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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Catherine 'The Great' Ndereba Wins Kenya's First Medal

August 17, 2008

38- Year old Romanian mother - Constantina Tomescu-Dita - has a few moments ago won the Olympics women's marathon gold medal in 2 hours 26 minutes 44 seconds, 22 seconds ahead of silver medalist, world champion, Catherine ' The Great' Ndereba of Kenya.

Ndereba outsprinted China's Zhou Chunxiu at the end even as the crowd stood and chanted Zhou's name. It chanted again when bronze medalist Zhou grabbed a Chinese flag and held it for her countrywoman, fourth-place finisher Zhu Xiaolin.....

Catherine Ndereba of Kenya (front) gestures as she crosses the finish line ahead of Zhou Chunxiu of China in the women's marathon of the athletics competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in the National Stadium August 17, 2008.

Catherine Ndereba of Kenya (R) approaches the finish line ahead of Zhou Chunxiu of China during the women's marathon of the athletics competition of the Beijing 2008 Olmypic Games in the National Stadium August 17, 2008.

Catherine Ndereba of Kenya (R) runs ahead of Zhou Chunxiu of China during the women's marathon of the athletics competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in the National Stadium August 17, 2008.

Catherine Ndereba of Kenya gestures after the women's marathon of the athletics competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in the National Stadium August 17, 2008.

Catherine Ndereba of Kenya crosses the finish line in the women's marathon at the Beijing 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Sunday, Aug. 17, 2008. At left is third placed Zhou Chunxiu of China.

Catherine Ndereba of Kenya celebrates after winning the silver medal in the women's marathon at the Beijing 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Sunday, Aug. 17, 2008.


Mcheku said...

Nothing makes me prouder than Kenyan athletes!! Congratulations Ms Ndereba, that was good work.

I feel for her though that the gold escaped her hands courtesy of 22 seconds!

Phil said...

Mcheku this is gret news after all the boxers were knocked out and the Dunford brothers put up a sprited attempt in the swimming.

However, 22 seconds in a FULL marathon race (more than 40kilometres of three-quarter pace running) is a long long time. To finish the marathon itself, even outside the medal bracket, is a big achievement for any athlete, especially on the Olympic platform.

Hopefully Ndereba has opened the gates for more medals particularly in the womens 800 metres (Eldoret & Nandi express) and the mens 3000 metres steeplechase.

Leo ni leo, asemea kesho ni mwongo

mama njeri said...

Phil, Do we have an Eldoret flag??I am sick and tired of your tribal jibes. Eldoret and Nandi express? Is catherine Ndereba a Nandi or from Eldoret?
Why can't you people stop your tribal hatred at least for once and celebrate Kenya success regardless of where the athletes come.
One of the olympic motto is to stay clear from politics. Please leave tribal politics out of sport!!

5th Estate said...

HARD WORKING Kenyans make us proud unlike some self proclaimed hard workers.

Bravo Cathy a job well executed.

Anonymous said...

You might as well post ODMers are winning medals at the olympics.

Anonymous said...

Why are the PANUA egoist so jittery when someone calls herself her home town name? Is it a feeling of jealousy or superiority complex? While the whole country is applauding the athlete's win, you cannot even for a moment restrain your bile of hatred to flow. Njeri, you are a young christian girl. Try to use your faith to build bridges to other Kenyans even in your own small way. Paul.

Anonymous said...


"I feel for her though that the gold escaped her hands courtesy of 22 seconds!"

Let fact be spoken, she was beaten by a minute and not 22 seconds.

You are one blogger here I find nauseting, you like to tell other people they are uneducated, why dont you get proper education first before you post any comment.


Paul and Mama Njeri,
I think it is only fair if we trace the origin of the title Eldoret Express, it has nothing to do with the tribal petty politics that Kenyans are so good at.

It was coined because Janeth beat Maria Mutola, the former champion nicknamed Maputo express.
So when people say Eldoret express, it was easier coz of the bus company name.

I think if anyone bothered to google up these details, we would not sink into the myopia that seems to be the expertise of even the educated elite.

I refer to Janeth as the Eldoret Express and I do not call Catherine Nyeri Express, can you ask yourself why? It has something international, beyond Kenya.

Wherever people come from, we are all entitled to celebrate our own. You mean I can not refer to Catherine and Komu as "wasichana wa kwetu" without wondering who is listening?

yes, they are Kenyans but I identify with them without apologizing, I identify with Asbel Kiprop coz I think he is so tall and gifted, I identify with Edith Masai coz I think she symbolizes hope and courage, I could go on and on....

so...whatever the reason or motivation, support your athlete coz at the end of the day we are all Kenyans.

Those who are myopic to the bone, well, let them be....

b-carotene said...

Kudo's to Ndereba and the thrill of The Bolt burying the 100m is priceless. Perhaps too the buzz one gets watching the human machine at peak performance, but I've always wondered at the all round cost/benefits of such an event (for host & participants), and the distribution of the same.

Anonymous said...

mama njeri's point is that even though her own name is quite clear who she is and where, for everyone else we shouldn't say who they are or where they are from- just address them by their english names please
Mama what is your english name?

Anonymous said...

Another HARD WORKING Kenyans make us proud unlike some self proclaimed hard workers.

Bravo for a silver and a job well executed.

Knoppix!® said...

Mama Njeri,

Can you for once think outside you ethnocentrism?If there weren't any other ethnic group apart from Kikuyu then the word Kikuyu wouldn't make sense.Why is it that you seem to very quickly draw a line without hindsight.What is this obsession with kikuyu this kikuyu that?You unwittingly give kikuyus a bad name.Can you argue argue objectively without subjectivity.When the word Eldoret Express was coined,you hadn't joined this blog yet.By the way,i wish to know how much time you devote to research before you hit the Keyboard.Yours are often rash comments devoid of research or informedness and always contradictory and very characteristic of people with a credibility problem.

But i will excuse you,you are a newbie, and newbies are fond of goofs just like you do.

Do your research well before you hit the keyboard.You could be exclusive and affluent of which i dont care about, but i need material that reflects the affluency in you.You are unnecessarily verbose and your verboseness lacks content!Phil is hailing a Kenyan athelete and hasn't added a tribal or ethnic tag on it!

Truth be said,our sisters from rift-valley are known to be doing well in athletics and what Phil was saying if i got him well was that when they get to hit the track they will earn us more medals!

No wonder someone said some people think in arrears,but i call it a state in which one's mind is on leave and i pray yours isn't!

Anonymous said...

Pleaseeeeeeeeeees , spare us this idiocy , the wazee syndrome , you cal learn alot from newbies what ever you think of yourself. YOU am talking to YOU.

Anonymous said...

People, It is not Ndereva only. Another Kenyan heroine Jepkorir has just won another Silver in 3000m Steepchase!
Weldone Kenyans. I hope for Gold soon. But considering that these people winning silver and any other medal are left to their own elements! This is greater than great. The Kenyan gova should not hope to harvest medals where they have not sown any seeds. I.e. tracks, equipment and even little insentives to the athletes!

Knoppix!® said...


Give us something emprical not some veiled assumptions!Newbies have material yes but we need to see it in them and not imagine it in them!

So i guess you can do better!

b-carotene said...

anon@6:54. Thanks for the info. Kudos to Eunice Jepkorir Kertich!

Anonymous said...

If the athletes were coming from PNUA areas , public funds would have been allocated long time ago to build stadiums and track fields. What a shame , the Goverment is spending millions to showcase animals while the natural PR symbols of Kenya are left to fend for themselves just coz they dont come from the " hard working " part of Kenya. What a scandal !!!!

Anonymous said...

You don`t deserve an answer mzee Knoppix, lets concentrate on the Olympics and the state of sports In Kenya

mama njeri said...

Knoppix, All I am asking is to leave Kikuyu people alone. Since I joined this blog about 2 weeks ago all I have seen here is Kikuyus. Everything here is about Kikuyus. Every topic must start and end with Kikuyus. Off course anyone new here will find this blog ant-Kikuyu. If you don't like Kibaki that's understandable
but why extend the hate to the whole community.


Anonymous said...

Knoppix is so brainwashed -kikuyunated with all the " hardworking " propaganda that even kikuyus that dont agree with him for whatever reason is against " us " - talk about believing in your own hype. To understand him you have to see him in that context

Knoppix!® said...

Mama Njeri,

Am one very liberal individual!I wish to respect your opinions about the negative ethnicity that is milling all around us.I find it in you to propagate it.

May i also remind you that we have racism but we also have negative racism and the later being propagated by we Africans.Not all Kikuyus agree with Kikuyuism or Kibakism.Though i hate to say it,not all Kikuyus like Kibaki and his cohorts.Why i hate to say this is because,the gist of the post was about celebrating and supporting our representatives in Beijing devoid of their Ethnic origins.But suddenly and for some reason you introduced the tribal trajectory which in my view was uncalled for.

Its true that what happened on and after election brought about negative ethnicity in Kenya and the more we speak about it the more we further it,hence the reason i call on you to ignore and steer clear of ethnicity.I find it to be an intelligent discussion held in an awkward enviroment!

In a nutshell lets support our team regardless of the shortfalls which came about due to the bad management of sport in our country thanks to the likes of Kiplagat of AK!Will we?

Anonymous said...

Mama Njeri,
what do you have to do with mkate06? I hit your blue only to under up at a website that has wierd discission!!! Sex in pregnancy!
What are you? If you are anything else,i.e. specialist in any medical field, you need help urgently! You come out here as a very ethnocentric and ignorant of other aspects of humanity!
Please learn to live! We are all human beings regardless of our tribes, colour of our skins, what we do, or where we come from on this God's world!
All that matters is we all have red blood and breath oxygen!
Kikuyu or not it matters less to me.

Knoppix!® said...

Anon 7:20,

I dont belong to that ethnic group but i look at all issues objectively!Am very sorry i can't further subjectivity!

Anonymous said...

While you are still fighting over kikuyu and your pettiness, Jamaican women have just won 1-2-3 in 100m olympic medals. This reminds me of a previous Kenya.

Knoppix!® said...


We need like 20 of the likes of you here who comprehend the posts at hand!Keep it up!When they decamp to Qatar we mourn without asking ourselves why!

Its a shame, and a shame indeed!

Anonymous said...

Thats true the previous kenyan athletes , who were encouraged and given the recognition they deserve- not the current ones hacked to death with machetes by thier " hardworking " counterparts

trulymadlydeeplyinlove said...

People! Where is the love? Look, we need to rise above this bickering. At the core, we're not all that different. The feeling of victory is the same for everyone regardless of whatever. Incidentally, I've just started a blog please check it out and leave your advice. I'm seeking advice on how to seduce someone I've fallen in love with. By the way he's from a mixed ethnic background and so am I. People! Let's rise above the rotten example our elders have set for us.

Anonymous said...

Rotten example ? What rotten example before we rise above them they have to be treated with the contempt they deserve. Please give us some examples of this rotten behavior before we rise.

Anonymous said...

I am just watching the start of 10,000m finals. I am a messed how many Kenyans are lining up for this race. 3 are representing the Kenyan flag while others are Kenyan exports to Bahrain, USA and Qatar.
Why do whe export some of these tribalists on this forum and others to Siberia even for one week only? Mama Njeri???? Your air ticket to siberia awaits you at the nearest airport. Good bye.

Anonymous said...

10,000M Final has just started , GOOOOOOOOO kenya

mama njeri said...

Anon 7:24, yes, I have modified my weblog Mkate06 (bread), so when anyone click my name they will be automatically be directed into the site. And this is for a reason.
I have heard about how kenyan men either through cultural practices degrade women in those areas discussed in my weblog.
Its important men understand about sex during pregnacy and sex after childbirth. I hope you have found that information useful.

Knoppix, I have seen many articles posted here that got nothing to do with Kibaki or Kikuyus and then when you read the comments, its about Kikuyu malayas, Kikuyu thieves, Kikuyu brown teeth, Mungiki, Kikuyu asslicker, I mean Kikuyu everything.

Anonymous said...

Its funny that a country like Chinw with a billion plus population exports goods not people kenya with its comparative small population exports people

Anonymous said...

Mama Njeri - you forgot HARDWORKING

Anonymous said...

Kenya was a super power in track and field until the incubent government came along and decided that all success that cannot be attributed to them is not success. they are the only hardworking outfit that can produce anything - the rest is history. The results you see today in Major competitions

Anonymous said...

Another " hardworking " Kenya wins a bronz 10,000 M

Anonymous said...

Another HARD WORKING Kenyan makes us proud unlike some self proclaimed hard workers.

Bravo for a bronze and a job well executed.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? My country is third on medals table behind the mighty USA.


If only the kind of time and energy we spend spewing venom and discussing petty tribal politics id directed towards constructive criticism, Kenya would be very far.

Every discussion is turned into politics, no wonder I hate politics and the politicians.

When is the last time you visited a site and commented on something good, gave ideas on how to improve a site or the product?

It was about sports, and Ethiopia is whipping us in long distance. I love the commitment and consistency in sports, Kenenisa is something else.....he was beaten one time by Abraham Chebii, who has since faded.

But the main concern is the women 5000m and 1500m am crossing my fingers and hoping Viola Kibiwott has recovered from losing her mum, though one can never recover per se.

At least Lagat is out of 1500m so Choge and Kiprop can prop us.

The US seems deflated but am looking fwd to watching Allison Felix in the heats kesho. writing too much...

Anonymous said...

Anon: 9.17AM.
Please do not belittle my country! I care Kenya ni Baba na Mama yangu! Whichever paossport I may hold the most important passport is that blue one!
It made whom I am took me where I am and gave everything I own.
Yes, I care. In those countries of pink pigmentation we are foreigners whether you have the papers!
I remain Kenyan whatever the passport and my other status.
Na wewe je? Mzungu ao sio!
Nyalgunga is best west or east. And mwacha mila ni mtumwa. Wewe nimowao? Sivyo?

John Maina said...

mama Njeri and kweli you are two psychotic minority kyuks that embarass the rest of us. Am in london like you and hope you both not relatives as your line of reasoning indicates. Mama njeri how about concentrating on building your blog and stop exposing your idiocity on kumekucha

Anonymous said...

John Maina, is that how you speak to your mother?
Mama Njeri has her own right of opionion just like you have. If you dont agree with her, all you need to do is ignore her comments but you do not have the right to tell her she is an embrassment to your well loved community.

Anonymous said...



Yes, everybody knows how great Kikuyus are and this one woman is bringing shame to the whole community.

Anonymous said...

anon7:24 AM

Hey is Mama Njeri a qualified kikuyu obstetrician like Dr. Wanjiku Kahiu( Njenga Karume's Daughter Married to Jimmy Kahiu..
very decent people unlike mama njeri- let mama Njeri be told that there are many kikuyu's out there who hate kibaki and do not agree with his rigging and ordering of police to shoot innocent kenyan in cold blood dead.

Here is her home page website


This blog is dedicated to informing women and their partners about the issues relating to pregnacies, childbirth, women health and relationship issues.
I am a qualified obstetrician and I feel the importance of educating women and their partners about some of these neglected issues.

Kwale said...

John Maina, what are you trying to prove and what is it in you think you have the control of Kenyans just because you happen to be in London.

You started with me and now is Mama Njeri, like somebody have put it here you have been trying so hard to be accepted, and here you are trying to rubbish other people comments. There are many people here who post worse comments but I have never seen you criticise any of them. But the moment someone say they are in UK, you come out in attack. Who do you think you are? You are probably one of those illegals and here you are trying to control other people.

Heed my advice and stop your childish bullying. If I get hold of your neck, I wring it out. You have no right to tell someone is an embarrassment. You are an idiot from a village. I guess you are a poof (homosexual) looking for acceptance.

Anonymous said...

mama Njeri:)

hey good for you this is facts and the truth why lie?? this are facts about the kikuyu everywhere in kenya and around the world na nimesema-

mama njeri said......
"""""its about Kikuyu malayas, Kikuyu thieves, Kikuyu brown teeth, Mungiki, Kikuyu asslicker, I mean Kikuyu everything."""""

I'm glad you can pen the truth here now you understand why "KIKUYU" tribe is disliked?? if yur tribes stopped doing all the above - i bet you they will be welcomed by all the other tribes in Kenya ..Period!!! if not they can go to hell.

Zuraya said...

Who the hell is this mama whatsit?

Anonymous said...

11:28 AM
Kwale a good example abusing John Maina for pointing out the truth about kikuyu's and how embarrassing you all are on Kumekucha it reminds me of a gentleman by the name of Maina Kiai who come out and told kibaki Government to stop executing Mungiki Youths and he was called a traitor by the same kikuyu's

Maina Kiai also mentioned that the Genocide while he was on tour in January and February in the States and London was caused by Kibaki and his government and it was pre- planned and he was accused by the his own tribesmen of being a traitor and in fact they threatened his life....

then surprise surprise when was leaving the Human rights commission he re-wrote the facts and now started claiming it was ODM who started the Genocide( I hear he was paid by his kikuyu tribesmen big bucks and told to shut up and rewrite or else his life...)


Kwale and Mama Njeri ni wa Mpumbavi sana mavi ya kuku like kibaki calls them... jinga kabisa

Anonymous said...

Why do you people think everybody is brainwashed like you. Not everybody is a raila worshipper here.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hoo my my my people. What were discussing? Was it about Kkikuyus or what?
When I last checked were all happy that our own 'Catherine the Great Ndereva' won as a silver medal at the current Olympics.
How does this backtrack to pure and absurd trivial tribalism?
This blog is descending in to that other cheap site called misterseed! Kumekucha is supposed to be a please where we can post reasoned posts and commentaries (not cheap comments just because you have internet!).
COmmon people pull up your socks. I know you can do better than this!

Papi said...

I have been here on this blog almost on a daily basis ever since the disputed elections. Now I don't know what used to go on before that but it seems everything on this blog has been turned into some sort of witch-hunt. from my perspective, the Kikuyus always want to read mischief into any topic, by doing this they go on the defensive very early thereby giving other guys ammo to assault them. I love and hate kikuyus in equal measure, I love their bad ways and I adore their good ways, the same goes for every other community. What the disputed elections of 2007 brought out was a people that I thought regarded themselves as Kenyans only for them to go back to tribal cocoons and hatch hatred. Here in the US, I am yet to meet ant Kikuyu who is ant-Raila why? Some of my high school friends simply went cold on me since the disputed election, since I don't see eye-to-eye with Kibaki yet I voted Kibaki in 2002. Call it my view but I have come to the conclusion that our brothers and sisters from central have been isolated from the rest of Kenyans and they are only too willing to g along. Remember that Kibaki, Uhuru or Kimunya you will kill and die for does not give a hoot about you. Yes some of you will get plum jobs at parastatals but not all of you will benefit. You have much more in common with your fellow Luo neighbour in Kibera than you do with these politicians. Rememeber recently Kimunya went to tribalize the grand regency saga. Poeple just open your eyes. Lets all stand up in unison and tell all these leaders (Kibaki, Moi, Uhuru, Coastal Mps etc) we deserve better. Only after this will Kenya move a step forward. If you continue seeing things with the tribal specs you will never and I repeat NEVER see development....decency!!

I rest my case

Kudos Ndereba

Anonymous said...

raila is a piece of shit! toto ya malaya!

Taabu said...

You can do better than that bro, can't you? You have chosen to reduce the argument to address. Not to gloat but JM may be just giving you full dose of your own medicine-you preface all your posts with you CV that unwittingly obsecures any objective piece you type.

Tone down bro and reflect. Remove your persona from your writing. Nobody is advertising for a job and your CV (address/marital status etc) would serve better elsewhere.

JM may have gove overboard by branding you an embarassment but that is no excuse/licence for you to be that petty, ama? Deception is not sustainable and ultimately the cover is being shredded tino smitherens. Peace and bring them on fully clothed in objectivity, save us the autobiography, will u?

Anonymous said...


we all know the trouble immigrants go through to maintain legal status - especially if one wants to do this HONORABLY and honestly.
Kwale insinuated that someone may have been an illegal for giving their opinion. where this came from - I don't know
In my experience, I have noticed that such careless talk emanates from those that have DISHONESTLY obtained legal status either by:
-buying makaratasi
-'marrying' a pensioner/native from 'those countries'.
KWALE, you definitely sound like one of those folks who owe their pp to some old white jungu.
You remind me of a cocky 'PORTUGUESE' Kenyan who thought he was better than everyone around him just because in his mind, he was no longer illegal, plus he could travel 'freely'.
What nonsense! GROW UP!

Kwale said...

Taabu, here you come again posting as Taabu and Anon. Why can you just leave me alone. You think and sleep Kwale following me everywhere like I am a dog on heat.

vybes said...

Congrats to Catherine!!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Go girl! The look of sheer will power and determination on her face makes me so proud of her, her discipline, her fitness, those legs...!

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