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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is There Any Link Between MP Mugabe Were’s Killing and the Recent Reshuffle in the Kenya Police?

The tragic shooting of Mr Mugabe Were, ODM’s Embakasi MP-elect, puts into sharp focus the real motive behind the recent reshuffle of top officers in the Kenya Police.

It’s too early to conclude if the killing was political assassination or the politician was a mere victim of the breakdown of security in the country. Whatever the case, the killing is bound to evoke deep anger and be a source of great concern within the ODM ranks and all Kenyans of their right mind.

Some may argue the killing was not political since Mr Were was little known and he posed no threat in the dangerous power games being played out with our lives by the illegitimate President Mwai Kibaki and the People’s President, Raila Odinga.

But criminologists will tell you that a cleaver person would not go for Mr Odinga because the consequences would be too tragic to image or comprehend. In the current state of affairs, any politician with a killer’s mind would target Mr Odinga’s foot soldier to send shivers down the spines of the ODM leader and his vocal MPs. In fact, there has been talk that Eldoret North MP William Ruto was a marked man for elimination.

The casual manner in which our police conduct serious business that involve human life often leave a wide room for speculation. Shortly after Police Spokesman Eric Kiraithe visited Mr Were’s scene of the shooting, he addressed a Press conference and declared the police were treating the issue as murder!

Since the police had not done any investigations, gotten any lead or arrested any prime suspect who had confessed the motive by the time Mr Kiraithe spoke, how did the spokesman (or the Commissioner of Police he said he was speaking on his behalf) arrive at that early conclusion?

Did the police have prior information about the intended crime? International standard police procedures require that the police should approach any criminal investigation with an open mind. You don’t rush into hasty conclusions.

Police who are first to arrive at the scene of crime have the duty to seal off the scene to preserve vital evidence. But from the TV footage we have been seeing since morning, no effort was done by the police to seal off the scene where Mr Were was killed and the scene has been badly violated by the feet of journalists, the police and other curious residents. No pathologist was called to the crime scene contrary to international standard procedures.

Mr Kiraithe recently shocked and angered Kenyans when he claimed that the police gang-land execution of a young demonstrator captured by KTN camera and aired on TV slightly over a week ago was Rambo Movie! Surely, such careless and heartless statement should not have come from the mouth of the spokesman for Kenya’s 36,000 police officers and the spokesman of the security of Kenya’s 35 million population!

If what we watched in horror in our sitting rooms with our children was Rambo Movie, how can then believe Mr Kiraithe’s word that Mr Were’s tragic shooting was a simple act of murder? There is no doubt that there is a serious problem with our security machinery.

From the look of things, this was not an ordinary killing. It was a clear case of gang-land style execution since nothing was stolen unarmed MP and there is no indication he posed any threat to his attackers. Is this another Rambo Movie, Mr Kiraithe?

Contrary to the repeated assurance by the Commissioner of Police, Maj Gen Mohamed Hussein Ali, last week’s abrupt changes in the Kenya Police, when the country was already on fire triggered by the theft of the presidency, was not an ordinary administrative reshuffle of officers.

There was more than meets the eye. Already, the mainstream media – especially the Nation Media Group which was previously regarded as the voice of the voiceless – have entered into a dangerous conspiracy with Maj Gen Ali and Kibaki’s ruling elite to cover up the truth to quench personal desires. Kenyans are living under the mercy of Kibaki and the media and they have to live on lies.

The mainstream media are in the firm grip and control of managers and editors from the Kikuyu community and Kibaki’s ruling clique has had an easy tenure compared to former President Moi who was bashed by the combined media even for trivial crimes.

Kibaki’s administration has committed crimes of international magnitude for the short period it has been in power but the Kikuyu-dominated media has opted to look the other way. This media cover up scheme is spearheaded by Maj Gen Ali and his allies NMG’s CEO, Linus Gitahi, and Kameme FM’s proprietor, Ms Rose Kimotho.

It’s for this reason that no inquisitive journalist from these media houses dared dig beneath the surface to establish the real motive behind the reshuffle of top officers. Brave journalists who dared dig the truth have lived to tell harrowing stories.

Fresh details gathered from the corridors of power by Kumekucha indicate the reshuffle targeted the removal from the Force of the soft-spoken Director of Operations for the Kenya Police, Mr David Kimaiyo, because he was being regarded as an ODM mole in the heart of Kenya’s security.

The reshuffle was carried out in a very clever way to make it look like it was an administration reshuffle affecting several senior officers. It has emerged that Mr Kimaiyo was the prime target of the reshuffle but Kibaki’s ruling elite had to make cover up changes to avoid raising eyebrows in the ODM ranks. The Kelenjins and ODM would have bitterly protested had he been the only one struck off the top leadership of the Kenya Police.

The changes – announced by Maj Gen Ali – were the work of Kibaki’s men and not entirely the Commissioner, as he wants Kenyans to believe.

Mr Kimaiyo was kicked out of the Kenya Police and posted to the Ministry of National Heritage as an Under Secretary, where his police skills are likely to rot for the rest of his life, because he was being perceived as an ODM mole in the Kenya Police.

Kumekucha has established that Mr Kimaiyo’s fate in the Kenya Police was sealed by the National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) over his alleged links with ODM’s William Ruto – who is being fingered as the prime culprit in the mass killings of Kikuyus in the vast Rift Valley Province by his own Kalenjin community.

According to confidential and reliable sources, Mr Kimaiyo and Maj Gen Ali had been put on a 24-hour surveillance by the NSIS for being suspected to have links with the ODM. They were accused of leaking sensitive state secrets to the ODM in the ran-up to the General Election in the event that Kibaki lost the presidency.

Maj Gen Ali, having served in the Military Intelligence Corps in his Army career, was wiser than Mr Kimaiyo. He played his political infidelity safely, although the NSIS had him nailed by bagging his phones. He was reported to have been so furious when he discovered NSIS had been listening to some of his telephone lines he had regarded to be safe.

To digress a bit, Maj Gen Ali made himself Mr Odinga’s Public No.1 in October 2005 when his officers shot dead four people in riots triggered by the bogus new Constitution Kibaki was pushing down the throats of Kenyans.

Maj Gen Ali hurriedly called a Press conference at Vigilance House and declared the four victims of police shootings were hooligans who had gone to overran Kondele police station and that he had no apology to make for the police killings.

It later turned out that three of the dead were young pupils mowed down by police bullets on their way home from school and the fourth person was an innocent milk vendor. None of the dead was anywhere near the police station. A thoroughly embarrassed Maj Gen Ali turned to the media to cover up the truth.

A furious Mr Odinga demanded that Maj Gen Ali should be returned to the barracks where the Army was trained to kill. But sensing that Mr Odinga was gaining popularity and he might trounce Kibaki, the shrewd Maj Gen Ali warmed up to the ODM leader by leaking damaging state secrets on the Artur brothers to him. With a powerful weapon to hit his political rival Kibaki, Mr Odinga softened his heart for Maj Gen Ali and their lukewarm relationship continued towards last year’s General Election.

But the police chief quickly stopped his clandestine activities with the Odinga camp when he sensed that the Kibaki elite were determined to hang onto power under what circumstances.

But the poor Kimaiyo was so convinced by the ODM wave that Mr Odinga would win and he threw caution out of the window. He stood a good chance of being the police commissioner if Mr Odinga’s presidency was not stolen.

It has emerged that the NSIS closely monitored every move Mr Kimaiyo made. The NSIS are reported to have established that Mr Kimaiyo was leaking state secrets to Mr Ruto, through former GSU Commander and Presidential Escort Commander (under former President Moi), Mr Samson Cheramboss. This gave the ODM an edge over the Government since they were always ahead of every plot and trick being hatched by Kibaki’s inner circle.

But Mr Kimaiyo failed to read the signs on the wall to make him make an early retreat like Maj Gen Ali. He was convinced Mr Odinga would be president and he would take over from Maj Gen Ali.

As fate turned out, Mr Kibaki stole the election and he was back to State House illegally. It’s being said that Mr woes in the Kenya Police came back to haunt him when the NSIS betrayed him by presenting a dossier on his clandestine activities with the ODM to Mr Kibaki.

Maj Gen Ali and Brig Michael Gichangi, the NSIS chief, are still serving military officers. Maj Gen Ali is senior than Brig Gichangi and they are reported to be in good terms. It’s being said Brig Gichangi opted to save his military colleague as they sacrificed Mr Kimaiyo.

But Maj Gen Ali is not off the hook yet. Kibaki’s inner circle knows that the Commissioner, too, had clandestine dealings with Mr Odinga. But the prevailing national tragedy has turned out to be a blessing for Maj Gen Ali and he is likely to keep his seat a little bit longer.

The removal of Mr Kimaiyo from the Force was good news to Maj Gen Ali since he posed the most serious threat to his police career, which he desperately want to cling to due to the power that goes with that office. Maj Gen Ali and President Kibaki have one thing in common – unquenched greed for power.

Were it not for the blunder Mr Kimaiyo committed, his name was being floated as the most likely successor of Maj Gen Ali by Kibaki’s kitchen Cabinet. Mr Kimaiyo’s star in the Kenya Police began to shine again (it had dimmed soon after Kibaki took over power in 2002) when President Kibaki warmed up to Mr Moi in the run up to the Dec 27 General Election to rescue their sinking political ship.

Apart from being a Markwet, a sub-tribe of the Kajenjin community, Mr Kimaiyo enjoyed wide respect within the Kenya Police than Maj Gen Ali who has always been regarded as an outsider.

The difference between the two men is wide. Mr Kimaiyo is humble, diplomatic, young, intelligence and has the full grasp of the management and operations of the Kenya Police. On the other hand, Maj Gen Ali is crude, arrogant, uncivil, undiplomatic, is a poor manager and knows little, if any, about police management and operations.

The fate that befell Mr Kimaiyo last week was a repeat of what had happened to him weeks after President Kibaki rode to power in 2002 under the strong Narc wave.

When Kibaki became Kenya’s third president, Mr Kimaiyo was the Commander of the paramilitary General Service Unit. Soon after Mr Kibaki was sworn in, Mr Kimaiyo was removed from the command of GSU and posted to Police Headquarters. He was later forced out and posted to the same ministry he was pushed to last week. His crime then? He was regarded as being close to Mr Moi and he was also a Kalenjin!

Moi and the Kalenjin were then being regarded like raw sewage by the solid Narc wave that swept Kibaki to power. Nobody wanted to associate with them due to Moi’s mis-rule for 24 years. No one sympathized with Mr Kimaiyo or his tribe then.

Months after Mr Kimaiyo left the Force, the country started experiencing a high wave of crime and the top police chiefs who were then in office appeared to have ran out of ideas. By then, Kibaki’s popularity had started to wane due to the unmasking of the Ango Leasing scandal and pressure from Mr Raila Odinga and his LDP over his failure to honour a pre-election power-sharing deal in the famous MOU.

Kibaki’s men were forced to eat a humble pie and they brought back Mr Kimaiyo to the Kenya Police and appointed him the Director of Operations, the most powerful post within the force. There was talk that Jebii Kilimo, who was then in the Cabinet, lobbed for Mr Kimaiyo’s return since they both hail from Marakwet and are believed to be related.

The office of the Director of Operations is the pillar of the Kenya Police. The Commissioner is a mere figurehead comparing him with the Director of Operations. All provincial police chiefs and formation commanders report directly to the Director of Operations. He collects and collates national crime and security data from all those senior police chiefs and then presents it to the Commissioner.

The Commissioner relies on the word of the Director of Operations in laying strategies on the every day running of the Force. The Director of Operations takes full charge of all security operations in the country, for instance the nationwide security operation brought about by Mr Kibaki stealing the election from Mr Odinga. The success or failure of such operations largely depend on the plans put in place by the Director of Operations.

On the crime front, Mr Kimaiyo performed very well. He’s the man behind the achievements Maj Gen Ali keeps boasting about. Tribalism aside, Mr Kimaiyo was the best police commissioner Kenya is unlikely to have (at least under the Kibaki regime).

As the Director of Operations and formerly being in the GSU and in State House as the Presidential Escort Commander, Mr Kimaiyo knows the Kenya Police and Kenya’s security system like the back of his hand. He knows almost ever secret of President Kibaki, the First Family and Kibaki’s ruling elite.

Mr Cheramboss, ODM’s unofficial chief security advisor, also took charge of the GSU and Presidential Escort . These two men are not the ordinary product of the Kenya Police College in Kiganjo. They received specialized commando training in Israel and in the US.

With Mr Kimaiyo out of the way, Kibaki’s ruling class believe they have a firm grip of the Kenya Police and they believe state secrets will remain under lock and key. Kibaki’s homeboys in the Kenya Police have taken key positions. For instance, office of the Director of Operations, the GSU, Presidential Escort, CID, Coast province, Nairobi province, Nyanza province, Western province and other key units within the Force are under the command of Gema plus Kambas (after Kalonzo decided to betray the Opposition by taking up the VP’s post).

This move is a dangerous for Kenya since Kibaki’s men – within the security agencies and in the kitchen Cabibet – can easily execute an assassination or any other thoughtless crime against political rivals which can plunge this country into an all out civil war. Perhaps, Mr Kimaiyo was edged out of the heart of Kenya’s security machinery to pave way for Mr Were’s type of executions. God forbid if that is the thinking of those who want to rule by the gun.

Any right-thinking Kenyans – apart from Kibaki’s fanatical blind followers who see and hear no evil as long as their kinsman is in State House – should see the killing of Mr Were to be a wake up call and the time bomb that is likely to explode in the distant near future – IF ALL OF US DON’T USE OUR HEADS AND REASON LIKE HUMAN BEINGS AND KENYANS.



Anonymous said...

Well, it now looks like it's the turn of politicians to hunt each other down and feel the heat as well. What else can I say?

Anonymous said...

IF all you said were true, then I can conclude that Kenya is NO MORE. My biggest worry has been has been what will happen 2moro or the day after? if trully we have a "president" who was "democratically" elected then why can't he do something or atleast utter just a word to show that he is in charge. What happenned with the "Pumbafus" of these world? I fear that the Killling of Were had ignited a flame that would never be put out unless someone sobers up and steps down gracefully. This I say because I like many Kenyans see it differently from what the police is suggesting. Its a political assasination.

Anonymous said...

You need to start with the man in the mirror Chris. This is clearly anti-Kikuyuism blog.

The NMG probably is biased. What I dont understand however, is why you assume that their pro-establishment stance is based on the Kikuyuness of their MD. It could be that he has financial interests tied to Kibakis regime....OR it could be that he genuinely believes in the principles espoused by Kibaki....OR he could just be an idiot. Either way, u need to move on from the anti-KIkuyu platform. All it does is force Kikuyus to close ranks for fear of what folk like you do could do to ALL of us (whatever our individual ideologies) if we stood back and let you.

Much love from a very Kikuyu Sister.

Anonymous said...

The way MP Mugabe Were was killed, reminds me of the way the Investigating Officer of the Ouko Inquiry was killed. He had just come back from an important meeting with the Sunguh-Committee.

Also here some people waited for him in front of his gate and shot him.

It then came out (before being killed, his bodyguard had shot one of the killers) that this was one of some prisoners sentenced for lifetime but who had 'escaped' under questionable circumstances just some days before .... they must have been told whom to kill and how.

You remember that just a few weeks ago some criminals have been able to escape from jail and that it was immediately rumoured that this was done on purpose for them to organize some criminal and maybe political killings.

I suspect that this is the case now and that they are involved. They do not need to steal and rob anything because they have been paid before by the people giving them orders.

There is no other explanation since any ordinary killers would have taken the money, phones and even the car.

I fear that this is not the end. There will be more on the list to be eliminated.

Kenya is in real deep trouble.

Anonymous said...

I gave up on Kenya when we started killing each other like goats forgetting we existed together for all those years as one.
Lessons from Rwanda, Somali and Sudan don't seem to be sinking into our conscious and we are looking at the small picture instead of the bigger outcomes.

The Kenyan Police have never handled anything professionally and Were's death will end up unsolved. As much as Kimaiyo put professionalism into the force, its a bit discouraging to see him leak national secrets to politicians. He should have played it safe to ensure the safety of the nation.

Kimaiyo and Ali are to blame for some of the happenings. Police and army should never be partisan and should uphold the law regardless of who's ruling. They swear to protect the nation and not politicians. Lets all hope we can have an amicable end to all this craziness.

Anonymous said...

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO WRITE THIS BWANA. ARE YO HAVING A PROBLEMs WITH ENGLIS.....I was wondering how long it would take you to payuka. My predictions were right you are definately a crowd pleaser. keep on doing the good work.

Anonymous said...

This just got incredibly sickening. I never thought we would sink so slow. This is the price we pay for taking our peaceful country for granted. I have said it before and I will say it again, where are our leaders!!! This is a situation which calls for Kibaki, Raila, Ruto and every MP to urge for peace and calm. Forget about who stole the election - at this rate, the President will have no country to govern. Statesmen need to rise above this and make a forceful push for peace

Taabu said...

Chris, the ORGRE is coming home and his kids will soon be all in the tummy. You don't have to be a crimilogist nor conspiracy theorist to join the dots. Disguised deception is mutating from its economic stable and soon it will all over. What is a single life to be sacrificed if that will help distabilize voting bungeni! You guess right Embakassi has its owners from Muranga and Were was a marked man from day one.

Well they can generate the political and human heat all they want but the tide is unstoppable. Faint hearts have no space and Kenyans have reached a point of no return. It is not being insensitive but the dead will be our collaterate - death of honour if you so wish.

Sample deception: Death is church is more gruesome than locking 19 muothers and kids and roasting them alive. Give me another one please.

Anonymous said... are a devil. You have a heart of a cat.if you are talking like that because you are a kikuyu and you dont care what happens to your fellow kenyan luo or any other may you not leave to see tomorrow.

Yes people died in Eldoret but I dont think Were was involved.

You surely must be a man eater Mungiki.

Joseph Karoki said...

This is excellentinvestigative Journalism!Wow! Great work brother and I am hoping that someone in the mainstream media picks this up.

Anonymous said...


"The talks began 90 minutes late, after an argument over seating arrangements."

Former UN chief Kofi Annan has begun a new push to broker a deal between the Kenyan government and opposition, in an attempt to end spiralling violence.
Mr Annan opened talks with President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga, who says Mr Kibaki robbed him of victory in December's polls.

Mr Annan will present the leaders with a "route-map" for talks, which correspondents say may last weeks.

The talks came as the death of an opposition MP sparked fresh violence.

At least seven people were killed on Tuesday in the capital, Nairobi, after Mugabe Were, from Mr Odinga's ODM party, apparently died in violence triggered by last month's disputed elections.

See where main ethnic groups are distributed in Kenya
Meanwhile towns in the Rift Valley also witnessed outbreaks of inter-ethnic fighting.

Army helicopters fired tear gas and rubber bullets at a mob of ethnic Kikuyus attacking Luo refugees trying to flee the town of Naivasha.

Four-week target

Opening the talks, Mr Annan said: "There is only one Kenya. We all have multiple identities but I hope you see yourselves as Kenyans first."

'People are killing each other'
Kenya's deep rifts
Press rails at politicians
He warned that the crisis was having a "profound and negative impact" on the country and urged the two leaders to take the talks seriously or risk losing aid.

He said he believed that short-term political issues could be resolved within four weeks, although more in-depth talks could take as long as a year.

The talks began 90 minutes late, after an argument over seating arrangements.

Speaking after Mr Annan, Mr Odinga stressed that the resolution of the "deeply flawed" results of the presidential elections needed "most urgent attention".

"While our appeal for peace is uncompromising and unconditional, it will have effective meaning if we pledge today that everything will be done to speedily address this specific dispute," he said.

President Kibaki said he strongly condemned incidents of violence, and would "implement stern measures" against "those who disrupt the peace".

He pledged his support to the "process of national dialogue", pledged to provide more police stations and a fund to help victims of the violence.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome peace of article,Chris. It has an indepth coverage of the recent reshuffle and there is no doubt that it tells alot about the next moves of Kifucky's illegitimate government.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how you always have information that even the intelligence do not have. I, therefore think you are in the wrong business. With all your reliable sources, you ahould be out there solving all the crimes against humanity instead of hiding behind a blog, inciting others by writing half truths.
Has it ever occurred to you that these things are in the hands of the opposition. But again, you are one of them. I hope whatever you get from Raila is worth the many lives that have been lost. One day, the truth will come out and we will be here, and all who played a part in this mess, including you with your pathetic blog, pay big time.

Anonymous said...

Comment Posted 01/22/08
"In the interim I would suggest Pentagon members and vocal MPs take their personal security seriously."

Change to read "....and ALL ODM MPs"

Abdi Noor Ishak said...


You have forgetten one thing. Whereever ODM people were massacred like in Kisumu, Kakamega, Malaba, Bungoma, Eldoret, Kericho, Malindi, etc, you will realise one thing: either the DC/PC must be a Kikuyu or the OCS/OCPD/PPO must be a Kyuk as well. Just do a research and you will see 100% truth. Kikuyustan believes that it can sustain itself that way, ask me, I'm a Somali and I know how and where did my ccousins (in Somalia) go down the drain. It started from a rigged election, violence follows, military coup follows, more violence, brute rule, tribalism (KIkyustan type) follows, cessation starts, ckan wars begin, ....and then the Nation comes tumbling down. For your information, Somalis are one million times better than Kenyans because there are many things that unite them like language, race and religion. As much as they fought each other, they helped each other at the same time and no ONE was killed inside a mosque or burnt. If Kenyans can do this to each other before war proper (battle royale) starts, you can imagine what will follow. Anyway, I'm a Kenyan and I want peace and stability, but haki yangu pia. Nimepiga kura and Kibaki ameiba, arudishe haki yangu. (Amani hayapatikani ila kwa ncha ya upanga).

Anonymous said...

abdi noor...i agree with you. it can only get worse before kenyans get out of their stupor

Dimerc said...

So to all - what are YOU going to do? Lie back and take everything?!

Accept the hatred, violence, greed, corruption, ...


Time to exercise your voice for peace and prosperity by advocating unity, calmly! Remember, each of us has contributed to where Kenya is today. So what are you going to do about tomorrow to create peace?

Kirui said...

it`s interesting to see Kenya going down bit by bit.
Time to preach peace is ripe, time to address justice is now and time to face the facts is today. Majority of people have been murdered have no idea what killed them.

Incitements and wild allegations against tribes should stop and please Kenyans are enlightened to realise that what they are doing to each other is dangerous and these wounds may never heal.

Allegations of land allocations, tribal differences and job appointments should be prioritized and addressed immidiately.

These are the evils that have been boiling for years.

I believe the current wave of violence was premeditated by politicians across the country and what we are seeing now is a backlash of promises not kept.

Politicians should be weighing their words when addressing the public and be held responsible for utterances that incite and provoke and address tribalism.

Kenya needs a New breed of leaders.

People who consider themselves Kenyans. Period.!

"Ukabira ndio utamaliza nchi yetu Kenya"

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is Raila's frankenstein and only he can put him down wacha wamenyane.I think Mugabe must have fallen out of favor with his collegues turned enemies at city hall or possibly he took money during the speaker vote but was unable to repay the deadly mt Kenya mafia, his italian connection and export business does not help in reducing the undending list of conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 9:49 Do you even believe the words u have written? Pls read again your comment...Timing is important in any venture

Anonymous said...

The Kibakinistas should read the writing on the wall. Kenyans are fed up with people who cause problems for Kenyans. We are Kenyans first before anything else. What is this thing called "tribe"? forgive me for asking a foolish question. Our diversity is what brings us together- and we celebrate in unison when our runners win marathons and make us fell the proud Kenyans we are.

Anonymous said...

Oh whatever as usual there are anti kibaki people who try but fail to truly explain his faults. None of them are great! Raila used ethnic cards, you only need to read the poll strategy to see that they maximised on Moi's policy, and then stated that Kikuyu's are the wealthiest community and steal. First of all the asians own the biggest assets and wealth in Kenya. Secondly of the kyuks that are rich, a large majority are from families that were a key part of Kenyatta's day, and that they are a small minority of kyuks. Theory even shows that this runs deeper than just ethnicity, it is a post colonial system that we inherited from the British which happened to have more highly skilled kyuks because they formed a large majority of the Africans in lower level administration. Unfortunately we also had Kenyatta who obviously favoured the kyuks, but Moi pretty much reversed that after 1982 and since then kyuks have knowingly been marginalised. Kibaki has only made the mistake of allowing Raila to do what Odinga attempted in Kenyatta days, to topple the government forcefully. This aint new, its a full cycle, and kenyans have to rise above game theory politics and start taking charge of the peace process. I dont defend kyuks, but neither do I condemn a whole community for the misgivings of a few. Those who do that then are not Kenyan. They should go to somalia and live in a highly fragmented country

motherland said...

It is very unfortunate that we have run out of time.We have run out of time to uproot a DICTATORIAL regime and all we like sheep have been hoodwinked and are now being led to the SLAUGHTER and we CANNOT as much as mumble a protest.For those who are still protesting KIBAKISTAN/KYUKISTAN innocence,i would only say this:it appears as if the children of CEASAR are now pitted against the children of GOD,in a brutal and bloody battle concerning a STATE theft.Let us see if the weapons that the children of CEASAR have fashioned will prosper against the children of GOD.By making WERE a MATYR,the buffoon team has just FAANNED the movement's revolutionary FIRES.

japiny said...

if the provincial admin is in their hands,the state intelligence organ too,the millitary and so on and so forth.........the only thing that is NOT within their grasp is the KENYAN VOTE.But that have they stollen as well.OH MY! with what weapon are you left that you can fight O' THOU MORTAL ORDINARY MWANANCHI and by the way news just reaching me "another one bites the dust"-ODM-RIFT VALLEY.THIS IS VERY VERY SAD.

Ken said...

The Rumour mill is at work.

Ken said...

U guys talk about Kenyans being fed up with Kibaki! Which kenyans? the riots are in Kisumu and Kibera. Thats hardly a representation of Kenya as a whole. The middle class seems quiet. people just want to get on with their life. I haven't heard Buru,karen, or even Langata residents rioting. Just poor uneducated asses paid to kill each other. All fracas needs to be quashed kabisa! kenyans will only listen to teargas or bullets. Let them rain on these bastards. A few thao people cant hold the whole country hostage.

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