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Monday, January 28, 2008

Breaking News: Embakassi MP Shot Dead In Nairobi

The newly elected Embakassi MP Mugabe Were of ODM was shot dead in the early hours of this (Tuesday) morning (Kenyan time) at the gate to his house in Nairobi as he was arriving back home.

The legislator who has barely served for 1 month was shot 3 times in the head by assailant(s) who did not steal anything from him. The late MP lived in Woodley estate, Nairobi and the incident took place at 1 am.

There are very few details emerging, but this blogger will give you more information as he gets it.

Phil, do you have any more info on this killing of the ODM legislator?

Brief report quoting AP on this story.

More detailed report on shooting


Anonymous said...

This Government will do anything to get a working majority in parliament. Someone should have seen this coming. Only God knows where this country is heading

Anonymous said...

Kenya Crisis: Police Overstreched
By Douglas Mpuga
Washington, DC
28 January 2008
Listen to interview with David Ohito - Download (MP3)
Listen to interview with David Ohito - Listen (MP3)

In Kenya, riots are continuing in the towns of Naivasha and Nakuru. Dozens of people have been killed there in five days of ethnic violence. Police are struggling to restore order amid a recent wave of violence linked to disputed elections. Former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan, who is trying to mediate in the crisis, has called for the army to be deployed.

David Ohito is a senior political reporter for the Kenyan Standard newspaper. He told VOA English to Africa reporter Douglas Mpuga that the police are overstretched and the government is reluctant to bring in the army to restore order because of its composition. “The only alternative available to the government is to use the military, but the military has its own internal problems. The composition of the Kenyan military is overpopulated with members of a community that support ODM (Orange Democratic Movement), other than those who support the party (PNU) in government. So they (the government) fear that if they call in the army, the army might side with the people.”

Ohito expressed doubt that the mediation efforts by former UN chief Kofi Annan would bear fruit. “It does not matter how much mediation he will do. This is a Kenyan problem. It’s a question of historical injustice, it’s a question of [landlessness], it’s a question of poverty, and it’s a question of ethnic differences.” He said, “The trigger was pulled on the day the election was disputed, and now the situation has gotten out of hand. We need action; no amount of mediation will solve this problem.”

He added, “Kenyans want security, and if the government cannot cope with the situation and restore peace and order, “then we need to fly in troops (foreign peacekeepers) to support this country.”

He dismissed calls for a government for national unity, saying it may be [too] late now. “If (President) Kibaki is confident that he won the election, why doesn’t he accept a re-run, he asked. “If Kibaki had not made a mistake of naming cabinet ministers, then maybe we would be talking of a government of national unity. If there is to be a government of national unity, then President Kibaki must first dissolve his government and then meet Raila Odinga to discuss how to share power.”

Ohito said as long as there is mistrust and suspicion between the two sides, a government of national unity is out of the question. “Even then, a government of national unity would be viable only if it sets a calendar for a presidential poll or a fresh way of resolving the problem and finding a lasting solution.” He also expressed the fear that the violence might escalate out of control and lead to a civil war.

Anonymous said...

Do you need to strain yourself? The former MP for Embakasi is David Mwenje, he is one of the funders of Mungiki. Fill the dots.

Anonymous said...

So why think it's the Govt which shot the young MP? Conspiracy theorists would also work with anything to gain political mileage at this point and both sides ( I don't like how this sounds , we've deteriorated and sunk that low !) would do anything now to have their supporters to rally around.
Maybe it's even his own party machinery which has precipitated this....let's not be quick to point fingers but then again, we might not have any to point at each other from the way things are going !

Phil said...


The information we have is that the MP was executed by three gunshots (one to the eye through the back of the head, and two others in the torso). He died before reaching the hospital. He leaves two widows and four children.

His guard said a unknown assailants trailed him to his gate opened fire and casually walked away without talking his car, his wallet or his mobile phone.

ODM are currently in meeting at Orange House (not very far from scene of crime) and will issue statement shortly.

This bears resemblance to the assassination of one Dr. Odhiambo Mbai in the same vicinity three years ago. Dr. Mbai was a close associate of Raila Odinga and Chairman of the Devolution Committee in the Bomas Constitutional Conference. No one has been convicted of his murder to date. A former MP is rumoured to have been responsible for Mbai's death.

The PNU is desperate to increase its parliamentary numbers after suffering a humiliating defeat in the election of the speaker. They are also hell bent on scuttling Kofi Annan peace mission. Insiders say, the mediation team is pushing for a power sharing deal and this is something PNU are resisting at all costs. The violence in Naivasha is now being attributed to a certain former MP in Nairobi who has been given the job of ensuring certain voters are killed and/or displaced so that the Annan team can be forced to call off its mission. Note that the same people have already rushed to court to obtain orders barring the mission of the Annan team. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out which group is behind all these things.

Brace yourselves guys.

Steve said...

Sincere condolences to the family of the slain MP. Pray they find the strength to cope with this tragic loss.

This puts a face on the other 800+ killings. Could things possibly get worse?

Frank said...

ODM throw the country into flames, then now they are shocked when that violence has also touched them? I don't know why ODM needed to make this a tribal nay case our country needs new sane leadership that will unite us.

Anonymous said...

Am a voter in Embakasi. After Kikuyus realized they lost this seat because of thier greed; they had to Kill Were to force a rerun. Their combined votes for Waititu, Mwenje and Ndirangu far outstripped Weres. This time round they will agree that only one of them faces ODM.

Anonymous said...

This is part of ODM propaganda to incite more violence, they definately picked the weakest link and used him as the sacrificial lamb. RIP Mr Mugabe Were, Justice will come soon. May the Lord rest his soul in peace.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9.31 p.m: Why the rush to defend Kibaki? He is ruling as a dictator and must take the blame. I do not recall people being so forgiving of Moi for the death of Ouko.

Anonymous said...

Yap! There they go! The current ECK must NOT be allowed to conduct this by election - or even that of local govt. posts.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see the way in which Kibaki is rushing to surpass the ugly records of any dictator who ever ruled this country.

Kenyatta had his Pinto, J.M. Kariuki, Mboya etc. Moi had his Ouko and now Kibaki has his Mugabe Were.

The international community must act decisively NOW. Cut aid and do not restore it before democratic reforms are made!!!

Anonymous said...


I am a resident of Embakasi though a voter in Langata and when i heard i was shocked ...It was as if i was a woman on labor and have just lost a child. Our receptionist has just told me that schools around Umoja have just closed coz pupils from her daughters primary school started singing we want our MP.......What is happening? Is this the Kenya we wanted....Let me join Caro Mutoko in asking the MP for Othaya coz he said he is our duly elected president....Where is he in all these mess

Anonymous said...


Your post is really pathetic. Its based on speculation and not any hard facts. Its this kind of speculation that is fueling an already bad situation. Some of your previous posts are usually good but as for this its disappointing yo have also sunk this low.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is planning on leaving the country soon (Thursday) for the A.U. Heads of State summit to delay the peace talks as Kenya continues to go up in flames.

If he does in fact leave; political assasination in tow, then the man is indeed insane - and should never return.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is in a mad dash to make the Kenyatta-Moi regimes look like golden ages.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the Official Govt. Joker Alfred Mutua to put a spin on this one.

If he is unable to, his Co-Joker Martha Karua will say something even more outrageous.

Oh my goodness! Whatever did we do to deserve the toads in government?

Anonymous said...

GSU tear gas Were's house and compund choking widow, children and mourners.

Anonymous said...

Frankly kenya has seen a lot of political murders...this is one.

They gvt forces are testing the waters with what they perceived as a weak target for that kind of action.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:31 right now if Mugabe was just shot by car jackers no one will buy that theory......Not even the primary kids in Busara primary who are crying out they want their MP will buy that crap

Anonymous said...

The plan is to fast track the petition and have a friendly high court judge nullify Raila's election as Langata MP. Soon after, police will move in and quickly arrest Raila and Ruto and have them charged in court for organising and inciting violence in parts of Rift Valley against certain ethnicities.

Anonymous said...

Thats bull...when the tide turns against ODM thats a new song. When kikuyus are killed thats normal.....when we argue for moderation we are told Kibaki is a thief and we deserve what we got. When we start defending our lives we are Mungiki and Chris starts calling us names. If ODM wants peace then they better start preaching it because i'm tired of watching my family get kicked out of RV after living there for 50 years just because we are Kikuyus.

Anonymous said...

HI all,

This news has found me in Sudan. It is sad to note that things are all these bad.

It is early to know who is really responsible. But it is a big coincinence that this has to happen to a ODM legislator.

Please keep us updated.

All in all justice must be achieved till the last of ODM is killed (if the government hand is in this).

Allow me to say this as well. A hand that kill so shall it die. If it is the government, then prepare for the bad times and a pathetic exit of the same government.

Marinda-Southern Sudan

Anonymous said...

Is there a possibility that Irshad Sumra could have had something to do with this?. The man had serious differences with Mugabe Were unlike David Mwenje who seems to have accepted the electral loss.

daewoo said...

If the death of Mr were will bring peace to Kenya let it be so but God should not be liberal, He must come done and do something, Kill the one who did so instantly

Anonymous said...

You can spread rumors, Kenyan style, till cows come home, but the fact is that it's the ordinary wanjiku who is suffering not billionaires Kibaki in statehouse or Raila in palatial Karen mansion.

Rivers of innocent blood are flowing from Naivasha to Eldoret to Kisumu and no gives a hoot. The fact is whether it's s slum dweller or an MP killed, Kenyans are crying out as the country sinks deeper into an abyss of economic doom.

Everyone should be forced to read today's article by Macharia Gaitho where he calls for all politicians to do the honourable thing and resign since they have all been deeply implicated in the current genocide going on.

Most Kenyans obviously want this country to burn down to ashes like Somalia and Zimbabwe and God may just answer their prayers!

Anonymous said...

this is probably mwenje's work, i dnt think that the govt or kyuks would risk something like this coz obviously the blame would fall on them. Why wld u murder when u r already being accused of it? The other theory is that it was actually planned by ODM so that the govt loses total credibility and Kibaki would have to resign.

---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- said...

There is no need to post as anonymous. If people need to know where you are its very easy! Not even use of a cyber can save you.

About the killing, its a very sad thing. The timing wrong. Saddest part is, you & I will never learn the truth. Theories & propaganda is all we'll get fed on.

Someone told me that for there to be peace, for there to be respect for one another, for people to look at one another as Kenyans and not as a Luo, Kiuk, Turkana, Pokot or any other people, there will be alot of blood to shed for us to get there.

God Bless Kenya

Anonymous said...

this is probably mwenje's work, i dnt think that the govt or kyuks would risk something like this coz obviously the blame would fall on them. Why wld u murder when u r already being accused of it? The other theory is that it was actually planned by ODM so that the govt loses total credibility and Kibaki would have to resign.

Tamtam said...

May his soul rest in peace.

Taabu said...

Anon@2.09 you cannot afford to avoid what you call rumours if you are a Kenyan unless you have just landed from space. Almost all rumours on political murders have their foundation in truth. Just take off the blinkers and rewind 20 years. Gaitho FYI consumed plenty of space and said absolutely nothing. Read his last week's peace and tie it with todays and you will get packaged hot air. The guy has his hands tied and he has to keep his Tuesday column going you know!

Anonymous said...

Killing MP's one by one is a very long winded way of getting a majority in parliament. The govt aint that stupid

Anonymous said...

Actually, the govenrment is that stupid!

Anonymous said...

Like a seed Kenya must die first before it can rise and grow to prosperity , what we are experincing now is a fulfilment of prophesy , look at Rwanda , mozambique , liberia these countries are in the right path s after war.Kibaki is not bad perse he is just playing his role in history , something that some one has to do and it is kibaki.

Anonymous said...

Who was Were? I only heard about him when he got himself shot. Kenya is bigger and greater than these Weres, Railas, and Mwenjes. We shall overcome.

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