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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mid-night Brawl

An analogy depicting the present situation in Kenya

Prevailing altercation,
A string of expletives,
A dash of angry shouting,
Rent the warm night air.

The faithful night breeze,
Carried the commotion far and wide,
Rats stopped their activities to listen,
Crickets stopped their innocuous sounds.

The man could be heard quite distinctly,
Effing and blinding strenuously,
Barking, screaming and shouting,
As he pulled his wife by her hair.

Finally, the two were outside,
And the whole world with them;
The world watched as they rolled and turned,
Clutched, clawed and hit each other.

The man shouted:
You have betrayed our love,
You did confidently sleep,
With my friend, under my very roof!

The neighbours very well remembered,
The tall, lanky fellow,
Who had discreetly left the man's house,
Early that evening.

The woman heatedly rejoined:
You slept with the chief's wife last week,
You moved around with my best friend,
And I did not raise as much as an eyebrow.

The bandying was sustained for as long as it could hold,
With either party venting their heart's contents on the other,
The man was the first one to have enough of it all,
As he slammed his burning fist against her face.

A sorry state indeed, isn’t it?
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1 comment:

Muta said...

The suspect who killed MP in Eldoret is alleged to have gunned down the 40-year-old legislator and his female companion, Constable Eunice Chepkwony, at West Indies estate in Eldoret Town.

There is nothing wrong with "West Indies estate in Eldoret Town" in Eldoret BUT Kamba traders, Muindi Groceries and Kiambaa Furnitures in Eldoret and Kisumu is a problem. Kiss Me...... sorry excuse me Ida. What have you been cooking to Raila, Ruto,Kosgey, Balala,Mudavadi, Moi, Bowott, Ntimama, Ngilu, Mpende msipende,Gideon please and ngaruiya.
I Kenya our country. i beg i beg...

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