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Saturday, July 26, 2008

How Respected But Corrupt Kenyans Made Their Stinking Wealth

The following incident a few years ago caused me to despair like I never have before.

It was the time that, after a number of years away from the rugby scene, I made a come-back. One day we were out of town for a rugby tournament and the youngest member of the team, a son of a long-time and well-known corrupt Permanent Secretary in government (later long-serving MP) was asked what he intended to be when he finished school. His reply came swiftly and without hesitation. He said he wanted to be a PS. Everybody at the table understood immediately that what he really meant was that he wanted to be a “corrupt PS” when he finished school, just like his dad.

I despaired because this was a clear demonstration that role models we have given to our youth and children will ensure that corruption and ill-gotten wealth will remain with us for many years to come. You just have to look at how the young people of Kenya have been divided along tribal lines after the 2007 elections to realize that they have been good students to everything terribly wrong that the older folk have been doing for decades which has brought the republic to its’ knees today, sagging under a very heavy weight of seemingly unsolvable problems.

The reality is that Kenyans hold in high esteem anybody who is wealthy and it really doesn’t matter how they made their money.

To make matters worse, virtually all the wealthy and highly respected folks we have in Kenya today all made their money through dubious means. Let us start with the so-called “older money.” Take just one example from that fold.

Respected Nairobi businessman who holds directorships in dozens of multi-nationals and local companies, Chris Kirubi, made his money transporting smuggled coffee using his employer’s trucks. Kirubi was a mere manager at Kenatco (Kenya National Transport Company) in the 70s, a once prosperous parastatal. Kirubi’s big break came when he was able to identify with a member of Kenyatta’s powerful kitchen cabinet. Kirubi’s record with public companies speaks for itself. Shortly after he was appointed chairman of Uchumi Supermarkets, the once prosperous supermarket chain came crashing down in circumstances that resemble what happened to Kenatco in the 70s when he was an influential manager.

There are some fantastic rags to riches tales from the heady coffee boom days. An assistant manager (name with-held) of a prominent branch of Barclays Bank in Mombasa who hails from Central province is said to have “borrowed” money from the bank’s strong room to buy a huge consignment of coffee from Uganda. He took the money on Friday knowing that the strong-room would be kept closed throughout the whole weekend. But the consignment was delayed and people were chasing him all over the place for the keys to the strong-room moments before the bank was due to open for business on Monday morning. Despite suspicions, when the cash was finally counted, everything was found to be in order and it was difficult to pin anything on the man. But he had done his deal. Apparently the consignment arrived in the nick of time and he managed to return the cash before anybody discovered that it was missing. This individual never looked back and is today one of the wealthiest Kenyans (in the old money group).

There are dozens of other wealthy Kenyans who made their money in the 70s using their positions to “borrow” huge amounts of cash. Stanley Githinguri was a National bank branch manager in Mombasa. He not only “borrowed” money to purchase beach plots but using his contacts at State House, Nairobi he rose through the ranks at lightning speed to head the entire bank and that was when he gave himself the “mother of all loans.” A whooping Kshs 300 million. A crazy, crazy, crazy fortune in those days. Interestingly he is one of the few people at the time whose investment of dubious funds did not go too well. Still it was a lot of money to miss completely even if one made mistakes and a few of his investments finally worked out. He is today a fairly wealthy individual, a Member of Parliament and busy preaching against corruption. By the way the loan from the National Bank of Kenya (NBK) was NEVER repaid and is one of the reasons why the government ended up bailing out the Bank when it was on the brink of collapse in the 90s. Simoen Nyachae was the Finance Minister then.

A few other crafty Kenyans used their tribal accents to commit serious crimes and get away with it to date, emerging as very wealthy individuals. All they would do was to approach a business or land owner after doing a little research. They would introduce themselves and say that they are from State House Mombasa (where President Kenyatta used to spend a lot of time) and that they had instructions to take over the said business or piece of land and compensation would be worked out later. Now there was no way for the hapless person to verify how true what he was being told was. Surely he couldn’t pick up the phone and call President Kenyatta to ask him if it was true he wanted their precious beach plot. In fact in those days people were terrified of the government and those close to the president. You just needed to mention his name and most people would promptly start urinating on themselves. And with good reason. There were many terrifying tales of what happened to those who dared to defy those close to the president. Many ended up being found dead with their private parts cut out and stuffed in their mouths. Others just disappeared never to be seen again.

If you are in Mombasa just do a little research and find out who owns most of those beach plots. The list reads like a who-is-who from Central province and most were acquired by grabbing and mentioning the name of President Kenyatta.

For those who don’t know, it is very easy to convert property you own into cash, especially in Mombasa in those days when people were scrambling to build hotels on the beach front.

It is also true that the Kenyatta family owns a substantial amount of property at the Coast which was also acquired in more or less the same way. It includes numerous buildings as well as numerous valuable properties on the beach. There is in fact a property management company owned by the Kenyatta family that has a very busy office at the Coastal city. I was shocked to discover that only one client keeps them so busy, the same client who owns the property company.

Another well known family with substantial property at the Coast is the Kibaki family.

Next Post in this Weekend series: The junior policeman who made himself a fortune from his criminal contacts. Today he is a well-known nice guy


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Anonymous said...

just as anyone would have expected...only Kikuyu names in this..

so u missed William Ruto, Jirongo, Biwott, Moi, Gumo, Raila..molasses (Odinga family), Mudavadi family, and the whole lot of corrupt non Kikuyu's?

chris, let me give u free advice...

sometimes u need to appear not to be so tribal..add afew non Kikuyu names into the mix to hide your Kikuyu hatred...


Anonymous said...

Ntimama Watch - Day 5

Clearly...I am not the only one who has noticed something very fishy going on with the press,politicians and civil society who have totally buried and ignored the fact that a whole minister last week admitted on National Television to wiping out between 600 and 1000 Kenyan citizens.

So 5 days ago, I started a Ntimama Watch that will keep this issue alive until some action is taken on the minister either by parliament,the police, the President, PM or whoever. Parliament seemed so eager to take action former Finance Minister Amos Kimunya regarding the Grand Regency deal. Why the silence on this and the minister made a direct confession on National Television? If you did not see the confession, watch it here.

So this is Day 5 of Ntimama Watch. we urge the Police Commissioner Hussein Ali to take action on this minister. Such impunity is unacceptable in modern day Africa. This is not the first time William Ole Ntimama has been accused of being part of tribal cleansing or hatred. U remember when he said Kikuyus will lie low like envelopes and went on to organise massacres in Molo. We demand action!

(Feel free to add Ntimama Watch to your blog and lets get some action)

kenya christian:

Anonymous said...

Ivy - I couldn't agree more with what you noticed. But before judging Chris too harshly, don't forget he is already preparing his entry into the Parliamentary race in 2012. He had intended to already last year but because of family and related financial problems couldn't. But - as we all know - he has found the solution in collecting money via the Raw Notes and in living abroad and not having to take care of his family, he will have enough resources until the next General Elections. Coming back to is hate for all the Kikuyus: part of it is purely influenced by the fact that he hopes to run for the Raila Party (whatever it is named until then) and another reason for his hate is based on the fact that his Kikuyu wife has finally come to her senses and has realized who her husband Kumekucha-Chris really is: an empty shell who may be able to cheat others but not her anymore.

chris said...

I get really sick of these tribally minded readers of mine who just can't seem to find another less tribal blog to read. Kwani this is the only site on the net?

Anyway, this story is being told chronologically. I am still coming to the Kalenjin era which admittedly makes the kiuks look like angels


Anonymous said...

Chris - why are you offended? You are the one who is the most tribalist person here. This is not even a critic, just a statement as Ivy rightlu said. Or do you expect us to praise each and everything you say here? Is this your newfound way of dealing with matters concerning all of us? Democracy Kumekucha-way? If so, what have we been fighting for all these last months? Why did we support you and your blog if we have to shut-up now unless we agree to go on your wave-length? Why are you and certain friends of yours telling us to leave Kumekucha, join Mashada etc. (by the way, you also publish your posts on Mashada so why are you looking down on them - if Mashada is such a disrespected outlet, why then do you keep sending them your posts?). Coming back to your today's topic: if you want to be or better become a journalist, the first thing you have to learn is to be neutral when reporting. But obviously, everything you say is influenced to get the applause of your new friends whose only god is Raila - and nothing and nobody else. Why so? You once have been a serious and sincere man who had only one thing in mind: to change and shape Kenya's future to the better. But the hate and also expressions used by yourself and not only by some commentators here, show that you have joined the crowd - those who have killed, raped and looted.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Oh yeah! Bash Kikuyus then ask people to contact you by e-mail to get more info, and useless info at that, FOR A FEE OF COURSE! HOW BRILLIANT, YOU THINK? Have you ever bought meat from the butcher which really looked good but when you got home, the underside was black and smelly, because you did see properly what the crafty butcher wrapped for you? Same modus operandi here. Give you a taste of supposedly secret info you do not know about only to discover it is just unsubstantiated rumor and bar talk.
This is sooooo funny! You call Kikuyu's crafty in a negative way but you are practising the very same. What hypocrisy. In fact, i can see you have studied the ODM conning manual so well you have passed with flying colors. However, you do not like the fact that more discerning Kenyans like anon at 2.38AM and myself do not easily fall for such transparent baiting for ulterior motives.
No wonder you were so touchy with anon at 2.38, calling him a tribalist. tch!tch! Won't work. Try another one. How do you even know he is a Kikuyu as you imply? In your small mind, is it only Kikuyus who are tribalistic? Get real.

Anonymous said...

It's all about Kikuyus here. You live, eat, sleep Kikuyus. You are the tribalist of all and don't ever dare call anyone here tribalist.
Your blog since it was created is all about Kikuyus. I have news for you, Kikuyus are here to stay and you think they are crafty? Ha, you just wait, Kikuyus are going to get rich and richer infront of your very own eyes.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is a Kikuyu kingdom. The Kikuyus will rule over you throughtout internity. Kiuiks are Kenya royal family and like all royal families, the power will be inherited from Kikuyuland with the exception next time (2012) will hand over to our cousins the Kambas and Kalonzo will lead the extended royal family.

I hope that is understood.

papa plus said...

Chris, I tend to agree with Ivy. Surely not only the Kikuyu got stole from Kenya! A better way perhaps would have been to list the wealthiest Kenyans and then explain away. As I hear it, the Awori's are the richest family in East Africa. There is such a thing as over kill, Chris and I think this is one...

Anonymous said...

Chris you are not even a Luo - so why do you pretend to be one? You are Kamba, born and raised as one - so I suggest we call you from now on KK aka Kumekucha-Kalonzo or better Kumekucha-Kalooser. Good idea, won't you agree? Definintely hitting the nail on the spot.

Anonymous said...


Aren't you the same lot that keep on singing the now stale song about 'kikuyus being the most successful tribe' (read wealthiest)?

Kwani were the rest sleeping when these filthy rich kikuyus were making their money? Was the ground level for everyone? By everyone, I mean even the kikuyus that are suffering like the rest of us.

Is it therefore any wonder that they top the list of the "respected but corrupt kenyans"?

Chris has clearly explained that his article is in chronological order ie KENYATTA thieves, MOI thieves, then KIBAKI thieves.

So, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

Quite silly. Why lie? Papa plus has a simple and smart suggestion. Map out the wealthiest, then explore the pathways to that wealth. But then, too much of an exercize for your retarded mind, eh? Gotta be the rugby.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:47 AM - of course you have left the LUO Thieves - starting and finishing with Molasses-Raila, not to forget some of his cronies like Edwin Yinda, Dalmas Otieno, Sam Ongeri and many more like Cyrus Jirongo. I wonder if Kalooser-Kumekucha has the courage to also include the list of all ODM crooks or will he tell us that all of them have been absolved from their past and also future lootings because they joined their Messias Raila who is leading them into a future where no court can ever touch them? Maybe that's what it is all about for them having joined ODM: no sleepless nights. Only Kikuyus and Kalenjins and maybe some Asians are guilty - at least when it comes to KK. Because even if he will give us some names of a few Luos to cover up his tribalist hate for the rest of Kenyans, be sure he will not touch the above mentioned big ones because this could endanger his political career. And God forbid that to happen since it would declare his running away from Kenya, collecting money for his Raw Notes and especially having left his family unsupported and unprotected hehind a fruitless adventure. Do we not all hope for clever people like Kalooser-Kumekucha to lead us into a brighter future? So let him graze on greener pastures for now and dream about becoming a rich Kenyan just like some of those Kikuyus he pretends to hate but in reality out of every word he says about them - at least when it comes to money - he demonstrates how much he envies and deep in his heart even admires them.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is a country led by crooks most of them from Central Kenya.

Can you tell us why Lucy is earning 500000.00 per month? Why does Muthoni Kibaki, Narc-Kenya activist, earn the same and has a security better than a minister?

Where did Mwangi of Equity get money to start a bank?

Anonymous said...

@Ivy 2:21 am.

See how corrupt you are. You are using someone's name in this blog. No body hates Kikuyus, but this is the time to remind them of their wrong deeds.


Anonymous said...

That's what they said about the jews in Europe. They asked the same questions, where did they get money to start businesses.

Nobody ask how did Raila amount to that much wealth. Ok, we know much of it was inherited from his father just like Uhuru and Moi's son.
There is a double standard here.

Anonymous said...

Chris pretend to be a Kamba but infact he is a Luo. Look at all his friends Okello, Phil, Oscar.....

Chris don't deny it. You know there is only one way to prove that. just drop your trousers and we will know for a certain.

Anonymous said...

kibaki day 5- own up and step down with your murderous cronies in crime michuki, siatoti, martha karua- shoot to kill order to the police-


Mau forest?? the innocent kenyans are still alive!!
In Mt. Elgon forest( mass graves) who did it??
army and kenya police
who send them??


Anonymous said...



where is your daddy?? you must be 5 years old:) go post your childish rant on mashada where you belong

kikuyu what??? thieves, thugs and ,murderers???
yes you are staring right at them starting from your daddy kibaki, then Martha karua(Biatch) saitoti, michuki, uhuru the warlord and the rest of the mt. kenya mafia
go licj their....and tell them how the rule central lesotho- that is the only place they control and even they are losing grip- mungiki youth can shut them up at any time

Anonymous said...

anon4:20 AM
you are indeed silly- get rich where?? kenyans have already said no such luck- kimunya down more kikuyu thieves and thugs to follow- why are you wasting your breath ranting here??? go scream at your thieving tribesmen shame on you- you are your won enemy and embarrassment - ha!ha!! you sure sound desperate to be given a chance to keep stealing!!


Anonymous said...

God bless Kikuyus!

Anonymous said...


2:21 AM

Fake ivy:) give up- kenyatta your Daddy was a thieve and a thug- plus all his cronies named from kibaki, michuki, Mbiu koinage, PC mathenge, karume,Eluid mahihu,Muhoho, Wanjui, Ngoroge,in fact Chris Kirubi was nothing even with all his stealing compared to the mt. kenya central mafia under Kenyatta- we all know that?
Now your bringing in other names that were not there or none existent during Kenyatta's reign of looting kenyans and terror makes you look stupid and at a glance terrified-
maybe you are a family member of this looting families- because why then are you this desperate to remove blame and cover up????

Anonymous said...

anon7:26 AM

hey you are indeed hilerious:)

God does not bless thieves!thugs!and Murderers only the devil does..

not surprising when most of the kikuyus are devil worshipers
1. the rich elite- kikuyu's join Freemasons
2. and the poor join thai thia shrine in Muranga!!


Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

So where did Raila inherited his wealth from???
Where did Moi son inherited their wealth from?

Anonymous said...


"""Where did Mwangi of Equity get money to start a bank?"""

don't worry on this i promise you Mwangi and his cronies will be exposed(very reliable sources working on this file)- the process is nearly finished - the prove is in the pudding- parliament back benches will have all the information soon plus copies of where the money was taken from(some very good folks who want to help stop corruption kikuyus by the way-surprise surprise- passed on most of the information-

this one Kibaki and the PM have to act whether they like it or not- it will bring some key people in the government down.....

watch this space

Anonymous said...

What about Ruto who defrauded Kenya pipeline and YK2? oh oh and that other Nandi woman Sally Kosgey?

Anonymous said...

Is it not the same Mwangi raila call him as his 'best friend'?

Anonymous said...

anon7:41 AM



Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki are they same they stole from kenyans and their families are inheriting stolen money and properties(big example land)

do not equate Riala with this thugs and theive- shenzi wewe

Anonymous said...

anon7:44 AM
your desperation is showing

1.equity bank
2.Anglo leasing
3. Charter house
4. Trancentury(owning the Riftvalley railway line)
5.Grand Regency AND MANY MORE

6. Now the team of wanaichi is looking at the oil blocks at the coast and minerals in the north who give out the licenses and who has share in them- Key people in the kibaki narc government it shows are partners in all this deals

You can name all the names you want- but you see kenyans have woken up and when one can produce facts on paper and copies of people signatures on company documents- it is easy to catch the thieves-



Anonymous said...

I think Kenya is now ready for FEDERALISM.

Look at the tribal hatred on this blog. Its like Jan-Feb 2008 never taught us anything or reminded us that we need to change course lest we doomed as a nation.

I always wonder why every blog has to go tribal instead of discussing the issue at hand.


Anonymous said...

anon@10:44 am, I share your frustration but to be sure the negative passions expressed here are not entirely representative. Rest assured, many ordinary, hardworking Kenyans bear little resemblance to the wretched scum that frequent here.

Anonymous said...

Chris, another great piece of work again... and I say to you keep writing.
Ignore those negative comments; I refer to such as ‘penny mbili politics’
We sit back wonder why we are becoming a third world cesspit! would you believe that forty years after independence we still argue about the same crap? let alone the tribal bile being vomited all over the place.

Speaking of tribal bile, those who have most to lose scream loudest (guilt!),yes, they know themselves, they know what they, their fathers, their mothers, their grandfathers, grandmothers have been eating… and the rest of us are guilty too, immediately someone has some semblance of money, we immediately baptize them ‘mweshimiwa’ or ‘bwana mkubwa’, lick their boots and toss their salad!! Nothing, and I repeat nothing will ever change unless we, the true stakeholders hold these thieves, their forebears and offspring accountable…

anon 10.44am and 11.11am, I truly feel you ….

God save Kenya!!


(Majangwa holla at me)

Anonymous said...

Why all the hullaballoo?Thief this!Thief that!This is just a blog!Blogs contain opinions.They remain just that, OPINIONS!Who said Mwangi started equity?Don't mistake geniuses for corrupt members of the society.Despite the tainted name of the wasapere, I believe there are impeccable(sic) sources and evidence that can prove beyond reasonable doubt that Kyuks have that Business acumen that is lacking in most of us!Now,onto this animal called raw notes(sic),why in hell can't Kumekucha-Kalooser post them here we subject the same to public scrutiny?This is a really crafty chap (they dont produce them in Lenana anymore) bent on taking hard earned cash from where it belongs;kwa mifuko ya watu. If anyone was bent on taking out Kumekucha-Kalooser due to what he publishes, raw notes not withstanding, they could have done that a long time ago!Give us a more genuine reason to give you money!LOSER!Get more impecable sources!

Anonymous said...

you are a silly shallow minded tribalist without any serious or specific agenda on the blogsphere.Where does your hatred for Kombo come from?you think is of your level?he is not..ok?you seem to be an authority in most evils in our society and you must be a top sorcerer going by your writings.whatever your intentions are you must be on a very silly up my friend or else time will catch up on you as you struggle selling drugs thinking that it will bring you wealth..

Anonymous said...

It has been established now beyond any reasonable doubt that some of the people writing in this space are very serious drug addicts and peddlers .its unfortunate that people can write very interesting stuff on this blogs but our investigations have established how hypocritical people can be. I want to be plain and to the point that Mr. Sam R O Otiende has been supplying drugs to young people at the coast schools. in public and in blogsphere this guy will pass for a very serious and very conscious about development and the interest of young people and now it has been established that he is leading to ruin of many young lives by selling to them bhang and cocaine. in this industry of drug trafficking he is fondly referred to as Sam R O Otiende, the young drug addicts always believe that he is the only person they can trust in this field because he is quiet and hence able to hide secrets. He is said to well connect too with a number of high school children to whom he always brags that it is his easiest way to ascend to riches. Sam, you must know that we know your activities and you must stop them. We are not going to continue watching you to continue spoiling youths through drug trafficking. You must stop this or else we are going to expose you. You should stop taking advantage of school children for your own benefit. Because eventually, you too will loose out once you become a junkie. its very interesting for some of you people who spend a lot of time claiming to be bloggers when all you can expose here is mere stupidity that doesn't add sense at all.If you want your story to be believed, come forward and tell us what your sources are.the blog sphere has become full of idlers who have nothing in between their ears other than spreading rumors that are highly unfounded.if you are courageous enough to back up your allegations,why dont you reveal your name so that we can also be able to share this seemingly exciting information.i would not rush into defence of any of the mentioned but I my follow up to your story has made me understand who you are.I would like to know your source of the information.following your writings,am highly convinced that you yourself are a drug junkie who is trying to spend your madness on the keyboard without providing any clarifications.Sam R O Otiende,whoever you are,I believe you are a lazy psychopath who doesn't have any objective idea.i suggest that people of your kind be taken to hospital for mental checkup and drug rehabilitation.if you are really sincere,i would like to see you express your ideas with reference to the source of the information.why would you want to drag the vice president into your desperate seem to be really out of your mind and all you write is purposeless and lack of friend please find something else to do if you have nothing to tell people.and if you wanna be a writer please seek some training..i have never had an opportunity to know any of the mentioned people but i believe i would only like to inform you that what i hear in form of rumors is opposite of yours..which i have never found time to write about but i don't document rumors,but for your benefit,those people who have happened to interact with some of these people you castigate will lynch you if they ever found you writing such seeing you even quoting what you knew about Hon.Mwau in 1970' old were you then?who told you that if you sell drugs you become successful.I know that after you being convinced that drugs brings wealth,you have tried several times to trade in bhang but I know by now you are giving up because you discovered you were time look for something worthy discussing other than working on tarnishing names of people.YOU JUNKIE who doesnt dare reveal his name.

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