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Saturday, January 26, 2008


The question that has been keeping me pre-occupied for the past sad event-filled month is; when the time comes, who is going to mourn for the 1000 plus Kenyans who are losing their lives as a result of December's post-election violence? It haunts me to think that out of the many lives lost, more than just a handful were supposed to have played a significant role in my life at some point in time and i in theirs but now this opportunity is lost forever. This is not even considering the feelings of their loved ones left behind struggling to come to terms and make sense of life without their family members. What bitter tragedy
Sometimes i think we make a mockery out of life when we approach the seriousnes it demands without the requisite sincerity to match. In my opinion, the best gift we can give to honour the memory of those already dead (dying a death most foul) is not only political and economic restitution-in any event, these are two important aspects of our nation that we would have had to get right at some point, regardless of whether a thief stole the election or not
In the long-term we may have to agree never again to take one another for granted and stop turning a blind eye to the well-being of the country we love for the sake of traditions. Such long-term thinking will reveal itself from the little things like refusing to litter our streets when with only a little effort your refuse can easily be disposed of in the proper places, to walking in the type of integrity that means swearing to our own hurt and not changing even if we'll be unpopular.
The sacrifice that Kenya demands is not blood through the killing of life but the giving up of close-minded individuality to redefine what our nation means by coming together to paint a rich picture of many tribes, languages, politics, economics and religion with a single common thread-we are Kenyans
Coming soon:- dealing a death blow to tribalism


Anonymous said...

I'm 100% with you, we should be killing tribalism not each other.

Taabu said...

True Luka but what now? Just like exams are the worst form of evaluation but must be taken for lack of suitable alternative, POLITICS is our undoing but we have no choice as human beings but organize our institutions using politicians. And there begins the problem - these scoundrels are no respectors of contracts and before we say vote they have warmed themselves to our tribals bellies. Makes me wonder like you so what next and how? I cannot pretend to have any answers, do you?

Anonymous said...

Mwalimu, i wonder why must we be held at ransom by these dishonourables? i know they are all not bad but one bad apple spoils the rest so it is frustrating-they don't feel the pinch of the common man and therefore they speak theories instead of living practicalities on the ground. i don't have any idea how long this problem of our politicians existing to make our lives miserable will continue

tnk said...

in times of crisis, true leaders and politicians represent those they are directly answerable to. in times of peace, politicians represent their own selfish interests. corrupt leaders represent their own selfish interests all the time, such corrupt leaders have already been shown the door except for one who is hanging on with all his might.

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