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Monday, January 28, 2008

Blood Price of National Deception

The present turmoil is the ultimate prize Kenyans must pay for their obsession with deception and dishonesty disguised as industry. Remove tribalism and its sidekicks depravity, sleaze and Corruption from our map and all you remain with is a pure nation devoid of pretenders of national unity with a sharp eye for any back to ride on to economic prosperity.

Mention trickery, fraud and hoaxes and already specific images and names form in the eye of your mind. And these Kenyans will never remain contended with practicing these vices at the local level. They shamelessly export them to other places with impunity. First they come in silently in search of ‘SUCCESS’ and before the host says welcome they are all over lording and emasculating the generous native. Asante ya punda could as well we a fatal kick.

Extrapolate this supremacist mentality to the national stage and the equation is completed with the present bloodbath. Behind all the mayhem is the mentality of ‘KWANI MTADU?' The late Shariff Nassir could have been a loudmouth with his wapende wasipende declaration but the son of Taib was honesty a harmless turn coat out to please an ego and make a living. Contrast that with the later day kaburu whom you sell a plot in Mogotio and the next day an estate named Gituamba emerges and before you say Ngai he wants to be your councillor and even worse your MP.

Masked evil
An enterprising devil worth his salt will never contemplate coming out with a suspicious face. He hides under national unity to cover his evil domineering intentions. He sups with the real devil and co-opt any willing sell out to cobble up a plastic union disguised as an objective impression. Lakini wapi! Kenyans have been fooled before and they are miles a head of these cheap tricks.

The church’s stoic stand against injustice in the 1990s is a nostalgic case study. Once the trophy was delivered, the goal posts have become firewood and the useless ashes tramped underfoot. Muge and Okullu must be violently turning in their graves.

The present power elite had their ultimate trophy in 2002 and no amount of blood will shame them to let go. They are the greatest master of disguises, lies and illusions. Manipulations and conning other Kenyans are their stock in trade and forte. They have become political and ethnic actors extraordinaire with apologists in tow ready to sanitize the resulting rot.

The truth is if you intend to deceive the public then make sure your agents originate from Mars. Since 2002, Kibaki and his cronies have seamlessly eased themselves to shameless scams. With a bouyant tribal supporting cast, they have created token economic growth decoys which their apologists use to detract other Kenyans from exposing the underlying evil schemes. Well, no scam or deception lasts forever. Kenyans are out both in flesh and blood to reclaim their birth right. No amount of force will stop them, NEVER.


just-mimi said...

As we point fingers let's not forget to take a look in the mirror for a reality check. Yesterday it was Moi, today is Kibaki, let us not forget unless something changes fundamentally tomorrow it will almost certainly be someone else.

mo said...

Kenyans, we have gone beyond Raila and Kibaki it is time to change tables to Kenyans against the political gluttons. Lets move from who won who lost politics and secure our nation from both sour losers who are looking out for themselves more and a little bit for the suffering 30 million plus population.
We must says NO to being manipulated by stories in the media, if we stick together we will take charge of our nation and install a leader who is Kenyan (not tribalist) one to Kenya and Kenyans ahead of politics and their ego which in my opinion both Raila and Kibaki have failed to realize. They are both using divide and sure strategy and are both winning as we loose even things we never had yet.
First thing is lets do away with the tribalism and all 40 + tribes gang against all MPs, Judges and Leaders who have all failed to take care of us Kenyans. Let’s fire them all and start afresh if we have to but rest assured, we all want PEACE and a piece of Kenya.
Tuungane Tusaidiane sisi wote. Politicians are looking out for themselves our votes help and not us this will change. I have not see Kibaki, Raila and other key leaders getting shot at in the streets but I have seen many you and me got through this and even as we read 800+ dead we as Kenyans know in our hearts that that is the official # and the truth is unbearable.
I pray to God for Peace to my Beloved country Kenya and world and DEMAND, PEACE, JUSTICE, MATURITY AND COMPENSATION to all affected Kenyan from both Kibaki and Raila
PS: I believe Raila won but, but as the president elect he should still care about the nation even thought Mr. Kibaki will not let him have presidential powers. He does not have to accept Kibakis presidency but he needs to console the nation as he fights for his right. If he will trash any Kenyan (even Kyuks) power even he is no different from Kibaki. Raila should go to Central province and Talk to the suffering and scared Kenyans there.

obuya said...

The Church Letting us Down:
Surely Bishop Muge must be turning in his grave on the realization that the current church leaders have tepidly turned a blind eye on Kibaki's injustices. Some commentators have rightly said that most public institutions have badly been turnished by their endorsement of Kibaki's theft especially our courts and the now infamous ECK. Well, at the social level, the church, particulary the Catholic church is the greatest casuality- thanks to Njue and Gitari. Assuming the current political chaos gets under control, the church will be the next victim seeking international mediation. I wonder whether Tutu will even contemplate to mediate given his silence since he left the Kenya. As I see it, our next task after the current political pandemonium, will be a call for a true Kenyan archbishop not a tribal one. If you think I'm joking, try to imagine Njue in Kisumu presiding over a Sunday surmon. Not in ten years, at least it seems to me. Unless Rome acts, the Kenya Catholic church risks separation. For the moment I a'int going to that church anymore. In fact, I have already given up my christian (or is it colonial?) name as a protest move. Njue, call a spade a spade. Tell Kibaki he stole and theft is bad, at least the bible is clear on this one!! Muge told Moi the truth despite being from his tribe. Njue do the same.


Anonymous said...

Njue should be excommunicated for his hypocrisy!!

fave of BG said...

No one has ever put the problem with Kenya so simple and eloquent manner that you have. 'Deception in the guise of industry'. It almost a work of art. I will forever plagiarize you. Grabbing in guise of the constitutional right to live anywhere!.
If you complain you are a tribalist etc.
Kenyans can now see beyond token economic decoys of 6% growth the price of Kerosene has nearly quadrupled since Moi left power!
As I have always said. I abhor the Killing of innocents whether in Eldoret or Kisumu, Nakuru or Naivasha (Check the little coverage the Naivasha burnings have received).
But, as I maintain, if the atom was split, Kenya, an artificial construct of the British must also be split. I call for Divorce, I call for separation.
Even the most stoic of the current cabal supporters acknowledge the defacto balkanization of Kenya For the link provided afterwards, I pulled out this pointer
'...Let us first consider the obvious. Effective governance depends on effective control over territory. Kibaki and the Party of National Unity, despite the show of force in the capital, essentially only control Central and Nairobi provinces, with some of Eastern. Raila and the Orange Democratic Movement, on the other hand, control the Coast and all of Kenya west of Nakuru. At the Coast is our port — the entry point for fuel and other imports not only for Kenya but for our neighbours, including Uganda, Rwanda, the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi. The Rift Valley is our Western Corridor — the routes to that hinterland as well as to Southern Sudan.'
I am always afraid for my people friends and everything but, I call for separation.

Anonymous said...

Beside the Church, there were once upon a time courageous lawyers who took Moi to task and wrested sovereignty from him. Where are our great activist lawyers?... Besides, where are academics? I read that the great Ali Mazrui has asked donors to cut off foreign aid to the bandits who claim to have won the elections. Good for him...

fave of BG said...

Just one more thought, If we could finally beat the European colonialists,after 70 years, should we not be able to overcome African colonialism after 50 years? It won't be easy but it is achievable. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

We call upon the military to take over for 6 months, restore oder and have fresh elections. Your take WANA INCHI?

anonymous said...

ODM MP for embakasi murdered or assasinated;_ylt=AjtKE90f8RmCaCFGp0ZHGS9vaA8F

Anonymous said...

Were Mp for Embakasi is dead.They have started

Prousette said...

The much touted economic growth has been proven a sham.
When the economic boycott of Kibaki cronies' businesses by ODM was proposed the "govt" went on air and clarified what we already knew all along by saying the boycott will bring the economy down. No wonder most Kenyans did not feel that growth!

Wanjiku said...

Someone please shut Njue up!! The guy is just unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Yes where is the church?!!!! I miss heroes like the late Alexander Muge and the late Fr. John Kaiser.

This regime is a DICTATORSHIP like any other. It deserves to be condemned without reservation.

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