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Friday, January 25, 2008

Armageddon Begins in Nakuru, Where Next?

The 7-7 police curfew in Nakuru is the beginning of the end. The army are out on duty with predictable results - more bloodshed. It started with Kibaki's ILLEGAL swearing in on December 30, 2007. Seeing no enough blood, Kibaki pressed the blood button yesterday with his 'as your duly elected and sworn in President' remark. Bad faith and insensitivity comes in all shades and shapes, don't they?

To match the mayhem, the death merchants are out roaming the Kenyan streets with their sharpened machetes ready to severe the next head. As Kibaki confines himself to the comfort of State House lawns, Kenya continues to bleed profusely thanks to Kibaki-Michuki-Martha-Wanjui troika. This Kikuyu elite have squarely pitted the house of Mumbi against Kenya.

Kibaki has latently allowed merchants of death to met 'REVENGE' as a show of hollow might with eyes on show of power. But no drainage will be big enough to contain the resulting national haemorrhage. Kenya is crying for leadership to replace the present rulership. Meanwhile Kibaki's apologists may cheaply thumb their chests in brinkmanship oblivious of the fact that the GUILLOTINE monster consumes both the targets and perpetrators.

True Mungiki are agents of death and destruction through terror in Central and Nairobi. But I can assure you they will meet their match in the villages. With the police force not spared the national ethnic tensions it is just a matter of time before all militia acquire guns in sufficient numbers to finish the job. There is no monopoly of militia or vigilantes.

Fighting fire with fire is cheap philosophy. Listening to one Mungiki tweet Dennis Kariuki boasting to a Reuters reporter that "we have vowed that for every Kikuyu killed in Eldoret, we shall kill two Kalenjins who are living in Nakuru," is the beginning of the end. Well, Nakuru is not called the hot bed of Kenyan politics for nothing. For the records Nakuru has its ANCESTRAL OWNERS and the Kalenjins will not leave without a bloody fight.

Last straw
The Armageddon is here. At least most surviving Kenyans have HOMES to turn to once evicted from their HOUSES. What of those whose version of homes and houses is blurred? They have the most to lose and the present belligerence is not doing them any good. Speak of amputating a limb to stop haemorrhage!

The truth is Kibaki's stealing of the election was the last straw that broke Kenya's back. That single selfish act snapped the long-standing tribal tensions. The genesis lies in land disputes and we all know who the beneficiaries are. The camel came, CONQUERED (in fact emasculated) and now want to dominate the natives politically.

Transforming the economic to political might is unacceptable unless the rest of Kenyans silently resign to the stereotypical tag of LAZY and JEALOUS (of dishonesty and deception of course). The HELL-FOR-LEATHER Kenyan 'entrepreneurs' may Shed all shades of crocodile tears whining about lost economic opportunity. But to majority of other Kenyans that is the collateral to pay in quest of JUSTICE.

You can indulge is all the brutal niceties to delay justice but you cannot succeed in 1000 years to deny the same, NEVER. It is and will never be business as usual till an equilibrium (equity) is realized.


Anonymous said...

Nakuru is a cosmopolitan town that lies on the ethnic fault-line. Why did the 'duly elected' government not anticipate this?

Anonymous said...

It beats me to hear so called intelligent people claiming that Kibaki stole the election. Prove. Odinga/Kibaki are NOT resposible for peace in Kenya. Truth is that we are all savages we just needed an excuse to show our true colours. Hatred, vengeance, lies etc are the blueprint of Kenyans - pity.

Taabu said...

Anon@1.24 welcome to the planet earth. I hope the journey through space from your residence in Mars was uneventful. If you cannot stand the heat please leave the kitchen and escape back to the red planet, self-deception is what kills the soul while still breathing. Smell the coffee please, won't you?

Anonymous said...

Kibaki was elected by ALL Kenyans except Kikuyus in 2002 to fight corruption and end tribalism. The chameleon showed his true colour and REFUSED. In 2007 he was voted out by ALL Kenyans except Kikuyus.

He promoted tribalism in such a way that one Ministry (Education) had all employees from one community from Minister to sweeper. No wonder NYANZA, part of RV, Coast and WESTERN children failed KCPE and KCSE in 2005 and 2006 terribly. What a shame to Prof Njuguna and Mugo. And in 2007? They had no time to play the dirty game. These provinces excelled. They were busy stealing votes!

This is why the common man wanted a change.

Kenyans wake up, Kikuyus join Kenyans in saying NO to injustices. Kenyatta stole your land. The land is as big as North Rift. Occupy it and leave the Kalenjins in peace. Join us to build Kenya.

Seich said...

It was the greatest mistake we ever made to say Tosha to a kikuyu in 2002@ if the angel of doom would have revealed to kenyans that we were signing our death warrant then, we would be wiser. Its true to admit that tribalism was there even during Moi's era........but it hadnt reached these levels..........when all kenyans, irrespective of their tribes came out and overwhelmingly voted for kibaki who was on a wheelchair at that time, irrespective of his time.....the expectations of kenyans were high. the least Kibaki would have done is treated all tribes equally and not sidelined everyone else..........Kibaki rekindled the tribal intolerance that was buried deep within Kenyans.....he chose a wrong time in history considering that all kenyans had put their faith in him in these are the fruits of what he planted. If he has any grain of integrity in him as a "president" he owes it to the people of Kenya to order for a re-run.........immediately this magical word comes from his mouth, peace shall come to kenya like a breath of fresh air.......what is he afraid of? if he truly belives that he was elected fairly, and that he is "the people's duly elected president after being sworn in" as he puts it, he should then have all the faith that he will be duly elected again. He holds the key to the future of this country. Let him read the mood of the people..........the struggle that kenyans are having now is beyond personalities, it is about our stolen birht right, about our belief in the electoral process. Thats the least we deserve as citizens of this country. Let him give us that. Kibaki, please, for the sake of Kenyans, give room for a transitional government, reconstitute the ECK in a consultative process then let us have another election in 3 months. After this, lets re-write the constitution, free of any political interference and address the root cause of this conflict. Kibaki, the ball is on your cot. Please act.

Hellen Okello said...

Mmmm.....where's Madam Lucy Kibaki?

Abass said...

Everything has a limit. Did the majority of Kenyans reach their limit and are saying enough is enough? Looks so and hope so. There will only be two outcome out of this: it is the beginning of a new, just, equal and beautiful Kenya for all without the arrogance of a few Kikuyus and their dominance,a Kenya for all. Or it will be the beginning of the end of Kenya. Of course, I would like to believe and hope it is the former and not the later. For now, I keep my fingers crossed, pray and hope for the best.

chris said...

Taabu my dear brother,

You are spot on. This is the beginning of the end. I can confirm that the fight in Nakuru is Mungiki versus Kalenjin militia. Apart from the pangas, the combatants are armed with AK47s, that's why the military were called in.

And it is no incitement when I join you in asking the question; where next? And I also join you in leaving that question unanswered by any speculation.

If Mwai Kibaki did not steal the election then there is nothing to worry about, you and I are just alarmists and unrealistic dreamers who should be ignored.

I am shaking as I write this.

Kenya shall be free.


fave of BG said...

I think, Kibaki might have achieved the opposite of what he intended to do.
I do not see a solution soon. If people do not trust the government and do not respect it, then nothing can be done.
Kibaki has armed Mungiki to harass and Kill other Kenyans. But, other Kenyans are united. He should know the the armed forces have brother and sisters over the country.
I however, plead that Kenyans should not Kill innocent Kenyans. Please spare the women, children and all the innocent Kenyans.
We need a new nation, sans some region. BUT, do not kill anyone.
Kibaki ashindwe

Abass said...

Please Kumekucha (Chris), it would be better if you let the comments coming in and then moderate later. The comments were helpful except those posted by few PANUA hardliners.

tnk said...

the fact that the army is out or deployed means its escalated out of control. its usually riot squad, GSU and then army. there is nothing else after that other than weapons of mass destruction. and yet the kibaki govt does not see a problem. what a pity.

i wonder what church kvu2 attends. it must be drenched in blood

hellen okello said...

Chris, thank you for speaking for the "little" man. We need men like you at a time like this.

And for Kenya to reclaim its status as a beacon of hope in Africa, a re-run of elections is the answer.

I've listened to arguments from a diverse group, e.g. ...the esteemed Wangari...who reason that the answer=a coalition gov't. I beg to differ. How do you form a coalition with a thief? Why are these seasoned politicians afraid of democracy?

Well, I hope Kibaki can find it in his heart to respect the sanctity of life and bow out like a gentleman. We'll forgive him as a nation and together, hand in hand start the heavy task of rebuilding our beautiful land...

Anonymous said...

Anon @2:00PM - Mungiki and all the other landless Kikuyus should look towards their "leaders" to address the land issue. Kenyatta stole their land and then grabbed land elsewhere, gave it to them in order to pacify them. Mama Ngina and her immediate family can single handedly solve the land problem Kenya if she wanted to. She practically owns most of the best land all over Kenya. A few others can help such as Njoroge Mungai (MAJOR BENEFICIARY), Kibaki and his Mt. Kenya Mafia, etc....may be Uhuru should channel the energy he's expending heckling and work out a plan for redistribution and resettlement. Oh wait, that won't happen....folks don't steal just to dish out the same goodies to the needy!

Abdi said...

Despite the push for justice, I just hope Kenya doesn't become a failed state. Now, some of those Eldoret survivors are asking the high court to stop the Annan mediation. That seems to be a Gov't ploy. Somebody is not comfortable with the negotiations. But if the Kibaki courts rule in their favor, it could be bad news for Kenya.

Peace should always be number one, but it seems "the duly elected and sworn in" Kibaki either doesn't know the situation on the ground or doesn't care about peace, let alone justice. I think Raila tried his best to walk that extra mile, despite his supporters resistance to Kibaki tricks.

Lets all pray that peace prevails. You see one thing can lead to another and as long as this crisis is unresolved, you never know what could happen next.

Anonymous said...

Taabu and Chris,
During the run-up to the elections you two ceaselessly claimed to be horseless; but now you seem to mouth with gusto every pronouncement of ODM. You even appear to celebrate the killing and uprooting of ordinary Kikuyus from their "non-ancestral" homes. I pray that one day when these killers, rapists, and arsonists finally run out of victims they don't come for you. To paraphrase the late Pastor Martin Niemoeller of Germany: In Kenya, ODM supporters first came for the Kikuyus, and I did not speak because I was not a Kikuyu. Then they came for PNU supporters, and I did not speak because I was not a PNU support. Then they came for supporters of other parties, and I did not speak because I was an Independent. Then they came for me, but by then there was no one left to speak up."
Let me leave Taabu with this reminder: If Kisumu, Nakuru and Eldoret have their so-called ancestral owners, so are all other towns and cities including Nairobi and Mombasa. If under the guise of settling an electoral dispute you can go as far as descending into this tribal and ancestral ownership madness, why not simply call for the disolution of the republic???

Anonymous said...

from 2002 interview: see

at Langata Barracks in the capital, Nairobi, Moi granted a brief interview to journalists and took a few questions before he left.

How do you see the election process?

It went according to the democratic feelings.

The results have not been officially announced yet, but it looks as if the opposition may win...

That’s the way democracy goes.

What sort of judgement do you feel that is of your rule?

Well, as far as I am concerned, Kenyans have demonstrated well, surrounded by countries that are not stable and therefore I feel happy to leave them peaceful.

Are you happy to hand over to the opposition presidential candidate, Mwai Kibaki, if he wins the polls?

Of course, I have said whoever wins I will hand over the power. I think the Western world has misunderstood me. They think I want to stick to power. I want people to feel that they are happy, they decide the way they want and so on.

Any regrets?

Why should I regret? For what? As long as Kenyans are united and they know what the future is and they know the value of peace, I am satisfied

Anonymous said...

Chris - the verdict is now out, see the hman rights watch initial report. Final report to follow. Raila may escape this, but his friend Ruto may finally see the doors of Milosevic room. What a waste for such an energetic man.

Abbas - you are right. This blog has shut the other contributors. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is NOT going to be remebered for a 5% growth in the economy - Today, 06:41 AM
Taking a casual look at the comments on this website, i well understand why we are where we are as a nation today. Some of us deserve much less than being kenyan citizens. Kibaki has casually, willingly and greedily brought our hitherto internationally respected nascent nation onto it’s democratic deathbed. With that goes all pretense of human rights, free press and respect of laws. The fact of the matter is that whoever and wherever you are in kenya, kibaki is playing russian roulette with your life, your present and your future. Ask any internally displaced person - kikuyu or not and they will confirm this. The desire to steal; enrich oneself and hold on to power which is given by the populace is the greatest bane of african leaders.

Nobody expected this of kibaki having himself come into power through the ballot in what all observers agreed was a free and fair poll. The least he would have done would have been to ensure justice and fairness was upheld. These were tenets that allowed him to be president - for god’s sake!!! any elemets of trust or gentleman behavior as peddled in various adds before the election have been found to be vacuous in this post-election period. He has made my country just ”’another regular african country”, an also ran… having witnessed in my local upcountry polling station the initial rig that gave him the 25% in all provinces. (ap’s marking ballot papers outside my local primary school in a car, where he subsequently came second, 2 votes behind raila despite majority of people voting for raila) i was shocked by the brazen steal of votes so openly!!! my farm workman with the radio could tell me it was a rigged election!!! that has directly lead to this sordid state of affairs we find ourselves in. That is also why he will resist any attempts at a rerun with an independent body since these earlier rigged votes will not be available to him and the loss will be all the more obvious. It is also said kibs had wanted to concede defeat and called the media houses but his hardliners would not let him do it!!! they are behind all this but the buck stops at kibs door. It is however suprising that among my kikuyu friends in the kenyan diaspora, international diaspora and in nairobi they are all convinced that kibaki wond fair and square.

These are highly educated folk, including economists, surgeons, paediatricians, dentists, and businessmen!!!! they have chosen to bury their heads in the sand and allow the rape of our young country and it’s democracy proceed, so long as it is by ‘one of their own’. Just the other day they would froth at the mouth when moi did just a 1/4 of what kibaki has done. These are the sellouts, the tribalised fellows who would sell their country down the road of civil war for……nothing! kibs does not know them, does not care about them and would gladly put them in harms way to achieve his ends, but they do not see that!!! i shudder because they are the opinion leaders in their areas. If this is what they think, i cant blame the herdsmen in their areas for their thoughts…. This is why i respect a fellow like karoki because the truth will always set one free.

Truth and justice make for a sound peace anyday!!! kibaki has taken the name of the lord in vain during his swearing in. He plays with another power that is far greater than him. In rome they did not say vox populi, vox dei for no good reason. You cannot wily nilly lord it over me if i do not want you to. This is the essence of democracy and that choice must be respected. Living in harmony requires respect of rules of engagement without which chaos ensues. God is not mocked, for what a man sows the same shall he reap (after it has grown up). What we are seeing are but the first fruits of that reaping, the real fruit, the whirlwind after this casual sowing to the wind is yet to come. The ubiquitous flow of violence meeted out to kenyans by their own security forces and mercenary ugandans will result in a greater demystification of violence and the gun.

The population will be ready for them next time especially since they have crossed a threshold and used deadly force. I predict we shall soon see private well armed militia that will be held in reserve to ensure whoever gets or feels disenfranchised at the ballot box will be able to enforce a dialogue. The state will no longer have the hitherto widespread monopoly of violence it misuses on it’s citizenry. Welcome to a new kenya. Nobody should blame the citizens for merely doing what comes natural to any person. It is evident kibs and henchmen cannot be doing all this unless they are sure the army is on their side. The army is not 100% on their side and they know it. Talk has seeped through of unhappiness in the ranks. An unstable army is a recipe for disaster.

Many army men have lost brothers, sisters, fathers, nephews and nieces to the thoughtless actions of kibaki and his men. Life is sacred, and once that sanctity is breached we are asking for trouble. This is a tiger he cannot ride, even if raila was not to be in the picture. Kibaki is not going to be remebered for a 5% growth in the economy. He will clearly be remembered as the man who took kenya back into the dark ages, alienated his kikuyu tribe from other kenyans and invited foreign troops to shoot down kenyans n their own country.

He will be remembered as the man who tore kenya’s social and ethnic fabric, the man who stole votes and administered a near killer blow to democracy in kenya. The nse etc is just piss in the wind. Kenya may well go into civil war, but it will rise stronger and better in so many ways than it has been before, and the name of every person killed whilst protesting this rape of democracy will be remembered

Maui said...

Raymond Baguma And Nathan Etengu

THE Government and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) plan to relocate hundreds of Kenyan refugees to a new inland transit centre at Mulanda in Tororo district.

The relocation also follows reports of attempted poisoning of the refugees camped at the Malaba border post.

Tororo resident district commissioner Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka disclosed last week that wrong elements sneaked into the refugee camp and into the kitchen and put poison in the food that was being prepared for the refugees.

"We were lucky that we detected the poisoning before the food was served. Otherwise, it would have been a big embarrassment to the Ugandan community," Hashaka said.

He said his office continues to receive threats from people in Kenya, who claim that they plan to cross to Uganda to massacre the refugees, who aremostly Kikuyu.

Hashaka said two Kenyans from the Kalenjin tribe had been arrested in connection with the poison incident. Samples of the food will be tested for poison before any charges are preferred against the suspects.
People are following the kikuyus in Uganda. NOW KIKUYUS KNOW HOW MUCH other tribes hate them.

Kiukyu`s should lie low like envolpes.

Kenocratic said...

Like the vast majority of Kenyans, last week i was still standing by a hardline stance. By the end of last week there were two opinions on what should happen depending on what side you were on. Kibaki should resign because he stole votes openly or Raila should stop violence let kibaki have his 5 years and co-operate with the govt.

I fell on the side calling for kibaki's resignation. Now i just want peace. The country to return to some state of normallcy. Would it come if kibaki resigned or Raila backed down? At this point i think not completely. Things have gone a bit too far. Were Kibaki to resign now the PNU supporters would feel things were taken away from them by violence. And now that there man is gone, thier businesses will be targetted openly. they would start forming thier own groups to stike back where they can. Were Raila to submit to kibaki being president, i feel the current violence would continue.

The solution? First something must be done about the election results. Nobody recognises them and that includes the international community and maybe Kalonzo. A re-election. Perhaps after an acceptable timeframe. But even this is not enough. Both ODM and PNU must work together to repair this country.

One cannot govern this country without the other. they must together form a govt to bring kenyans together and investigate the injustices. There is more to this than meets the eye. Then once that is done let us go fight each other with voter cards again.

salf said...

I agree with Kenocratic. Getting Kibaki out of power is no solution. Raila backing down in not any better. Let them form a govt both of them.

Shah said...

Salf @3.19 AM, what kind of government do you think Raila can form? Throwing stones and inciting Kibera and Nyanza, Kalenjin people. Excuse me, why is mombasa quite, they can`t keep up with Jaluo` and Kales.

Remember these two tribes ruled kenya for 24 yrs with Moi and they are salivating to get back to State House. Raila is not a leader, he is only a cloud puller and Kupayuka ovyo ovyo.

Kenya need New breed of leaders and not the likes of Kibaki and raila

Ken said...

Why do y'all hate kyuks? didn't they fight for you independence(mau mau)while most other tribes worked for the colonialists. Plus i hear that they were on the forefront of multi-partyism (matiba,rubia)I'm Ugandan and I've noticed a great deal of envy from other tribes against the kikuyus doing business here. Even prostitutes from other tribes are jealous of Kikuyu pros.Remember that even after the Hutus massacred the tutsi, the tutsi still kept power.Violence doesn't work. Kenyans get yo shit together

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