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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spy Chief James Kanyotu Is Dead

The Crazy Things Kenyans Are Discussing In Domo, our new chat site

Kenya’s longest serving spy chief James Kanyotu is dead. He died last night at Nairobi Hospital where he had been rushed for treatment. It has still not been revealed to the press what he was suffering from. He was 76.

Kanyotu led the infamously cruel Special Branch from 1965 to 1991. Interestingly circumstances surrounding his dismissal by Moi in 1991 are worth noting here. It is said that shortly after then Health Minister in the Moi government, Mwai Kibaki announced his resignation from government in Mombasa on Christmas day 1991, then president Moi called Kanyotu and angrily asked him why he had not been made aware that Kibaki was resigning from his cabinet to form a political party. Kanyotu replied politely that he was not aware. Moi asked him angrily what he would do if he fired him. Kanyotu politely replied that that was the prerogative of the president. And that’s how Kanyotu left.

It is widely believed that Moi thought at the time that Kanyotu had held back the information from him deliberately because he came from the same tribe as Kibaki. Those who know Kanyotu say that he was too professional for that and are still very surprised that the man ever got involved in Goldenberg.

Moi seems to have had a phobia concerning Kibaki’s perceived political clout and

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Anonymous said...

Chris, it is appointed for a man to die once and face judgement.....It is upto him and God.....I think it should be an eye opener for those who are clinging to power with their fist...That thou death tarries it is surelly coming wait for it..How no one know but God. In the mean time prepare


joe said...

why dyu have to relate evertythin Bad with are a lapdog.....licking ODM's arse......Kibaki won.....and if you want it...Kikuyus will feed you forever

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Sick old men. He must have died hearing the screams of akina Nyong'o.

Anonymous said...

everybody will die!

Anonymous said...

shame on you joe.......kibaki did not win!! mwizi yeye! kikuyu's never fed me.....and they wont start now!

Kamwaro said...

Joe@ 5:43

Were you raised in AIDS orphanages or what? Just curious. Do you have parents or are you a Kenyan? Man will see miracle.

Anonymous said...

who mentioned kikuyus in this thread? were we not talking about death?....sasa.....kikuyus feeding us ilitoka wapi?

Taabu said...

Octagorian Kanyotu dead at 76. Coincidence or FATE warning her next victim? Well nature has her way of sorting messes out and MAYBE Kenya will be three times lucky soon.

Mwenyewe said...

It seems that the enemies of Kumekucha will not rest and now, if a Kenyan couple living in the United States have their way, Kumekucha your beloved blog could soon be no more.

[name withheld} and his wife, [name withheld] have already successfully shut down 3 blogs belonging to Marianne Briner. Now they have filed a serious legal complaint against Kumekucha whom they accuse of carrying copyrighted material in the Kenya Betrayed serialization that we have been posting here. The couple is claiming that the Kenya Betrayed script was penned by them and has filed a complaint under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, leaving Google with no alternative but to disable the affected pages. If the complaints from the Okellos persist, there is a high chance that Kumekucha could be shut down for good....

Let me say at this juncture that I did not start Kumekucha with my personal needs in mind, rather this blog is a labour of love for the millions of voiceless downtrodden Kenyans who continue to be short-changed by the political class. I continue to make great sacrifices (financial and even on my personal security) to keep this blog going. If it was for personal gain then I would have already been a very wealthy man. Hundreds of thousands of Kenyans scattered all over the world have sensed this motivation in the posts they read here and it is the reason why they have given this infant blog so much support, so suddenly.

And that’s why I will fight this latest threat with everything that I have.

I beg for your support fellow Kumekuchans

Anonymous said...

Gosh....Taabu you are so wicked

Anonymous said...

Time to face the Creator, wonder what he will state as to the affairs at the once dreaded Nyayo House.

Anonymous said...

i think its fate......why?

1. some guy called alex k..... murithi died immediately election results were announced.

2. some worker in statehouse also died in the same week infact before muriithi died.

3. two of someones 'close personal friends' were diagnosed with some sicknesses in the last two weeks...a bit far-fetched i know!! but sick all the same.

4. this guy died at the age of 76 the same exact age of someone we all know....

people dont like to read signs but these are in crimson red you cannot miss them!!!

Anonymous said...

How can someone be in the same position from 1965 to 1991..kweli Kenya tulikua tumelalia masikio...and that is what is currently ailing kenya and so the current dispensation. Atleast we have awoken and those who think they have a right to rule should know that this is not the kenya of yesteryears...

Anonymous said...

PNU kills KANYOTU!!!

Anonymous said...

eeeh!! anon 6.44 umesema kweli!! heh! hata i hadn't thought of that!

that's why kibaki is so shamelessly clinging to power yet he has been in politics since 1960s, basked in the glory of a dictatorial kanu regime....didn't bring any change at all ngombe yeye! never fought for democracy...chamelion!

in 2002 he took the NARC manifesto and pretended he brought change....the man has never had any ideas and he never will.

Anonymous said...

6.50 propagandist.........

Kenyan Revelations said...

Lucy slapped Moi at SH

Anonymous said...

How vile are you guys. Wishing someone death??? LOW!


Anonymous said...

Because of politics. After all the lies being circulated on the blog, nothing has come out differently. Kanyotu died. Yes he was involved in many things in the country, as was Kivuvani and a cabal of otherv well connected blokes. Why dont people talk of Auditor Generla SK Ndungu who served in one position under three presidents. Only now that Kanyotu is dead that people wish another one's death.

So, why did Onyango Omino die just a few years after Kibaki took over and why did Owidi die. Both Nyanza MPs.

Last week, it was said that Too and Were died because they had been bribed by PNU. Please stop your sick rumours. We have heard it all since Kibaki was ELECTED PRESIDENT of Kenya. Who has been shot, who has shot her son, Mungiki trailing who and all the diatribe that Kenya rumours is known of.

Remember this...Moi said..."in Kenya, rumours travel so fast that by the time truth wears the shoes, rumour has finished the race" IT IS TRUE as Professor Peter Wanyande is known to his UON students.


Anonymous said...

kenyan revelations hawezi chapwa.....that is a lie.....heh!! on what grounds? i dont like the guy since he started supporting mwizi but someone slapping him? she will face the full force of the law!!

derek, what's so shocking about wishing someone death? he has purposely caused the death of a thousand!! i dont want him to die i want him to suffer....death is too easy an option for him.

Anonymous said...

Anon, what about someone who barbecued some poor Kikuyu women and children in a church?


Anonymous said...

Anyway, KUFA ni LAZIMA, KUISHI ni BAHATI. So many things happen that you wonder what mankind is made of and what people who share the same things in life vouch for.

Kanyotu and ilk failed in their own ways, oversaw (or were part of) deaths of other people and the greatest thing that I belive creation offered upon mankind is the common denominator: DEATH.

Death, the only thing that makes us all equal, irrespective of our social and economic differences.


Anonymous said...

absolutely derek.......

secondly anybody who killed anybody else will pay for their sins........!here and in hell... regardless of who they are........

Anonymous said...

anon @ 7:15am & 7:19am masquerading as Derek, must also be Dr. G. Alfred Ng'ang'a Mutua.

Anonymous said...

are we back to the masquerading again? let foolish people masquerade leave them alone!

chris and taabu please start the thread for the masqueraders we dont want them here.

they can live in their thread and leave the rest of us alone.

Anonymous said...

Who is masquarading???


Anonymous said...

Oh My God!! did you read this?

The truth behind Moi's "strained back and hospitalization"

Retired President Daniel arap Moi fell in the corridors of Statehouse and strained his back leading to his hospitalisation at the Nairobi Hospital, we can now reveal. What is shocking is the events and mystery surrounding the sudden requirement for hospitalization by the former strongman who ruled Kenya with an iron fist for an uninterrupted 24 years.

Mr Moi, who served as bandit president Kibaki's point man in the vote-rich Rift Valley province suffered a major setback when, upon successfully staging a civilian coup, the MP for Othaya was to have a tete-a-tete with him. You guessed right! Serial Slapper Lucifer Kibaki upon noticing Mr Moi went to him with her charactersitic infuriation hurling unprintables and attempting, in an utter show of disrespect, to spank the retired president.

It is whispered that Moi who has never known anybody to stand up to him smelled blood and decided to duck but he was not lucky. "Mzee turned quickly, miscued his steps and fell back so fast that his security details could not cushion him since they were busy shielding the marauding first lady from reaching him", said our reliable source who sought not to be revealed owing to the sensitivity of this matter. It was the thud of his fall that strained his back, but luckily Moi was unhurt. Moi was hospitalized at Nairobi hospital, treated for shock and the backache and the events surrounding the complications had been well kept until it was alleged that Lucifer bragged about it.

Our source says Lucifer was upset that Gitobu Imanyara was telling the whole world about their altercation in the hallowed corridors of power "na yure Mnandi Moi hanja sema kitu kuhusu kuaguka niripotaka kumuchapa", she was reported to have bragged. It is reported that bandit president Kibaki was shocked beyond words by this irreverent attitude by his obviously psychotic wife. Lucy has since been tethered to restricted areas in SH.

It will be remembered that in his half century of politics, Moi was never seriously ill and not many people remember the last time he was hospitalized except when in the 1990s he had to go public to dispell rumours that he was dead. The 83 year-old Moi is an energetic man. Lucifer seems to have demystified her and we can now reveal that just like in the Gitobu Imanyara case, a lot of cajoling and threatening has gone into muzzling the Moi slapping episode. Our source believes that Lucifer actually shot and wounded her son Jimmy, who was then kept incommunicado, which explains why upon reappearing in public last week to deny that his mother shot him, he actually looked overwheight. The weight was gained while he was being fed on his sick bed.

In another twist, the dreaded Nchuri Ncheke council of the temperamental Ameru has threatened to curse the Kibaki clan unless they provide a goat. It is said that they demanded that the bandit first family take the goat themselves and not through emissaries as a sign of humility. They had wanted the goat delivered immediately but are understood to have changed their appointment due to the Annan mediation. This follows Imanyara's sensational charge that Lucy assaulted and insulted him at State House. The story is so popular that cartoonists are taking it a notch higher.

Among the Ameru of Kenya, folklore asserts that to suffer as much as a finger wagging from a woman should consign a man to long periods of shame and embarrassment that can only be cleansed by a befitting sacrifice to the council of elders – the Nchuri Ncheke. This cleansing is required for Imanyara, the sacrifice must be provided by the bandit family or they face the last strike, the dreaded curse before the elders.

The Nchuri Ncheke, an assembly largely comprising of snuff-sniffing, muratina-inebriated and green-teethed miraa addicts has smelt blood. Perhaps because it is largely a Kangaroo court that exists to profit from vestigial cultural rules and regulations, many threatened with natural extinction, it can sometimes be rabid in its stipulation of penalties and enforcement. It has reportedly summoned the MP for an "explanation" on just what happened.

Anonymous said...

Those who fear death are not worth life. If you see a just fight and struggle its worth joining.

Anonymous said...

kenya thieves is not a credible source of news my dear.....and neither is any blog sorry people....everything in blogs is for information purposes and is only proven true when corroborated with other 'evidence'....

my goodness did you just read that post and conclude lucifer slapped moi?.....eesh!! no wonder mashada was shut down coz of people like you....according to the mashada forums contributors/bloggers were a threat to peace.....???

dont believe everything you read!!

Anonymous said...

mimi ni matako sana


Anonymous said...

do any of you fools hold day jobs? You are a miserable bunch. All you do is post negative comments day in day out. I guess the feeling you get from it is the closest some of you losers ever get to an orgasm. Why speak evil of the dead? Did Mr. Kanyotu ever harm you in anyway. Please let the man rest in peace .
This blog is a time bomb waiting to happen. Let's see how long it says open

Anonymous said...

This blog is becoming like mashada, full of propaganda!

Anonymous said...

Death smiles upon us all. All we can do is smile back. -Emperor Marcus Urelius


Dr. Death said...

So Kanyotu is dead, eh! Big deal. So are the 19 women and children barbecued in a house in Nakuru by Mungiki.

The thing with death is that it mostly comes at the wrong time and on the wrong people. Surely, some of these leaders should be dead by now.

Of death and our Kenyan leaders��.

1. Whose death would bring total joy and celebration in most provinces in Kenya?

2. Whose death will automatically usher in long lasting peace? (answer to this may also be female).

3. Whose death will usher in regional political change? In other words, whose death will bring deliverance to the citizens of countries like Uganda?

4. Whose death is likely to be followed by a very hush-hush, rapid and haphazardly fast burial and funeral service? Clue. It was arranged prior to the death.

5. Whose death is likely to be caused by either complications with alcohol abuse, spousal abuse or guilt?

6. Whose death is likely not to be televised live on TV?

7. Whose death will Kivuitu insist is false?... Yaani, the leader will be as dead as a dodo but Kivuitu will be seen on TV, sandwiched on a sofa with fellow commissioners proclaiming to the world, with no pun intended, that the leader is NOT dead?

8. Whose death is Kalonzo Musyoka miraculously wishing for?

9. Whose death is likely to cause the most facial injuries to lots of men around the berevied spouse as the news is announced? Clue. Previous legal cases of such injuries to the face have been thrown out of court. Some have claimed back injuries.

10. Last but not least, whose death will be known to the world after about three to four days?

Answer all ten correctly and receive a prize. Call me at 014+5868-6985-147 to make personal requests.

Yours sincerely and never late,

DR. DEATH (I will never fail you)

Taabu said...

Could all impersonators please STOP it. Derek please just do with anon because you are soiling REAL DEREK's name. Sio kwa ubya lakini. Blog if you must but remian civil folks, ama?

That said, preaching about death never brought back life. Let the dead bury themselves and if they wronged people while alive they must be ready for St Peters. And their living agemates must be turning violently around their skeleal axis.

Granted, death is a universal equalizer but some Kenyans are better dead to save thousands. You can already predict Kanyotu's tete-a-tete with Bw. Peter. His hands are full of blood from the people he murdered fighting for liberation. His living rika must be apprehensive. That is not LOW=least of worries, ama?

Why would one shamelessly abrogate himself the task of gate keeping an interest merely to message an ego? Well, go enjoy the dark night in the watchman's seat oblivious of the fact that you can never gate keep life. Let the guity face their maker. No yeye-pia reasoning please. Be real murderers deserve nothing less than painful death.

Anonymous said...

How old is Kivuitu?

Anonymous said...

that is how the cookie crumbles

Mwenyewe said...

Whose death in Kenya would drive kenya to Chaos? Kibz? RAO? Ruto? whose? mama mboga?
The death of Kumekucha blog will be a major blow. Those who are planning to shut down kumekucha please be warned!. We shall not watch this in indifferent silence!

Anonymous said...

Kikuyu men for all their rants on circumsition are now hiding behind a woman.......Martha Karua.

Is this what bravery or brains your circumsition gave you.....the bravery to cling onto the frills of a woman's skirt like new born rats.

As for the woman herself she is conducting all affairs the way she has handled her bodily integrity....or the lack of.Poor misused old maid

Anonymous said...

Oh yes!! Karua is the ballz behind Kibaki. May Mungiki corner her in Naivasha and circumcise her. Since the gava has allowed Mungiki to exist, the group might as well do something worthwhile for Kenya.

MB said...

Closing the chapter Sam Okello - and inviting everybody to have a real big laugh just as I had when getting the following information:

I finally got the sales figures of the Shining Star for the year August 2006 - 2007 when it was published via XLibris:

They sold (and this includes even the socalled 'author's' copies which Sam ordered with a 50 % reduction) the "incredible amount" of 83 (I repeat in words, so you can digest this better, eighty-three) copies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for which they paid not even $ 200.-- in royalties !!!!!!!!!!
And this although the book was costing almost $ 30.-- whereas Sam is now trying (and I repeat: trying) to sell it for less than $ 10.-- - and there are even used copies in the market for abt. $ 3.50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should have heard me laughing when reading this....... and I am sure you are starting asking yourself like I did: what is this 'bestselling' author afraid of? Does he really need those $ 100.-- to pay his bills because that's what he owes me in royalties.......

The whole matter becomes more and more a miracle ...... although to be honest it does not come as a surprise.

As I said before, when Sam sent me the script, I did not like it and asked for changes - he did not agree and insisted on his script to be published - and I had my first doubts about the whole matter ..... and as I know now, I was right - and funny enough, I am even glad about it.

The Shining Star as it is, is not a good book since it does not tell the real story ..... there are too many elements in it (products of Sam's 'creative' phantasy like the person of this Bozo .... who never existed but plays a main part in the story because Sam invented him already in his other 'fiction' The Night Bob Died ..... and other details like me staying at the Intercontinental and waiting to meet Moi (I never stayed at the Hotel when I came to Nairobi but lived with my Karen-friends from the beginning), I never planned to meet Moi either, nor did Mutula Kilonzo contact me for such a meeting.... nor did I meet Gideon Moi at the Karen house of my friends, nor did I have a meeting with Biwott etc. etc. .-..........

Although my real story would have been worth telling as it was, Sam insisted on these phantasies which he calls still now 'his narrative contributions' making him the 'author' of everything - which in my opinion is NOTHING since especially these 'decorations' make look fake .........

I thought I should share this with you - I am sure you will shake your head as I do right now and then you will join me in laughing aloud about those certain fools called the Okellos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Men of cloth failed Kenyans:

1992, the church was with the flock

2007, they did a disappearing act. searching their souls, and maybe the teacings,they now want us to forgive?

we will when they take that leap of faith.For faith without action is dead,so the Bible says. The men of cloth nearest to Kifaki,and he has many at very high levels including tribalist Njue must now review their position in life ( and after life).
They need to tell kifaki that Kenya is bigger than any person.Let him save lives by being sensible.

Agenda 4 of the Annan writing pad will see many fall.and never to physically arise again. In Gods hands we place ourselves as Kenyans who need to taste JUSTICE.

Kirucy and Karua are just small nuisances.

Here we go:

Churches: We let Kenyans down

Publication Date: 2/13/2008
Churches leaders have publicly acknowledged they were partisan prior to Kenya’s the December elections making it impossible for them to forestall the political crisis facing the country.

NCCK secretary general Peter Karanja and chairman Eliud Wabukala addressing journalists earlier today. Photo/ ZACHARIA CHILISWA
In a candid appraisal of their performance, the leaders whose churches are members of the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), said they did not speak in one voice, could not agree on the way elections should be managed and identified with their people on the basis of ethnicity.

“Religious leaders failed to stay on the middle path, they took sides and were unable to bring the unity needed when the crisis arose,” NCCK Secretary General Peter Karanja said.

The divisions were carried forward even after the elections making it difficult to agree on how to deal with the resulting crisis that led to the death of about 1,000 people and the displacement of 350,000.

“Church leaders have displayed partisan values in situations that called for national interests. The church has remained disunited and its voice swallowed in the cacophony of other vested interests,” the leaders said in a statement read by Mr Karanja after a meeting of NCCK’s executive committee at the Limuru Conference Centre.

The chairman, Dr Eliud Wabukala it was important that Kenyans start afresh since all had failed to play their part including the church leaders.

“We have decided to start afresh. All have failed including the church leaders and it is therefore important that as Kenyans we start afresh,” Dr Wabukala said.

The church leaders however said they had put in place measures to recapture their rightful position in society as the moral authority of the nation.

They promised they were now ready to confront the divisive forces and set off on a new beginning. They will do their best in helping achieve the rebirth of a new Kenya.

They demanded for the arrest of political leaders or their supporters from all communities who might have been involved in fanning, planning or perpetuating the killings and displacement of people, destruction of property and people’s livelihood.

Security forces who used excessive force in the quelling of the riots that followed after the presidential poll results were declared should be held accountable for their actions

Anonymous said...

Emilio,the thief goes international with international no bodies.
You can never buy loyalty or legitimacy.

source:statehousekenya website

Nairobi , February 12, 2008

World leaders congratulate President Kibaki on his re-election

Congratulatory messages to President Mwai Kibaki following his re-election for a second term continue to be received.

Among the world leaders who have sent congratulatory messages include Singapore's President Sellapan Rama Nathan, Djibouti's President Ismael Omar Guelleh, Swaziland Prime Minister Absalom Themba Dlamini, Botswana President Festus Gontebanye Mogae and the Crown Prince of Kuwait Sheikh Nawaf Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

In his message Singapore's President Nathan said he was looking forward to working with President Kibaki to further strengthen the existing relations between Kenya and Singapore.

Djibouti's President Guelleh expressed hope that the re-election of President Kibaki would boost the cordial and mutually beneficial relations between Kenya and Djibouti in the spirit of cooperation, goodwill and friendship.

Swaziland Prime Minister Dlamini expressed his firm belief that cordial relations between Kenya and Swaziland would continue to be enhanced and strengthened for the benefit of the people of the two countries.

On his part, Botswana's President Mogae said President Kibaki's re-election for a second term was an incisive demonstration of the faith and confidence the people of Kenya have in his capable and visionary leadership and his ability to build a prosperous nation.

"I note with great satisfaction that Botswana and Kenya enjoy excellent relations and I look forward to continue working with you to further strengthen the bonds of friendship and solidarity that subsist between our two countries and people and in finding solutions to the challenges facing our continent and the world at large," the President of Botswana said.

In his message the Crown Prince of Kuwait, Sheikh Al-Sabah wished the President success in his immense responsibilities for the progress and prosperity of the people of Kenya.

jaba said...

If you look carefully at the countries endorsing/congratulating Kibaki, you will notice that not only are they mostly pariah states, but they are all led or represented by internationally recognized idiots.

Properly elected presidents are typically congratulated by 'millions' of countries within hours of the results announcement. What Mutua is trying to prove is that Kibaki is the least accepted ruler on earth. To keep it in perspective, there are 194 countries in the world. Only 2.5% accept that ugly mug as Kenya's president.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, do not trivialize death the way you are doing it on this blog. How do you think Hayati Kanyotu's wife, children, parents etc would feel if they read some of your comments? Rejoice with those that rejoice and mourn with those who mourn-so says the Holy Book. On this blog, people are rejoicing with those who are mourning and mourning with those who are rejoicing. They are even wishing others dead, yet they have no extra power themselves to stop death when it will beckon them. In my mother-tongue there is a saying that "a dead man is a good man" i.e do not say bad things about a dead person. Where is your humanity guys? Wapi utu? Hayati Kanyotu must have done some good things, but you are selectively not saying them. My heartfelt condolences to the family, relatives and friends of Hayati Kanyotu. By the way, why have'nt the Moi and the Kenyatta families said POLE to the Kanyotu family? He worked like a horse for them!

Sympathetic Kenyan.

Anonymous said...

This is why I am still participating in the economic botcott.......a very good example of the so called 'economic growth'

"TransCentury's key shareholders include Mr Eddy Njoroge, the managing director of KenGen, Michael Waweru, the commissioner general of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Mr Mbaru, Zeph Mbugua and Peter Kanyago.

Over the past year, TransCentury has been working hard to shake off its perceived links to the political establishment, as it races to be build its public profile, a move that resulted in the shareholders taking a back seat and appointing a professional management team led by current CEO Tony Wainaina."

Anonymous said...

While Mutua is boasting about the negligible number of countries which have sent congrats to Kibaki, Britain and Switzerland are becoming more virulent. They have told the Kibaki that they don't recognize him and that they will extend visa bans and freezing of foreign assets of anyone who will be seen to be distracting Annan from doing what he has to do. Even Civil servants have been dragged into this widening net. Mungatana and Marita, watch your tongues. Think before you speak.Mtaumizwa na hawa mabeberu.
From the way things are going, am seeing Kenya being ruled by proxy by foreign powers. Is this sustainable? Are we slowly being re-colonized? Why is Raila so quiet nowadays? Might he have been told to keep quiet as things get fixed for him? My fellow Kenyans, if we allow ourselves to be remote-controlled, we may never ever regain our sovereignty and ability to run our lives by ourselves. I feel we should now give Anna a maximum of one week to get a compromise between ODM and PNU and then leave us alone to do the rest.

Mkenya Halisi

Anonymous said...

maoni ni bure!

Anonymous said...

maoni ni bure!

Anonymous said...

I posted 11.52am... I suppose most pple who read this blog are middle class.

Transcentury represents the system Kenyans have dies for.It shows how much pple have benefitted from tribalism.

Yet it is we the middle class who through supporting these businesses and organisations who continue to entrench the status quo.We are the reason why the status quo is still standing.We shouldnt blame politicians we should blame ourselves.

Those of us who bought shares through businesses like Dyer & Blair.Have realised the far reaching effect of ours actions too late.

Anonymous said...

if lucifer is in charge by proxy the kenya is jehenam

Marianne Briner said...

Chris just informed me that there was never any scheme to close down Kumekucha - at least not during the last days as published here by some more than funny sources .........

So I am asking all of you...

What is this all about ...

Why are these Okellos (and/or their friends) behave like that ?

What do they hope to achieve?

What are their ultimate goals?

I don't know the answer - I only know that I - like some of you - felt into their 'trap' in responding the way we did .....

I hope, you can forgive me - like I forgive those who have called me 'names' ........ we all fell under the same 'spell' :

A very devious scheme, it seems...... by somebody taking advantage of the desperate situation Kenya and its people find themselves in .....somebody called Sam Okello.

Anonymous said...

@ Marianne briner..respectfully, please have Chris open up a blog so that both you and Okello can iron out your differences, right now we have to discuss more pressing issues.

Anonymous said...


Villagers keep off forest due to frequent dumping of bodies

Publication Date: 2/7/2008
Tagwa villagers are afraid, indeed very afraid. Their Ngonde forest neighbourhood in Nyeri North District has become the dumping ground of bodies by as yet unidentified killers.

Jane Wangari of Tagwa village in Nyeri near Ngonde forest points at the spot where bodies are often dumped. Photo/PAUL WANJIRU
Although the forest is of huge benefit to the neighbouring communities, the villagers rarely venture into it these days due to the frequent dumping of bodies.

They regard dumping spots in forest as “fields of death”.

The residents say they have been avoiding the forest like a plague ever since the charred remains of a man were found, about five metres from the edge of the forest, in November last year.

Since then, 11 other male bodies have been found at various spots in the forest, having been burnt beyond recognition.

The villagers blame the Government for failing to get to the bottom of the deaths.

The police, they say, have made it a routine to collect the bodies and not investigate the killings.

Expedite investigations

“We are living in fear because we neither know where the bodies come from nor who the victims are,” says Ms Jane Wangari.

Tagwa village borders the forest and is separated by a tarmac road that leads to Sagana State Lodge.

The residents want the Government to launch and expedite investigations and bring the culprits to book. It’s the only way to end their fear, they say.

According to 58-year-old Wangari, the bodies are burnt using a highly flammable liquid and a tyre.

“Last week, we found three bodies. This is the highest number so far discovered in a single week. We are terrified of venturing into the forest despite the fact that it is of huge economic importance to us,” she states.

She said it appears the victims’ hands and legs are tied with ropes before they are burnt. A jerrican used to carry petrol and tyre remains are normally found at the scenes.

Ms Wangari, who is a farmer, told the Nation that every time the residents find a body, a report is usually made to the nearby Kiganjo Police Station and the officers respond by picking up the body.

The residents say the police initially were hesitant to collect the bodies but were now responding promptly.

“The first time we made a report, it took up to four days by which the body had decomposed,” says Mugambi Kiama.

People avoid venturing into the forest because they fear that the killers may be residing in the forest.

Mr Kiama says that even though no one from the area had been reported missing, there was apprehension among the residents that one of them could be next on the executioners’ list.

Ms Wangari says women who usually fetch firewood in the forest are the most traumatised by the killings.

“Everyone is fearful of being accosted by the ghosts (of the dead) seeking to avenge,” she says.

Horrifying moment

The mother of six, whose 30 cows graze in the forest on a daily basis, says she at times is too scared to fetch and the animals spend the night in the forest. This happens whenever the men in her household are late in driving them home.

“About 300 head of cattle graze in the forest but not beyond 4pm because it is believed that is when the enemy could be laying in wait for victims,” says Ms Wangari, her sentiments clearly informed by fear.

Her long-time friend and neighbour, Ms Mercy Njeri, says the most horrifying moment for her was when she found a body still burning in the morning as she went to fetch fire wood.

The 60-year-old grandmother’s experience of the last three months have filled her mind with horror.

She urges the provincial administration and the police to carry out thorough investigations to end the killings.

Ms Njeri is optimistic that with the coming closer of the provincial administration, measures will be put in place to apprehend the culprits.

The area is under the newly-created Nyeri North District which was hived off the larger Nyeri District. The headquarters is Chaka Town.

The district was created in January last year alongside Nyeri South District as President Kibaki implemented the split of several expansive districts in Central Kenya.

Security meetings

District commissioner Francis Komen, says he has organised security meetings with area residents to map out strategies of dealing with the situation since the police cannot be on the ground all the time to monitor the area.

According to Mr Komen the residents are expected to keep an eye on suspicious vehicles plying the route at odd hours and furnish authorities with such information.

“With the necessary induction, the residents will be able to monitor any suspicious activities and report the matter immediately to the authorities,” he says.

The concept of community policing, DC says, will be handy in dealing with the situation. It is the best strategy of getting to the bottom of what looks like a well coordinated murder syndicate, he states.

The bodies, he says, are usually dumped at two-week intervals but is shocked after the discovery of three bodies in a week.

Identities of victims

Nyeri head of police Sebastian Kirunya says his office has been unable to establish the identities of the victims since their fingerprints are usually destroyed by fire.

Carrying out DNA tests on the bodies, he says, could help in identification but this option is expensive as it is usually undertaken in South Africa when the state is under intense pressure to reveal the identity of a dead person.

“We have no choice but to pick up the bodies which are eventually disposed of as there are usually no claims to compel the State to pursue other options,” he says.

Police patrols, Mr Kirunya says, have been increased in the area to crack the murder syndicate.

He says initial investigations indicate that the individuals are killed elsewhere and their bodies dumped in the forest at night.

Anonymous said...

11.37, i do not think that any kumekuchan celebrates the death of kanyotu we dont even know him!!

Anonymous said... least note those in their sound mind.

Anonymous said...

mariane brinner take your rants to another blog!!

infact there's a blog called kibakitena are you aware of it?....its specifically suited for cases just like yours, i think you, sam and hellen okello would feel welcome and comfortable there.

Anonymous said...

dr teacher, me teacher, me teacher........... mwizi keguoya

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:01 or better Hellen Okello_ take your cheap rants to the male prostitutes of your so-called husband Sam ...... and after you have finished with them or better after they have satisfied Sam on your behalf, take a deep sigh of release for not having to fulfill your wifely duties anymore. Maybe - and I hope this because I still regard you as a sister although one being hopeless and desperate - you will find one of these days even some other targets for your hate against real women and if not, go and satisfy yourself - I am sure you know how because that's what you do since years. But please spare us with your frustration - you stupid bitch.

Anonymous said...

Marianne Briner, the international prostitute!

Anonymous said...

Mkenya Halisi

You leave Raila out of your mouth- we want them British- Americans- EU-Australia right in Kenya to help Kenyans remove this illegal thieving government - go tell your PNU Martha Karua -she can abuse all she wants the because all this foreign powers are here because Kenyans asked them to help NOT PNU- I REPEAT KENYANS and you better get used to it!! they are going nowhere

\you think we don't know PNU plans for ODM!! if the foreign powers were not in Kenya watching closely!! more assassinations would have happened to ODM- false Imprisonment- execution Killings like the ones done to the 50 mungiki members then bodies dumped in the forests- we heard from good sources that this is still the plan - when Kofi Annan leaves- PNU WANTS HIM TO FAIL- so that they can start their killing spree- but guess what!! this time Kenyans are aware and yes we are prepared to remove Kibaki from power by force even if it means bloodshed of innocent Kenyans!!democracy - comes with a price- we are ready for you thieves!!!

By the way- the British Government- USA- EU- Australia- Canada and the rest of the governments around the world are involved in helping Kenyans gain democracy at the invitation of Kenyan people who own Kenya not a few thieves!!!!

Take Notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I request them to block all PNU members who are obstructing the Koffi Annan proceedings- I also request them to freeze all thier accounts- I second Kiai Maina on this - they should also investigate and deny all the people in the private sector who were at the meeting help by Michuki, Karua, Karume, Uhuru, Saitoti to bank roll the mungiki gang med January we know about that- all the accounts should be frozen too-
I heard some have already rushed to close their accounts in England & the states - but the problem is they can't move big junks of money around without it being noticed because all eyes are watching- so relatives and friends are being used to withdrew money !! we know!!

Anonymous said...

Before you swallow me alive, take a moment and see where Iraq is. When America and the coalition forces attacked Iraq in 1991 to remove Saddam, everyone said it was Ok. It was OK to interfere with another sovereign country without the participation of its own people. They were just to sit and watch a solution being made for them. 17 years down the line, America is still in Iraq. There is a Govt there, but do you even know the name of the President of Iraq? He is being remote-controlled. His name is not even important. He has no say. He does what he is told. Nowadays America says there is democracy in Iraq. Gani!? America has oil interests in Iraq and that is their motive for pretending to help Iraq from itself. That is my fear for Kenya too. At the moment everybody seems to think their armtwisting is OK. It is true Raila was denied the presidency. But the way this is being resolved is what I am not liking. Have you noticed that Annan is becoming bolder day by day? Did you notice how he ordered that the negotiators go to a remote location? Tell me, between Uganda, Ruanda, Burundi, Southern Sudan and DRC Congo on one side and America, UK, EU, Canada, Switzerland and Germany on the other, who is REALLY affected by the turmoil in Kenya? Am sure you agree its the former. But how come they are quiet? How is it that when Kigame and Mu7 try to give their opinions on how to solve the Kenyan issue, they are quickly ruled out of order, but when Britain and EU say Kenyans should be ready to suffer consequences if they don't subscribe to the Annan solutions, everybody says sawa? When Annan came to Kenya, he said he did not have the solution, now he is telling Kenyans what they should do? Don't get me wrong, I am also for a grand coalition. But who is pushing it? Can it be owned by Kenyans? Have Kenyans been given a chance to debate it? Even the parliamentarians did not debate it. They were just to say yes or no. Did you notice all the white men seated in the old parliament building when Annan was talking to the MPs? Why weren't other Kenyans e.g Kiplagat, Sumbeiywo etc also invited?
Hey, Kenyans, let us own this process. We are just spectators. Don't we Kenyans have our own resolve to make Kibaki and Raila do our bidding? Don't we Kenyans know what we want? These foreigners have now entered our bedrooms and very soon they will be telling us when to sleep with our wives and when to abstain!! Realistically, who is the current de facto president of Kenya? Is it not Annan of Ghana?

Mkenya Halisi

Anonymous said...

people people

This is a must read-



Reply to Museveni's letter attacking Betti Kamya
Last updated : 13 Feb 2008, Kampala

By Captain Vincent
President's Office

I salute you all in your continued fight against dictatorship. This man, M7 either assumes Ugandans are still fools or we just do not think. I will get back to that later.

To the present: our only "God sent Revolutionary" is up at his usual game of intimidating his opponents or those who have woken up to his grand theft not to mention his killings of innocent Ugandans and Africans in order to grab and retain power.

He has now written in the New Vision to scare off Rubaga MP Beti Kamya for telling the Ugandans the truth about his origins. For starters, we in PGB and the security apparatus were so happy with what Beti wrote. And so was every one who works in State House, UPDF not to mention most Ugandans.

What she is saying is what is on the minds of every Ugandan, except that she had the courage to come out and say it.

However, Museveni has completely lost his senses or powers of judgement as is evident in the following statements. (Taken from point 2 of Museveni's rant in the New Vision link above).

2. "When we woke up, we were holding peace, while he held all our assets," writes the Honourable FDC MP. Which assets is Museveni holding other than the property earned from his sweat and heritage (Rwakitura, Kisozi, etc)? She goes further to say that Ugandans should emulate Kenyans to kill each other; that is the "waking up" Kamya is talking about. "It is not going to be easy, because no thief, robber, looter, colonialist ever let go of their loot easilyc and Museveni has been more cunning than most, saving the gun, for the final onslaught of Uganda"
"Property earned from his sweat and heritage (Rwakitura, Kisozi, etc)?" Really is that a true statement ? People who have been with Museveni for over 40 years, we know for a fact that this statement can not be true.

When we captured power in 1986, one of the first things Museveni did was to rush and obtain an empty piece of land where no one knows him. This is a fact, period. He cannot deny it. This land belongs to the Government but trust this cunning man, all the titles were changed to reflect that the land belonged to one Amos Kaguta.

On the issue of Kisozi farm, this land belonged to one Haji Kafumisi, the owner of Kisozi House here in Kampala, (lets hope Museveni's grand sons do not claim it as their heritage!), was the owner of Entebbe Resort, which is in the present day Karim's hotel.

A small man, I met Haji on a visit to this ranch before the sale sometime in 1987, 1988 or thereabouts. Among those on this tour were Museveni himself and the late Lt. Col. Serwanga Lwanga.

This man approached us to first and foremost, pay back some of his cows which we (NRA) had eaten during the war; and secondly, to solicite us (government) to buy his farm to enable him raise capital and complete a project which was dear to his heart, that hotel in Entebbe.

During this tour, Museveni was uncharacteristically quiet, whereas the late Serwanga Lwanga and Musa Kigongo laboured at length for NRA to buy this ranch for various interests; the late Lwanga had in mind the sustainability of the Army, but the fellow Haji had his eyes on a 10% difference (enjawulo).

At the end of the tour, considering that all this time Museveni said little, we did not expect to buy the farm for the army, when the boss's (Museveni) only comment had been that "it is a nice farm".

Anyway to cut the story short, NRA (read Government) went ahead and bought this farm for the army, the sale being inclusive of all the equipment and over 800 cows on the farm at that time.

Now, how the same farm turned into personal property and "heritage" of one Yoweri T. Kaguta Museveni is still a subject of discussions within the Army, Defence, State House, PGB, Finance, Land Office and now Ugandans at large.

Museveni should tell Ugandans how he acquired both properties instead of simplifying the issue as "work earned by sweating and heritage" as he has claimed in his rant.

Before coming to power, Museveni had never held a job where he was paid enough to enable him buy 5 square miles of land. Neither is there evidence whatsoever that his father, or any other relative for that matter, was a rich man.

Regarding his origins, Museveni being a very cunning person tried to preempt this issue during his speech after swearing in as president in 1986 by claiming that he does not know /remember when he was born but guesses that it was somewhere during the time the war veterans returned after World War II.

Many Ugandans may have forgotten this speech, but all this was a calculated move since he did not have a birth certificate. How many people far older than Museveni, including people from that same area where he claims he was born, have these certificates and even if they do not, at least know their birth days? Then what is so exceptional about Museveni's case that he just has to "guess" as if we are talking about someone from the Stone Age, or should some scientists come and use radio carbon dating to determine the date of his appearance on this earth?

Ugandans, when Beti says Museveni is cunning, believe it or not, this boy is just too smart for most ordinary Ugandans to appreciate the depth of the deception he has used, and that is why he has managed to rule us for 22 years and will have more years, not because he is working for the good of this country, but because we have failed to appreciate that we are just dealing with a very smart, forward thinking crook and conman, period. Yes, the sad fact is that many Ugandans have been so docile and practically "brain dead" that they have been unable to see through the cunning schemes which Museveni the expert conman has pulled off. Even up to now, you will find a few totally blind people who stubbornly refuse to see that we have a big problem. Well, as they say, sometimes in life you get what you deserve.

During his school days in Ntale High School, whereas most students longed to go back for holidays at home, Museveni used to create problems towards the end of the term so that the headmaster could detain him in the school during the holidays to dig in the gardens as a punishment!

He was always the last to go for holidays and the first to return a week or so earlier, only to tell his friends how he spent time at so and so's home. Now he talks of his origin with such (false) confidence and ease, thinking he can dupe people and distort history all the time.

Beti Kamya, stay firm. This may be a blessing in disguise. Because if he takes that route to the courts, we shall provide you with all the evidence you need to expose this crook for what he is, just as we did in the case for Besigye. All you have to do is any time you write an article, put an email address somewhere in the article and/or mention your lawyers and leave the rest to us.

We know Museveni so well and will pin him down when the time comes and he has no direct control of his killer machine

Anonymous said...

4.45, i am not marianne brinner or helen okello...if you read my post 3.01 you would know i was advocating for their removal from this blog!!

people here have paranoia!!....eish!

Anonymous said...


Kanyotu has completed his tour of duty, and he is gone. Let him RIP.

Kumekucha has achieved its purpose, whichever it is time for Kumekucha to RIP....


Marianne Briner said...

JEFF - HELLEN - SAM and all the others:

I think your suggestion to create my own blog is a good idea.

So from tomorrow onwards (because today is my birthday and I therefore prefer to spend some of my precious time with friends) you can access it under

Be prepared to read some very interesting and maybe also shocking news 'marianne-style' .....

Marianne Briner said...

Anon 11.42 PM....... please get into contact with me ...... I may be able to give you some more information about Museveni since I knew the uncle of his wife Janet - his name will for sure ring a bell: John Kazzora ....... he told me a lot about Museveni....

And in case you have doubts me, please forget the Jeff Koinange Saga and all the rest ...... this is a very serious subject, so don't please don't hesitate to contact me under

Trust me - inspite of all the rubbish people have said, written and distributed about me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"""" Before you swallow me alive, take a moment and see where Iraq is. When America and the coalition forces attacked Iraq in 1991 to remove Saddam, everyone said it was Ok. It was OK to interfere with another sovereign country without the participation of its own people.""""""

You Must be Joking or insane
(to compare Iraq & Kenya)

It is damn ok for all this foreign powers to come into Kenya- because majority of Kenyans invited them !! we do not have a legitimate president!! we have a crook who has forced himself on Kenyan people!! so do not make a comparison on Kenya and Iraq that is damn foolish!! and you are more crazy to even suggest or imagining that Kenyan are foolish enough to give KIBAKI -MARTHA KARUA AND THEIR cronies another chance to slaughter them using the police with the shot to kill order!! plus using the Mungiki gangs to kill and rape children and women and to circumcise by force luo's - men dismembered bodies of tribes that were in central during the clashes and used their heads for road blocks(we have no idea how many were killed in Central- but we have reports coming out and it will shock the world) Central closed all roads blocked by mungiki's and slaughtered to their hearts desire

Now you preach here that we should not let foreigners in?? You blood thirsty kikuyu's had planned to finish other tribes who rejected Kibaki and that is why you are making nows about foreigners being in Kenya!! Listen clearly!! we don't have a government- we don't have a president - The world will help defenseless Kenyans to make a choice- They are all invited to our country in our homes in our living rooms by Kenyan who own the country!! not Kibaki or Martha Karua or Watengula those are few crooked Kenyans I should add THIEVES THAT RIGGED ELECTIONS- compared to more than 4million Kenyans kids who didn't vote included-

By the way?? when was the Kenyan censors done last??
Kikuyu's only give birth to 1 or 2 children !!other tribes 3 to 5 since early seventies- I doubt whether it is the largest tribe in Kenya!! My first request with the new government will be count all Kenyans!! people will be shocked with the results-
Those central votes will tell a different story thieves!!

Anonymous said...

Contimue reading- how proud are the \kikuyu's do they accept this from this person called \kibaki that they Follow blindly- next it will be their own brothers , sisters, husbands who dare cross Kibaki and Lucy plus Martha Karua-


10. Almost all the deceased are young Kikuyu male adults. Records of the bodies that
have already been identified by relatives indicate that the deceased are mainly
from Kiambu, Muranga, Nyeri and Nairobi slums such as Mathare, Korogocho,
Huruma, Dandora and Kariobangi. Majority of the deceased died from gunshot
wounds most of which are concentrated on the head which is corroborated by a
number of post mortem reports by the Pathologist Dr. Peter M. Ndegwa an expert
in Diagnostic Medicine who is categorical that the cause of death in many of the
cases has been execution on account of gun shot wounds at close range.
11. Further, KNCHR found that there were some months when the entries in the
register shot skywards. In the months of June and July after the Minister for
Internal Security Hon. John Michuki announced a crack down on the proscribed
Mungiki sect, the police register at the mortuary indicated that the number of
bodies brought in by police rose sharply to 223. This is compared to a figure of
189 recorded in the register for the 5 months from January to May 2007 before
the crackdown. For instance on 7th June 2007 following the infamous Kosovo
Raid in Mathare, a total of 8 bodies were booked that evening in the city mortuary
register all of whom were of young Kikuyu males while on 22nd June 2007, the
police register recorded a total of 13 bodies booked by police as having been shot
around Nairobi area.
12. Further analysis of this register shows that from August 2007, the rate of bookings
in the register considerably declined. This coincided with the period when
residents of Suswa and Kiserian reported the dumping of bodies in nearby forests
when these bodies were discovered as they had not been taken to the mortuary as
had been the practice before.
13. KNCHR is also disturbed by the large number of bodies categorized as having
been collected by police after alleged shoot-outs. Can it be mere coincidence that
11 bodies reportedly collected from Yatta; Machakos between 5th August 2007
and 30th September 2007 were all established to be of Kikuyu origin? Clearly,
there is more than meets the eye and KNCHR has been informed by some of the
family members that the deceased persons were arrested in various locations by
Police in Nairobi before inexplicably surfacing up dead miles away in Yatta.
Indeed all the witnesses of the Yatta incident concur that none of the deceased
was from the area and that deaths by drowning in this area are very rare.
14. There is a striking similarity in the pattern between these incidents; they coincide
with the period after the month of June 2007 when the government declared the
war on Mungiki and on wanted criminals. It is also noteworthy that this is the
same period when a large number of people have disappeared without trace. The
fact that no official action has been taken in response, notwithstanding the
numerous reports made to the authorities, raises a lot of suspicion. Those who
spoke to KNCHR regarding the dumping of bodies in Ngong stated that they
reported the matter to the area chief who promised them that he would report the
same to the police for action.
15. From the KNCHR visits to 3 mortuaries in the country, a pattern is discernible
where bodies have been booked in by police all of which exhibit a regular degree
of methodical and meticulous consistency as to the cause of death-shots from the
back of their heads at close range- which is attested to by postmortem reports

No body deserves to die like this- for heavens sake - put them in jail for life- Kibaki that is what jails are for!!! you murderer!!!

Anonymous said...

sO THIS PEOPLE HAVE CHILDREN?? what goes round comes round- I wish them all the best...............

29. An Official with the Provincial Administration confirmed to KNCHR of having received reports of bodies found within his area of jurisdiction. He stated that this
trend began in June since which about 21 bodies had been collected by the police.

It was his view that there could be many other bodies dumped in the area but not reported to the police and which had ended up being devoured by the hyenas. He told KNCHR that he had raised these issues with his immediate superiors.
It was also his evidence that these killings have been the subject of security meetings where police authorities from Kiserian were in attendance and in political
meetings chaired by the local Member of Parliament, Honorable George Saitoti.

The Official voiced his frustrations to KNCHR that despite having reported the killings and dumping in his sub-location, no action had been taken by any office.

30. The official told KNCHR that he thought the people killed were not residents within his jurisdiction and could not have been from his area. This finding was
corroborated by members of the community who stated that the bodies were normally found with personal effects including money and mobile phones, which were then collected by police when they came to collect the bodies.

Source of Figures Number of Bodies
City Mortuary Police Register on shootings
(7th June -22nd October 2007)
Number of bodies counted and verified by
KNCHR (7th June -19th October 2007
Machakos Mortuary (Yatta) 8
Naivasha District Mortuary 11
Collected from Ngong/ Kiserian (Police
Collected from Ngong/ Kiserian
(provincial administration figures)
Bodies booked from Ngong /Kiserian (city
Petitions received at KNCHR of persons
who have disappeared since June 2007

How can Kenyans be so blind to what kibaki-Michuki ans Saitoti did to this people?? even if they were mungiki- jails are there for criminals- no one is allowed to take or order for the death of other human beings

Now I understand why it is no big deal for kibaki seeing Kenyans killing each other or him ordering police to shot to kill- for him he gives orders from his bedroom!! he is a MURDERER- I don't care what all you people think !!

Anonymous said...

Does the End Justify the Means?
Tell that to Kibaki-karua-Michuki and Saitoti(How do they sleep at night)?

acknowledges that incidents of crime especially violent crime associated
with the Mungiki have waned in the same period that these killings have occurred.

But reported executions of about 500 people that we know about cannot be an acceptable way to fight crime. The Police cannot be the investigator, judge and
executioner in the country especially as we have a judiciary set up for this very purpose.

At this point, we have no way of knowing just how many of the dead were actually criminals and how many were innocent people targeted either
deliberately or accidentally.

AND KIBAKI-MARTHA KARUA, MICHIKI, SAITOTI AND THIER CRONIES ARE ASKING KENYANS TO TRUST THE POLICE FORCE??? which Kenyan in their right mind can trust this police- after the killing spree's they have been on and still going strong?

can you trust to let your children out not knowing they might be picked up by mistake and be executed on mistaken Identity?? Kenyans do you want to be ruled in fear?? I don't!!!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

to all the people who talk about Mr James Kanyotu like you all knew him...I'd like you to get something perfectly clear..YOU DID NOT KNOW HIM!!! you speak so badly about him and i think you should know that he was a very kind and loving person to me. he would always talk to you and help you with whatever i needed from him. it hurts me to see all these bad comments expecialy te "KANYOTU...HMMM.....WELL AT LEAST HE'S DEAD NOW. THAT MOFO HAD ALOT TO DO WITH ALL THE PROMINENT KILLINGS IN KENYA" writen about him expecialy by people who didnt know him. how dare you call him a "MOFO" SHAME ON YOU! you didnt even know him

all this coming from a person who knew him well and live with him and family.

Anonymous said...

Folks, it's amazing how quickly people who insist they were Christians/Religious throw out their 'beliefs' and behave just like rabid savages thirsting for blood!
In the Bible, it says, "Judge not, lest ye be judged", and Jesus himself re-iterates, "Let he without sin cast the first stone". So unless all y'all who are flapping your gums can claim to be sin-free, then I suggest you leave a man and his God to figure that out.
I knew the man; I didn't agree with everything he said or did, but I'm not egotistical enough to believe I have no flaws of my own.
A lot of people are going on inaccuracies and innuendos in making their assumptions, which they are then re-stating as fact. For those who have been victims of rumours themselves, you know what a crapshoot that can be.
Live your lives people, and let the dead rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Im going to miss dad

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