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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kumekucha Weekend Special: Secrets About Kibaki’s Health

Based on the information that I have received, it is now clear that the country has entered a very dangerous phase indeed.

President Kibaki in recent times has displayed behaviour even in public which most Kenyans have missed. Few have been aware that they were witnessing subtle clues that clearly tell us that the country is in very dangerous waters indeed. However any trained medical eye will tell you a lot of things, mostly things no Kenyan would like to hear. Least of all now, when the country is desperately trying to recover from the mishaps of last December and January.

But in private within the precincts of State House Nairobi, which the president has made his home, things are even more worrying.

The president has problems waking up in the morning. No big deal about that, you may think. But when you compare him to former president Moi, you begin to understand the possible repercussions. Moi was always up at 4 am in the morning and would start by going through all the newspapers of the day. By 5 am when those Kenyans going to work early are beginning to stir, he would have already made lots of notes to act upon. This was around the time Moi would usually have his breakfast, if he did not have a breakfast meeting later that morning. On most mornings what would follow would be a briefing from the intelligence. Little wonder that as corrupt as he was, he always seemed to be on top of things.

Several sources have also told this blogger that the president has serious problems these days remembering stuff. On several occasions he has even forgotten the names of his own children during introductions. Now, pray tell me, how does a person govern when they cannot remember things. How on earth do they even make decisions, let alone quality decisions?

Another even more worrying symptom is the fact that the president repeats himself a lot when talking. Incidentally this has also come out in the public most notably when he addressed parliament during the historic debate on the Anan-peace bills that created the current grand coalition government power sharing deal.

In private he mutters things to himself a lot as he hobbles around State House. Interestingly this habit emerged in public shortly before last years’ general elections in a most fascinating incident. A BBC journalist asked the then incumbent presidential candidate about his options should he lose the elections. Kibaki muttered almost under his breath in Kiswahili something to the effect that he wondered whether the journalist had a brain. Several journalists present heard and understood what the president had muttered almost to himself. None dared report it. Only the Standard carried a description of the incident tacked away in a small paragraph deep inside the newspaper. In the excitement of the general elections then many missed it.

So what do the doctors say about the president’s condition? Indeed because of the lack of information, all sorts of rumours have been flying all over the place. Still one doctor told this blogger that the symptoms described are what one would expect as the aftermath of a stroke. The doctors confirms that in that kind of condition one is clearly not capable of executing the duties of a president let alone handle the pressures of the office.

Analysts paint a very grim picture of the possible repercussions and they do so by taking us back to the events of last December. Decisions were made then that led to the blood bath we saw in January this year. Even when the crisis began there are many decisions that were not made which would have saved numerous Kenyan lives.

You see under the current constitution the presidency in Kenya is all powerful and whatever decisions are made or not made at State House, they impact on almost every Kenyan irrespective of their political affiliation.

The president’s handlers knowing very well what is happening have instead chosen to carry out several PR antics to fool Kenyans about the president’s true health status. One such gimmick is the recent decision to have the president honour many of engagements at his Harambee house office. Another one is the purported inside story leaked to a daily newspaper that suggested the president is very good friends with the PM Raila Odinga and is voluntarily ceding and delegating a lot of things to him. The truth is that increasingly the president is not fit to govern and is only too happy to get all the help he can from the energetic Raila Odinga.

However this has led to what is shaping up to be a fierce power struggle within the top echelons of Kenyan leadership where VP Kalonzo Musyoka is now fighting with everything he has to hold onto the presidency even as a looming cabinet re-shuffle places his fate on the balance. The truth is that Kalonzo’s political usefulness to Kibaki and PNU ended with the formation of the grand coalition government and now more pressing political considerations, like the Kibaki succession have made their way to the top of the agenda, leaving the VP very exposed indeed. We will discuss that in more detail in my explosive post tomorrow.

In my latest Kumekucha Confidential issue I give a sneak preview of some of the detailed inside information on the man who could easily rise to the presidency as per the constitution id president Kibaki was declared unfit to handle the office. Most of this information will leave you numb with shock and it is free. Subscribe now by Sending me a blank Email right away


Anonymous said...

your talent for writing fiction is wasted on these ODMorons. Write a thriller or something, make money and stop whining about kikuyus.

Phil said...


You are very right. But then again, you still fail to hit the nail on the head.

The truth of the matter is that in 2002 following the famous NARC electoral victory former President Moi was inches away from refusing to hand over power to Kibaki on medical grounds. KANU intelligence reports indicated that Kibaki was simply unfit to govern the country. The constitution of Kenya requires the holder of the office to be in good health (mentally and physically) took Raila's demand that the president be sworn in immediately to convince Moi that KANU's time was indeed over!

Treason aside, what Kenyans must seriously question is what would happen if the current holder were to be declared incapacitated (something that is not very difficult to prove)?

The Veep would constitutionally take over for 90 days before we go for general elections. Under prevailing circumstances of a grand coalition government that was formed by two well known principals, and the fact that pecking order wars continue to be fought in cabinet, this country is staring at a disaster of unprecedented levels should the president be incapacitated and then the Veep take over.

Additionally, the Veep was a distant third in the last presidential election result. Actually the veep only managed less than 10% of the vote that the other two amassed! In a democracy, HOW THEN DOES SUCH AN INDIVIDUAL BEQUEATH THE PRESIDENCY without participating in a democratic process?

Unless our constitution is overhauled to devolve presidential powers, the presidency will continue to be a big liability to this country. In as much as Anglo fleecers want us to believe that it is a 'unifying' factor, the presidency is the alpha and omega of all things that are wrong in Kenya. It will be even worse if Uhuru or anybody else for that matter, were to be appointed VP and to allow a back-door power transfer when the current holder eases out.

PS. Anon@3.05
Just shut up or put up... this is not about your ethnic phobias. This affects all Kenyans. Damn!

Anonymous said...

That was a very good thriller. Now I need proof. Can you post one video of the president repeating words or stammering?

Kwale said...

Chris, have you ever been ill in your lifetime? Then, you should know no matter who you are, no-one is guarantee a life without sickness, misfortunes or effects of ill health including death. But what I do know is when you are going through these difficult times you need people behind you to wish you well. This is what people do when they hear someone is not feeling well, not unless you don't have a heart or you are a witch. It would have been very nice if you could've dedicated this weekend to send goodwill message to H.E the president rather than speculate about his health without any concrete evidence.
Another mistake you have made is to try and compare him with ex-president Moi. You just cannot compare a human being with another, simple as that. We are all different, what is your strength maybe my weakness and what you may encounter in this cruel world we live in, I may never encounter it. One may struggle with cancer and the other may struggle with stroke or malaria but we all have our own thorn in the flesh and thats the way life is. We just don’t know what is ahead in life. So, you cannot laugh at anyone, as you may well be aware "what goes round comes around".

b-carotene said...

Such pitiful rumor and innuendo flying around, no less pathetic than the flying toilets of Kibera.

No need to exercise your mind on the what ifs. They will not come to pass. At best, all that has been said, without evidence, is mere propaganda. At worst, even the dullest of minds can see this is a government in collusion. The colluders wont rock the boat, no matter what and certainly not this soon. Not even the very good professor Nyongo, well versed in idle threats, who happens to thoroughly enjoy his outrageous salary and benefits.

Nonetheless, vigilance is the price of freedom and reassuring to note Chris's attempt, however feeble.

Anonymous said...

Are you Kibaki followers kidding me ? For Christ's sake we are talking about the presidency and not some token political position. If Kibaki or any president is indeed not fit to lead, then he must go.
In your blind loyalty, you must stop and reflect on the post - nobody is 'laughing at Kibaki's misfortune' like some of you think. This again, is nothing to do with Kikuyus.
If duckie is as well as some of you would want us to think, do you think Raila would be stealing his thunder as he quietly continues snoozing away?

Kwale said...

Anon 5:22

And unless he comes out and declare himself unfit, it will remain just speculations.

Anonymous said...


Ati, Kibaki to come out and declare that he is unwell? You know very well that's never going to happen. Frankly, am surprised that he managed to go through the rigorous campaigns and the election aftermath despite the health issues that resulted from the accident.

Knoppix!® said...

Right Kwale ,it would remain speculation in the face of it!But then again if you watch news,its a no brainer that guy is terribly unwell.

I wish to remind you from your comment,much as we might now want to compare one human to another,its something that resides in the human brain.Whereas bodies of soulks might not be compared,ideals,thoughts,wisdom of different individuals might be compared.

For instance,Moi's working ethics can be compared to Kibaki's and i dont see any offence therein!

Maybe am right or maybe am wrong,i guess its an open ended discussion!

papa plus said...

Yaah, yaah Kibaki is incapacitated, so what? Mta do? This is still Africa. The alst time I checked, President Lasagna Conte of Guinea has not been seen in public for over 3 years due to ill health, Mobutu spent his last years in Gbadolite way up in the north running the country and writing poetry...this is nothing new here. As long as he is still breathing then he is president. Even when kenyatta checked out, we were still trying to figure out how to have him run the country post humosly.

What I can say is that if ODM and Raila are aware that Kibaki is seriously ill to the point of not carrying out his duties and they are letting it slide then we have a problem. I tend to think that they still belive he can work.

Kwale said...

Anon 5:42

"Ati, Kibaki to come out and declare that he is unwell? You know very well that's never going to happen..."

If you know its never gonna happen, then leave him alone for God sake. let him deal with his own health problems in his own way. And when his time come for him to go, he will bow out but for now he remains the president of Republic of Kenya. And it will remain that way until further notice!

b-carotene said...

Seriously, ODMs crude hunt for power is obscene. First, the violence. They get away with it. Now this ill health garbage. Cant you guys just shut up and continue with the showbiz that you've sneakily dubbed 'working'? And get us all some results while you're at it. This domo, domo, rumor-mongering thing is monumentally boring.

Kwale said...

Thanks B-Carotene.

They forget the saying "watched pot never boils". And its never gonna happen as long as they keep watching Kibaki every move.

Knoppix, Moi working ethics cannot be compared with Kibaki just like you would not comapre your ethics with your work colleagues.
Kibaki and Moi, just like you and I, they are different and unique in their own special ways. They have different ways in doing things and different ways of reasoning.
I always find it an insult when somebody try to compare me with someone else because I can never be like that person. I am me, I am unique, I have my good and bad points and I can never try to imitate or wish to be someone else, otherwise I loose my own identity and purpose in this world.
God created us unique for a reason and no-one else can fulfil your purpose in this life. It's up to you to discover your niche.

Anonymous said...

papa plus

agree with you.

in africa so long as a leader does not voluntarily step down, even if comatose, they still remain in that position.

but more importantly there doesn't seem to be enough effort to address the constitution and institution reforms in a speedy or timely manner and ODM leadership needs to be aware that time waits for no man. what would be the consequences of such an eventuality? certainly it would derail any impending plans.

but that aside, kibakis condition, as described in this post, whether real or imaginary does not sound life threatening, he can easily be confined to safe quarters while ministers and the puppet masters run the country for the remainder of the term. no need to pretend they didnt run the first term so they will just continue to run the second term as well from their obscure stations. our only hope is that the GCG and "opposition" will provide enough checks and balances.


Anonymous said...

We, the supporters of Kibaki, face Mt. Kenya and pray for his long life daily. So far Ngai has answered our prayers. Should he meet untimely death we will transfer our support and prayers to his able and Ngai-fearing principal assistant, Brother Kalonzo. In either Kibaki's or Kalonzo's hands we know that Kenya is in the hands that have been annoited by the Almighty Ngai! And so it will be, days without end, untill Ngai decides otherwise.

Sam Okello said...

A nation can only be as healthy and as vibrant as its chief executive is. Luckily for Kenya, there is a capable Prime Minister. What if there wasn't?

mama njeri said...

Okello, a 'capable Prime Minister' without any excutive powers? Is your Raila above the natural law or is he super human to be immuned from sickness and death?
If you want a healthy and vibrant nation then pray for the chief executive (president).
Today is Kibaki who is not well, tommorrow is Raila. When will you people grow up and live in the real world.

Sam Okello said...

Mama Njeri,

We grew up a long time ago. Don't you recall that we elected a younger, more vibrant man in December last year? But the power barons wouldn't let Kenyans have their wish, could they? Now we have a guy who is as close to senile as men his age get. Yes, we all get sick, but why place the destiny of a nation in the hands of a man who is approaching incapacitation?

mama njeri said...


A 63 years old is 'young and vibrant', give me a f***ng break!

Half of the population voted for the 63 years old young and vibrant leader and the other half voted for the 'old and senile leader', so what do you mean 'we' voted? We all voted, but the one voted by the majority won.

E-Cop said...

so mama njeri who won the elections last year? tell us because us we don't know

mama njeri said...

e-cop @ 11:03, the one who was declared winner by ECK and subsquently sworn in was the person who won last year election. The other one could not accept defeat graciously and thats why he continue to say the elections were rigged. All losers say that anyway.

Anonymous said...

As someone mentioned bove, I shudder to imagine if Raila wasn't in the picture!!!

Boy, a sick lame duck, and an equally inept veep who must be on his knees praying that duckie drops dead so that he can act for three months before he is dumped by 6 out of 8.

Phil said...

Oh yeah Mama Njeri?

You call that a win? Oh my! If my memory serves me correct, the actions of the so called winner were more of a most wanted gangster than a popularyl elected leader.

I have not made this up. This were actual events;

-Having armed soldiers kidnap the ECK Chairman to announce doctored results with a gun on his head at a secret location when 'half' the votes were cast in your favour....
- Conducting a 'swearing in' ceremony at night and in a heavily guarded location.....
- The FEAR that forced the appointment of only half a cabinet, rather than a full one if you are confident you won....
- The embarrassment of receiving ONLY one congratulatory message from a fellow despot after a electoral victory...meaning the entire UN and AU roster does not consider you freely and fairly elected...
- A popularly elected president who remains a persona-non-grata in large regions of his own country eight months into his so-called popular electoral victory

Can you recall and contrast with December 2002 at Uhuru Park where hundreds of thousands of emancipated Kenyans chanted liberation songs, with no less than half a dozen heads of state present to witness a wheelchair president being sworn in...? With messages of congratulations streaming in from all over the world? With NIL GSU officers present?

Daylight robbery in 2007 and someone here calls it a victory?

TOA HIYO aisee.

E-Cop said...

so mama njeri according to you there was no problem with last years election other than a sore loser, eh?

Anonymous said...


No need to remind them of the obvious. Kibaki is no different from Mugabe - what a way to wind up ones political career.

The comments from the likes of mama njeri reflect the disappointment of a group that is frustrated at the non-performance of someone that they banked all their hopes on.

Predictably, duckie has recoiled back to his cocoon oblivious of the plight of some who wasted their votes on him and are now homeless - completely forgotten.

The elite who whipped tribal emotions and we 'must retain the presidency at all costs', are busy looking for the next bus to board.

But again, the roaches lack direction, not sure whether to join PNU, NARC-KENYA, GNU, DP, SAFINA, THE MUNGIKI PARTY, THE COALITION OF SAFINA AND MUNGIKI etc.....oh boy am out of breadth.

mama njeri said...

Phil and Anon 12.34, I am not a Kibaki supporter neither was I in the country during 2002 and 2007 elections, so I did not vote for anyone. But what i do know is, in 2007 election it was the closest election in Kenya since independence and no-one really knows who won. That at least is what the whole world knows. But what I do know is, Kibaki won 48% of vote while odinga won 46% of the votes. I know this is very hard for ODMs to swallow, but it happened last year and its about time you accept it and move on!

Sam Okello said...

Mama Njeri,

I get amazed that people like you have repeated the lie about a Kibaki win to yourselves until you've come to believe it. I hope one day you'll wisen up and pray that no other leader wins in the style and manner Kibaki 'won'. And did you say the Prime Minister has no power? What Kenya are you living in? Power is when a leader is invited for state visit in the States, in Britain...and speaks with the moral authority our Prime Minister speaks with on the global stage. Imagine what Mugabe would have said were Kibaki to call him and tell him to respect the wishes of the Zimbabweans. But when Raila told him to behave himself, he took note, didn't he?

That's a leader!

Anonymous said...

Mama njeri,

can you please be clear in your head before you post? 2007 election it was the closest election in Kenya since independence and no-one really knows who won. That at least is what the whole world knows. But what I do know is, Kibaki won 48% of vote while odinga won 46% of the votes.

mama njeri said...

Okello, I maybe a woman but I am no fool. get that!
When did Raila paid a state visit in US and UK? He only went to those countries on an invitation to promote Kenya for investment.
Just because you worship Raila dont expect me to do so! I have my own mind to make up without being manipulated by some power- hungry blood-thirsty thugs.
If Raila is the person to rescue Kenya and its problems then i feel sorry for all Kenyans.
I have said it here in the past my problem with Raila is nothing to do with his tribe.

Anon 1:13, I can never be clear and sober in my mind than I am when posting these comments.

Anonymous said...

hehehe anon 1:13

conclusion, (reading between the lines) mama njeri is not of this world

but seriously we just need the ECK disbanded. we cant have these guys run any more elections, their credibility is long gone


mama njeri said...

I am watching a BBC programme now on Televison 'aftermath of Kenya post election violence' They just showed a moving story about the two surviving children of burnt out church in Eldoret. It's very sickening to see what human beings can do to others. The programme is on now on BBC news 24.

Anonymous said...

This time you have hit the nail on the head!! everyone on the ground is aware of the President's health and in fact we are waiting for the announcement on his health or else.....

Raila knows full well kibaki is not in control of PNU and he is not able to make constrictive decisions anymore




Anonymous said...


We all know the truth hurts:) central province is scared....

KIBAKI HAS ALZHEIMER AND KENYANS ON GROUND KNOW THAT FOR A FACT!!! ASK DOCTOR GIKONYO ( if he has the balls to speak the truth) that coward...

Kibaki is sick , he can't even remember his own name..... maybe the people who ordered the police to shoot and kill are haunting him:) shenzi yeye

Anonymous said...

This Mama Njeri is stereotypical of alot of members of the House of Mumbi-why state that your so called "problem" with Raila has nothing to do with his tribe?are you already feeling guilty before being proven so?

Anonymous said...

anon5:49 AM




mama njeri said...

After watching that programme I strongly say what happened in Kenya should never be allowed to happen again. All the main communities were affected by the violence.

I loved the way the BBC reporter put the question to the PM Odinga. "people killed in your name, what do you have to say about it?"

The whole world knows it's Raila to blame for all killings. So now you cannot say its Kikuyu propaganda, the programme was broadcasted all across Europe and beyond.

Anonymous said...

anon12:56 PM

Opps !you are one of those with the head stuck in the sand:) wishing the your thieving senile kibaki did not rig and election:)
But your wish cant be... Kibaki Rigged and murdered innocent kenyans while the whole world watched-


Anonymous said...

1:47 PM

Good Mama NJeri they better repeat showing it again and again-
We as kenyans all know after mingiki sources confirmed that kibaki ordered them to go burn thier own tribesmen,,, notice that kibaki and martha karua started shouting ethnic cleansing before even it happen?? what?? they executed the plan just like they executed more than 500 of the same mungiki's early 2007



the Eldoret burned kenyans should be a reminder to other tribes in kenya how far kikuyu's will go to stay in power!!

"now we know"" they will not get away next time by burning their own tribesmen.... mpumbavu hawa.

mama njeri said...

Anon 2:19, FYI, I have never voted for my tribesman. I left Kenya when the country was still a one party rule of KANU, so I don't know anything about tribal royalties and I don't need Kibaki or Kikuyus to live. I am well capable of looking after myself.

Anonymous said...

2:22 PM
Mama Njeri I live abroad and everyone knows kibaki murdered innocent kenyans- by ordering the police to shoot and kill when he lost the elections and rigged himself in


everyone even the Mungiki themselves have confirmed they were paid and promised the release of their leader Maina- if they went to Nakuru and Naivasha to commit GENOCIDE AND BEHEAD INNOCENT KENYANS..
this was discussed before and after elections at kibaki's residence and there present were kibaki, uhuru, karua, saitoti, michuki, kabondo, njenga and a few other murderers!!

shut up and stop trying you propaganda here go to mashada that is where propaganda and lies are posted - i think you are indeed a mashada regular seems your posts are the same a as a blogger known as Luoliability .... must be you.

Anonymous said...

2:35 PM
mama Njeri go lick kibaki the murderers ass he might offer you a job since that is what you seem to looking for by praising kibaki the senile Alzheimer filled murderous skunk... kibaki will die burning alive - he should be hanged and burned alive the worst murderer in Africa worse than Bokassa or Idd Amin who eat peoples flash- kibaki kills innocent people for sacrificial purposes he is a Freemason .. jinga sana

b-carotene said...

Clearly, a lot has happened, on both sides of the political divide, for which there is much regret. Also clear is that Kenyans, across the political divide and cultures (cant speak about wealth cos I'm doubtful of the rich people) and in the diaspora do LOVE their country. I'm just hoping this can be harnessed, at some point, to fix what has been broken.

Anonymous said...

why the war??kibaki is sick period- he can't remember himself then he should step down with immediate effect and let the duly elected president of the people do the work of running the countries economy

yani why is he still at statehouse??
is that why this kikuyu mafia have looked up poor Lucy Kibaki?? and kept her away from her husband- because she might just spill the beans??
ha!!ha!! the truth will be out soon - kibaki can run but how long can he hide his Alzheimer??

Taabu said...

Mama Njeri said,

.........I maybe a woman but I am no fool. get that!

That you are articulate cannot be taken away from you but why the play the gender card my dear? We know when somebody hits the insecurity button and it shows. Nobody in their comments spelled you gender so why bring it in? Emotions can mask the most beautiful arguments and make trach out of it.

You Kumekuchans also need to understand Mama Njeri and where she is coming from. The good sister must be allowed time to EXHALE. Her newness here must be apreciated and we must allow her to reason in ARREARS. She is in the mood bloggers here were in in Jan/Feb. And thanks to BBC she can watch documentaries with utmost passion and release the emotions here.

As they say you can take a cow to the river but forcing it to drink water is a different kettle of fish. The WE HATE it syndrome is a vilage stereotype that no Stagecoach on London streets can banish. Speak of villagers in town and you get plenty. Welcome and please have he pleasure of meeting Kenyans in the DIASPORA who are more Kenyan than all others.

Anonymous said...

Mama njeri,

While at it, why not watch the clip about the Naivasha man whose family of nine were burnt by Mungiki.

Still on the Naivasha murders, how about the eight month old who was found crying next to the mother who had been Mungikied.

Shall I even mention those killed on duckie's/michuki shoot to kill orders in western kenya? Please, just let us mourn and continue enjoying the presidency that you all fought so hard for.

BTW, I still have issues with these statements you throw all over your posts:

.....The whole world knows it's Raila to blame for all killings.

hehehe, mma njeri wacha kunichekesha, when did you conduct the survey. Please share your findings - I work with numbers and am particularly interested in the statistics.

Anonymous said...

anon2:49 PM

I thought you come out spewing fire and shiate from your mouth saying odm is rumor mongering??

why don't you go then get it straight from you kikuyu brothers and sisters and i can even direct you who to ask about kibaki's Alzheimer

1. Doctor Gikonyo
2.Judy Kibaki,Rucy Kibaki(will spill the beans if they can allow her in public)
3. David Kibaki
4. Marthq karua(see how she decided to stand for presidency immediately she confirmed kibaki's condition)
and a bunch of PNU Ministers who are in the loop..

call them instead of abusing people on kumekucha without double checking the truth...
5. Uhuru, Saitoti, Michuki

You my friend are scare ....and a rumour monger and domo too ..

Mama Njeri said...

Taabu, are you in London? If you are, we have an exclusive club in plushy surbub of Chelsea just off Fulham Road and you are invited to come and meet other Diasporian but I must warn you, they are mainly Kikuyus.

b-carotene said...

@3:00 pm.
The task is simple: produce your evidence and let's debate that.
I have NO reason to be scared of anything save for murder and mayhem. You can take that to the bank!!

Anonymous said...

3:08 PM
mama Njeri wh

why would Taabu comr to your plushy surbub of Chelsea just off Fulham Road isn't this near the same address as the Prostitution rig your dear sister was carrying out and was caught and jailed?? making money from flesh of kikuyu women from kenya?? Umalaya topu...

Taabu I would advise you not to go to this meeting-wa malaya too -- watch out..

Anonymous said...

Hehhehe Taabu,

While letting mama njeri EXHALE, let me turn to you.

You said :.....As they say you can take a cow to the river but forcing it to drink water is a different kettle of fish.

Ai taabu, kettle of fish?

I'm suspiciuos of anyone that uses a 'fishy analogy' - especially after mumunya's the 'nse is not a fish market' statement.
why not a kettle of tea?

Anonymous said...

3:10 PM

Too bad if you don't care enough for your senile devil worshiper called Emilio kibaki who is in bad stage of Alzheimer then i cant help you with that- you are the Kikuyu go ask your goons for the truth...

I rather he died soon- but Alzheimer is an easy death he should be burned to ashes or hanged like Saddam Hussein of Iraq- Kibaki deserves a painful death for what he did murderer of innocent kenyans

Anonymous said...

I used to love reading this blog, but now it seems to be more about making money then freedom of speech. Chris, don't get me wrong I can afford your subscription. You could publish 'explosive' stories before you became commercialised so now why do we have to pay to read the 'explosive' story. Anyway just my two cents...

b-carotene said...

Very well then. Keep the mill grinding.
But two things I encourage you to note:
1. Hatred is self-punishment
2. The comfort derived from the misery of others is slight

Anonymous said...

hehehe taabu

we can never get enough of these people who front their statements with resumes

exclusive club, plush suburb, warn you, (i.e you do not belong)

and then ,... drum roll ...

you are invited

hehehe, i just can never hear enough of that. tickles me to the bone.

no offense mama njeri, but that sounds like the 60s kkk inviting an african american to a dinner party, leaves you wondering who they'll be eating for dinner

I prefer b-carotene's approach @ 2:49. much has transpired, we need to move forward. like taabu suggests if you look at the debate early this year you will find that you are not introducing anything new.

B-carotene, i see you have a lot of good sense dont allow yourself to get sidetracked. we can still pull together in the right direction even from different platforms


mama njeri said...

Anon 3:14

No, this is not a prostitution club, it is a meeting place for all affluent Kenyans where they meet and discuss ideas of investing back home. It's a members only mainly businessmen and women.
The brothel that you are talking about was miles away in the other upmarket business part of London. And FYI there were no Kenyan girls involved. All the girls were recruited by Kikuyu madame from Eastern Europe (Russia, Lithunia, Ukraine,Poland etc)

Taabu said...

Mama Njeri further said,

....Taabu, are you in London? If you are, we have an exclusive club in plushy surbub of Chelsea just off Fulham Road and you are invited to come and meet other Diasporian but I must warn you, they are mainly Kikuyus......

No but thanks. I hope you are not in the EXCLUSIVE club already and hit the keyboard UTI. Otherwise the insecurity is graduating from the subtle to glaring. Why eclusive club or the mentality of us vs them failed to die close to the second decade of the new millennium?

Why would you warn me about Kikuyus? Either you are JUDGEMENTAL or falling to your trademark of ASSUMPTIONS. My dear stop assuming anything you never know. Imagine gossipping in a crowded bus headed to Mogotio about a fellow passenger in your mother tongue only to be wished safe journey in the same dialect by the same msafiri as he alights ahead of you, i.e ASSUMPTIONS is the mothers of all embarassments.

BTW mama Njeri how refreshing your comments would be if only you DIVORCED your persona (gender/address etc) from your posts. Just a thought not that it matters or worse still not that you may consider it as an emotion's moderating device. Ala msiki.

Anonymous said...

anon3:44 PM

mama Njeri
wrong again- you of all the people living in London like me know dumb well that there were kikuyu prostitutes in her brothel and to the information we all received thye use to fly in for a month or two on visitors Visa- do their prostitution make good money and fly back to kenya and this was continues - some of the kenyans ladies we all know in London!
do you want us to name names and shame the devil??

as for your club of affluent Kenyans si the same counts for the affluent kikuyu who lost his college recently "reprocessed" how come your kikuyu affluent lot didn't not do a fund raising to help him save his business when you were the same people all over his establishment when he was hosting the Kikuyu crowd like wakina Judy kibaki and cronies when they visited???

He do not bore us wit your affluent kikuyu thieving groups in London whom kibaki and cronies use to hide stolen monies from the government by handing corrupt tenders and contracts like in the Anglo leasing saga....
Wake up mama njeri... kenyans ain't blind to the kikuyu looting using relatives and friends in the diaspora...
you wonder why some Visa's were withheld after the elections when kibaki and his cronies rigged!! ha!!ha!!...

Anonymous said...

anon3:32 PM

Look straight in your mirror and you will see hatred written all over your face for other tribes!!IN KENYA just make sure that you don't choke on it..


Anonymous said...

WHY are kikuyu's on kumekuccha coming out barring guns just because some posted here the truth regarding kibaki's illness??

shouldn't they be wondering what disease and how he needs their prayers to die peacefully in his sleep???

wacheni ujinga- the old 79 or is it 80 years old Emilio Mwai Kibaki is sick- deal with it.

b-carotene said...

@4:07 pm.
FYI: Not all Kibaki supporters hate other people. Sorry about that! And shock on you--they may not even hail from central. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

hey the murderous kibaki is sick??? cool:) when is he dying?? hopefully tomorrow he need t be 6ft under just like the innocent kenyans he ordered to be murdered************ yes! na nimesema!

mama njeri said...

Anon 4:03, you are a nutter and there is no point in conversing with you.

You have a computer, go to the website and check the history of that brothel. Or you can visit London Metropolitan police website and check the facts about that brothel for yourself. All informations are held in police computer database and because of information freedom act, you can acess that information or you can request it from the Met police.

As for Diasporian being Kibaki cronies thats another cukooness. Most of us here we are former IDPs in the RV and have no involvement with Kibaki or the goverment.

Anonymous said...

4:16 PM
what flying toilets in Kibera?? what did the kenyans in kibera do to you to deserve such an insult?? is it because they are poor?? we know htey don't have flying toilets

as for Anyongo - he earns same salary like your PNU MP's and he has a right to his own opinion.

do shut up I can see your hatred for other tribes oozing from your pores- do go look for your Senile sick Kibaki - he is the your who needs to be ass licked to survive:) this time he can not rig Alzheimer... pole sana it is incurable disease no rigging it:) death to kibaki!

Anonymous said...

4:21 PM
Mama Njeri??
why should i go to the web to look for information when i already met this individual running the brothel when she was running around looking for a lawyer to defend her? at this point she was looking for any kenya regardless of tribe! not a kikuyu mmmm !!very interesting when kikuyu's get into trouble they suddenly become kenyans.and yes she was worried abou those kikuyu malaya's that she was hosting in the brothel with visitors visa's..

And as for your kibaki affiliation - now you are backtracking?? go check your previous posts here - you are indeed a die hard pnu kibaki blind follower why lie??

grow up or stick to central lesotho kikuyu land 0 you can't survive in other parts of kenya with your attitude!

Anonymous said...

4:34 PM
and mama njeri, it is useless trying to get your thick skull to get facts and the truth in....

anyway like it or not your Kibaki has Alzheimer and he is going to be 6ft under soon just like the innocent kenyans he ordered shot dead and the mungiki youth he executed in cold blood(his own tribesmen??)

Kibaki is a sycophant and a very dangerous human being - I'm happy to hear he is sick on the way to his death ....

mama njeri said...

Anon 4:34, bugger off! You are sick and nauseating!

You are trying to tell someone who followed that story very closely. And FYI, she was not jailed. The judge at the crown court pardon her.

And please stop it now, i don't have time for people like you. You should be grateful for the contribution of diasporians by rescuing the falling shilling after you almost destroyed your own country.

Anonymous said...

Taabu what are you doing in Businessmen's clubs bro?with Mama Njeri as your patron? God help you and goodnight?

Anonymous said...

Mama njeri,

you said : .....No, this is not a prostitution club, it is a meeting place for all affluent Kenyans where they meet and discuss ideas of investing back home.

I am an ordinary Kenyan and by no means AFFLUENT - hey, waswahili husema, kidogo kidogo hujaza kibaba.

Since Taabu has turned down the invitation, can I come instead or will I be sent packing because I belong to the hated tribe?

Anonymous said...

mama njeri,

veronica from kiambu will tell you that raila her father-in-law does not bite.
you railaphobics have completely run out of reasons to hate the man. do you realize that despite your hatred he continues to WOW friends and haters like you?
even duckie and wiper are sitting back to learn a few things.wanna join them?

mama njeri said...

Anon 5:04, off course you are welcome, as long you don't talk about Raila. In fact one of the regulars is a Mjaluo who have heavily invested in Kenya. I cannot mention his name here but he has built his own hospital with an operating theatre somewhere in Kenya.

Please don't disturb me anymore, Iam watching live olympic marathon and Catherine Ndereba is doing very well. Wether she is going to win, lets wait and see.

Anonymous said...

do not disturb me.

oh my

how hard is it to click the x and close the blog?

Anonymous said...

Mama njeri,

thanks for the invitation - what if I accidentally mention Raila's name, will I be thrown out or knifed like the other unfortunate mjaluo?
you have to admit that Raila IS currently the news because he is doing some stuff worth talking about. Am sure you guys hate him but still talk about him right?
Okay, supppose am in a similar situation, how should I refer to him? MURDERER, MJALUO,KIHII or PM?

Anonymous said...

Mama Njeri whoever you are. I'm worried that you are getting over excited by the keyboard. Or is it the joy of a successful/ pending refugee claim using the the poor IDP issue? Please stop letting us too much into your livingroom and bedroom FYI.

Anonymous said...

Molasses Raila is just like all Luos good with showbiz. Its no secret that he has organised to pay the main media million of shilling just to have his stories and that of his fat wife appearing in the media on most days.
Just ask 1 tangible thing that he has done that has improved a kenyan life leave alone his kibera constituents.
Nway, Kibaki likes lying in the shadows and allowing his able ministers to work, molasses Raila ni kama moi, all present but just hot air..or can we start saying baba molasses raila soon???

Anonymous said...

bwa ha ha ha..

molasses raila son fidel castro marries shiro from Kiambu, we all know the reputation of kiambu women.
so raila wealth will also end up in central lesotho, just give shiro a couple of years.

Knoppix!® said...

The best comment so far is that regarding an individual thinking in "arrears" ! I call it a state when the mind is on leave !

Kimi Raikkonen said...

What illogical, spiteful, malicious and ill- disguised anti-Kibaki and anti-GEMA malevolence. Has it occurred to you that Kibaki's incapacitation would actually hasten a Kalonzo Presidency and not delay it?
Supposing it were true and Kibaki is indeed very ill and unable to discharge his duties and has to step down. Constitutionally, the VP takes over in a temporary capacity for NOT MORE than 90 days pending an election to choose a new President. The National Accord that formed the GCG has NOTHING to do with succession so those trying to give it more value than it deserves in a such a scenario are misguided and ignorant, as usual. The accord WAS NOT a substitute for the Kenya constitution but a mechanism WITHIN THE CONSTITUTION for reigning in conflict through sharing power between the two principal protagonists of the 2007 General Election. If Kibaki were to step down, then it follows that the national accord becomes null and void and only an election will resolve the power vacuum.

Obviously, the ODM is not ready for another election at this time and would therefore not like Kalonzo anywhere near power let alone wielding it on a temporary basis, especially with a Presidency at stake pending an election. Once more, the ODMers on Kumekucha can see the writing on the wall and their reaction to a possible Kibaki stepping down are driven more by terror and fear at the prospect of a General election and a highly possible Kalonzo Presidency. Kalonzo would be at a tremendous advantage given that the wounds of the January and February conflict are still raw and ODM has serious internal political problems, mostly with the Kalenjin block, as Raila was told to his face by Kipsigis elders over the Mau issue in todays Standard. In essence, they told him he can forget about Kalenjin support if their people are evicted from the Mau. The Kalenjin are the largest vote block in the ODM with 1.5m votes. In an election year, they can do a deal with Kalonzo since they know him from their KANU days. If Kalonzo has Akamba, GEMA, Bukusu, a quarter of the Kalenjin plus some Muslim and some Mijikenda votes, he automatically becomes the man to beat.
ODM would therefore not want an election before resolving the political problems within it especially with the Kalenjin. The other core ODM communities of southern Luhya, Luo and some Mijikendas and Somalis in ODM would not be enough to win the Presidency for Raila.
For the impish ODM devils on this blog wishing Kibaki ill health, be careful therefore what you wish for, you just might get it.

Mcheku said...

I wonder why people are fearful here to discuss the presidents health! The presidents health MUST be discussed, given that it takes up so much space in our present constitution. Some people here even sound hurt that the president's health is being discussed.

His poor health or otherwise is a big cause of concern and I think its a high time people stop burying their heads in the sand and hiding in their tribal cocoons. We may be going for elections in the near future and I think its imperative for everyone to start thinking about their next choice for president if need be.

By the way, I wonder about posts here sometimes, many times I am at a loss of words. We are supposed to discuss Kibaki's health and most of the comments I see here, are of people in plushy suburbs investment business and some on Raila phobia, I have to admit many times I fall victim to that trap myself but it is clear to me now why people fail exams.

Anonymous said...

so what if Kibaki is very sick, you get more sufuria of ugali in your tables?
or whats so important about telling us presi is sick, we prepare for elections or what? maybe molasses raila should spend more time reforming the ECK then so that the next time he loses elections, he has no one to blame.

Anonymous said...

Mcheku are jealous when people talk about plush surburb? I guess so because you cannot afford as you have been waiting for raila to move you into Muthaiga. But sorry!
I have looked into your previous comments and you are one of those Kenyans who believe they are educated and better than anyone one else.
Wewe takataka kabisa!!

Anonymous said...

Kimi and other kalooser supporters,

If your man is the next big thing. Shouldn't other politicians be falling over themselves trying to identify with him? Why has the lonely fellow been reduced to wishing that duckie drops dead so that he can act for 3 months?

Msema Kweli said...

Kalonzo sucks. He is not fit to be the President of this country.

Leadership of this country requires the calibre of leadership that someone like Raila can offer: leadership that is devoid of corruption, looting, nepotism, indecision and mediocrity. In the current situation(where Raila's victory was STOLEN BY KIBAKI and the cohabitation with the panua side), Raila can only do so much. Why? He is operating in a very hostile environment; to the vast majority of Panua party members in Government, any moment when Raila "shines" or even just appears to "shine" in solving an issue or even just simply providing leadership is a very big "nightmare moment" for them. They will try to do everything within their power by hook or crook to sabotage him because of their irrational insecurities and crazy inferiority complexes. This is very ridiculous but very true. This Railaphibia by the panua camp is just simply crazy, irrational, and just before i forget, it speaks a lot about the corrupt, fraudulent, thieving and deceptive values that the "panua" community espouses - STEALING being the major one.

Anonymous said...

ODM internet goons are very crude. Kibaki is old and so what? Raila is not youthful.Kibaki has his style so does Raila so does everyone on this earth.
Im tired of this garbage day in day out Kibaki is sick, Kibaki is dying etc. Since 2003 you all have been saying this.Has it occured to you that Raila could die before Kibaki? No it hasnt cause Raila is GOD to you.
Just concentrate on building your own life and Kenya. Stop worrying about what time Kibaki wakes up.The govt is running. Worry about your own life.Kibaki will alway sgo down in world history as a president. How about you? How will history remember you?
Raila fanatics, please spare us this boring rumors and nonsense, we ar etired of it. Kenya has moved on.I think you can see from the replies here , that Kenyans are tired of this crap you keep spewing out.Time to grow up and chunga your own life.Moi used to wake up at 4 am, does that mean he worked very hard and well for Kenya? Spare us the political spin, we are not buying this rubbish. Raila is toast, KALENJINS will not support him again like they did in 07. RAILA RAILA RAILA dont you have a father you can look up to. A whole tribe worshiping one man. When did you last give God the glory he deserves? Raila gets more glory that God, outright boring.Its become stale, get a life.


Anonymous said...

You keep saying how we should discuss the presidents health. Okay lets discuss Railas HIV condition too. Its a known fact in Nairobi. Lets discuss that too ODM morons, or is it blasphemy to talk about the messiahodingas health too?

Anonymous said...

News from SH states that the prseident woke up at 10:30!! a good improvement from the usual midday habit.
He is now having BRUNCH before watching TV and preparing for his afternoon siesta.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

By the way, a robust Kibaki was spotted live on TV in the Mara with his family and also Ntimama and Saitoti. He didn't look like a person who couldn't tell a lion from cat.

Kwale said...

What if Raila die before Kibaki?
You see, no-one knows the time or the day when our time comes.

Is it next week we resume the grand prix? Well, whenever I am looking forward to the next half of the racing season.
You just have to feel for Massa in the last race.

Anonymous said...

Railaphobic at 8:10,

whick kenyans are tired of raila? you meant central and eastern right? the rest of kenya is equally tired of you.
BTW, you haven't seen enough of Agwambo. If you can't stand the truth anymore, please join the rest of your lot in burying your heads in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Kimi, ever heard that looks can be deceiving?
Duckie is a walking medicine cabinet. After the mara outing, I hope he has another one planned for the IDP camps.

Anonymous said...

anon4:54 PM

Oh do shut up mama Njeri

keep prostituting in London the job best suited to you if your sister malaya was pardoned then both of you must have been sleeping with some high fliers in Tony Blair's government as we know you were surviving some of those MP's in London....

Shame on you as a kibaki's Domo malaya and shame of your darling Kibaki the worst Known African leader a Thief and a Murderer of innocent kenyans by ordering the police to shut them in cold blood

shame shmae shame na nyinyi Mpumbavu sana mavi ya kuku like kibaki likes calling himself....

Anonymous said...

anon1:56 AM

Yes we must tell kenyans and the world your thieving murderer kibaki has the disease called:

Alzheimer, Alzheimer , Alzheimer
Alzheimer, Alzheimer , Alzheimer
Alzheimer, Alzheimer , Alzheimer
Alzheimer, Alzheimer , Alzheimer
Alzheimer, Alzheimer , Alzheimer
Alzheimer, Alzheimer , Alzheimer

Kibaki will be dead soon he needs to get out of statehouse and take his ass to Othaya to die....

shut up and go tell the thieving kibaki skunk who can't even remember his own name let alone the name of his ugly daughter Judy and son David!!

time out for this kibaki murderer!

Anonymous said...

anon2:44 AM

wewe shenzi kabisa are you talking about Kibaki's Muthaiga house that was given to him by Moi?? and all the other land and properties that he stole while peeing on himself at Muthaiga Golf club??

We kenyans prefer education and knowledge then taking short cuts to beng thieves and thugs like your Mt. kenya mafia buddies like Kibaki, Uhuru, Saitoti, Michuki, Njenga e.t.c and the madam who pays Mungiki to murder people called Martha Karua the killer....

Jinga wewe!

Anonymous said...

anon10:32 PM
You amaze me, so should we start on Lucy Kibaki sucking her cooks dig in the statehouse kitchen?? a whole grandmother still very horny-yani kibaki stopped servicing her ages ago.

Better Raila's fat Wife as you call her at least they still get time to service each other than jumping on cooks and cleaners - any man Lucy Kibaki employs in her house or office must add on the duties servicing the old senile first lady rucy Kibaki"sex" so stop trying to abuse our Duly elected First Lady Ida !

Anonymous said...

anon12:30 AM

do shut up and smell the roses it is not wishful thinking like you would like it to be KIBAKI IS A DEAD MAN WALKING !!
HE HAS A DISEASE CALLED "ALZHEIMER" period like it or not he is going down soon:):)

Anonymous said...


You don't talk to your mother like;

"do shut up mama njeri"

You should be ashamed of yourself. May you be cursed forever!!

Anonymous said...

raila got AIDs whether you like it or not it is a well known fact!

Anonymous said...

anon8:10 AM
stop wasting your breath kibaki the thieving fool is sick period and kenyans are indeed celebrating praying that good gives him a more painful death than the little "Alzheimer" preferably hanging, shot to death like he told the police to shoot innocent kenya's or skinned alive that wouls be the best death for KIBAKI THE MURDERER,

and kenyans are tired of seeing or hearing of

why can't he be dead ..better for the country - best Christmas gift for Kenyans when kibaki is 6ft under!!

Anonymous said...

Raila got unincurable bowel disease. He got no control of the shit and he has to wear nappies at all times. basically he shit himself!!!

John Maina said...

mama Njeri and kweli you are two psychotic minority kyuks that embarass the rest of us. Am in london like you and hope you both not relatives as your line of reasoning indicates. Mama njeri how about concentrating on building your blog and stop exposing your idiocity on kumekucha

Anonymous said...

anon8:14 AM

Tickled to death

now lets get serious
HIV Condition??
with doctors names and treatment centers that they have used and doctors they have seen?? just an outline for you..

You give me your Proof- I will gladly post mine here :):)

1. Kibaki(now ati he has alziemer when we all know it is aids for a long time this has been even confirmed to some friends by Judy Kibaki and followed up by some acquired doctors records:)

2. Martha Karua- no brainier found out she had HIV in 2005 and gets her treatment in South Africa (sees the same doctor as mine good friend who has the same)

3. Uhuru Kenyatta has had it for a long time -even his brother Mo talks about it - good treatment from the UK and has been on Medication for sometime - they say his is contained and he can leave for a long time(beauty of having too much money:):)
4. Saitoti has it discovered in 2006 was very shocked- (watch out he will slaughter kenyans like flies- he does not care for lifes anymore - i think he gets the kick in ordering the deaths of many kenyans he knows he is on the way out "death is hanging with him even if he takes HIV drugs:)

so my friend you want more facts lets us continue- we even know women and men who slept with the above individuals and are dead now.. no money to buy the aids drugs they are dead!

Anonymous said...

anon10:19 AM

shenzi wewe

do I look like I would have a mother compared to mama Njeri a kikuyu London prostitute for a ?? NOPE-so why would I be respecting a Woman in London known here as mama Njeri - who blogs on kumekucha sounding like a broken record?


would I have ever respect mother called mama njeri full of kikuyu crap?? nope and any mother called mama njeri who spews shiate on Kumekucha and abuses Raila who she does not know, just because he won the 27th December 2007 presidential elections and he is known world over as the elected president of the people of kenya while mama Njeri's Darling Kibaki is known world over as the thieving thug who rigged the election and was stealthily voted in at night and also know as the worst Africa Murderer ever to preside over an African state - i will definitely tell mama Njeri to shut up- " no respect for kikuyu London well known prostitutes"

Anonymous said...

anon10:20 AM

We all know kibaki has HIV/AIDS and now they are trying to pass it on as Alzheimer
(remember when HIV?AIDS gets to the brains one looses bearing and the brains become mushy:)

Check out Lucy Kibaki?? where is she and what treatment is she receiving?? HIV

Kibaki recieved his aids from Martha Karua a well Known facts by everyone at Statehouse.

when they were carrying out an affair in 2005-2006- Martha Karua leaned of her HIV Disease like the blogger said on here right after she flew to South Africa for Check up and she was devastated (SHE DID NOT INFORM THE OLD SENILE FULL KIBAKI)
I guess i should add from my opinion that is the best gift Martha Karua gave kibaki(HIV/AID infection)

is it a wonder therefore that Kibaki refused to give Martha Karua the DP Position and give it to UHUHU the sorry fool who has aids too??

Anonymous said...


just because kibaki is sick- what ever sickness he has- it will soon be clear and seeing what is posted here on kumekucha some people might just be right on the mark.

now the mt. Kenya PNU mafia propaganda machine is on overdrive

indeed if there was nothing wrong with KIBIKI then why are they protesting too hard??
and going to the extend of even now abusing Raila???


The post only mention kibaki being sick and i think this should have been taken like


how sick is he?? "worried"

Has he been admitted in hospital lately??

Is he going to be fine

can someone tell us what type of sickness

Let us pray for the man

and on and on if this bloggers truly cared about Kibaki

but it is shocking to see the attack machine unleashed here?

is it fear that the truth is out??
why then do this bloggers come up with guns drawn like if you were standing in front of them they would have shot you dead just by mentioning Kibaki is sick!!

seems to me this individuals on kumekucha are protesting toooo hard and that tells me there is something they are trying to hide regarding KIbaki being actually sick~!

Kwale said...

John Maina, what are you trying to prove and what is it in you think you have the control of Kenyans just because you happen to be in London.

You started with me and now is Mama Njeri, like somebody have put it here you have been trying so hard to be accepted, and here you are trying to rubbish other people comments. There are many people here who post worse comments but I have never seen you criticise any of them. But the moment someone say they are in UK, you come out in attack. Who do you think you are? You are probably one of those illegals and here you are trying to control other people.

Heed my advice and stop your childish bullying. If I get hold of your neck, I wring it out. You have no right to tell someone is an embarrassment. You are an idiot from a village. I guess you are a poof (homosexual) looking for acceptance.

Anonymous said...

Kwale a good example abusing John Maina for pointing out the truth about kikuyu's and how embarrassing you all are on Kumekucha it reminds me of a gentleman by the name of Maina Kiai who come out and told kibaki Government to stop executing Mungiki Youths and he was called a traitor by the same kikuyu's

Maina Kiai also mentioned that the Genocide while he was on tour in January and February in the States and London was caused by Kibaki and his government and it was pre- planned and he was accused by the his own tribesmen of being a traitor and in fact they threatened his life....

then surprise surprise when was leaving the Human rights commission he re-wrote the facts and now started claiming it was ODM who started the Genocide( I hear he was paid by his kikuyu tribesmen big bucks and told to shut up and rewrite or else his life...)


Kwale and Mama Njeri ni wa Mpumbavi sana mavi ya kuku like kibaki calls them... jinga kabisa

Anonymous said...

I hate raila and no-one can make me love him. he is a piece of shit!!

Taabu said...

You can do better than that bro, can't you? You have chosen to reduce the argument to address. Not to gloat but JM may be just giving you full dose of your own medicine-you preface all your posts with you CV that unwittingly obsecures any objective piece you type.

Tone down bro and reflect. Remove your persona from your writing. Nobody is advertising for a job and your CV (address/marital status etc) would serve better elsewhere.

JM may have gove overboard by branding you an embarassment but that is no excuse/licence for you to be that petty, ama? Deception is not sustainable and ultimately the cover is being shredded tino smitherens. Peace and bring them on fully clothed in objectivity, save us the autobiography, will u?

Anonymous said...

Nyinyi wikeni tu.

We know and the world knows who was respionsible for the violence in Eldoret and today, Obama is frantically trying to disassasociate himself with thugs like raila and ruto.

he is young. At 63, there is still time to see him hang for the murder of innocent kenyans

Anonymous said...

is this the 'dying ' kibaki who is on a 7 day tour of the mara (read the front page of your ODMoron rag Standard)?

You people seriously need to become adults and stop thinking like little boys. Luckily, your kagod Molasses/Eldoret burnings Raila has recommended the cut so please people, troop to the nearest clinic and get that dirty foreskin cut off.

menawhile Obama is regreting ever having asscoated himself with raila. it may not be a good idea to run in the us campaign and be photographed with a mass murderer and an islamist supporter.

Poor Obama, no wonder he refused even to take a phone call from mollasses raila when the goon was in the US.

Kwale said...

Taabu, normally I would ignore such a comment but where did JM gave me a taste of my own medicine? Where in the above comments did you see JM adressing to me?

You are a very distrubed person. And where did you see adverstisng for a job. You are just exposing yourself as a pyscopath here.

Kenyan said...

Crap, crap, crap! Kumekucha ishindwe.
I hope nyinyi Jaluo who think that kyuks are scared, can recall Naivasha.

Mama Njeri, ignore Chris's crap. Let's continue making money as chris & his boys continue with their domo na propaganda.
Boys when will you grow up??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Kenyan said...

Crap, crap, crap! Kumekucha ishindwe.
I hope nyinyi Jaluo who think that kyuks are scared, can recall Naivasha.

SAY WHAT?????????





Anonymous said...

anon9:41 PM

Do shut up- spew your shiate elsewhere go tell Kibaki to stop fucking his own daughter Judy Kibaki? I hear from Reliable sources Judy's daughter is from her own father emilio mwai kibaki "INCEST"

and don't domo here proof me wrong- who is the father of Judy Kibaki's daughter???

answer that question and I warn you even her closest friends who were in college with her abroad before she come back to Kenya!!!known of them can tell you the father of Judy's daughter except for a few who know the truth kikuyu style incest!!!!jinga nyinyi sicko tribe...

toiyoi said...

History repeats itself..
Before the "change the cabinet" efforts to fire KM take place, natural causes (God? )will occur and at last KM's miracle will materialize.. hehehe

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