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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Steep Price for a Deceptive Church

To whom will God turn to when his assistants on earth are all neck-deep in deception and self-denial? Crisis galore has visited the Kenyan church owing to their sectarian political interests. The present political turmoil has exposed the Kenyan clergy as no better than their flock and worse still even politicians.

The Kenyan clergy have slowly and painfully discovered that they are no longer relevant to our lives which they hitherto patronized with religious impunity. Not any more. And with that the purse strings have been tightened. Well, speak of failure of responsibility akin to chopping the very hand feeding you.

Desperate situations surely call for desperate measures. In rue NGO-speak, the Kenyan church is out shouting in confession of their sins. Deep down they must be aware that their self-rediscovery amounts to too little too late. The horses have bolted and their frantic efforts to shut the kraal are an affront to our national intellect.

Reaping abundant irrelevance
The lords of dogma must be deluding themselves that Kenyans are robots to believe their belated promise and readiness to confront the politically divisive forces. Most of these tribal pastors and ministers received their ultimate price when their kinsmen rose to power and they were promptly roped in the schemes to retain the implements at all costs. They don’t see the need nor rationale to fight for a war already won.

There is no free lunch and our church leads must be ready to confront the monster they unwittingly help create. They are the present epitome of moral rudderlessness. The punch in any pastoral letter will never fly past the pulpits they are mouthed. They must go mute and honestly strategize on how to start on a clean slate to regain the lost moral high authority.

The church is simply reaping where it sowed in abundance. No need for crocodile tears. They failed to lead by example and from in front before and after the STOLEN POLLS. The men of cloth abused our collective trust and proved that they are unique bed fellows with politicians both sheltering under a selfish umbrella as the rains viciously pound Kenyans. Muge must be tviolently turning in his grave.


Judith Waweru said...

Taabu, I agree with you and consequently deliver Cardinal Njue onto the sacrificial alter as the main fermented of false and hateful religious policy. This man above all has been the ambassador of divisive opinions. This is a goof who was given the simple task of leading the Catholics to salvation but instead he has split the church in pieces.
Not only do we have to worry about rebuilding the country but because of this idiot, we have to also rebuild the Catholic church.

This man Njue is definitely no Cardinal Otunga. In fact when people speak of canonization, they now mean aiming and firing an 19th century canon at Njue. The man is a disaster.

Where are people like Muge when you need them.

Anonymous said...

You know Xris am a catholic and a very dedicated one and I do know very well that you are a man of a disciplined Xristian background.

But the moment I saw Archbishop Njue behave stupidly my heart was broken. Todate I say fack the church. Lives have been lost during their watch. Am yet to hear them denounce the thief of our democracy.

If you know any priest out there then you know what I mean. How they behave in private life.

My worry is that they prey on the vulnerability of women and they just pee on them all over. Do you see men take their $hit? Exactly, thats my point. And by the way 99% of them 'men of god' are men.

Xriss sorry but fack the church. Without them kenya would not have gone this route. Aren't surprised that the more dedicated they are the more fackers they become? Take KM for example.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Where are people like Alexander Muge (God bless his soul) when you need them.

He was from Moi's ethnic group but spared him no criticism whenever it was needed.

MB said...

Chris just informed me that there was never any scheme to close down Kumekucha - at least not during the last days as published here by some more than funny sources .........

So I am asking all of you...

What is this all about ...

Why are these Okellos (and/or their friends) behave like that ?

What do they hope to achieve?

What are their ultimate goals?

I don't know the answer - I only know that I - like some of you - felt into their 'trap' in responding the way we did .....

I hope, you can forgive me - like I forgive those who have called me 'names' ........ we all fell under the same 'spell' :

A very devious scheme, it seems...... by somebody taking advantage of the desperate situation Kenya and its people find themselves in .....somebody called Sam Okello.
---Marianne Brinner

Kanyotu said...

Chris, we have one request for you. Please listen to us other 1million users of Kumekucha.

Start a thread about Okello and Marianne Brinner and let them square issues, we will comment as well. When all is finished, we can move on to discuss other serious topics.

We are tired of having family feuds, and personal feuds and agendas (agendii) cropping up in the midst of our discussion. Time is up, today is today, bring it on!.

Anyone, Chris, Phil, Taabu, Andy Kapp Kalamari, start a thread on these two aaghh!

Anonymous said...

I am catholic,
I am so ashamed of the conduct of the church. Even at this point when a lot of people are suffering I do not see the church talking about the biased distribution of relief and aid. The biased use of live and rubber bullets. Plus the stolen elections. I think the church should forever shut up.
I am catholic but, If I am in Kenya I will only practice it in my house. I will not go and give money to a fag like Njue. The church in Kenya is full of BSers and Njue is the leader of the BSers. Hypocrite him!
He has done disservice to the church. After Otunga, Njue is a let down. Well, maybe in the memory of Otunga, I will go to church but not one with Njue, well,.. I forgive him I am christian... hell no wait! he is a fag, a rotten man of the cloth reminds me of medevial church leaders who supported dictators. he should be canonized with a canon!
While we are on that subject, any little boys in Njue's closet? he seems to me like that Kind of guy. Seriously, any altar boy come forward! You do not have to suffer anymore

Anonymous said...


spot on. with guys like those leading the church, the devil can easily take a much needed vacation

Marianne Briner said...

there is something very wrong here - I mean in the whole Kumekucha blog:

I have sent one comment and it comes out again and again in various forms under different issues.

Would somebody please control this because it is very annoying.


Anonymous said...

MB, You are a hilarious, old bitch!

Anonymous said...

Take a pill, slit your wrists. DO ANYTHING ELSE just stop being bothersome you harridan

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:38:
leave MB alone - she is way above your low-class intellectual grade and just in case you think you are clever, we all know that you - and this refers to the real 'forces' behind this, i.e. Hellen and Sam Okello hiding behind this attack on MB - she has already uncovered your devious schemes.

But she has also pointed out that she is not interested to follow your tracks - for her Kenya and its people are more important than to 'trace' $ 100.-- of stolen money.

I hope, you get it although I still fear that it is too much for your small brain to take in.

And that's why I point it out again: MB is way above you - she is one of us - because her heart and feelings are with the Kenyan People.

And that's where she differs from people like you.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with Anon 3:16

- and please keep in mind that we also remember the gruesome killing of Robert Ouko during these days of February 13 - 14th .........

Bishop Muge was one of the first to point the fingers at the people involved ........ he was a very courageous man ..... show me one of the church leaders now to follow in his footsteps ... there is - I am afraid to so say - none ........ and here starts the responsibility and guilt of all the churches in Kenya.

They have missed - as they have done also in the past - the chance to take sides, to defend the common people - and because their stance on this would maybe have made a difference, they have just lost credibility.

Did anybody ask themselves 'why' ?

Anonymous said...

2.16 i feel you, i am not a catholic but since this fracas happened i havent stepped into anyone's church. i cannot understand how the church became partisan in political issues...all kamba xtians believed kalonzo was the annointed one, all jango's felt raila was the annointed one and kikuyus felt kibaki had been chosen to lead this country once again to the promised land!! i have even heard people say their pastor told them to vote for xyz..

i dont know which God the church in kenya is serving but the God i know....the one of Abraham, Issac and Jacob....the one who led Moses and the Israelites to the promised land.... the God who sent his only son to die for mankind......that God does not lie. If he annointed one of them all 'bible believing xtians' would know it and would not need to hide under their tribal clothes.

secondly the church failed to criticise the issue of stolen elections which everyone is aware was stolen...the church has long been seen to be the moral fabric of society but instead we have seen church leaders namely njue implicitly condoning theft. njue started by telling us majimbo was not right for the country and should only be discussed after elections in essence he was telling catholic faithfuls and others to oppose those pro-majimbo, he has condoned electoral theft thats obvious and he only came out so late to ask for peace after too much had gone wrong not justice just peace.

the church leaders we have are a funny lot....those from central ask for peace and in the beginning were very quick to condemn the killing of the kikuyu in rift valley now they dont talk much....those from nyanza catholic bishops were very quick to ask for justice contradicting their leader njue but siding with their tribesmate....this makes you wonder whether church was just a farce...i mean if we are going to follow our tribesmates with complete disregard for the bible then what is the point of those churches?

muiru, a 2007 presidential candidate and leader of nuru gizani churches became mute after elections he campaigned for his party but after elections he became mum.

the other lot, i saw running to have dialogue with kibaki in statehouse and condemning raila for not showing up! what were they going to talk about if raila was not there? they showed where the stand was by that action.

timothy njoya! you remember that pcea preacher? he was always on the streets condemning atrocities perpetuated by the moi government, participating in mass protests...but just like the other guys he has gone mum.....i mean the tribesmate is steering the country to greater heights....why cant luos see that? why cant they wait for their turn?

what about mutava musyimi? auuuui...! that one is a gone case! he was such a man of God when he headed ncec, now when we need the voice of reason in pnu itself why is he quiet i mean is it so hard for pnu mps (mutava) to come out and say it has been proven there were massive irregularities in the elections and advise his party...why does he have to support an illegal govt, a govt that has given shoot to kill orders and yet he calls himself a christian and a reverend!! why should we see him only in pnu meetings and retreats(before the speakers election) and yet we used to see him everyday trying to tell kenyans the right thing to do. joe nyaga and margaret wanjiru in odm are also quiet yet they are the christians we need to hear them and see them counselling their peers and condemning things that are not done in the right way.

anyway....whatever....the church is doomed if it does not change its wicked ways...we are in the last days after all and i have a bad feeling that the churches spoken about in the bible in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 clearly capture the attributes of the kenyan church i.e

1. loveless
2. compromising
3. corrupt
4. dead
5. lukewarm

let me stay in my house and read the bible for myself because with attributes like those above and xtians like kalonzo who needs church?

i am sure there are other great xtians and great churches that have done and continue to do a lot of great things for kenya and idp's today but you know what, my heart is too broken right now to see....or care.


Anonymous said...

Marianne Briner is fooling none. She started the rumor of the blog being shut down. She's been the one impersonating Derek and posing as all the anons. She's so pathetic. now she claims Jeff Koinange is still raping women and using cocaine. Kumekucha bloggers, check this womans blog. She's insane.

Anonymous said...

I think Biwott left Marianne for the dead. She's one character. She is one pimp for the Kenyan history books.

Anonymous said...

nothing is wrong bastard, bitch Marianne Briner@2:33. You bitch Marianne is the impersonator. You bitch!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...




5:17 PM

Theres never been a more kenyan than MB. Leave her alone.

Anonymous said...




5:17 PM

Theres never been a more kenyan than MB. Leave her alone.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Chris, Phil, Taabu, and all you Kumekucha moderators/owners. What is going on? Please, please, please, can you do something about these marianne/okello characters? Delete their posts, block their IPs, whatever you have to do to get them to SHUT THE HELL UP. They are really ruining it for us and we're sick of reading about their personal feuds. Let them start their own blogs and they can abuse each other all they want.

We all have freedom of expression, but 2 or 3 people's freedom should not interfere with hundreds of others' freedom. So please, do something to stop these haters. It's a real turn-off. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Marianne Briner,aka anon,derek etc...etc...etc... the international thug and prostitute!

Anonymous said...

Marianne Briner + MO1+biwott=international pimp

Anonymous said...

Marianne Briner=$.000000cents. any man out there? She's ready and is all yours. any bids?

Anonymous said...

KUMEKUCHA CONTRIBUTORS: You owe us, your dedicated readers, an explanation for Marianne Briner's hogging of this website.

It is plain disgusting.


Jeffrey said...


Our country is on a brink of collapse. This name, Marianne Briner, is making our suffering look like a joke.

Please let this woman go whine and impersonate elsewhere. We need dignity returned to this blog.

Banish Marianne Briner form KUMEKUCHA!

We love Kumekucha blog, for breaking news in real time.

Keep up the excellent reporting Chris.

Anonymous said...

The Bible does not encourage ordinary Church members criticizing their "God -anointed" shepherds. But on the other hand, we are expected to "know them by their fruits." A mango tree cannot bring forth lemons. The truth is the leadership of the Church in Kenya has become money-minded. Even in their sermons you hear them boast how they collect thousands of Kshs in offerings every Sunday. They even preach that if you bring less than 50/= as sadaka you are a sinner and that you don't love God. They now devote their time in businesses like schools, children's homes...even pyramid schemes and shares at the NSE!!! There is a charge for any person wedding in their church. The church building, equipment, buses, PAS, even pews (chairs) can be hired. They cannot end a sermon without adding in some prosperity message and reminding members how important it is to "worship God thro' giving". Every Sunday there is some announcement about this or that project. Each one of them wants to appear on TV. I heard one of them pleading with his followers to help him buy a private jet so that he can reach the ends of the world!! Some of them are associated with fake miracles. The church has been secularized. Anybody entering a church can mistake it for a disco or a dancing and music contest. The latest craze has been going into politics-where the money is. Hey, men of the cloth, you shall be judged harshly. Where is the old time religion? Who can we compare to Okullu, Gitari, Otunga, Muge, wa Nzeki? Where is the Episcopal Conference? Has Kenya benefited in any way by the promotion of Njue to cardinal? Why didn't they promote wa Nzeki? When Njue was telling his flock that majimbo is bad, did he expect his Luo and Kalenjin followers to say Amen? When Kibaki stole the vote and he has kept quiet, does he still have the moral right to sprinkle any holy water on anyone? When Mutava sees stealing, lying, killings etc from those he sits with, does he still expect to be made a minister (of the Government not of the church) by these people? How does Bishop Wanjiru meet the needs of her members who are pro PNU? What do their consciences tell them? Where do they get the courage to stand in front of a congregation and tell them, "love your neighbour as you love yourself" when with the same mouth they spew vitriol against their political enemies and even curse them by saying "ashindwe"? The apology they gave on TV is not enough. They must reveal the shady deals they have been involved with and pay back four times Zaccheus style. They must gain our confidence by asking for forgiveness from us in our churches. They must leave politics to the politicians and remain fishers of men. They must inspire us to live as brothers and sisters irrespective of our differences. They must allow the church funds to be audited and the church run by a board, not individuals. They must hold AGMs where members have a chance to ask questions and demand answers. THEY MUST FAST AND REPENT IN SACKCLOTH BEFORE GOD, NOT MEN.

Kenyan Christian

mb said...

anon@ 8:22PM,aka Marianne Bastard. You are not a christian. christians don't behave the way you do. Marianne you need to get a day job and leave Kumekuchans alone. we've had enough of you. we hope you had a pleasant stay at the hospital. But please spare us your verbal rants. we kenyans love peace and unity. for now be gone and be back next year marianne briner aka anon, aka...........

Anonymous said...

Kumekuchans, seeing is believing,as the famous cliche' holds. visit marianne briner at her best at; After you read this, you'll know the bitch is insane.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha contributors; I simply can't believe that you can choose to ignore Briner.

If it is beyond you to control her, then at least address the matter once and for all. Lay it on the table so that we can move on and beyond her.

Yes, she is one VILE AND DISGUSTING creature and her conduct continues to confirm her putrid nature.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! i have to give you Kumekuchans Marianne Briner at work. have a look at her day job @

you will agree the bitch is indeed insane. and so to you Chris , she's out to soil your blog too with her dirty linen. boy, is she full of shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit............

Anonymous said...

To all ODMers,
I'm a catholic and it pains me that DOMOS are trying to entangle politics with the church.
In as much as there is freedom of worship in Kenya, there's freedom of expression.Why should the church be victimised just because of someone's personal opinion?
This is the main problem with DOMOS,always sectionalizing everything.From Kikuyu to Non-Kikuyu,Central province vs the rest etc.Not all who voted for Kibaki are Kikuyus and i'm one of them.
By the way religion is a personal devotion.Just because my priest sleep around doesn't stop me from going to heaven.
For God's sake, Njue's comments were personal and he is entitled to freedom of expression just as you who supports majimbo, ethnic cleansing and spreading of juicy stories without factual evidence.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, dont worry there is a remnant in the church....Not all are bad.....There are a few who have stood the test of time and this morning i am saying big ups to Pastor Gowi of Nairobi Chapel and Pastor Munene of ICC (mombasa Road). These are among the few that God has raised and amen to that.
Though my pastor got a wakeup call the other day...Our very own Pastor Oginde, i respect this man the other day in church he told us there can never be peace without justice and he chambuad the national anthem and what it really meant and he finished by saying ...May justice continue to be our shield and defender.
The church lost it when they started playing sycophancy with politicians...Where is Mutava right now to tell us that the bible is clear that "Thou shall not steal"

blessed said...

This issue of Church leaders turning into tribal warlords has affected millions. I have heard many Kenyans say that they would never enter a Church led by a Kikuyu or a Kamba.
What just started as normal political choice has degenerated into a divided country. Isaiah chapter 24 and Hosea Chapter 9 speak of severe consequences when the Church "becomes like the rest of the people". Among the consequences are destruction, bloodshed etc. You can read the whole list in the chapters.
Now, what happened to the Chritian leaders that supported Kalonzo. They presented him to Kenyans as the only one that truely represented the Kenyan Christian values.
Kalonzo has turned out as a major disaster as far as morals are concerned.
He has lied to Julia and Maanzo. (He was captured on TV promising to nominate Maanzo) Now he turns against the man that helped him steal the ODM-K Certificate.
Are these the standards Christian should keep, are these what the Church leaders call moral Christian values.
Why have they not come up to denounce the evil ways of Kalnzo, and his big brother model Mwai () (Mwizi)Kibaki?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:14,
I find it strange for you to say that those were Njue's personal comments on Majimbo etc? Surely how did you assess that? When he spoke them he was in his official regalia, with staff in hand. He called a press conference. Besides him were seated other big people in the Catholic Church. Is this the environment personal comments are made in? If Kibaki says anything from statehouse, can you say it is personal comments? When the Pope speaks from St. Peter's Square, is that personal comment? Even assuming that Njue was giving personal comments, please remind him that he is the Kenyan Cardinal (Kenyan Pope in a sense) and that he should keep personal opinions to himself. Tell him that any time he sees a microphone or a camera in front of him he must only speak what is for the good of the Church he heads, not personal. Tell him that even his body language is being monitored and "read" by all. Tell him he is no longer Njue but Cardinal Njue 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Indeed the church has let Kenyans down.....when Kenya was lighting up like a bonfire seems Cardinal Njue occasionally spoke statements that seemed more inclined toward PNU who for a known fact had just stolen an election on Live TV!There is no way anyway could have believed him in effect he put the sanctity of the church in jeopardy!His statements did not stand for truth and justice they seemed more like 'let them go to court' and had the tribal aroma all over!
Bishop Margaret Wanjiru actually prayed at KICC, the very pit of sin where looting of votes was being planned and carried out under Samuel Mutua Kivuitu.Bishop Magaret Wanjiru prayed for Kenyans...prayed for the truth....she stood out...and so did Pastor Muiru...May God Bless them.Next time you Bishop Wanjiru or Pastor Muiru thank them.....they turned to God in the hour of need.The rest of the church leaders/pastors.bishops/ were busy flipping thru channels KTN /Nation and Citizen...Njue was on K24.Charles.Nairobi.

Anonymous said...

Indeed the church has let Kenyans down.....when Kenya was lighting up like a bonfire seems Cardinal Njue occasionally spoke statements that seemed more inclined toward PNU who for a known fact had just stolen an election on Live TV!There is no way anyway could have believed him in effect he put the sanctity of the church in jeopardy!His statements did not stand for truth and justice they seemed more like 'let them go to court' and had the tribal aroma all over!
Bishop Margaret Wanjiru actually prayed at KICC, the very pit of sin where looting of votes was being planned and carried out under Samuel Mutua Kivuitu.Bishop Magaret Wanjiru prayed for Kenyans...prayed for the truth....she stood out...and so did Pastor Muiru...May God Bless them.Next time you Bishop Wanjiru or Pastor Muiru thank them.....they turned to God in the hour of need.The rest of the church leaders/pastors.bishops/ were busy flipping thru channels KTN /Nation and Citizen...Njue was on K24.Charles.Nairobi.

Anonymous said...

MB for goodness sake plz leave us alone.

Chris plz start a blog for her........PLEASE! PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

You ain't seen nothing yet. By the end of this parliamentary term you will find it difficult to see the Bishopness of Wanjiru, Musyimi and the piety of Kalonzo, Poghisio etc. Parliament and politics in the Kenya of today is a place where you cannot practise your Christianity fully and come out saying "praise the LORD" from the bottom of your heart. I have read it in this blog that Ruto was the CU chairman in University...whoosh! Moi never missed church on Sunday but that did not stop Goldenberg from going on. Kibaki is a Catholic, but Anglo Leasing happened right under his nose. Kivuitu is a Christian and he read figures he himself knew were wrong...the list goes on. Politics in Kenya is dirty, filthy, ugly, partisan. If you want parliament (even local authority office)...put your faith aside and say "So help me God"

Anonymous said...

Like i said before in this blog, the church has no time for real issues, they are busy pursuing money.

Is there anyone else who thinks that Churches should be taxed?

Anonymous said...

I to totally agree with taabu for the 1st time. about marianne, i know her personally and despite a few shortcomings-who doesnt have them?- she's an intelligent and thoroughly confident woman. having said that, maybe her issues with okellos should be solved elsewhere. this blog ought 2 b respected. i wonder why chris is so silent on the hijacking of this blog by these undesirable elements. thanx n' God pliz bless kenya. one luv. am out.

Anonymous said...

The church as comprised today would easily qualify as just a social club. Its congregation and leadership are not driven by the core mission of salvation and Jesus Christ teachings.

So for me I was not surprised to hear the gibberish that NJUE was spewing the other day. Granted he is Kenyan; hence he is entitled to comment and give his views as he wishes. But he must clarify that those are his personal views to the more discerning public. But he should remember that as a catholic head, his opinion( though wrong) could influence those less informed and ignorant.

We need church learders who can rise against injustice and falsehoods. But remember though Gods JOB is a calling, most of our church leaders today have campaigned for these leadership roles and would go to any level to protect their jobs.

Anonymous said...

There are fake pastors today coming in all forms. All one needs to do is form a group and engage a foreign sponsor, invest in best address systems, promise miracles and healings and even some promise prosperity since most of us are desparate ( desparet man has no choice)!

The evengelical churches have sprung up coz of the failure of the older and long established ones like Catholic and Anglican. Since most of us are driven by greed we will easily subscribe to their calls. However money is the cornestone for most of this so called evengelical churches. You withdraw the loot and all will cramble like a house of cards.

So for me unless otherwise I dont consider pastors as men or women of GOD to the letter. I have strong reservations as I have explained.

Anonymous said...

Want to be rich? Just buy a huge zipper bible and a smart suit. Look at the current crop of preachers, in just 2 years they have huge Runda Mansions and drive Prados. From rags to riches. Nice job if you can get it!

Anonymous said...

On 29th and 30th dec 2007,Bishop Margaret Wanjiru and Pius Muiru prayed for peace at KICC and what happened next?
Innocent children and women were burnt in an Eldoret church 24hrs later.
HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!Even the lord couldn't hear their prayers coz they are always driven by greed for money.

Marianne Briner said...

Those posts regarding me really made my day ...... what is it or better what do I have that takes out the 'very best' or better 'the very worse' in some of you?

But one thing for sure: I am not 'derek' or any other code-name here nor certain 'anons' - whenever I write it is under my email-address and name with my ID next to it ......

And since my 'past' some thirty years ago in Kenya is coming into your discussion again and again, here something to digest and think about: When I was together with Moi or with Dr. Mungai, there were hundreds if not thousands of young and old Kenyan women lining up who would have been more than willing to spend time with them or better, go to bed with them ..... some even trying to become pregnant hoping to have settled their future forever. And I was informed that it is also now the case with some girls trying to sneak into the beds of certain influencial people ...... and since also Kenyan woman have become influencial, also young Kenyan men have discovered this possibility...

And now you can start barking again and spitting your venom. Good luck and God bless you all in whatever you do.

And just in case you need a little bit more munition to shoot at me, here are the names of my other 'lovers' in Kenya:

David Musila (then P.C. Central Province)

Prof. Sam Ongeri

James Karugu (then A-G)

Titus Mbathi (former Minister)

and Edwin Yinda (now M.P.) at that time Manager of a Shipping Line in Mombasa....much younger than me, but it was 'fun' with him

but never ever a certain Nicholas Biwott .......

And in case it slipped your mind, I said that they have been my lovers because I selected and also dropped them when I felt like and not them me .... maybe that's what you hate and also admire about me: I never needed to live on their money. I was and I still am, a very independent and confident woman.

Anonymous said...

1.21 you are too harsh and your comments are very misguided....God doesnt answer you simply because you pray....he will do what is right in his own time.

if God answered every prayer i made i would have bought this planet with all of you as my servants...dont discredit people who prayed for peace and bad things happened God chose not to answer. am sure even people who were being killed in riftvalley and elsewhere prayed that they would be spared when they saw those machetes being wielded before their eyes but God didnt answer....were they hypocrites?

Anonymous said...

chris, taabu, phil....mariane brinner has gone too far this time please block her comments naming people she has slept with does not touch on this thread at all.

please you gotta do it.....this blog doesn't need her petty nonsense.

Anonymous said...

it was prophesied in the last days there shall be false prophets...christians have to be careful who they 'allow' to lead them.

dont forget the miracle babies saga deya also claims to be a man of God.....

Anonymous said...

Christainity is doomed,no one beleiving in it will prosper,look at European countries they threw this religion out of the window and they are prosperous.Look at Afica christainty has bogged us down.We need to move past christainity, as it has outlived its usefulness.

Anonymous said...

MB, how about kina Raila and uhuru Kenyatta? tell us more

Anonymous said...

MB is putting some of us off this blog.

Someone should start her her own something

Steve said...

Kamekucha, any updates?

Anonymous said...

heightened military and policy activity noticed around nairobi suburbs; including in civilian vehicles. Can this be confirmed / corroborated?

Anonymous said...

The only source that seems to be running on what is actually taking place in the ground.

Anonymous said...

what did u expect some miracle like instant coffee....its good to verify that the elections were stolen that we know already..going ahead to call Bishop Margaret Wanjiru and Pius Muiru hypocrites is way beside the point! They prayed for Kenya, u never know if those prayers brought us
Annan...we cannot be content when our fundamental freedoms are abused for the sake of gluttons now roaming the precincts of state house.As written in the bible-REMOVE THE LOGS IN YOUR EYES before seeing the speck in others! Yourself....would you have had the guts to come out and pray for the country!!!A burglary of Kenyan votes was taking place in that very building.Kofi Annan is the answer God gave us!Otherwise we would all be tallying more dead Kenyans each day.But who cares as long as Kibaki is president nothing else matters?????

Marianne Briner said...

I forgot to mention that of course also my blog on the Jeff-Koinange-Saga mentioned by some of you is continuing...... don't worry, I am out to continue uncovering him as well as the socalled political elite of Kenya -

So there is the blog

talking about the drug-addict-rapist Jeff Koinange

And then there will be the new blog
(and I wish to thank you all for this suggestion or better idea)..

Thanks again to all of you and thanks also for the many birthday wishes I received today..... as one said: You are as old as you feel .... and saying this, I wish to thank you for making me feel young again because you brought me back to remember those 'old' days in Kenya .... remember names and faces of people who I thought to be part of my 'past' - but who, strangely enough, are still there right now - influencing and shaping the future of this country called Kenya ..... the country which for me is "the country of shattered dreams......"

Anonymous said...

i said this and i will again, this thing, Marianne Briner is worth $.00000000000cents. she's now accusing our own esteemed son, Jeff Koinange, as a drug addict and rapist. oops! she's the drug addict and rapist.

odmdamu said...


Anonymous said...

And i quote NCCK: All political parties should be involved in hiring ECK Officials......In 2007 when Kibaki appointed they were quiet.
On the presidency they wanted the president to demonstrate commitment, to the welfare of kenyans without favoritism, cronysim or discrimination...2003-2007 when kibaki appointed people from mount kenya and shunned the other people they were quiet.
The leaders wanted the judiciary subjected to thorough reforms to restore its reputation....When one of their own Justice Gicheru..By the way who is born again and serves with Kalonzo Musyoka in the same church..Nairobi baptist as ushers was firing judges...They were quiet.By the way how many judges have since been found guilty? NONE

Their verdict on the 9th parliament....collective selfishness and greed. and they warned the 9th parliament that is risked finding itself irrelevant and detached from Kenyans....I will not condemn coz they have said all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, including you and I. But one thing i thank God is that the verdict they gave the 9th parliament is the same verdict i will give them, wembe ni ule ule.
What i find funny is that they have not commented about the 2007 elections and yet we know NCCk always has observers all over to monitor elections, but they should know "thou shall not steal and thou shall not cheat, thou shall not commit adultery is still the verdict with God..It is the same now today and forever.


Marianne Briner said...

with reference to: 'our own estemmed son, Jeff Koinange-------- one question first:

Are you his mother or pretending to be since he once said that he is sure about his mother but he does not know his real father taking into consideration that he looks like Uhuru Kenyatta and therefore always felt like asking his mother if there was a 'lapse' in his parenthood.....

Especially since his father died soon after he was borne and had been sick quite some time before he was conceived ........and just in case you are offended, I am quoting Jeff himself as he did in his various emails regarding this subject.

But oviously Kikuyu-tradition-style, Jeff didn't dare to ever ask his mother so because he was afraid of hearing the truth and maybe being forced to change his name afterwards .....??????????

You see there are a lot of things to be disclosed - about your socalled 'estemmed' sons .........

Just wait - and read - and then maybe you will understand (although the latter I still doubt you will ever be willing or able to do so).

Anonymous said...

It is truly wrtten that the blind lead the blind. So if you discover that you are being led by the blind, what does that say about you? Therefore it is also truly written that you are to take the beam out of your own eye before you can take the mote out of your brother's eye, even if he be your leader. If you would like to see and understand the beam in your eye, then please read

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