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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Perils of Managing Own Succession

Times have changed but not our politicians. Kibaki is finding it hard mould PNU into an outfit for his political schemes. Beholden to his club of moneyed and greying buddies it is payback time and he has to deliver before he quits State House. With Jomo Jr. salivating in the wings for coronation, Iron Lady and Prof Kiarie cannot sit down and watch.

With economic deals on Kenya at high stakes Kibaki cannot afford the luxury of experimenting with less endowed chaps around him. But true to character he is trying to keep all relevant lest they leave the king exposed for what he is – SPINELESS MARIONETTE. It appears the next four years are very short to accomplish the national looting and auction hence the early political positioning of pretenders to the throne. While the bank behind Kibaki’s politics and presidency are demanding quick results, the route is proving unpredictably bumpy.

The new wineskins have vehemently rejected the old wine. We are in new age and Kibaki’s time tested fraudulent tricks are being overtly and covertly resisted by people who would otherwise be playing ball. Ford-K and Narc-K have proved good and fast students of history and have vowed never to provide their backs for a piggy political ride for the heir apparent.

Curse of last term
Outright dissent is a known byword for last term presidents and Kibaki is no exception. His authority and spinelessness will be tested to the core and the dissenters are determined to go all the way. Already Karua and her gang have scored a significant victory in having the proposal to dissolve affiliate parties and merge them into one shelved. Forming a committee to study such a viability is just diplospeak to but time in the face of a determined opposition.

DECEPTION and FRAUD are very costly vices. Kibaki is finally paying the ultimate price of cheating his way into his second term. The truth be told, PNU was a gimmick for a party formed under the wrong premise and with the wrong purpose. Passengers boarded the vehicle for selfish reasons as evident in the present rudderlessness.

That the more things change the more they remain the same has never been an apt phrase as applied to Kenyan politics. Now the Wekesa-led PNU committee are back to the trouble laced twin proposal of individual and corporate membership. Boy, don’t we love repeating the same mistakes that previously refused to work. So Kibaki has finally discovered in his sunset political life that he needs to be the chairman of a party called PNU and for good measure have a trusted lieutenant as a deputy. Whether that will work is anybody’s guess. But the scheming betrays IMPUNITY as a defining label for the players. In their minds damn the consequences and what Kenyans think provided their wicked plans are laid no matter the human price.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

World Leaders speak at UK Parliament Chatham House- Kenya was well represented.
July 23 2008 at 12:18 AM Anonymous


The UK House of Commons- Chatham House sanctuary this week played host to 2-African leaders:

The World Affairs Lecture series was inaugurated in 2006 by USA Secretary for State Dr. Condeeleza Rice.

This month alone (July 2008) the same UK Parliament House hosted:
- President Sarkozy of France
- USA Secretary on Treasure/Finance Paulson
Kenyan Prime Minister Odinga address
Nigerian President Yaradua address

Anonymous said...

hi taabu

although there are some minor squabbles being displayed in the PNU camp, i don't think this is totally unexpected and in the larger scheme of things is probably not too far from the original script.

we have to understand fully the capacity of whoever the power players are. for too long we keep underestimating their resolve and capacity. for all you true ODM supporters and agents of change, lets take a deeper look at the issues

lets revisit this article posted right here on kumekucha last year

don't know who the source was

give or take a few errors/additions, it has panned out more or less as predetermined. that should demonstrate the power of incumbency when combined with unscrupulous characters. there is no need to draw parallels to Moi or go into the part about stolen elections etc. where we are at right now is that it was a rough and bumpy ride but they achieved their objective

i dont think we should bury our heads in the sand, we have to acknowledge that these power brokers have formidable resources at their disposal.

the question is whether people supporting PNU actually see the benefits of it in the same way or whether they can perhaps see it as not as glossy as they initially perceived it to be. it doesn't help our cause as ODM to continue engaging in the same distasteful arguments and we need to try no matter how hard to ignore the rantings and stay focused on the true ideals

clearly an intellectual debate could help clarify, but if it still gets down to being drawn into tribal warfare then i fear there is worse to come.

its rather disappointing to hear Mungatana state without any remorse whatsoever that the sole purpose of PNU was kibaki's re-election. that sounds pompous and heroic but sadly very shallow. Wasn't this about kenyans? weren't we supposed to be electing officials who would be steering kenya from the pits of corruption etc. this was not the election of dorm prefect but a somber process to help choose someone to lead us all as kenyans and steer us out of our perennial challenges yet position us strategically in the global economy.

stupid analogy and not to trivialize the issue but its like two groups competing over who will drive the bus, and after one group wins and installs their choice in the seat, to the horror of all involved (themselves included) realise the guy cannot drive.

its a stupid analogy, so don't beat me over the head with it with different twists and turns. just had to say it. focus on whats ahead



papa plus said...

Wothy sentiments but 2 things;
One, I disagree with you that is a shame to hear Mungatana call PNU what it is - a means to an end. I think that is very encouraging. For too long we have had politicians playing politics and telling folks sweet words while denying them their livelihood. So I applaud anyone who steps up and calls a spade a spade. I always refer back to what Kiraitu said about AngloLeasing and I quote," is like raping a willing woman..." This statement was castigated but it was pregnant with meaning in the context of Kenya at the time.

Two, while people like you are more interested in leadership driven by ideas and actions, am ashamed to say that the majority of Kenyans are still steeped in tribalism and will always identify themselves by their tribes. And am not talking about villagers, but Kenyans who have been exposed, Kenyans who grew up in the nyayo era, kenyans who are professionals, Kenyans who were very vocal against Moi's regime in the opposition. This is evident by the acrobatic bonanza on display right now in PNU with everyone jocking for positions. That a fellow like Kalonzo, who professes to serve God, who came in a distant 3rd; can sell his soul for the VP position tells us a lot about our values as Kenyans. That once respected persons like Karua can stand at the hill top and lobby for Kibaki and watch as he is sworn in within minutes of Kivuitu's leather couch declaration of the winner of a balatantly fraudulent elections even as Kenyans die; says mountains about how we perceive power, and exactly what we are willing to do to achieve it. And what is even more worrying is that no Kikuyu has stood up and utterred a word. That is really troubling. Even during Moi's time, we had the likes of Rev. Muge who stood up for what was right.

So in my opinion, we are eons away from maturity in politics. back to Mungatana. I have more respect for people like Mugabe, the late Nassir, who stand in front of everyone and tell you that you are not going to see power mpende msipende. I can not stand people who insult my intelligence by saying one thing and doing another while pretending to look out for the country's interests.

Anonymous said...

when flat nosed Taabu (aka misery) is not praising his god Raila, he is seriously bashing PNU. way to go boy...

but i seriously believe we have inflation crisis, mau forest crisis just to name afew that are of more value than the trash he has posted here.

but anyway, it keeps the ODM wolves happy to keep the bashing and praising music going on...


Anonymous said...

papa plus...

i thot u had stopped smoking weed?

ODM stole elections and recorded over 100% voter turn out in luo nyanza, but PNU outdid you?

so you resulted to violence to get 'executive powers' .ha haha ha

now u'a executive PM is being hosted in downtown 1 star hotels..ha ha aha ha

then he gives his useless speech that will not improve the lives of his KIBERA constituents....

Anonymous said...

8:26 pm

so your gikuyu god thoiught he was all that? hahaha

poleni manze. mumeharibu jina yenu kama taka taka.

siku hizi ngambo, unaulizwa tu "are you kaikuyu"

if you say yes, a shive ran frown.

if you say no, a welcome relief.

TZ, UG, RSA and elsewhere are dropping you like filthy flies.


Anonymous said...

'IVY'- In case you haven't realized, kina Vikii, Kimi and Kwale and the anons of your level are not yet here. I don't think you want to post and have to reply to your own nonsense till your crowd gets here.

My advice for now, please read comments by UrXlnc and anon @ 8:19, you might learn one or two things.

ANYWAY, This is what you said : ...but i seriously believe we have inflation crisis, mau forest crisis just to name afew that are of more value than the trash he has posted here.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure this is Kibaki's last term? I am not convinced his minders are ready to risk a scenario where a mruguru leads Kenya after Kibaki. Their fears forced mzee to cheat his way to his second term with devastating consequences.
The small arms brought in from Somalia as reported by the Saturday Standard have not yet been put to use , have they? I'm seeing some terrible upheavals in 2011 targeting at a Kibaki extension through mayhem.

Anonymous said...

papa plus

i hear you

will for now gloss over the implications of the arguments in the second part of your comment and say
there must be some way we can step forward to the next level. Lets not get stuck with the shortcomings in the just concluded phase of events


Anonymous said...

Team told of Mungiki visit to State House as their financiers visit London

Publication Date: 7/23/2008
Members of the outlawed Mungiki sect are said to have visited State House in the wake of post-election violence, the Waki Commission heard Tuesday.
Lawyer Muriuki Mugambi, for the police, asked Ms Muthoni Wanyeki, the executive director of Kenya Human Rights Commission, to shed more light on the subject.

However, human rights lawyer Haron Ndubi intervened, telling the commission that the information had already been shared in camera.

Ms Wanyeki had in the morning given her evidence in camera, where she named the actual perpetrators of violence.

They included names of individuals and politicians who bankrolled post- election violence.

More deaths

Information about the Mungiki visit to State House is contained on a DVD that was on Monday produced as an exhibit to the commission.

The election investigations team was also told that had PNU and ODM failed to enter into dialogue and subsequently struck an agreement, more deaths could have occurred.

Ms Wanyeki said there were misplaced priorities in the deployment of police officers during the post-election chaos.

Asked by Mr Mugambi to provide the figures, Ms Wanyeki said she did not have the actual figures, but that from mere observation they were not deployed on a needs basis.

According to her, more policemen were needed in Rift Valley and other volatile areas than in Nairobi.

The KHRC boss said her organisation had not supplied the police with the data it submitted to the commission in camera Tuesday as they were still establishing the best way to release it.

Anonymous said...

Quoting these words,

"You only have to look at their credentials and know what it is that binds them together"
There are many reasons why i didn't vote Kibaki, but i will quote one for now coz it is even irrelevant. I voted against Kibaki coz from history i know that leaders don't perform in their last term coz they definately have nothing to loose, they will steal and amass wealth for themselves and their cronies at the expense of the masses.

So what is it that brought these so called parties together? It was to cover their tracks, theft, corrupt deals etc and i am surprised that bloggers are surprised by Mungatana remarks...Do you think that the Mungatana's, Karuas voted Kibaki because he was a good president? Hell No and they knew that from the 5 years that Kibaki governed this nation....Kibaki's transcript was laid bare for us to see (and apart from the imagined 6% economic growth) their is nothing much to show....Kenyan leaders are known to have no ideology, principles that bind them together as much as the haters are lurking on the corridors to start throwing tantrums like spoilt brats i admire one James Orengo, this man has been consistent in the struggle for good governance for this country. Mukhisa is a disgrace to this society, so is Kiraitu and Karua these were the young turks that we knew were fighting for the common man but they let us down.

So once we come to know what it is that brought PNU together we will not be surprised if it crumbles down....It is like a house that is built on sand. Imagine an amalgamation of so many parties and they can only manage a paltry 45 seats....leaves a lot of to be desired. If Kibaki can't bring these parties together, what makes you think he can unite this country...Tall dream...Hold your breath


Anonymous said...

i wanted to say some trash, but having glossed over UrXlnc's linguistic prowess and sheer power of logical thought, I am forced to call of the dogs.

UrXlnc, I want you to be my teacher. Please call me: 0733997809

Pretty Kikuyu Gal

papa plus said...


That, my friend, is why Kenyans turned out in numbers to vote Kibaki and NARC back in 02. They were finally going to get over the hamp of tribalism and corruption and storm into the 21st century by reclaiming their rightful place as the shinying beacon in black subsaharan Africa.


Well, it was clearly a wet dream!

On a personal level, I had plenty of oppotunities to meet some waheshimiwas back when they were in opposition. They would come abroad and ostensibly to save money, they wouldn't stay in hotels but rather with some Kenyans and choma nyama and bsaically bash Moi. These guys and gals stood for good governance and ethics and basic human decency.

Having to watch them change tune and dance to something completely different is trully disturbing. And on a psychological level, I have concluded that they are not a special breed of Kenyan, rather they are a mirror image of the majority of Kenyans.

But I could be wrong...

Anonymous said...


will be in touch

papa plus

we got derailed circa 2004/5 and definitely 2007

and if you read this article below reinforces what i said earlier about Mungatana, this is 7 months (approx half of the first year) out of 5 years that he campaigned to install Kibaki and now kibaki is unfit to lead, remember the analogy that he has now discovered the man cannot drive.

makes you wonder doesn't it


Anonymous said...

12:11, not sure am the right person but certainly drop me an email anytime and I sure would like to hear from you

but most important am glad that you see the sense in taking the sober route of discussing the issues affecting us minus the unnecessary hate, whether we agree or not

Kimi Raikkonen said...

"DECEPTION and FRAUD are very costly vices. Kibaki is finally paying the ultimate price of cheating his way into his second term. The truth be told, PNU was a gimmick for a party formed under the wrong premise and with the wrong purpose. Passengers boarded the vehicle for selfish reasons as evident in the present rudderlessness."

Substitute the above statement with a few words and you could be describing ODM vis:

DECEPTION and FRAUD are very costly vices. Raila is finally paying the ultimate price of cheating his way into the Govt. The truth be told, ODM was a gimmick for a party formed under the wrong premise and with the wrong purpose. Passengers boarded the vehicle for selfish reasons as evident in the present rudderlessness..."

The wrong premise: Pretending to be democratic yet the top brass of ODM was previously KANU DAMU of Moi, the people who destroyed Kenya before Kibaki put it back on the rails.

The wrong purpose: To destroy Kikuyu economic success by taking away their businesses and giving them to lazy people from Western Kenya, ejecting them from their legitimately acquired land and generally demonising them as the cause of all Kenya's problems.

Rudderlessness: Raila the Grand Sibour has no clue how he will deal with the Kalenjin, the principle vote block in ODM, who he promised would be the victors at the expense of the Kikuyu, now he is cheating himself that being made a Kikuyu elder will endear him to the same. That is called?...rudderlessness, well done!!

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