is the sure way out of the current HIV quagmire. This is what elected leaders should be advocating instead advocating for something which is meant to demean and portray our culture as inferior! It is for this reason that most members of the community have felt provoked by an assault directed at our culture.

Yet, the research is so hollow that there is no knowing whether the sample group and the control group had been subjected to a full-blown situation to validate their research finding! I do not want to dispute circumcision for those who are practicing it for it is seen as a rite of passage marking a boy’s entrance into adulthood.
Sometimes it was performed as a means of suppressing sexual pleasure, or used as an aid to hygiene where regular bathing was impractical. At other times, it is performed as a means of differentiating a circumcising group from their non-circumcising neighbors, as a means of discouraging masturbation, or to increase a man’s attractiveness to women, or as a symbolic castration. The Luos have since used and abandoned other cultural practices that marks the passage of a boy to adulthood. We have refused to embrace circumcision for various reasons; First, circumcision is not part of our culture. It is foreign! Second, our other objection which is supported by the existing literatures and research is that circumcision changes physical sensitivity in the penis of a man.

A 2007 study funded by an organization which opposes circumcision, and published in the journal BJU International, found a difference in fine touch sensitivity between men who were circumcised and those who were uncircumcised (such that circumcised men had less sensitivity to fine touch in all but one area of the penis).
This same study also compared the sensitivity thresholds at various points on the penis and concluded that the most sensitive part of the uncircumcised penis was more sensitive than the most sensitive parts of the circumcised penis. The authors argue that the parts of the penis removed by circumcision represent the most sensitive parts of the penis. Similarly, in a poll conducted by an anti-circumcision organization, 61% of men who were circumcised as infants reported decreased sensation over time, which they report resulted in sexual dysfunction.

And recently, a study by DaiSik Kim and Myung-Geol Pang on the “The effect of male circumcision on sexuality” found there was a decrease in masturbatory pleasure and sexual enjoyment after circumcision, indicating that adult circumcision adversely affects sexual function in many men, possibly because of complications of the surgery and a loss of nerve endings. I do not want to speculate that some high-level conspiracy has been hatched to render Luo men dysfunctional. I will simply stick to the issue which can be corroborated through the overwhelming existing body of knowledge concerning the matter at hand. Let me further buttress my argument by citing Erickson Paige 1978 article The Ritual of Circumcision, where she writes: “In the United States, the original reason for the surgical removal of the foreskin, or prepuce, was to control ‘masturbatory insanity’ (what the Luo would call, thelo-oyuma!) - the range of mental disorders that people believed were caused by the ‘polluting’ practice of ’self-abuse.’” And here, she describes “Self-abuse” as a terminology commonly used to describe masturbation in the 19th century. According to Paige, “treatments ranged from diet, moral exhortations, hydrotherapy, and marriage, to such drastic measures as surgery, physical restraints, frights, and punishment.But how was this conundrum conceived in the Bible. Because the Luo nation have always followed the bible and what was bequeathed to them by Ramogi at Go-Kwer!

The scriptures, which my late father, Jakwath Festo Mbare made his constant book of reference says that the Council of Jerusalem in Acts of the Apostles 15 addressed the issue of whether circumcision was required of new converts to Christianity. Both Simon Peter and James spoke against requiring circumcision in Gentile converts and the Council ruled that circumcision was not necessary. However, Acts 16 and many references in the Letters of Paul show that the practice was not immediately eliminated. Paul of Tarsus, who was said to be directly responsible for one man’s circumcision in Acts 16:1-3 and who appeared to praise Jewish circumcision in Romans 3:2, said that circumcision didn’t matter in 1 Corinthians 7:19 and then increasingly turned against the practice, accusing those who promoted circumcision of wanting to make a good showing in the flesh and boasting or glorying in the flesh in Galatians 6:11-13. In a later letter, Philippians 3:2, he is reported as warning Christians to beware the “mutilation”. These teachings and others reinforces the very beliefs we have upheld as a community.
Finally, the American Academy of Pediatrics (1999) stated “There are anecdotal reports that penile sensation and sexual satisfaction are decreased for circumcised males”. Boyle et al. stated that “the genitally intact male has thousands of fine touch receptors and other highly erogenous nerve endings—many of which are lost to circumcision.

They concluded, “Evidence has also started to accumulate that male circumcision may result in lifelong physical, sexual, and sometimes psychological harm as well.”
The caveat that I have to express is that circumcision has not, and will never be part of our culture. Who ever want to do it is free to do so without involving the community. But if you get circumcised, know that they are amputating your foreskin. One should be informed that the sensitivity that you feel, not only in that skin, but the surrounding tissues, including the glands, will be drastically affected and diminished. Researchers also allege that not only are the nerve endings gone with the foreskin, but remaining nerve endings are severed, blood flow permanently disrupted, and the shaft skin will be tight, possibly painfully tight. Several months after this, the sensitivity remaining will begin to fade, and will continue to do so. The warning to our people is, “Circumcision will damage your penis and your sexual ability; that’s what it does”.

Even the British Medical Association has reported that “there is significant disagreement about whether circumcision is overall a beneficial, neutral or harmful procedure. At present, the medical literature on the health, including sexual health, implications of circumcision is contradictory, and often subject to claims of bias in research.”

This is what we are getting. Raila through Oginga Odinga foundation got alot of money for the circumcision project hence the reason why they are promoting it. The wife of Prof Nyong'o was in Mexico to solicit for funds and thats why they are claiming to support it. But are they accounting for it.

Raila is just using Luos as Guinea pigs and will go to elections in 2012 and tell Kenyans that, 'you told me to circumcise them, I already did'. Thats just stupid and its not right and is proving to the Luos who Raila really is.

Matunda, why do you want me to comment on this matter again when I had already my position very clear? Well, my position has not changed. It remains the way I expressed it here:

And, it will not change! Let Raila entertain you guys by dancing on your ropes. The action is itself misleading; even the assertion that "I wanted to help my people" is reckless and dishonest. How can one assert without butting an eyelid that this is the community that has been infected and dying because of this disease? People have been dying of hunger in Luoland. The PM has not addressed those cases claiming that as PM he should not be seen to be leaning on Nyanza; harambees in Nyanza - the same argument yet he fundraise in other provinces! Was this circumcision thing much more important than development in Nyanza?

What we are not being told is how much Jaramogi Odinga Foundation got from donnors for this project. That the PM found it necessary to lead the crusade in person, tells volumes since this is something that should have been relegated to the minister for health and local elders to handle. The mere fact that Oburu who is almost senile was ecstastic about circumcision at his age when he has already had grand-grand children reveal the deceitful and sectret nature of this whole scam. By accepting and booking an early appointment next week with the 'butchermen', Oburu has, in effect confirmed to the world that he has been a philanderer. I will not fault Ayiecho Olweny in this matter since he once said of the constitution that since Raila had read it and found it bad, then, it was bad! I only have a problem with Orengo whom I once thought would stand up for the rights of his community. The way Orengo tried to hoodwink the Luos by narrating how he was cut yet his case is known in Luo parlance as natural "yuom" which Luos refer to deregatorily as "rayuom". That should have not been show cased before the prophets of doom who thronged Kisumu to mislead the Luo community. We are going to call upon all Luos around the globe to rise to the occassion and defend what is rightfully theirs! We shall buy space in the newspapers and sponsor Luo medical experts to the media to streamline this misconception. Leadership will not be attained through circumcision since no leader has ever used his dick think for his society!

E-cop said...

please this is not a traditional rites discussion Forum-lets go the right place for the right thing- to circumcise or follow “kichinjoni" is not something to be decided here-gone are the days of roadside declarations.
we have doctors both witch and E.R.(Chriton) who can help in this matter
stick to the post at hand-Johann Saved Me-my testimony by A.Kenyan

free the cerebral cranium to do its job ndugu

chola said...

Anon 7.45 Right of passage to manhood you have all missed it completly. Its this lols from these tribes who have been cut by woman or monkeys who make a lot of kelele about cut. If one was cut traditionally, you action and deed should speak for you. Rao will have all luos cut, thus it make them men, from my tribal point no, same to those who were cut by nurses or monkey. Now day the world has change, we even allow our sisters and daughter to marry boy and accept their children as nieces and nephews. We do not consider tem as out cast. World d has moved forward. And Rao should not try win central province vote at the cost of luos fore shin

Anonymous said...


i'll try to squeeze in my comment on the original topic of discussion

this Kriegler commission had me baffled right from the start. not being well versed with the many twists of legalese wasn't sure exactly what the mandate was, public perception or expectation was inquiry into fraud and rigging allegations but right from the start it didn't appear that way, both in the manner (as reported in the press) or conduct of proceedings where witnesses were either making recommendations on ECK commissioners and staff and the processes or enumerating flaws or airing frustrations they witnessed or heard (hearsay evidence). it is therefore not surprising and no wonder that the report is 80% recommendations on the way forward.

first off i did not expect any better because to conduct a forensic audit as initially expected (those in legal profession/law enforcement excuse my ignorance) this was an odd mix of skills. as i understand it there are at least three different phases in inquiries of this type.

first phase requires a team of detectives to follow the "leads" that these witnesses were tabling. these detectives would then ascertain if, when and where tampering of results or other types of fraud and gather appropriate evidence. by this i mean people such as Troon (of the ouko inquiry) or our very own highly able but often ignored and at times compromised expert detectives.

phase two is where attorney/lawyers dissect, mutilate, trash or otherwise sieve through the evidence compiled by the detectives to either defend ECK in this case or hang them out to dry

phase three is where magistrates (such as Kriegler) then summarise findings and arguments arising from the public outcry, subsequent investigations by the detectives, arguments by lawyers and their own esteemed observations.

now in this kriegler commission the process from where i stand was a shortcut drawn from public outrage/venting (including the various civic and professional bodies) to a ruling (recommendations) by the commissioners minus the quality or comprehensive detective work and analysis of arguments. surely we could not expect a judge to carry out investigations.

we need to stop our leaders from playing mind games with us, we all knew by mid january it would be impossible to carry out any meaningful re-tally or determination. but what we do know is that there are diligent detectives and forensic scientists out there that can follow leads and provide evidence that can paint a clear picture of how events unfolded. now IMHO spending several hundred million on such an exercise would be money well spent.

it is cheeky for kriegler to assert that this is not tax payers money because if it was money earmarked for kenya it could have been re-routed to another more worthy judicial activity (i.e its less Kshs from the donor kitty) if this money was not intended for kenya then there is no reason why a philanthropist wanting to give kriegler some cash should use kenya as an avenue or conduit which would be a type of corruption or money laundering

But anyway I agree, we've been down this road too many times this is a tired argument. we need to move on and press for constitutional changes and institutional reforms.

we should remember for constitutional change that kibaki way back in 1963 was in the team that drew up or the architects of the constitution of Kenya, and if in his shoes i could not possibly see why i should change the constitution but would wait till his term is about to expire then let others change it. i mean this is africa, radical changes to the constitution would mean admitting they did a shoddy job and that just doesn't happen.

anyhow folks am just musing aloud, hope those two guys that occassionaly visit this blog (mwaran'gethe and waweru and any of you in the know) who appear well versed with law and matters judicial can provide more meaningful insight on some of these matters, am trully curious


Papi said...

The Script in last years election was written well in advance. See, MK had known all along that ours is a political lie. We never go for elections, we go for a big SHAM. That Sham was there in 2002 only that the script was written then fell with the mood in the country. The script in 2007 was against the mood in the country. MK having been humiliated at the referendum had to do all that it took to stick to power. Of course RO knew this too well. Remember RO screaming at the top of his voice that its very hard to defeat incumbents, this after having seen what happened in Nigeria where his "friend" Olusegun had seriouly meddled in that election. At home MK was preparing the ground for the obvious, he had already replaced the ECK with a friendly outfit and all cries were being met with....MTADO? When RO saw he had been pushed between a rock and a hard place, he decided to call for assistance from one Dick Morris. Now, Dick has helped many countries in defeating incumbents. Just what remedy did Dick have for Kenya.......surprise, surprise. So, in as much as people died in this election, the script had been written. It will only take very courageous Kenyans to unearth the truth and bring the people involved to justice. But for the fragile peace that is there at the moment, that is now water under the bridge. The script continues...just different actors.

papa plus said...


Well said brother. We have been through this discussion millions of times. It is time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

there is nothing that kreigler did that any independent kenyan cannot do. the outcome of the comission is to reform ECK and this is what kenyan experts have been saying. Bure Kabisa kick this pale cracker out of the country.

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