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Friday, July 25, 2008

Where Art Thou, Kibaki?

Alarming reports emerge about the duly elected president

Where is the President?

Most people would assume that he is as usual holed up in State House Nairobi. The imposing address along State House road, where President Mwai Kibaki has spent most of his time since taking occupancy in January 2003. The place that he could not bear to bid goodbye to last December and therefore sanctioned a plan to stay put whether or not he was re-elected. A scheme that anybody could see was destined to cause blood shed in the country (which is exactly what happened).

The duly elected president of Kenya with his first of two wives, serial-slapper Lucy.

But if that is really where the duly elected president is at the moment, then my next question would be what his health status is?

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The truth is that President Kibaki has not been seen in public for a number of days. Nothing out of the ordinary about that, of course. Kibaki has been known to drop out of sight for 2 weeks and even longer. However this time round this blogger is receiving reports from various sources that are alarming. Unfortunately I cannot publish them here because I make a big effort to publish in this respected site, only information that has been verified from several independent sources. However you can receive my email report reproducing the reports that I have received so far. And it is FREE. Just Email Me Now

It would be a good idea of the government came clean and issued a statement on the exact position concerning this matter of national interest and indeed national security.

Gone are the days when the health of the president would be a carefully guarded secret. In fact when one considers the ruthless behavior of certain politicians in recent months, who are embroiled in the ongoing circus that is the Kibaki succession battle, the reports I have received become rather frightening. Clearly any health problems that the president may have can be very disturbing news to Kenyans.

Although the president has always been pretty good at masking his health problems during his long career in public life, experts say that he has never really recovered from the road accident that almost took his life in December 2002, barely weeks before the General elections of that year.

Previously in the 70s while still Finance Minister Kibaki suffered a serious stroke during a public function somewhere in Nyanza province and had to be rushed out of the country for emergency treatment. His recovery then was remarkable and he was back with his sharp wit and mind within a matter of weeks.

I am still pursuing various contacts and sources and will update this post if and when I receive more information.

Get my detailed Email (it is FREE) of what the reports and rumours are saying about the President’s current health status.

Another Kumekucha article written last year about the president's health. Read the last 3 paragraphs HERE

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Anonymous said...

Not Surprised
This Rumours are afloat on ground here at home- Workers at statehouse did mention such a thing - and some immediately got dismissed -Chris tell your guy to follow the work force at statehouse- or Harambee house- some have seen shocking signs but nobody is listening to them regarding the Health of Kibaki at he he receives booster to keep him going and when he doesn't then he becomes an embarrassment (if you recall a while ago in parliament when he kept on repeating himself) someone forgot to administer the medication)

kenyans should Recall Kenyatta saga- up to date nobody except for his close cronies and family knows when he died or the exact date he died and who was running the country then for a few days or weeks???

let the truth be told on President kibaki's health now!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris question the Daily nation newspaper- I hear they have been directed to post news on kibaki even when he is under treatment or what ever- a whisper from someone that works at the nation!!
Nation should come clean!!

Kwale said...

We had similar rumours in the past, remember when they said the ex-president Moi had a throat cancer? It come to no surprise if you say the same thing about Kibaki.
Because you could not remove him by ballot box you are now hoping he will leave because of ill health or worse. You can wish and wish but Kibaki is well and he will finish his 5 years term.
That is a very tacky thing for you to wish only you trying to cryptic your wishes. Why don’t you go for the real thing and overthrow him if you really want him out?

This blog is shoddy, filled with rumours, lie and gossips. If he is indeed not well, why don’t you wish him well and speedy recovery? Is that not what people do?

If the worst comes to worse, Kalonzo is the VP and he will automatically succeed him.

Stop your daydreaming!

Anonymous said...

If the DULY ERECTED was to drop dead that would be the best gift for Kenya. No one is indispensable.


Anonymous said...

you need your head checked!!

I'm utterly shocked that you don't care about the well being of kibaki?? what if he is indeed not well and someone else is controlling or giving orders?? would you be happy?and for your information Moi indeed had a cancer tumour in his throat and lucky for him it was not malignant-so the report was a fact not a rumor.
as for removing kibaki through a ballot box- get this straight up your ass!!kenyans did- and you can't wish that away- kibaki stole the elections period

Now to get back to his being sick- it is a fact that kibaki has been sick off and on- how sick now- we don't know yet and that is what kenyan people would like to know!!
we do not want a case like Kamuzi Banda where hsi wife ruled the country for a long time and in the case of Kibaki - Michuki and Saitoti the murderers are not people kenyans want to see controlling our country!get my drift!!!

Anonymous said...

Shake-up at Lands
Updated on: Friday, July 25, 2008
Story by: By Emmanuel Onyango And Bernard Onyari

LANDS Minister James Orengo has effected a major reshuffle within the ministry in an effort to dismantle corruption networks inside Ardhi House.

The massive reshuffle exercise, according to sources, targeted 2,500 clerks and registrars within the Lands Ministry who have now been redeployed to other ministries as clerical officers.

And before the dust could settle on the mass shake up, Orengo announced that his ministry would embark on the implementation of the controversial Ndungu Report on grabbed land.

The minister said that the Report was in the public domain and that he did not have to wait for President Mwai Kibaki or Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s permission to implement it.

Yesterday, Orengo said the redeployment of the officials was part of his reform agenda in the ministry.

"This is the beginning of the clean up exercise in the ministry perceived by many Kenyans to be the citadel of corruption," said Orengo.

Senior personnel within the Land Registrar’s Department have also been reassigned other duties in the reorganisation that was apparently prompted by high level of corruption in the ministry.

Conversely, fresh personnel from infrastructural ministries like Roads, Public Works and Water have been transferred to the Lands Ministry to take up the vacancies left by the redeployed staff.

The staff reshuffle in the ministry comes in the wake of the controversial sale of Grand Regency Hotel during which junior officers reportedly circumvented the Minister’s order over the transfer of LR/209/ 9514 -- the land on which the hotel stands.

The junior officers, reportedly under the instruction of a senior government official, proceeded to transfer the ownership of the land from Uhuru Highway Development Company to Libya Arab African Investment Company Kenya Limited.

On June 30, 2008, Minister Orengo had released documents that showed Central Bank of Kenya Governor Prof. Njuguna Ndungu had witnessed the signing of the Grand Regency Hotel and the land it stands on transferred to the Libyan investors. The documents, dated June 20, were attached with close-up shots of the Governor and three others.

Orengo had also revealed that in the registration of titles, a registrar in his ministry – a Mr. Mulee - had altered in free hand the sum of Sh. 2.5 billion to Sh. 1.8 billion without endorsing the changes.

Three days later, Orengo blocked the Libyan company from transacting or developing the land on which the hotel stands. The development meant the hotel could not be used as collateral or sold unless approved by the ministry’s officials.

Our efforts last evening to contact Lands Permanent Secretary Dorcas Angote over the massive reshuffle in the Ministry proved fruitless as her secretary insisted that we book an appointment for next week.

The Ndungu Report mentions powerful individuals among them past cabinet ministers, judges and top soldiers as among the beneficiaries of settlement schemes carved out of Agricultural Development Corporation farms.

"I have said in the past that for me to solve historical land injustices I have to step on powerful individuals who stepped on poor Kenyans to acquire the same land. And watch my lips as from next week heads will start rolling," said Orengo.

Several national leaders including former President Moi have been against the implementation of the Report saying that it would cause bloodshed in the country.

And speaking in Kwale yesterday, Orengo also said that he would personally see to it that those mentioned would not only lose the land but also be brought to book.


Anonymous said...


Kenya would be climb up t glory- all we will need them is to jail the rest of the thieves and thugs and cronies that killed kenyans and stole from kenyans- Kibaki better hurry up and join those he ordered to be shot by the police 6ft under, they are waiting down there to box him stupid!!!

Anonymous said...

Dont worry where the prezi is, in a month's time, he'll be on parliament road to lay a wreath on Kenyatta's grave.

Kwale said...

Truly everyone here is barmy. Even Chris you can write such nonsense;
"The duly elected president of Kenya with his first of two wives, serial-slapper Lucy"

How do you know Lucy is a slapper unless you shagged her.

I want you to detail here how many men Lucy have shagged. I cannot believe you can utter something like that. Your respect is drifting away, soon you will have no-one sane here reading this blog.
The only people you will be left with is this lot of cuckoo people.

Anonymous said...

Ati Raila won!! Molasses Raila will win when arsonists, murders, and rapists will outnumber normal citizens. In other words, he will win when the country will go to the dogs, and that is not currently foreseeable.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Raila and his followers tried to murder and rape their way to State House. They failed. Now, they are down on their knees praying that death of Kibaki come to their aid. Somebody should remind them that with or without Kibaki's death, Brother Kalonzo will be there first with the help of all the peace loving Kenyans!!!

Phil said...

"The truth is that President Kibaki has not been seen in public for a number of days."

Samahani ndugu Chris, but am I missing something here? Anyone who has read today's newspapers and is keeping abreast with news in Kenya knows this is incorrect.

Yesterday (thursday) the president was pictured shaking hands with Noah Wekesa as he held discussions with members of a committee he appointed to explore ways to unite PNU’s affiliates at his Harambee House Office....the pictures were flashed all over prime time news. As you well know Harambee House is an old building without basement car pack so his limosine and escort were parked right outside the entrance for the good part of the day where people camping outside harambee avenue saw him enter and depart his office....

On Wednesday 23rd July , President Kibai was pictured with Senior Officials of Coca-Cola Africa, led by a Mr. Nathan Kalumbu when the called on him at Harambee House.

This is not by any means to be taken that he is well, healthy and fit.

What I am saying, unless you PUBLISH the information you say you have received and 'is frightening', the truth is that Kibaki was seen in public as late as yesterday Thursday 24th. In this day and age, publishing the truth has never been known to be seditious, illegal or dangerous, especially for us bloggers.

I am also on the ground and although the president's health has been subject of debate, those who are privy to Annan one-on-one talks with the principals say the man is surprisingly alert,sharp mentally with some degree of attention to detail.Quite contrary to the slow, tired looking, great-grandfather we see in public.

Over to you Chris.

I am trying very hard to ignore some notorious posters who have made a name here of trading insults and compromising the quality of debate at this forum. They know themselves. Whereas we respect democratic right to political affiliations, the garbage that they spew leaves a lot to be desired.

I do not agree with everything Urlx says, but hand it to the man/woman, when it comes to expressing opinion or reasoning, he/she is heads and shoulders above some so-called educated diasporans here.

Anonymous said...


Did someone forget to give your medication today?

I think the nurses need to up the dose - you are completely losing it bro.

Anonymous said...

7:18 AM
ha!!ha!! cute-
Raila won hands down- your thieving senile kibaki then went out and ordered police to shoot and kill as many innocent kenyans as they could find- to bring down the country to a state of emergency- but he didn't succeed- pole sana kenyans are smarter than that- they died fighting for democracy!!!shame on the kibaki the murderer!!

Anonymous said...

anon7:27 AM

opps i guess you wan t a reminder of your daddy kibaki's murderous ways



4. DURING HIS STATE HOUSE SELF IMPOSED INAUGURATION - KIBAKI SENDS OUT THUGS AND MURDERERS WITH THE HELP OF MOI TO BURN HIS OWN TRIBESMEN AND WOMEN IN ELDORET CHURCH TO CONFUSE KENYANS AND CLAIM OPPOSITION DID IT IN ORDER TO TO MAKE SURE HE GETS BACK TO STATEHOUSE(his blind soldier martha karua starts shouting genocide to anyone that can hear her- forgetting their PNU master document has mentioned genocide in the rift valley before even the burning of Eldoret church)

5. Kibaki still continues with his murdering spree orders the army to go into mt. Elgon region to slaughter as many youth as they can find and spread the search to the Rift valley(more than 4000 youths missing- mass graves and burned bodies found in mt. Elgon forest....


chris said...

Thanx Phil for your comment.

I have to disagree with you on this one. You and I know that the kind of appearances you are talking about can be "fiddled" with. When was the last public meeting the President addressed?

And then it is also significant to ask oneself what is the condition suffered? This should not be confidential for such a public figure and we need to be told what the problem is. If there is NO problem then let us be told. Even a lie about him being as fit as a fiddle will be better than nothing. Besides we have seen these days that lies have a way of catching up with the liars.

Sadly I cannot say more now. But as usual let us wait for time to prove just how accurate my story is/or is not.

About the notorious posters who trade insults here, I too share your sentiments and I intend to restore moderation of comments.


Anonymous said...


same old same- just a reminder -we saw kenyatta waving his bakora at statehouse Mombasa just weeks before he was reported dead? he was old and he still looked healthy say HARAMBEEE!!!

My point is this seeing kibaki shaking hands e.t.c does not mean anything- this days the drugs that work magic are plenty- yani even the slowest runner on steroids can win any race:)

Anonymous said...

Chris, Phil what about Taabu who's job is to insult and bully people, are you going to remove him?

Anonymous said...

Raila best performer, poll shows

In Summary
- Mr Odinga has an approval rating of 75 per cent compared to President Kibaki’s 68.
- ODM supporters hostile to President Kibaki as a result of last year’s poll.
- Most Kenyans identify themselves with Orange Democratic Movement (53 per cent).

A new opinion poll places Prime Minister Raila Odinga ahead of his principal partner, President Kibaki in performance in the Grand Coalition government.

According to the poll conducted by the Steadman Group, Mr Odinga has an approval rating of 75 per cent compared to President Kibaki’s 68 and the grand coalition government’s 65.

The study coincides with 100 days since the formation of the grand coalition government that brought together political rivals President Kibaki and Mr Odinga.

It means that most Kenyans view Mr Odinga positively when performing his duties compared to President Kibaki or the government as a whole.

The study, which was conducted between July 6 and 11, interviewed a total of 2,012 Kenyans aged 18 years and above in the country’s eight provinces. It had a margin of +/-2.2 margin of error and a 95 per cent confidence level.

Explaining the approval ratings the organisation’s political consultant, Dr Tom Wolf said Mr Odinga received the highest of positive approvals compared to the Head of State.

“Many Kenyans placed Mr Odinga on the highly approve and somewhat approve categories ahead of President Kibaki,† Dr Wolf said during the release of the survey results at the organisation headquarters in Nairobi’s Riverside Drive.

However, the political analyst said any leader in the world should be happy with an approval rating of over 50 per cent especially under a difficult political arrangement like the one in Kenya.

Apart from performance, Dr Wolf said many ODM supporters are still hostile to President Kibaki as a result of the outcome of last year’s presidential election.

“Unlike ODM supporters many PNU supporters view Mr Odinga mildly since their candidate was sworn in as the President hence have nothing much against the Prime Minister,† he added.

Dr Wolf said the approval rating of the grand coalition was above 50 per cent mainly because of saving the country from plunging into war rather than what it has so far done in the past six months.

In fact, majority of Kenyans (78 per cent) support the power sharing agreement. At the political party level, the agreement receives the highest rating from both PNU and ODM-K faithful at 80 percent each, with ODM followers giving it a 76 per cent score.

On the provincial level, Mr Odinga’s ratings are higher than President Kibaki’s in five of the eight provinces.

The PM leads his principal partner in Nairobi, Coast, Rift Valley, Nyanza and Western. President Kibaki’s ratings are higher in Central, Eastern and North Eastern.

Individually, the two principals score highly than government in all the provinces except North Eastern where the grand coalition scores a high of 80 per cent. In the province, President Kibaki scores 78 per cent, three more than Mr Odinga.

So far Kenyans are satisfied with the grand coalition’s performance in secondary and primary education, in which it scores 78 and 70 per cent respectively.

However, the study was conducted before student riots became widespread, affecting secondary education.

Kenyans are also happy with the way the government is handling health matters, with the respondents giving it a satisfaction rating of 65 per cent, followed by electrification programme (58 per cent), water supply (58 per cent) and road construction and rehabilitation (55 per cent).

The public, nonetheless, is unhappy with the way the government is handling the rising poverty levels, unemployment, the skyrocketing food prices, corruption in the public sector and crime. All have an approval of below 50 per cent.

According to the survey, the public also wants the government to give more attention to the resettlement of internally displaced refugees, constitutional reform, investigation of election violence and tackling the land question.

Of the three political parties forming the grand coalition, most Kenyans identify themselves with Orange Democratic Movement (53 per cent), followed by Party of National Unity at 29 per cent.

ODM-Kenya is at seven per cent, other smaller parties (four per cent), while a further seven percent do not align themselves with any political party.

Anonymous said...


when you start moderation - do start with Vikii and Kwale - they tend to insult kenyans intelligence on here and when they start abusing Raila and odm then it becomes free for all on here- why can't they address the real situation in kenya like everyone else??

I think the plan for the destructors is to have you moderate your blog and that means many people get to read news late or no direct exchange of information or ideas

chris can't you see through them??
the traffic on your blog has surpassed all other blogs so the only way t slow you down is to push you to moderate(read between the lines)

Anonymous said...

he is busy working. Its not a concept you and your rag tag army of losers and idlers would be farmiliar with.

Anonymous said...

If, God forbid, something happens to Emilio Mwai Kibaki, who would be the next in line? What does the constitution say? Honestly, I dont know.

Anonymous said...

For starters, I think we all must accept that expressing concerns about Kibaki's health is not akin to wishing him death.

Given his age, I think it's understanadable if he is indeed indisposed. Actully am really surprised at the resilience he has shown right from the campaign period through the election skirmishes. All this activity was bound to catch up with him at some point.

In the absence of authoritative information rumors will abound. Kibaki's penchant for silence even in the face of crises does not help the situation either.

If indeed these are the rumours on the ground, there must be people who are genuinely worried. Why hasn't the PPS seen it fit to dispel these rumours?

As the president, Kenyans have a right to know if all is well or if someone else without the people's mandate is running the show.

Anonymous said...

RAILA IS THE BEST PERFORMER, according to a recent poll. For all the snoozing, I think a 68 for Kibaki is too generous.

That Raila is a performer is something that even his sworn 'enemies' right here on Kumekucha should acknowledge.
Can you imagine how well he would be doing if he was not being dragged down by the 'baggage' holed up in SH?

An excerpt from nation....

Mr Odinga has an approval rating of 75 per cent compared to President Kibaki’s 68.
ODM supporters hostile to President Kibaki as a result of last year’s poll.
Most Kenyans identify themselves with Orange Democratic Movement (53 per cent).

A new opinion poll places Prime Minister Raila Odinga ahead of his principal partner, President Kibaki in performance in the Grand Coalition government.

Anonymous said...

Start the comment moderation now and remove the likes of:


bure kabisa.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you want to moderate the comments here when yourself you have used a word most people would find it offensive – slapper.
If you don't know a slapper means a woman who has sex with a lot of men.

Anonymous said...

anon8:59 AM

is that so?? can you give me a reference in the dictionary where slapper means a woman who has sex with lots of men

a. A sharp blow made with the open hand or with a flat object; a smack.
b. The sound of such a blow.
2. A sharp insult: a slap to one's pride.
v. slapped, slap·ping, slaps
1. To strike with a flat object, such as the palm of the hand.
2. To cause to strike sharply and loudly: "He took a clipping from his wallet and slapped it on the bar" Nathanael West.
3. To put or place quickly or carelessly: slapped butter on a bagel.
4. To criticize or insult sharply.
5. To subject to a legal obligation, such as a fine or court order: slapped him with a speeding ticket; slapped her with a lawsuit.
To strike or beat with the force and sound of a slap: waves slapping against the raft.
adv. Informal
Directly and with force.
Phrasal Verb:
slap down
1. To restrain or correct by means of a sharp blow or emphatic censure: "thought [he] was getting a little uppity and needed to be slapped down" New York Times.
2. To put a sudden end to; suppress: slap down divisive criticism.


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:59,

Let us stick to standard vocabulary.

From the little english I know,a slapper is a noun from the word slap. So, in that respect, Lucy is a slapper because she has a penchant for 'smacking grown men with open hands'.

Let me give another illustration of why it's safe to avoid slang, especially due to cultural differences etc.

Let me use the word SHAG, which has different meanings depending on which part of the world you live in and whether one considers standard vocabulary or slang.

These are some of the definitions of SHAG/GING that I have heard of :

1. Bushy and matted eg shaggy dog.
2. A 1930's dance step - so shagging means dancing to this step.
3. Shag is also used to refer to the bark of a northamerican tree.
4. I have heard people (young Britons) use it as a slang to mean...let me put it mildly-making love.
5. I have also heard others (young Americans) use it to mean something totally different.

So, to be safe, stick to standard vocabulary.

Anonymous said...


I am a fun of '24' of the Jack Bauer fame. In one scene the president is in a coma, but then an executive decision has to be made whether or not to go to war with a 'terrorist' nation. Before the president went into a coma there were strong forces that were for going to war. The president was against. The coma provides his opponents the opportunity to get what they want - go to war. Those against the war have to do everything possible to 'awake' the president. They succeed after injecting him with 'something'. He makes it to the meeting and averts a major confrontation with the 'terrorist' nation. However, he goes back into a coma immediately thereafter.

This seems to be the scenario you are painting. As i was reading the post this is what was going on in my mind. While it is important that we all be worried about the president's health, there are obvious omissions on this post as the president was seen at various public functions this and last week. Could he have been injected with 'something'?

My view is that the president is actually in a better situation healthwise. There is less stress in running the country as there is no real opposition. He has delegated most of his duties to the PM in addition to those delegated to ministers. He can actually afford to sit and relax in statehouse.

You will also note that of late the guy to me seems more eloquent and articulate, communicates in flowing speech with rear repetitions and wrong pronounciations. Compare this with the last 5 years and you will see what i mean.

Could it also be an attempt to deflect attention from RAO's health problems?. Am told he had to detour to Germany to have an 'eye' problem sorted.


Anonymous said...

hehehehe 9:16, 9:22

iko wasee wengine lazima wa show hao majuu

Ivy said...

Anon 8:59 i would also love to know or is it also a slang used in the real world? I thought slangs are used between buddies/bosom friends and if you are in a real world leave us who are supposed to be in a cosmic world (By the way what is a real world? YOu see i cant go slanging (if there is a word like that) with my grandma!!! U get the drift

Anyway back to the post...I want to believe that Chris's post was not so much in the physical Kibz, Coz i mean he could be the dumbest person on earth (REAL WORLD) to insinuate that and just today he was in the papers. Chris's concern might be ...Duh we are having strikes all over the country and the prezzy is quiet? The mau forest thing surelly how dumb can one be? Even if you are a hands off CEO your company can't be burning and you are still in denial just shrugging your shoulder.

Believe me atleast SKM is busy even if it is receiving a honorary degree at least it is an achievement.

We want him to come out and give direction. I thought he was the Excecutive president of Kenya

Kwale said...

Let me come in aid of anon 8.59;

Slapper is a UK slang word for a woman who sleeps with many men. You cannot use that word in UK unless you mean that.

Maybe there is a culture clash here. What is not offensive for you is offensive for others. I have in many occasions used UK slang here which has landed me into accusation I abuse and insult people. Most of those words you have found offensive if I was to call a white English guy, they would find it funny and laugh it off.

Take an example the word shag, in Kenya that word mean something like a village but in UK it means to have sex which many people would find it offensive.

If I was to call a woman a bird most of you, you would think that’s an insult. But that word is equivalent to chick in America which means a sexually attractive woman.

Some of us we are used to colloquial English when we are not dealing with anything formal.

I remember 2 years ago I was in Nairobi town centre when it started to rain but I have to do what I came there for but i did not have an Umbrella. I went from one shop to the other asking if they sell a brolly and in all occasions they said no. I got really frustrated because no-one understood what I was look for. I am used to calling Umbrella a brolly.

What I am trying to say here is, we are here as Kenyans but we all have different cultural background.

Anonymous said...


did you try asking in plain swahili

kuna mwavuli?

and you could use any mwamvuli, mavuli or close sounding

ati you were frustrated

Anonymous said...

hehehe kwale

maybe those guys just didnt want to serve a snob ( i mean snotty character )

acha kanyeshewe

Anonymous said...

Those who are fond of Kenyan opinions polls should remember this lesson from the Ngong' Racecourse:

Most times, the race horse is more popular than the jockey; but who is the master? Who takes the money to the bank after the race is won? And who is finally put to sleep when he can't win the races anymore???

Anonymous said...

Kibaki's supporters are not idling around the streets and village centers waiting for opinion takers or a TV camera. They are not busy looking for a messianic experience, or looking for loans to marry second wives! Apana! Wanaendeza kazi mashambani na biasarani; na ikifika Jumapili wanaenda kanisani. Hiyo ndio maisha yao na inawatosha!!

Anonymous said...


actually kibakis kikuyu supporters are in the IDP camps aidling their lives away as they wait for if the kales will allow them back to illegal squatter lands. LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...


For once we are on the same side.

I hope you thought about your last statement and will try and remember that in subsequent posts.

Ivy hit the nail on the head. We are bloggers and not friends or relatives. Therefore, the idea of addressing each other like buddies should be used with a lot of caution. Do you understand why some blacks in America call each other the n.. word, but hit the roof if an 'outsider' attempts to do this..even jokingly?

Please refrain from calling people names, because not everyone has lived in Britain where I know words like shagging and f**** are used so liberally without offence.

Finally, and this may or may not be important to you. Image is everything and many people on this blog have formed an opinion about you, just because of the way you put your messages across. Okay, so what, you may say?

I think everyone including Kwale deserves to give an opinion regarding how they feel our country should be governed. We all have divergent views, and I don't think anyone spends their time blogging if they don't think anyone will take their view seriously.

Sadly Kwale, some of your good points are dismissed because of the image you have created.

Talking of image. Do you read posts by UrXlnc? His/her (almost certain he is a man) posts melt even the most hardened of positions and one cannot help loving this blogger.

Anonymous said...

9:41 AM


Listen here kibaki is sick and you can't wish it away- this is directly from the horses mouth a madam Lucy Kibaki(do you know her??) the whole Kenya does.

Now if you are going to compare PM's tiny eye problem with kibaki's full blown sickness then you are a misplaced kikuyu.
but on the other hand I'm glad you hit the nail on the head yes the injections are indeed working! but for how long?? the truth will be out soon.
trust me Lucy Kibaki knows what she is saying- don't you??

Anonymous said...

anon10:48 AM

which shamba's you are crazy- look around you- all your kikuyu IDP's are going hungry and begging for food with nowhere to sleep ati they are working on their shamba's? which ones??

the only kibaki supporters working on shamba's are those who stole them from the mau mau freedom fighters through Kenyatta -yes they are rich and they don't care about the same tribesmen they stole from- go take your IDP'S AND SETTLE THEM IN CENTRAL LESOTHO!! and stop your ignorant crap on here!

Anonymous said...

in central LESOTHO 65% of the land is owned by 7 rich mugikuyus. The rest of the 8-million folks live on 35%. thats why kuna mungiki, uwizi, uconny, ukarabati, umalaya na ufisadi huko LESOTHO. kichwa za hii vitu imeruka kama

Anonymous said...

anon11:04 AM

you hit the nail on the head and instead of domo's here like vikii and kwale encouraging their brothers and sisters (kibaki, Uhuru, Beth Mugo, Michuki, karume, kimunya,and the rest to share their wealth with wakina mungiki youth and the malaya's who have now moved to the coast and the kenya Uganda border- you hear "aterere" they are here bragging on how the few rich kikuyu's are wotking hard going about their businesses - forgetting most of the kikuyu idp's are begging and have no land to call home(si Kenyatta took t all)

If the Kenyatta family own land the size of Nyanza province- then I think kikuyu's are foooooooools to allow their tribesmen to control all the land while their own families are misplaced-

now i totally agree kikuyu's are the most foolish tribe to allow a few people in their communities to own most of the land and the rest of the kikuyu herded along like goats for slaughter when they try to question this in equality(Mungiki youth executions in 2007 by kibaki-they raised this exact questions) and please do not take it as abuse i will say that to any other tribe in the same position.........

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:55

Is RAO's really a tiny eye problem? How do you know. Really.

To enlighten you, both RAO and MK have gone through life-threatening experiences. RAO the detention (8 years!) and MK the accident. You cannot wish what RAO went through in detention (Nyayo House) away. Just look at Matiba and other former detainees during that time to get what i mean. RAO has the advantage of age, but he is headed where Matiba and others are. My thesis is that that is why he has to keep on trooping to Germany for medical attention. We only know about the 'eye', there could be more. And I could be wrong!


Anonymous said...


What exactly is your point? Tell me one human being who never falls sick.

Given that both men have been under tremendous pressure since last year, should it surprise anyone if any of them fall sick?

Okay, if performance in office so far, is the yardstick for measuring ones health, who between RAILA and KIBZ would you say is healthier?

Anonymous said...


we can smell anyone suffering from Railaphobia from whatever direction they approach?

Why would you wish Raila something worse than the 'eye problem that takes him to Germany'?

Anonymous said...

Every VILLAGE has its idiots and mad men as a stack reminder of our sanity.

Please indulge me for a minute as we point out our mad men, "village idiots", on Kumekucha that everyday remind us of of our sanity in the midst of all the insanity.

They clamor so hard for attention to their irrational rants and raves and forget the substance of the discourse at hand.

Accolades to one:

Fake IVY

VILLAGE IDIOTS, please take your rightful place.

WASHENZI TUPU, they breathe, eat, live RAILA this, RAILA that, KIKUYU this, KIKUYU that and never bring anything concrete, substantial or worthwhile that can help Kenya forge forward.

You wonder why we are in the hole that we are in, as I said, they remind us of our SANITY, that all's not lost.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

anon @ 8.20. Please take a break from your perpetual intellectual masturbation. Wishing it is not doing it, don't you get it?
Rebut Kwale, Vikii and myself with principled and intelligent conviction, not anger and apoplectic rage. It will only make you choke to death. Better still, get a real education.

Chris on the other hand should up his game and stop rumour mongering from his base at Nairobi West's Mini pub. Kibaki is as healthy and sprightly as a hungry tomcat. Eat your heart out.

Anonymous said...

Kimi, you do not have to try so hard by browsing the "dic-tionary" to try and sound or come off as an intellectual. The lack thereof is evident in the postulations you put forth everyday. Please try harder, but don't go overboard.

A spade is still one whether you choose to to call it a big spoon, get it BOY!!!!

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter whether Kibaki is there or not. Kenyans dont need him because of the pain he inflicted to many of us, really to the whole nation.

Kenyans have given him refuge in that house on the hill. He can rot there for the next 100 years but we dont recognise him as our leader.

Anonymous said...

Being DULY is fashionable in Kenya

From the top to the lowest, DULY as a result of cheating is the in thing in Kenya Today.
It is on record this cheating in exams started in large scale in 2005. Any coincidence with the Constitutional referendum that created fertile ground for what happened in december 2007 political showdown and now...

we have proud DULY performing students as

CHEATING is The hidden hand in school fires

Published on 26/07/2008
By Dennis Onyango
The massive cheating and mix-up in tallying witnessed in Form Four exams over the last two years is fanning school unrest and rogue behaviour.
The vicious attacks on school administrators and property is added fuel by fear there are hidden hands in the confusion over mock exams, which are used by the national exam body in cases where its own figures do not add up.
So bad is the situation in one case in Nyanza a student who scored ‘B’ in mock, but who could not write the national exams, ended up with the grade in the Kenya National Examination Council year-opener list.
Refusal or reluctance by top public servants, who have been warned by head teachers this year’s exam might be boycotted if there were early signs it has leaked to confront the situation has compounded the problem.
An official of the heads association said he has alerted his candidates to prepare for a possibility that they may be in school in 2009 should there be a leakage this year.
“We resolved as heads that should there be leakage this year, and there is evidence like what the media showed last year, we will not take those exams. It is not an empty threat,” a principal said.
He said students were rioting over mock partly because they had not prepared for this rigorous test, knowing they would cheat in KCSE. The other reason, he said, is that students with mobile phones received some information that KNEC would use mock results to moderate KCSE.
Inquiries within education corridors reveal the frustration over the fading confidence in KNEC’s competence and capacity to oversee an open and fair competition in schools, is not just limited to students.
Teachers, and especially principals, are scratching theirs heads over what to do in the face of the whirlpool of destructive riots and what they perceive impervious senior education officials.
On the crosshairs within the teaching fraternity is Internal Security Minister George Saitoti who had the education docket in the last two years of President Kibaki’s first term, and his predecessor at Jogoo House Prof Sam Ongeri.
There is also the Education Permanent Secretary the two ministers have shared Prof Karega Mutahi, and Mr Paul Wasanga, the KNEC chairman. Ongeri renewed Wasanga’s contract in May amid the rage about confusing grading, last year. Teachers believe, and which they deny, that they know what is happening behind the scenes.
Worse still, is that some of the cases of cheating have gone either unpunished or undetected, but remains known to some teachers and students. This has set on fire the rising passions in schools, notwithstanding the denials by education administrators.
And even as the ministry struggles to deflect blame to drugs, alcohol, adolescence and after-taste of post-election violence, Mutahi’s name regularly comes up among head teachers as part of the problem.
“Students should not be allowed to succeed through cheating. But because they have been allowed in the last two years, they want more of it. KNEC is the problem, not the teachers,” a principal said.
Because of the sensitivity of the matter and the risk to his job, he spoke like the others, on condition his name would be concealed.
Cheating in examination
“Because of massive cheating in recent years, we have a crop of students that has not been reading. They do not want mock either because they are not prepared for it or because they fear it would expose their ‘stupidity’ when they cheat in and pass KCSE,” he added.
The ministry has denied there was extreme cheating in the exams and blamed the mess on a computer error. But head teachers appear unanimous there was cheating and fear unless there is a purge at the ministry and Knec, there may be more riots.
Because of the cheating last year, a number of principals said mock exams, which used to pass unnoticed even at the districts where they are done, have acquired a new significance nationally.
Of all the strikes so far, more than half has been caused by students refusing to sit mock exams. In some cases, students have set the stage for the closing of the schools to avoid mocks.
Across the country, students are burning schools because of mock exams they claim are too difficult or do not want to take.
For the first time, the strikes, mostly over mock examinations, have occurred in private and public secondary schools.
Usually, private schools have little in common with public ones. They are usually insulated from the tribulations of students in public schools.
This time, however, they have united to demand what sounds like their preferred version of mock.
Teachers, however, say behind what is being dismissed as fear of mocks, is the grave issue of cheating in national examinations. The public is witnessing the effect of that cheating on education.
Following what teachers generally call massive cheating last year, students either do not see the need for rigorous tests, which they believe leads nowhere or want to be allowed to cheat in mocks also.
According to a principal of a senior school, for the last three years, Form Ones and Form Twos watched KCSE candidates cheat and got away with it.
“The first serious cheating took place in 2005 and we thought it was an isolated case. It returned massively last year. Form Ones and Twos watched as candidates cheated. They were convinced those candidates would have their results cancelled. It came as a shock when those candidates got away with it and got As. A culture is building among our students that you do not have to study hard to pass examinations,” the principal said.
With the experiences of the last two years, the principal said, some of the candidates may genuinely be unprepared for the rigorous mocks because they never studied hard, believing there would be cheating this year.
But even those who were prepared are protesting against mocks because they want to maximise on the tests and therefore want to cheat.

Anonymous said...

i consider both Raila and Kibaki's health to be under threat simply because they are both under alot of stress now Raila is a better actor than Kibaki; a charismatic bully as opposed to Kibaki the architect of old decay. no way Kibaki can move faster than he currently does he would collapse from anti-lethargy a disease first discovered in the latter recent as 2003 meanwhile, the government will continue to be a half-breed illegitimate child of our collective will as Kenyans-neither good or bad just there like Kwale

Anonymous said...

this is the bank chris wrote trash about abd predicted doom....eti ni bank ya rem Raila and ODM telling people to demonstrate against the bank????he he he he

Equity Bank’s half-year earnings touch Sh3 billion
Published on 26/07/2008

By John Oyuke

Equity Bank has posted a 200 per cent rise in half-year profits on the back of improved growth.

The bank said its gross profits grew to Sh3.087 billion up from Sh1.037 billion during the period ended June 30.

Chief executive, James Mwangi said the performance was as a result of balanced growth, profitability and control systems.

He said the bank’s total assets grew to Sh72.5 billion up from Sh29.9 billion a growth of 143 per cent.

The trading results indicate that while the group’s total operating income increased by 156 per cent to Sh6.58 billion, overheads only increased by 128 per cent to reach Sh3.5 billion.

During the period the group consolidated loan book increased to Sh36.2 billion up from Sh14.3 billion, a growth of 153 per cent signifying deployment of the recent capital investment by Helios.

“In spite of the rapid growth, the bank sustained the quality of loan book with non-performing loans remaining at three per cent,” Mwangi said in the financial statement. Equity’s number of deposit accounts stood at 2,456,982 accounting for over 45 per cent of all deposit accounts in the banking industry while the number of loan accounts stood at 510,768.

The trading results show the bank’s liquidity remained strong at 56 per cent while the core capital to total deposits ratio stood at 33 per cent against a minimum legal requirement of eight per cent.

The bank announced its results on the heels of its celebrations after being named the Best Bank in Kenya by the prestigious Euromoney magazine for the second year in a row.

Last year’s award went to Equity Bank due to its efforts to encourage the unbanked to get involved with the banking sector.


Anonymous said...

There is too much tribalism on this blog. It needs to be moderated.


Anonymous said...


it has taken events leading to 2007 elections, events that followed thereafter and blogs such as this for many of us to realise that despite what we otherwise previously thought, there are those among us, some whom we even considered really close friends and perhaps closer than relatives who are absolute incontrevertible tribalists and in some cases ethnic chauvinists as well. many of us have been shocked at how deep the extent that it clouds or overrides common decency and objective thinking but in the long run its better it comes out in the open now and we deal with it or learn to live with it.

over time, some of those stuck in that mindset will gradually learn to overcome. for those of us that for one reason or another are long past it, can help or at least avoid agravating the situation further.

i quite agree with taabu and others who've said this many times, there is no need to hide from the truth and deceive ourselves. its really sad and regretable, but thats where we are today.

i only hope we can all overcome someday.

on a side note, anon 10:53 thank you for the very kind words. in this same vein i apologise to anyone that may have been offended by my contribution to this and other forums. it is not intentional and done solely in an attempt to share/discuss thoughts so as to learn and appreciate divergent sometimes conflicting viewpoints. we all want the best for ourselves as a nation for a better kenya.

enjoy your weekend.


Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon at 2.00pm. With intellectual lightweights like you as my opponents, i do not need to exert any brain muscle at all. I can walk all over you WITHOUT getting off my seat to refer to ANY educational tools like dictionaries, which obviously intimidate you going by your reverent reference to one.

Anonymous said...


Some people are talking of walking all over their opponents.

Why didn't you tell us there was some kind of competition going on here?


Anonymous said...

KK is about the only blog I know that doesnt make demands of its population. Dont know whether that's a good or bad thing but no need to weigh what you say, no need to be collegial, no need to be fair, no need to justify what you say, simply no code of conduct and no rules enforced ....pretty much like the motherland.

Anonymous said...

Why is it when someone disagree with the majority ODMers in this blog is teemed to be idiot, tribal and abusive? Everyone has the right of opnion just like you do.

The people you call here notorious bloggers are only notorious because they don't agree with you.

Look at taabu, the well known bully in this blog, he can call anyone any name but most of you thinks is ok. But when someone like Kwale or Vikii use mild words they are seen as abusive just because of their political leaning.
I have seen some of the most disgusting insults traded in this blog and no-one comment about them just because they come from ODMers aiming at Kibaki or kikuyus.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the Queen of England (UK) use slang when she is not doing anything official. That's may sound absurd but that's true. A BBC programme aired last year called "life at palace" showed Queen behaving exactly the same way your grandmother behaves. she uses slangs and idioms to communicate with her staff.
Stop getting offended by people using slang they are not meant for harm but its a simple way of communicating.

Anonymous said...

There are some really good and engaging posters on this blog, from both sides of the political divide, and we get to learn a lot from them. But these are almost ALWAYS overshadowed by shallow,frivolous and abusive posters, who greatly lower the value of the blog.

Kikuyu bashing can be fine and maybe even welcomed, if based on some sound reasoning and justification. Even the rumor mongering, a hallmark of the originator posts, can work well to generate some exchange. What is really disappointing are the sweeping and often malicious stereotypes, especially of whole communities. But then, maybe that's why the blog was created and why such hubris tolerated.

Anonymous said...

at least he showed up in sagana lodge. Was there a video of his address? I think Kumekucha is blowing hot air on this one

Anonymous said...

....and looked like he was breathing his last on a death bed too.

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