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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nakuru Updates From Our Man On The Ground

Mayhem in Nakuru as a Catholic church-holy cross in the outskirts of the town burned down and people literary walking with crude weapons.

Mungiki group arrested on a lorry in the Nakuru-Nairobi road,a 7-6 curfew has been reinfoprced and there is more Kikuyu exodus to the ASK Nakuru showground.

The Nakuru showground fence was burned in the morning by members of the Kalenjins,Luos and Luhyas militia combined,demanding that the Kikuyus vacate the town.

More bloodshed expected today as a lorry full af vigilantes have arrived from West part of Kenya with bows and arrows.

Report received in the morning Kenyan time.


Anonymous said...

My mum is in Nakuru and she has been forced to move out of her house. The houses of other communities other than Kyuks are being burnt down and the police were very slow in responding. It is sad the dimension this conflict is taking. Of course most of the people being affected from both political divides are innocent.
May God deliver Kenya and its people.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus vs Kenya

It is very sad to hear that Kenyans are killing Kenyans.

Let's be fair: Maathai has said it, Githongo dwellt on it and Maina mentioned it on various occasions.

Kikuyus want to dominate Kenyans through unfair means. Kibaki stole elections to hand over to Uhuru in 2012. See how Uhuru cheated Kenya that he is a dynamic opposition leader able to keep a gov on its toes. A fuzz. See how they are playing with Judas promising him a miracle presidency. Bad news about the clergy. Why cant you condemn Kibaki's behaviour, Cardinal Njue. Why are you silent? "They should dialoge" was your only expression. can't you talk about the fake results of the elections. Jesus said the truth and was killed. Alexander Mugo talked about mistreatment and met his death. Are you afraid, Cardinal Njue?

As a Catholic and a Kikuyu I am deeply ashamed. The people of Kenya (ALL) should tell Kibaki the truth. Kenyans who elected him in 2002 rejected him in 2007.

As a Kikuyu, I say he should resign to save Kenya and to let Kikuyus live in peace with other Kenyans.

Kenya is bigger than Kibaki and Mungiki.


I want

Anonymous said...

Very depressing news. Very sad. Does it mean that even the combined Police/GSU and Army can not stamp out the fighting. What will happens should this spread to other places, it appears to be heading to Naivasha too. What good is a government that cant protec its citizens, Kenya is quickly becoming a failed state. What part of the country does the government control if roads in a major city are blocked by gangs, gangs fight all night with impunity. Can Kibaki seriously convince people that he, and not the gangs, rule Kenya

Phil said...


The militia (rumoured to have originated from Uganda consist of Karamajong, Pokot, Sabaot, Japadhola) have said they will not rest until Kibaki is ousted from State House. The started in North Rift and have only this week 'arrived' in South Rift. Are you aware, for instance, that they stormed State House Nakuru and were about to set it ablaze before Kenya Army personnel 'talked' them out of it kwa lugha ya mama. The bitterness of a stolen election is what Annan is referring to as "something else". Kenya Police are NO match for these guys and most victims in Nakuru morgues bear gunshot wounds. They say they are doing this because of what Ugandan soldiers did to their brothers in Western. Hii deni ni lazima ilipwe they say. In other words, Museveni's actions must be avenged.

After South Rift, these guys say they are 'itching' to overrun Nairobi. It is a scary prospect because they give notice of attack for women and children to be evacuated. Unlike their uniformed Kenyan counterparts, they are not interested in gang rape or petty thuggery.

Not surprised Chris. What YOU guys thought was tribal clashes has now evolved into an armed guerrilla warfare.

ODM supporters in Kisumu have officially petitioned ODM supremo Raila Odinga to supply them with firearms. So have the one's in Kibera / Mathare who have even taken over the collection of taxes on behalf of their ODM government in their respective areas. They say Kibaki ni rais wenyu huko Nyeri. In Kibera, Raila is the recognised president. I believe the same applies to SIX other regions in Kenya.

Therefore my countrymen and women, with live broadcast / political rally bans the best PNU can do, they have viertually invited unto themselves a monster they will regret ever getting entangled with.

Anonymous said...

great job chris

one more kikuyu on your belt

Phil said...

Chris, the fighting is spreading. It coming towards Nairobi. Trans Africa Highway is impassable, youth mounted road blocks.


Nairobi's next?

Anonymous said...

Nakuru is the most laid back town in Kenya! It’s sad to say that Kenya is heading in the wrong direction. Where are all the pastors, preachers and evangelists? It's unbelievable how Kyuks are getting so much media coverage, so much sympathy and yet they're the cause of this whole mayhem! They're being rescued, fed and clothed like they're the victims here! Here is an example..“Groups from Kibaki's Kikuyu tribe set ablaze the homes of Luo rivals in the center of the town, about 55 miles northwest of Nairobi, the capital. Police did not intervene.

I feel sad for the kids and mothers. Men can always defend themselves somehow, sorry guys! What happened to being brothers? We know well that elections took a turn for the worst, but why kill the innocent? It's no longer a political issue for Kofi Annan to solve! This is all tribal.....Kenyans need to repent and seek God’s face and ask for forgiveness!!

Anonymous said...


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