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Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Evasive Nyama Choma

Published earlier today: Kumekucha weekend special, secrets about Kibaki's health

News that at least four abattoirs had been closed down in Nairobi sometime this week hit me hard. In fact it was a slap across my broad face. Nyama choma (roasted meat) and my mouth are sworn blood brothers. Yeah, and literally so.

So, news that some principal slaughter houses in Nairobi had been closed down really jolted me. I started asking myself how I would get by the week with the thought that come weekend there might not be enough meat to serve the city thus I would end up not tasting my delicacy.

My employer might have noticed my disenchantment with life itself for he called me the other day asking what was “eating” me. He also pointed out that my work output was lackluster (to use his word). He said this was unlike me.

If only he knew what was bugging me, he might have sent me packing. Thank God he couldn’t read the thoughts that were doing their rounds in my head!

The authorities say that these abattoirs are in a sorry state sanitation-wise. They are very dirty and pose health risks to the “nyama choma” patrons (like yours truly).

But, seriously speaking, I thought fire can kill all manner of germs, worms and other such health risks that can “append their poison” in the meat I love so much. Roasted meat goes through fire, doesn’t it?

Can someone please, puliiiiz, do something about this state of affairs. I, like so many other Nairobians, need to get back to work with all the energy I can and could muster. This is energy that I can only get from my favourite delicacy “Nyam Chom”.

You slaughter house guys, clean up your act and make sure there is enough Nyama Choma to drown the city the moment I step out of the house this weekend. Somebody reading this?


Kwale said...

That does not affect me, I only eat Kuku na Samaki. Kenyan obsession with meat is not normal.

papa plus said...

Ahhh the perils of those that can not cook! You guy, why don't you take this oppotunity to go to the market or butchery and buy the following:

5 kilos of beef (I recommend 7 bone center cut)
makaa for your jikoo
salt and black pepper
one large red onion,
pili pili,
cilantro (dhania)
2 large tomatoes

Have the butcher cut up the meat to your liking

When you get home, fire up the jikoo. Otherwise, get 3 stones and make an outdoor jikoo. Place a metal grate ( use oven racks)over the jikoo. Wait for the makaa to get white hot.

Spice the nyama with salt and black pepper. Once makaa is white hot, place nyama on the grate. Enjoy the searing sound and smoke from nyama! Give it about 4 - 7 minutes and then turn nyama over for another 4- 7 depending on the heat.

After washing the tomatoes, pilipili, onions and dhania, chop em up. Squeeze lime/lemon juice, add salt and pepper to taste and VOILA! You have kachumbari.

So you see there is no need to miss Kenyatta market my guy! Enjoy your weekend. next week I show you how to make samosa eh...

Anonymous said...

What is perplexing is the sudden erratic bout of efficiency that NEMA and other like-managed organizations portend for the well being of Kenyans. If there was good will for all the people that would be affected by the closure of the butcheries, NEMA would have given progressive non-punitive steps to ensure adherence to the stipuated policies. But if NEMA has suddeny acquired zeal in the execution of duty why dont they close City Hall for allowing dangerous effluent and garbage to accumulate in the estates! Paul

Sayra said...

Hi Ritchie,

I would rather stay bila the nyam chom than have one that comes from the dirtiest place ever. The clip i was on TV the other day is enough to make me not take meat for a while ... even if its going thru the fire.

On another note ...

These butchers have so much energy to build those buildings but somehow they lack the energy to construct proper sanitation. They are the same people who direct that dirt to Nairobi river. They and other companies near Nairobi river do that. The closure is out of the clean-up process of Nairobi river.

Good news is, these companies like the butchers their days are numbers. Soon you will hear many other companies have been closed down due to their shameless behavior of making Nairobi river their dumping site for their waste.

Am longing for the day i will go for a picnic along the banks of Nairobi river and comfortably wash my hands with the rivers water ... then comfortably eat that hot dog.

Anonymous said...

Count yourself lucky that you can afford nyama choma. Many can not even afford sukuma wiki.

Nyama choma and beer culture is slowly killing Kenyans, seriously.
Isn't it shameful that those with big nyamchom/beer pot are considered 'set'.

By the way, are we past the dog meat and sick donkey meat scandals?

Anonymous said...

this post is out of touch with majority of kenyans today-you are lucky to be affording nyama choma in these times!

Anonymous said...

Nyama choma syndrome in Kenya is killing our nation especially those babas who take that meat thinking they are having the best meal....and leave their wives and children at home taking sukuma wiki! they are due for shock...of so many problems where health is concerned!

Rafiki said...

Cheese is an excellent alternative to our unhealthy nyama choma. See my post on the same for some more info and a few nice links.

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