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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tribal Pregnancy Finally Delivered

Tribally programmed police bullets are gracing the skies of Naivasha and the embers are spreading fast to the capital Nairobi. What next? Only Kenyans can afford the luxury of making peace with friends and not enemies as the laws of nature demands. The war is on and the faint hearted are better advised to keep their self-serving cheap sermons to themselves and be real.

The thin thread holding Kenya together is threatening to snap, and very soon. The facade that is national unity has been shattered by one single blow. Don't ask me by who because Kenyans unrivalled in the shameless act of self denial. We are a unique human bread who gloss over historic and systematic injustice while hiding under such buzzwords as market economy.

Truth hurts and is very ugly. The genesis of our present problems lies in deep seated tribal rivalries over LAND, BUSINESS and POWER. We have a ruling elite with a willing supporting tribal cast who will stop at nothing to maintain status quo. To them other Kenyans seeking equity are power hungry and must be decimated with all bullets Kenya can buy.

One thing is for sure KENYA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN, NEVER. Unless and until we drop pretense and boldly confront the existing INEQUALITY and deception sown more than 44 years ago, we are cheating ourselves by engaging in half measures that will only make the fundamental problem mutate with devastating consequences sooner rather than latter.

Regional deception
Kenyans are up in arms against abuse and trashing of their birth right. You cannot, and I repeat cannot RULE an unwilling population. We have deceived ourselves all these years creating decoys of unity. A time comes when deception is revealed for what it is. Now the world knows why there is no lasting peace in both Somalia and Sudan - the mediators and their country lacked what it takes to be peace brokers. The same goes to our churches and their loud silence. They have not been spared the tribal poison and the mission was delivered with Moi out of the way.

Make no mistake. No blood is shed in vain. Liberation comes a dear price of blood. Call it death of honour if you so wish. Faint hearts never won any decisive war and you cannot wipe out Kenya before you get consumed by the inferno yourself. We are in the 21st Century which has no room for tribal supremacists. It was an obtuse miscalculation to imagine Kenyans would either be intimidated or fatigued to submission by violence.

The election theft has acquired a life of its own and no amount of force will stop it from reaching its equilibrium - EQUITY. Call incitement if you wish but Kenyans are ready to die for justice. Let the next generation prosper in a country bereft of ethnic apologists wanting to dominate others at the drop of a coin. Never and not in Kenya any more. Kenya is big enough for all of us but too small for few of us.


Anonymous said...

Please post the following article on your blog. )

The article is a few weeks old titled - Why ODM's revolution is not likely to succeed. The point is, unless we all get involved in the quest for peace, truth and justice, we will all loose.

Thank you for your wonderful blog.

Internet librarian said...

I have been depressed after reading kenyan news the last one week.All along I have been imagining that Kibaki might give up, because he values kenyas stability more than his selfish interests, but I was wrong. This has now become a desperate attempt to hold on to power, by any means necessary, and anyone who dares stand in Kibaki's path will bear the consequences. I heard late Sunday that Raila and Ruto will be arrested to serve as an example to law breakers. What that makes me think is that Kibaki wants to go the Mugabe route, which means total control. Will he manage? Let us forget about pareliament opening again with Kibaki as president.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog .I thought i should share some information i have keeping with me.
On 28th Dec 2007 i received a text which went on to say that Kibaki will be sworn in , Kalonzo made VP ,live commuinication curtailed , curfew decared after state sponsored mayhem and it encouarged me to keep enough food stocks.Later on 26th Jan 2007 the NAIROBI STAR ran a story on its front page of how Minister Michuki ordered a blockage of all communication TV/Radio on 30th Dec 2007.
What am i getting act.This script appears to have been written long before the election. Every event happening here is well choreographed.4 days ago i recieved both text and email talking of armed militia financed and sent up country to confuse and cause mayhem , a dday later all broke loose in timboroa...Nakuru...Naivasha.

How much more is know but kept in the hold.Naivasha is next door to Nairobi....

Anonymous said...

People are missing the point here.
Whats happening in Naivasha and Nakuru are not related to election,land,business or power.
Its called REVENGE.
Having visited some of the campsites,the displaced are very bitter and want revenge.They know their perpetrators and the general feeling is that the law has failed them and they too will take it in their hands.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen and gentle ladies - All what is happening in Nakuru and Naivasha is pure revenge and will soon land in nairobi etc. You can have your cake and eat it alone. The bitterness is catastrphic.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:04 has hit the nail on the head!!!

Seven Star Hand said...

Hello Taabu and all,

Peace requires truth, justice, and wisdom...

So, what are the chances that politics and politicians will solve anything, before creating even bigger problems?

Wisdom dictates that we let results speak for themselves, hence the instruction to "know them by their fruits" (the end-results of deeds). Now look at this sad, sordid, and chaotic excuse for a civilization, created by money, religion, and politics, and tell me again that these three "strong delusions" are good for anyone, except those in power.

A wise man once explained that insanity is often characterized by doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results. Humanity has been struggling and suffering because of money, politics, and religion for millennia, yet ages-old evils persist and humanity's errors have grown so great that all life is now threatened with widespread destruction and/or extinction.

That brings us to the crux question !!

Here is Wisdom...


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