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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Better Watch Your Thoughts

What you are screams to the whole world the kind of thoughts that you have been thinking and are continuing to think. You are literally what you think and your character is the total sum of all your thoughts. Every act of man is from his thoughts … you first think then you act … the thought could have come immediately before the act or it could have been sitting in your mind for quite some time now.

This is to say that the kind of thoughts that you entertain must always be carefully examined. It’s of no use entertaining a thought(s) that will end up harming you and all that you care about and are around you. Always remember that your mind is a lot more like a fertile garden, you can cultivate it or just let it run wild … and whatever you decide to do … it will and it must bring forth. If no useful seeds (thoughts) are put into it, then useless weeds seeds will fall therein and will continue to produce their kind.

So, what kinds of thoughts should we entertain and what kind of thoughts should we shun? Let’s remember that our thoughts can't be kept secret. They will rapidly form into habit and the habit will solidify into a certain circumstance. What kind thoughts bring about what habits and what habits brings about certain circumstances?

Bad thoughts:

· Bestial thoughts - habits of drunkenness and sensuality - circumstances of destitution and disease

· Impure thoughts of every kind - enervating and confusing habits - distracting and adverse circumstances

· Thoughts of fear, doubt & indecision - weak, unmanly & irresolute habits - circumstances of failure, indigence & slavish dependence

· Lazy thoughts - weak, habits of uncleanliness & dishonesty - circumstances of foulness & beggary

· Hateful & condemnatory thoughts - habits of accusation & violence - circumstances of injury & persecution

· Selfish thoughts of all kinds - habits of self seeking - distressful circumstances

Good thoughts:

· Beautiful thoughts of all kinds - habits of grace & kindliness - genial & sunny circumstances

· Pure thoughts - habits of temperance & self control - circumstances of repose & peace

· Thoughts of courage, self reliance & decision - manly habits - circumstances of success, plenty & freedom

· Energetic thoughts - habits of cleanliness & industry - circumstances of pleasantness

· Gentle & forgiving thoughts - habits of gentleness - protective & preservative circumstances

· Loving & unselfish thoughts - circumstances of sure & abiding prosperity and true riches

A particular train of thought persisted in, be it good or bad, cannot fail to produce its results on the character and circumstance. We cannot directly choose our circumstances, but we choose our thoughts, and so indirectly, yet surely, shape our circumstances.

1 comment:

chris said...

Very interesting post and quite true.

We must start thinking about ourselves as great selfless people and of our nation Kenya as a great country for all of us.


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