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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Will Raila's Election As Langata MP Survive Livondo's Petition?

The answer to this question is an absolute NO!

Infact, sources close to PNU have revealed that the party is in the process of finalising plans to dismantle the top hierachy of the ODM as a way of legitimizing presidential elections that had Mwai Kibaki sworn in as Head of State.

One such sign emerged this weekend when individuals who identified themselves as police officers visited Raila Odinga's Karen home twice in a bid to serve him poll petition papers filed by one Stanley Livongo Livondo. Strangely, the Langata OCPD has confirmed that he did not send any police officers to Raila's home. The question remains; who did? Even out of this world were claims by Raila that he met Livondo in the Office of the President VIP lifts on the same day Kofi Annan had facilitated a three man meeting between Raila, Kibaki and Annan. TV footage had shown security men barring cabinet ministers, including VP Kalonzo, from entering Harambee House.

One wonders why Livondo, a private citizen, is accorded the benefit of state security to run personal errands on his behalf. Livondo claims he received 68,000 votes against Raila's 39,000 in the just concluded elections. The ECK had announced that Raila beat Livondo by a staggering 35,497 votes! You can read the Kumekucha post that announced the Langata results here.

Those who have been following Langata politics know that Livondo's is a political mercenary and that his ambitions to unseat Raila as Langata MP failed miserably even after a massive voter importation exercise into Langata from parts of Central Province prior to the elections and at a time when ECK had officially closed the register. What is intriguing is that Livondo's petition is rumoured to have been agreed upon immediately Kibaki was hurriedly declared president. The plan is to fast track the petition and have a friendly high court judge nullify Raila's election as Langata MP. Soon after, police will move in and quickly arrest Raila and Ruto and have them charged in court for organising and inciting violence in parts of Rift Valley against certain ethnicities.

A Langata by-election will then take place without Raila being one of the candidates! He will be disqualified on grounds of committing electoral malpractices.

PNU will have killed two birds with one stone. Raila and Ruto who form part of the prestigious ODM pentagon will be out of parliament and safely behind bars, and even more importantly, there will be no one to challenge the 're-election' of Mwai Kibaki as president.

Whether these plans succeed is another thing altogether.


Anonymous said...

No, this has to be a joke... they won't dare to further inflame people like that. Haven't they drunk enough Kenyan blood? Haven't they got any sense left in their diseased brains?

Anonymous said...

I have read that some Court Officials have already gone to Raila's house in Karen several times to deliver Livondo's petition. Raila and also his wife Ida confirmed to know about this in an interview given to the Nation.

What is he afraid about? He should take the petition, read its reasoning and then prepare his 'defense' - if needed.

He is not gaining anything from closing the doors on them. He is only demonstrating - at least to the Kibaki group - to be a coward.

demogod said...


If people perceive this as a rumour, it ain't no rumour. The plans are at an advance stage to do this quietly, but I am not sure this will happen in this manner.

If this takes place, then forget any peace in Kenya. This will be the biggest trigger point in Kenya, and trust me all hell will break loose.

Kibaki and his cronies are playing with their last card, and there is no way this will work. This will be the end of Kibaki & PNU. This is the LAST STRAW as we speak!

How we wish they try this, because you will see a new face of Kenya emrging very quickly. POWER to PEOPLE,and the 3rd liberation will have started almost immediately.

Noor Abdi Ishak said...

Raila can't be disloged when it comes to Langata. It is a dream that can't be realised. Moi tried it in 1996 when KANU was the PowerHouse and Luhyas were behind him. Today that Raila has firm grip on Luos, Kalenjins and Luhyas, nothing will work in Langata for Gen. Kegs and hisp latoons and everyone knows the Langata seat was won handsomely by Raila.

But I choose the idea that the opposition will be locked behind bars in order to give Ge. Kegs free rein. But that means Rwanda way as well and it will happen. NY Times today wrote that the counterfeit Dubai boy, Alfred Mutua said the Govt is working on a plan to arrest the opposition leaders soon. Anyway, that too will not work. Ruto and Raila wana wenyewe. Read here:

Anonymous said...

I don't see why Raila should drag Kenyans into his problems with Livondo. If Raila won the Lang'ata elections fair and square, then he has nothing to fear; he should submit to the Kenyan courts and defend himself. After all he is one of many new MPs whose victory will be challenged in the courts this year. He is not special. He is just the MP for Lang'ata and the unsuccessful ODM presidential candidate in the last General Election. He is not Jesus as he would like people to believe - he is a mortal like Phil and me. Remember, even Jesus submitted himself to the courts of his day and accepeted their verdict with humility.
The world over, people are served court papers at their residences, and are served at a time when they are most likely to be at home - ealy evening hours. So Raila should stop making this a big deal. Some of us would like to know when he is serious and when he is joking. So, the less he broadcasts his personal trivia to the whole world, the more helpful it is to the kind of national political stature he craves. And that is where his supporters, like you Phil, come in - you should not help him destroy his image by propagating rumours and conjuring up all manner of conspiracy theories. If, as you keep saying, PNU could not even manage to rig the elections without being caught, how come you want us now to believe that the same PNU is capable of destroying the indomitable ODM?
On a more serious note, as Raila and his supporters go around lecturing people about their constitutional rights, they should remember that Livondo's rights are enshrined in the same constitution no matter how ordinary they may think he is. Therefore, Livondo has a right to ask the courts to determine whether his election to Langata parliamentary seat was stolen by Raila or not. And Raila has a duty as a fellow citizen to respect Livondo's rights without much ado. My hope is that, this time, he will submit to the authority of the Kenyan courts, and that he will not be tempted, for heavens sake, to call for a UN Special Session to mediate between him and Livondo. How more absurd can this theater get without Raila's loved ones telling him to take a one day break from the press for his sanity's sake???

Naya Bingi said...

The elction was stolen-result was chaos.Rails's jailing will lead to something never witnessed before in the world.You seem to be testing the waters on behalf of PNU.Go ahead and arrest Raila and Ruto.The nation will go to the dogs.

lamentation said...

This artcles indicates the real powers directing the events in Kenya. Kofi Annan is a proxy for Britain, USA, and European Union, the powers controlling what happens in Kenya.

Kenyan public must refuse to allow these natural resouces hungry meniacs to dictate the quality of lives Kenyans must be subjected to(beggars living in slums). People are being killed so that these thugs can have their cake (natural resources).

There has to be a Kenyan solution to what is happening, but only if Kenyans are brave enough to want to know the real people behind the rigging of elections and why they have resorted to what is going on!!
How can Stanley Livondo, a man who have no education, be in a room where Kofi Annan is having a discussin with Raila. This indicates that the whole mediation id a facade. ODM was elected by people and must represent those people who elected them.

Do the people of Langata want to be represented by Livondo?

Hellen Okello said...

Why do Kikuyu elites feel they must abuse Kenyans in this manner?

My heart weeps for my beloved country.

Anonymous said...

Dream on!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what Livondo's grounds are for petitioning the election results, and even then, the scenario you have described just doesn't seem possible. Should anything happen to Raila (or Kibaki for that matter), in my opinion, Kenya can kiss its peace goodbye for the next few years.

Then again, if anyone had predicted that Kenya would be experiencing this much violence a month ago, I would have said it was impossible. So, I guess anything goes in this dirty game of politics.

salf said...

Hi Phil,

Please write something on the 'Free' secondary school education and how it is doing. How do you think it will be funded? Is it having an impact on the education system of the country?
Labels: Positive Thoughts

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your updates. I am exasperated by the efforts of these crooks. I thought they gave up after:

1) Raila exposed the drama of the missing names from the voters register that sought disenfranchise thousands of Kenyans on election day.

2) Wananchi were vigilant and did not allow vehicles busing in imported voters into polling stations.

3) Wananchi remained at polling stations and hawkishly monitored events to prevent election malpractices.

4) Wananchi voted decisively and elected Raila Odinga as their MP.

I guess I was wrong. They will use every means necessary, even it means enabling the ascent of illiterates like Livongo "hystrically, pbripbing" Livondo to Parliament. This is yet another example of how broken our institutions are and why we need leadership that envisions and implements change!

Anonymous said...

You sometimes come up with strange conclusions and this is one of them. you are entitled to it but save and spare us the side leaning nonsense you are putting here about this incident. Read the newspapers carefully. See if you can give us a balanced view bwana

kalamari said...

PNU must carefully think through this attempt to discredit Raila in Langata. Putting him in jail is worse. That said, in the quest for justice for all, Livondo must also get justice. ODM must not be seen as scuttling any efforts by PNU to blacklist Raila. Kenyans will decide. Maybe it's just me but does this sound like advise from Museveni? Kenya is not Uganda……as we all have seen so far.

I digress. It seems to me that Moi, knowing that Germany is too far away this time around, has faked back pains in order to be admitted and therefore reside within the safety of Nairobi Hospital. With his loud silence and now opportune hiding tactics, Moi has left Mr. Kibaki to face the music….of a stolen election. His plan is in anticipation of the collapse of the country in about 72 hours. He hopes to be evacuated on health grounds; in actuality, fly out of a burning country at breakneck speed.
As we speak, there are rumors that very senior operatives in PNU are rushing, heads over heels, to foreign embassies in search of visas to anywhere. Nyamweya has secured a visa to Sweden while Kalonzo will be visiting SA. It is understood that during the meeting with Kofi, Kivuitu requested an urgent UN sponsored flight out of Kenya. For him and his family. In return, he would disclose those who pistol whipped him into announcing a flawed election result. The reality is that all PNU MPs outside of Central and Eastern province are holed up in Nairobi hotels and cannot travel to their rural homes.

Other news reaching me seem to suggest that the Kambas are not very happy with where Kalonzo has led them. While they unanimously voted for Kalonzo, in their minds, they were also voting for change… of miraculous proportions. When Kalonzo spoke of miracles, they thought he was referring to a new constitution…not just the vice presidency. It is for this reason that Kalonzo has refused to go to Mwingi for a grand PNU financed homecoming party. Although they will lay their lives down for their son, they do not want to be seen as overtly and or dangerously supporting the status quo Kibaki or PNU. Word on the streets of Machakos is that Kalonzo has duped them and pitted them against most Kenyans. It is also fast emerging to Kalonzo himself that his role in the fabricated Kibaki regime is that of 'poster boy'. The man is in great panic, esp. now that his father Moi has abandoned him and is about to jump ship. All the same, they are all getting ready incase the hooligans they have transported to Naivasha fail to stop the triumphant march of freedom and justice to Nairobi.

All indications point at Naivasha being the final site of the mother of all battles. Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Kibaki has no control of the armed forces. It is for this very reason that he has opted to imbibe in the services of a uniformed Mungiki. Discontent within our 'very Kalenjin' armed forces is reaching boiling point. If Naivasha spills over, then we should all brace ourselves for life under the hail of machine gun bullets.


Kenyan Son said...

I think Mr. Annan picked the wrong job this time. I really think so. I bet he has been wondering how in the world will somebody dream of leading a divided messy country like that. How do you mediate between two current presidents of the same country? President Raila represents over 4 million people while president Kibaki represents over 3 million people. Kibaki is staying in state house while Raila is everywhere with people; in, Kibera, Kisumu, Eldoret, church and even press conferences. Kibaki cannot even go to church these days because I guess he is scared while in church, Raila might take over the state house. He has to be sure of Raila’s whereabouts before he leaves state jungle.

Surely, this must have been the wrong job for Mr. Annan. I suggest the Army to sort this thing out.

Anonymous said...

Most commentators here are missing the whole point of PNU’s plan.

PNU wants to make Raila go to court to defend his Lang’ata seat so as to showcase the fact that if he can go to Kenyan courts which he claims are corrupt to defend his Lang’ata seat why he can’t take his claims about a stolen election to the same courts?

Rabet Maatari.

Anonymous said...

Kalamari - I agree that Livondo has every right to pursue his right to be heard in Court. I think this is raising eyebrows because extra-ordinary government machinery is being used to effectuate service of process on Raila. I'll admit I don't know whether the norm in Kenya is for ten policemen or more to show up several times a day at a respondent's residence to attempt to serve him/her. Somehow I doubt that this is standard operating procedure. If the law requires that a respondent or defendant be served in his/her place of business, why the exception here? If he cannot be served at work, they should pursue the other option which is notice of service by publication (or the equivalent in Kenya). They cannot resort to improper methods of service just because it involves Raila Odinga. Something's not right here, so let's not kid ourselves that much ado is being made about nothing.

Steve said...

Lamentation - the made in Kenya solution failed miserably - which is why Annan is here.

Kenyan son - PLEASE - if you're a patriot, you should be hopeful that Annan will succceed. What's the alternative?

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt livondo will be able to go anywhere with this. But I do not understand why there is an issue with the police serving Raila with the poll petition papers. Asssuming Raila has high security as well as has a sort of parallel govt running alongside, Livondo would not be able to just go serve papers to the leader of the opposing party that has considerable power at the moment. But there is no way Livondo will be able to do anything, it would be far too risky with all this suspicion for Kibaki and his merry men to do anything

kitumoja said...

Realizing their hopeless inferiority of strength and the inevitable end, against the powerful converging advances, did they retire centwards?

They should, they ought to, they will.

Kenyan Son said...

Steve @11:25AM,

Next time read all the lines or sentences. But let me say it again. I so wish that Annan puts some sense in Kibaki but with the way things are going, I don’t see how he will be able to make him think or feel the pain people are going through. He will never listen nor see. A good thing (according to our I see it) is for the Military to take out the power from this sick head Kibaki and let an independent administrator conduct new presidential elections for the people of Kenya. All these songs of this and that will never get us anywhere and will never move Kibaki and his friends long us they and their families are safe. Give this a second thought again, how long have the Zimbabweans been crying against Mr. Mugabe? Has he stepped down? How miserable is that country now? Inflation is over 1000% We are heading there Steve.

Taabu said...

Kenyan son @ 1.41 you are so geneous to Bob, FYI Zimbabwe's inflation stand at over 8000% (yes 3 zeroes not a misprint). At this rate we can SLIDE there faster than a feminine slap.

Amaan said...

Kenyan son - I see your point.

Lamentation said...

United States and Britain are behind everything happening in Kenya. Kibaki and his cohorts are merely money hungry collaborators. This is because I do not understand why an African can fail to help its citizens.

What is it about African leaders that makes them so self loathing?

Ken said...

Is it TRUE that Bush of America, stole elections. I thought they are champions of Democracy in the world. I think the western world has all along been teching Africans BAD MANNERS. Now we are not even sure who won elections in Kenya and the chairman of elections either.

Who is behind all the killings in Kenya? Who killed Ouko, Marende, J M Kariuki, Tom Mboya etc.

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