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Thursday, July 24, 2008

MAU FOREST COMPLEX: Raila Odinga’s Real Acid Test

Isaac Ruto & Company playing disgraceful KANU politics with Kenya’s livelihood

Sitting some 250 kilometers North-West of Nairobi, the Mau Forest Complex covers approximately 400,000 hectares (about 900km2) straddling no less than ten administrative districts in the Rift Valley Province. At independence in 1963, it was the single largest block of montane and moist indigenous forest in East Africa but thanks to partisan party politics it has now been sadly depleted to about 22 patches of forest.
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As the country’s biggest water catchment area, the Mau forest occupies a central place in the economic and ecological lifeline of the people of Rift Valley, Western and Nyanza provinces. Indeed, the national economy stands to lose over US $300 million to the tea, tourism and energy sectors alone if the forest of the Mau Complex continues to be degraded. The Tanzanian government has already formally protested about the effects the Mau degradation is costing her environment and economy, while the Uganda and Egypt governments are said to be closely watching how Kenya will resolve this Mau fiasco that has now taken an international dimension.

Past political expediency resulted into systematic illegal excision of huge parcels that reduced forest cover in Kenya from approximately 1.7 million hectares in 1963 to 1.4 million hectares as at 2005, which translates to only 2.5% of the total land area and a meager 1.7% under closed canopy. A country with less than 10% of its area under closed canopy forest is considered “environmentally unsecure”.

At the height of his autocratic rule, President Moi’s KANU government de-gazetted huge tracts of forest land to irregularly reward party supporters. The infamous Ndung'u land report revealed that there are more than 200,000 illegal and irregular title deeds which were fraudulently issued in the Mau Complex, most of them to politically connected personalities, some of whom later sold the land to unsuspecting investors and members of the public.

Lately, the Mau has been turned into a nasty political tug of war for supremacy between MPs from the Maasai and Kipsigis communities, and this war is already threatening to degenerate into ethnic clashes. To make matters worse, some of the Kipsigis MPs led by Isaac Ruto are using the Mau as a tool of blackmail for settling political scores (read: cabinet appointments) within ODM. The Kipsigis MPs are throwing needless roadblocks into efforts to reclaim and restore the Mau forest as they know it is their people who are occupying and destroying the forest while, a little further downstream, Maasai communities are watching in horror as rivers are drying up and weather patterns are becoming harsher. Others hypocrites opposing the Mau evictions like Franklin Bett are themselves beneficiaries of the fraudulent Mau allocations by Moi.

The very nature of our politics has effectively turned the Mau Forest into very hot political potato as well as a massive environmental time bomb. The reality of the matter is that there is only one solution to the Mau problem: TOTAL EVICTION

Considering the loud war-cries emanating from the Kipsigis axis, it seems pretty obvious that we are heading for confrontation and it goes without saying that the restoration of the Mau Forest will mean forcefully uprooting thousands of squatter families, compensating them and re-settling them elsewhere. This may sound inhuman to our so-called human rights lobby groups, but it certainly guarantees the future of millions of Kenyans for whom the waters provided by the Mau mean life. Already, the commissioning of the Japanese funded Sondu Miriu hydro power station in Nyanza province has aborted due to low water levels on the river which is as a direct result of the destruction of the Mau Forest. In the already battered tourism sector, the world famous annual Mara Wildebeest migration, dubbed the 7th Wonder of the World, is also severely threatened by human settlement in the Mau.

In 2005, the then NARC government unilaterally sanctioned Kenyan security forces to forcibly evict an estimated 3000 families (about 15,000 people) destroying seven primary schools and affecting thousands of students. The displaced people were left with no access to food, shelter, sanitation facilities or education, and physical infrastructure was also destroyed. According to IDMC, allegations of rape and theft of harvested crops by evicting officers was reported. The brutality in which the evictions were carried out led to the suicide of three people, and one man suffered a heart attack when his school torched. A repeat of these unfortunate events is probably what Kipsigis MPs are concerned about when demanding for acceptable compensation and resettlement. President Kibaki has said that the resettlement will be conducted humanely. PM Raila has also assured that this time the evictions would be given a human face to ensure the fundamental rights of the affected individuals are not violated.

The latest initiative by Prime Minister in forming an all inclusive Mau Forest Conservation Task Force deserves the express support of all Kenyans. The 22 member all-inclusive task force is firstly expected to draw up its own terms of reference through consultations with all stakeholders including residents and then proceed to develop a time-bound implementation plan of evicting, compensating and re-settling those who currently reside in the Mau Forest. Ultimately, government plans to re-demarcate the forest boundaries, fence off the forest and also put in place an effective long-term management plans to reclaim and sustain the jewel that is Mau Forest. The success of these plans will mean that the country will have averted a major economic disaster and unthinkable environmental catastrophe. It will also mean another feather on to RAO's already thickly feathered political cap.

The Government also ought to prosecute all those politicians and public servants who were adversely involved in illegal demarcation of the forest in the first place. I mean, if President Moi ordered these illegal allocations, he must be called into account and made to answer charges of abuse of office!

The recommendations of the Ndungu Report may have been too drastic in suggesting amendments to sections of the constitution to facilitate the formation of a Lands Title Tribunal to enable the revocation and rectification of all irregular title deeds in the Mau and other forest., but it I think is time for us to bite the bullet for the sake of future generations.

Resources: Mau Complex Under Siege: Continuous destruction of Kenya’s largest forest, UNEP, 2005


Anonymous said...

mass graves in mt. elgon forest= some burned beyond recognition

kenyans know the army and police were send out by kibaki to slaughter youths in a big way--- chris why are you quiet on this issue???

Anonymous said...

Mau forest?? the innocent kenyans are still alive!!
In Mt. Elgon forest( mass graves) who did it??
army and kenya police
who send them??


Anonymous said...

We masaai cannot allow 'foreigners' to destroy our land. Kipsigis must leave now. We have suffered enough under them for too long.


Anonymous said...

Resolving the Mau forest issue will need sacrfices and making some hard decisions. Thankfully, the prime minister is giving this his full attention and we all neeed to support him in this.

Busybodies like Isaac Ruto should stop politicking and explain to the people why they are being evicted. I see Mois hand in all this, these are the moles in ODM and we can see through their dirty schemes.

Raila is no pushover and am confident that with the waters being muddied around him, he will remain steadfast and resolve this issue once and for all.

Ivy said...

When it comes to Mau forest...Let us leave politics out and ask ourselves what is it that is at stake?
There are abt 50,000 squatters in Mau and yet the lives of just over 4 million Kenyans is pegged on its survival. Folks before you start ranting and raving there has been an assurance that genuine people will be resettled in alternative piece of land so what is the big deal?
Our lives as kenyans is not depended on Ruto and his ilk knowing very well that he wants to settle scores that are not even there....Kenya require a statesman at such a time as this and we will not be distracted by his kind. We are forging and moving forward. As a matter of fact there is too much idle land in Mogotio that needs to be worked on.
I always say Kenyans we value land so much and yet our asian brothers who are controlling our economy have no land...It is just that we need to be given alternatives to wealth creation and stop being obsessed with some piece of land somewhere that we are even ready to pull the trigger anytime just coz of an aacre of land...Let us wisen up folks it is time we make our dreams real

Anonymous said...

Phil, this is the only post you have posted here that make sense and would agree with you.
When you stop your worship for raila you sound normal and reasonable.

Yes, EVICTION is the only way here. Our environment comes first. If we allow these squatters to continue to live in the Forest, it will threaten our very own live. In other words GLOBAL WARMING.

I am just surprised where is Wangari Maathai on this one? How come she is so quiet on her favourite cause.

UrXlnc said...


Thanks for putting the spotlight on this. To reiterate the comments made on this in an earlier thread,

yes absolutely Mau Forest and for that matter all those (and they are precious few) environmental resources needed to sustain our fragile ecosystem must be protected at all costs.

having said that, we really have to move away from the strong-arm barbaric tactics and start developing new methods of handling crisis and events.

eviction (forceful, cajoled or otherwise), is a last resort and should be reserved only for the few boneheaded dolts who simply like trouble. that kind of character does not describe those communities living in these zones and destroying the environment.

massive education efforts sensitizing these communities on the dangers of destroying the environment combined with new skills tasking them on how to restore the environment and alternative shelter/income generating methods will produce far much longer lasting results with the communities not only help preserve and guard the systems but also in turn educate their young ones who in turn will not only preserve but actively pursue restoration programmes. as such these communities can willingly relocate (as opposed to forceful eviction) and govt resources would be deployed to assist in relocation and restoration efforts (finally gives opportunity for gava to be the good guy instead of always being the bad guy)

we need a generational transformation and total paradigm shift in how we approach and handle our problems.

that colonial carrot and stick (donkey rearing) approach needs to come to an end. people are intelligent, willing to listen and can understand, talk to them. Listen to their views and work together. we are not helping by claiming lives of however many million are threatened and then in the same breath proceed to threaten the lives of some of the very same

Ivy said...

I agree BUT.....

People are willing to listen...I agree but the biggest problem they are listening to who?
If they will listen to Ruto Isaac do you think they will see any sense? I BET NOT and i am not holding my breath that he is gonna the importance of the forest and how much is at stake including our wildlife the last time i heard is the hippos were moving toward TZ coz there is lack of water, logging is the norm of the day, 24/7 and yet these same people were taught the same geography i was taught?

UrXlnc said...

just to reinforce

strong arm tactics of eviction will lead to the same cartoon cycle of events witnessed in the perennial tom and jerry shows played daily or periodically with hawkers (and any other small traders for that matter) and the city council. which plays out as follows

(re)appearance of entity, chase, catch, clobber, evict, patrol, rest, (re)appearance of ...

and yet we laugh at how silly those cartoons look, shheeesh, do we really learn anything?

UrXlnc said...

hey Ivy

our posts crossed, yes you are moving in the right direction, who should they be listening to?

already PM has made a move in the right direction (UNEP and other environmental experts, govt experts and local community leaders, together)

yes a few of those politicians will try to gain mileage, but somewhere in those professional bodies, there will be someone from those communities who can speak the language (not necessarily the myopic tribal link but can identify with the local community and explain in simple terms) what its all about, and why they need their assistance.

Anonymous said...

Look kenyans it is not only the Mau Forest the evictions have happened before or happening now!! why don't we all name all the forests in Kenya and look at the eviction history and bloodshed-

Burnt Forest being one of them- let as look at the broader picture and problems facing all this landless kenyans -

and look why few kenyans hold thousands and thousands of acreage of land that they don't even use- this are called absent landlords
why ia this allowed when many kenyans are landless??
some of this land was acquired illegally
why does the kenyatta family have thousands of acres of land(acquired without paying during the reign of kenyatta) and many kenyans are landless?? is this fair??
why are kenyans on kumekucha afraid to point out this facts??
if all those people in mau forest and other forests that are being destroyed in kenya were given some potion of the Kenyatta land? I bet you there will be more thatn enough for uhuru and his family to live on-
that should also happen with the Moi illegally acquired land and any other kenyan that hold land that is not being used

why should a few people holds on big chunks of land while many kenyans are landless?? it makes no sense!!!it is about time to act on this unfairness....

Vikii said...

It is wrong for people to continue depleting our forests. This is what the government has been saying for years. So, the horrible Prime Minister is right on this particular one.

Phil, as you have so eloquently put it, we should have no time for Isaac Ruto and his gang of friends. But the reason some of us will not see anything good Raila does or will ever do is his doublespeak. Evictions from Mau were started by the government in 2005. Raila was opposed to these evictions claiming there had not been proper discussions about the matter at the cabinet level. He even went ahead and said the evictions were meant to punish a certain community adding there should be no injustice in the course of forest protection. This, my friend, is the exact same thing Isaac Ruto is saying. Yes, it is stupid today and it was equally stupid in 2005.

I will not be suprised to learn that inasmuch as it is a straightfoward issue we are looking at here, your support for the evictions have absolutely nothing to do with environmental conservation. You are just endorsing what your 'messianic' politician has woken up and found to be the truth. It was the same Raila who promised people that if elected, those evicted will go back to their farms.

So, the evictions are good, but I think it is time we learned to stand up for principle. A few years ago, when this same subject was in the news, William ole Ntimama, Amos Kimunya and Musikari Kombo were the only government ministers who unequivocally supported the evictions. Why did we not write articles lecturing people on the need to conserve our forests then? What has changed now besides the politics?

Ivy said...


Yeah i hope the civic education will help and at the end of the day IGNORANCE will not carry the ay.

On that note i would have loved to see the comments of the bloggers but i have a class to attend....I just hope that the lunatics in Europe will not have a field day oh it is night at my end and that they will treat this post with the dignity it deserves. Adios

I think "Tom and Jerry should be reinforced in all schools and just maybe the kids will loosen up.

P.s i see you have wisen up before you could get a twin brother... Mine has been a pain i even followed your idea of having Orichino at the end but he/she still followed suit

Anonymous said...

anon10:01 AM

Damb right- I recall Nyerere of Tanzania when he had all people equally owning some size land in a cooperatives or something like that- then in Tanzania there were no absentee landlords or people owning mass land and many homeless/landless
kenya needs to turn a new leaf- Land should be distributed to people that were conned by kenyatta after independence(Now the IDP's that suffer every year or every five years)
The people that were given land by kenyatta(remember the British give kenyatta money to buy back the white settlers land and hand it back to the rightful owners or communities) instead he handed it out to his friends and trusted cronies)
That should be looked at seriously, I do not know why people in the government or kenyans are shying away for the obvious- the Mau Forest issue begins and ends with kenyatta!!
deal with the injustice that happened after independence on land allocation and the Mau issue and other forest encroachment issues by landless kenyans will cease to exist!!! period

UrXlnc said...

hehehe ivy i saw that ivy chase, reminded me of those heat seaking missiles and how hard it is for fighter-planes to shake them off, but dont worry, we know when its you contributing. so maybe s/he is attempting inclusion into the "ivy league" through top-up sivyo? hehehe

Phil said...

Blogger Anonymous @ 9.06AM said...
Phil, this is the only post you have posted here that make sense and would agree with you....When you stop your worship for raila you sound normal and reasonable.

I say....
Do I NOT have a right to support Raila as my party leader and so far the only leader worth his salt to have emerged in Kenya since the advent of multiparty politics?

On the other hand, I respect your opinion about my posts and it does not bother me one bit as I, indeed all contributors of Kumekucha, do receive fan mail from thousands of Kumekucha supporters from all over the world. Even Jesus Christ did not impress all the people, so a mere earthlings like myself, Chris, or Taabu can do very little to change you.

UrXlnc, are you aware other water catchment areas were forcibly repossessed by government and fenced off successfully because they were impacting negatively on communities that are considered first among equals in this country? Oh yes, the Nation media Group even organised a fund-raiser and offered free publicity to fence off the Aberdares and Mt Kenya Forests. One wonders why Nation are so quiet given Mau is the largest and most important of them all???

So the question is; why should Mau Forest (and others in Western part of Kenya) be left to the dogs, especially after a few politically correct people have fraudulently enriched themselves??

We cannot gamble with the very livelihood of this nation just because a few of of were conned by KANU thieves. Infact, this government is being overly generous by offering compensation and resettlement.

Vikii, thanks. RAO's approach contrasts very sharply with the barbaric actions of Kibaki in 2005. At that time, Amos Kimunya was Lands minister and we remember him calling government issued title deeds "mere pieces of paper". Regrettable remarks that have to date made local banks shun title deeds as a form of security for any loan or financial advance. RAO is engaging all stake holders including noise makers like Bett and Ruto. Kibaki only engaged his cabinet then.

I support the arrangement adopted by the PM. It is the best way out of this quagmire.

Anonymous said...


UrXlnc said...


i am aware of that forceful exercise

here read this article

interspersed in that article are the following gems

But the project’s impact is not just localised. It has protected a major water tower where rivers used for generation of hydro-electric power. It has also ensured the supply of water to Nairobi.

The fence already covers 337 kilometres, and it is becoming difficult to supervise every part of it.
the stakeholders are as such seeking to integrate communities living next to the fence to maintain it
have embarked on a programme to forge partnerships with the communities. “Nobody had planned for the management of the fence and this is the time we are working out such plans
The subsequent cost of managing the fence is estimated at Sh30 million annually
Initially the fence had been received with indifference by a section of the community that earned a living through illegal means such as poaching and logging.


and this is 20 years into the programme, and what am saying is that, we have opportunity, we are more skilled and informed so lets plan ahead

community partnership builds sustainable structures, strong-arm tactics work ... but only for a while .. and require increasing capital to sustain or crumble instantly.

we have to think outside the box and long term sustainability

Anonymous said...

ETHNIC RELATIONS BILL REJECTED IN PARLIAMENT(another committee formed to look at it again)

hey kenyans how many committees are we going to have running around?? when will all this Mp's get down to work for the salaries we kenyan tax payers pay them?? this committee's never seem to resolve anything!! waki committee, truth ant reconciliation committee, the Kriglar or something committee, The new constitution committee the Mau forest committee, the Mt. Elgon committee, The Kimunya committee, the IDP's committee, the Coalition committee to finalize all the agenda's and I'm sure i have missed out several more committee's --my question is this- are we a country run by committee's or parliament??
very confusing..

CHRIS PLEASE DO US A FAVOR CAN YOU LIST ALL THE COMMITTEE'S HERE AND TELL US WHAT WORK THEY ARE DOING!!WHO IS ON THEM!! AND WHAT THEY HAVE ACCOMPLISHED- because I'm sure just like many other kenyans I'm surely very confused to who or what is happening??
seems to be this is a way to sabotage a country - and stop it moving forward .........

Anonymous said...

I have just finished watching Obama speech in Berlin, Germany- great oratory speech unlike his 'cousin' raila speech in London.

Why did your demigod draw the same kind of crowd in London?
Just asking with a good heart.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 11:01,

Do you eat Raila? May you have sweet dreams about him.


What is Kibaki's view on the Mau issue? Ama this is an ODM baby?

Anonymous said...

'Ma bad' the question about Kibaki's view was meant for Vikii.

Anyway, both are venom-spitting haters so makes no difference.

Anonymous said...


Why is TAABU quiet when his Kalenjin kinsfolk are busy destroying the MAU forests? Why has he zipped his mouth when his Mogotio-type political heroes like Isaac Ruto are practising DECEPTION and FRAUD on the life and death environmental issues of MAU forest complex? Does he still think that his uncle MOI will come back to oversee continued destruction of our national environmental heritage?

Somebody get TAABU out of his little hidding thicket to smell the coffee of our MAU heritage.

Taabu has only two options: either preach his usual stale armaggedon on MAU evictions, or rush there and explain the Kipsigis in his native tongue the importance of leaving peacefully; for at the end of the day they will have to leave with their primitive weapons (bows and arrows). This is not a historical injustice, or is it? And as they leave they ought to carry with them the lessions other Kenyans have already learnt - that the environment is important and there is no free land to squat on anymore. Ar least that is what Mt. Kenya and Aberdares squatters learnt the hard way back in 2005 when the helicopters and askaris were sent to kick them out and burn their little tin huts.

If the Kipsigis don't leave voluntarily, I suggest that fellow ODM thugs be sent to escort them out, with instructions to throw some stones only without murdering or raping these ODM voters - their votes will be needed in 2012.

Anonymous said...
VP to be honoured for exemplary leadership
Written By:VPPS , Posted: Thu, Jul 24, 2008

A California based University of Latin America will this Saturday, July 26, 2008 honour Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka for demonstrating exemplary leadership in handling conflict situations and conflict resolutions.

The honorary ceremony will take place at the Nairobi National Museum at 3.00p.m.

The Latin University of Theology will confer on the Vice President a Doctorate of Divinity for individual achievements in the promotion of the betterment of humanity.

According to Dr. Clyde Rivers, the University's International Commissioner and Dr. Manuel Tigerino, the University's Founder President, the institution honours leaders across the world as a way of encouraging leadership commitment towards the causes of the underprivileged.

Among other leaders in Africa who have been given similar honours are Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni for initiatives on HIV/AIDS, Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo for peace efforts, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo for the fight against corruption and Burundi's President Nkurizunza for conflict resolution.

The Latin University of Theology, which has been in existence for more than a decade, operates in 27 nations with over 40,000 graduates.

Dr. Tigerino said the university's objective is to build leadership in the body of Christ across the nations, bridge the gap between Africa and Latin America and to work with Kenya's great leaders.

He described the Vice President as a great leader whose life exemplifies the peace of Christ and a statesman who has the heart of a Christian leader and who is ready to stand for peace in Kenya as well as other nations in Africa, especially during difficult times.

Anonymous said...

VP Kalonzo goes begging to an unaccredited spanish theology college based in los angeles for a honorary doctorate degreee. LOL!!!!
VP to be honoured for exemplary leadership
Written By:VPPS , Posted: Thu, Jul 24, 2008

A California based University of Latin America will this Saturday, July 26, 2008 honour Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka for demonstrating exemplary leadership in handling conflict situations and conflict resolutions.

The honorary ceremony will take place at the Nairobi National Museum at 3.00p.m.

The Latin University of Theology will confer on the Vice President a Doctorate of Divinity for individual achievements in the promotion of the betterment of humanity.

According to Dr. Clyde Rivers, the University's International Commissioner and Dr. Manuel Tigerino, the University's Founder President, the institution honours leaders across the world as a way of encouraging leadership commitment towards the causes of the underprivileged.

Among other leaders in Africa who have been given similar honours are Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni for initiatives on HIV/AIDS, Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo for peace efforts, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo for the fight against corruption and Burundi's President Nkurizunza for conflict resolution.

The Latin University of Theology, which has been in existence for more than a decade, operates in 27 nations with over 40,000 graduates.

Dr. Tigerino said the university's objective is to build leadership in the body of Christ across the nations, bridge the gap between Africa and Latin America and to work with Kenya's great leaders.

He described the Vice President as a great leader whose life exemplifies the peace of Christ and a statesman who has the heart of a Christian leader and who is ready to stand for peace in Kenya as well as other nations in Africa, especially during difficult times.

Anonymous said...

The RV Kalenjin MPs say Raila's task force is composed of busybodies and activists. They forget that the only busybodies in this saga are the Kipsigis who are rushing into MAU forest as fake squatters to cash-in on any govt compensation. I guess they have learnt from Kikuyus on how to cash-in on any opportunity. Poor copy-cats were exposed by Mzee Ntimama.

kenyaone said...

Its good that the country is focused on the Mau forest. I fully support RAO. It is not sustainable to have people living in the Mau.But in particular am happy that attention has been turned to conservation of the tiny remaining forest land because then forests that the greedy folk in Ndungus report have not discovered may still survive. Many will be suprised that Samburu district (which we all think of as dry and barren) has the largest amount of gazetted forest in Kenya. 3,250 sq kms (or 325,000 hectares) as opposed to the mau complex at 270,000 hectares. Also the Kirisia forest is the largest single block of forestland surviving in kenya at 70,000 hectares (also in Samburu) Luckily they have survived the grabbers so far.

Anonymous said...

Poor Kalonzo - all the honorary degrees and 'homecomimg' parties will not give him any clout. Anyway, it's about time somebody helped him massage his ego that seems to be suffering.

Okuyus in their true colors are talking about martha, uhuru, saitoti, kikuyu elder etc.

Jameni, KALONZO is craving for attention. Let's organize a hom-coming party and declare Kalonzo tosha. Problem is, between him and the clown in SH, they must have been to every village in eastern and central.

Where next - with just six months since the last elections and possibly over 4 more years to go.

Anonymous said...

I find Phil to be a hypocrite. He blames the RV MPs for worrying about the interests of their own people. Raila is worried about his Luo people and the Sondu Miriu dam in Luo Nyanza, while Ntimama is worried about water for the cattle herds of his Maasai people, and the NGOs are there for the money they get as activists. Poor Kipsigis peasant farmers are left to their devices and when their elected officials speak, a Raila-loud mouth like Phil demonises them. Our leaders were good boys when they were giving ODM majority in parliament for Raila to be PM. Phil, tell Raila to stop copying Kibaki who betrays people after they have voted for him, there many more elections to come and we have a long memory!!!!

Anonymous said...

did you notice that this Kalonzo College ( is registered as a Non-Profit that offers some community college courses and theology doctorates.

The first sign that a college or university is NOT REGISTERED OR ACCREDITED in USA is not being or in UK not being WWW.yyy.AC.UK

UrXlnc said...


Somewhere in the cut/paste process I inadvertently left out out this statement which is the thrust of my argument

With time, most residents realised its importance and attribute their initial attitude to failure to involve them during its construction.

UrXlnc said...

kenyaone 11:51

spot on.

Anonymous said...

The EVICTIONS are the only way out. But while at it let them treat the evictees as Kenyans and settle them on idle lands that the government owns elsewhere. BUT, the periodic problems of land can only be handled by a proper LAND POLICY. While at it we should also go back and look and historic injustices that touch on land, find who initiated them, who the beneficiaries are and how these can be revoked.

My two cents


Kimi Raikkonen said...

"The Government also ought to prosecute all those politicians and public servants who were adversely involved in illegal demarcation of the forest in the first place..."

Ironic that, isn't it, considering that 3/4 of the ODM first eleven are amongst these "politicians and civil servants"?

Vikii said...

Thanks Kimi.

Phil, with all due respect, don't you think it is very dishonest of you to keep quoting the Ndung'u report? I have told you in this very forum several times that those implicated by the Paul Ndung'u commission belong to jail. If we had a government strongly committed to fighting corruption, these felows, yes, both Raila Odinga and William ole Ntimama would not be telling us how government land should be reposessed. They would be returning the parcels of land they themselves stole from Kenyans.

What I am saying here is, before the insults come flying, if the Ndung'u report is worth quoting from, and I believe it is, all those who were implicated by that commission must return all the land they grabbed. That would provide a very strong basis for us to take seriously their high sounding rhetoric on how the KANU establishment dished out land to the likes of Franklin Bett. Theirs is a typical case of the pot calling the kettle black.

kalamari said...

Let us not try to solve this issue by putting the cart in front of the donkey. While the immediate problem is charcoal burners and tree cutters in Mau forest, the true mother of all problems begin with Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. It his culture of stealing land all over that encouraged people like Moi to excise Mau forest.

The only true solution must include relinquishing stolen land from the 'original thieves' and resettling the residents of Mau in those large farms outside of Mau area. Maathai should then go and grow trees there.

Vikii. Raila was not against evicting people from Mau in 2005. He was against inhumane evictions.

(….plus he was looking for votes)

UrXlnc said...

anon 10:33

and the results from the commissions evidently need further debate and are possibly inconclusive

i just hope we can finally start tying all these numerous loose ends so that we can correct the wrongs, set working strategic plans and march into the future

Vikii said...

Kalamari, Isaac Ruto is also looking for votes. It is exactly this kind of eagerness on our part to defend leaderships that are hinged on recklessness and dishonesty, that is responsible for the sorry state the country finds itself in not just environmentally but in every other little aspect.

When you talk about "original" thieves, are you suggesting we should put up with the "derivative" ones. A thief is a thief, whether he stole in 1963 or in 2001. Kenyatta's land that was irregularly acquired should be used for the resettlement of those folks that are in genuine want of land. The same thing should happen with any other land irregularly in the hands of the modern-day politicians. And what makes me really sick is when these criminals climb the moral high ground and appoint themselves the custodian of what is Kenyan. They are not, they are your average criminals who will say anything to ascend to power, yet they continue to reap where they never sowed. It is all expediency, my brother.

Anonymous said...

FAKE KALONZO community college doctorate

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Dr. David Muriithi
Ronica Muriithi M.Th
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Lead Story by Bill Alnor: (Part I)

A Scourge of Suspect Credentials and Phony Degrees is Sweeping through the Church. It has become rampant within evangelicalism, and especially within the Pentecostal and charismatic traditions. According to Christian Sentinel publisher Bill Alnor, evidence of this is abundant. One can open their latest copy of Charisma magazine and check the upcoming conferences splashed across its pages and note the names of many leaders calling themselves doctors. However, many do not hold earned degrees. Charisma along with many other publications, have a long time practice of selling ad space to questionable organizations in the degree and credential selling business, including even ministry ordinations for sale.

Additionally, Alnor notes, walk into a Christian bookstore, especially one carrying books from charismatic/Pentecostal writers and check out the titles. It turns out that many of the Christian authors claiming to be "doctors," hold no doctoral degree (such as a Ph.D., Th.D. D.Min., Ed.D., etc.) from a regionally accredited university at all. Some of these "doctors" have not even attended a day of college. Others have not completed a two-year's associate's degree or a four-year bachelor's degree.

These "Christian" leaders are deceptive and are knowingly bearing false witness. "They know what they are doing; they insist on calling themselves `doctors' to imply scholarship and professional credibility," Alnor said. "Some of them also know what the truth often is: they are not capable of doing doctoral work even if they were admitted into a legitimate doctoral program. They are just blowhards who puff themselves up, trying to impress their audiences."

Of course, self-aggrandizing behavior similar to this is denounced in Scripture, Alnor said. We are challenged to be humble servants, even "slaves of Christ." Paul warns us to not think of ourselves more highly than we ought, and Jesus denounced the self-promoting behavior of the doctors of the law and the scribes repeatedly in the gospels, with one of his most stunning rebukes located in Luke 20:46-47.

Sadly, this has affected some of those involved in apologetics and discernment ministries, who are supposed to serve as the eyes of purity in doctrinal and moral issues within the church. Some very prominent apologists writing books do not have accredited doctorates, yet they are referred to as "doctors." On July 14 in a Southwest Radio Church broadcast dealing with apostasy in the church, Dr. Larry Spargimino exposed some of the facts about prominent apologist and author James White of Arizona. The show stated that White’s degree is from an "unaccredited correspondence school" -- the Columbia Evangelical Seminary that has "no library," "no curriculum committee," "no bookstore," and has "no course review procedures." The broadcast claimed that many of those holding phony degrees do so for "purely mercenary motivations." "Fake degrees are a betrayal of the public's trust.... These degrees aren't worth the paper they are printed on. You don't want someone with a fake degree working in Homeland security, teaching your children and designing your bridges." To listen to the broadcast go to, click on July 14 and go to the very end of the broadcast.

It is interesting to note that while White’s website ( repeatedly lists his title as "Dr." James White (as he also identifies himself on his radio broadcast), White's evangelical publisher refuses to list him as "Dr." on one of his recent books. White has addressed this issue on his web site, defending his credentials and has privately corresponded with Bill Alnor about it some time ago. However, Alnor found his explanations to be woefully inadequate. Nevertheless, he is now publicly giving White a chance to respond, and he will reproduce White's answers in a future E-update without editing his response as long as White answers all the questions. Click here to see Bill's questions he has presented to White. Bill would also place on the record that he has a high esteem for much of White's work, particularly in the areas of the "King James Only" debate and "Roman Catholicism."

The irony of it is that Noah Hutchings, the host of the regular Southwest Radio Church (SWRC) broadcast that blasted him on July 14, has made false, grandiose claims about himself. Hutchings, the president of the ministry that boasts of being the "watchman on the wall," claims the title of "pastor," but he also claims to be "Doctor" Hutchings. The "Dr." title is bestowed on him repeatedly throughout the ministry's website (, and even graces the covers of some of his published books under the by-line "Dr. Noah Hutchings." Yet he is not a doctor and holds no earned graduate degrees at all. What makes it even more hypocritical is that on June 15, the day after his attack on White's educational credentials, Larry Spargimino publicly referred to Hutchings as "Dr." on the broadcast.

Additionally, the SWRC carries many editorial products that make sensational and wild, false claims written by a slew of men and women with suspect doctorates and credentials. Frequently SWRC's daily broadcast features radio guests holding phony degrees. (Bill Alnor would also like to place on the record that he has no esteem for the ministry of Southwest Radio Church, which he deems to be untrustworthy and a waste of listener's contributions to keep on the air.)

When Bill Alnor called Hutchings several weeks ago to discuss the issue Hutchings conceded that he holds no earned doctorate, but instead has a bachelor's degree in accounting from a university in Oklahoma. However, Hutchings said he holds two honorary doctorates from St. Charles school in California and American Christian University in Oklahoma City, both of which do not hold regional accreditation. Although Alnor did not check these claims out by press time, he has long noted that Hutchings is a long time veteran of dishonest reporting and sensationalism as reported his 1989 book, Soothsayers of the Second Advent. Alnor referred to the SWRC as "The National Enquirer of Christianity."


A Look at the Scandal of Granting Honorary Degrees
in the Church
By William Alnor
(posted August 11, 2004)
© 2004, The Christian Sentinel

Editor's note: This is Part 2 of Bill Alnor's article from The Christian Sentinel's August 2004 E-update that examines the issue of phony degrees, and suspect credentials within the church, and particularly within the apologetics community. To read Part 1, please click here.

Some cases of institutions giving phony degrees are easy to see through. For an interesting account of how fringe creationist teacher/tax protester Kent Hovind's doctoral credentials from "Patriot University" collapsed under an inquiry go to Other cases are not as clear cut. California apologist Robert Morey holds a doctorate from the highly regarded (and regionally accredited) Westminster Theological Seminary near Philadelphia. However, when he began speaking out on Islam Morey also began claiming to hold another doctorate in "Islamic Studies" from an unaccredited seminary, whose campus more resembles a house on Cheltenham Avenue, Philadelphia rather than an educational institution.

But these cases withstanding, an area of credential abuse within the church involve the substitution of "honorary' degrees for real ones. In an egregious action within the field of apologetics, Dr. Norman Geisler of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) publicly awarded Hank Hanegraaff, the scandalized leader of the Christian Research Institute, an honorary doctorate about five years ago. It turns out Hanegraaff long ago had dropped out of Calvin College in Michigan after attending classes for less than two years, sources said. Trouble was (and still is) Geisler's institution is not regionally accredited (it maintains TRACS accreditation instead), meaning that a degree from SES would not hold water at many other institutions of higher learning that are regionally accredited (meaning among other things credits from SES may not be transferred to regional accredited institutions).

It was also significant that at the time that SES did not have a doctoral program at all, so Geisler was bestowing an honor on Hanegraaff that his own institution could not grant to anyone.

Additionally, after critics of Hanegraaff cried foul about it, with complaints even reaching the influential AR-Talk listserv, Geisler went on Hanegraaff's Bible Answer Man Broadcast and repeatedly defiantly referred to Hanegraaff as "Doctor."

There have been other strange acts covering the world of apologists as well. For example, the Evangelical Ministries to New Religions, as part of a call for clear ethical standards among its members created the Manual of Ethical and Doctrinal Standards in the mid 1990s. It states:

SELF-REPRESENTATION. The way EMNR members represent themselves in terms of background, experience, testimony, education, and expertise is to be honest at all times. This affects us in a variety of ways:

(a) Educational degrees and ordination. EMNR members shall not advertise themselves as having degrees of higher education unless the degree has been legitimately earned at an institution requiring in-class instruction or through an accredited "distance education" facility. Honorary degrees and degrees from correspondence schools may be advertised provided there is no effect of deceiving the reader through ambiguous description. Degrees obtained from "diploma mills" must not be listed on a member's resume or biographical summary. Ordination obtained through mail-order institutions should be omitted from one's list of credentials.

However, even while the manual was being created and agreed upon by the EMNR board, one of EMNR's high ranking board members for years allowed himself to be referred to as "doctor" at numerous conferences ranging back to the 1980s. He was even awarded that title in EMNR publications and letterheads dating to the early 1990s. However, a quiet inquiry in 2000 under the leadership of former president John Morehead, revealed that the board member did not hold a doctorate -- even the university he taught at refused to list him as such, and so the "Dr." was quietly dropped before his name on publications and in recent conference announcements. No admission of wrongdoing was ever made by the EMNR board member, and still many apologists refer to him as "Dr."

Similarly, Many apologists are fuzzy on this issue and related ones dealing with proper academic credentials and accreditation. For example, apologist Gretchen Passantino speaking on the "Stand to Reason" radio broadcast in Southern California not long ago, was promoting the Southern California extension program at the seminary she teaches at, the Faith Evangelical Seminary as being "fully accredited." Instead Faith holds just the TRACS accreditation, which is practically meaningless in the academic world. This means for example that institutions like Biola, Wheaton, Cal State, UCLA and other universities holding regional accreditation would almost never accept credits from Faith Seminary. Further, a degree from a TRACS only accredited institution, would not be considered a legitimate degree at many other institutions of higher learning and those holding such a degree, even a doctorate from such institutions, would almost certainly be unable to teach at any four-year college, university or graduate school. (Additionally, Bill Alnor has prepared a list of guidelines on accreditation for those interested in pursuing higher education. For an E-mail copy click here or write him at He also spoke at EMNR's conference on this issue earlier this year. To obtain the tape go to

A second problem within the church is the astonishing number of people who have been given "honorary" doctoral degrees, who then turn around and call themselves "doctor," thus quietly implying they have earned degrees. This is deceptive and goes against academic protocol. In reality, although many institutions of higher learning give honorary doctorates, the secularists -- those outside Christianity receiving them know better than to take them seriously. Thus they don't refer to themselves as "doctor" at all, since it would be a joke to do so.

Among the institutions most responsible for contributing to the confusion is Oral Roberts University of Tulsa that seemingly doles out honorary doctorates like candy at Halloween to children. ORU has even presented honorary doctorates to some of the most questionable figures imaginable, even con men and known purveyors of false doctrine and at least one accused sexual predator. After some of these people are awarded an ORU honorary doctorate, sometimes without serving any time in higher education, a good number of these men and women have gone on to publicly call themselves doctors in their books and in teaching materials.

ORU has doled out honorary doctorates to the late Kathryn Kuhlman and Rex Humbard, both accused of multiple imporprieties; the late plagiarist and false teacher Kenneth E. Hagin; prosperity teachers Frederick Price, Creflo Dollar, Marilyn Hickey, Joyce Meyer, Jesse Duplantis, Paul (David) Yonggi Cho, his wife, and Kenneth Copeland; former NFL player Roosevelt Greer; the late entertainer, Bob Hope; false teachers and founders of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Paul and Jan Crouch. But most egregious was ORU's awarding of honorary degrees to the following teachers who were exposed in international scandals for various instances of crookedness: Bishop Earl Paulk (who has faced a slew of sustained sexual misconduct accusations over the years); disgraced television preachers Robert Tilton and Larry Lea (who were both targets of PrimeTime television exposes by Diane Sawyer); and faith healer Benny Hinn, who has faced dozens of major scandals during the past 15 years. And there are many other lesser known false teachers given honorary doctoral degrees since ORU began the practice in 1972.

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Museveni attacks ‘stupid’ FM radios

Solomon Muyita

President Yoweri Museveni yesterday vowed to stop offensive programmes on local radio stations, which he said were full of lies about him and his government.

The President’s comments come five days after three Buganda Kingdom officials, who are vocal critics of a proposed amendment to the land laws by the government, were arrested and detained on several allegations, including terrorism and inciting sectarianism.

“These radios are very stupid,” President Museveni said, while officially opening the 16th annual Source of the Nile National Agricultural and Trade Show in Jinja.

“People are talking a lot of rubbish on these radios. They are very poisonous and this is unacceptable. Do they think we fought in the bush to come here and play? We, the liberators of this country are still around. Where do they think our strength went? They are telling lies and lies are unacceptable. They will be stopped. They will stop!”

Buganda’s Minister of Information and Cabinet Affairs Charles Peter Mayiga, his deputy Medard Lubega and Ms Betty Nambooze, who heads the kingdom committee set up to publicly campaign against the proposed amendments to the Land Act, were arrested on Friday and were still in detention by press time yesterday.

The three have been regular critics of the President and the proposed land reforms, including during talk shows (ebimeeza) on Buganda Kingdom’s CBS radio station.

President Museveni said yesterday his government, which liberalised the broadcast media in 1993, expected private radio stations to explain development issues but they were broadcasting inaccurate information.

“These radios should be telling you that we have seeds, markets for our produce and educate you on projects like [the African Growth and Opportunities Act] but instead they are telling a lot of lies,” the President said. “They are now part of the problem.”

In a letter to Kabaka Ronald Mutebi last December, President Museveni accused officials in Mengo, the seat of Buganda kingdom, of “telling incredible lies” about the proposed land amendments at public rallies and through CBS radio. The President also accused CBS radio of “propagating sectarianism” and asked the Kabaka to restrain the station.

“I prefer to request Your Highness to be the one to stop the hate campaign and incitement carried out by these groups on the radio and the public rallies,” President Museveni wrote. “I would prefer not to have to act independently.”

President Museveni yesterday said that people had continued to abuse him through radio talk shows. He said: “How do you describe a man who went to the bush with 27 guns and was able to defeat an army of 60,000 soldiers stupid? Those who think I’m stupid should watch out…Uganda is no place to place to play with. If you are clever, you cannot think that.”

He said the current tension over the land debate and the recent arrests would not cause political instability in the country. “We have the peace,” President Museveni said. “Let no one lose sleep that Uganda can go back to turmoil. You know my history very well…what I say is final. Whoever wants to do something should do it legally.”

In 2004 the Broadcasting Council shut down Daily Monitor’s sister radio station, KFM, over what the government said were unfairly critical comments broadcast, while two other radio stations, have been shut down for similar reasons in recent years. Daily Monitor was also shut for a week in October 2002 over what the government said was a false story about the war in northern Uganda.

President Museveni told participants and show goers that the government would support efforts to add value to their products, through the Shs80 million allocated to every sub-county under the National Agricultural Advisory Services programme.

Mr Museveni also discouraged the habit of people sub-dividing family land soon after the head dies, saying it is better for families to pool resources and invest in a family company.

The Chairman of the National Farmers Federation, Mr Frank Tumwebaze, asked the President to help farmers by improving feeder roads across the country.

He also asked the government to raise the infrastructure of the Jinja Show Ground, among others. The exhibition, under the theme “Targeting Increasing Agricultural Production as the Engine for Economic Growth, opened on Tuesday and closes on Sunday.

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Join Baganda in anti oppression war’

Mike Musisi Musoke

Mengo government representative for Gombolola Nama-Kauga Mituba IV Aloysius Semakula has implored non-Baganda residents in Buganda to join hands with Baganda in fighting injustice and oppression the government has showed the kingdom.

He was on Sunday officiating at a prayer service by Christians of St. Peter’s C/U Namulugwe, Bulika parish in Nama Sub-county, to pray for the three arrested Mengo, officials, Charles Peter Mayiga, Medard Lubega Seggona and Betty Nambooze.

Mr Semakula said the arrest of the three officials is an act of intimidation to Buganda, and that if non-Baganda think they are not concerned, they will suffer in a similar manner later at the hands of the state.

Anonymous said...

you might be on to something- first time in uganda history more than 100 MP's sign a petition
Uganda people are fighting back now through their MP's - I think seeing what happened in kenya and now Zimbabwe - they have seen hope-

Museveni stole elections and he is another president like Mugabe who thinks he can rule Uganda for life

I hope the people of Uganda now can stand up and ride him out of statehouse!!!

MPs petition Speaker over Mengo arrests

Sheila Naturinda
Members of Parliament yesterday presented a petition to Parliament Speaker Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi calling for a special session of the House to debate last Friday’s arrest of three Buganda kingdom officials.

The House is currently on recess and was adjourned on July 3 for a month, to allow MPs scrutinise ministerial policy statements and consider their budgets at the committee level.

“Right Honourable Speaker, it is our request under article 95 of the Constitution that you convene a session in form of plenary in order to address the emergency that has arisen due to the arrests of three Mengo officials,” said Mr Kaddunabbi.

The ten-man team asked the Speaker to convene the meeting because of the ‘seriousness’ of the arrests, saying the trio are unlawfully being held incommunicado.

Article 95 of the constitution states that “at least one-third of all the members of Parliament may, in writing signed by them; request a meeting of Parliament; and the speaker shall summon Parliament to meet within 21 days after receipt of the request.”

The petition was signed by at least 128 legislators, beating the minimum requirement of 111 signatures to compel the Speaker convene a sitting of the House. As a result, Mr Sekandi has until August 14 to convene the special sitting. But because Parliament returns from its month long recess on August 3, the decision to summon the House earlier will depend on Mr Sekandi’s judgement.

Mr Charles Peter Mayiga, Mr Medard Lubega and Ms Betty Nambooze were arrested last Friday and are being held in different parts of western Uganda on charges of inciting violence, promoting war, sectarianism and terrorism.

They were released briefly yesterday, following a court order –and re-arrested 10 minutes later. Mr Mayiga is Buganda’s minister for information and cabinet affairs, Mr Lubega, is his deputy while Ms Nambooze chairs the kingdom’s Central Civic Education Committee, one that was set up by the Kabaka to fight the government’s proposed land law reforms.

However, since their arrests, the trio has not yet been charged formally in court, an offence in Ugandan law under Article 23 (3) of the constitution which states that suspects shall not be detained for more than 48 hours from the time of their arrests until arraigned before court.

Mr Sekandi acknowledged receipt of their written request although he asked the MPs to specify the kind of business they wanted to discuss if the House was convened.

“What do you exactly want because I said when you give me notice, like you have done, you also give me the business, if it is presenting a statement, if it is a debate you go and indicate,” he said. The MPs urged Mr Sekandi to take the matter with all the seriousness it deserved and said one of the suspects was very sick and needed urgent medical attention yet the possibility of the suspects being arraigned before court was still a mystery.

“Mr Speaker address the issue with the urgency it deserves because Ms Nambooze is very ill,” said Rubaga North MP Beti Kamya.
Although the MPs promised the Speaker that they would deliver to his office the agenda of the business, they got no assurance from Mr Ssekandi that he would answer their prayers and convene the emergency session.

But it was a remarkable achievement for the Buganda Caucus MPs, to manage and solicit the necessary signatures to petition the Speaker.
Often, special sessions on politically sensitive matters in which the ruling NRM has had a stake have generally failed in the House, and include repeated requests by northern Uganda MPs to compel the government declare the conflict-stricken region a disaster area.

But where the northern Uganda war failed to unite the various clusters of MPs, the arrests of the Buganda officials has succeeding in uniting MPs from other regions irrespective of their political inclinations, with the 80 member Buganda Caucus.

Anonymous said...

people!!let Kalonzo Musyoka get his fake honorary Degree:) who cares he is the one who ends up looking like a fool- we all know which university and the kenyans on the university council that offered him an empty fake ati christian degree-

if kalonzo musyoka is that christian then I'm the devil in disguise- why waste time debating on a fake stupid thin like that??

Anonymous said...

how does an admission and credentials committee composed of honorary doctorates fellows seat and grant another fellow political colleague a honorary doctorate?

Pastor Luke Mwangi- is he a pastor, a bishop, a rev and a honorary doctorate from LU Bible College? -

Pastor David Muriithi - is he a pastor, bishop, and a honorary doctorate from LU Bible College? -

Pastor Joseph Okia - is he also a businessman (King solomon investments), musician and LU Bible college honorary doctorate receipient? -

Pastor Joseph Serwadda - is he also a pastor, a reverend, and a honorary doctorate graduate from LU bible College? -

Anonymous said...

to 3:49pm

If phil, chris and kumekucha dont do a story MUSHROOMING OF FAKe HONORARY DEGREES on this tomorrow, we would be letting an UNREGISTERED and UNACCREDITED institution trying to broker a way into the country's education system through giving political and academic favors to our public servants and politicians.

If Kenya's VP can be fooled into accepting a less than "internationally acceptable" honorary doctorate from a suspicious school, then what chance does the common man have in NOT BEING FOOLEd once this fake school starts soliciting applications and admissions from Kenyan churches, pastors, priests and public.

Do you think Mandela or Blair or Bush or Obama would accept such fake honorary doctorates from fake universities like these ones.

Kumekucha, with the recent school system strikes, this is your opportunity to dig deeper into how many Kenyans (priests, pastors and public) and Africans, have been fooled by such "fake academic institutions".

Dont forget that recently Dr. S. Kobia was forced to resign as the Sec. General of the World Lutheran Council Federation when it was discovered that he obtained and peddled a fake honorary doctorate from some unknown school in USA. Sadly, there were more than 10 kenyan priests who were caught up in the scandal unawares that the school they were sending monies and responding on academic matters did not even have an office let alone a registered address.

Kumekucha- this is your chance.

Anonymous said...

Why are some people alarmed by Kalonzo's honorary doctrate? An honorary degree does not mean much - it is just that, honorary. It doesn't mean he is going to apply for a teaching position using the degree and be accepted. It is very much like the Kikuyu elder thing Raila is craving for. It does not mean that the day after he is granted the honorary eldership, he will be a true Kikuyu elder, no; and to pretend otherwise would be stupid for him. The same applies to Kalonzo, for him to pretend the day after that he is a holder of a true doctorate would be stupid. So, whether a politician is awarded an honorary degree by Harvard or by a backstreet institution is of no consequence because it does not change his personal dynamics or of those of his constituents.

We should be more concerned with the people who are buying fake degrees and using them to get into the labour force, or the women students in our local universities who are sexing their way from a mere pass to first class honours.

Ivy said...

Surely what do you people understand by a honorary degree. I think it is waste of time in discussing some petty issues like this one for Kalonzo Stephen. The one and only president Mugabe was given about 3 honorary doctrates and 2 were taken away from him.
So Kalonzo can have it if he wants to it doesn't add any value. When a university gives you a honorary degree they think that "THEY WILL ADD VALUE BY YOU BEING ASSOCIATED WITH THEM" which might be true or not.
What i am sad about is that they are giving him for initiating the peace process during the election crisis...It is laughable (That must be the dumbest joke of the year - 2008).

papa plus said...

Wow, good ideas, comments, observations, etc

Querry: In regards to land issues in kenya, where does one start? Do you start with Kibaki and Mt.Elgon, Moi or kenyatta and everyone that benefitted at that time.

Wananchi waheshimiwa, I assert that this is no cake walk with easy answers. Education, resettlements not withstanding, generations of kenyans have lived in these lands, others have spent money obtaining this land "legally" and yet others like Kenyatta simply amassed land after independence becuase there was so much of it and it was quite easy to do. I know of a family in the Meru area that owns over 10000 hectares of coffee and tea and an additional land for logging. Needless to say the old man was a D.O back in the 60s.

My humble opinion is that like many of our problems, corruption, poverty and poor short sighted governance are our main nemisis.

While educating folks about the benefits of forests and water catchment areas is essential; it is probably time when we as a country moved away from this notion of land ownership towards a manufacturing and industrial economy. Once mwananchi is able to earn a living through other avenues, then owning acres upon acres will not be important. They will be satisfied with a compound and home. The pastral communities need special laws governing tribal/communial pastures lands for their cattle. Alas with GK squandering billions in Anglo leasing and election fraud type deals, where are the funds to facilitate such ventures?

Ivy said...

Papa Plus

Just forgot to mention that MO1 used to confer doctrates to real doctors (both medical/and doctors was vitabu) with time i have come to understand a few things and i am wondering why was he confering something that he didn't have. BTW he also had a few honorary doctrates and we all know the truth. DONT WE?

Papa Plus
I agree and i guess we should take some classes from wahindi. These fellows don't own any land apart from myabe where their industries and shops are.Though i have always been taught that land is a gr8 investment.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Vikii, you have very eloquently described what really ails Kenyan leadership. In a word, it is HYPOCRISY, DECEIT AND INCOMPETENCE.

Raila should not even be talking about land grabbing when he should return the molasses land he conned out of that clan in Kisumu. Very shameful considering his moral posturing. He actually has more credibility to lose since he has chosen to pose as the fighter of the downtrodden. He even asked those Luo peasants to contribute whatever they could, even 20/=, towards the purchase of the land and assets, only for the land to end up with the Odinga family!
Uhuru on the other hand could do himself a huge favour by talking to his mother to release at least 200000 acres of the land Jomo Kenyatta grabbed from the RV to the Coast for the resettlement of landless people. It is in Uhuru's Political interest to do so. A lot of this land is idle especially the land along Thika road and some at the Coast. WHAT IS HIS FAMILY KEEPING IT FOR? Does he not realize that his political star would change OVERNIGHT if he were to do this? After all, the family would still retain another 500000 acres.
The major problem with most of our politicians is that they do not realize that the ordinary nose digging, phlegm spitting rural citizen with muddy nails and hands they despise has the power to make the achievement of their political ambitions much easier, if only they underwent an epiphany, recognized the eureka moment, sincerely engaged this citizen instead of treating him/her as a mere voting statistic, and helped to genuinely solve their problems. However, i will not hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

papa plus said...

Of honorary degrees and chacellors am not even touching that one!

Back to land issues. Yes owning land is a great investment but in our case we still have the Agrarian revolution mind set.People want to own land and most aren't doing anything with it.

How about we step into the 21st century?

A simple way of getting back land from the big land owners is to levy property taxes on it. Of course this would never pass in parliament.

Lakini it really is high time we looked at other ways of making money. If the richest man in the world does not own 200 000 acres/hectares of land sembuse sisi? And these are issues that can only be solved by long sighted leadership and ideas. The type of ideas that have names like Vision 2030 and so on. It means that people just don't have to be resettled anywhere but there has to be planing involved. The area must have water and be accessible to social services etc.

We really need to study the tiger economies and see what we can borrow and apply it to our case. Otherwise by the time we get over land issues, they will be living like the jetsons over there in India!!!

papa plus said...

In addition, in the US for instance, if you look at any paper you will see ads for land. I think I saw one where they were selling an acre for about $2000 but you had to buy at least 40 acres. Now in reality, a lot of Americans can afford to finance that. Hell, auto cost more than that! But the question becomes what for? This parcels of land are somewhere in the mid west like Wyoming or Arkansas. What the hell are you going to do with a 40 acre ranch 2 time zones away? It just doesn't make sense. Instead they would rather buy a house on a fraction of land for about $200 000 and up depending on the location.

Now imagine if that was Kenya? The same place where folks were grabbing public toilets? Jameni...

Anonymous said...

Good post.
Am reading today!
Why are we wasting time listening to Isaac Rutos brigade yet so much is at stake.GET THEM OUT BY FORCE!One thing leaders forget is we are not the last generation...

M7 is playing with fire but i doubt they have the guts to go head to head and confront M7!
“These radios are very stupid,”
“These radios should be telling you that we have seeds, markets for our produce and educate you on projects like [the African Growth and Opportunities Act] but instead they are telling a lot of lies,” the President said. “They are now part of the problem.”
ANON 3.32
“How do you describe a man who went to the bush with 27 guns and was able to defeat an army of 60,000 soldiers stupid? Those who think I’m stupid should watch out…Uganda is no place to place to play with. If you are clever, you cannot think that.”

IN KENYA THE RADIO STATION ARE WORSE THEY TALK NONSENSE THE WHOLE day...OH my boyfriend dint call me yesterday WHAT DO I DO..? Have you ever heard a radio sort someones problems out in Kenya!!!Kenyan radio stations are the MOST PATHETIC.
Oh the cat sat has not sat on my lap what do i do?Oh you know i have 16 boyfriends and am sleeping with all of them daily!????Oh you know i want to sleep with my brother!!!
Oh you know i dropped out of school in class 3 what do i do??
Oh i have to go to the moon and buy some stuff what do i do???NOW WIN 100,000!!

Anonymous said...


Marianne Briner said...

This is to inform you that I have decided to fight back in the only way, Hellen and Sam Okello and also Chris who has joined them understand: attacking their desire for money.

I have therefore started to send messages to various bloggers around the world offering them to get FREE OF CHARGE the complete pdf-version of the following books:

A Shining Star in Darkness
Her Excellency
The White Girl

To be followed in due course by

The Night Bob Died
The MauMau Prophesy
and any other book Sam Okello will publish in the future.

Just write to

and as those who have already sent me their requests can confirm, I am sending the scripts immediately.

And - of course - free of charge.


Ajwang' said...

It is a shame for Bro Stevo o accept an 'honoray' doctorate from a fake university. He has an LLB from the respected UON. He does not need this fake thing. Kenyans should have some pride yawa!

Ivy said...

Papa Plus

Sorry the first comment wasn't meant for you.

Anyway you said "The area must have water and be accessible to social services etc"

Let me say this i was appalled like 3 weeks ago i took a trip to Peace Valley formerly the rift valley. We passed Mogotio enroute to Bogoria, so definately we passed Kabarak, Marigat and some places can't remember their names well, and i was shocked to see the level of poverty, the only thing i could see was water melon and honey, goats and trust me there was no life it is so dry and couldn't even see springs of water anywhere and the curious me i had to ask a group of women who were selling water melon, their source of livelihood and where they get their veges, i was told that they come from a scheme which was so far and yet they do it like once in a week...My heart went out to them (But believe me the water melons were sweet and juicy that one of our collegues joked and said with these kind of melons then no one needs water). So when you speak of water let it be their first priority, their is much idle land lying there and thy are big chunks so if they can see ways of bringing water to that part of the world...Then God bless them.
Just to finish Moi ensured that roads were built and trust me the road is okay, he really did that but the Qn is what is the use of a road if there is no infrastructure?

These few things is what is ailing us the people of this country and that is why people have this notion that our people will develop only if our man is there. "It is our time to eat syndrome"

Anonymous said...

It may well be that the only theft we accept as legitimate is that which we ourselves sanction.
Consequently, our leaders are not thieves,molasses or not. Neither are they murderers,for we are agreed that the 'other' are adui and fisi and cockroaches.
And we shall cast the stone, literally, for are we not the aggrieved? Therein lies our morality. There is no contradiction.

Anonymous said...

I have been to the molasses plant that is so talked about as RAOs achillies heel. There is nothing to it.

The reason RAO got involved was more politics than anything else....what bothers me is that the people who some claim were conned seem to be silent while its others whose money did not go into it that are busy shouting.

I believe luos are very vocal and if there was a problem with the molasses issue they would be talking about it....if they choose to be silent let them be.

kimi is it that that british lad is whipping your arse that your so bitter? The land issue is not about RAO and Uhuru but about a systemic abuse of authority that goes back to Jomos time and completely further worsened by Mo1.

learn from RAO on how to handle issues....Lesson number one don't face everything head on some things require tactical retreat....
In 2002 if RAO had stood for president he could have lost owing to latent unti luo feelings, he gauged that unti kikuyu feeling were not that bad and the kikuyu would only join in if one of their own was in the race.

So in came kibaki not the best guy but he helped get rid of the project. He killed two birds with one stone, ppl also got to see the Emelio style of leadership and make their own judgement.RAO new he was a better man but the ppl were not ready for him. Timing. Its not just about being right you must choose carefully the how an the when..or loose what you could have easily gotten had you been patient. Its called leadership inthis context.

Now kenyans know kibz and it is far easier for him to rubbish the guy now cause his record is there for all to scrutinize, if kibz had not been allowed there would be people today especially the unti luo forces claiming that things could have been better under kibz. I guess that is now more or less settled.

If ROA took ppls money under the molases thing he can still be prosecuted but if the 'victims' chose not to.....jijazie/

Sir Alex

Vikii said...

Sometimes one likes foolish people for their folly, better than wise people for their wisdom.

Vikii said...

What do you mean the people? There is northing like land belonging to the Luo people. What we have is land belonging to the people of Kenya. Nobody told me that when I pay my taxes, they go straight to a kitty belonging to the Kamba tax payers only. Taxes are collected from all of us and I didn' know the Luo had the right or the ablity to somehow own their own land. It is this kind of ignorance that God should redeem us from. It is such an embarassment.

Kwale said...

Yesterday I posted an exclusive comment about Obama visit to Europe.
I gave you an exculsive about a Luo man who is doing very well and that proves I am not tribalist.

And now Paris is going crazy about this Luo boy. He is expected there today although he is not going to make a speech which has left many French people unhappy. 85% of French people want him to be the next president of America. Everywhere you go now in Paris there are souvenirs and posters of Obama.

Lets give the praise where is due, Obama has done us proud and we Kenyans must celebrate his achievement too.
He is an inspiration to many that you can reach to your height of potential regardless of your race, tribe or colour of your skin.

So, stop worshipping Raila and dream big. Dream to be the next ….

Anonymous said...

Your shootng in the dark the molases 'scandal' was about a complete project including the land it sat on being bought. The luos who paid for the purches of it can sue RAO......

kenya is a construct of willing peoples who have definable boundaries there is luo land and kisii land get that in your head. Any tribal group can opt out if they so choose too. Thats why we want majimbo so you can keep your taxes in central and see what it will do for you. Thats is assuming u pay taxes......

If the land was misalocated to molases that had nothing do do with RAO. He simply bought the whole project. It comes with the land.

Your raving mad when we fought the colonialist we were fighting for our land so people can own land gova is the people and the people are gava......still. the gava of kenya can take your land but they still have to compensate you. Your misreable tax cannot buy land in luoland.

Your trying to to what M01 failed to do. The molases plant was stopped because it was in some idiots plan to kill development in luo nyanza that the could not control. The luos then decided to buy it for themselves with the help of RAO. Thats when Mo1 introduced an illegal separation of the land from the rest of the project to try and control it and RAO.

They say a drowning man clatches
on straws.......your level of desparation and neat picking on RAO is pathetic.....grow up.
I'm sure this is al too up there for you to get.

Sir Alex

Ivy said...


Can i digress a bit...."Clay has written an utterly butterly outrageous article today. And i thought it is a beautiful article with a sense of humour in it. Instead of laughing i found myself sad, sad for myself and this gr8 nation we have gone so low and i am wondering where is our sense of pride? What is that one thing that makes me so proud of being a kenyan today? and i mean not just putting stickers at the back of the car that says i am proud of being Kenyan. Today i am gonna go to a super market and coz i am given so many options i decide to pick butter from India and leave the kenyan butter on the shelves just coz the indian butter is cheap.
I prefer eggs from SA, and oranges/berries from Egypt. Have we gone so low that our own stuff is detestable in our mouths? I am just thinking aloud...Forgive my indulgence

Ivy said...

I saw it coming. I think at times it is prudent to take the 5th ammendment. The molasses/E.A Spectre was anti RAO slogan in Nov/Dec 2007 and it will not stop soon oh i dont expect it to end.

Sir Alex i did warn you remember? Get something else to do it is total waste of time. My big bro says you can take a cow to the river but you can't force it to take water....Your lectures though important might not be listened to in Kumekucha.

Anonymous said...


I digress...

Are you in a position to shed some light as to why Kwendo Opanga left a high profile position at The Standard to what seems to me to be a less glamorous position at NMG?


Anonymous said...

Obama is luo but not kenyan.......he will not solve kenyans problems.It is a futile and suspicious move to try and stop people worshiping their must allow that just as much as you adore Obama some people feel the same about RAO live and let live...

There is however a group of people who seem to hate RAO for no other reason than he has become more successful than they predicted or even more petty that is luo or that he seems to take the shine off we have these ranting loonies trying a every turn to make a mountain out of a molehill.

They seem not to have an ability to admit that they may have backed a wrong horse.......can't separate election time political propaganda and reality...

That RAO hate preached to you at election time was meant to get you vote not to determine your future relationship with the way you 'hate' a rival teams suppoters for the duration of the game and soon after the match you catch a beer together its called being civilised.....

like the way Swachezneger and his wife support different parties and candidates.. Mc Cain and Obama respectively and still sleep under the same roof and have some geat sex....lakini Miros will be miros

Worst of all they are trying to offer kibz or kalooser as viable least try mention characters that nave some gravitas.
RAO may not bee the perfect president for kenya but he has so far shown willingness to put his best foot forward.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex:
I once said that each blog has its own idiot. Your twisted logic qualifies you for the prize. Congratulations.

On to more substantive issues. I am completely agreed with Raila and others on this post that the Mau complex of forests is way too valuable to a broad range of users and uses to be left without some serious interventions. But it might help to take a step back and not demonize and/or victimize the Kalenjin peasants, many of who have either obtained 'titles' from prior governments or who like the Okiek may have been residing close to and/or within the forest.

My hope and prayer is that this issue be approached a little more rationally than has been so far. The consequences are frightening, if Ole Ntimama's utterance and Isaac Ruto's belligerence are anything to go by.

Several actions are imperative:

First, a resettlement plan that is well timed and unambiguous in who gets to go where, when and under what terms. Just providing people with a deadline of October to vacate so-called forest land is somewhat dense. Many depend on that land on the forest directly for their livelihhods.

Second, a management plan for the complex of forests. One which categorizes into appropriate zones for low intensity use, for non-consumptive use as well as for strict protection, restoration/rehabilitation, among others. One would imagine that such a management plan, if propertly enforced and financed both by communities and authorities can help achieve some sort of balance between sustainable use and conservation.

Third, a social and ecological monitoring plan, which monitors the status of the forest complex and which can provide indicators of trends over time and hence a sense of what kinds of interventions may be required as time goes by.

Fourth, fencing the forest is a very stupid idea. Think for a moment about the cost of just putting up the fence, which I assume will be electrified. Then also think about the cost of MAINTAINING the fence. Statistics for such a venture can be obtained from the Kenya Wildlife Service. Remember also, that Kenya recently passed a law decentralizing forest resources--it would help if we align our interventions in the Mau with the sprit and intent of these progressive set of rules.

Finally, and most controversially, as we all get hot and bothered about how this complex of forests is oh so valuable to kith and kin from Nyanza to Narok, Kajiado, Tanzania may help to consider some ways of creating incentives for those living upstream in and around the forests, to keep the forests in good condition and to perpetuate the forests services, as against just vilifying them mindlessly.

Kwale said...

Sir Alex,

So RAO is greater than Obama????

Because you worship Raila does he put bread on your table? Does he know where you live?
The reason I ask you this is, when you worship God or diety or whatever you would expect good things to happen to you in reciprocal of your worship. So, what does Raila do for you? Does he offer you protection, health, life or even basic necessities? If you die today will Raila know that you have died, will he mourn for you?

Obama sudden greatness is no accident, it was divinely orchestrated to give hope to many who feel marginalised and discriminated against. He should inspire you to become anything you wish to be.

Ivy said...

Gosh......God i desperately need your help to shutup and not LOL

Anonymous said...


Live and let live if Obama does it for you....,.let RAO do it for others stop hating. RAOs success is significant for very personal reasons and nobody owes you an explanation. If your a truely patriotic kenyan that should be clear to you....

I dig Rihanna whatever yo say or do I will like her and I don't have to expalin that to you pretty much the same way no one owes you an explantion why they married whoever it is that they marry.

Hero worship is more hyperbole than the kind of worship that is directed to diety....not than anyone practices their religion in many meaningful way these days.

Its not a RAO vs Obama thing.....Its not an either or is a question of relevance to kenya's political is a fallibale man trying his best to make kenya better for you and me, that should be lauded and not compared to Obama.....let people have their heros for as long as in inspires them to be better tolerance my dear tolerance its a demeocratic world.

RAO success among other things tells of kenyans political amturity...there was a time indeed a luo president was not possible and it was not just the kuyos hating on luos....They guy has been at it for ages shows the perserverance pays.....he has shown deference and humility and nrgotiated the less than civilised political waters of African can't take that away from him the guy is a hero

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

The Mad houses of central thieving wakia wa- and house of Yawaaa and chamuge, mulembe,and others are at it again- when will Kenyans look at themselves in the mirror and see how childish and ignorant they sound here on kumekucha?? are some of you for real?? I hope you are not claiming you are all university educated??or using your serious intellectual capacities?? maybe some received degrees at the same universities of fake degree's that Kalonzo Musyoka is receiving an honorary degree from:):) wacheni ubumpamvu

We all know as kenyans why the land issue is kenya- it has been there since independence and unless we as kenyans deal with all the displaced peoples in our country fair and square- then the problem will always remain and the bow and arrows will come out every other year!
why lie or pretend that you all don't know this?? may learned friends on KUMEKUCHA???

Phil said...

Blogger JEFF @ said...
I digress...
Are you in a position to shed some light as to why Kwendo Opanga left a high profile position at The Standard to what seems to me to be a less glamorous position at NMG?

Yes I can.

Believe it or not, 2012 succession politics have already entered directors and editorial boardrooms in Kenya's media.

It actually started with TOM MSHINDI. Reason is that Gideon Moi is now running the show at Standard Baraza group. They are pro PNU /KANU and increasingly anti-ODM. Joshua Kulei, seemingly pro-ODM, has sold his shares at standard because of his highly publisized differences with Gideon Moi (re: Kroll Report). Have you not noticed that most of the senior jounalists reporters at Standard/KTN have all moved accross to Royal Media (Citizen)....and that Gideon has apointed his favourite Indians (who he also pulled Kroll deals with) to the Standard board??

On the other hand, the NMG knows which side of the bread is buttered. The NMG editorial board is and has always been pro-GEMA. It s rather too obvious that if ODM were to make Joe Nyagah or Martha karua their presidential candidate, Nation will immediately start publishing articles and editorial pieces in support of ODM and anti-PNU. Ukabila ndio ita angusha hiyo gazeti.

The early appointments may be seen to be 'normal' but ALL of us in this blog knew that a vicious succession war was coming even before the formation of the GCG. As in all succession wars and elections, there is propaganda war already underway in this country - if the Kajwang saga does not show it has already started. More importantly for power brokers of Kibaki, Moi and Kenyatta regimes, Kenya has a new constitution referendum due in less than one year, and of course the dreaded LAND REFORMS that Orengo is currently tabling in parliament for adoption. Again, readers of this blog know who has been against constitutional reforms for the last 18 years, dont we? You also know who would not want land reforms in this country, right? Just read the Ndundu Report, their names are all there. Moi, Kibaki, Kenyatta, etc etc. Their time of reckoning has now arrived and the faint hearted should seek asylum overseas.

Back to you question JEFF; Kwendo Opanga may be seen to be accepting a less glamorous appointment but if truth be told, Kwendo and Mutahi Ngunyi are back at the Nation with specific duties with eyes on the constitution referendum and the 2012 general elections - which by the way may come much earlier (2010). The two geezers are what you would call 'mercenaries for hire'....highly paid and have explicit instructions to execute a mission. The mission is, Kenya must not adopt the Boma draft or anything like it as a constitution and the ODM captain must not (repeat must not) see the inside walls of state house - whatever the cost. Get the drift JEFF???

Curiously, why are journalists (including Jeff Koinange and Chris Kumekucha) maintaining a loud silence when censorship is being introduced by the Media Council of Kenya through the back door???

Have you not taken note of the recently published requirements for all journalists in Kenya (local and foreign) to pay hefty fees each year so as to practice in Kenya??? The same applies to FM stations and all media publications. Firstly, some one high up the MCK is collectionf campaign money in the name of self-regulation. Secondly, it seems rather obvious the intention is to not just gag the press via the back door, but also to ensure only those with a pen friendly to certain interests groups are allowed to practice in Kenya. See this editorial appearing on BD:

What I am saying in a nutshell...this country is not out of the woods yet and we should brace ourselves for more trouble ahead.

Kumekucha. You are the only trully independent journalist in KENYA, WHAT SAY YOU????

Kwale said...

Sir Alex,

First, the me applaud you for the way you have replied my comment (great stuff!!!) but to suggest

…Rao is a fallible man trying his best to make kenya better for you and me…,

That is barmy!!! (I hope you understand slang, yesterday we had someone crying here that I have abused/insulted just because they don’t understand colloquial English)

Raila is not making anything better for me and neither is Kibaki. My life and destiny is in my hands. If I fail in life it is not because of anyone but me. I have only myself to blame.

The only thing I can commend Raila for is accepting the non-executive Prime Minister post to stop the blood-letting. To me that is the only success that I can pin down under his name.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Sir Alex, so, because the Molasses Luos have accepted to be sheep or cowards or whatever, other Kenyans, who Raila wants to lead, should give him the benefit of the doubt and call him a saint because the people he has politically sodomized have been cowed into silence? They can whimper but not be heard? You people amaze me.
It is the same idiotic mentality that caused a butcher to almost get lynched for wrapping "meat with bones" with a newspaper bearing Raila's picture. What was the butcher supposed to do, wrap steak, or use another newspaper? Go figure the beginnings of madness.

Anonymous said...

I hope to expand your 'you and me' to mean any human being leaving in kenya that my require government assitance.Believe some do, I have lived in countries where the government is working and the average guy is far better than a more educated kenyan.To really make it in life its up to you, but some basics gava should do.

I have never looked to anyone to make my life better but you must admit that there are people and sadly they are in the majority that will only make something of their lives if somebody else comes along to assit.....

Maybe everyone around you is clever, and always entreprsing but the reality of life anywhere is that that will always be but a tiny portion of the human race.

It is what we do with the less fortunate masses that makes us human. The ability to care for others that do nothing for you, for their own benefit. That is what Obama is doing...remember he started of as a community organiser....he did not have to.....after all he was a harvard grad....he could have done what most educated successful blacks do blame the other blacks for being lazy...I read his book he was hanging out with teenage mothers he did not impregnate.....he was big enough to be see him go it has not made him less of a person and now he can walk with the greatest ....same perporse to make a better America...hell even a better world....remember he dose not have too. His wife has a very good job and he is already a senator....havard grad, a made man by any measure.....

Long story short if some kenyan's life is improved by RAOs policies, he has made kenya better for me and I hope for you

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...


Thanks....quite amazing analysis. But did you have to insist on a PNU v ODM thread?

To some extent i agree with you and although am not an avid reader of The Standard, I have noticed some change in the editorial policy in recent times compared to the periods before the elections and immediately after elections. As with every product in the market, i normally have a feeling that something is amiss whenever you hear of a product or brand 're-launch' as happened at The Standard recently. Am not trying to be a pessimist but what i know is that a re-launch that is not backed by sound strategy is a effort is a 'lull before the storm. Sample some of the most famous product/brand 're-launches' in the past, done in alot of pomp, glamour and publicity...EAI, Unga, Uchumi. We all know what happened immediately after the 're-launch'. Corporate collapse. At the end of this month Celtel will be re-launching as 'Zain' after making major staff purges. Will The (new) Standard fly? Will Zain sell?

As for Kwendo, his first article this Sunday will for me be the indicator as to whether he is a 'hired gun' or not.


Anonymous said...

Wachana na hiyo......I thought I told you learn from RAO there is a time and a place for everything....We needed kibz to get Mo1 and his project out, now hopefully RAO can help us get a new constitution.....opportunity cost..

why get washwad by some pili pili of 20 backs that you gave him to by a certain molases plant in 90s or something like that?

Its not cowardice it called counting the cost. If in 2002 we decide to look into the life of one Emelio and his performance record we would have easily disqualified him and we would be right, but that would have meant that Uhuru becomes prezo.

So sir we sing prasies to RAO till he delivers the constitution and help creat more accountable systems, thats what grown ups do, you don't look a gift horse in the mouth. If he slips we, clip his wings but if is generaly doing more good why bich?

look its not RAO its that british lad....chill he may choke like last yr.

Sir Alex

papa plus said...

Like I said, we need new ideas. Or rather, we need to emulate some of our neighbours. And with the advent of the internet, it will be much easier. For some reason in Kenya only a few people think they have all the ideas. For instance, why does the rpesident have to commission everything? Why can't our universities run research departments into these issues? We have kids studying agro forestry, they should be looking into this Mau thing. That is the whole point of being a university - RESEARCH! And they should get funding. Professors should write papers on their particular fields...but instead we have commissions which are filled by friends who just show up to collect money for every meeting...don't even get me started...

Anyway, I look at countries like the Emerites and Israel which has reclaimed the desert into productive land. I look at Las vegas Nevada which is all desert but now a boom town and tourist attraction.

Why can't we do the same?

Anonymous said...

Ideally, if the universities had been doing any meaningful research and hooking it up with the bureucracies and agencies, the president wouldnt have needed to be authorizing commissions left and right, at least not as frequently as we see. Universities would have been generating solutions and options for dealing with policy problems, as an ideal. Besides, there's little time left to do anything of maana after running around chasing cheap consultancies, bickering/negative competition, and tribal wars.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Sir Alex, so now it is about the constitution? I see. And whose constitution is that? Is it not the so called Bomas draft Raila has been so vocal in insisting that it forms the basis of the new constitutional document? The same draft that gives the PM executive power without being elected and which was controlled by Raila through the unelected delegates he inherited from Moi in 2001? Raila is really shameless in his greed. There is no way the Bomas draft will be adopted without rectifying the skewed manner in which constituencies are drawn in favour of the Rift Valley, North Eastern and Coast provinces courtesy of Moi era gerrymandering at the expense of high population areas of Central, Nairobi, Western, Nyanza and parts of Eastern provinces. Constituencies MUST as a matter of natural justice reflect population sizes and must be as equitable as possible in numbers. WHEN this happens, we shall see how enthusiastic Raila will really be in advocating for the adoption of the Bomas draft. Right now, he thinks it suits him as ODM supporters come from the gerrymandered constituencies especially in the Rift Valley, giving him enough MPs to be made PM. If he is indeed a true democratic, he should be advocating for equitable representation in parliament. How do you have a constituency like Embakasi with 250000 registered voters having the same weight as Ijara with 8000 voters? That is ridiculous. Nairobi province alone should be having 20 constituencies, not 8.
The Bomas draft merely says that parliament will enable legislation to decide the number of seats, which means that the current ODM dominated parliament may decide that the seats as they are now are enough in order to appoint a PM.
The alternative of course, is to draw up a completely new constitution, preferably by a panel of impartial commonwealth judges from countries like Ghana, India and Malaysia. This can be done in a mere 6 months and then subjected to a referendum.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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