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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Breaking News: Troop Movements Worry Kisumu Residents

News just in this morning from the Kumekucha man on the ground in Kisumu indicate that for almost a week now, there has been movement of Kenya Army soldiers through Kisumu headed towards Kakamega and Busia.

Our man counted three Kenya Army trucks this morning all packed with soldiers. It would appear that the troop movement is being staggered in such a way as to attract as little attention as possible.

We cannot speculate at this time as to what this troop movement means. Kumekucha is however still consulting experts on these matters and I will update this story later in the day.

PNU Mischief In This Blog

Meanwhile persons believed to be supporters of PNU have over the last few days been up to some serious mischief in this blog. Cutting and pasting old posts in the comments area, they have convinced many that Kumekucha is about to be shut down. I can confirm that the comments have NOT been posted by either Marianne Brinner or the Okellos. In fact at one point posts attacking both sides were posted from the same IP address. The comments have almost had the desired effect of provoking both the Okellos and Marianne Briner against each other.

I appeal to readers to disregard this mischief even as I take further action on this.

Interestingly this comes hot in the heels of an effort at duplicating the design, look and even address of this site to create a clone site that had mostly PNU propaganda. This effort fell flat on its’ face and the perpetrators were forced to change the site into a members-by-invitation only blog, meaning that most of the public they seek to influence with their lies are not able to access the site. The reason was probably because the ceators of this site had not thought through their action and suddenly found themselves in a very embarrassing position where everybody could see “their dirty work.”

I appeal to all Kenyans of good will to be extremely cautious at this time because a wounded lion is very dangerous. My belief is that PNU supporters are in exactly that position now and this is the time when they are bound to resort to the dirtiest tricks.

P.S. We have so far been unable to confirm rumours of heightened police and military activity in Nairobi suburbs. Many of our readers have bombarded me to confirm these reports.


Anonymous said...

Our brave troops have the right to move anywhere in this beautiful country anytime and that they do! I guess the alarm is because they were spotted in "Kisumu'. Had they been seen moving around in lets say, Lodwar or Kirinyaga, no one would have given a monkeys. The fact is Kibaki is not the savage Idi amin which many of you want to paint him. How I wish he was!

-Martha Karua's biggest fan!

Joe said...

Me thinks the army wants to take over. Anan has pushed PNU to a corner and now they have nothing to lose.

Phil said...

Marthas big fun, thank you very much.

Graca Machel to Martha Karua, very interesting:

"“Listen to me young lady. You have not seen life. I fought as a guerrilla in the bushes of Mozambique and I have been married to two African heads of state. Please don't be a nuisance and understand that the Kenyan problem need a political solution not a legal one. We have the goodwill of the Kenyan people and the international community. If we can't make progress with you we might have to kick you out and the process will continue without you!"

That is why the lady from Gichugu mellowed while Orengo and Ruto shared broad grins!
Hope your heroine takes the advise seriously.

Troop movement in opposition stronghold will definitely raise apprehension especially from a people who have had to use slings to defend themselves against state sponsored terrorism and Uganda Peoples Defence Forces. It is even worse at this time when we all know that PNU hardliners (and ODM-K sympathisers) are working 24 hours to sabotage Annan mediation mission.

Check my next post for an indepth analysis why this post by chris, and comments by joe, are true.

Kenyan Revelations said...

we cancot confirm but our source opines that the PNU gang intends to dishonour the Annan deal. As is widely expected, there will likely be an outbreak of violence. Our source says that PNU thinks that some Luo militia are training in South Sudan and are receiving good armament from the North because Kibaki and M7, having struck a rapport acquired a common enemy. That enemy, it is whispered in MI circles is funding the Luo militia. The army, it is reported, is meant to keep away the insurgents.

The thinking is that in the case of a failed mediation by Annan, the militia will invade Kenya, helped by an army of Kalenjin warriors. They calculate to overrun Nairobi in a week after a sustained fire beyond Nakuru. The NEP has not bought the idea, while the coast has an interesting perspective. We have refused to break this news at our blog because it is all part of government plot to slaughter innocent civilians.

If you have read us in the two weeks that we have been around, you understand what we are talking about. Kenya is set for a long haul indeed. Question is, does Kenya have a rebellion in the making? We wait and see.

Marianne Briner said...

I am glad Chris has clarified this and taken his point ...... but since I do not want to experience such an awkward situation another time, I still continue with my idea of publishing my own blog covering these political subjects under

intiving not only Kenyans from all around the world but also Expatriates and friends (like me) to join me to build a better Kenya ..... a Kenya in which all of us can live without fear .... in a world free of racism .....

A dream maybe - but a dream worth fighting for.

Don't you think so?

Marianne Briner

And if you have a minute so spare, say a prayer for the soul of Robert Ouko who was killed during this night of February 13/14th, 1990......

deroo said...

Are the Army in Kenya not allowed free movement. There has been an army base in Bundalangi since the Chepkube Kikuyu Coffee Buying rackets in the 70s. If they are travelling within Kenya, then, they are doing what they are allowed to.

I also tend to believe that the army have been offering escorts to deal with the loons and morons who had errected 'extortion spots' along the Northern Corridor. If so, then they are free to travel the width and breath of Kenya.

As for Graca, I wish Martha Karua told her "but this is Kenya. You have not seen much of us yet. After fighting for three weeks, businesses are up and running and the west have been put to shame"

Graca should equally know that the problems her native country had were during the ideological cold war and one of her own (name withheld) offered fell in the middle of the axis of genocide that visited her country.

Trained in Cuba, funded by Russia and like Thomas Joseph Mboya, used as a snitch by the CIA.


deroo said...

Are the Army in Kenya not allowed free movement. There has been an army base in Bundalangi since the Chepkube Kikuyu Coffee Buying rackets in the 70s. If they are travelling within Kenya, then, they are doing what they are allowed to.

I also tend to believe that the army have been offering escorts to deal with the loons and morons who had errected 'extortion spots' along the Northern Corridor. If so, then they are free to travel the width and breath of Kenya.

As for Graca, I wish Martha Karua told her "but this is Kenya. You have not seen much of us yet. After fighting for three weeks, businesses are up and running and the west have been put to shame"

Graca should equally know that the problems her native country had were during the ideological cold war and one of her own (name withheld) offered fell in the middle of the axis of genocide that visited her country.

Trained in Cuba, funded by Russia and like Thomas Joseph Mboya, used as a snitch by the CIA.


No-to-Kibaki (NEP) said...

We in NEP are ready to supply weapons and not arrows. each family has an AK47 and that will come in handy as well. There is no Army to guard the close to 1,000KM Kenya-Somalia border who is so vast that even 100,000 men can't man. When the war will erupt, you will see how NEP will side with ODM tribes and supplies weapons. We didn't vote for Kibaki, he has rigged the elections. Defence Minister Yusuf Haji was advised by the Somalis to maintain a low profile so that he doesn't pit the society against ODM tribes s he serves the bandit regime led by Hippo Kibaki and he has obliged.

Free RV said...

Kalenjin Warriors never hide their readiness: (today news)

Anonymous said...

Thursday, February 14, 2008
Ndura Waruinge and Maina Njenga are still Mungiki
Christian convert and PNU politician Ndura Waruinge and imprisoned mungiki chief Maina Njenga have not "properly deserted mungiki", we can now report. A leader of the gang in Central Nairobi, a Mathenge (Mnyama) was asked by a reporter why his dreaded gang had not beheaded the duo. His answere was curt, "They are alive because we know they have not moved, there are clear structures on how resignations of top leaders are handled, look they were once Muslims remember that conversion? Now they are Christians, maybe tomorrow they will be Hindu but the bottom line is that they are still part of us".

From the interview, it emerged that some of mungiki's followers are the educated middle-class who contribute a whooping KShs 2 billion a year to sustain the gang. Consequences for defaulting are scary, the gang says.

Asked whether they kill people, Mathenge retorted, "True we have been killing people but you have to understand us, even God in the Old Testament killed people who did not toe the line of the Law. We have been killing defectors, and those who refuse to pay their dues for our services and that will not stop".

Asked how many mungiki members are in Kenya and abroad, "We had our last National Convention in April 2007 in Thogoto and we realized we had recruited 45,000 new members we are now about 2.8 million, of course excluding Women and Children".

The group is currently led by one Joe Waiganjo (General) and draws membership from some of the politicians in parliament.
Meanwhile, a plan by the outlawed Mungiki, a sect which is slowly transforming into an Italian like Mafia, was to blame for most of the crimes committed in early 2007 in the East African nation, a confidential twenty-four page police report indicates. The report details a shocking blow-blow account of a Mungiki that is not only running real estate and transport businesses but one that is now boasting of making a number of poor people instant millionaires and one that was preparing to sponsor a number of candidates to parliament in last year’s general elections – which they did.
The report says that the crime wave that had hit the country at the time the report was compiled under the spotlight was directly funded by the Mungiki and is intentionally aimed at the rich and prominent in the society and police officers.The report even lists recently fallen Kenya’s most wanted Criminal Simon Matheri Ikeere as one of the prominent members of the dreaded cult. “Out of the 26 criminals whose photo’s police have circulated over the last six months, 18 belong to the Mungiki,” the report says.
So organized is the Mungiki, that the report approximates the net worth of the outlawed religious sect at Shs. 4.5 billion as at January 15 this year. Interestingly, the report says the Mungiki are currently preparing to have its first budget in May this year – a month before the National budget usually presented by Finance Ministers in parliament.Just like any other serious Mafia organization, the Mungiki runs six armouries – five less than what the state runs, across the country. The headquarters, the report says, is in Laikipia and that’s where all the sources of weapons direct their donations.
“The Mungiki Laikipia armory is large and runs about 15 feet deep, those who steal guns from the police are rewarded with ranks within the organization and are branded heroes,” the report reveals.Other armouries are in Dandora, Tigoni area, Kayole, Njiru and Kitengela. “Each armoury exists for a reason; the Tigoni one is a back-up for highway crime, while Kayole and Njiru exist so as to offer refuge to gangsters and those commanding the transport sector.”“The Kitengela armoury is the main source of weapons and manpower to spread fear and panic, basically it is meant to organize and dispatch assignments,” the report reads.
The sources of weapons for the organization has been directly linked to the beef business where guns are wrapped together with the meat as it makes its way from North-Eastern to the country, other sources include th Oromo Liberation Front in Ethiopia and North Uganda.
In the armouries, the main weapons available are AK 47’s with a cache of bullets and G3 rifles.“The ultimate goal,” reads the report stamped highly confidential, “is to make sure that both the Police Commissioner and the Minister for Internal Security are sacked.
“The attack on foreigners is so as to affect the booming tourism industry and to increase the pressure of the sackings from abroad countries housed in Kenya, attacks on the rich and the prominent is a strategy to unify Kenyans around the same cause, while that strategy of killing police officers is meant to scare the law enforcers, and those are all characteristics of a Mafia Organization,” the report chillingly reads on.
“They have established a clear broad network and with the laws on money laundering still very weak they are able to access lots of money through charity like events and others directly from Kenyans with a die hard association with the group, a channel that cannot be stopped, because they educate hundreds of children and even run three credible children’s home,” the report says.
Mungiki, the report further reveals has already adopted a flag that’s coloured white, yellow, green, red and black – hues associated with the sect.
Links are also being drawn to an international organization the Universal Miracle Centre, little information about the mother body were forthcoming by the time of going to press. “The resurgence of the sect comes after a failed attempt to revive under the guise of the National Youth Alliance Party,” the report further reads.
Young unemployed people are lured into Mungiki through practical pledges of employment and life changing fortune making assignments, “graduates pass through a rite that involves ingesting human urine and umbilical cords, before undergoing a public baptism, where English (or Christian) names are dropped in favour of authentic names”.
Elaborate Ritual
The report further details how conversion to Mungiki happens, “Initially held at their shrine in Karandi area of Laikipia District, the oathing ceremony is an elaborate process, which begins late in the evening, goes on through the night to end at dawn.
”Black sheep and goats are slaughtered and their blood mixed with some mixture said to be made out of wild plant roots. Other independent sources explained to our reporters that, “Traditional Kikuyu beer, Muratina, whose main component is honey is served in plenty as the initiates engage in singing and chanting slogan in praise of their gods and the movement.”
Paraphernalia, which include walking sticks painted in red, green, black and white, gourds and small tobacco containers are passed around to members and a flag in the same colours is normally hosted outside the shrine. "We are Mungiki and we shall stick together and guard the secrets of our sect. We shall protect one another and remain united under our leaders…" the initiates chant as they sip a bloody concoction that is passed around to everyone present. They also sing traditional songs.
“Roast meat is also passed around to members who take bites in turns after their leaders, and tobacco, in small containers, is passed around for members to sniff,” says a former member who requested anonymity.
The man, who co-ordinated Mungiki activities in Rift Valley since the sect was founded until it was declared illegal, says the aim of the elaborate ritual is to unify the group. "All we wanted to achieve was strong unity and to be identified by the society," he says. The sole purpose of the oath, he says, is to ensure that the initiates abide to our doctrines of coming together to form a society that respects the Kikuyu culture and the ancient practices.
As morning comes, the new initiates are "baptised" in the wee hours of the morning at a dam near the shrine. The then sect spiritual leader Maina Njenga conducted the ceremonies. The converts are immersed in the murky waters before passing over a goatskin, which is spread on the ground where the spiritual leader stood. The sad thing about those who joined the sect after being coerced was that there was no turning back after the oath, our source revealed.
"Anyone who joined the sect would be allowed to know all the secrets including our sources of funds our operations and other internal matters. That is why some people were killed once they denounced the sect," he reveals. There is no turning back once you are a true Mungiki, he says, adding that no one has ever performed a reversal ritual.
"This explains why those who join us disappear from the public domain once they feel like not continuing to be members," he explains.

This blog is always right- believe what you read- we have evil in Kenya-

Joe said...


As usual you bury your head in the sand. Escorts are not the same as troop movements. Ideological cold war or not, the lady is here because there is a problem. Any sane Kenyan should be wary of troop movements in a time like this. All said, bring it on. We will deal with you army or no army. You cannot stop the will of the people.

Kenyan Revelations said...

ODM-PNU just signed an agreement.

deroo said...


Wacha uoga. Kenya is safe. Did you go to work today? Yes. You are working hard to clothe, feed and raise a family yes. A poor woman was roasted in a church and her kids are orphaned.

Wacha kuongea hivyo. Graca should just enjoy the Annan Koffi Party and go back down south. Tutajipanga sisi wenyewe.

Kazi ikiendelea...


Anonymous said...


Trust me, i am the last to be scared of anything.

Joe said...


Trust me, i am the last to be scared of anything

Anonymous said...

A deal has been made! Hurrrraaaayyyy

Anonymous said...


Look at the plan in Action- First we wake up to a report in the UK telegraph (reads very shady- I would like to talk to those journalist-sounded like a 9 year old explaining )
anyway that the Kalenjins are arming themselves up with bows and arrows??
then suddenly we hear army movements heading towards those Rift Valley areas?? what does that tell you??

How come the Army is not heading to central where we have confirmed reports of MUNgiki recruiting by force and buying guns from the somali's in in a big forward drive?? remember the Somali leader Congratulated KIBAKI??

Kenyans wake up look at the patten of the story??

UK Telegraph - is playing up something?? Britain and The USA have been known to say things in public but behind the scenes working against-
Kenyans Lets call them out- bloggers send messages to the Telegraph and insist to know who are this reporters -who reported on KALENJIN RECRUITMENTS??

i'M A KIKUYU nd I'm tired of living on the brink of fear and nasty papers and people vying for more kenyan bloodshed

Anonymous said...

I believe you have something on this- why the report of kalenjin recruitment with poisoned bows and arrows?? then army movement?? - is it another way of killing innocent kenyans??- yes why isn't there a report on MUNGIKI MOVEMENT in Naivasha and Nakuru and it is well known they control this two towns??

how about central?? I understand their base is in Laikipia and they all have an arsenal of guns ready to fight??

Army movement is to kill the people in Western Kenya - Nyanza and Rift valley in the pretense ati they are arming themselves^^^^

Government Propaganda with the help of UK telegraph^^^^^

Anonymous said...

Oh boy!

The government didn't plan to let Koffi Annan led talks to succeed!
My questions are:
The story in the UK Telegraph coinciding with army movement?
What is the connection?

The story even seems very far fetched? it is like the reporter was 9 years old- reporting for a school play- and guess what the Telegraph Reporter can't even prove it??

how did they get deep in the forest?? can they show us the pictures of where they went? which care they were driving to get into the kalenjin area?? I mean- the give first names of the guys who talked? Kaleo's normally use their African names not Christian ??like kiptum or kiprono? that story really looks fishy! people read it again!

I think there is a plan in the making to create trouble and put fear into Kenyan!

Akheillus said...

In making this comment I am only pointing out an observation and not making on incitements or war mongering insinuations of any kind. With that being said ,Dont Be cheated by any other words that tell you other wise. Michuki and Karume's Gema/ Mungiki the War Machine is being made ready with these talks as a time lapse to allow for thier preperation. The Army is being moved to prevent the Backlash from the Luyhia, Luo and Kalenjin as well as North Eastern People Sympathetic to the ODM cause .They are thinking that this time they will keep people back the same way they blocked off Uhuru park leaving Mungiki free to roam . Lakini this is a mistake in the MKM mentatlity They think no one else is ever really prepared or can outthink them . To Mkm for your own sake keep your Kikuyustan . The rest of Kenya doesnt care about it. But the Property of Kenya and its well as well as governance will be returned to to its rightful owners. Even if your Tribalistic egos cannot Fanthom this thought which I Know is a fate worse then death for most of you. I long to see thier faces when Raila is president Just like I laughed at Kombos when he was "retired" with the rest.

There is always calm before the storm , and the silence of certain bodies( mungiki) is a prelude to the storm they think they will wash over Kenya if war breaks out . But just as Kibaki hid in statehouse after stealing the elections , Kenya will send the same mesage Whatever you think that you'll just take from us We will take back

Anonymous said...

Where are the brains in PNU? Martha Karua is smart, but she is not a tactical genius. You should seem to be trodding very quietly carrying a very big stick, feel sorry for PANUAs. When it comes to tact and intellect, guess who wins that battle? They could not even rig the elections well, wonder where the "duly elected" was when Moi was his boss, guess playing golf and boozing too much that he missed the essence. When you do something, do/execute it flawlessly and so as not to create a doubt.

Anonymous said...


Was this troop movement during the day ama usiku? coz if they are trying to be low key, I highly doubt they'll move during the day.

and if the troops are taking strategic cover, then good for them and good for the safety of kenyans just in case those ODM Goons decided to strike.

My friends, it's going to start into a class war coz right now, all the kyuks have been chased away from kisumu and rift valley, so once these Kofi Annan talks don't acheive what was intended, who will these goons go after ?

I mean they'll have to go after their fellow tribesmen who are doing wealth social economically. They'll then give an an excuse that the attack was spontenous and that the middle classes were PNU Supporters despite being from the same tribe...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:25pm, You truly epitomize the last kicks of a dying horse.

Anonymous said...

For your info.. luos are not Mungiki who kill for wealth. As amatter of fact luos never killed kikuyus in kisumu, but the kyuks left in fear!

Anonymous said...

How many pple does Kibaki intend to sacrifice to his gods inorder to retain power?
Is it really worth it??
If he feels so strongly abt holding a presidential postion why not just give one more recommendation to the Annan team to include splitting of the xrty into two.
This is a win-win for him bcoz he remains president for as long as he wishes since the Kikuyus will be the majority in GEMA republic. Since they love his 8% growth so much they can make him life president and Lucy be queen of the GEMA.
Karua can then be rightly reffering to the pple's wish then bcoz she thinks Karua's( read the Kikuyu's) wish is the wish of Kenyans- mavi ya kuku!

General Joe said...

General Joe Says,

My name is the name reffered to by Mathenge previously and am a leader in the Mungiki Movement but we have some imposter whois trying to spread fear through your blogger i chategorically refuse first that Waruinge is a member of the Movement ashe is a defector and a traitor who sold the struggle for money and personal gain he is an opportunist who has no vision whereas our Chairman still remains to be Dr. Maina Njenga who is incacerated currently in Naivasha after a long scheming plot by Waruinge and his fellow detractors in the Government as he has all along being trying to Coordinate a coup of which he cant make it even after 300 years weare still one unit fighting off Injustice, Poverty, Ignorance, Diseases and bad leadership.

We have being ardent supporters of ODM as it propagates ideals similar to our own- Revolution or overhaul of the system!

We ascribe to a Just, Prosperous, Patriotic and Federal Nation.
we need a Parliamentary system of governance to ensure Power is not concentrated in one individual or Institution
and alot of other Ideals which I would love to share with all unlike the nonesense of the Waruinge crony dubbed Mathenge who doesnt know exactly what he is ssaying

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