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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Annan Meets Ugly Face of Old Leadership

Kofi Annan may be passionate and committed to his mediation mandate but oblivious of the quality of principal characters he is dealing with. If only the former UN boss knew that INTEGRITY is one word that our leaders mouth only for expediency and never mean any of the letters spelling it!

Annan has visited Kenya's war zone and his verdict of systematic human rights abuses is apt. But there starts the problem and not solution. The events of the last three weeks are results and consequences of smouldering HISTORIC injustices accumulated over 40 years old school leadership - imperialism and impunity.

Ridding tiger
With Kibaki is playing Russian roulette with the lives of Kenyans, Annan has witnessed first hand how a true African leader can single-handedly destroy and sell his country down the path of civil war. Kibaki is riding a tiger and soon the beast will have its prey seated atop.

Land lies at the heart of this turmoil and Kenyatta is the root. An honest evaluation will leave the Kenyatta family bloodied with guilt. Jomo went on a land LOOTING spree as Kenyans smarted from uhuru hangover. Before they realized it Kikuyus were scattered all over Kenya in token appeasement to the disgruntlement of natives of their new homes.

Dishonesty and deception are no pillars to true leadership. The present SYSTEMATIC inequality clothed in TRIBALISM was planted by Jomo, watered by Moi and nurtured to maturity by Kibaki. The end product is the perfect tinkering time bomb which Kibaki belligerent ignited on December 30, 2007.

We haven't seen anything yet and until and unless the root cause is exhaustively addressed we remain collective victims of five-year cycle of violence. Pretending otherwise is to bury our heads in the sand. Kenya's past and present problems requires LEADERSHIP and not the rulership we have been subjected to since independence.


Anonymous said...

NEW IDEA!!! BLAIR OR SCHROEDER to be Kenyan President!!!

Fellow Kenyans, let's do something which no other country in the world had done before in time for Crisis.

Let's invite a foreigner to rule Kenya for a period of 1 year. I suggest that TONY BLAIR or GEHARD SCHROEDER takes over the government of Kenya until new elections are done in 2009.

Let's save the lives of Kenyans!
Allow a foreigner to help us. No pride in time of crisis.


The Rendezvous said...


To be very simple with everyone here, I once pointed out that Kalonzo was the main culprit in these whole scenario.Why did he accept to be a VP with Kibaki and was offered the same earlier on by Raila?

He is the guy who messed everything with his "miracle" dreams that never took him anywhere, except to be between Raila and Kibaki.

Kibaki Must resign or pave way for re-election or Raila.

Nothing short.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans should ask Barack Obama to come back home and be the president of kenya.

Raila and Kibaki are rich multi-billionaires who have no interest of the poor common man but only power hungry and money minded.

Anonymous said...

Britain, United States and European Union are ruling Kenya through Kibaki and his cronies.

The natural resources are taken in exchange for foreign aids. Kenyans must demand to know why their rich country, Kenya, must receive foreign aids and how that money is used. I bet you will discover that most of it goes to military. That military is now used to kill voters.

Kenya or African is still under colonialism. The elites take orders directly from those three powers who pull the strings behind the scenes.

These powers were behind the rigging of the elections.
Kofi Annan has been paid a lot of money by London and Washington to broker the deal between Odinga and Kibaki. The escalation of the killings and their being shown in the media is merely to force these two guys (Odinga and Kibaki) to accept outcome these three powers desire. An African life is not worth anything to these powers. Getting Kenya's natural resources is everything to them whether or not Kenyans choose to look at it that way!

The presence of Museveni's GSU or foreign merceneries in Nyanza and Western provinces indicates that Kenya cannot protect its citizens.
99.9% of Kenyans are left to kill each other or be killed by these butchers for hire.

Why does Kibaki wants all tribes in Kenyan tribes under him?---- For foreign exploitation purposes.

Anonymous said...

Actually I DID try (v hard) to float
MICHAEL JOSEPH FOR PRESO in mid-december but my friens (even my son) trashed the messages

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